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Dine Online
This site sounds very grand - it's described as the 'independent wining, dining and international travel review'. You'll find more than just restaurant reviews here, it's also a great source of the latest restaurant news and gossip on the big name chefs. Of course restaurants are tested and rated, and not just in the UK but internationally. The reviews are well written and detailed. The selection of eating guides is also impressive, take your pick from guides to dining out in London, dining in the country, recommended restaurants abroad, recommended Asian restaurants, great pub food and child friendly London restaurants.
AA Restaurant Guide
Better known for patching up your car when it breaks down, the Automobile Association also do a nice sideline in listing places where motorists can get a bite to eat. Based on their renowned star rating system, you get a clear and simple idea of what to expect from a restaurant.
The downside is that restaurants pay for their ratings, so don't expect everything to be in there. With competition from other ratings bodies, few places bother to be rated by them all.
The Curry House
This is the ultimate online magazine for curry fans. As well as featuring numerous curry recipes there's an excellent guide to Indian restaurants around the UK. You'll find links to Curry House web sites where their available; unsurprisingly Bradford has the longest list of Indian restaurants. However it's only in the Oxford, Reading and Central London areas that you'll find independent reviews of Indian restaurants. The good news is that these reviews are well written, honest and comprehensive; speciality dishes are recommended for each restaurant.
This guide to UK restaurants is kept well up to date and it covers the whole gamut of culinary delights - from takeaway fish and chips through to stylish French restaurants. To find a suitable eating-place for your night out you just search by geographical area. Although you can add your own restaurant reviews to the site the pages are short on independent guides; you just get the contact details and the genre of food served and that's yer lot. The Sizzler tag is attached to some of the restaurants and that's meant to signify a quality restaurant but even then the reviews are written by the restaurants themselves and so are hardly impartial.
Edinburgh and Glasgow Dining Guide
The design of this site is simple and clean which makes it a doddle to select a suitable restaurant. Within each city you can search for all restaurants specialising in a certain type of food or you could search for those within a specific price range (for example you could pull up all those restaurants or cafes that serve food for under a tenner a head). The listings are hugely comprehensive and include cafes, bars, delis and arts venues as well as restaurants. The reviews are extensive and you're given an idea of how much your meal is likely to cost.
Fodor's Restaurant Index
This is not a huge directory of restaurants but the site does list all of those eating-places around the world that meet Fodor's exacting standards of quality, service and value. You can search by geographical area, by price or by style of cuisine. The directory of restaurants is small but perfect formed and you can trust Fodor's recommendations. A useful resource if you do a lot of travelling abroad.
London Food
Now London Food reckon that they 'tell it like it is', so you can look forward to a bit of honest restaurant reviewing here. The design of the site can only be described as grim but the content will win you over. The listed restaurants are rated on everything from the cleanliness of the loos through to the quality of the food and service. The readers' restaurant review section is also worth a look if you want some no holds barred comments.
Traditional English Restaurants in London
Before we get too far we have to say that the creator of this site, the Earl of Bradford, has a vested interest - he owns the traditional English restaurant Porters. However this classic site is an excellent guide to the few good English restaurants in the capital. Handily you can select your restaurant by price or by geographic area. The reviews are well written and you're told the average cost per head; visitors to the site are invited to add their own ratings to the restaurants listed.
P.O.Box 9, Leominster, Herefordshire,HR6 0YZ
Tel: (01568) 610001  Fax :(01568) 612888
E-Mail : troughles@aol.com
Before you start using these lovely recipes you should order the food that michelin * chefs do. Seriously Fine Food  operate a mail order service from headquarters in Herefordshire. Yes it's a cheat's delight...er...French Custard Powder actually, technically creme patissiere powder, or the griottines, little pitted cherries in booze seldom seen in the UK. They also have verjus - the latest thing as well as superb stocks,vinegars,oils,caviar,cheese and much much more. No wonder 4 of the restaurants they supply locally have michelin stars. Interactively .Coming on line soon. Call or send for their catalogue
Cooking for Kids
This UK-based site looks great and gives you lots of recipes and healthy eating tips for kids on the go. The recipes are fun and it's the kind of stuff kids will want to eat. The recipes are split into three main sections - breakfast, lunchboxes and recipes that kids can make themselves. The step by step instructions mean the recipes are all easy to follow and the accompanying photos will make your mouth water. Some of the recipes are particularly clever such as the Hidden Vegetable pasta, you hide the veg under the pasta and before you know it your kids are eating healthily.
All Recipes
You would not believe how many recipes there are on this site. Sub sections of the site deal with all manner of cooking from cakes and bread through to soup and pies - just take a browse through the A to Z recipe guide to get an indication of the size of this fabulous resource for foodies. Recipes are contributed by visitors to the site and the All Recipes editors pick out a recipe of the day. You can even print out the recipes on card so you can refer to them easily when you're in the midst of creating a gorgeous meal.
Betty Crocker
Betty writes a column on cookery that's syndicated in newspapers around the States and she's the woman behind this wholesome, all-American recipe site. The site is well organised - you choose recipes suitable to your style of cooking. For example if you're in a hurry you'd check out the meals in the Express section, if you've got to keep the family happy you'd plump for the Kids option, while gourmets might head straight for the Love to Cook or Adventure areas. Betty gives you a whole week's worth of recipes, which is a blessed relief when it comes to planning family dinners. The What's On Hand section of the site is highly recommended - you just tell Betty what ingredients you've got in your kitchen and she comes up with a list of suitable recipes using those products.
World Wide Recipes
Sign up with this service and you'll get new recipes delivered direct to your email inbox every morning. By the end of the week these recipes will have built up into a gourmet menu. The recipes are not for the unadventurous or the cooking beginner - they assume a certain level of cookery expertise. All the recipes have an international flavour and range from classics served in the world's finest restaurants to more unusual ideas. Check out the example menu on the site to see if it's worth signing up.
This site looks mouth wateringly good and is a very professional endeavour. It is a commercial site, so you'll find you can buy cooking utensils direct from the pages - the only problem is you'll have to get them shipped from the US. Thankfully the site is also home to lots of tasty recipes; you just choose the course, do you want a yummy appetizer or a gooey pudding and all the relevant recipes pop up. The cooking instructions are clear and the recipes are accompanied by some inspiring photos. If a particular recipe takes your fancy you can even email it direct to a friend - a nice touch. Anybody who's concerned about healthy eating will be glad to see you're given a calorie and cholesterol breakdown for each recipe.
Meals for you
Another massive collection of recipes, this site can take all the stress out of cooking and shopping. If you have a big dinner party approaching, choose your recipe from the thousands on display here and add it to your personalised list of favourites. Once you have your entire meal, you can print off a shopping list of everything you need - very handy for planning purposes.
Veggie Heaven
Veggie Heaven is home to over 200 vegetarian and vegan recipes as well as a handy guide to vegetarian restaurants in the UK. The site is the work of the vegetarian cookery writer Rosamond Richardson and is simple and fast but low on glossy photos. However the recipes are all easy to follow and you get handy tips on various cooking techniques.
YumYum's Kitchen
Children love to cook nice things almost as much as they love to eat them. YumYum's Kitchen is full of fun things to cook and eat that are still quite good for them. There's nothing too complicated either, though some age guidelines for different recipes might have been nice - you'll have to decide how much help your children are likely to need depending on how skilled they are in the kitchen.

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