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No great surprise that some of the biggest players in the forex and currency futures markets online should be the Swiss banks. This website of the First Securities and Trust Company, based in Zurich, promises 'financial stability and integrity' and offers the customer 'peace of mind'. Whether you can maintain peace of mind while gambling millions of pounds on spot rises of half a penny all depends on your psychological sang froid we suppose.
CMC Group plc
Billing themselves 'the world leaders in Internet, forex and derivatives trading,' CMC is the first company in the world to offer real-time Internet dealing in foreign exchange (forex). Security is tight, the site using 128-bit encryption software. Dealing is not actually via the web, but is a live direct connection between dealer and client. Normal deal execution time is two seconds. For execution only, which means you make the buying and selling decisions.
Forex TRC
Their mission? To help you learn or perfect a unique way to earn an independent living harvesting net profits from daily up and down price movements within the global currency markets - the world's most profitable trading markets. In short, they're inviting the day traders to get involved in a global market with an annual daily turnover of $1.5trillion, which makes the global equities market look like a quiet day in Romford Woolworths.
Nothing to do with picking up your drachma before your trip to Greece, this site is dedicated to the business of betting on minute percentage point shifts in currencies around the globe. Like so many financial products forex is now being dragged out of the dealing rooms of the City and onto the world wide web. Dangerous stuff in the hands of amateurs you may think, but could you do worse than some of the professionals.
Gold Eagle
The shine may have gone off this most precious of metals recently, as the UK Treasury has led the way in flogging the stuff off. But doubters should heed the words of the Gold Eagle Philosophy: 'Our credo is based on the idea that knowledge is not only power, it is money. For wisdom is a defense, and money is a defense. But the excellency of wisdom is that it will produce wealth for those who possess the knowledge.'
Previously the preserve of stripy-shirted financial terrorists, the futures and options markets are increasingly being opened to the braver small investor and day trader. LIFFE's site provides all you need to get started with its UK Private Investor Centre. After all, since the trading pit gave way to electronic dealing you can trade as easily from your back bedroom in Brighton as in a chrome and glass tower in EC1.
Rating : 3/5
Online Exchange
Money Garden Financial Group is an Internet-based company dedicated to introducing the foreign exchange market to self-traders and enabling them to trade currencies online. Their aim? 'Providing our customers with the highest quality of trade execution and the tools to make intelligent trades.' Of course, if you 'start trading today' as Online Exchange invites, it's questionable how intelligent your trading will be, but there is a section on the risks of forex trading.
Reality Based Trading
Some of the day traders betting the family cat on the latest redhot Internet stock could do a lot worse than sitting down and coolly reading through Reality Based Trading for a few hours. It's the legacy of the late Bruce Babcock, professional futures trader and very rich man. Bruce's thing was futures and derivatives. Fiendishly complex? Not the way Bruce talks about them, with his mission to demystify for the masses.
A pretty straightforward set of links to the major players in online share dealing - E* Trade, Charles Schwab and Nasdaq Techology Stocks among them. Particularly useful if you are planning to trade on the US markets, as some of the biggest American firms are listed here, and they tend, at present, to be a little more competitive on price for their home market.
Daytrading Stocks
Daytrading has been increasingly in the news of late. Notwithstanding the failed trader who walked into an Atlanta daytrading shop and started blasting everything in site, daytrading stocks and shares show no signs of tailing off, as Americans and increasing numbers of Brits dream of getting rich quick through stocks and shares. Such is the quality and accessibility of data on excellent sites like this one that it's easy to get online and deal.
You'll discover that Find pops up again under insurance companies, but we make no apologies for a second appearance by this excellent financial portal. It really does do the whole job for you of finding a UK share dealing service, whether it's the indies like the Share Centre or global behemoths like Charles Schwab. There's a brief editorial overview on each, and a comparison of charges and features at your fingertips.
The words 'non profit' jump out of this site at you like a hamburger in a health food shop. Freequote is a swiftly growing, non-profit and research membership association for individual investors. There are stock quotes and charts, chat rooms, news and other investment tools and software, all altruistically provided to empower the new breed of small investor. And there's a default portfolio to get you started, so you can playing at investing before you risk any money.
Reduce premiums on the spot, then buy online or by phone" invites the website. An irresistible offer. Screentrade isn't an insurance company but a broker, so it is able to offer the best deal to fit your circumstances from the thousands of policies on the market. Brightly attractive site, simple and quick to navigate and you can buy a policy by tapping in your Visa, Mastercard or Switch number. What could be easier?