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The Wessex Tourist Board is pleased to support Chard Cricket Club. We shall be pleased to include reports of all games played. The Club is keen to get local youngsters involved in the beautiful game. There are teams from under 9s up to under 16s. Anyone interested should contact the Secretary:
N.Coles. Vicarage Cottage, Combe St.Nicholas, TA20 Tel : 01460 67614 is prepared for The Chard Trade Association by
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We include sections of interest to the community in our Notices, Local News, Tourism and our Heart rendering columns. Thank you for reading our site and please feel free to comment on any part which you feel about. We hope in our small way to make Chard a better place to live and work in.

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Cricket Index
Ist XI Fixtures
2nd XI Fixtures
3rd XI Fixtures
Web Cricket
Cricket Story
Playing Members
Jack Harriman
Kevin Clancy
57  King Athelstan Drive
01460 64810
Vice Chairman:
Bruce Crabb
16 King Alfred Drive
01460 62299
Hon Secretary:
Neville Coles
Vicarage Cottage
Cimbe St.Nicholas
01460 67614
email: neville.coles@
Hon Treasurer:
Chris Long
Furnham Crescent
01460 67942
Fixture Secretary:
Richard Drake,
Percombe, Crimchard
01460 62214
Bar Secretary:
Mark Plumridge
32 Holyrood Street,
01460 61503
Colts Secretaries:
U'14 Jeff Day 01460 63947

U'13 Terry Sterland 01460 64404

U'12 Pete Barrett 01460 64335

U'11 Steve Grimstead 01460 61597
Pete Barrett
29 Cerdic Close
01460  64335
Sponsorship Secretary:
Walter Youll
20 Glanvill Avenue,
01460 65626
Development Officer:
Nick Coath
4 Furnham Road
01460 61679
Chairman Colts Sub Committee:
Steve Grimstead 01460 61597
Chairman Clubhouse Sub Committee:
John Hatcher
01460 64868
Chairman Finance Sub-Committee:
Walter Youll
01460 65626
Chairman Ground Sub Committee:
Peter Singleton
01460 77446
Chairman Selection Sub Committee:
Geoff Stoodley
01460 67582
Chairman Social Sub-Committe:
Paul Roberts
01460 239105
1st XI Captain:
Andy Bond
26 Bampton Avenue
01460 64508
Vice Captain:
Alan Brun
01460 62603
2nd XI Captain:
Neil Rogers
173 Grange Park
07880 832153
2nd XI Vice Captain:
Tim Glenn
01460 65548
3rd XI Captain
Greg West
01460 239243
3rd XI Vice Captain:
Graham Field
01823 443232
750 XI Captain:
Kevin Pearce
01460 61355
750 XI Vice Captain:
Kevin Clancy
01460 64810
Sunday A XI Captain:
Bruce Crabb
16 King Alfred Drive
01460 62299
Sunday BXI Captain:
Kevin Clancy
01460 64810
Sunday C XI Captain:
Ian Corrick
1 Cedar Close
01460 67267
Three C's Captain:
Bruce Crabb
16 King Alfred Drive
01460 62299
Casuals Captain:
Ben Stead
7 Bonfire Close
01460 68037
Bruce Crabb
Kay Miller
23 Davies Close, Winsham
01460 30196
Playing Members 2001
Ross Barrett Dave Crew Jon Hendy Paul Roberts
Andy Bond Nicholas Crew Glyn Hughes Neil Rogers
Simon Brake Ivor Dare Graham Johnson Dave Slocombe
Tim Brake Richard Dare Ben King Andrew Sochon
Alan Brun Steve Dare Chris Long Geoff Stoodley
Shaun Chlopecki Jim Darlington Wayne Long Ricky Stoodley
Gavin Churchill Paul Davies Chris Lunn Chris Sweetland
Andrew Clancy Jeff Day Graham Masters Andy Swain
Kevin Clancy Jonathan Day Ben Male Mark Tilley
Nick Coath Stuart Dix Kevin Pearce Terry Turner
Neville Coles Graham Field Nick Pearce Greg West
Ian Corrick Tim Glenn Mark Plumridge Neil Wyatt
Neil Cox Robert Glentworth Shaun Pratt
Bruce Crabb Nick Gray David Pritchard
Matthew Crabb Matthew Grimstead Barry Ritchie
First Eleven Fixtures 2002
All matches in the Somerset Division of the West of England Premier League
Start Time
May 4th
Uphill Castle(H)
May 11th
North Perrott (A)
May 18th
Purnells (H)
May 25th
Winscombe (H)
June 1st
Wembdon (A)
June 8th
Bishops Lydeard (H)
June 15th
Wellington (A)
June 22nd
Glastonbury (H)
June 29th
Taunton Deane (A)
July 6th
Uphill Castle (A)
July 13th
North Perrott (H)
July 20th
Purnells (A)
July 27th
Winscombe (A)
August 3rd
Wembdon (H)
August 10th
Bishops Lydeard (A)
August 17th
Wellington (H)
August 24th
August 31st
Taunton Deane (H)

Second Eleven Fixtures 2002
All matches in the Adlam Building Supplies Somerset League 1st Division of the 2nd XI League
Start Time
May 4th
Uphill Castle 2ndXI (A)
May 11th
North Perrot 2nd XI (H)
May 18th
Street 2nd XI (A)
May 25th
Winscombe 2nd XI (A)
June 1st
Cheddar 2nd XI (H)
June 8th
Bishops Lydeard 2nd XI (A)
June 15th
Wellington 2nd XI (H)
June 22nd
Glastonbury 2nd XI (A)
June 29th
Taunton Deane 2nd XI (H)
July 6th
Uphill Castle 2nd XI (H)
July 13th
North Perrot 2nd XI (A)
July 20th
Street 2nd XI (H)
July 27th
Winscombe 2nd XI (H)
August 3rd
Cheddar 2nd XI (A)
August 10th
Bishops Lydeard 2nd XI (H)
August 17th
Wellington 2nd XI (A)
August 24th
Glastonbury 2nd XI (H)
August 31st
Taunton Deane 2nd XI (A)
3rd XI Fixture 2002
All matches in the Adams Building Supplies Somerset League 2nd Division of the 2nd XI league
Start Time
May 4th
Barrington 2nd XI (H)
May 11th
Minehead 2nd XI (A)
May 18th
Ilton 2nd XI (A)
May 25th
Staplegrove 2nd XI (A)
June 1st
Wembdon A XI (H)
June 8th
Taunton Deane Cavaliers (A)
June 15th
Taunton St.Andrews A XI (H)
June 22nd
Bridgewater 2nd XI (A)
June 29th
Kilve 2nd XI (H)
July 6th
Barrington 2nd XI (A)
July 13th
Minehead 2nd XI (H)
July 20th
Ilton 2nd XI (A)
July 27th
Staplegrove 2nd XI (H)
August 3rd
Wembdon AXI (A)
August 10th
Taunton Deane Cavaliers (H)
August 17th
Taunton St.Andrews A XI (A)
August 24th
Bridgewater 2nd XI (H)
August 31st
Kilve 2nd XI (A)
From:"MD.mahamud-un-nabi Jony" <>
Subject:Attention please.
Date:Mon, 03 Jun 2002 18:24:45 +0600

Dear Sir,
We are players of Bangladesh Under 17 Under Bangladesh crikcet board.We want to play cricket in your Spain. There have lot of re4ason for playing cricket out of our country. As please inform us that is it possible for us to play club cricket in your spain.
We are,
Md.Delower Hossain ( Spin Bollower, Primier Division palayer and also Played
For Bangladesh Under-17)
Md.Shah ( Batsman, First division Player And play National Youth Under-17)
Md.Mahamud-un-nabi Jony ( W.Keeper, First Division Cricketer and Played
Under-15 Under Bangladesh Cricket Board)
We look forward to your prompt response.

Can anyone suggest a reply?
The Editor's Cricketing Story
England Their England Re-Visited
The two most popular British Sports are Football and Cricket. I was no more than an eager participant at both games. I have been privileged to be in the company of some of the greats in both sports and even been in the same team if not in the same league. Anecdotes and stories about these sports abound. Sometimes they are funny. Others...well if W.G.Grace was alive to-day, he’d turn in his grave! In the early sixties I used to make up the numbers for Finchley Cricket Club. Because I was unemployable I used to also get invited
to make up numbers at other matches. Finchley ,at that time, had a wonderful captain named Ron Howe. When you played for Ron every match seemed to go to the last ball and have an exciting ending. I believe he played Minor Counties cricket for Hertfordshire.

Anyway on this particular summer's day he had passed my name on to a chap called John Gardner. John Gardner was a rich man who promoted and enjoyed cricket. I believe he actually paid for Worcestershire to go on a pre season foreign tour once. However he ran a cricket team aptly names FORK. This stood for ” Friends of the Right Kidney”. So on this day I was invited by John to turn out for his
team against Esher Cricket Club during their cricket week.

This was indeed a privilege. So after whitening my boots and pads and pressing my whites I headed off down the A3 to Esher. 

By 10.30a.m. I arrived at their most pleasant ground in leafy Surrey. John Gardner was there to meet me. A bigger than life man in all dimensions. In fact someone once confided in me that when he was batting if you hit him in front it was LBW and if you hit him behind it was a wide. I was greeted with thestatement ” Wilfred Isaacs has sent two young South African cricketers down to play. Will you open with one- the other will go in No 3. Show them the ropes.” I cant be sure but I think these two young South Africans were Mike Procter and Barry Richards.

The bar was already open. Well bar is really a bit of a misnomer. It was a bathtub filled with ice and Lanson Black Label Champagne. To enliven the liver I partook of the bar and by 11 o'clock I was
in the mood to face Trueman, Tyson, Holding and Wesley Hall with no fear. Out I went to bat and scored 24 in the first 5 balls before being caught on the boundary off the sixth ball. 

I therefore had a chance to return to the bar. By lunch we were 241-1 wicket. By now I was having a convivial time
with other team members. Names I cant remember. 

One was a former captain of Northamptonshire who had turned up with everything but his Zimmer frame. whether it was his health or the Lanson
Black Label he found it difficult to walk and when we fielded stayed
in one place throughout the fielding period.

Another was one of the Cheeseman family. Very wealthy with a Lamborghini
filled with beautiful girls. I think he parked the car with him at second slip. He played for Berkshire I was informed.

There was a thin Thespian with shaking hands. In fact he told me he went to the doctor over this problem. The doctor asked him if he drank and he replied ” Not much I keep spilling it.” It was obvious he was going to be at first slip.

Then there was Gardner himself. When we fielded the ball would roll under him and he would stamp and ask if had stopped it.
Esher C.C. was famous for its Port after lunch. I remember having a convivial lunch of claret and port with Esher’s wicket-keeper- a chap called Marques- who had played Rugby for England. Then to a comfortable deck-chair to sleep off the excellent lunch.
I believe we had declared with some telephone number of a score and
Procter and Richards still batting. Now Fork took to the field.

 Procter and Richards had to open the bowling as everyone else was either incapable, drunk, or in the case of Cheeseman still dealing with one of his accompanying ladies. I don't remember the result. However this motley lot in the field would have outdone any
Mac Sennett comedy.

The ex-Northampton captain stood at either silly mid -on or off depending
on which end was bowling. The man with shaking hands was at first slip, John Gardner was at second, third and fourth slip with a bottle of Lanson at gully. Cheeseman seemed to appear to bowl but never to field. 

There was a character wearing an Oxford University Blue sweater who didn't seem to have much of a clue. All he seemed to do was polish the ball and give it to the umpire, we later found out that his blue was for marbles.

To cap it one of the Esher batsmen, with the thickest pair of glasses I've ever seen, when asked by the umpire if he wanted to take guard uttered ” No thanks
I've played here before.”

But the piece de resistance was the player with the wooden leg. Whilst hobbling for a ball his wooden leg got caught in one of those holes from which the pitch is watered. It took two engineers and a doctor over twenty minutes to free him from this position.

After the game Gardner asked me to put my name and details in his address book for future reference. The details on the line above were those of one E.R.Dexter. That was the nearest I ever got to the big
time. I was never invited again.

copyriteC Michael Davey

Michael Davey played cricket for many years for Finchley.CC, Old Malvernians, Mayfair.CC, Stoics C.C., University College, London  and South Hampstead CC. 
CRICKET: The Web Search
List of Interesting Sites 
Click on to the exact word
Business UK
Reference / Education
Shopping UK

Details Written up In Computer Active's Excellent Webguide
The home of cricket has a predictably professional, if a little stuffy, presence on the Web. The excellent news service will keep you up to date with all the latest happenings in the world of cricket, together with scores delivered to your desktop and RealAudio feeds. The ticket and travel information is also present and correct but could benefit from the addition of online booking.
The best feature is the informative history of the game, which will take you on a journey from WG Grace to Nasser Hussain.
A Salute to Women's Cricket
Women's cricket is growing in popularity all the time and this meticulously maintained page is testament to the fact.
Focussing on the international scene, you'll find the latest news, scores and pictures illustrated by some great action shots. There's also a special section on the 2000 Women's World Cup, as well as exhaustive statistics from all of last year's one-day Internationals.
Produced in association with The Guardian, this site from one of cricket's most famous names is remarkably accurate and informative.
The best bit is the regularly-updated news section, which - unlike so much else on the Web - is of consistently high quality. Whether you want to wallow in the full blow-by-blow account of a match or read a succinct summary, it's all here. As are several well-written feature articles, oodles of stats and a busy bulletin board.
Click Cricket
Although not up to the same high standard as Cric-Info, this site is worth a look - if only for an alternative viewpoint. As well as the latest news and scores, you'll also find a selection of regularly-updated feature articles, all written in bright and breezy style.
A daily cricketing cartoon will help bring a smile to your face after England's latest debacle, while there's also a selection of ecards to send to cricket-loving friends.
The self-styled home of cricket on the internet should be your first port of call for well researched, up to the minute news and information. 
With the highly professional interface, you can quickly find what you're looking for among the hundreds of pages of information. Particularly strong on the world-wide game, there's an excellent live scoreboard that will keep you up to date with every wicket that falls. The well stocked online shop ensures you can get your mitts on just about every cricket book and video available.
Cricket World
Another news site but this one marks itself out from the pack by virtue of its refreshing approach. The design of the site may be nothing out of the ordinary but the match reports and latest news are written from a fans perspective and pull no punches in their analysis. The site is also updated on a daily basis for those who can't get by without their fix of cricketing information.
England's Barmy Army
Loved and hated in equal measure, the Barmy Army are those sunburned loons you see downing lager and singing songs wherever England are losing their latest Test Match.
Fresh from their latest jaunt to South Africa, this ramshackle but absorbing site features diary entries from their travels, together with details of their charity work and audio files of the gang in full voice.


Other Interesting Cricket Sites
ALeagueSports-Cricket  Cricket on this general sports sight but beware the small  script. 
  Baggy Green  The official ACB Australian site . All the information you want about the Australian  domestic scene and Australia's international cricket. 
BBC NEWS -Cricket    BBC may have lost TV broadcasting rights for Tests etc  but their cricket website is full of news and pictures. 
    The Bunbury XI David English is one of cricket's larger than life  personalities who has devoted a lifetime raising money for                   charities and sponsorship for youth cricket via the Bunburys. Originally bunny rabbit cricketers in a hilarious               series of cartoon books the Bunburys today turn out as   an astonishing cricket eleven of celebrities. A Bunbury        match is a great day out for the family. 
Channel 4  The majority Test Broadcaster of England Test cricket at  home has set up its own website for cricket with distinctive design. It includes a full range of up to date  news and views of the UK domestic season and in particular the West Indies tour. There are also updates on the Channel cricket in the community project with its portable Caribbean Beach and beach cricket games. 
Cricket World Ratings 
and Stats Programmes 
Leaders in computer ratings of World Cricket together  with stats services 
Cricket at Sportinglife  Lots of cricket news and ball by ball coverage of domestic UK cricket on this multisports site. 
Cricket Conferences   The three Conferences-- Club Cricket Conference,  League Cricket Conference and Midlands Club Cricket
 Conference provide invaluable services to cricket clubs and leagues throughout England. Softwright has provided
   the basis of a new much expanded portal which will now hopefully fulfill an important role online for the grass roots game. It will be interesting to observe how this site and ECB's grow to serve the club
  cricket community. For some of the script used you'll need brilliant eyesight or a very large screen. 
Cricket Crazy       A lively site of news and features 
Cricket in Spain  Cricket tours to sunny Spain have become a favourite with UK clubs and this is a most informative site if you are planning such a visit.  For a busy website with extensive up to date news of  the First Class and International game worldwide 
Cricket on  Another general sports site offering a healthy helping of current news of the first class game and international cricket. 
 Cricket Societies  There are cricket lovers societies all over UK as well as national ones and the tendency has spread worldwide. the old NCA had the Council of Cricket Lovers Societies as a member. Such collective love for and no doubtwisdom of the game cricket was considered likely to be  able to make a useful contribution. Not so for the Corporate ECB who have no time was such peripheral nostalgia in running its very modern sports business. Societies meet regularly usually with a well known cricket person or two as a speaker(s) to kick off discussion and often publish regular journals. This is cricinfo's fairly comprehensive list which also includes some Associations  which are different and shown elsewhere on this site.
  Cricket Unlimited Wisden and The Guardian have dissolved their fruitful  partnership after two years and now go their seperate ways. this link is now to the Guardian sport section. 
Cricketwebsites  A commercial cluster of mainly UK cricket websites 

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