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Watchdog on the BBC may have finished but Shitstirrers will continue to lookout for the consumer. As shortages have been created rogues have been trying to take advantage of the public. Adding more misery. These people must be outed and shown up as unfit to be in business.   So if you have been ripped off or even witnessed such despicable behaviour report it to us through email, or on our Wessex Tourist Board Facebook page as shown here:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wessextouristboard

e-mail : shitstirrers@talktalk.net

Mark Zuckerberg
Further to my last email.

This is a public notice that Drummond & Co are today issuing proceedings against Facebook for Harassment under Prevention From Harassment Act 1997 for blocking Michael Davey's use of Facerbook for Racist anti- semetic reasons. Be warned that the person concernened and Directors will also be referred under S.2 which is a criminal section and may lead up to 6 months in prison and/or a Class V fine  This notice will be circulated on our websites which obtain up to 350,000 views a day and syndicated.

I have this week been reprimanded andaction taken by one of your cohorts for stating an undisputed historical fact as a comment in regards to what was an attack upon the Jewish People and the State of Israel. The Facebook site of Vox Political ( https://www.facebook.com/VoxPolitical/)  was where I wrote it.   The facts I wrote about were in an official translation in regards a meeting which took place on November 28th 1941 between Adolph Hitler and the Mufti of Jerusalem.  These are the facts seehttps://www.timesofisrael.com/full-official-record-what-the-mufti-said-to-hitler/


It appears that people may use Facebook to be rude and abusive .....but may not quote historical facts. Please explain why I am not allowed to respond to attacks made by others as such. My facebook account is: https://www.facebook.com/michael.davey1

Michael Davey    .
Partner & Watchdog Editor
Drummond & Co
European Tax and Legal Consultants since 1966


The information transmitted is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged material. Statements and opinions expressed in this e-mail may not represent those of the UK Informed Investor or Drummond & Co. Any review, retransmission, dissemination or other use of, or taking of any action in reliance upon, this information by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited. If you received this in error, please contact the sender immediately and delete the material from any computer.


 We wonder at the vitriolic language being spouted on social media. Most politicians are people who have tried to help the community. For this they have come under not only verbal abuse but also threats. The perpetrators of this cult believe in their stupid ignorance that they can hide behind using fictitious names or proxies.

But we have to tell them that we all know all about them today than ever before. They are easily traceable by either location or ownership of a computer, phone etc. We know where they bank, their credit ratings, their criminal records and much much more. 

We have spent decades outing these type of people and will continue to do so vigourously. Our parent Company of lawyers have successfully prosecuted many of these people under the Prevention from Harassment Act 1997 not only for damages. Section 2 of that act is CRIMINAL and perpetrators may receive up to 6 months in prison and either/or a Class V fine.

 So in order to show them up for what they are we are compiling a list of them. As an example our Chairman was on a social media group page that specializes in being anti Tory. Good luck to them .

 Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But some of their followers who have never known the art of sensible discussion believe they are clever by slagging off other followers. Their rudeness just shows their own feelings of insecurity and lack of courtesy and good manners.
On the many such sites that we run ourselves we just remove them.

As Oscar Wilde once stated " You may call me anything but late for breakfast".
We name and shame them. We have been operating on-line since the Prestel days in the early 1980s and have noticed that as year passes the internet has become more accessible throughout the world but has deteriorated in regards people respecting one another.  As we stated we run several such sites and have readers throughout the World with up to 350,000 views a day.

Unfortunately the social media rude people tend to be in the United Kingdom.These losers are a blight on our society but thankfully a very small minority.
 Well these are an example of what he received as a reply.

Tony Brookes

Tony Brookes : "you’re the only irrelevance on this thread you steaming lump of gammon 😂"

                    Jd Andrews
"ooh good morning Tory bot boy, I wondered how long it would take before you made an appearance
S tuart
Stuart Dye :"Idiot"

Lee Green
  Clueless old fool. You make an absolute chump of yourself every single time you troll this page. You think you're scoring points or aggravating lefties but are in fact just adding to the numbers of people who think you're an ignorant old git. Embarrassing.
Jocky Mick

Jocky Mick :  Shut it piss head.  tory voting englisham maketh an Idiot

Glen Fraser

Michael Davey is a known Tory Troll.. Tory Troll alert. are you going for a nice Valentine's day meal in a pub? And by the way, you've got blood on your hands, you can never wash it off. Blood on your hands..  Blood on your hands. Blood on your hands. Blood on your hands."

Linda Gizzie "You are a gutter snipe of the lowest order....you do yourself nor these called Wessex Tourist Board you proport to represent any favours You are a typical Tory giving himself airs and grace's you are quite clearly unentitled to. You clearly try to be haughty, amusing only yourself. I do hope you are reported as you bring shame on who you represent if you are the best they have to offer shame on them indeed...You are also without honour but ultimately you're a bore who cannot admit hes in the wrong, go on arguing your position, to me you are nothing but a vacuous noise"

Al Race "You prick"

Andii Valo  " troll"

Andrew Goring "As you allege that you a chair of the Wessex tourist board on your FB page. I will be reporting you to that body as your post and the fact you identify with a role is in breach of Purdha enjoy"

Rita Henderson "If you are representative of Wessex - that’s it off my tourist spot to visit."

Damien Morrison 
" If life is a day we're born at 6am we die at 12 midnight surely you must be at 11.45 then haven't.. YOU.. Anything better to do at your age than to trol the FB page and issue threats.. For a man who has such wealth, status and priverlidge.. TO SIT AROUND AT YOUR AGE compiling a list of to quote you 350.000 people who you don't like or who disagree with you and to commune with others compiling the said list...   YOUVE JUST OUTED YOURSELF as who and what you are.. You Micheal with all your wealth your priverlidge your status (supposed) and you sit there compiling your list?? And trolling FB page.. GOOD GOD HOW sad..how bitter... HOW MALCONTENTED.. It's 11.45   your day is almost up, your at the your journeys end..  maybe just maybe if you actually do have the emotional intelligence.. Maybe you should reflect on your behaviour.. LISTS, THREATS at your age.. Don't respond  block me if you like I will not comment on your comments again.. But don't make threats to me I won't tolerate it.  Do you understand l.. Good man"


ANY RELEVANT PROVIDER &/OR THE POLICE. In The UK we will prosecute and advertise their real identities.



We are pleased to announce a new service for disgruntled consumers.  We have recently obtained judgments against both telephone and internet providers who have taken money from Consumers for Services they have unilaterally withdrawn and not provided but charged for.  Under English law this is breach of contract and the courts have agreed as those companies have failed to give "consideration" to the customers for that which they have charged.   As this is common practice we are now offering a service to recoup such fees in similar cases. Check your bills to see if you have fallen victim to such corporate activity. The biggest culprits are  within the telephone, internet and television subscription providers.

These  judgements have been given on "consideration" having not been given.
"Consideration in English law is one of the three main building blocks of a contract. Consideration can be anything of value (such as an item or service), which each party to a legally binding contract must agree to exchange if the contract is to be valid. If only one party offers consideration, the agreement is not legally a binding contract. In its traditional form, expressed as the requirement that in order for parties to be able to enforce a promise, they must have given something for it (quid pro quo): something must be given or promised in exchange or return for the promise. A contract must be "met with" or "supported by" consideration to be enforceable; also, only a person who has provided consideration can enforce a contract. In other words, if an arrangement consists of a promise which is not supported by consideration, then the arrangement is not a legally enforceable contract. Mutual promises constitute consideration for each other. ("I promise you that I will do X, in consideration for which you promise me that you will do Y").

Contact Mike Ripper on:  Tel:0845 868 2810
Shitstirrers of Wessex

http://www.bu.edu/infosec/files/2011/10/KeepCalmReportPhishing.jpgELIMINATE INTERNET EMAIL CROOKS
 the simple scam that will never die

These phishing scams are as old as the internet, yet people still fall for them every day.
http://community.homeaway.com/servlet/JiveServlet/showImage/38-1464-1832/phishing.jpgThe wonder of the internet is that sending hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of messages – spamming – is so cheap that it provides scam merchants with the biggest bang for the few cents they spend.

The second wonder of the internet is why anyone takes any notice of what they must know by now is obvious nonsense. Why does anyone fall for tricks which are so old they have been around the block time after time? Especially when they have been the subject of warnings online, on television, in newspapers and magazines, in mailings from financial companies and just about anywhere else you can think of.

And the third wonder is the huge amount a fraudster can make if only one in 100,000 responds.

So I write this with an air of “I know I should not have to write about this for the millionth time but if someone is doing this then it is likely there will be a victim, possibly for big money.”

Phishing - the scam that won't die

The “This” is phishing - attempts by scamsters to get hold of your personal details by pretending to be your bank and claiming a security breech. Of course, they have no idea where you might bank. As a result lots of people are told that someone has their secret passwords with Barclays or Lloyds or whatever and they must contact the bank immediately or their account will be frozen or lost, even though they have never dealt with the banks in question. It's been around for years so surely everyone is aware and no one bothers to phish any more?

Wrong.  This week, I received an email headed “Errors were detected on your account (Fix Now)”. And it came from PayPal. Or at least that
is what it said – the sender was “service@paypal.co.uk but don't try it at home because it has nothing to do with the real PayPal.

It read:

from: service@paypal.co.uk <service@paypal.co.uk>

Subject: Errors Were Detected On Your Account (fix now)
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2013 05:04:16 -0500

Dear Valued Customer,

PayPal security team is sending you this notification message because we seem to be having errors in the proper verification of your account. This might be due to one of the following reasons:

*A recent Change in your Account Details
*An Internal error within our servers

CLICK HERE to rectify these Errors.

PayPal Online Security Team.

So I clicked on the link to rectify these Errors – although I could do nothing about the errors in the grammar and erroneous use of capitals in the message itself.

But whatever the errors were, all I got was a form to fill in.  And guess what?  They want to know just about everything about me other than my great-grandfather's birthplace (which I don't know anyway).

Had I filled it in, I would have handed over my credit card details - including that three figure code on the back - so they could have spent whatever they could get away with. Credit card companies are much better these days at spotting unusual transactions – so a big purchase of something easy to sell (such as high street store vouchers) or easy to cash in (such as some airline tickets) gets picked up.

But such protection is never guaranteed – nothing can be 100% secure.

Playing the odds

This is phishing.  PayPal says it would never communicate in this way but at first glance it looks convincing.  Now I don't have an account with PayPal. As far as possible I do not send many payments  through it – I think the last time was about three or four years ago. I find it easier to pay with my credit or debit card directly.

But the phishers are more likely to catch the unwary with PayPal than by using HSBC or NatWest. It's a simple question of odds. More people
online have or have previously had some relationship with PayPal than with HSBC or NatWest or any other high street bank.  In any case, the banks are really fast at removing phishing sites.

There's another organisation that is even more prominent than PayPal and far more in our minds especially at this time of year. So expect
a number of emails claiming to be from HMRC offering a tax rebate (usually around £280) in return for financial details to its “secure” site.

This seasonal activity is based on the recent 31st January deadline for tax returns, the end of the tax year on 5th April, and the interest in tax from next month's Budget.

Phishing folk seem stupid if you spot them – and yes, to forestall comments, I know it is obvious. But they will convince someone, maybe a vulnerable person, and they will get some money from this.  So warn those you know both about the false PayPal and those phoney HMRC
emails that will come.  HMRC has a warning about this on its website – but the problem with all such alerts is that you have to find them
before the scam merchants find you. 

Thousands are still caught each month, their identities stolen and their accounts (plus credit cards) cleaned out.

Don't they annoy you? Those sub-humans who pose as banks, telephone companies, building societies,Pay Pal, Tesco, Wonga, and other institutions and places that give on-line accounts. Now these Vladimirs, Mohammeds and Sergeys usually can not even write English properly think that they are going to get us to click onto their camouflaged websites and we will give them the details of our accounts to plunder.  As we have about 40 email addresses we easily notice a batch of them landing in our mailboxes. So we were delighted to notice that Google has invited us all to pass the details of these fake websites to them so that they may be blocked and removed.  We use Monzilla's Thunderbird email system. Now you can right click onto these click-through lines in the mail and up comes a box which, among other actions, allows you to report  fraudulent email scams.  Hopefully you will use the system and help remove these sub-humans from our emails.
Firefox 3 or later contains built-in Phishing and Malware Protection to help keep you safe online. These features will warn you when a page you visit has been reported as a Web Forgery of a legitimate site (sometimes called “phishing” pages) or as an Attack Site designed to harm your computer (otherwise known as malware).
If you like Schmoozy music then tune into Martini in The Morning by clicking below. They even mention us!
martini in the morning
website: http:// www.wessextouristboard.org.uk           Tel: +44(0) 845 868 2810+44(0)207 183 4978          Fax : +44(0) 845 862 1954     Click here to contact us

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0845 450 3102
Calls from Gajwel, Sangareddy, India
Lets ban these call centres!
WorldSIM.com: Recieve
                                  international calls for free in over
                                  150+ countries. Reduce bills by 95
Are you fed up with unfair bank charges, salesmen, debt collectors, parking tickets, petty officials and pesterers?

Do you agree with the Victor Meldrews of this world?
If so Shitstirrers are for you. We are a specialist service to deal with these characters with our dedicated team. Let us introduce them to you.
Our great leader is Adolf Shitler. He stands for no nonsense and has decreed that all these pests be destroyed. For this purpose he has trained Arnie Turdinator.
  They will eliminate the pests from your life. They are the ultimate weapons in the armoury.  

 However for the more delicate minded. The softly softly approach can be taken by using Tom Turd who will
write back to the Urine takers. Stating the law for harassment and the consequences of their actions. Threatening to report them to Big Dick the Bogfather.
Alternatively a stupid letter will be sent by Brown Dumbshit writing an incomprehensible letter, which wastes time and money.


This letter writing system should get rid of 90% of the pests and costs just £10 a letter from either  Sadham Shitstirrer or Mohammed Dumbshit.

Another course is taken by Gerardo Lazyshit who requests details and documents to be produced in triplicate on incomprehensible forms, which they send back to the perpetrators in Italian.
Shitstirrers of Wessex is your way of dealing with the stupid bureaucracy in this world. It also deals with the irritants that destroy our peace of mind. So if you have a problem contact me, Mick The Ripper.
Shat The ripper
At Shitstirrers of Wessex,
16 High Street, Chard, Somerset TA20 1QB

      Tel: +44(0) 845 868 2810
or +44(0)207 183 4978     
Fax : +44(0) 845 862 1954    
Click here to contact us

A friend has forwarded this story........
I had bought a bunch of stuff, over £150, & I glanced at my receipt as the cashier was handing me the bags. I saw a cash-back of £40. I told her I didn't request a cash back & to delete it. She said I'd have to take the £40 because she couldn't delete it. I told Her to call a supervisor. Supervisor came & said I'd have to take it.. I said NO!  Taking the £40 would be a cash advance against my Credit card & I wasn't paying interest on a cash advance!!!!! If they couldn't delete it then they would have to delete the whole order. So the supervisor had the cashier delete the whole order & re-scan everything! The second time I looked at the electronic pad before I signed & a cash-back of £20 popped up. At that point I told the cashier & she deleted it. The total came out right. The cashier agreed that the Electronic Pad must be defective.

http://www.themeetingplacenorth.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/money-back.jpgObviously the cashier knew the electronic pad was defective because she NEVER offered me the £40 at the beginning. Can you imagine how many people went through before me & at the end of her shift how much money she pocketed?

Just to alert everyone. My co-worker went to Milford, Sainsbury’s, last week. She had her items rung up by the cashier.
The cashier
hurried her along and didn't give her a receipt. She asked the cashier for a receipt and the cashier was annoyed and gave it to her. My co-worker didn't look at her receipt until later that night. The receipt showed that she asked for £20 cash back. SHE DID NOT ASK FOR

My co-worker called Sainsbury’s who investigated but could not see the cashier pocket the money. She then called her niece who works for the bank and her niece told her this. This is a new scam going on. The cashier will key in that you asked for cash back and then hand it to her friend who is the next person in the queue.

Please, please, please check your receipts right away when using
credit or debit cards!
This is NOT limited to Sainsbury’s; they are one of the largest
retailers so they have the most incidents. I am adding to this. My husband and I were in Sainsbury’s and paying with a credit card when my husband went to sign the credit card signer he just happen to notice there was a £20 cash back added. He told the
cashier that he did not ask nor want cash back and she said this
machine has been messing up and she cancelled it We really didn't think anything of it until we read this email. 

To make matters worse ....

Tell  your friends
The ‘You don’t have to pay your bills’ scam
  by   Tony Levene of Love Money
If you get a text offering to help you write off your credit card debts, don't fall for it
I've been hit by a plague – not of locusts but of texts and phone messages telling me I don't have to pay my credit card and other unsecured loan bills.
One even told me I could escape £2,310 - even though none of these texters and callers can know what I owe or don't owe. But this promised freedom from debts does sound truly amazing.
It's also easy. I don't have to emigrate to the Gobi desert to escape my creditors or build a bailiff proof wall around my home. The beauty of this plan is that it is legal. In fact, it is actually sanctioned by new laws – or so the above mentioned texts and phone calls assure me.
I bet not too many  readers knew that! So I can go on a crazy spending spree, knowing I need never bother with the bills. Sheer heaven.
Here's one text. “Due to new legislation, records indicate that you can now apply to have it written off.”
And someone who described himself as “just working in the call centre of a major claims management company” told me if I had a pre-2007 credit card, it was “likely that I did not have to pay a penny.”
It only costs £499
So how to find this financial nirvana?
All it costs is £499 (and that would be added to my credit card, whose debts would be almost certainly null and void so it was really free!!!) plus I would get that £499 back in the remote possibility that this did not work.
What these claims management companies (all subject to light as a feather Ministry of Justice regulation) all maintain is that credit cards and credit agreements before 2007 may not comply exactly with sections 77 and 78 of the Consumer Credit Act. In a nutshell, these firms say, this puts the onus on the credit provider (the bank) to send a copy of the original agreement if the customer requests it. Failing to do so within 12 working days means the consumer can regard the agreement as unenforceable.
The same freedom can be obtained, they say, if the credit company failed to give proper written notice of interest rate changes or variations in the credit limit.
Now, according to a number of blog sites, some people have managed to achieve this – especially a few years ago when some banks decided it was cheaper to roll over than to fight this in court. They don't roll over any more.
Now here's what the claims management people don't tell you.
What they won’t tell you
Assuming you win because an “i” has not been dotted or a “t” crossed, unenforceable does not mean the debt is wiped out. It means it cannot be enforced through the courts. That won't stop the banks entering your failure to pay on your credit record – so no new mobile phone contract let alone a mortgage – and it does not stop debt collectors calling you. It won't stop the bank cancelling your card.
Plus, it does not prevent the bank selling the unenforceable debt to one of those companies that buys up old debts for a penny or two in the pound. They have no legal right to enforcement but they often have more graphic methods.
But even if the bank says it cannot find your original agreement, a legal decision (a December 2009 case known as Carey vs HSBC but it included other banks and other customers) that the claims people won't mention says the bank can “re-constitute” the contract. The bank may not be able to find your particular paperwork from 10 or 20 years ago, but it will have a sample so it can re-create the original. And unless you still have your copy of the document, you can't challenge it (it will probably be correct, anyway).
Once this is done, the debt becomes enforceable again.
Get out clauses
The other supposed “get-out” clauses – not informing about interest and credit limit changes – are covered in most terms and conditions.
The debt management companies send out almost identical letters costing around a tenner so it's good earner. And you can't ask for your money back if they can show the debt is legally unenforceable.
But don't expect a £499 refund if lenders find other ways of getting their cash or punish you with blacklisting. The claims people will argue they did what they set out to do – and you won't find a claims company to take your side in any subsequent dispute.
Banks are not the most attractive firms around. And you may have some sympathy with those who can't pay. But those who won't pay - and those that profit from encouraging borrowers not to pay their debts - simply put up the costs for the rest of us.
Follow me on twitter @tonylevene1
  No offence is meant to any of the characters above. we just find that they assist in making sure our letters are read.
Any similarity between any living or dead people is purely intentional  Tarrifs are relevant to work undertaken
PestsBanners Galore

Stop Worrying!


Brown Shit




Adolf Shitler



Mick Ripper


It's important to realise that debt collectors are not the same as baliffs.  Debt collectors cannot take any direct action against you, apart from asking you to pay.   Never make an agreement to pay off a debt with a debt collector, your agreement is with the originating company not a third party. Watch out several of these debt collectors write under several different names.  
Further remember you have no contract with them whatsoever- so if you start receiving those annoying phone calls you should utilize the Data Protection Act yourself, and tell them that until you receive written permission from the company you have an agreement with you can not discuss anything under the Data Protection Act.
The Administration of Justice Act 1970 S.40 makes it a Criminal Offence for a creditor or a creditor's agent (often a debt collection agency) to make demands (for money), which are aimed at causing "alarm, distress or humiliation, because of their frequency or publicity or manner". Equally, a creditor will be committing an offence if they falsely imply that non-payment of the debt will lead to criminal proceedings; or the creditor pretends to be someone they are not e.g. a court official or bailiff. It is also an offence to send a person a document which looks like it has been sent from a court.

If you feel you are subject to Debt Collection Harassment then this too could be classed as a criminal offence. Harassment can be verbal or in writing and would include making repeated calls to your workplace or in anti social hours. The Protection from Harassment Act 1997 makes it a Criminal Offence for any person to pursue a course of action "which they know, or ought to know, amounts to harassment of another person".

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has produced a set of Debt Collection and Debt Management Guidelines which sets out the types of debt collection practices which the OFT considers to be unfair. The guidelines do not apply to routine debt collection but are applicable to all accounts where payments have been missed, or are in arrears. The Guidelines include a section on 'contacting debtors at unreasonable times and intervals'. Whilst the guidance does not spell out the types/times of when contact should occur, it does provide a list of examples which it might consider unfair: repeatedly calling at unsociable hours, calling places of work, or calling on Neighbours and disclosing the reason they are making these enquiries.

If you think a creditor has broken the law or has breached these guidelines- you should first raise it with the creditor or collector concerned. To start this process you will need to gather evidence. The first step is to record the times and contents of visits and calls, and to save any threatening letters. You should then write a letter of complaint informing the creditor that you are aware of the Debt Collection Guidelines and believe they are in breach of these as well as possibly been in breach of section 40 of the Administration of Justice Act. Ask them to stop what they are doing. You must however, tell the creditor how you would prefer to be contacted. If the situation does not improve you can make a more formal complaint against a creditor.

If the creditor continues to harass then you can make a complaint to the local Trading Standards Department or go to your local Citizens Advice Bureau. If the problem does not get resolved you could send your complaint to the Office of Fair Trading - who do not usually take up individual cases but their Debt Collection Enforcement Team collects information from various sources and can use it to remove the creditors Consumer Credit Licence.

If the behaviour of the creditor (or any bailiffs or credit collection companies acting on behalf of the creditor) becomes at all violent or extremely threatening the Police should be informed immediately.

The Office of Fair Trading is to launch an investigation into the debt collection industry to assess whether or not guidelines issued in 2003 are being adhered to. According to the BBC, the OFT will be investigating any potential breaches of the regulations that forbid debt collectors from extracting money using threatening behaviour or levying unfair charges at consumers.

Companies which are found to be in breach of the regulations run the risk of losing their credit licenses. Since 2003 12 licenses have been revoked and 79 companies have been warned. The OFT are aware of some potential breaches and are looking for evidence of "non-compliance" in certain sectors of the industry.

Penny Boys from the OFT talked about her hopes for the investigation, stating: "The compliance review will also raise awareness of the guidance amongst those in debt, who are some of the most vulnerable customers.

"If they are experiencing unfair treatment, we want to know so that we can tackle that unfair conduct," she continued.

In the course of the review, several debt charities and the Credit Services Association (CSA) will be consulted. Scott Soutar from the CSA said: " There are some problems in the industry such as harassment of debtors.

"However, I hope this does not end in more regulation... instead I would like to see our code of practice extended to the entire industry," he concluded.

Bailiffs and the Human Rights Act

The Human Rights Act, which came into force in October 2000, may see bailiffs being used less frequently. Part of the Act protects your right to 'peaceful enjoyment of possessions and respect for your privacy, family life and home'.  In practice, this should mean that courts and public authorities use bailiffs more as a last resort, and should consider using less intrusive and distressing ways of getting you to pay what you owe. These include:
  • Benefit deductions;
  • Attachment of earnings; and
  • Voluntary payment arrangements.
 BBC ONE's Whistleblower exposed the criminal world of bailiffs.

In a nine-month-long investigation, BBC reporter Jim Wheble went undercover working for two bailiff companies - Drakes and CCS Enforcement Services Limited.He saw first-hand how the public are ripped off, conned and lied to by people who are meant to be official court representatives. Entrusted to collect unpaid parking tickets, court fines and other debts, Whistleblower reveals why some bailiffs describe themselves as "legal thieves" and how they collect millions of pounds a week.

The programme shows bailiffs lying about their powers and illegally charging fees for letters they have never sent and visits they have never made, sometimes doubling people's debts.

The reporter exposes how some unscrupulous debt collectors cheat members of the public out of hundreds of pounds for a single unpaid parking fine. It also highlights the plight of people who are tricked into paying debts and fines which are not even theirs.  

During the investigation he also witnessed bailiffs breaking in. In constant fear for his own safety, Jim filmed bailiffs as they lied about their legal powers, threatened to take people's belongings illegally and clamped cars without authority. During his time undercover one fellow bailiff, and ex-policeman, even took Jim under his wing - teaching him how to break into people's homes.  

Jim Wheble comments: "Our investigation reveals how bailiffs are acting outside of the law and fleecing debtors out of millions of pounds. It highlights how this is an issue that could affect us all, as any one of us could get a knock on the door from these people. "The public should ensure they know their legal rights so they are not strong-armed into overpaying or shelling out for debts which aren't theirs."  

With the use of bailiffs throughout the UK booming due to the rise in debt levels and an increase in the number of unpaid traffic and parking fines, the need to highlight their criminal behaviour has never been greater.

Whistleblower was broadcast on BBC ONE, Tuesday 26 September 2006 at 9.00pm.

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Unpaid Council Tax and Non Domestic Rates and the Role of Bailiffs

We are in the grips of the worst recession that we have ever seen. Many people have lost their jobs and many more jobs are under threat. The astonishing price of fuel  has meant that we are limiting the amount of driving that we do, food prices have once again increased this month and just last week, we heard that electricity prices will increase by 20% this winter. The High Streets are not immune. Woolworth’s were the first big name to go out of business at the start of the recession with well known names such as Moben Kitchens, Habitat etc closing down. Families are unable to afford a holiday and this is confirmed by the profit warning from Thomas Cook Travel. Families are really struggling financially and this is leading to many of them finding themselves in arrears with their council tax and small businesses that struggling to survive are finding themselves in the same position with non domestic rates (NNDR).

Concerns at the amount initially requested by the bailiff

It is very rare that the debtor attends court and therefore, many people are unsure of the actual amount of the Liability Order (which will include a summons fee). When visited by a bailiff they accept the figure being demanded by him and in so many cases where enquiries are made with the local authority it is established that the amount of the Liability Order is significantly less than the amount stated by the bailiff. When challenged, the bailiff will “claim” that he is entitled to charge an “enforcement fee” (which is incorrect). It is vital that debtors contact the local authority for confirmation of the amount of the Liability Order passed to their agents.

Charging £42.50 to the account before an initial visit has been made.

This has been “industry practice” for many years. The statutory regulations provide that a bailiff can charge an initial 1st visit fee of £24.50 for “attending to levy” (where no levy was made) and for a 2nd such visit, a fee of £18.00 can be applied. Also, unless a bailiff is able to levy upon goods, he cannot charge any further fees.

Refusing to provide details of the charges applied to an account.

The statutory regulations are very clear in that they provide that “the person levying distress on behalf of a local authority must provide to the debtor a copy of Schedule 5 (the statutory fee scale) and a “memorandum setting out the appropriate amount”. Many bailiffs refuse to provide a breakdown of fees and instead, state that the debtor must write to the company for this information. This is simply dreadful. It cannot be right that the debtor should be forced to pay first....and ask questions later.

The charging of an “enforcement fee”.

The charging of an “enforcement fee” is becoming routine and is of great concern as there is no provision for such a fee in the statutory fee scale, and in reality, it is really an “attending to remove” fee which cannot be charged unless a prior levy has been made on goods.

Allowing a bailiff to come into your home to levy upon goods.

I have never said this before....but you should not allow a bailiff to come into your home to levy upon goods.
If you already have financial difficulties, allowing the bailiff to come into your home will incur you in significant additional fees. This is because, once the bailiff is in your home, he will levy upon your goods and you will then be liable for both a levy fee and walking possession fee. Also, only after the bailiff has levied upon your goods, will he decided how much he will accept from you each month. Many times, the payment arrangement is set by him at a figure that is far too high and this will ensure that you default. The bailiff will then legally be allowed to charge an “attending to remove” fee to the account.

Insisting payments are made on a particular date each month.

If you call a bailiff company to make a payment arrangement on for instance; the 20th of the month, they will expect that all future payments are received in cleared funds by the same date each month and if you are just one day late, this is used by all bailiff companies as an excuse to attempt to charge an “attending to remove fee”. You should always state that you will make payments by the end of each month.

"Levying" on a vehicle that you do not own:

If a bailiff is unable to come into your property he will only be able to charge a fee of £24.50 for “attending to levy”. Instead, many bailiffs will “levy” upon a car parked either outside of your home or close by. In doing so, the bailiff will then charge a levy fee and many times, an incorrect “removal fee”. This tactic is widespread and has been the subject of a critical report from the Local Government Ombudsman. There is a Sticky on this very subject on the bailiff section of CAG which has had 7,000 viewings!!

How much should the bailiff charge?

 The charges that a bailiff can charge are provided for in statute law as laid down by Parliament. The relevant legislation is the Council Tax Administration and Enforcement Regulations 1992 (Si 613) and the fees are outlined in Schedule 5. I have also provided a copy as a Sticky in the bailiff section of CAG here

Who is responsible for the actions of the bailiff?

 The answer to this is simple. It is the local authority.

It is important to be aware that the statutory regulations provide for the local authority to levy distress as soon as a liability order has been made and further, that the local authority can charge fees to the debtor as outlined in Schedule 5. Therefore, strictly speaking, the fees recovered are due to the council.

Some local authorities have their own in house bailiffs, but most councils contract out the levying of distress to private sector bailiff fees. As the regulations confirm, the fees are due to the council but in reality, almost all local authorities allow their agents to keep the fees for the work that the bailiff has undertaken to recover the debt.

In 1997, the fees that could be charged for “attending to levy” (where no levy was made) was set at just £20.00 for a 1st visit and £15.00 for a 2nd such visit. By 2003, so many councils had contracted out the levying of distress to private bailiff firms and the bailiff industry called upon the Government to substantially restructure the level of fees.

A Consultation Paper was issued and following responses, the government agreed to raise the fees for a 1st visit from £20.00 to £22.50 and for a 2nd such visit, from £15.00 to £16.50. A further small increase was agreed a few years ago and the current fee is now set at £24.50 for a 1st visit and £18.00 for a 2nd visit (to attend to levy).

The Consultation Paper also suggested that a maximum fee for a “van attendance” should be introduced but sadly, this was not implemented.

Both increases for a 1st and 2nd visit were minimal and in the response to the Consultation Paper the government confirmed that the reason for this was because:

    * “The fees payable in respect of the levy of distress are intended to cover the costs incurred by the local authority in making the levy and are due to the local authority”

And that:

    * “Whilst many contracts between local authorities and bailiff companies may “assign” the fees to the bailiff company, the fees are not, and were not intended to be, the fees of the bailiff”.

They also stated that the local authority cannot profit from enforcement.

Of utmost importance is the following comment from the 1997 Consultation Paper:

    * “Where an authority does contract out the work to a private sector bailiff company it is important that both sides should remember that the bailiff is working on behalf of the authority. Local authorities cannot abdicate responsibility for the actions of their contractor”.

    * “Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the local authority to ensure that the levy is carried out in a lawful manner and that the fees charged are in accordance with the regulations”

Furthermore; the Government reiterated that:

    * “Fees payable in relation to the levy of distress are intended to cover the costs of the local authority and are due to the local authority. Proposals were made to change some fee levels because it was considered that they were no longer meeting the costs of the local authority. However, fees charged to a debtor should only recompense a local authority for the costs arising from that debtor. They should not be increased to allow for costs from other debtors which have not been recovered nor to allow for an element of profit”

Many debtors write to bailiff companies to complain at the level of fees charged to their account. This is wrong. In reality, they should be writing a formal Letter of Complaint to the local authority (with a copy to the bailiff company) as it is the local authority who are wholly responsible for the fees charged by their agents and furthermore, as confirmed above, they are responsible for ensuring that the levy is carried out in a lawful manner and that the fees charged are in accordance with the regulations and finally.....the local authority cannot profit from enforcement.

With thanks to Tomtubby

2nd of a series of articles on the Bailiff Industry


Private bailiff firms contracted to councils, are defrauding members of the public with no opposition from the Government, Local Authorities or the Police.  Local news papers will not, for whatever reason, report on this serious issue. They are failing in their duty to raise awareness for the many thousands of victims involved. It seems these crimes will remain covered-up if left to the local press. It therefore must be tackled by members of the public who are prepared to expose our corrupt councils. 

It has been publicised in the national press and on TV, that Rossendales Ltd, who North Somerset Council contract its bailiff services to, is a criminal outfit.   Have you been charged Unfair and Hiked-up Enforcement fees by North Somerset Council's bailiff contractors Rossendales Ltd ?

This would be in connection with either alleged or actual council tax arrears.  Does the council state that they are lawful?  Does the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) also state they are lawful?  You can enquire by contacting the following email for a second, more seriously considered opinion:  nelc.bailiffs@talktalk.net

Alternatively or additionally you can register with the following advice website where free guidance can be sought which may potentially save you £hundreds in charges:  http://tinyurl.com/7jppcez

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Yes the OFT have lost their case against the Banks on a technicality but in the 46 page summing up the Supreme Court made it clear that the underlying reasons of the OFT claim were right and that the banks have not just been overcharging but by their own devious actions have been creating unauthorised overdrafts so as to then take massive disproportionate charges. This we realised some time ago especially where the banks have tried to take a charge of up to £8 a day on overdrafts of a few pence. Their little game is to allow an unauthorised overdraft of a few £'s so that they can claim their large daily rate and then bounce any further payments. The question is why did they allow the original unauthorised overdraft in the first place. In most cases the customer didn't request the overdraft- therefore the debt is the fault of the bank and the Customer should NOT pay such charges.

To the OFT, the Supreme Court hinted that it might want to look at a different section of the law. Instead of regulation six, it should look to regulation five. By not allowing the customers to have a say in whether the bank should accept transactions that take them beyond their unauthorised overdraft limit, for example, the banks could be said to be in breach of this regulation. Therefore we shall take every case we are dealing with to the Courts under section 5, as we have been doing for some years now.

We specialize in challenging Banks & Credit Card Companies in regards their charges on credit cards and charges for bouncing cheques and Direct Debits. We also act for people who are being persued for debts & advise them how to defend against those debts and the charges that are being included in them.  In most cases these charges are disproportionately high and it is likely that these Companies are conducting unfair terms under CONSUMER CONTRACT REGULATIONS 1999 .  Further in many cases they have been taking insurance premiums to cover debts if the creditor loses his/her job, but still chase the creditor when they may have collected an insurance payout.
 We name & shame these financial institutions who are ripping off their customers and direct clients to the appropriate authorities to report them to. In recent months these actions have gathered pace & the banks are trying more unfair methods of fighting back like closing accounts. We can assist you by further naming & shaming the individuals in the banks playing such games. Remember they only got big by servicing the public & if they abuse the public then they can also meet the same people on the way down. We have had questions asked in Parliament and will continue to fight for the Consumer. We have now added a list of the leading CEOs in the UK for YOU to contact direct so avoiding call centres etc


It really annoys us when banks and other financial firms penalise customers so heavily for their mistakes. However, when the boot’s on the other foot, these companies are quick to deny responsibility and routinely refuse to pay out compensation when they mess up.Therefore, if you’ve got a grievance, then don’t get mad, get even. Here are five ways to fight back against bullying banks:

1. Recover unauthorised overdraft charges

If you go overdrawn without permission, exceed your overdraft limit, or ‘bounce’ payments from your current account, then your bank will punish you for your mistake. You can expect to pay up to £40 per slip-up, even if your unauthorised borrowing is just a few pounds.  However, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) believes that these punitive charges are unfair, so it has taken legal action against eight banks and building societies.This case is being heard now.

 However the Staute of Limitations Act 1980   in English law means that you can go back six years when attempting to reclaim these charges. So, if you’ve been fined for unauthorised borrowing at any point since late July 2002, submit a claim now in writing. Then, when the OFT finally wins its case, you’ll already be in the queue for compensation.

2. Claim back credit-card fines

Credit card providers make billions of pounds every year from people just like you. They attach excessive charges at every available opportunity and it's not fair. They could owe you thousands. Until two years ago, most credit-card issuers would charge fines of £20 to £30 for bounced, late or missed payments, or for exceeding your credit limit. However, in April 2006, the OFT decided that these penalty charges were unfair. In response to this ruling, card issuers reduced their charges to no more than £12 a time.

Again, if you’ve been fined by your credit-card company at any point in the past six years, then apply for a refund. Don’t be fobbed off with excuses, as many card issuers falsely claim that these refunds are, like bank-charge claims, on hold for the duration of the above court case. Also, demand full repayment of each fine -- don’t allow your card issuer to pay only the difference between your fine and the ‘fair’ (!) fee of £12.

3. Recoup mortgage exit arrangement fees

Mortgage lenders have also been guilty of charging massive "exit" fees on mortgages.  If you have been charged a mortgage exit arrangement fee greater than that stipulated in your contract, then demand a refund from your mortgage lender. This massive ‘fee inflation’ is unfair and, in January 2007, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) agreed.

4. Demand mis-selling compensation

Over the years we have witnessed massive mis-selling in the Financial Services Industry. Our battles date back to the 1960's and 1970's when the large insurance companies went to war with us for giving our client's discounts on financial purchases. To-day the authorities recommend it.  We can recall regulatory failures, mis-selling problems, FSA fines and compensation payouts to the public regarding (in alphabetical order):

  • business bank accounts;
  • Equitable Life;
  • extended warranties;
  • free-standing additional voluntary contributions (extra pensions);
  • guaranteed equity bonds;
  • hamper firm Farepak;
  • high-income ‘precipice’ bonds;
  • home-income plans (investment mortgages in the Eighties and Nineties);
  • Nation Life (The William Stern Scandal)
  • maximum investment plans;
  • mortgage endowments;
  • payment protection insurance;
  • personal pensions;
  • secured loans (second mortgages);
  • split-capital investment trusts; and
  • store cards.
  • Theft of Pension Dividends in 1997 by Gordon Brown in breach of pension contracts.
There are seventeen scandals in the above list, but perhaps the most significant is the widespread mis-selling of mortgage endowment policies. Indeed, the possible shortfall from these failing part-insurance/part-investment policies could exceed £50 billion. This happened because the "terminal bonus", which had formerly been given was disapated by companies purchasing "second hand policies". 

  In the early nineties we witnessed an arguement between the principals of Insurance Companies & the 2nd hand purchasers. Those Principals are criminally guilty of allowing past performance to be shown when THEY KNEW the figures could not be reproduced.

5. Don’t forget to charge for your time

 Remember that you should always insist  that you also be compensated for inconvenience, distress and time wasted. So, if your bank charges you  for a computer-generated letter, return the favour by charging  for the above. If you are taking time off your work to spend hours listening to music on the telephone charge them at an hourly rate!

6 What Should You Do Now?

If you have already made a complaint - it is likely that your claim for bank charge refund will be frozen pending the outcome of the test case.  If an offer has been made and you have accepted that offer, the bank would be bound to honour the agreement under the normal rules of contract.

If you have already taken Court Action - there likely to be a direction from the Courts that all actions will also be frozen.  This is usual in test cases as this will save court time, costs, duplication of work and a prevention of conflicting court judgements.  Cases will then be reviewed once a final decision from the test cases are handed down.

If you have not made a complaint to date - it is our advice that you should contact us and make a formal claim now.  If the test claims win at court, as you have registered your claim, it will help speed up the claim process.  In simple terms you are more likely to be paid out earlier.  We cannot make any guarantees but in our experience in test cases this often happens.  Groups of claimants who have been waiting longer for the test case to conclude would normally be those who are paid out first.

We would imagine that if the test case is successful there would be a mass of people putting in claims which would result in severe delays. 

You should register with us now by
contacting us on 0870 794 2180 or   Contact us by clicking here and we will contest the charges. (UK Only)
Update February 26th 2009

Eight banks have lost an appeal aimed at stopping the investigation
into overdraft charges, so the legal battle goes on.

We have cheery news for fed-up banking customers: the banks have lost their latest attempt to halt the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) investigation into unfair overdraft fees charged by current accounts.

The OFT wins round one

Eight banks -- Barclays, Clydesdale, HBOS, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, RBS and Nationwide BS -- argued that the OFT did not have the authority to investigate whether their charges for unauthorised overdrafts were unfair and, therefore, unenforceable. The Court of Appeal disagreed and backed the OFT.


For some time now there have been a series of hearings as the Office of Fair Trading has been challenging the Banks on their charges. The current position for you in four simple bullet points:

  • The High Court has ruled that the OFT can assess whether charges are unfair and take action against the banks, but the banks have appealed this decision and we await the appeal hearing. Whether the OFT chooses to take action against the banks remains to be seen.
  • The banks have almost totally closed one of the arguments - that the charges are unlawful penalties under common law. The charges could still be unlawful penalties under totally different law: the UTCCR.
  • The FSA waiver remains in place, meaning people can’t at the moment reclaim charges but the banks can continue to charge them. Wealthier people continue to pay nothing for their current accounts.
  • Only when all this is over will we know whether we can reclaim charges, and whether the banks will continue to charge us or scrap free banking.

  • Avoid this devious credit card sting!

    Donna Werbner  Published in Credit cards on 16 March 2009
  • Using this little-known trick, companies can take automatic payments from your credit card - even after you've closed it down!

    Imagine this. You pay off your credit card, close down the account and cut up the card. All is settled until months later, out of the blue, you get a statement from the credit card provider, demanding payment for a new transaction on the card. It's for a 'recurring payment' - and it's one of the slimiest credit card stings ever hidden in the small print.

    How recurring payments work

    On the surface, a recurring payment works in exactly the same way as a direct debit. You authorise a company to take regular payments - say, for an annual subscription or service - from your credit card. Simple, easy, convenient... until you want to cancel it.

    Unlike a direct debit, a recurring payment does not automatically cease to exist when you close your account down. You cannot even cancel it by notifying your credit card provider that you want it to stop. The only way to cancel a recurring payment is to ask the original merchant you set it up with to stop taking the payments.

    A dangerous system

    As if that wasn't enough, there are two big dangers associated with this method of payment:

    You and you alone are responsible for keeping a record of all the recurring payments you have set up on your card. The credit card provider will not keep track of them. And if you don't know which companies are authorised to take recurring payments from your card, then you will not be able to cancel the payments.
    If you cancel the account and then, say, move house, your statement will go to your old address. So you will have no way of knowing that a new payment has been taken from your card, and that you need to pay it off.  
    This could lead to a black mark being placed on your credit record, which could cause you serious problems if you try to take out a new card or borrow a mortgage in the future.

    So if you're ever faced with the option of making a regular payment by credit card or direct debit, my advice would be to choose the direct debit route every time.

    Too late

    If this advice comes a little too late for you -  - then what can you do about it?

    Neil wrote in to lovemoney.com because, six months after cancelling an MBNA credit card, he received a statement stating that more than £90 had been paid from the card to a car breakdown company. This was for cover he no longer needed or wanted.

    What to do

    What should you do if you find yourself in this situation?

    1. Dispute the payment with the company that took it.

    Believe it or not, you are much more likely to get a refund this way than arguing with the credit card company that you closed the account or weren't aware that the payment would recur. Here's how to argue your case:

    • A reputable company will send you a letter warning you that your subscription is up for renewal, and that payment will be taken on a particular date. If you didn't receive this letter, you have a case for disputing the payment.
    Depending on what you have bought, you should have a cooling off period of at least seven days, where you can cancel the policy or return the goods. Contact Consumer Direct to double-check your rights, if you find this cooling off period is disputed. You may even have longer than seven days.

    Finally, try explaining your situation calmly and reasonably. For example, Neil, our 66-year-old reader, no longer drives a car and therefore has no need for car breakdown cover. Clearly, he would not have renewed this cover voluntarily. Most reputable companies will take a reasonable attitude when there is a clear case for a refund like this. If they don't, you could try reporting them to a relevant regulator or trade body.

    2.  Dispute the payment with the credit card provider.

    If you fail to get a refund from the company that took the payment, it's still worth at least trying to get a refund from the credit card provider - although it may be difficult.

    If you have cancelled your card, you could argue that you hadn't realised that the payment would be taken. This is especially true if it is obvious, as in Neil's case, that you would never have knowingly renewed the subscription or service.

    Alternatively, do bear in mind you have Section 75 Protection for payments over £100. So if the product cost more than £100 and was misrepresented to you in any way, you could dispute the payment on these grounds.

    Using these arguments, I am pleased to say Neil successfully managed to get his payment refunded - but only after Citizens Advice got involved.

    Many of you with recurring payments on your cards may not be so lucky. So watch out for this nasty little credit card sting - and stick to direct debits whenever you can!

    Using this little-known trick, companies can take automatic payments from your credit card - even after you've closed it down!

    Imagine this. You pay off your credit card, close down the account and cut up the card. All is settled until months later, out of the blue, you get a statement from the credit card provider, demanding payment for a new transaction on the card. It's for a 'recurring payment' - and it's one of the slimiest credit card stings ever hidden in the small print.

    How recurring payments work

    On the surface, a recurring payment works in exactly the same way as a direct debit. You authorise a company to take regular payments - say, for an annual subscription or service - from your credit card. Simple, easy, convenient... until you want to cancel it.

    Unlike a direct debit, a recurring payment does not automatically cease to exist when you close your account down. You cannot even cancel it by notifying your credit card provider that you want it to stop. The only way to cancel a recurring payment is to ask the original merchant you set it up with to stop taking the payments.

    A dangerous system

    As if that wasn't enough, there are two big dangers associated with this method of payment:

  • You and you alone are responsible for keeping a record of all the recurring payments you have set up on your card. The credit card provider will not keep track of them. And if you don't know which companies are authorised to take recurring payments from your card, then you will not be able to cancel the payments.
  • If you cancel the account and then, say, move house, your statement will go to your old address. So you will have no way of knowing that a new payment has been taken from your card, and that you need to pay it off. This could lead to a black mark being placed on your credit record, which could cause you serious problems if you try to take out a new card or borrow a mortgage in the future.

So if you're ever faced with the option of making a regular payment by credit card or direct debit, my advice would be to choose the direct debit route every time.

Too late

If this advice comes a little too late for you - as it did for one lovemoney.com reader, Neil D. - then what can you do about it?

Neil wrote in to lovemoney.com because, six months after cancelling an MBNA credit card, he received a statement stating that more than £90 had been paid from the card to a car breakdown company. This was for cover he no longer needed or wanted.

What to do

What should you do if you find yourself in this situation?

1. Dispute the payment with the company that took it.

Believe it or not, you are much more likely to get a refund this way than arguing with the credit card company that you closed the account or weren't aware that the payment would recur. Here's how to argue your case:

  • A reputable company will send you a letter warning you that your subscription is up for renewal, and that payment will be taken on a particular date. If you didn't receive this letter, you have a case for disputing the payment.
  • Depending on what you have bought, you should have a cooling off period of at least seven days, where you can cancel the policy or return the goods. Contact Consumer Direct to double-check your rights, if you find this cooling off period is disputed. You may even have longer than seven days.
  • Finally, try explaining your situation calmly and reasonably. For example, Neil, our 66-year-old reader, no longer drives a car and therefore has no need for car breakdown cover. Clearly, he would not have renewed this cover voluntarily. Most reputable companies will take a reasonable attitude when there is a clear case for a refund like this. If they don't, you could try reporting them to a relevant regulator or trade body.

2.  Dispute the payment with the credit card provider.

If you fail to get a refund from the company that took the payment, it's still worth at least trying to get a refund from the credit card provider - although it may be difficult.

  • If you have cancelled your card, you could argue that you hadn't realised that the payment would be taken. This is especially true if it is obvious, as in Neil's case, that you would never have knowingly renewed the subscription or service.
  • Alternatively, do bear in mind you have Section 75 Protection for payments over £100. So if the product cost more than £100 and was misrepresented to you in any way, you could dispute the payment on these grounds.

Using these arguments, I am pleased to say Neil successfully managed to get his payment refunded - but only after Citizens Advice got involved.

Many of you with recurring payments on your cards may not be so lucky. So watch out for this nasty little credit card sting - and stick to direct debits whenever you can!

http://www.topnews.in/health/files/Call-Centre-Employees.jpg OUTSOURCING IS A DEVASTATING CAUSE OF RECESSION IN BRITAIN

Every penny earned before 1pm goes to HMRC, Every £1 you earn before lunch goes to the taxman. What have you achieved this morning? According to some new research, all you’ve actually managed to do is meet your tax obligations! Nothing to show for it

According to some calculations by Fidelity International, your morning’s work is all to the benefit of the taxman. The firm looked at how much of our daily earnings find their way into the taxman’s coffers, using VAT, National Insurance and Income Tax. And remarkably it found that for basic rate taxpayers working 9am to 5pm, every penny they earn before 1pm goes directly to HM Revenue & Customs. It’s even worse for higher rate taxpayers, who have to labour through until 1.45pm before they see any return on their efforts.
So why does the Government in this recession allow outsourcing outside of Europe? Do the employees of call centres, accountants etcin areas outside of Europe pay UK taxes? No.

http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/files/2010/04/PF-job-centre-3_1370847c.jpgRecently Birmingham City Council announced that they were going to outsource to India. Are these idiots really serious? Instead of promoting local jobs they are depriving Birmingham of money. Firstly those being made redundant go on Jobseekers allowance and maybe Housing Benefits and Council Tax Benefits. Then the local shops and services lose out as there is less spending power. All round they create more recession. This has got to stop- we suggest that where British Companies servicing British people in Britain outsource outside Europe then the fees paid for that outsourcing should be exempt from being accepted as a trading cost and disallowed to be shown as such in their accounts. If you know of companies doing this let us know and we shall shame them and others can avoid using them.
 In the meantime your editor has been receiving 3 to 4 calls a day on his Orange nobile phone from a number shown as 0845 450 3102. It appears to be from Gajwel, Sangareddy, India.  So far they have called 28 times in a week!. As a dialling machine is calling I just hear silemce.  They can't be blocked by TPS because they are abroad. Even if they talked they would not be dealt with for reasons stated above. Orange & EE have been informed and Orange subscribers are being targeted.  Mr Osborne please tax these activities!  Here are some organisations that use overseas call centres:

by our in-house would-be sucker
Tit For
Every so often some idiot trickster tries to con us on the internet. This one came through our Skype connection. Now we regularly get young ladies from Ghana or other West African Countries trying to "chat". After a few minutes chatting they try to get us to send money to them. A polite No usually ends this. But in the last month one of our older directors had a so-called young 27 year old "lady" from Gauteng , South Africa . She sent an email with her pictures as shown above. One showing her breast.She claimed that she was in the Media Pr business and worked in the field of beauty products. She also said that she was hoping to visit England on behalf of her company, for whom she had worked for 6 months,  within the near future, if selected. Well the next week she went for an interview and , lo & behold, she got picked. On the day of selection she contacted our would be sucker and told him the good news.  She would be coming a week later. But there was one problem. She had to have money sent to England by her Company, whose headquarters were in Germany. Could our would-be sucker receive it for her. By now we knew a scam was coming. So we gave a dormant account name with 1p in it! 2 days later an envelope addressed to thecompany, posted special delivery, arrived.  It was, as shown above, in Euros in the sum of 2,250 Euros.   On the day of arrival it was banked & the bank stated that there could be up to 5 weeks to clear the cheque as it was in a foreign currency. So we sent a copy to the Connerz bank which now owns the CIMBBANK. Well the weekend passed and on Monday Miss Robinson said she was to come the following Thursday and could our would-be sucker advance her the £720 for her air ticket!  This is when the scam was confirmed as she said we should take it out of the proceeds of the cheque when it was cleared. We already knew it would never clear. So we asked her to get her travel agent to contact us.He never did. The details of Miss Robinson are below. It could have been an expensive view of a tit!
Email: Sharon Robinson sharon.robinson871@gmail.com. Phone No +27833665908. Skype No:Shally 435



                                            Club  Liberty is "when some perfectly respectable person gets up and says something everybody agrees to, " while "license is when some infernal scoundrel, who ought to be hanged anyway, gets up and says something that is true." 

So  it was John Wilkes—radical journalist, member of Parliament, outlaw, prisoner, lord mayor of London, and self-described libertine in the 18th century. His life and career go a long way toward dispelling the superstition that liberty must advance hand in glove with order, guided by men of sterling moral character. Probably born in 1726 (the exact year is uncertain), Wilkes clashed with George III and his ministers  .  In John Wilkes, his new biography, Arthur H. Cash shows us  why lovers of liberty, at least, should celebrate this colourful Englishman. Cash tells his readers from the outset, "If you think the police have the right to arrest forty-nine people when they are looking for three, shut [this book] now."

With this in mind Shitstirrers read this notice from the Arthur Daley's down at the Winchester Club to ourselves amongst others and realised that so-called "freedom of speech" and action is once more being challenged. So much in the spirit of John Wilkes's No 45 The North Briton we are hereby challenging the Winchester Club in their authority to try and curb freedom of speech . We have informed them and their Chairman of our actions and will publish any response or legal action that ensues.  At present we just publish their letter and our response.
The relevant Members of Parliament in Hampshire are who  invited to look into this are: Aldershot    Gerald Howarth (Con), Basingstoke    Andrew Hunter (Con), East Hampshire    Michael Mates (Con), Eastleigh    David Chidgey (LDem), Fareham    Mark Hoban (Con), Gosport    Peter Viggers (Con), Havant    David Willetts (Con), New Forest East    Dr Julian Lewis (Con), New Forest West    Desmond Swayne (Con), North East Hampshire    Rt Hon James Arbuthnot (Con), North West Hampshire    Rt Hon Sir George Young Bt (Con), Portsmouth North    Syd Rapson BEM (Lab), Portsmouth South    Mike Hancock CBE (LDem), Romsey    Sandra Gidley (LDem), Southampton  Itchen    Rt Hon John Denham (Lab), Southampton, Test    Dr Alan Whitehead (Lab) and Winchester    Mark Oaten (LDem). Every Local Councillor  in Hampshire should question such action too.

From The Winchester Club

Hampshire CC1

Hampshire CC2
Our Response


Email: drummondco@drummondco.idps.co.uk

Website: www.ukinformedinvestor.co.uk


 A.Havlin Esq.
Legal Practice,Chief Executive’s Department
The Castle
SO23 8UJ
Thursday, 20 November 2008

Ref: CL54080AH

Dear Mr. Havlin


We thank you for your posted Notice received today   We still do not comprehend your blanket notice as most of the sites you mention have no mention or reference or carry any images in regards to Hampshire County Council whatsoever. Please inform us of any specific image or information that you consider unlawful. As the sites www.ukinformedinvestor.co.uk, www.wessextouristboard.co.uk and www.mercia.me.uk carry no mention of Hampshire or show any images of Hampshire other than one of many 1000s of click throughs to websites I cannot understand any relevance in this matter other than to intimidate.

In fact the only page on all our sites that made any reference to the Hampshire County Council is www.wessex.me.uk/HampshireAttractions.html  We, shall comply with your notice in regards anything you specifically request to be changed or removed on that page as a courtesy, even though we did enquire in regards to this in 2003 before it was written and we acknowledge your assistance. The site was www.chardnet.co.uk at that time. So please identify that which you consider is your intellectual property and we will re-write and /or replace images. We await your further & better particulars on the relevant sites and then we will comply within 14 days on any proven breach of intellectual property

 However we are quite prepared to accept legal proceedings and get a legal decision on the other matters, which we believe have no legal standings whatsoever. We have placed the following on the page mentioned above as follows:

This section has been a feature of this part of Wessex since it was written 4/5 years ago ( when our site was www.chardnet.co.uk). Unfortunately the Hampshire County Council has issued a NOTICE TO CEASE & DESIST IN USING AND/OR HYPERLINKING TO HAMPSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL'S TOURIST INFORMATION AND IMAGES ONTO/OR BY THIS SITE and others  & tried to influence 3rd parties. They claim that unspecified parts are their "intellectual "property & must be removed. But have failed to specify which parts. It is our intention to continue to show this search engine to assist visitors and defend our right of free speech. We have, until now, published an acknowledgement to Hampshire County Council just here and referred people to their site. This it seems has created offence as have our other sites, which have been specified, which are financial, legal and commercial and have never shown anything pertaining to Hampshire County Council. Our sites have been on-line since 1999 and date back through other means of media to 1972. These thumbnails are a means of direction to the various websites and are not a copy of "War & Peace" lifted from Tolstoy! No charges have ever been levied for our information services. We shall be publishing the correspondence for readers to judge on our Shitstirrers of Wessex page and the UK Informed Investor will now be mentioning it on their Watchdog page. It shall also be brought to the notice of people of influence. We always name names. Details of our breach(es) of "Intellectual" Property "MAY BE" 

available from the Tony Havlin, Jeff Pattison and Andrew Smith at The Castle Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8UJ. Tel:01962 841841. Fax: 01962 840215 Email: Tony.havlin@hants.gov.uk. Once identified they will be replaced by this notice as requested and all the thumbnails will be rounded off. We apologise to the attraction owners if this means they have fewer visitors as over 35 million page visits to our sites  have been made, and over 25 million in 2008 so far. The domain names of www.wessex.me.uk and www.wessextouristboard.org.uk have been properly registered. There is no legal definition of the words "Tourist Board" or prohibition for the use of such titles  or a law to prohibit hyper-linking from the site as they have tried to intimate. If so we note they are listed on many other search engines with hyper-links. Maybe the Government will stop the "Ministry of Sound" nightclub or the "Ministry of Cakes" in Taunton, Somerset. 

We also point out that we have complied with The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations by placing the “contact us” hyperlink on each page and that hyperlink goes to the page where the details are lodged.

As for the name Wessex Tourist Board. This has been properly registered and accepted. We shall not desist from using the name unless so ordered by a Court of Law. Please advise us of any legislation that you believe enhances your telling us to desist from using that name.  We have for many years now been assisting readers both by email and on the telephone with information in regards to Tourism in both Wessex and Mercia. Especially when local tourist offices are closed on Saturday afternoons and Sundays. This has been done free of charge and courteously.  We fail to see what this has to do with the Hampshire County Council. As we do not charge the matter of fees is immaterial. We are a firm of European Tax and Legal advisers who have created reference pages as a service and it is in the fields of legal and tax advice that we have charged since 1966. The fees are dependant on the advice we give and the work done.

Interference with us carrying on our legitimate business , if this continues, will be counterclaimed if you continue to proceed with legal action.

It has always been our intention to work in harmony and co-operation and a simple call or request in the first instance would have been dealt with to everyone’s satisfaction. You made no such approach . We are still open to constructive discussion. We do reserve the right to publish the correspondence on our sites for the consideration of our readers, as we always do whether it be with large corporations, local councils, Insurance Companies, Government Offices or the public. We have a “Watchdog Column” on our financial site, which is usually picked up by the media.

 Assuring you of our services at all times.

Faithfully yours,

Drummond & Co.

The Wessex Tourist Board Kiosks will be opening at Easter 2009 in conjunction with a major Hotel Group. They will be open 7 days a week 9am-9pm and will include services to visitors never before available from Tourist Offices. There will be three in Hampshire!



CEO E-mail addresses  
 So, you're fed up dealing with "Customer Services" on general-purpose contact e-mail addresses. Are you not getting replies, or not getting the replies you want? Time to take it to the top! Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) are very reluctant to publish their e-mail addresses. This page attempts to redress the balance by publishing the e-mail addresses for the CEOs of some UK companies, government and other organisations. We believe in letting the "little people" get noticed.  It seems that this column has upset some people. We believe in transparency and publishing what is already in the public domain. two Companies have complained to our providers that we list  them... they are Dreams The bed Company & Hillary's the Blind people. Whilst we hve had dealings with Dreams and may well be publishing a case of alleged unfair dismissal of a member of staff which is going before a tribunal, we have had no dealings with Hillarys. we have also been approached by a company who represent directline-the Insurance people. Their reason is concerns about Google's policy of demoting a company that have too many listings.  Whilst we appreciate the sentiments this is nothing more than a restrictive practice within the advertising industry...which is illegal.  Most of those listed have websites, advertise and tout for business. Our information is gleaned from those sources as well as public listings. They aretherefore in the public domain.

Obviously some people have had a go at the providers of the list Ceomail as they have written to ask us to remove this section.  THIS WE WILL NOT DO.... the public have the right to avail themselves of such information... so we are going to extend  create our own extensive list and mention those companies we have had complaints about. In fairness we shall commend those companies or institutions who have acted properly and rectified problems. Amongst those wecommend are BT, Talk talk, Vodafone, Orange(EE) and Plusnet. Also David Laws MP, Jeremy Browne MP , Grant ShappsMP and Oliver Letwin MP. We thank Ceomail for their assistance in the past.

Some tips when e-mailing:
  • Be polite
  • Keep the information concise and to the point
  • Include customer reference numbers or invoice numbers, if applicable
  • Include a brief history of the issue, if applicable
  • Do not accept being passed back to "Customer Services" or elsewhere within the organisation
  • Insist on a reply from the CEO
If you're working as part of a campaign group, send a personal, individually-created letter. Letters which are cut/pasted from a standard template will invariably receive a standard template response in reply... Good luck with your enquiry!


Contact your Councillors, MP, MEPs, MSPs, or Northern Ireland, Welsh and London AMs for free
Do you need help with your postcode?


UK Companies
Company Name CEO Name CEO E-mail Address Website FTSE Symbol Last Verified
Agro-Food & Drinks          
Associated British Foods George Weston, Chief Executive georgeweston@abfoods.com http://www.abf.co.uk ABF.L (FTSE100) 16 Jun 2010
Cadbury-Schweppes Todd Stitzer, Chief Executive Todd.Stitzer@csplc.com http://www.cadburyschweppes.com CBRY.L (FTSE100) 16 Jun 2010
Dairy Crest Mark Allen, Chief Executive mark.allen@dairycrest.co.uk http://www.dairycrest.co.uk DCG.L (FTSE250) 16 Jun 2010
Diageo Paul Walsh, Chief Executive paul.s.walsh@diageo.com http://www.diageo.com DGE.L (FTSE100) 16 Jun 2010
Dominos UK Chris Moore, Chief Executive chris.moore@dominos.co.uk http://www.dominos.co.uk
Tel: 01908 580604

21 Sep 2010
Fyffes David McCann, Chairman dmccann@fyffes.com http://www.fyffes.com (Ireland) 16 Jun 2010
Kelloggs UK Greg Peterson, Managing Director, UK greg.peterson@kellogg.com http://www.kelloggs.co.uk   16 Jun 2010
KFC UK Martin Shuker, Managing Director martin.shuker@yum.com http://www.kfc.co.uk Part of Yum! Brands 16 Jun 2010
McDonalds UK Steve Easterbrook, Chief Executive steve.easterbrook@uk.mcd.com http://www.mcdonalds.co.uk
16 Jun 2010
Pizza Express UK Mark Angela, Managing Director mark.angela@pizzaexpress.com http://www.pizzaexpress.com
16 Jun 2010
Pizza Hut UK Jens Hofma, Managing Director jens.hofma@pizzahut.co.uk http://www.pizzahut.co.uk Part of Yum! Brands 16 Jun 2010
Unilever Paul Polman, Chief Executive Paul.Polman@unilever.com http://www.unilever.com ULVR.L (FTSE100) 16 Jun 2010
Whitbread (Beefeater, Brewers Fayre, Costa, Premier Inn) Andy Harrison, Chief Executive andy.harrison@whitbread.com http://www.whitbread.co.uk/ WTB.L 1 Sep 2010
Audi UK Jeremy Hicks, Director jeremy.hicks@audi.co.uk http://www.audi.co.uk
16 Jun 2010
Bentley UK Franz-Josef Paefgen, Director franz-josef.paefgen@bentley.co.uk http://www.bentley.co.uk
16 Jun 2010
BMW UK Tim Abbott, Managing Director tim.abbott@bmw.co.uk http://www.bmw.co.uk   16 Jun 2010
Ford UK Nigel Sharp, Managing Director nsharp@ford.com http://www.ford.co.uk   16 Jun 2010
Honda UK Ken Keir, Managing Director ken.keir@honda.co.uk http://www.honda.co.uk   3 Sep 2010
Jaguar Land Rover Carl-Peter Forster, Chief Executive pforster@jaguarlandrover.com
Part of Tata Motors 28 May 2010
Land Rover Phil Popham, Managing Director ppopham@jaguarlandrover.com
Part of JLR / Tata Motors 28 May 2010
Manganese Bronze (Taxis) John Russell, Group Chief Executive jrussell@manganese.com http://www.manganese.com
28 Jun 2010
Mercedes-Benz UK Simon Oldfield, Managing Director Customer Services simon.oldfield@daimler.com http://www.mercedes-benz.co.uk/
6 Aug 2010
Mitsubishi UK Lance Bradley, Managing Director l.bradley@mitsubishi-cars.co.uk http://www.mitsubishi-cars.co.uk   21 Jul 2010
Nissan UK Paul Willcox, Managing Director paul.willcox@nissan.co.uk http://www.nissan.co.uk
29 Mar 2010
Peugeot UK Jonathan Goodman, Managing Director jonathan.goodman@peugeot.com http://www.peugeot.co.uk
8 Jun 2010
Porsche GB Andy Goss, Managing Director andy.goss@porsche.co.uk http://www.porsche.co.uk
29 Mar 2010
Renault UK Roland Bouchaea, Managing Director roland.bouchara@renault.com http://www.renault.co.uk
14 Sep 2010
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive
http://www.rolls-roycemotorcars.com Part of BMW 3 Mar 2010
Toyota UK Miguel Fonseca, Managing Director miguel.fonseca@tgb.toyota.co.uk http://www.toyota.co.uk
21 Feb 2010
Vauxhall / Opel UK Nick Reilly, Chief Executive nick.reilly@gm.com http://www.vauxhall.co.uk
9 Feb 2010
Volkswagen UK Chris Craft, Director chris.craft@volkswagen.co.uk http://www.volkswagen.co.uk
29 Mar 2010
Volvo UK Peter Rask, Managing Director prask@volvocars.com http://www.volvocars.com/uk Part of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group 3 Apr 2010
Arts Council Alan Davey, Chief Executive alan.davey@artscouncil.org.uk

26 Sep 2010
Barnardo's Martin Narey, Chief Executive martin.narey@barnardos.org.uk

26 Sep 2010
British Heart Foundation Peter Hollins, Chief Executive hollinsp@bhf.org.uk

26 Sep 2010
Cancer Research UK

26 Sep 2010
National Trust

26 Sep 2010
Oxfam Barbara Stocking, Chief Executive bstocking@oxfam.org.uk

26 Sep 2010
RSPB Graham Wynne, Chief Executive graham.wynne@rspb.org.uk

26 Sep 2010
RSPCA Mark Watts, Chief Executive mwatts@rspca.org.uk

26 Sep 2010
Salvation Army

26 Sep 2010
Scope Richard Hawkes, Chief Executive richard.hawkes@scope.org.uk

26 Sep 2010
Wellcome Trust

26 Sep 2010
BOC Group Mike Huggon, Managing Director janet.sheldrick@boc.com (PA) http://www.boc.com Part of the Linde Group 3 Mar 2010
ICI John McAdam, Chief Executive john_mcadam@ici.co.uk http://www.ici.co.uk ICI.L (FTSE100)  
Reckitt Benckiser Bart Becht, Chief Executive
http://www.rb.com RB.L (FTSE100) 4 Jan 2010
Construction & Building          
Balfour Beatty Ian Tyler, Chief Executive ian.tyler@balfourbeatty.com http://www.balfourbeatty.com
16 Sep 2010
EAGA Insulation Drew Johnson, Chief Executive drew.johnson@eaga.com http://www.eaga.com
21 Aug 2010
Travis Perkins (Wickes, Toolstation, Tile Giant, Benchmarx) Geoff Cooper, Chief Executive geoff.cooper@travisperkins.co.uk http://www.travisperkins.co.uk
24 Sep 2010
Wain Homes Steve Toghill, Chief Executive steve.toghill@wainhomes.net http://www.wainhomes.net
21 Aug 2010
Alliance Boots Andy Hornby, Chief Executive andy.hornby@allianceboots.com http://www.allianceboots.com Privately held 17 May 2010
Arcadia Group (Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Miss Selfridge, Topman, Topshop, Wallis) Ian Grabiner, Chief Executive ian.grabiner@arcadiagroup.co.uk http://www.arcadiagroup.co.uk
21 Feb 2010
Argos Sara Weller, Managing Director sara.weller@argos.co.uk http://www.argos.co.uk Part of Home Retail Group 24 Jan 2010
ASDA Andy Clarke, Chief Executive andy.clarke@asda.co.uk http://www.asda.co.uk Part of Wal-Mart 21 May 2010
Boots Stefano Pessina, Executive Chairman stefano.pessina@allianceboots.com http://www.allianceboots.com Part of Alliance Boots  
Burberry Group Angela Ahrendts, Chief Executive angela.ahrendts@burberry.com http://www.burberry.com BRBY.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Co-operative Group (Co-op) Peter Marks, Chief Executive peter.marks@co-operative.coop http://www.co-operative.coop Mutual 2 Dec 2009
Comet Hugh Harvey, Managing Director hugh.harvey@comet.co.uk http://www.comet.co.uk Part of KESA Electricals Group 30 Mar 2010
Damart Andy Hill, Chief Executive ahill@damart.co.uk http://www.damart.co.uk/
16 Sep 2010
Debenhams Rob Templeman, Chief Executive rob.templeman@debenhams.com http://www.debenhams.com DEB.L (FTSE250) 21 Feb 2010
Dreams Beds Nick Worthington, Chief Executive nickworthington@dreams.co.uk http://www.dreams.co.uk
21 Aug 2010
Dixons Group / Currys / PC World John Browett, Chief Executive john.browett@dixons.co.uk http://www.dixons.co.uk DXNS.L 28 Oct 2009
Flying Flowers Stephen Cook, Chief Executive scook@flyingbrands.com http://www.flyingflowers.co.uk   30 Oct 2009
Freeman Grattan Holdings (includes Freemans, Grattan & Lookagain) Koert Tulleners, Chief Executive koert.tulleners@fgh-uk.com
  13 Apr 2010
GAME Group PLC Lisa Morgan, Chief Executive lisa.morgan@game.co.uk http://www.gamegroup.plc.uk/   7 Feb 2010
Glen Dimplex (Belling, Burco, Carmen, Creda, Dimplex, Goblin, LEC, Morphy Richards, Xpelair) Sean O'Driscoll, Chief Executive sean.odriscoll@glendimplex.com http://www.glendimplex.com
24 Mar 2010
Greggs Ken McMeikan, Chief Executive ken.mcmeikan@greggs.co.uk http://www.greggs.co.uk GRG.L (FTSE250) 10 Feb 2010
Halfords David Wild, Chief Executive david.wild@halfords.co.uk http://www.halfords.co.uk   25 Jan 2010
Hillarys Blinds John Risman, Chief Executive john.risman@hillarys.co.uk http://www.hillarys.co.uk   19 Sep 2010
Home Retail Group (Argos and Homebase) Terry Duddy, Chief Executive terry.duddy@homeretailgroup.com http://www.homeretailgroup.com HOME.L (FTSE100) 23 Feb 2010

http://www.homebase.co.uk Part of Home Retail Group 10 Feb 2010
House of Fraser John King, Chief Executive jking@hof.co.uk http://www.houseoffraser.co.uk/
16 Sep 2010
Iceland Malcolm Walker, Chief Executive malcolm.walker@iceland.co.uk http://www.iceland.co.uk Part of Baugur  
JD Sports Barry Bown, Chief Executive barry.bown@jdplc.com http://www.jdsports.co.uk
8 Jun 2010
Jessops Trevor Moore, Chief Executive tmoore@jessops.com http://www.jessops.com   22 Sep 2010
JJB Sports Keith Jones, Chief Executive kjones@jjbsports.com http://www.jjbsports.com
23 Mar 2010
John Lewis Partnership Andy Street, Chief Executive andy_street@johnlewis.co.uk http://www.johnlewis.co.uk
17 May 2010
Kingfisher (B&Q and Screwfix) Ian Cheshire, Chief Executive ian.cheshire@kingfisher.com
KGF.L 25 Mar 2010
Kwik-Fit Ian Fraser, Chief Executive ian.fraser@kwik-fit.com http://www.kwik-fit.com   9 Apr 2010
Laura Ashley Lillian Tan, Chief Executive lillian.tan@lauraashley.com http://www.lauraashley.com
21 Feb 2010
Marks & Spencer Marc Bolland, Chief Executive marc.bolland@marks-and-spencer.com http://www.marksandspencer.com MKS.L (FTSE100) 11 Aug 2010
Morphy Richards Phil Green, Chief Executive phil.green@morphyrichards.co.uk http://www.morphyrichards.co.uk part of Glen Dimplex 24 Mar 2010
Morrisons Dalton Philips, CEO dalton.philips@morrisonsplc.co.uk http://www.morrisons.co.uk MRW.L (FTSE100) 24 May 2010
Mothercare Ben Gordon, Managing Director ben.gordon@mothercare.co.uk http://www.mothercare.com
30 Mar 2010
Next Simon Wolfson, Chief Executive simon.wolfson@nextplc.co.uk
NXL.L (FTSE100) 29 May 2010
Ocado Tim Steiner, Chief Executive Tim.steiner@ocado.com http://www.ocado.com Partly owned by John Lewis Partnership 3 Sep 2009
Paperchase Timothy Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound timothy@paperchase.co.uk http://www.paperchase.co.uk   11 Feb 2010
Peter Jones Simon Fowler, Managing Director simon_fowler@johnlewis.co.uk
Part of John Lewis Partnership 26 Mar 2010
play.com John Perkins, Chief Executive john.perkins@play.com http://www.play.com
3 Jun 2010
Sainsbury Justin King, Chief Executive justin.king@sainsburys.co.uk http://www.sainsbury.co.uk SBRY.L (FTSE100) 3 Sep 2009
Shop Direct (Empire Stores, Great Universal, Kays, Littlewoods, Very, Marshall Ward, Woolworths) Mark Newton-Jones, Chief Executive mark.newton-jones@shopdirect.com http://www.shopdirect.com
8 Jun 2010
http://www.somerfield.co.uk Part of Co-operative Group 10 Dec 2009
Specsavers John Perkins, Chief Executive dougp@uk.specsavers.com http://www.specsavers.co.uk
14 Sep 2010
Sports Direct Dave Forsey, Chief Executive Dave.Forsey@sportsdirect.com http://www.sportsdirect.com
22 Apr 2010
Staples Peter Birks, VP UK & Ireland peter.birks@staples.co.uk http://www.staples.co.uk
24 Jan 2010
Steinhoff Group / Homestyle / Harveys / Benson for Beds / Sleepmaster / Cargo Markus Jooste, Chief Executive markus.jooste@steinhoff.co.za http://www.sukf.co.uk
14 Sep 2010
Tesco Terry Leahy, Chief Executive terry.leahy@uk.tesco.com http://www.tesco.com TSCO.L (FTSE100) 27 Nov 2009
Thorntons Mike Davies, Chief Executive mike.davies@thorntons.co.uk http://www.thorntons.co.uk   5 Feb 2009
Toolstation Mark Goddard-Watts, Chief Executive mark@toolstation.com http://www.toolstation.com   21 Aug 2010
Waitrose Mark Price, Managing Director mark_price@waitrose.co.uk http://www.waitrose.co.uk Part of John Lewis Partnership 8 Oct 2009
WH Smith Kate Swann, Chief Executive kate.swann@whsmith.co.uk http://www.whsmith.co.uk
19 Feb 2010
Electrical & Electronics            
Canon UK

http://www.canon.co.uk   22 Sep 2010
Indesit UK (Hotpoint, Indesit, Cannon & Creda) Enrico Vita, Chief Executive enrico.vita@indesit.com http://www.indesit.co.uk   16 Sep 2010
LG UK Brian Na, President brian.na@lge.com http://www.lge.co.uk   16 Sep 2010
Nikon UK Michio Miwa, President Michio.Miwa@nikon.co.uk http://www.nikon.co.uk   22 Sep 2010
Finance and Insurance          
AEGON Scottish Equitable Otto Thoresen, Chief Executive Otto.Thoresen@aegon.co.uk http://www.aegon.co.uk   24 Jan 2010
Alliance & Leicester

http://www.alliance-leicester.co.uk Part of Santander Group 10 Dec 2009
American Express UK Raymond Joabar, Country Manager raymond.joabar@aexp.com http://www.americanexpress.co.uk
9 Aug 2010
Aviva and Royal Automobile Club (RAC) Andrew Moss, Chief Executive andrew_moss@aviva.com http://www.aviva.com AV.L (FTSE100) 21 Aug 2010
AXA UK Nicolas Moreau, Chief Executive nicolas.moreau@axa.co.uk

18 Feb 2010
Bank of England Mervyn King, Governor mervyn.king@bankofengland.co.uk http://www.bankofengland.co.uk
10 Feb 2010
Barclaycard Amer Sajed, Managing Director amer.sajed@barclaycard.co.uk http://www.barclaycard.co.uk
20 Sep 2010
Barclays John Varley, Chief Executive john.varley@barclays.com http://www.barclays.co.uk BARC.L (FTSE100) 10 Nov 2009
Bradford & Bingley Richard Banks, Managing Director richard.banks@bbg.co.uk http://www.bradford-bingley.co.uk Nationalised 19 March 2010
Britannia Building Society

  Part of Co-Operative Group 10 Dec 2009
Britannic Paul Thompson, Chief Executive thompsonp@britannic.co.uk   Part of Pearl Group  
Callcredit Information Group John McAndrew, Chief Executive john.mcandrew@callcredit.co.uk http://www.callcredit.co.uk
1 May 2010
Camelot Group (National Lottery) Dianne Thompson, Chief Executive dianne.thompson@camelotgroup.co.uk http://www.camelotgroup.co.uk   9 Feb 2010
Clydesdale Bank Lynne Peacock, Chief Executive Lynne.Peacock@cbonline.co.uk http://www.cbonline.co.uk Part of National Australia Bank 16 Dec 2009
Co-operative Financial Services / Co-op Bank Neville Richardson, Chief Executive neville.richardson@cfs.coop http://www.co-operativebank.co.uk Mutual 8 Mar 2010
Deutsche Bank UK Colin Grassie, Chief Executive colin.grassie@db.com http://www.db.com
21 Jul 2010
Egg Bert Pijls, Chief Executive bert.pijls@citi.com http://www.egg.com Part of Citibank 30 Mar 2010
Equifax Sandra Lawrence, UK General Manager sandra.lawrence@equifax.com http://www.equifax.co.uk
19 Apr 2010
Esure / Sheila's Wheels Peter Wood, Chief Executive peter.wood@esure.com http://www.esure.com
1 Sep 2010
Experian / Credit Expert Don Robert, Chief Executive don.robert@uk.experian.com http://www.experian.co.uk
020 3042 4215
EXPN.L (FTSE100) 21 Sep 2010
First Direct Chris Pilling, Chief Executive chrispilling@firstdirect.com http://www.firstdirect.com Part of HSBC 25 May 2010
Friends Provident Trevor Matthews, Chief Executive trevor.matthews@friendsprovident.co.uk http://www.friendsprovident.co.uk FP.L (FTSE100)  
HSBC UK Paul Thurston, Chief Executive managingdirectoruk@hsbc.com http://www.hsbc.co.uk HSBA.L (FTSE100)  
ICICI Bank UK Suvek Nambiar, Managing Director suvek.nambiar@icicibank.com http://www.icicibank.com
28 May 2010
ING Direct UK Richard Doe, Chief Executive richard.doe@ingdirect.co.uk http://www.ingdirect.co.uk
23 Sep 2010
Ladbrokes Richard Glynn, Chief Executive richard.glynn@ladbrokes.co.uk http://www.ladbrokes.co.uk
15 Jul 2010
Legal & General Tim Breedon, Chief Executive tim.breedon@group.landg.com http://www.landg.com LGEN.L (FTSE100)  
Liverpool Victoria Mike Rogers, Chief Executive mike.rogers@lv.com http://www.lv.com Mutual 23 Oct 2009
Lloyds TSB (includes Halifax / Bank of Scotland (HBOS)) Eric Daniels, Chief Executive eric.daniels@lloydstsb.co.uk http://www.lloydstsb.co.uk LLOY.L (FTSE100) 2 Sep 2009
Mastercard UK Hany Fam, General Manager hany.fam@mastercard.com http://www.mastercard.co.uk
26 Sep 2010
MBNA / Bank of America (UK) Ian O'Doherty, Chief Executive ian.odoherty@bankofamerica.com
Part of RBS Group 5 March 2010
Nationwide Graham Beale, Chief Executive gjbeale2@nationwide.co.uk http://www.nationwide.co.uk
(Tel: 01793 513 513 then say "Graham Beale")
Mutual 14 Sep 2010

Part of RBS Group 17 Feb 2010
Neovia Financial (Netbanx, Neteller, Net+) Mark Mayhew, Chief Executive mark.mayhew@neovia.com http://www.neovia.com
7 Jul 2010
Northern Rock Gary Hoffman, Chief Executive gary.hoffman@northernrock.co.uk http://www.northernrock.co.uk Nationalised 28 Oct 2009
Prudential Tidjane Thiam, Chief Executive tidjane.thiam@prudential.co.uk http://www.prudential.co.uk PRU.L (FTSE100) 4 Jan 2010
Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA) and "More Than" Andy Haste, Chief Executive andy.haste@gcc.rsagroup.com http://www.royalsunalliance.com RSA.L (FTSE100) 2 Sep 2010
Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS Group) Stephen Hester Stephen.Hester@rbs.co.uk http://www.rbs.co.uk RBS.L (FTSE100) 8 Feb 2010
Santander Group (formerly Abbey) Antonio Horta-Osorio Antonio.Osorio@santander.co.uk http://www.santander.co.uk
10 Dec 2009
Scottish Life John Deane, Chief Executive jdeane@scottishlife.co.uk http://www.scottishlife.co.uk   16 Dec 2009
Skipton Building Society David Cutter, Chief Executive david.cutter@skipton.co.uk http://www.skipton.co.uk Mutual 2 Feb 2010
Standard Chartered Bank Peter Sands, Group Chief Executive peter.sands@sc.com http://www.standardchartered.com STAN.L (FTSE100) 10 Feb 2010
Standard Life David Nish, Chief Executive david_nish@standardlife.com http://www.standardlife.com SL.L (FTSE100) 10 Feb 2010
Student Loans Company (SLC) Ed Lester, Chief Executive Ed_Lester@slc.co.uk http://www.slc.co.uk
Tel: 0141 306 2000

6 Sep 2010
Yorkshire Building Society / Chelsea Building Society Iain Cornish, Chief Executive iccornish@ybs.co.uk http://www.ybs.co.uk
17 Mar 2010
Health & Pharmaceutical          
Amersham William Castell, Chief Executive william.castell@amersham.com http://www.amersham.com   5 Feb 2009
AstraZeneca David Brennan, Chief Executive david.brennan@astrazeneca.com http://www.astrazeneca.com AZN.L (FTSE100) 5 Feb 2009
GlaxoSmithKline Andrew Witty, Chief Executive andrew.witty@gsk.com http://www.gsk.com GSK.L (FTSE100) 18 Feb 2010
ARM Holdings Warren East, Chief Executive warren.east@arm.com http://www.arm.com ARM.L (FTSE250) 21 Feb 2010
Autonomy Mike Lynch, Chief Executive mlynch@autonomy.com http://www.autonomy.com AU.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Leisure & Entertainment          
Carnival (formerly P and O) Micky Arison, Chairman & Chief Executive marison@carnival.com   CCL.L (FTSE100) 30 Jul 2010
Football Association (FA) Premier League Richard Scudamore, Chief Executive rscudamore@premierleague.com  
21 Mar 2010
Silverstone Circuits Richard Phillips, Chief Executive richard.phillips@silverstone.co.uk  
21 Aug 2010
B Sky B Jeremy Darroch, Chief Executive jeremy.darroch@bskyb.com http://www.bskyb.com BSY.L (FTSE100) 23 Oct 2009
BBC Mark Thompson, Director General mark.thompson@bbc.co.uk http://www.bbc.co.uk N/A 15 Feb 2010
BBC Today Program
today@bbc.co.uk http://www.bbc.co.uk/today N/A 5 Feb 2010
BBC Watchdog
watchdog@bbc.co.uk http://www.bbc.co.uk/watchdog/ N/A 5 Feb 2010
BBC Working Lunch
workinglunch@bbc.co.uk http://www.bbc.co.uk/workinglunch/ N/A 5 Feb 2010
Channel 4 David Abraham, Chief Executive dabraham@channel4.co.uk http://www.channel4.co.uk
15 Jul 2010
Daily Telegraph Will Lewis, Editor will.lewis@telegraph.co.uk http://www.telegraph.co.uk
Tel: 0207 931 2000
N/A 15 Feb 2010
EMAP David Gilbertson, Chief Executive david.gilbertson@emap.com http://www.emap.com Owned by Apax and Guardian Media Group 24 Nov 2009
The Guardian Alan Rusbridger, Editor alan.rusbridger@guardian.co.uk http://www.guardian.co.uk N/A 5 Feb 2010
The Independent Simon Kelner, Editor s.kelner@independent.co.uk http://www.independent.co.uk
Tel: 020 7005 2000
N/A 14 May 2010
The Independent on Sunday John Mullin, Editor j.mullin@independent.co.uk http://www.independent.co.uk N/A 5 Feb 2010
ITV Adam Crozier, Chief Executive adam.crozier@itv.com http://www.itv.com
21 May 2010
PR Week Danny Rogers, Editor danny.rogers@haymarket.com http://www.prweek.com
16 Sep 2010
Reed Elsevier Erik Engstrom, Chief Executive erik.engstrom@reedelsevier.com http://www.reedelsevier.com REL.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Reuters Group Tom Glocer, Chief Executive tom.glocer@reuters.com http://www.reuters.com    
The Sunday Times John Witherow, Editor john.witherow@thetimes.co.uk http://www.timesonline.co.uk N/A 5 Feb 2010
The Times James Harding, Editor james.harding@thetimes.co.uk http://www.timesonline.co.uk N/A 5 Feb 2010
YouView Roger Halton, Chief Executive richard.halton@youview.com http://www.youview.com
16 Sep 2010
Metallurgy & Minerals          
Antofagasta       ANTO.L (FTSE100)  
Anglo American Cynthia Carroll, Chief Executive ccarroll@angloamerican.co.uk http://www.angloamerican.co.uk AAL.L (FTSE100) 5 Feb 2009
BHP Billiton Marius Kloppers, Chief Executive marius.kloppers@bhpbilliton.com http://www.bhpbilliton.com BLT.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Lonmin Ian Farmer, Chief Executive ian.farmer@lonmin.com http://www.lonmin.com LMI.L (FTSE100) 9 Feb 2010
Randgold Resources Mark Bristow, Chief Executive mbristow@randgoldresources.com http://www.randgoldresources.com RRS.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Rexam Graham Chipchase, Chief Executive graham.chipchase@rexam.com http://www.rexam.com REX.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Rio Tinto Tom Albanese tom.albanese@riotinto.com http://www.riotinto.com RIO.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Vedanta Resources MS Mehta, Chief Executive ms.mehta@vedanta.co.in http://www.vedantaresources.com VED.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Xstrata Mick Davis, Chief Executive mdavis@xstrata.com http://www.xstrata.com XTA.L (FTSE100) 8 Jan 2010
Oil and Natural Gas          
BG Group Frank Chapman, Chief Executive frank.chapman@bg-group.com http://www.bg-group.com BG.L (FTSE100) 5 Feb 2009
BP Tony Hayward, Chief Executive tony.hayward@bp.com http://www.bp.com BP.L (FTSE100) 13 Nov 2009
Cairn Energy Bill Gammell, Chief Executive bill.gammell@cairnenergy.com http://www.cairnenergy.com CNE.L (FTSE100) 13 Nov 2009
Petrofac Ayman Asfari, Chief Executive ayman.asfari@petrofac.com http://www.petrofac.com PFC.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Royal Dutch Shell Peter Voser, Chief Executive peter.voser@shell.com http://www.shell.com RDSA.AS (FTSE100) 13 Nov 2009
Tullow Oil Aidan Heavey, Chief Executive Aidan.Heavey@tullowoil.com http://www.tullowoil.com TLW.L (FTSE100) 13 Nov 2009
British Land Company Chris Grigg, Chief Executive chris.grigg@britishland.com http://www.britishland.com BLND.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Land Securities Francis Salway, Chief Executive francis.salway@landsecurities.com http://www.landsecurities.com LAND.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Aggreko Rupert Soames, Chief Executive rupert.soames@aggreko.com http://www.aggreko.com AGK.L (FTSE250) 21 Feb 2010
AMEC Samir Brikho, Chief Executive samir.brikho@amec.com http://www.amec.com AMEC.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Anglian Water Group Peter Simpson, Managing Director psimpson@anglianwater.co.uk http://www.anglianwater.co.uk Part of Osprey consortium 18 Jan 2010
BUPA Healthcare Ray King, Chief Executive ray.king@bupa.com http://www.bupa.com
21 Aug 2010
Capita Paul Pindar, Chief Executive paul.pindar@capita.co.uk http://www.capita.co.uk CPI.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010
Centrica / British Gas Sam Laidlaw, Chief Executive sam.laidlaw@centrica.co.uk http://www.centrica.com CNA.L (FTSE100) 23 Oct 2009
City Link Stuart Godman, Managing Director stuart.godman@city-link.co.uk http://www.city-link.co.uk   4 Jun 2010
Compass Group Richard Cousins, Chief Executive richard.cousins@compass-group.co.uk http://www.compass-group.com CPG.L (FTSE100) 23 Oct 2009
E.ON Paul Golby, Chief Executive paul.golby@eon-uk.com http://www.eon-uk.com Part of E.ON AG 5 Feb 2009
EDF Energy Vincent Derivaz, Chief Executive vincent.derivaz@edfenergy.com http://www.edfenergy.com   30 Jul 2010
First Utility Mark Daeche, Chief Executive mark.daeche@first-utility.com http://www.first-utility.com
14 Sep 2010
Homeserve Richard Harpin, Chief Executive richard.harpin@homeserve.com http://www.homeserve.com   18 Jan 2010
G4S (Group 4 Securicor) Nick Buckles, Chief Executive nick.buckles@g4s.com http://www.g4s.com GFS.L (FTSE100) 1 Sep 2010
National Grid Steve Holliday, Chief Executive steven.holliday@ngrid.com http://www.nationalgrid.com (FTSE100) 21 Jul 2010
Post Office Limited David Smith, Managing Director david.smith@royalmail.com http://www.royalmail.com Part of Royal Mail 19 May 2010
Royal Mail Moya Greene, Chief Executive moya.greene@royalmail.com http://www.royalmail.com N/A 21 Sep 2010
RWE npower Volker Beckers, Chief Executive volker.beckers@rwe.com http://www.npower.com Part of RWE npower 4 Jun 2010
Scottish Power Nick Horler, Chief Executive nhorler@iberdrola.es http://www.scottishpower.com Part of Iberdrola 9 Apr 2010
Scottish and Southern Energy Ian Marchant, Chief Executive ian.marchant@scottish-southern.co.uk http://www.scottish-southern.co.uk SSE.L (FTSE100) 16 Feb 2010
Serco Christopher Hyman, Chief Executive chris.hyman@serco.com http://www.serco.com SRP.L (FTSE100) 30 Mar 2010
Severn Trent Tony Wray, Chief Executive tony.wray@severntrent.co.uk http://www.severn-trent.com SVT.L (FTSE100) 15 Feb 2010
South East Water Paul Butler, Managing Director pbutler@southeastwater.co.uk http://www.southeastwater.co.uk   21 Feb 2010
Thames Water Martin Baggs, Chief Executive martin.baggs@thameswater.co.uk http://www.thameswater.co.uk   2 Sep 2010
TNT Post Nick Wells, Chief Executive nick.wells@tntpost.co.uk http://www.tntpost.co.uk   4 Jun 2010
United Utilities Philip Green, Chief Executive philip.green@uuplc.co.uk http://www.unitedutilities.com UU.L (FTSE100) 28 Dec 2009
Yorkshire Water / Kelda Kevin Whiteman, Chief Executive kevin.whiteman@keldagroup.com http://www.keldagroup.com
27 Aug 2010
Telecommunications and Internet          
BT Group Ian Livingston, Chief Executive ian.livingston@bt.com http://www.bt.com BT.L (FTSE100) 5 Feb 2009
Cable & Wireless UK John Pluthero, Executive Chairman john.pluthero@cw.com   CW.L (FTSE100) 28 Oct 2009
Carphone Warehouse Group / Talk Talk / Tiscali / Pipex Charles Dunstone, Chief Executive dunstonec@cpw.co.uk http://www.cpwplc.com   10 Sep 2010
Google UK Matt Brittin, Managing Director mbrittin@google.com http://www.google.co.uk   8 Feb 2010
Inmarsat Andrew Sukawaty, Chairman & Chief Executive andrew_sukawaty@inmarsat.com http://www.inmarsat.com ISAT.L (FTSE100) 10 Feb 2010
O2 Ronan Dunne, Chief Executive ronan.dunne@o2.com http://www.o2.com   23 Oct 2009
Orange Tom Alexander, Chief Executive Tom.Alexander@orange.co.uk http://www.orange.co.uk   5 Feb 2009
Phorm / Webwise (spyware) Kent Ertugrul, Chief Executive kent.ertugrul@phorm.com
  24 Jan 2010
Plusnet Jamie Ford, Chief Executive jford@plus.net http://www.plus.net Part of BT Group 14 Sep 2010
T-Mobile Richard Moat, Chief Executive MDTMOB@t-mobile.co.uk http://www.t-mobile.co.uk   1 Feb 2010
Tiscali Mary Turner, Managing Director mary.turner@uk.tiscali.com http://www.tiscali.co.uk Part of Carphone Warehouse 16 Sep 2010
Three Kevin Russell, Chief Executive kevin.russell@three.co.uk http://www.three.co.uk   28 Oct 2009
Thus / Demon Stewart Smythe, Managing Director stewart.smythe@thus.net http://www.thus.net   17 Aug 2010
Virgin Media (previously Telewest) Neil Berkett, Chief Executive neil.berkett@virginmedia.co.uk http://www.virginmedia.co.uk NASDAQ:VMED 24 Jan 2010
Vodafone worldwide Vittorio Colao, Chief Executive vittorio.colao@vodafone.com http://www.vodafone.com VOD.L (FTSE100) 5 Feb 2009
Vodafone UK Guy Laurence, Chief Executive guy.laurence@vodafone.com http://www.vodafone.com
5 Feb 2009
Yell Group John Condron, Chief Executive john.condron@yellgroup.com http://www.yellgroup.com   28 Oct 2009
British American Tobacco Paul Adams, Chief Executive paul_adams@bat.com http://www.bat.com BATS.L (FTSE100) 31 Oct 2009
Imperial Tobacco Alison Cooper, Chief Executive alison.cooper@uk.imptob.com http://www.imptob.co.uk IMT.L 14 Sep 2010
Air France, UK Henri Hourcade, UK & Ireland General Manager henri.hourcade@airfrance.fr http://www.airfrance.fr   5 Feb 2010
Air Southwest Peter Davies, Chief Executive p.davies@airsouthwest.com http://www.airsouthwest.com   25 Mar 2010
Airmiles Andrew Swaffield, Managing Director andrew_swaffield@themileagecompany.com http://www.airmiles.co.uk   8 Jul 2010
Arriva Andrew Swaffield, Managing Director andrew_swaffield@themileagecompany.com http://www.airmiles.co.uk   8 Jul 2010
Avis UK Kevin Bradshaw, Chief Executive kevin.bradshaw@avis.co.uk http://www.avis.co.uk   17 Aug 2010
BAA Colin Matthews, Chief Executive colin_matthews@baa.com http://www.baa.com   16 Feb 2010
British Airways (BA) Willie Walsh, Chief Executive willie.walsh@ba.com http://www.britishairways.com BAY.L (FTSE100) 23 Mar 2010
BMI / BMIBaby Wolfgang Prock-Schauer, Chief Executive wolfgang.prock-schauer@flybmi.com http://www.flybmi.com
21 Sep 2010
Carlson (Regent, Radisson, TGI Friday) Hubert Joly, Chief Executive hubert.joly@carlson.com http://www.carlson.com   3 Jun 2010
DHL UK Ken McCall, Chief Executive ken.mccall@dhl.com http://www.dhl.com   24 Jan 2010
Diamond Holidays Kevin Riley, Managing Director KRiley@diamondhols.co.uk http://www.diamondhols.co.uk   24 Jan 2010
East Coast Trains Elaine Holt, Chief Executive elaine.holt@directlyoperatedrailways.co.uk http://www.directlyoperatedrailways.co.uk   21 Aug 2010
Easyjet Carolyn McCall, Chief Executive carolyn@easyjet.com http://www.easyjet.com Part of Easy Group 1 Sep 2010
Easy Group Andrew Robb-John, Chief Executive Anthony.Robb-John@easygroup.co.uk

19 Jan 2010
Europcar / National Car Rental UK Mark Cotterill, Chief Executive Mark.Cotterill@europcar.com http://www.europcar.co.uk   24 Jan 2010
Eurostar Nicolas Petrovic, Chief Executive nicolas.petrovic@eurostar.co.uk http://www.eurostar.co.uk   19 Sep 2010
Eurotunnel Jacques Gounon, Chief Executive jacques.gounon@eurotunnel.com http://www.eurotunnel.com ETL.L 19 Sep 2010
First Group Moir Lockhead, Chief Executive moir.lockhead@firstgroup.com http://www.firstgroup.com
14 May 2010
Flybe Jim French, Chief Executive jim.french@flybe.com http://www.flybe.com
27 Feb 2010
Hertz UK Neil Cunningham, General Manager NCunningham@hertz.com http://www.hertz.co.uk   17 Aug 2010
Highland Airways Alan Mossman, Chief Executive AMossman@highlandairways.co.uk http://www.highlandairways.co.uk   25 Mar 2010
Holidaybreak Martin Davies, Chief Executive martin.davies@holidaybreak.com http://www.holidaybreak.com
25 May 2010
lastminute.com Ian McCaig, Chief Executive ian.mccaig@lastminute.com http://www.lastminute.com Part of Travelocity Europe 10 Dec 2009
Monarch Airlines Tim Jeans, Chief Executive tim.jeans@monarch.co.uk http://www.monarch.co.uk   24 Jan 2010
National Express Dean Finch, Chief Executive dean.finch@nationalexpress.com http://www.nationalexpress.co.uk   26 Sep 2010
Network Rail Iain Coucher, Chief Executive iain.coucher@networkrail.co.uk http://www.networkrail.co.uk Nationalised  
Northern Rail Ian Bevan, Managing Director ian.bevan@northernrail.org http://www.northernrail.org   15 Jul 2010
Royal Caribbean Cruises Adam Goldstein, Chief Executive agoldstein@rccl.com

SAGA / Automobile Association (AA) Andrew Goodsell, Chief Executive Andrew.Goodsell@saga.co.uk http://www.saga.co.uk N/A 22 Mar 2010
Southern Railway Chris Burchell, Chief Executive chris.burchell@southernrailway.com http://www.southernrailway.com   19 Sep 2010
Stagecoach Brian Souter, Chief Executive glenys.mackreth@stagecoachgroup.com http://www.stagecoachgroup.com SGC.L 8 Feb 2010
thetrainline.com Murray Hennessy, Chief Executive murray.hennessy@thetrainline.com http://www.thetrainline.com N/A 4 Feb 2010
Thomas Cook Group Manny Fontenla-Novoa, Chief Executive Contact via Chairman: paul.hollingworth@thomascook.com http://www.thomascookgroup.com TCG.L (FTSE100) 8 Feb 2010
Thomson / TUI Travel Dermot Blastland, Managing Director dermot.blastland@tui-uk.co.uk http://www.thomson.co.uk
29 Apr 2010
Travelodge Grant Hearn, Chief Executive grant.hearn@travelodge.co.uk http://www.travelodge.co.uk Owned by Dubai International Capital 18 Mar 2010
Virgin Atlantic Richard Branson, Chairman richard.branson@fly.virgin.com http://www.virgin-atlantic.com   30 May 2010
Virgin Trains Tony Collins, Chief Executive tony.collins@virgintrains.co.uk http://www.virgintrains.co.uk   30 May 2010
Weapons and Aerospace          
Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) Bill Haight, Managing Director bill.haight@awe.co.uk http://www.awe.co.uk
Tel: 0118 981 4111
N/A 16 Jun 2010
BAE Systems Ian King, Chief Executive ian.king@baesystems.com http://www.baesystems.com BA.L (FTSE100) 16 Jun 2010
EDO MBM Paul Hills, Chief Executive paul.hills@itt.com http://www.edombmtech.co.uk
Tel: 01273 810 500
Part of ITT 2 Jul 2010
Rolls-Royce John Rose, Chief Executive john.rose@rolls-royce.co.uk http://www.rolls-royce.com RR.L (FTSE100) 16 Jun 2010
Wood and Paper          
Bunzl       BNZL.L (FTSE100) 21 Feb 2010

UK Regulators

Organisation CEO E-mail Address Website Last verified
Advertising Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) Gordon Borrie, Chairman   http://www.asa.org.uk  
Chemicals Chemicals Regulation Directorate Dr Kerr Wilson, Chief Executive kerr.wilson@psd.defra.gsi.gov.uk http://www.pesticides.gov.uk 8 Dec 2009
Communications Ofcom Ed Richards, Chief Executive ed.richards@ofcom.org.uk http://www.ofcom.org.uk 28 Sep 2009
Education Ofsted Christine Gilbert, Chief Inspector cgilbert@ofsted.gov.uk http://www.ofsted.gov.uk 28 Sep 2009
Electricity & Gas Ofgem Alistair Buchanan alistair.buchanan@ofgem.gov.uk http://www.ofgem.gov.uk 28 Sep 2009
Environmental Protection Environment Agency Paul Leinster paul.leinster@environment-agency.gov.uk http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk 7 Dec 2009
Equality (race, gender) Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) Trevor Phillips trevor.phillips@equalityhumanrights.com http://www.equalityhumanrights.com 1 Feb 2010
Finance Financial Services Authority (FSA) Hector Sants, Chief Executive hector.sants@fsa.gov.uk http://www.fsa.gov.uk 28 Sep 2009
Food Food Standards Agency Tim Smith, Chief Executive tim.smith@foodstandards.gsi.gov.uk http://www.food.gov.uk 28 Sep 2009
Premium Rate Telephone Numbers PhonePayPlus (formerly ICSTIS) Paul Whiteing, Chief Executive pwhiteing@phonepayplus.org.uk http://www.phonepayplus.org.uk 5 Dec 2009
Railways Office of Rail Regulation Anna Walker, Chair anna.walker@orr.gsi.gov.uk http://www.rail-reg.gov.uk 8 Dec 2009
Tax HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) Lesley Strathie, Chief Executive Lesley.Strathie@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk http://www.dvla.gov.uk 16 Sep 2010
Vehicles DVLA Simon Tse, Chief Executive simon.tse@dvla.gsi.gov.uk http://www.dvla.gov.uk 16 Sep 2010
Water Ofwat Regina Finn, Chief Executive regina.finn@ofwat.gsi.gov.uk http://www.ofwat.gov.uk 28 Sep 2009

European Companies

Company Name Based In CEO Name CEO E-mail Address Website Stock Symbol Last Verified
Audi Germany Rupert Stadler, Chief Executive rupert.stadler@audi.de     1 Feb 2010
BMW Germany Norbert Reithofer, Chief Executive norbert.reithofer@bmw.de http://www.bmw.com    
DaimlerChrysler Germany Dr Dieter Zetsche, Chief Executive
Manfred Bischoff, Chairman
Opel Germany Hans Demant, Chief Executive hans.demant@de.opel.com http://www.opel.com    
Saab Sweden Jan-Ake Jonsson, Chief Executive jan-ake.jonsson@gm.com http://www.saab.com   1 Feb 2010
Volkswagen Germany Martin Winterkorn, Chief Executive martin.winterkorn@volkswagen.de http://www.volkswagen.com    
Bayer Germany Werner Wenning, Chief Executive werner.wenning.ww@bayer-ag.de http://www.bayer.de    
Electrical & Electronics            
Indesit (Hotpoint) Italy Marco Milani, Chief Executive marco.milani@indesit.com http://www.indesit.com   16 Sep 2010
Nokia Finland Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Chief Executive olli-pekka.kallasvuo@nokia.com http://www.nokia.com   13 Nov 2009
Siemens Germany Peter Löscher, Chief Executive peter.loescher@siemens.com http://www.siemens.com   8 Jun 2010
Finance & Insurance            
Bank of Ireland Ireland Richie Boucher, Chief Executive Richie.Boucher@boimail.com www.bankofireland.ie   19 May 2010
Deutsche Bank Germany Josef Ackermann, Chairman josef.ackermann@db.com www.db.com   22 Sep 2010
Food & Drink            
Nestle Switzerland Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Chief Executive Peter.Brabeck-Letmathe@nestle.com http://www.nestle.com   11 Aug 2010
IKEA Sweden Anders Dahlvig, Chief Executive anders.dahlvig@memo.ikea.com http://www.ikea.com   5 Feb 2009
Internet and Telecommunications            
France Telecom Orange France Stéphane Richard, Chief Executive stephane.richard@orange-ftgroup.com http://www.orange.com   21 Aug 2010
Lavasoft (Ad-Aware) Sweden Jason King, Chief Executive jason.king@lavasoft.com http://www.lavasoft.com   21 Jan 2010
Meetic / Dating Direct / match.com France Marc Simoncini, Chief Executive m.simoncini@ilius.net
  23 Aug 2010
Opera Sweden Lars Boilesen, Chief Executive lars.boilesen@opera.com http://www.opera.com   21 Feb 2010
Adidas Group Germany Erich Stamminger, Chief Executive Erich.Stamminger@adidas-group.com http://www.adidas-group.com   5 Feb 2009
Fred Olsen Cruises Sweden Anette Olsen, Chief Executive anette.olsen@fredolsen.no http://www.fredolsen.no   11 Jun 2010
KLM Netherlands Peter Hartman, Chief Executive peter.hartman@klm.com http://www.klm.com   21 Aug 2010
SNCF (French railways) France Guillaume Pepy, Chief Executive / PDG guillaume.pepy@sncf.fr http://www.sncf.fr   20 May 2010
Swiss Airlines Switzerland Harry Hohmeister, Chief Executive / PDG harry.hohmeister@swiss.com http://www.swiss.com   12 Jul 2010

Swedish Companies

IKEA Anders Dahlvig, Chief Executive anders.dahlvig@memo.ikea.com http://www.ikea.com

Finnish Companies

Sector Company Name CEO Name CEO E-mail Address Website

Nokia Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Chief Executive olli-pekka.kallasvuo@nokia.com http://www.nokia.com

Japanese Companies

Sector Company Name CEO Name CEO E-mail Address Website

Sony Howard Stringer, Chairman and Chief Executive Howard.Stringer@jp.sony.com http://www.sony.co.jp

US Companies

Company Name CEO Name CEO E-mail Address Website Symbol Last Verified
Chrysler Sergio Marchionne, CEO Sergio.Marchionne@chrysler.com http://www.chrysler.com   13 Nov 2009
Ford Alan Mulally, CEO amulally@ford.com http://www.ford.com   28 May 2010
General Motors (GM) - Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Opel, Vauxhall Fritz Henderson, CEO Frederick.Henderson@gm.com http://www.gm.com   13 Nov 2009
Nissan USA Carlos Ghosn, CEO carlos.ghosn@nissan-usa.com http://www.nissanusa.com   1 Jul 2010
Monsanto Hugh Grant, CEO hugh.grant@monsanto.com http://www.monsanto.com NYSE:MON 28 Oct 2009

Part of DuPont 16 Dec 2009
Accenture William Green, CEO william.d.green@accenture.com http://www.accenture.com NYSE:ACN 13 Nov 2009
Ernst & Young Jim Turley, CEO james.turley@ey.com http://www.ey.com
3 May 2010
Consumer Goods          
Craftmatic Industries Stanley Kraftsow, CEO stan@elevationbed.com

19 Apr 2010
Energizer (includes Schick-Wilkinson Sword and Playtex)

27 Feb 2010
Procter and Gamble Robert McDonald, CEO mcdonald.ra@pg.com http://www.pg.com NYSE:PG 27 Feb 2010
Walmart Mike Duke, CEO michael.t.duke@walmart.com http://www.walmart.com
24 Sep 2010
Disney Robert Iger, CEO robert.a.iger@disney.com http://www.disney.com   10 Feb 2010
Kodak Antonio Perez, Chairman & CEO Antonio.Perez@kodak.com http://www.kodak.com NYSE:EK 16 Dec 2009
Livenation Michael Rapino, CEO michaelrapino@livenation.com http://www.livenation.com
9 Aug 2010
Sony Computer Entertainment America Jack Tretton, President & CEO jack_tretton@playstation.sony.com

9 Feb 2010
Bank of America Brian Moynihan, CEO brian.t.moynihan@bankofamerica.com http://www.bankofamerica.com   16 Apr 2010
Capital One Richard Fairbank, CEO rich.fairbank@capitalone.com http://www.capitalone.com   19 May 2010
Citibank Vikram Pandit, CEO Vikram.Pandit@citi.com http://www.citi.com   20 May 2010
Citizens Financial Group / Citizens Bank / RBS Americas Ellen Alemany, CEO ellen.alemany@rbs.com   Part of RBS Group 25 Mar 2010
Fannie Mae Mike Williams, CEO michael_williams@fanniemae.com http://www.fanniemae.com   3 May 2010
Freddie Mac Charles "Ed" Haldeman, CEO ed.haldeman@freddiemac.com http://www.freddiemac.com   3 May 2010
Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein, CEO lloyd.blankfein@gs.com http://www.gs.com   3 May 2010
JP Morgan Chase & Co. Jamie Dimon, CEO jamie.dimon@chase.com http://www.jpmorganchase.com   3 May 2010
Morgan Stanley James Gorman, CEO james.gorman@morganstanley.com http://www.morganstanley.com   3 May 2010
Wells Fargo John Stumpf, CEO
http://www.wellsfargo.com   3 May 2010
Food & Drink          
Coca Cola Company Muhtar Kent, President & CEO mukent@na.ko.com http://www.thecoca-colacompany.com NYSE:KO 3 May 2010
Frito-Lay Company Albert Carey, CEO al.carey@fritolay.com     14 May 2010
Kraft Irene Rosenfeld, CEO irene.rosenfeld@kraft.com      
Internet, Telecoms & Computing          
AT & T Randall Stephenson, CEO randall.stephenson@att.com http://www.att.com
5 Mar 2010
Amazon Jeff Bezos, CEO jeff@amazon.com http://www.amazon.com NASDAQ:AMZN 24 Nov 2009
AOL Tim Armstrong, Chief Executive tim.armstrong@corp.aol.com http://www.aol.com
19 May 2010
Apple Steve Jobs, CEO steve.jobs@apple.com http://www.apple.com NASDAQ:AAPL 24 Nov 2009
Belkin Mark Reynoso, CEO markr@belkin.com http://www.belkin.com
17 Sep 2010
Cisco John Chambers, CEO jchambers@cisco.com http://www.cisco.com
1 May 2010
Dell Michael Dell, CEO michael@dell.com http://www.dell.com
1 May 2010
eBay John Donahoe, President and CEO john.donahoe@ebay.com http://www.ebay.com NASDAQ:EBAY 5 Feb 2009
Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, CEO mark.zuckerberg@facebook.com http://www.facebook.com Privately held 24 Nov 2009
Google Eric Schmidt, CEO eschmidt@google.com http://www.google.com NASDAQ:GOOG 1 Feb 2010
HP (Hewlett Packard) Cathie Lesjak, Acting CEO cathie.lesjak@hp.com http://www.hp.com NYSE:HPQ 1 Sep 2010
Intel Paul Otellini, CEO paul.otellini@intel.com http://www.intel.com
23 Sep 2010
McAfee David Dewalt, CEO david_dewalt@mcafee.com http://www.mcafee.com NYSE:MFE 24 Jan 2010
Microsoft Steve Ballmer, CEO steveb@microsoft.com http://www.microsoft.com
24 May 2010
MySpace Owen van Natta, CEO owen.vannatta@myspace.com http://www.myspace.com Part of News Corp 24 Nov 2009
Network Solutions Champ Mitchell, CEO Cmitchell@networksolutions.com http://www.networksolutions.com Part of Verisign  
Novell Ron Hovsepian, CEO rhovsepian@novell.com http://www.novell.com
1 Feb 2010
Oracle Larry Ellison, CEO larry.ellison@oracle.com http://www.oracle.com
20 May 2010
Palm Jon Rubenstein, CEO jr@palm.com http://www.palm.com
20 Apr 2010
Paypal Scott Thompson, President sthompson@paypal.com http://www.paypal.com Part of eBay 24 Nov 2009
Skype Josh Silverman, CEO josh.silverman@skype.net http://www.skype.com Part owned by eBay 24 Nov 2009
Sprint Nextel Dan Hesse, CEO dan@sprint.com or daniel.r.hesse@sprint.com http://www.sprint.com
10 Mar 2010
Symantec / Norton John Thompson, CEO jwthompson@symantec.com http://www.symantec.com
1 May 2010
Tracfone FJ Pollak, CEO fjpollak@tracfone.com http://www.tracfone.com
5 Mar 2010
Twitter Biz Stone and Evan Williams, Co-Founders biz@twitter.com and evan@twitter.com http://www.twitter.com Privately held 25 Nov 2009
Verisign Mark McLaughlin, CEO mmclaughlin@verisign.com http://www.verisign.com
26 Aug 2010
Verizon Ivan Seidenberg, CEO ivan.g.seidenberg@verizon.com http://www.verizon.com
10 Mar 2010
Vonage Marc Lefar, CEO marc.lefar@vonage.com http://www.vonage.com
22 Apr 2010
Yahoo Carol Bartz, CEO cbartz@yahoo-inc.com http://www.yahoo.com   31 Aug 2010
Youtube Chad Hurley, CEO chad@youtube.com http://www.yahoo.com   20 May 2010
Xerox Ursula Burns, CEO ursula.burns@xerox.com http://www.xerox.com   23 Mar 2010
Bloomberg Michael Bloomberg, CEO Mbloomberg@bloomberg.net http://www.bloomberg.com Privately held 24 November 2009
Fox News Roger Ailes, CEO roger.ailes@foxnews.com http://www.foxnews.com
1 Feb 2010
Airtran Robert Fornaro, CEO robert.fornaro@airtran.com http://www.airtran.com   2 Jun 2010
American Airlines Gerard Arpey, CEO gerard.arpey@aa.com http://www.aa.com   10 Feb 2010
Continental Airlines Larry Kellner, CEO larry.kellner@continental.com http://www.continental.com   10 Feb 2010
Delta Air Lines Richard Anderson, CEO richard.anderson@delta.com http://www.delta.com   10 Feb 2010
Enterprise Holdings (Alamo, Enterprise, National, WeCar) Andrew Taylor, CEO andrew.taylor@ehi.com http://www.enterpriseholdings.com   14 Sep 2010
Hertz Mark Frissora, CEO mark.frissora@hertz.com http://www.hertz.com   20 May 2010
InterContinental Hotels Group (InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, Hotel Indigo, Holiday Inn, Staybridge, Candlewood) Andrew Cosslett, CEO andrew.cosslett@ichotelsgroup.com http://www.ichotelsgroup.com   21 Mar 2010
Orbitz / Ebookers Barney Harford, CEO barney.harford@orbitz.com http://www.orbitz.com   20 Apr 2010
Princess Cruises Alan Buckelew, CEO abuckelew@princesscruises.com http://www.princesscruises.com Part of Carnival Group 21 Aug 2010
United Airlines Glenn Tilton, CEO glenn.tilton@united.com http://www.united.com   10 Feb 2010
US Airways Douglas Parker, CEO douglas.parker@usairways.com http://www.usairways.com   10 Feb 2010

US Government

Role Department CEO E-mail Address Website

CIA Michael Hayden michavh@ucia.gov http://www.cia.gov

EU Bodies

Organisation CEO E-mail Address Website Verified
European Central Bank (ECB) Jean-Claude Trichet, President jean-claude.trichet@ecb.int
29 Mar 2010
European Commission Jose-Manuel Barroso, President jose-manuel.barroso@ec.europa.eu
8 Jan 2010
European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Catherine Geslain-Lanéelle, Executive Director Catherine.Geslain-Laneelle@efsa.europa.eu http://www.efsa.eu.int 5 Feb 2009

World Leaders

Country Leader E-mail Address Website
Australia Kevin Rudd None http://www.pm.gov.au
United Kingdom Gordon Brown None http://www.number10.gov.uk
United States George Bush president@whitehouse.gov http://www.whitehouse.gov

World Bodies

Organisation CEO E-mail Address Website Verified
Commonwealth Games Mike Hooper, Chief Executive m.hooper@thecgf.com
14 May 2010
International Monetary Fund (IMF) Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Managing Director dstrausskahn@imf.org
29 Mar 2010
International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogge, President jacques.rogge@olympic.org
14 May 2010
United Nations Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General ki-moon@un.org
29 Mar 2010
World Bank Robert Zoellick, President

29 Mar 2010
World Health Organisation (WHO) Dr Margaret Chan, Director General chanm@who.int
29 Mar 2010
World Trade Organisation (WTO) Pascal Lamy, Director General pascal.lamy@wto.org
20 May 2010
UK Government Ministers e-mail addresses
Department (Acroynm) Role Minister E-mail Address Website Verified
Prime Minister
David Cameron MP camerond@parliament.uk http://www.number10.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Deputy Prime Minister
Nick Clegg MP cleggn@parliament.uk
19 May 2010
Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) Secretary of State Vince Cable MP cablev@parliament.uk http://www.bis.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) Minister for Universities & Science David Willetts MP willettsd@parliament.uk http://www.bis.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) Minister Mark Prisk MP priskm@parliament.uk http://www.bis.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) Minister John Hayes MP hayesj@parliament.uk http://www.bis.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) Under-Secretary Edward Davey MP daveye@parliament.uk http://www.bis.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) Under-Secretary Judith Wilcox (Baroness, unelected) wilcoxj@parliament.uk http://www.bis.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Communities and Local Government Secretary of State Eric Pickles MP picklese@parliament.uk http://www.communities.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Communities and Local Government Minister Grant Shapps MP shappsg@parliament.uk http://www.communities.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Communities and Local Government Minister Greg Clark MP gregclarkmp@parliament.uk http://www.communities.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Communities and Local Government Under-Secretary Bob Neill MP neillb@parliament.uk http://www.communities.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Communities and Local Government Under-Secretary Andrew Stunell MP stunella@parliament.uk http://www.communities.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Communities and Local Government Under-Secretary Joan Hanham (Baroness, unelected) hanhamj@parliament.uk http://www.communities.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Culture, Olympics, Media & Sport Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt MP huntj@parliament.uk http://www.culture.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Culture, Olympics, Media & Sport Minister for Tourism John Penrose MP penrosej@parliament.uk http://www.culture.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Culture, Olympics, Media & Sport Minster for Sport and the Olympics Hugh Robertson MP robertsonh@parliament.uk http://www.culture.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Culture, Olympics, Media & Sport Minister for Culture Ed Vaizey MP vaizeye@parliament.uk http://www.culture.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Defence (MOD) Secretary of State Liam Fox MP foxl@parliament.uk http://www.mod.uk 19 May 2010
Defence (MOD) Minister for the Armed Forces Nick Harvey MP harveyn@parliament.uk http://www.mod.uk 19 May 2010
Defence (MOD) Minister for Strategic Defence Acquisition Reform

http://www.mod.uk 19 May 2010
Defence (MOD) Minister for Defence Equipment and Support

http://www.mod.uk 19 May 2010
Defence (MOD) Minister for International Defence and Security

http://www.mod.uk 19 May 2010
Defence (MOD) Under-Secretary for Defence and Minister for Veterans

http://www.mod.uk 19 May 2010
Education Secretary of State Michael Gove MP govem@parliament.uk http://www.education.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Education Minister for Schools Nick Gibb MP gibbn@parliament.uk http://www.education.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Education Minister for Children & Families Sarah Teather MP teathers@parliament.uk http://www.education.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Education Under-Secretary for Children & Families Tim Loughton MP loughtont@parliament.uk http://www.education.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Energy & Climate Change (DECC) Secretary of State Chris Huhne MP huhnec@parliament.uk http://www.decc.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Energy & Climate Change (DECC) Minister Charles Hendry MP hendryc@parliament.uk http://www.decc.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Energy & Climate Change (DECC) Minister Gregory Barker MP barkerg@parliament.uk http://www.decc.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Energy & Climate Change (DECC) Under-Secretary Jonathan Marland (Lord Marland, unelected) marland@parliament.uk http://www.decc.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) Secretary of State Caroline Spelman MP spelmanc@parliament.uk http://www.defra.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) Minister for Agriculture & Food Jim Paice MP paicejet@parliament.uk http://www.defra.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) Under-Secretary for Natural Environment and Fisheries Richard Benyon MP benyonr@parliament.uk http://www.defra.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) Under-Secretary Oliver Eden (Lord Henley, unelected) henleyo@parliament.uk http://www.defra.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs (FCO) Secretary of State William Hague MP haguew@parliament.uk http://www.fco.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs (FCO) Minister David Lidington MP davidlidingtonmp@parliament.uk http://www.fco.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs (FCO) Minister Jeremy Browne MP brownej@parliament.uk http://www.fco.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs (FCO) Under-Secretary Alistair Burt MP burta@parliament.uk http://www.fco.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs (FCO) Under-Secretary Henry Bellingham MP bellinghamh@parliament.uk http://www.fco.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs (FCO) Minister David Howell (Baron Howell, unelected) howelld@parliament.uk http://www.fco.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Health (DH) Secretary of State Andrew Lansley MP lansleya@parliament.uk http://www.dh.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Health (DH) Minister of State Simon Burns MP burnss@parliament.uk http://www.dh.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Health (DH) Minister of State Paul Burstow MP burstowp@parliament.uk http://www.dh.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Health (DH) Under-Secretary Anne Milton MP miltona@parliament.uk http://www.dh.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Health (DH) Under-Secretary Frederick Curzon (Earl Howe, unelected) howef@parliament.uk http://www.dh.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Home Office Secretary of State Theresa May mayt@parliament.uk http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Home Office Minister for Security Pauline Neville-Jones (Baroness, unelected)
http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Home Office Minister for Immigration Damian Green greend@parliament.uk http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Home Office Minister for Policing & Criminal Justice Nick Herbert herbertn@parliament.uk http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Home Office Under-Secretary for Equality Lynne Featherstone featherstonel@parliament.uk http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Home Office Under-Secretary James Brokenshire brokenshirej@parliament.uk http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk 19 May 2010
International Development (DFID) Secretary of State Andrew Mitchell MP andrewmitchellmp@parliament.uk http://www.dfid.gov.uk 19 May 2010
International Development (DFID) Minister Alan Duncan MP duncana@parliament.uk http://www.dfid.gov.uk 19 May 2010
International Development (DFID) Under-Secretary Stephen O'Brien MP obriens@parliament.uk http://www.dfid.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Justice Secretary of State Kenneth Clarke MP clarkek@parliament.uk http://www.justice.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Justice Minister Tom McNally (Lord McNally, unelected) mcnallyt@parliament.uk http://www.justice.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Justice Under-Secretary Crispin Blunt MP crispinbluntmp@parliament.uk http://www.justice.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Justice Under-Secretary Jonathan Djanogly MP djanoglyj@parliament.uk http://www.justice.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Justice Minister Nick Herbert MP herbertn@parliament.uk http://www.justice.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Northern Ireland Secretary of State Owen Paterson MP patersono@parliament.uk http://www.nio.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Scotland Secretary of State Danny Alexander MP alexanderdg@parliament.uk
19 May 2010
Transport (DfT) Secretary of State Philip Hammond MP hammondp@parliament.uk http://www.dft.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Transport (DfT) Minister Theresa Villiers MP villierst@parliament.uk http://www.dft.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Transport (DfT) Minister Norman Baker MP bakern@parliament.uk http://www.dft.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Transport (DfT) Minister Mike Penning MP penningm@parliament.uk http://www.dft.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Treasury Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne MP osborneg@parliament.uk http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Treasury Chief Secretary to the Treasury

http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk 29 May 2010
Treasury Financial Secretary to the Treasury Mark Hoban MP hobanm@parliament.uk http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Treasury Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury David Gauke MP gauked@parliament.uk http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Treasury Economic Secretary to the Treasury Justine Greening MP greeningj@parliament.uk http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Treasury Commercial Secretary to the Treasury James Sassoon (unelected)
http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Wales Secretary of State Cheryl Gillan MP gillanc@parliament.uk
19 May 2010
Work & Pensions (DWP) Secretary of State Iain Duncan Smith MP alambridesl@parliament.uk http://www.dwp.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Work & Pensions (DWP) Minister Chris Grayling MP graylingc@parliament.uk http://www.dwp.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Work & Pensions (DWP) Minister Steve Webb MP webbs@parliament.uk http://www.dwp.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Work & Pensions (DWP) Under-Secretary Maria Miller MP millerm@parliament.uk http://www.dwp.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Work & Pensions (DWP) Minister for Welfare Reform David Freud (Lord Freud, unelected) freudd@parliament.uk http://www.dwp.gov.uk 19 May 2010
Without Portfolio
Sayeeda Warsi (Baroness, unelected) sayeeda.warsi@conservatives.com
19 May 2010

http://www.topnews.in/health/files/Call-Centre-Employees.jpghttp://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/var/storage/images/home-improvements-and-products/pay-as-you-save-pilots/birmingham-city-council-pay-as-you-save-pilot/birmingham-cc-logo/3097264-1-eng-GB/Birmingham-CC-logo.jpgOUTSOURCING IS A SYSTEMATIC CAUSE OF RECESSION IN BRITAIN
Every penny earned before 1pm goes to HMRC, Every £1 you earn before lunch goes to the taxman. What have you achieved this morning? According to some new research, all you’ve actually managed to do is meet your tax obligations! Nothing to show for it

According to some calculations by Fidelity International, your morning’s work is all to the benefit of the taxman. The firm looked at how much of our daily earnings find their way into the taxman’s coffers, using VAT, National Insurance and Income Tax. And remarkably it found that for basic rate taxpayers working 9am to 5pm, every penny they earn before 1pm goes directly to HM Revenue & Customs. It’s even worse for higher rate taxpayers, who have to labour through until 1.45pm before they see any return on their efforts.
So why does the Government in this recession allow outsourcing outside of Europe? Do the employees of call centres, accountants etcin areas outside of Europe pay UK taxes? No.

http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/files/2010/04/PF-job-centre-3_1370847c.jpgRecently Birmingham City Council announced that they were going to outsource to India. Are these idiots really serious? Instead of promoting local jobs they are depriving Birmingham of money. Firstly those being made redundant go on Jobseekers allowance and maybe Housing Benefits and Council Tax Benefits. Then the local shops and services lose out as there is less spending power. All round they create more recession. This has got to stop- we suggest that where British Companies servicing British people in Britain outsource outside Europe then the fees paid for that outsourcing should be exempt from being accepted as a trading cost and disallowed to be shown as such in their accounts. If you know of companies doing this let us know and we shall shame them and others can avoid using them. Click here to contact us

Talk Talk.
Birmingham City Council



BANKS - helpful institutions which keep your money safe or ‘legitimate’ cartels that fleece you for every penny they can get? Who are we to say?

Anyway, the banking industry is set to lose even more fans after it was revealed that the Halifax has been harassing one Alison Turner for unpaid overdraft charges she didn‘t owe.The mum of two from Plymouth received a total of 33 phone calls and letters from bank staff demanding she pay back the £775 in charges even though the bank had already agreed to wipe them out.

However, like thousands of people all over the country, Turner decided to fight back, bringing a legal action against the Halifax under the PROTECTION FROM HARASSMENT ACT 1997 .She won. And is expected to receive a cash payment after the bank agreed to settle out of court. Hurray for justice.
A bruised and sullen Halifax mumbled tersely, “We have no comment other than it's settled.” What, nothing about it being an isolated incident, computer problems, staff retraining etc. etc. ?  As a firm of lawyers we receive these type of phone calls daily- sometimes even from India. The twits at the other end believe they are phoning the alleged debtors- instead we are monitoring all their calls and preparing to take extensive legal action against them.   We will name & shame the people responsible and give everyone their home phone numbers for"A person guilty of an offence under this act is liable on summary conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months, or a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale, or both." These pests must be stopped and Shitstirrers of Wessex will lead the way.  Email us with details of harassment you have suffered-  Down in Plymouth two cases have made history. And believe us it is not just banks & credit card companiesbut unscrupulous landlords.  We have been informed of one instance of a landlord trespassing into an OAP tenant's flat at 8.15pm on a Saturday night & so frightening his partner that she left and within a few days was no longer with us. These people should not be allowed to be landlords. We have been handed the most disgusting letter sent out from Bristol in regarding television licenses- this letter is absolute harassment in the name of an authority- watch this column as we have the perpetrators brought to justice. We will act on behalf of anyone who is suffering harassment., The law is on your side and the bullies will not get their pound of flesh.

It seems that certain Debt Collectors do not take the hint that they are breaking the law . We have encountered  by a company who call themselves by the mis-nomen of Credit Solutions Ltd of Capella Court, Brighton Road, Purley Surrey CR8 2PG .  We represent a client in regards his financial affairs & they have decided to keep telephoning & SMSing our offices & harassing. Despite telling them by phone twenty times and  6 emails they continue to harass us.   These have been recorded. We have passed on the details to the OFT , the CSA and the Somerset & Avon Police (ref: 78202/08). and suggest that other readers phone and inform them that they are HARRASSING under PROTECTION FROM HARASSMENT ACT 1997.  This is a CRIMINAL Act which can lead to 6 months imprisonment and/or a level 5 fine. THEIR PHONE NUMBER IS 0800 783 5602 and their Managing Director is Will Pierce. We have his full home & work details & will publish them if this Harassment does not stop.

Another Company that keeps ringing our offices are J B Debt Recovery of 176 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4HG from a phone number 08002889838 asking for a client who passed away in 2003. They have been informed of this at least 9 times and have continued to keep harassing. Our phone numbers are forwarding numbers from an admirable company called www.yac.com. So whoever is using that 0709 number received these harassments - however we have now screened & blocked that number and other numbers of theirs: 0870 744 7855 & 0141 353 0088. You should contact your supplier and arrange that these numbers are blocked.  Such companies will soon learn that they are wasting their time. We will leave the rest to our readers. If they are experiencing the same from these firms contact:

Andy Lowther ,Office of Fair Trading ,1C/015 ,FREEPOST ,London, EC4B 4AH

Contact :Shitstirrers of Wessex,
 Tel: 0870 794 2180

Fax: 0845 862 1954
Email: wessexshitsirrer@excite.com

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In Conjunction with our UK Informed Investor
 Watchdog Column we are proud to include some of our "Name & Shame" articles here.



 Have you had one of those letters through the post from Capital One Bank (Europe) plc stating that they will give you a credit card even if you have had problems in the past?

Well one of our writers got one a couple of years ago. He was told that he could get credit between £200-£2000. He applied and was given £200 Mastercard by the aforementioned bank. For this privilege he would have to pay some £28+ per annum fee + interest at 1.53% per month.  To help matters he also signed a Direct Debit so that the minimum would be covered and so that his account was managed properly.

At the end of 2003 he had an outstanding amount of £185 and his Direct Debit in place. So what did this bank do? They deducted their annual fee and then stated that our colleague was “ over limit”.

Because he was “over limit” they were going to charge him £20 a month for being so. In the interim my colleague received a new card. When he attempted to activate the card he was refused. So now we have a bank charging him an annual fee for a card he cannot use and on top of not providing a service they are fining him £20 a month for not paying for the service he has not got.

So for borrowing £185 he is being charged £28+ annual fee + £20 per month + interest of 1.53% on the fictional amount he owes. So in a few weeks they manipulated the debt from £185 to £516.  These are unfair terms under the Consumer Credit Regulations 1999. Despite three telephone calls and four letters Capital One Bank (Europe)plc write saying “ The current status of your account is being recorded with external credit reference agencies and may affect your future ability to obtain credit.” The root cause was that Capital One tried to take an extra £28 out of the Direct debit erroneously and caused the Direct debit to be refused.

We have directed our colleague to report this matter to the Banking Ombudsman and to stop his Direct Debit to these money grabbers. Have you had similar actions like this? If so we would like to hear about them and publicise these goings on.

It is about time that their licence is revoked. We know t
hat the FSA read our publications and trust they will deal with this matter, as they did to Capital One for the mis-selling of insurance protection policies recently.

 The following have written and/or called my colleague in regards this matter and been told the facts. So what do Capital One do? Pass it on to the next one of the usual suspects.
Claire Bowley, Operations Manager, Executive Office, ERC Dept.,, Capital One Bank (Europe) plc, PO Box 5281, Nottingham, NG2 3HX Monday, March 15, 2004
Richard.D.Fairbank Esq. Chairman & CEO, Capital One Bank (Europe) plc, 350 Euston Road, London, NW1 3JJ  Sunday, March 21, 2004
Mrs.J.Hart Scotcall Debt Collecting Services Spectrum Buildings, 3rd Floor, 55 Blythswood Street, Glasgow, G2 7AT
CapQuest Debt Recovery Limited, Po Box 336, FLEET, Hampshire, GU51 2WA   Monday, 18 July 2005
Keppe & Partners Solicitors, Debt Administration Office, Centaur House, Ancells Business Park, Ancells Road, FLEET GU51  Thursday, July 28, 2005
The CEO,, Robinson Way & Co, Customer Accounting Centre, London Scottish House, 24 Mount Street, Manchester M2 3LS
November 02, 2005
The CEO, Buchanan Clark & Wells, 11 Elm Court, STRATFORD UPON AVON, CV37   Friday, December 09, 2005
Adrian.M.Organ Esq. Geoffrey Parker Bourne, Solicitors, 7-9 Union Street, STRATFORD UPON AVON, Warwickshire. CV37 6QT Friday, December 09, 2005
The Managing Director, Earlsford Limited, Earlsford House, Vanguard Court, SLEAFORD, NG34 7WL Saturday, 25 March 2006
The Managing Director, Equidebt Limited, Equity House, Ettington Road, Wellesbourne, Warwickshire,  V35 9GA Saturday, 15 April 2006
Nigel Beaven Esq, Collections Adviser Lowell Finance, Po Box 172 Leeds LS 11  29-January-2007
 Any further "SUSPECTS will be added to this list. My colleague is not prepared to keep writing to these companies with the same letter. They will be referred to this article.
We recommend all those being persued by Capital One write back & ask them to explain their charges in relation to the CONSUMER CONTRACT REGULATIONS 1999 . Maybe they will get a response.

We have recently been informed of a case with Capital One where a disabled person has been persued for a debt on one of their credit cards. This lady in Lincolnshire NEVER activated that Credit Card. Yet despite many letters to Capital One they have endeavoured to sell this debt on to Lowells and CapQuest. Lowells sent it back to Capital One. CapQuest have so far passed it on to both Scotcall & ccscollect of 797 London Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey CR7 6YY   . On behalf of the client we are passing this matter onto the police under s.2 Prevention of Harassment Act 1997 in regards CapQuest naming: Mr. Mark Brunault (CEO) and  Gary Gilburd (Head of Credit Collection) of CapQuest Debt Recovery Limited, Po Box 336, FLEET, Hampshire, GU51 2WA  as well as KEITH JOHN STEWARD  , MRS MARIE ANN MOFFATT  , ELIZABETH AGNES LONGHURST  , ALFRED ERNEST LONGHURST  , JON GODBOLD , &  ALAN HOWARD LONGHURST  of  ccscollect of 797 London Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey CR7 6YY

Remember The Avengers? We believe in them & are pleased to promote and publicize them as they take on the big bullies. People like Stephen Hone ( see below)
Law student wins case against bank's 'rip-off' penalties By Richard Savill
(Filed: 29/06/2005 Daily Telegraph))

A law student who sued Abbey National to recoup what he claimed were "profit-making" penalty charges has won a court order for compensation after the bank failed to file a defence.   

Stephen Hone, 29, claimed that penalty charges of £32 for bounced direct debits were disproportionate to the administrative costs incurred by the bank.

Mr Hone, a father of three, who is studying for a degree at Plymouth University, has claimed back six years' worth of penalty charges for bounced direct debits.

He argued that, under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations, 1999, a consumer should not pay a disproportionately high sum in compensation for failing to meet an obligation.

On a claim form against the bank entered at Plymouth County Court, Mr Hone wrote: "Your charges do not reflect any actual or real loss; instead, they appear to represent a lucrative profit-making scheme."

He said that £32 was not a fair reflection of the amount it cost for a bank computer to generate an automatic letter and penalty charge and was instead a "money spinner".

He submitted the claim but Abbey National failed to file a defence within the court deadline period.

As a result, district judge Andrew Moon has made a court order requiring Abbey National to pay Mr Hone an amount of compensation to be decided, and costs.

Mr Hone has claimed a figure of up to £2,000, including interest.

Abbey National said it had not been able to defend the case because it had not been notified of the court date.

After the case, Mr Hone said: "I work part-time in a video shop and I simply don't have the money to spare when I am charged extortionate penalties.

"I felt I had to go to court to prove a point about the rip-off charges."

HSBC principles and values

The HSBC Group is committed to five core business principles:

  • outstanding customer service;
  • effective and efficient operations;
  • strong capital and liquidity;
  • prudent lending policy;
  • strict expense discipline;

Our business principles are supported by loyal and committed employees who make lasting customer relationships and international teamwork easier to achieve.

HSBC also operates according to certain key business values:

  • the highest personal standards of integrity at all levels;
  • commitment to truth and fair dealing;
  • hands-on management at all levels;
  • commitment to quality and competence;
  • a minimum of bureaucracy;
  • fast decisions and implementation;
  • putting the team’s interests ahead of the individual's;
  • the appropriate delegation of authority with accountability;
  • fair and objective employer;
  • a diverse team underpinned by a meritocratic approach to recruitment/selection/promotion;
  • a commitment to complying with the spirit and letter of all laws and regulations wherever we conduct our business;
    the exercise of corporate social responsibility through detailed assessments of lending proposals and investments, the promotion of good environmental practice and sustainable development, and commitment to the welfare and development of each local community.

HSBC’s reputation is founded on adherence to these principles and values. All actions taken by a member of the HSBC Group or staff member on behalf of a Group company should conform with the principles and values. Additionally, we have codes of conduct for staff in all operations.

HSBC (Higher Service Bank Charges) DIRECT DEBITS

We have a small account with HSBC  Wessex. It is a rarely used account mainly in position to pay Direct Debits.

However it has thrown up a problem at the very core of the Direct Debit system. For we have found that credit card and utility companies can take money from our account without any authorisation from ourselves. The Bank needs no signature whatsoever and fails to inform us prior to allowing monies to be taken.

This is bad enough. But when we query these Direct Debits it amazing to find out that these Direct Debits are nothing to do with any accounts we hold. In fact they are to pay for someone else's Credit Cards and Telephone Accounts.

We wrote to HSBC since the end of 2004 they appearrg to either not understand or not want to understand. Further like Mr Hone in the adjoining article they try and charge us for bouncing our genuine Direct Debits & those that are nothing to do with us. The only reason they are being bounced is that they have paid our monies to pay other people's Direct Debits. The BACS system claims repayment within 48 hours - not 6 months.

Like Mr Hone we were disgusted and were prepared  to take this case to Court and claim extensive damages.

 If you had failed to sign a cheque the cheque would not be honoured-
So why do they accept a Direct debit without any authority from the Account holder?  Further when enquiries are made by the Account Holder at the Bank failed to produce any evidence that the Direct Debits concerned had anything whatsoever to do with the Account Holder.

These letters have been going back and forwards between ourselves and a Mrs.C.J.Ross-Jones of HSBC's Business Credit Services for over 6 months and now a David . L. Johnson a Customer Service Officer has proposed a long system on the bank's complaint handling procedure be implemented.
Maybe he would like our bills to be paid by Direct Debit out of his account Eventually after 6 months + we have our money returned. No compensation-

Now the boot is on the other foot and they want charges of 28.2% + a daily charge amounting to £8+ because they paid a small bill of £20 & created an "unauthorized" overdraft. So from now on as they did not pay us - WE WILL NOT PAY THEM. Let them sue & we will publish the letters & the pleadings to warn  you all how to deal with them. Under section 5 of the
By not allowing the customers to have a say in whether the bank should accept transactions that take them beyond their unauthorised overdraft limit, for example, the banks could be said to be in breach of this regulation.

Cap Quest Beware there is a Wolf in Sheep's clothing emanating out of Fleet in Hampshire.  The latest trick being perpetrated by a Debt collection Company named CAPQUEST DEBT RECOVERY LIMITED is to make out that they are "The Post Office" trying to deliver to unsuspecting people another of their staff tried to make out he was T-Mobile with an offer.The dossier in response to our article on Capquest is very full & we shall be handing it to the relevant authorities.  Now for the second time the BCW Group plc are doing the same through their Buchanan Clark + Wells in Stratford upon Avon, calling themselves "The Telegramme Company".  Now as you will see below Cabot Financial (Europe) Ltd are trying the same ruse.

THIS IS A STING and an offence as they are pretending to be something they are not. - if this is tried on you report them immediately to the local standards authority in Hampshire, Glagow and Warwickshire or contact:

Andy Lowther ,Office of Fair Trading ,1C/015 ,FREEPOST ,London, EC4B 4AH

 NAMED & SHAMED - The Companies:
CV32 5QP
Type:    Private Limited with share capital
Incorporation Date:    18/05/1999
Status:    Small unquoted company filing only a modified balance sheet
Last Accounts Filed:    31/03/2005
Last Accounts Analysed:    31/03/2005

Buchanan Clark & Wells Ltd

Type:    Private Limited with share capital
Incorporation Date:    24-09-2001
Status:    Non-trading company
Last Accounts Filed:    28-02-2006
Last Accounts Analysed:    -


Type:    Private Limited with share capital
Incorporation Date:    09-07-2004
Status:    Small unquoted company filing only an abbreviated balance sheet
Last Accounts Filed:    31-07-2005
Last Accounts Analysed:    31-07-2005

PestsACTION : GET Michael Daniels, Joseph Arthur Dlutowski Paul Mcquilkin and Mark Andrew Brunault, The Directors of Capquest,  ARRESTED FOR HARRASSMENT under PROTECTION FROM HARASSMENT ACT 1997This is a CRIMINAL Act which can lead to 6 months imprisonment and/or a level 5 fine.

We are also disgusted by a letter that
CAPQUEST DEBT RECOVERY LIMITED are sending out entitled "Letter Before Action" which they are intimidating debtors with. The letter is published below as many readers have been touch with us about this harassment.  In fact we are receiving so many complaints about these people which we are forwarding to the Office of Fair Trading. Anyone receiving one should either ignore it or respond by saying that they will go to court. In court one should get disclosure of the amount that Cap-Quest payed for the debt ( Usually a small % of the overall debt) and then offer that amount plus reasonable costs as proscribed by  the CONSUMER CONTRACT REGULATIONS 1999 to be paid over a long period. The courts are usually sympathetic to the debtor. If you have received a letter like the one below it should be disclosed to the court. MAKE SURE THAT YOU GO TO COURT- AND ENSURE THAT THE JUDGEMENT IS IN YOUR FAVOUR. The contents of the letter below are usually only applicable if you do not go to court & defend.
They also harass people on the telephone- be warned if you get a call and it shows 0207 663 6606 IT IS CAPQUEST SO IGNORE THEM. They have started to call us so we have re-directed all calls from that number straight to the authorities



Capquest Group Ltd. is a UK company that buys other peoples' debts. This is their main business. They buy these debts for pennies in the pound, and then try to claim the full amount. Unfortunately, it's not illegal.

However, what Capquest do in many cases, is illegal. They contact people and claim money when no legally enforceable contract exists. They bully and harass their victims, sometimes telephoning up to 10 times a day - and keep this up for weeks or in some cases - months.This is HARRASSMENT under PROTECTION FROM HARASSMENT ACT 1997.  This is a CRIMINAL Act which can lead to 6 months imprisonment and/or a level 5 fine.

They refuse to provide copies of relevant agreements and use illegal tactics.

They use solicitors' headed notepaper to scare you, but you can find out how to complain to the Law Society about this. Challenge this company, don't pay money when you don't owe it.

They send out letters resembling telegrams, from a company they own called Telogram Ltd. They don't identify them as being from a debt collector.

They're bullies - and the only way to beat them is to stand up to them and have the perpetrators arrested and convicted. You'll find all the information you need here to do it.

Capquest is supposedly a British company, but is jointly owned by two overseas companies, Blue Ocean Investments, registered in Luxembourg and BRUinvest registered in the British Virgin Islands. The ultimate controlling party is Blue Sky Trust, a Bahamian company.

Why is this? So they don't pay any tax, there is no other reason. Doubt if the Tax man will see much from these parasites. These types of company usually move 'loans'around their companies and never show a profit, and so pay no tax. This tells you about Capquest and the type of company it is. Reputable? What do you think? Time to close them down!

The British 'director' (or puppet, as some might say) in charge is Michael Daniels, but the strings are pulled by two characters called Joseph Arthur Dlutowski and Mark Andrew Brunault who are American 'vulture capitalists'. Both with a history in the sub-prime loan market and the desire to make a quick buck.

They're struggling, so challenge each and every demand they make. Make them work for their money. Never speak to them on the telephone, always write to them. Block their number or have it diverted to either the OFT or the police.

If they contact you, use this letter to challenge the alleged 'debt'. Write to them, using the letter below. Send it by Recorded Delivery and enclose a £1 postal order in payment of the statutory fee. If the debt is older than six years and you have had no contact in that time, then use the letter here.

Michael Daniels,
Capquest Group Ltd.,
Centaur House,
Ancells Business Park,
Ancells Road
GU51 2UJ

Dear Sirs,

Yr. Ref.

I do not acknowledge any debt to your company.

For your information, all communications regarding this matter must be in writing for Court use. Personal callers will neither be admitted nor spoken to. Telephone calls will not be answered or acknowledged. If your telephone calls continue,they will be taken as HARRASSMENT under PROTECTION FROM HARASSMENT ACT 1997.  This is a CRIMINAL Act which can lead to 6 months imprisonment and/or a level 5 fine. I shall therefore report you personally to the police.

You are required to supply the following before I will enter into any further correspondence with you.

1. You must supply me with a copy of the agreement you refer to. This is my right under your obligation to supply a copy of the agreement which is s.78 (1) CCA 1974 (s.77 (1) for fixed sum credit) - your obligation extends to providing a statement of account. I enclose a £1 postal order in payment of the statutory fee.

2. You are also obliged to supply a copy of the deed of assignment of the above referenced agreement.

3. You are notified that you are obliged to supply these documents, whether you are the original creditor or not.

Failure to comply with my request will result in a report being submitted to the relevant statutory authority.

I await your response in writing.

Yours faithfully,

Use  this letter for debts older than 6 years for which you have had no contact.

Michael Daniels,
Capquest Group Ltd.,
Centaur House,
Ancells Business Park,
Ancells Road
GU51 2UJ


Dear Sir 

Re: Account No/Reference No:

No debt is acknowledged to you. You have contacted me regarding the account with the above reference number, which you claim is owed by myself.

I would point out that under the Limitation Act 1980 Section 5 “an action founded on simple contract shall not be brought after the expiration of six years from the date on which the cause of action accrued.” If your telephone calls continue,they will be taken as HARRASSMENT under PROTECTION FROM HARASSMENT ACT 1997.  This is a CRIMINAL Act which can lead to 6 months imprisonment and/or a level 5 fine. We shall therefore report you personally to the police.

The last payment or acknowledgement of this debt was made over six years ago and no further acknowledgement or payment has been made since that time. Unless you can provide evidence of payment or written contact from me in the relevant period under Section 5 of the Limitation Act, I suggest that you are no longer able to take any court action against me to recover the alleged amount claimed.

I await your written confirmation that no further contact will be made concerning the above account and confirmation that this matter is now closed. If you do not supply such confirmation, I will be making a complaint to the statutory authorities.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully

(Your signature)
Michael Daniels' home address is 9 HIGHLAND DRIVE , FLEET HAMPSHIRE  GU5 12TH
He is also a director of both Telogram Ltd, 193 Fleet Street,London EC4A 2AH and also FTC Contact Centres Ltd,Chapel House,High Street,Yiewsley,West Drayton,Middx,UB7 7BE.

We are preparing a full dossier on Capquest to pass on to the authorities. If you wish to be added, have comments or require assistance in dealing with them please contact the Watchdog Team at the UK INFORMED INVESTOR.
BCW Article in the Times in 2004 on BCW Group
otherwise known as The Telegramme Company
 "Founded in 1983 by a 23-year-old entrepreneur, BCW Group, the UK’s leading corporate debt collection and credit management company, has a culture of hard work yet avoids undue stress. Only 22% of staff say they are under so much pressure they cannot concentrate, the 11th-best score in our survey. A good giggle at work makes many staff feel good about their jobs: 85% say they have a laugh with their team-mates.

Since September 2002 staff numbers have increased by 46% and last year BCW Group was voted the fastest-growing organisation in the financial and business services sector in the UK’s Hot 100.
The company, set up by* Paul Fraser, the managing director, has a head office in Glasgow and outposts in Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Dublin. Salaries are reviewed twice a year and 63% of staff believe they are paid fairly for their responsibilities. Regular bonuses have been abandoned in preference to raising pay across the board, and a collections adviser can expect to earn an average of £13,500.

The company offers its employees an average of 50 hours’ skills training each year, according to job level, with assessments every six months to determine training needs.

One-third of staff at BCW Group are entitled to performance-related pay, most recently between £1,000 and £2,000. Everyone working for the company is given life insurance and private healthcare, which includes their spouse; 20% have cover for their children as well.

Services on site for UK workers include snacks, showers, legal advice, financial advice, clubs, immunisations and an optician. Small prizes are given for attendance based on a points system and good ideas are rewarded on a sliding scale from a bottle of champagne for the idea of the month, to a week in the company villa for the idea of the year. Free fruit is provided daily for all staff and there are chill-out areas where meals can be enjoyed in comfort.
The hard-working but relaxed atmosphere rarely interferes with the employees’ home life; just 27% say work gets in the way of their family responsibilities and seven out of 10 say they are happy with the balance between work and home."
Staff at Glasgow based credit management specialist Buchanan Clark & Wells are looking out their passports after the company splashed out $250,000 on a luxury villa in Orlando, Florida, just minutes away from Disney World. And the chance of a holiday of a lifetime has proved so popular among BCW's 100plus employees that *managing director Paul Fraser is considering buying another villa next year. "We are always looking for different ways of rewarding our staff for their hard work and this will allow them to travel to one of the world's premier holiday destinations at a fraction of the normal cost", he said."We have only just announced this and already our staff have snapped up all bar seven weeks of this year and over a quarter of next year has gone too

* The Buck Stops Here.... Paul Fraser
And still they come- abusing the law -Thinking they are a sting operation. There is a company called CABOT FINANCIAL (Europe) LTD, of PO Box 241, West Malling, Kent ME19 4NA. Tel: 0845 0700116 - their main operation it appears is to buy up outstanding debts from other banks and credit cards and then try their expertise in getting an agreement from the unsuspecting debtor. We have tried to negotiate with them but they won't go under 50p in £ ( Despite the fact they paid a fraction of that to purchase the debt). Our advice is not to negotiate with them ( They are not your friends) but go straight to court and get disclosure of how much they paid for your debt- then leave it to the judge to decide. Believe us you will come out far better. Remember under the  CONSUMER CONTRACT REGULATIONS 1999
they will have to prove that the amount of work done is commensurate with the difference between the purchase cost of the debt and the amount they are trying to collect.
Now, of course, like the two companies mentioned above they are purporting to be  The Message Service Ltd, Registered Offices at Glebe House, 2 Clifton Road, Rugby CV21 3PX. (Do not respond to messages from them).
THIS IS A STING and an offence as they are pretending to be something they are not. - if this is tried on you report them immediately to the local standards authority in Kent and / or Warwickshire or contact:
Andy Lowther ,Office of Fair Trading ,1C/015 ,FREEPOST ,London, EC4B 4AH

Ally Soper Ally Soper was the hero of UK Comics between 1880 and 1920 when it was GREAT Britain. We have revitalised him to be the custodian of our British Way of Life. He shows the anomolies of Politically Correct Britain.
Do you know that you cannot claim on a credit Card Insurance on HBOS if you have to give up work to care for a Same-Sex partner ?

If Islamic fundermentalists believe so much in Islamic law in Great Britain shouldn't they be judged  and punished by that law for crimes commited in Great Britain ?
Maybe it is best to send the Policeman, who confiscated a Cricket Ball at Baker Street Station on the grounds that it was a  dangerous weapon, to Australia to confiscate the ball used by Shayne Warne.
                Legal Services

This letter is a typical example of a Company acting as Debt Collectors masquerading as Bailiffs. They may well be Bailiffs but in this case they have no authority but to request an alleged debt.

There has been no Court order given.

 We have written to :
David Birkhead, Group Managing Director of Grosvenor Legal Services Limited, to explain his company's representation. We shall, of course, publish his response.

 Have you received such letters?
They are: Grosvenor Legal Services Limited of  4 Rotherside Court, Rotherside Road, Eckington Business Park, Sheffield S21 4HL  Licensed by the Data Protection Tegistrar No. X44081959- Licensed by the Office of Fair Trading No. 462645 ISO 9001 Registered firm.


Wescot Credit Services is a debt purchasing company or debt collecting firm listed in the website of DBSG (The Debt Buyers and Sellers Group) and/or mentioned in consumer finance forms. They have a legitimate function as debt collectors, but there is some indication that some such companies (not necessarily Wescot Credit Services), and especially the debt purchasing element, go a bit too far sometimes and can make people's lives a misery when those same people are at their most vulnerable. We do not suggest that they are acting outside the law, but getting that letter or phone call is not exactly helpful to you right now.

So the first thing you must do if Wescot Credit Services are bothering you is not to panic or despair. That's just what they want! They'd love you to call their number and speak to their specially trained sales team for 'advice'. But once you do that you'll be suggestible to whatever they tell you, instead of getting independent advice. While we always say that you should keep an open dialogue with debt collectors, we would recommend that you do so in writing only. This will prevent them 'railroading' you into any action which is not in your best interests, as they so love talking people into doing things on the spur of the moment. Of course, they are only doing their job, but that's hardly a consolation for you in the present situation.

There are several courses that are open to you, and some will suit your own situation better than others.

A sensible option, we would suggest, is a debt management plan or even an IVA - which is designed to actually write off a large chunk of your unsecured debt. But you would need to take advice on this and look at your income and expenditure in detail. This option won't suit everyone. 

For an alternative type of loan you could apply for a 'logbook loan' which many people find a very handy option. It is actually a loan secured on your car, except you get to keep the car and keep the cash as well! That's why some people find it such a good idea, as it unlocks the equity in your vehicle without taking away your means of transport (there's no need to sell the car). To apply for a logbook loan click here.

Yet another option is a no credit-check guarantor loan. This is especially useful because your own credit rating is not looked at; you must find someone else willing to act as a guarantor for you such as a friend or family member. This is an ideal solution if you're at the stage where your credit profile has been downgraded by recent events, etc. So click the following link for Unsecured Loans that don't need you to be credit checked.

Are you owed money? Have you been missold Payment Protection Insurance with your credit card, loan or mortgage? PPI Advice Line will advise customers openly and honestly about the chance of making a successful claim for their compensation.

If you wanted to try a debt management plan, then we provide a whole-of-market service, with a number of debt management experts on our panel. So whatever your circumstances, your application will find the plan for you, meaning the optimum outcome for your situation. It also means there are no minimum requirements for debt levels or income.

DPC Registry. Consumer Credit Licence number 633327.
 Name: Wescot Credit Services Ltd
Also Known As: Wescots, Westcott Credit Services, Westcot, Wescott, Wescot Debt Collectors, Westcot Credit Ltd, Westcot Debt Collectors, Westcott debt collectors, etc..
Address: PO Box 137, Dunedin House, 45 Percy Street, Hull HU2 8HF. Also The Mash, Jarrat Street, HULL HU1 3HA. Also Midlands House, Oswald Street, Glasgow, G1 4PL
Telephone: 01482 590590 and 0141 3005300
Fax: 01482 380629
Email: person or department @wescot.co.uk

People connected with this Company
ANDREW PUNCH   director 
PAUL JENKINS   director -

Extra Data: They have over a thousand entries on the various consumer websites. It seems they've been very busy being unpopular!
Wescot Credit Services and the Truth About Your Debt

 Wescot Credit Services Limited is a debt collecting agency which has purchased a debt account from the original creditor, usually a bank (or in some cases another debt collector) for much less than the worth of the original account and is attempting to get the full value of the original loan from you.

Wescot Credit Services Ltd will use all sorts of methods to get money out of you in order to make money from you. You may already have experienced bad dealings with them. They may phone you up when they know it is inconvenient for you and do this many times every day. They may send you official appearing sternly drafted letters threatening to send someone round and collect the money in full or take you to court if you cannot pay. Other strategies may involve saying that they will make a charging order on your property or make you lose your home.  If telephone calls continue,this can be taken as HARRASSMENT under PROTECTION FROM HARASSMENT ACT 1997 This is a CRIMINAL Act which can lead to 6 months imprisonment and/or a level 5 fine.

So ask Wescot Credit Services for a copy of the original contract when you took out your loan or credit card.They may even produce a copy  of say a Credit Card Application. However such an application must under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 s.78(1)   include the original, actual terms and conditions in respect of interest rates then in force. If it fails to do so IT IS UNENFORCEABLE. Wescots know this but they try & make out they are enforceable misleading and frightening the alleged creditors. Further if you are taken to Court by them you should demand further & better particulars to include the ACTUAL amount they paid for the debt. In such instances Judges have been known to award that amount (Not what they are Claiming) plus £5 costs to be paid over a long period.  We  would also point out that under the Limitation Act 1980 Section 5 “an action founded on simple contract shall not be brought after the expiration of six years from the date on which the cause of action accrued.”