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What's on
Virgin Net Cinema
Virgin's cinema section has everything you want in an online listings site. Dates, times and venues are easy to find and there's plenty of potted reviews and witty articles to keep you amused should you have time to browse.
ABC Cinemas
It's as easy as ABC to find out what's on at your local cinema with this site, which is also very easy on the eye thanks to clever use of Flash technology. It also features precis' and trailers of all the big releases.
Cinemas in the U.K
A directory of cinemas throughout the UK listed alkphabetically by town. The authors have done their homework not only do you get the address and phone number for each entry, but also how many screens and seats, includes links to the big cinema chains.
National Film Theatre
This site is needlessly heavy on text, but is a mine of information all the same for the capital's film goers. It will tell you what's showing at the NFT over the next few weeks, so you don't miss out on any arty or classic gems, while it also contains listings for the impressive IMAX cinema.
Odeon Cinemas
Here, you can not only find out what's showing at your nearest Odeon, but also book your tickets online. Add reviews of the latest releases and well-stocked video and DVD store and you have a very well-implemented site.
Scoot Cinema Guide
The most accessible, accurate and easy-to-use film finder on the Web. Scoot even provides directions to the cinema, along with information on the facilities provided and potted reviews of the films on offer.
UCI Cinemas
The owners of many of the plush mulitplexes springing up on the edge of towns all over the country, UCI has put together this very impressive site.
Yell Film Finder
Finding your nearest cinema with this site is a little laborious, but the information on films and times is comprehensive and bang up to date. There's also access to useful additional information, such as local restaurants and the nearest pub.
Background Information
International Movie Database
with over 170,000 films listed, the International Movie Database is the Granddaddy of all movie sites on the web. Not only that, but it's one of the best online resources of any kind. A huge database of just about every movie ever made, you'll find information on everything from the cast and crew to continuity errors.
Brit Movie
Even though people are continually berating the state of the British film industry, we have made some fine movies over the years, as this site proves. A huge collection of the best British movies ever made, the list spans from early masterpieces like The 39 Steps to the Ealing comedies and from Sixties classics like Alfie to modern success stories like the Full Monty. Each is accompanied by details of the cast and crew and a short synopsis. Then there are articles on actors, actresses and genres.
British Board of Film Classification
This is the organisation that decides what you watch and who can legally watch it. It explains the decision-making process in some detail, along with the rationale behind the various classifications. Recent adjudications of the Board are also reproduced online, while the most interesting part of the site is that devoted to controversial decisions of the past. Student Union favourites like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and A Clockwork Orange are dissected, along with the reasons why they were withdrawn.
This useful resource is aimed at young film makers who want to emulate the phenomenal success of The Blair Witch Project. The centrepiece is the witty and worthwhile 'Complete Eejits Guide to Film making'. Covering everything from writing your screenplay to getting your film shown, this site should give you some inspiration when your creative juices are running dry. There's also a handy contacts list and details of screenplay competitions.
Film 100
This is a well considered list of the 100 most influential figures in cinema history, in the author's opinion, of course. From Walt Disney to the Lumiere brothers, the innovative split-screen format will allow you to browse through the entries with ease. Each is accompanied by a witty and well-written biography, while the whole site is well designed and organised.
Carry Online
The Carry On films are undoubtedly an institution and this huge site will take you back in time to the days when Barbara Windsor wasn't a pub landlord and Kenneth Williams was still with us. The atmosphere of ribald innuendo is perfectly judged and the level of detail incredible. You'll find accounts of all the films, from Carry on Sergeant in 1958 to the ill-judged Carry on Columbus in 1992, and detailed biographies of all the actors.
Jurassic Punk
This site might not be much to look at initially, but there's a whole host of film clips and trailers beneath the dowdy exterior. If you're one of those who can't wait to see the big new releases, then you'll find a wide selection of trailers for each new blockbuster. There's fresh content added every day - from a variety of sources - and not many of the latest releases escape the Punk's grasp.
The Movie Cliches List
Hollywood blockbusters might be an easy target, but don't let that stop you enjoying this huge list of all the ridiculous excesses that separate Hollywood from the real world.Gems like, 'A hero will show no pain even during the most terrific beating, yet he will wince if a women attempts to clean a facial wound', and many more besides will have you laughing out loud. Helpfully divided into sections, these observations are all funny because they're true.
Film Four
As well as promoting the Film Four cable channel, and providing easy-to-follow online listings to help you plan your viewing, this site contains plenty of interesting content. Even if you don't subscribe to Film Four, you'll enjoy the streaming-video interviews with big-name directors and special spotlights on independent film festivals around the world. There are also comprehensive and well-researched retrospectives of major films, stars and directors. And you can see what the film-making arm that funded Four Weddings and a Funeral is up to.
Dark Horizons
An excellent site for cinephiles that is bursting with the latest news, images, clips and reviews of all the current and upcoming blockbuster films.
Each film is given extensive treatment, with details of the plot, cast, crew and rumours from the set. There's also an excellent news section that will keep you up to date with everything going on in Hollywood - including the early word on the big releases, whispers of new projects and so on. Then there's a huge archive of everything on the site over the last three years.
A slick, well stocked site that is easily a match for its popular print cousin. The very latest movie news and reviews are regularly updated so if you really want to know what is going on from a UK perspective, this should be one of your first stops. What really marks it out as a quality site, apart from the stylish design, are he insightful features and the quality of the chat on the well-used message board.
If once a year isn't enough for you, you can relive the tears and triumph of the Oscars all year round at this well put together official site. Featuring a comprehensive spread of subjects, you can read about everything from Oscar fashion to the history of the awards. There's also a wide selection of streaming video clips so you can enjoy once again the tension of the announcements or the tears of Gwyneth Paltrow.
Film Scouts
This stylish site could provide a pointer to the future of movies on the Internet. It features short films by independent film-makers, many of which are actually very good. And if you've got a reasonably fast connection, the quality isn't bad either. 
Film buffs will also enjoy the in-depth documentaries. When we visited, there was a fascinating insight into the weird world of David Lynch on offer.
Greatest Films
As this site explains, choosing the greatest films of all time is always going to be a tricky business and much of it is down to personal taste. So, Greatest Films has garnered opinion from a variety of expert sources and left it to you to make your own mind up. This is one of those sites that seems nothing special at first glance, but contains such a wealth of interesting information that you can spend ages surfing around.
A great site that will appeal to anyone who lives and breathes the cinema. It's a mammoth resource that contains the original scripts for just about every major feature film ever made.Relive your favourite moments from Star Wars or Casablanca or marvel at the changes made during filming. There's also a selection of as yet unfilmed screenplays by up-and-coming writers and a large variety of television scripts.
Site Officiel du Festival de Cannes
Cannes has long been a glamorous affair and the lavish website, with its clean black and gold typesetting, almost matches it sequin-for-sequin. Available in both French and English, it not only covers this year's events - making good use of audio-visual trickery - but has a first rate database of past Cannes folk and films to rival the IMDB. The real winner though, is the archive section - which gives a vibrant sense of this annual gathering in the name of cinema
At a Glance Film Reviews
An extremely useful and comprehensive resource put together by a pair of movie buffs named Sam and Dean. Somehow they've managed to find the time to review and rate hundreds of films, covering all genres and eras as they go. The reviews are all short and to the point so can be consulted quickly and easily. Having two reviews of each film also means that you can formulate your opinion more easily than simply being told whether a film is good or bad.
Atom Films
Wonderful site where you can see and download the latest short films. Everything from the new Aardman Animations ( who made Wallace and Gromit) creation to the latest Oscar winning short.... but watch out for Joe Cartoon's foul mouthed gerbil in the microwave. They email regular updates.
Blunt Review
Blunt by name, blunt by nature is the maxim of this site, on which all of the new releases are reviewed by one Emily Blunt. In fact, her opinions are actually much fairer and more reasoned than she gives herself credit for. Not only that but they're nicely laid out, not too long and clearly well-informed. Ms Blunt also has a nice line in sarcasm and a rather unusual  rating system.
News,music, new releases and profiles from the exotic world of Indian films
It may not have as many entries or look as stylish as other review sites but Filmweek's writers certainly know their movies. Well-considered reviews are added as new movies are released and these are then archived for later viewing. Most importantly, Filmweek is British, so you'll only hear about films that have actually been released on this side of the pond.
Coming directly from the heart of the movie industry, Hollywood is a hotbed of reviews, trailers, previews and exclusive pictures. The design is a little chaotic but there's so much to see that it hardly matters. Because it's a US site most of the films featured won't be out over here for some months but at least you'll know which blockbusters are on their way.
Film 99
Coming directly from the heart of the movie industry, Hollywood is a hotbed of reviews, trailers, previews and exclusive pictures. The design is a little chaotic but there's so much to see that it hardly matters. Because it's a US site most of the films featured won't be out over here for some months but at least you'll know which blockbusters are on their way.
Aint it Cool News
Harry Knowles has long been a thorn in the side of the big Hollywood studios. Armed with a long list of contacts in the industry, his aim is to bring you the latest movie news and reviews before anyone else. The layout is somewhat chaotic but that just adds to the sense that this is news and gossip hot off the presses. The enthusiastic team take great delight in pricking the fragile egos of the great and the good and why not?
Movie Review Query Engine
A supremely useful site that will search a hand-picked selection of reputable sites, to bring back as many reviews as it can find. In particular, this will also be a useful resource for those interested in foreign language films, which are often hard to track down elsewhere. And even if you're not looking for a particular flick, movie buffs can while away many a happy hour leafing through the most popular and most recent reviews.
Movie Bloopers
Now you seeit, now you don't. Silly little mistakes that film makers shouldn't have made are pointed out frame by frame in this site.
Oh the Humanity
Not content with the narrow subject areas covered by the Tokyo Stomp site, the very professional looking Oh the Humanity takes things several steps further in the quest to find the worst film in history.
From laughable special effects to nonsensical plots, we've all seen films that are truly terrible. This site allows you to share the horror and recoil in fear at the sheer number of bad movies out there.
Inside Out
Recently we seem to have been blessed by more and more UK-based movie review sites, going some way to correcting the extreme US bias that exists. This is one of the best, combining intelligent, knowledgeable reviews with extensive coverage of film festivals in the UK.
The London and Edinburgh Film Festivals are covered in exhaustive detail by a roving reporter, who picks out the highlights and lowlights of each. We also liked the clear, unfussy design, which reflected the nature of the reviews.
Film Unlimited
The Guardian's online offerings are so unfailingly excellent that it comes as no surprise to find that Film Unlimited contains some of the best film criticism on the Web.
Each Friday, its team of critics set about the latest batch of new releases - and for a supposed bunch of liberals they can be quite vicious! Nevertheless, it's clear that those who produce the site have a great love for the cinema, while those who design it ensure that their work is showcased to best effect.
A very professional US-based site that has been around for a long time. It may not have the wit and irreverence of some of the newer kids on the block, but it more than makes up for that with its authoritative, comprehensive review section. There's also a healthy dose of trailers to watch and a number of quizzes and polls to participate in. The excellent 'Greatest Films You Never Saw' section should also give you a few ideas for your next trip to the video shop.
The problem with most decent movie sites is that they're heavily American in focus, which means that they concentrate on films that aren't even out here yet. Fortunately, Popcorn goes some way towards restoring the balance and is particularly strong on securing exclusive interviews with major British talent like Hugh Grant and Ewan Macgregor. The reviews aren't as authoritative as they might be but the movie news is bang up to date.
If you're often to be seen perusing the listings outside your local arthouse cinema with a copy of Sight & Sound tucked under your arm, then this is the site for you. While it does review the big films too, often offering a new slant on them, Kamera concentrates more on leftfield, less mainstream offerings.
As well as the excellent reviews, clearly written by true movie buffs, there's a smattering of excellent articles, interviews and essays, all of which should appeal to anyone who knows their Annie Hall from their Annie.
Movie a Minute
Do you often find yourself at a loose end when the conversation turns to classic films? Then take a look at this amusing site, which features hundreds of movies, all reduced to two or three line précis.
Most of them are hilarious, as classic films - from It's a Wonderful Life to Return of the Jedi are put to the sword with glee.
Applause! Applause The official all singing, all dancing site that contains everrything you need to know about the Academy Award Ceremonies dating back to when all movies were only made in black and white. Good reports on the nominees for the 2000 ceremony - tearful acceptance speeches and all.
Stomp Tokyo
This review site is a little different to say the least, concentrating not on the latest blockbusters but on those movies usually found gathering dust on the back shelf of the video shop.
Godzilla, B-movies, kung-fu and films that are just so bad they're good come together in a melting pot of truly awful movie-making. Movies are rated in lava lamps, bad films are good, good films are bad and all the while you're left wondering whether the authors are being serious or not.
Total Film
Rather than just transplanting its entire operation to the Web, snappy film magazine Total Film has used its site to provide a dual service to its readers.
On the one hand, it reacts quickly to any new premiere and has a snapshot review up on its site. On the other, it archives particularly interesting features and interviews from the magazine.
The design is deliberately sparse to make navigation quick and easy, too.
6degrees is the UK independant film magasine- featuring film, video, book,DVD and soundtrack reviews, plus monthly articles on filmakers, stars, industry professionals and film organisations. 6degrees also offers free small-ads pages, weekly email news letters, festival and cinema guides, trailers, competitions, film society information, education guides, video interviews and much more besides.
DVD's & Videos
The simple design of this site means it's fast to load and easy to work your way around. You're tempted in on the front page with special offers and free postage costs on DVDs and videos. You can browse by film genre or search for specific titles. There's a plot summary for most of the films and suggestions of other films you might like to see in the same genre. The site is not short on bargains either - some popular videos were available for a mere £3.99.
DVD Box Office
This site offers free shipping worldwide, which makes a pleasant surprise. Of course because Boxoffice is based in the States you can get hold of films before they're available in the UK and they're much cheaper than over here. New Arrivals take centre stage on the opening page of the site and you're looking at prices between $25 and $30 for the latest movies.
DVD Express
If you are serious about DVD, then the only way to go is to import titles from America. The problem is choosing a suitably reliable site. DVD Express is one such site. Offering thousands of titles, as well as music CD's and movie merchandise, this is a great site. The design allows you to search for a title based on a key word, or delve through the structure in place.
This site looks very stylish and proved to be easy to navigate. You can search for videos or DVDs by title, actor or director or you can browse by genre. Each DVD comes with a plot summary, reviews and a star rating. If you're stuck for gift ideas then why not visit the Inspire Me section where you'll find a list of 10 classic films that anyone would appreciate.
This site is a subsidiary of the Odeon cinema group and it sells the top DVDs and videos. Each movie comes with a plot summary and you can search for specific actors or directors. There's a special section called TV Heaven for cult soaps and TV shows on video which contains classics such as Brideshead Revisited.
You'll find a good selection of videos and CDs on sale at Filmworld. The movies are accompanied by detailed background information. Movie buffs will appreciate the many and varied ways you can search the Filmworld database - by film title, director, actor, distributor or by a specific year. You could even use the online Film Atlas to choose films made in specific countries. And just to get you in the mood, you can even check out a few film trailers online.
Video Paradise
Video Paradise is yet another WH Smith spin off. You'll find plenty of special offers on the site, with most of the videos being backed up by comprehensive movie reviews along with customer comments. If you're not sure what you fancy watching then check out the video charts for inspiration. Videos are sent out within 48 hours and delivery is charged at £2.95.
Entertainment Express
Not only does Entertainment Express sell videos but it also turns its hands to CDs and software. You'll always find some attractive special offers at the site with many videos going for as little as £3.99. If you're looking for inspiration you can browse by genre or find a specific title by typing in a movie title or an actor's name. The prices are good and include delivery costs.
Fan Mags
Clint Eastwood: The World Wide Web Page!
An outstanding, stylish and utterly satisfying tribute to the iconic actor-director. The site manages to cover most aspects of his public life, building around an intelligent biography with an excellent filmography, trivia, and video downloads from choice moments from Clint's films (including 14 minutes of footage from The Good, The Bad And The Ugly). Most importantly, there are a few quirky gems; the best is a set of audio downloads from mid-60s bestseller Clint Eastwood Sings Cowboy Favourites. Fantastic.
Degrees of Kevin Bacon
It has recently been estimated that no site on the Internet is more than 13 clicks away from another. But the discovery that it really is a small world was first enforced by a mere film trivia game - and floppy-haired Tremors star Kevin Bacon. Basically - as this site demonstrates - the idea is that Bacon is the hub of the entertainments world. Any actor/actress can be traced to him through the movies on which they have worked, in six steps or less. The details and variations on the game are described in full here.
Kubrick Multimedia Film Guide
The late director was not terribly well served by the Web before his death and even after, there's not much to be found in one place. This tactful, largely monochrome site spares the comments on Kubrick's life and films, letting an abundant supply of images and aural extracts from the works do the talking instead. While material for the early days is slightly lacking, most of the later movies are covered well (including a section on AI, the film that never was). Further links are heaped on, if you want further reading.
The OneRing.net
Remember the Internet furore over the recent Star Wars movie in the months before its release? Well, the whole thing's about to happen again, as Peter Jackson's Lord Of The Rings adaptation begins filming, for release in 2001. Tolkien's seminal trilogy has a huge fanbase and The OneRing.net is one of the best of half-a-dozen sites tracking the films in production and posting rumours, confirmed castings and script details as they come in.

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