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Institute of Biological Engineering
This is an interesting website dedicated to the relatively new discipline of Biological Engineering which brings together a variety of subjects such as biological sciences, engineering sciences, mathematics and computational sciences. The IBE is an organisation set up to encourage and promote research in Biological Engineering through its publications, meetings and distribution of information and services. The website provides a forum which provides important links and encourages interdisciplinary research.
Institute of Biology
The Institute of Biology is the professional body for UK biologists and is frequently consulted on biological issues by the government. It also publishes various journals, books and information sheets, organising meetings and symposia and has over 70 affiliated societies. The 'Biologist' is the flagship journal of the IOB and here on the website you can find details of its most recent articles as well as announcements of forthcoming conferences and information on recent advances in the field.
BBC Health
This is the official BBC Health site - the site which addresses topical health issues in relationship to its T.V. programs. Find out for example from EastEnders' Dr Fonseca whether Mark Fowler was doing the right thing in not taking his anti-HIV medication. Look up the BBC's health guide to a whole host of subjects such as allergies, parenting, epilepsy, and back pain. You can also address your own questions to the resident BBC doctor Trisha MacNair.
Eutopia is a major Web server offering access to information in several different areas including Health. The Health News section supplies daily updated news feeds from the BBC on such subjects as decoding DNA, the spread of AIDS in Africa and the effect of the Millennium dome on our mental health. There are also links to new health websites such as NHS Direct and research information from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
Medical Research Council
The MRC is an organisation devoted to promoting research into all areas of medical and related science through its research establishments, and grants. Here on the website are the details of research units and establishments which the MRC has set up to boost research in specific subject areas. Many of these research units are home to some of the UK's best biomedical scientists and here on the website, a forum has been created to encourage interdisciplinary projects.
This website is dedicated to all things veterinary and includes a whole host of resources, most significantly a huge virtual library of veterinary medicine. Here you can find detailed up to date links to veterinary publications, organisations and colleges as well as biological and physical information on pets of all kinds. You can also chat directly about your pet problems on the newsgroups and Q & A services listed here.
The Graduate School of Life Sciences Home Page
This is Edinburgh University's website for information on postgraduate studies in the faculties of Biological Sciences, Science and Engineering, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. Edinburgh University is a leading postgraduate teaching and research centre particularly renowned for its teaching in the life sciences. Here you will find the details of a huge number of research specialities and PhD programs available as well as a whole network of links to other Life Science departments in Universities all over Europe.


Discovery Channel Online
The Discovery Channel Online is the ultimate Web guide to all things science, nature, technology, history, adventure and exploration. Here you will find up-to-the-minute science news, real-time international expeditions and original in-depth feature editorials as well as the ability to search a massive archive of information on every subject from archaeology to space travel. You can also view a whole selection of live images form around the world such as Washington monument, Times Square and Big Ben.
Archnet is a catalogued archive of archeological resources available on the internet. References have been divided up by geographic region and by subject area. There are links to academic institutions, journals, laboratories, societies, and organisations throughout the world. Also, you'll find the resulting data from specific excavations and downloadable analysis software of all kinds from geographical mapping to statistical analysis. There's also an archeological news service and another section devoted to Q & A.
Centre for Mars Exploration
CMEX is the part of NASA's website which is completely devoted to Mars. It is packed full of information on the history of the planet, previous missions, analysis tools and Mars news. There's a rotating Mars animation, a collection of surface images, and an archive of maps. Another section provides educational material for teachers including suggested projects for kids, and the chance to chat with NASA experts as well as view videos live from Mars.
Travelbag Adventures
This is a holiday company specialising in small group adventure breaks to destinations all over the world including Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and South East Asia. The website is jam packed full of detailed trip dossiers downloadable in Acrobat format, as well as some fantastic photographs of holiday destinations. There's also a monthly newsletter documenting such far-flung delights as the Sonepor elephant fair, Tibetan monasteries, and the game reserves of Tanzania.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
This is the website of one of the major US national laboratories set up under the wing of the Department of Energy and operated by the University of California. Its aim is to develop research and apply science and technology with a focus on global security, global ecology and bioscience. Here you'll find the details of scientific research in a huge number of areas such as Engineering, Microtechnology, Materials Science, and Lasers and Optics.
Ski Web
Ski Web is brought to you by the Ski Club of Great Britain and is a complete information guide on skiing around the world giving details of everything from holiday prices to weather reports to skiing fact sheets for beginners. There's also a daily updated news service with details of bargain flights, news of international skiing competitions and editorial features on such subjects as learning to Telemark, and the Blind British Paralympian skier.
Society for Scientific Exploration
The Society for Scientific Exploration promotes unconventional lines of scientific enquiry, providing a forum for the 'presentation, scrutiny and criticism of scientific research in subjects outside the established disciplines of mainstream science.' Such research is available here for your perusal including papers with such titles as The Nature of Time, The Strange Properties of Psychokinesis and Phobias in Children who claim to Remember Past Lives. Its very academic, its weird, and its well worth checking out.
Yachting World
This is the ultimate yachting website with daily news feeds from yachting races around the world, as well as editorial features on boat building technology. There's also a Yachting World picture library at your disposal thanks to 15 years of hard work from the magazine's photographer Malcolm White. Another section on extreme sailing gives news of daredevil feats, tales of endurance and high speed unhandicapped sailing while a more practical part of the site gives you information on boats and equipment.


Friends of the Earth
Friends of the Earth is a large international organisation well-known in the mainstream press for its battles with governments and industry over environmental issues. The website is represented separately in the UK under the URL www.foe.co.uk and here you'll find information on the organisation's local and national campaigns as well as a diverse list of available publications on all kinds of environmental issues. The international site is vast, and brimming with information on international campaigns, policy issues and community health programmes.
Envirolink describes itself as an 'online environmental community'. It attempts to unite hundreds of organisations and volunteers throughout the world and provide them with information and services such as website hosting, automated mailing lists, bulletin boards and chat rooms. As well as containing a massive amount of practical information on how you can help the environment, there is also a page devoted to the essays, poetry, interviews and portfolios of environmentalist artists from around the world.
European Environmental Law
The European Environmental Law site is an essential source of information on legal rulings concerning all environmental issues. Here you'll find the definitive legislation and governmental dossiers on such issues as air and water quality, plant protection, and nuclear safety as well as a huge database available for downloading listing recent case law. Many of the larger documents are available in pdf format and many are available in other European languages.
PlanetArk is Reuter's news service dedicated to environmental issues. There are daily environmental news feeds and pictures as well a searchable archive. This site also hosts ABC's Newsradio world environment news which provides a weekly review of major stories as well as regular interviews with some of the world's leading environmentalists. There's another page full of downloadable software for kids teaching them how they can reduce their day to day impact on the environment.
The best aspect of the Greenpeace website is it the clearly written explanations of a large number of environmental issues. If you're unsure about such issues as how your fridge can harm the environment, how exactly the greenhouse effect works or what on earth El Nino is, then look no further than this site. ..And you get more than just explanations. There are the results of long term scientific studies, databases of figures showing climate changes and other scientific reports downloadable in pdf format.
KIDS F.A.C.E. stands for Kids For a Clean Environment, an organisation set up by a 9 year old girl Melissa Poe in Nashville Tenessee as a club to help children learn about the environment and find out about nature-friendly community projects they can set up themselves. The club is now a huge youth organisation sponsored by Wall-Mart with a membership of 300,000. It promotes environmentally sound projects like recyclying and planting trees.
National Geographic
This has to be one of the most comprehensive environmental websites. Instead of concentrating only on obvious 'green' issues such as global warming and toxic waste here you'll find research on subjects as diverse as population movements, sea exploration, genetic mutations, and underground railways. There is of course an excellent library of photographs, not to mention a fantastic interactive map-making machine, and a superb kids section which is both educational and to be quite honest very silly too.
The Environment News Service
The Lycos environmental news service is one of the most established information services on the net, supplying daily environmental news feeds on a diverse range of subjects. As well as the international news headlines relating to environmental issues, there is also an environment events calendar as well as a page devoted to press releases and a section on Ecotravel. A number of active message boards provide ongoing discussions of environmental issues such as environmental activism, animal rights, the 'greenhouse' effect, and mass extinctions.
World Wildlife Fund
This has to be one of the biggest and most comprehensive wildlife websites on the internet. Here you can find the details of many of the WWF's projects including efforts to save endangered species, to preserve wild places and to address global threats. There's an excellent News Room section packed full of articles on worldwide climate change, oceans and forests and advances in environmental science. There's also a great multimedia archive complete with Webcasts, video and photographs.
Born Free Foundation
Countryside Commission
English Heritage
Friends of the Earth
Green Peace
Landmark Trust
Marine Conservation Society
National Trust
Royal Society for Nature Conservation
The Wildlife Trusts
www.wwf-uk.org/home.shtml org.uk
24-Hour Museum
If you want to know what's happening at museums, galleries and historic buildings around the UK then the 24-hour Museum is the best starting point. The Magazines section of the site brings you all the news on upcoming events and exhibitions; alternatively you can use the Museum Finder service to search for detailed information on events in your local area. The Trails area of the site is a great source of inspiration if you're planning a day out in the UK.
The Millennium Experience
Millennium eve might be long past but the Dome remains and it's here for at least a year. The Millennium Experience site attempts to entice you in with an online preview of the kind of attractions you'll see in this bizarre structure. All the major zones are covered including the Body Zone. If you're tempted by the photos and the online virtual tour then you can then go ahead and order Dome tickets direct from the site. Even if you decide not to visit the Dome you can still buy millennium-themed goodies from the online store.
Art Guide
Opening with the Picasso quote, "The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls," this outstanding database gives you as many opportunities as possible to do a bit of soul-scrubbing. Organising its listings by gallery (650 in all), by where individual artists are exhibited (1,900 of 'em) and by specific exhibitions, even the most insignificant event will be hard pushed to slip through the net. More unusual categories like Top 10, Fun For Kids and Glorious Eccentrics are also thrown into the mix.
Museums and Galleries Month
The 1st May to 4th June 2000 is Museum and Galleries month - a celebration of what's best in museums and galleries around the UK. There are plenty of special events planned for this month and you'll find details of them all on this website, just visit the Events Diary to get the latest information. Events, exhibitions, workshops, tours and talks are all being planned in an attempt to encourage new visitors into museums.
The BBC Experience
The BBC Experience, an interactive exhibition devoted to the 75-year history of the BBC, is one of the most popular tourist haunts in London. This site gives you a real taste of what you can expect to see if you cough up for a ticket. You're given a virtual tour of the various exhibits in the Experience and they include the chance to take part in a radio play, the opportunity to present the weather and you can even select your own personal Desert Island Discs. The site is also home to audio clips from classic BBC comedies and an online souvenir shop.
English Heritage
There's always plenty going on at the numerous English Heritage properties scattered around the UK and this site is the first with the latest news on what's happening and where. It's great if you're looking for ideas on places to visit for a day out - just check out the Events section of the site. You'll also find background information on the properties and maps so you can find them easily.
National Museums & Galleries of Merseyside
Find out about the latest exhibitions and events in Merseyside at this restrained and stylish website. The site lets you know what's happening in eight major museums and galleries in the area covering everything from an event celebrating the art of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle through to an exhibition of Pre-Raphaelite paintings. The venues covered include Liverpool art galleries and more unusual museums such as the H&M Customs & Excise museum and the Maritime Museum. With such a wide selection of museums covered you can guarantee there's always something going on in the Merseyside area.
Virgin Net - Days Out
Restricted to hip and happening events in this country, Richard Branson's entertainments website contains a highly useful search engine for rooting out something to do on an empty weekend. Specify whether you want to search by area, the type of attraction or the name of an actual event and it's almost certain to come up with something. The actual entries are clearly set out, summarising what exactly is going on and supplying all-important links, if the venue has a website.


CLRC Engineering Department
The CLRC is one of Europe's largest multidisciplinary research organisations supporting scientists and engineers worldwide. The Engineering department based on several sites in the UK designs and builds the latest technology hardware with its division of applied science specialising in six areas including Advanced Engineering Analysis, Energy Research, Superconductivity and Cryogenics. Here you can find the details of projects carried out in each of these areas.
National Science Foundation
The National Science Foundation is an independent US government agency responsible for promoting science and engineering through large investment programs in science and engineering. Information about NSF science programs is compiled every year and placed on the website through the Online Document System. The program research areas include subjects such as Computer and Information Sciences, Engineering, Geosciences, Polar Research, and Maths and Physical Sciences. Each of these is searchable on the site.
Cranfield University
Cranfield is one of the UK's leading institutions for industrial research specialising particularly in Aeronautics, BioScience, Mechanical Engineering, and Agriculture. A vast amount of industry sponsorship is injected each year into each of these departments and here on the website there is a huge amount of information on the recent research carried out within each faculty. There are also a huge number of links to college publications, associations and services.
Nonlinear Science Today
This international scientific journal aims to bring together different areas of science, mathematics and varied applied disciplines. The website provides a focus for news and views resulting from recent research and an outlet for discussion of more speculative ideas and opinions. The website not only acts as a forum for scientific articles, but also a place for peer review, feature articles and book reviews, making the subject matter more accessible than many other sites.
Elsevier Science
Elsevier Science is a publishing company specialising in scientific journals - in fact it is responsible for the publication of almost 1,200 English-language journals. Here on the website, researchers and readers are linked together with the latest scientific research. There's a News section, and Table of Contents listing for each of the Elsevier journals as well as a sophisticated Search engine which allows accurate and fast retrieval of specific articles.
Institute of Physics
This is the website of the Institute of Physics - a professional body which promotes the advancement of both pure and applied physics. The IOP is also a publisher of journals, books and magazines in physics and all 40 of its journals are available here online. There are also a whole host of online services including a Science for Business section, an online bookstore, and a service called PhysicsWeb offering a global news and information service.
This is the website of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry a body which promotes the advancement of the chemical sciences through its magazine Chemistry International. Here there are links to some of the society's other publications such as the journal Pure and Applied Chemistry which contains recommendations as well as lectures from symposia and the Macromolecular Symposia which presents contributions in the field of macromolecular chemistry and physics.
Nuclear Technology Publishing
This website contains details of the journals published by NTP, all of which are radiation protection orientated. Here there are such journals as the International Journal of Radioactive Materials Transport and the Radiation Protected Dosimetry which can be searched or browsed by their Abstracts and Contents listings. The website includes details of all past publications and future planned publications and covers journals, books, monographs and conference proceedings.


Carnegie Museum of Natural History 
Discovery Room Online
This is such a fun site. There are not boring articles on what dinosaurs are, instead all the information is contained within various quizzes. So you have to sort the dinosaurs from the imposters, put the right head on the dinosaur bones and unscramble the dinosaur bones to make up a complete skeleton. Along the way you learn loads about the various dinosaurs, but you will be so busy enjoying yourself that you do not notice the learning bit.
Dinorama is not a comprehensive guide to all things dinosaur related, but it does have some fascinating and very odd facts. Like did you know that it is very rare to find a dinosaur skull, because they wear down faster than any other part of the skeleton. There are also a few very useful links to other, more detailed articles, such as one on Sue, the largest and most complete T-Rex ever found, who last walked the earth 67 million years ago.
Natural History Museum
The Natural History Museum is home to no end of dinosaur bones, and it has some good information on that at its site. In the Dinosaur Data Files there is a great run-down on all dinosaurs, how tall they were, when they lived, what they ate and where they lived, although there are no colour pictures. Elsewhere on the site there is more to look at. There is a section on recreating dinosaurs, looking at whether it is possible to create a real live Jurassic Park from dinosaur DNA.
Walking with Dinosaurs
Just like the TV programme, this site is packed with information. You can get summaries of the six main programmes in the series, but you can also choose to look at the dinosaurs themselves in more detail. All of the featured dinosaurs have video clips that you can download to see how they moved, and there is plenty of information available on each species. You can even dig deeper with in-depth articles written by dino experts. And when you have done all that you can go to the games section.
Dinosaur Eggs
Dinosaur eggs tell us a great deal about how dinosaurs lived, but few have revealed as many secrets as an egg found in China which actually contained the bones of a baby theropod. This site tells the story of that discovery and the discovery of other dinosaur eggs and what they can tell us about the dinosaurs that laid them. It also tells you how scientists tease the bones out of the egg and how the bones can be modelled to work out what kind of dinosaur they would have become.
Zoom Dinosaurs
This site has almost everything you could need to get started on learning about dinosaurs. It starts with the basics - what is a dinosaur? - and goes on to cover what kinds of dinosaurs there were, when they lived, how dinosaurs are classified and just about everything else you would want to know. You can even ask a question of an expert if your question is not answered anywhere else on the site.
Discovering Dinosaurs
Back in the early 19th century the first dinosaur bones came to light. Scientists then had very little evidence to work with to try to imagine the kind of world these creatures came from. The Discovering Dinosaurs site from Encyclopedia Britannica, looks at the changing ideas about dinosaurs, and where they came from. It takes a look at four main areas of contention: environment, anatomy, physiology and behaviour and covers all kinds of arguments, including the most hotly debated of all: what killed the dinosaurs?
This site is based on the findings of a dig in Argentina, where a family of three Giganotosaurus was found together. The largest of these enormous mammals is a staggering 10 metres long. The sites shows how the dinosaur was dug up, casts taken of all the bones and then remade and assembled back in the US. You should also have a look at the sister site, www.dinodon.com, which is full of loads more dinosaur facts and news on the latest digs.


Shetland Wildlife Tours
The Shetland Islands are internationally renowned for their amazing wildlife, and here on this website you are given a taste of just what each season on Shetland has to offer. There are some great pictures of puffins, whales, dolphins, and seals as well as descriptions of their habitat and advice on when it is best to visit them. This site also offers you a tour of Shetland's wildlife - an award-winning holiday service given by knowledgeable wildlife enthusiasts.
Rainforest Australia
At first, this site looks like an advert for a hotel in Queensland, Australia with a few wildlife pictures on the side, but in fact its the other way around. This site is a massive archive containing 825 files, photos, and text on the Australian Tropical Rainforest. It is jam packed full of excellent photographs of plants, birds and animals along with explanations of their habitat, history and development. Check out the Green Possums, LongNosed Bandicots and the Red Legged Pademelons.
Wildlife Ecology Software Server
This site acts as a clearinghouse for ecology-related software. In other words any software submitted for inclusion here is virus scanned, tested and deemed suitable for inclusion. Most of the software available for downloading is highly academic and chosen for its contribution to habitat analysis, general population dynamics, survival, statistical analysis or simulation. There are also links available to recent research in each of these fields as well as other academic ecology software sites.
Texas Parks and Wildlife
Its wild! Its American! Its essential news about Texas Parks. Check out the special snow goose season, cycling the Texas Alps and how the Warden Training Academy has just graduated a new team of cadets. If you can't get out of the house, live 'Webcasts' will keep you involved chatting with the park rangers, and environmentalists or even taking you on a virtual roam with Sherlock Bones finding out how dinosaurs once wandered around Texas. The mind boggles...
The Natural History Museum
Here's a great website for learning about Wildlife in all shapes and sizes. At the NHM there's a gallery devoted to practically everything imaginable including insects, dinosaurs, mammals, primates, human biology, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and plants. There are also more conceptual galleries focusing on the theory of evolution, the development of the planet earth, and subjects such as mineralogy, and palaeontology. There's also a wildlife garden complete with bluebell woods, ox-eye daisies and cowslips.
Wildlife Conservation Society
The WCS was set up at New York City's Bronx zoo in 1895 and has since developed into a multinational organisation promoting field conservation projects in 52 countries throughout the world and supporting wildlife protection programs in Africa, Asia, Latin America and North America. This tastefully designed website contains the details of many of the society's projects including sections on biological science, zoos and aquariums, news from the wcs magazine and a great kids section.
Yellowstone Net
This is the Yellowstone national park website full of information, photographs and videos of its wildlife. There's a Yellowstone Net Newspaper, updated daily with such articles as 'Bighorn Sheep killed by lightning' and 'Bison Update'. There's also a section of brilliant photographs of elks, grizzly bears, moose and wolves as well as some good practical information like maps of the various different areas of the park, weather forecasts, and details of lodgings.


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