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Great African-Americans in Science
This website is devoted to the African-American scientists of our time and their contribution to the modern world. Amongst the biographies included here are Mae Jemison, the first African-american female astronaut, Percy Julian, a chemist who invented aero-foam, and Lewis Latimer who along with Alexander Graham Bell invented the carbon filaments used in light bulbs. This website is as yet underdeveloped but looks set to expand in the near future - worth bookmarking.
A Science Odyssey
This is the Science and Technology section of a website constructed by the American non-commercial TV enterprise P.B.S. This part of the site People and Discoveries gives a history and biography of a vast number of multi-disciplinary scientists. Their particular area of science or their discovery is detailed on the initial page whilst each biography is littered with cross references to related scientists or to other parts of the site. Nicely set up site with excellent portrait photographs.
Ask Mr Science
This website has been put together to answer kids' questions on science - all those annoying questions like 'Why is the sky blue?' or 'What are animals made of ?' The site has been put together by Hubert Van Hecke, a Dutch scientist who has been teaching at his kid's school in his spare time. Here on his website there are sections on astrology, the environment, electricity, and biology with simple explanations, diagrams and suggestions to adults on how to demonstrate basic scientific principles.
New Scientist
This is the website which accompanies the New Scientist Magazine and if you really want to know what modern day scientists are up to, this is the place to look for the most up to the minute research. New stories from the current issue are available as well as current features and a library of searchable archive material. One of the impressive things about websites like this one is that information is cross-referenced by subject area and even by researcher.
Great Canadian Scientists
The Great Canadian Scientists website has an associated CD-ROM and book - all put together by science writer Barry Shell to document the leading Canadian scientists of our time. He not only includes Canada's Nobel Prize winning chemists and physicists, but also medical scientists, geneticists, cognitive psychologists, ethnobotanists, physical anthropologists, meteorologists and leaders in many other scientific specialities. There's also a facility for kids to ask science-related questions which are answered by a real scientist.
History of Science, Technology and Medicine
This comprehensive historical archive is part of the University of Melbourne's website. It provides links to a vast amount of historical information in the form of academic articles written by contemporary scientists. There is an impressive number of categories including Alchemy and Early Science, Geology and Mining, Women Scientists, and Technology and Engineering. The links included on this site lead to the science and history departments of academic institutions all over the world.
Muslim Scientists Mathematicians and Astronomers
This website is devoted to Muslim scientists who lived before the European Renaissance 700-1500 CE. The site is brimming with detailed biographies of Muslim thinkers and discovers who have fuelled our basic (Western) understanding of science, mathematics, medicine, technology, sociology and philosophy. The underlying thesis is that these scientists originating from Islamic society have not been given credit for their work and contributions to the European Renaissance.
Selected Scientists and Inventors on the Web
An academic, Dan Jones at the University of Central Florida has put together this library of material as a course bibliography for his students. There are URLs to entire works available online such as Darwin's Origin of Species, and papers by the biologist Gregor Mendel. The references are divided by century with original tracts and papers interspersed with comment and analysis. There are also sections on The History of Science, The Scientific Method, and on Women in Science.
European Space Agency
This is the official European Space Agency website, and it really is brimming over with scientific information, press releases, and educational material as well as containing a fantastic picture and video gallery. Footage of specific space missions are available and everything is kept up to the minute with scheduled transmissions arriving live by satellite. This site is huge, well constructed, and packed full of detailed information on current and future space missions.
Bad Astronomy
This refreshing site is stuffed with information specifically concerning the misconceptions which surround the study of astronomy. According to Phil Plait the author (and technical editor of the book 'Astronomy for Dummies'), there is 'bad' astronomy everywhere; in TV, film, and in the press. This site debunks astronomical myths and bad information as it arises in the press, as well as providing ongoing analysis of new scientific discoveries and a bulletin board for your active involvement.
British National Space Centre
The BNSC website contains information on Britain's National Space programs. A clunky menu system provides the means of navigation to a whole host of documents covering such subjects as the UK's space strategy, future directions in space exploration, and the military use of space. Despite the 'official' feeling which this site emanates, it is nevertheless packed with interesting information on the future direction of space exploration as well as the latest press releases and some excellent UK-based links.
Sky and Telescope - The Essential Magazine of Astronomy
Enthusiasts of all kinds need to keep track of the gidgets and gadgets made for their particular area of interest, and astronomers are no exception. This ezine website keeps you informed of all the latest telescopes and refractors available on the market with comparison reviews, performance tests, and explanations of new market developments. A tips and tricks page provides a wealth of information on how to use a telescope, choosing binoculars and advice on how to improve your observing sessions.
Maximov Online
This site, put together by Maximov Publications is dedicated to Russia and Europe's involvement in the International Space Station. It contains news and information on the project including an archive of detailed status reports from the space station and an outline of the research aims of the project. An image of the space station's position is available from NASA as well as links to other sites which list sighting times and locations of the station from your town.
NASA's website is jam-packed full of news, information, educational material, startling images and video clips. An astronautics history page gives details of past NASA projects including the Sputnik, and other famous programs like the planetary probes Pioneer and Voyager, while another offers an evolving series of diagrams aimed at modelers and other space enthusiasts who want to see blueprints of the various US piloted aircraft. A regularly updated newsletter (today@nasa.gov) keeps you informed of the latest NASA news.
Royal Observatory Greenwich
Although parts of this site are currently under construction, it is an important source of information for any amateur astronomers in the UK. The Royal Observatory at Greenwich is an educational centre for all kinds of events, exhibitions, lectures, planetarium shows and practical sessions with telescopes. This year, an 'Open Museum' course looks at the mechanics of time and the history of the calendar. Great site for clear explanations of astronomical basics, some excellent FAQs and information leaflets.
Space and Astronomy
This site developed by Athena is packed full of excellent educational material on astronomy. It contains a page on the properties and orbits of each of the planets in our solar system, as well as several moving images showing how each of the planets revolves around the sun. The Hubble Space Telescope is also covered in some detail, while another page displays a whole host of pictures taken by the Space Shuttle Endeavour of the Earth's Aurora.