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Many Americans greet the highlight of their sporting calendar, the Superbowl, with an almost religious fervour and the popularity of this site is testament to that.
Predictably glitzy in its presentation, this site focuses on both the coming attraction and the stars of Superbowl's past. The highlight is over an hour's worth of RealAudio footage, featuring all the tension, drama and suspense of the sport's history. There's also the chance to get involved and vote for your favourite Superbowl team of all time.
Despite a flurry of media interest in the mid-80s, basketball has never taken off in this country as it has in the States.
However, there are still thousands of loyal fans in this country, following teams in the Dairylea National League. This site caters for them in impressive style, with acres of news, results, reports and analysis. Regular online polls and a reasonably well-populated message board make this the best place anywhere to find out about the UK basketball scene.
In the Crease
Written by the fans for the fans, this site has a bit more edge to it than the official ice hockey sites. Covering both the US and Canada, it features the very latest results, comment and analysis - all laid out in a very professional manner.
The writers aren't afraid to down their gloves and trade a few punches, either, with their no-holds-barred writing style.
Major League Baseball
As this is an American site, it won't tell you how to interpret the bizarre rules of their national sport. For devotees, however, this site scores home run after home run. Daily video clips will deliver the latest news and highlights to your desktop, provided your PC is up to it, while you'll also find results, statistics and analysis galore. Then there's a fantasy league competition that allows you to test your punditry skills and a kids section that allows you to chat directly to your favourite players.
The National Basketball Association has always been adept at promoting the game and this website is ample proof. There's so much to see on this site that it's hard to know where to start. After perusing the latest news, you should head straight for the video clips which feature the most stunning slam dunks from recent games. Then take the time to digest the well written features, which dissect the game in huge detail. And if you fancy a bit of the action yourself, you can take part in a number of online fantasy games.
Considering the razzmatazz normally associated with the game, the official American Football site is surprisingly free of needless glitz. What you will find, however, is the very latest news and previews together with a very impressive amount of multimedia footage. Previews of the action in each of the weeks games and even highlights of the best of recent action make this site more akin to an interactive television programme, provided you have the necessary plug ins. And, of course, there's also oodles of those statistics and tables for which Americans have a peculiar fondness.
The A-Z Encyclopedia of Hockey
You'll find no gym slips or jolly hockey sticks here, because this is an extremely comprehensive encyclopedia of ice hockey. From the very first ice rink to modern ice-hockey heroes, there's a huge amount of information on offer and it's all laid out in a logical and interesting manner.
The site is aimed more at avid aficionados of the game than casual fans, thanks to the incredible level of detail.
Baseball Stuff
A great example of a site run by a fan for the fans, this site is nothing special to look at - but the care and dedication that has gone into it is tangible. An ever-expanding collection of articles and links, it's essentially a 'best-of' everything baseball-related on the Web.
The real heart of the site lies in the opinion columns and message boards, which rage day and night with argument and conjecture.


Road Cycling
Dedicated to the pursuit of speed, Road Cycling concentrates on the serious racing side of things. The major part of this nicely set out site is given over to the latest news and results, telling you who's wearing the yellow jersey in races all around the world. For the dedicated cyclist there's an in depth training guide and a series of routes to follow for folk of all fitness levels.
Sustrans is a UK charity dedicated to linking shops, workplaces and the countryside together with a National Cycle Network. The proposed route will cover 8000 miles and this mainly text based site explains exactly how the scheme will work. There are maps showing current cycle routes in the UK and how they will expand if everything goes to plan. The fund raising effort will include a massive sponsored cycle ride next year and you can apply for details online.
Tour de France
The most famous cycle race in the world may have been tarnished in recent years by allegations of drug taking, but there's no mention of such shenanigans on this well-produced official site.
What you will find is a detailed look ahead to this year's race, including times and places - which is good if you want to plan your holiday around Le Tour. 
There's also a well-researched and written history of the race, although a little more detail will have to be added before the site can claim the yellow jersey.
Bicycling Magazine
This site, run by a US cycling magazine, is stylishly put together and has a couple of unique features that will help anyone who takes their cycling seriously. The first is a bike finder that allows you to enter your details, what you use your bike for and the mileage you cover and it will come up with the perfect model for you. The second is the training centre that offers an expert training regime that is customised to your own fitness and ability level.
This great all-encompassing site should be your first stop before shelling out on any cycling related kit. From helmets to handlebars, you'll find them all reviewed, compared and rated in the 'GearZone'. Most importantly, all of the reviews are expertly written in a bright and breezy style, so reading them is a pleasure rather than a chore. You'll also find absorbing articles and practical training and riding tips.
Mountain Bike
An offshoot from a US mountain-biking magazine, this sharp site will tell you all you need to know about careering down a mountain at ridiculous speeds.
Some of you may need a jargon buster to decipher the language used, but mountain biking enthusiasts will find much to interest them. Like MTB Review, the main focus is on product reviews, with over 20 products added to the database each week. You'll also find tips on training, tactics and tuning your bike.
MTB Review
A hugely popular and supremely detailed site that is mainly concerned with reviewing bikes and equipment. There's an incredible 55,000 expert reviews available for your perusal, covering everything from chain sets to cycling helmets.
Once you're properly kitted out, take your pick from the thousands of trail reviews on offer - covering everywhere from Ambleside to the Andes, so you're sure to find something to suit your locality and stamina level.


Tenpin Bowling
An extremely popular sport in shopping malls up and down the country, this stylish site introduces you to the world of strikes and splits with some panache.
Guided around the site by neat little animated icons, you use the online directory to find your nearest rink and also take advantage of an extensive collection of tips on improving your game. This brightly coloured and easy-to-navigate site will also appeal to children.
Hockey Training
Still a popular sport in schools up and down the country, hockey is a game of brain and no little brawn. This US-based site will help budding players and coaches to improve their skills.
Every month a new training schedule is added to the site with an accompanying video, concentrating on honing basic skills like passing and shooting.
There are also interviews with big name players and extra tips for coaches.
Paul's Archery website
A homely little site devoted to the delights of emulating Robin Hood with a bow and arrow. Archery today is a hi-tech sport, however, and this site goes into some detail in explaining the kit and technique you'll need to succeed.
The layout can be a little confusing in places but the advice is all sound and written in a friendly style.
The popularity of the game may have tailed off a little since the halycon days of Dennis Taylor and co, but there are still plenty of snooker loopy folks out there. 
Whether you're a fan, a player or both this site will keep you up to date with the latest news, scores and results, while also providing a couple of clever resources for players.
One is the well-stocked online shop, which sells everything from tables to chalk, and the other is a global snooker club directory.
Utilising content from The Express and Line One, this all-round sports site is more than capable of satisfying all your sporting news needs.
The football section is particularly detailed, with the real draw being some fine articles commenting on recent issues concerning the beautiful game. Other sports aren't neglected, though, and they can all be reached via the easy-to-use navigation system. You're also encouraged to use the grass roots site builder to build a mini site for your own local football team or rugby club.
Covering all of the world's sports in one place is a mammoth task, but this site is making a brave stab at doing just that. It's certainly comprehensive, with up-to-date coverage of the major sports from both sides of the Atlantic.
Live scores are clearly a speciality and if you want to keep a tab on the scores in a number of different sports at once, this is the place to come. Ultimately, though, the tone is a bit drab and it can't help spreading itself too thinly.
A neatly-designed site that will tell you everything you need to know about clay pigeon shooting. A well-written beginners guide is a useful introduction for those wanting to take up the sport, detailing the equipment you'll need and the skills to acquire. 
There's also plenty for more seasoned marksmen, including the 'Ask Angela' section - a sort of agony aunt for the troubled shooter. The whole thing is nicely designed and has a professional air, while remaining friendly.
Gone to the Dogs
If your idea of a night at the dogs revolves around flat caps and steaming cups of Bovril, maybe this excellently produced site will make you take a fresh look at greyhound racing.
It combines stylish design with reams of information. Directions and details of all the tracks in the country will tell you where and when to go, while the beginners guide to betting will put you in the know for when you get there. There's even a section on how to adopt a retired greyhound.


Come Skating

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