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While Auntie has continued to lead the way in Internet presence, pressure on it to justify spending licence payers' money has seen beeb.com take on the organisation's commercial activities. A huge amount of content is still available, but around you are a large array of shopping distractions and the site suffers because of it. Hopefully, the BBC will find a better compromise in the future.
Carlton is one of the UK's biggest independent TV programme makers and in the last year has got into the Internet in a big way. This new focus shows on the company's Website, which packs in more information than you could shake a stick at, while remaining easy-to-read and navigate. Aside from in-depth coverage of all its channels, it also includes news, weather, TV listings and the marvellous online games site Jamba.
Channel 4
This is a stylish site from the television channel that can always be relied upon to come up with something new. However, while most broadcasters have to forcibly stop themselves from putting too much content on the Web, Channel 4 has gone the other way and leaves you waiting for more. Considering the enormous amount of output produced each year, this fact counts against it. It is to be commended on the high level of interaction, however.
Channel 5
Channel 5 is well known for being garish, dumbed-down and downright entertaining and it carries these attributes through to its website. The different sections are accessed through a snazzy cartoon front room and once there you will find lots of daft games and competitions to entertain you. One niggling hiccup, though, are the photos of channel frontwoman Melinda Messenger. Presumably, their effect was supposed to be sexy rather than disconcerting. That said, you'll probably come back for more.
Court TV
The democratisation of justice in the US continues apace and this site is just the beginning of a fundamental change in the way law is handled. The site contains a huge amount of information on forthcoming and ongoing court disputes as well as world news and a handy guide to the country's Most Wanted. Although criticised as a gross simplification of a complex system, court reports are soberly written and often prove fascinating reading. Visit and see the future.
Food TV
Ever wanted to know how to julienne carrots or safely crack open a bottle of champagne? Well now you can learn to do both in your own time through FoodTV. Aside from a massive recipe database, guides on the correct wine or caviar, or how to get over a hangover, this site includes a range of video teaching guides complete with simple written instructions and a voiceover - great for any would-be chef. Good eating begins here.
The Sky site is so jammed full of content that you don't know where to start. Sky News, Sky Sports and Sky Movies all have their own sections and the rest of the Murdoch media empire is there in force, including the US Fox network. The Sky Sports site deserves a special mention for its comprehensive coverage of sports news and endless fantasy sports games and trivia quizzes. As you'd expect you get TV listings for all the channels. Sky's exclusive web casts of pop concerts and celebrity chats will pull in the younger Internet user.
Antenna Radio
 One of the great advantages to Internet radio is that you can cater for everyone's tastes and this is exactly what Antenna does. The design is very comfortable and the music well defined, so you can be sure to find something you like. 
Sound quality is excellent and it doesn't take long to download any of the mixes you choose. You may even try something new.
BBC Radio 1
This is a mean-looking site and a good example of the BBC's Internet vision. Offering far more than a simple radio rundown, the site involves you with a whole range of up-to-date information (although it was a little premature with a vote on a single that had only been released hours earlier). The large amount of material put up every day is kept in check by the design, and of course to can listen to the station and its highlights.
BBC Radio 5 Live
we hoped that Radio 5 would have changed its garish design - yellow gets a bit too much after a while - but then the station has always been a case of content over style. Everything you would expect is here - live chat, sports news and weekly schedules - but sadly not a lot else. While other stations have tried to expand beyond radio, Radio 5 is sticking to its roots. But with a wide selection of downloadable moments, you can't argue.
Capital Radio
The Capital Radio and Virgin websites could have been separated at birth as far as content goes. The colour scheme is equally bright and the home page is packed full of the latest entertainment news. Fair play to Capital though it was one of the first radio stations to broadcast over the Internet. The site is rounded off by pages devoted to the Capital DJs and a tour around the Capital studios. The interactive features of the site are useful; allowing you to email your requests in to Foxy's Jukebox and chat with other Capital listeners.
Classic FM
A successful site will always cater for its audience and this is exactly what Classic FM has done. A calming blue design with subtle graphics wafts you into the world of classical music. There's a good selection of highlights too, if what is playing isn't to your liking. 
Another good feature that we mentioned last time was the seamless move from the music you're hearing to buying the CD online - something that a lot of sites have subsequently included.
CNET Radio
CNET News covers the latest stories on just IT. The front page gives you the latest headlines to browse through, which you can then use to move onto more in depth news stories. It's an easy to navigate site, although the advertisements can get in the way at times. Apart from the new headlines, the news is split into categories, which you pick from a menu on the right of the screen.
Essex FM
This is an imaginative and entertaining site from one of the country's smaller stations. Witty cartoon graphics and fancy animations keep you interested, while a load of other information is pumped into your brain. Why not meet the crew and get interactive with them. As long as you don't want to actually listen to the station - a link must be there somewhere, but then if we can't find it there is definitely something wrong.
Hard Radio
Claiming to be The world's largest online music station, Hard Radio is very impressive and comprehensive - if, that is, you like heavy metal. The design will not be to everyone's tastes but it is clear that the metal fraternity loves it and this may account for the impressive stock of new tracks, albums and live concerts that are available at the touch of a button.
Jazz FM
You get some nice laid back and stylish website design at the Jazz FM site - cooool. The content is also impressive and includes reviews of the latest Jazz CDs (often with track samples to download and listen to), features and a comprehensive gig and event guide. You'll find all the programme schedules for the station on the site and you can tune into the live broadcast, as long as you've got the Windows Media Player. And Jazz FM hasn't missed out on merchandising opportunities; there's an online store selling clothing as well as CDs.
Kiss FM
It's hard to tell what Kiss FM is trying to do with this site. Why a station playing mostly dance and house music has dressed itself up in a My Little Pony outfit is anyone's guess. Sadly, beyond the pink and red love hearts there isn't much else going on. You can learn about your favourite DJ in a Smash Hits style interview or wander off to the chat room, but just try and find how to actually listen to the station.
Martini In The Morning
Rat Pack Music. If you are a young or old swinger Tune In
RTHK Cyber Radio
If you doubted that the Web releases people's imagination, then pay this site a visit. Set up by Hong Kong students, the design is extraordinary. It doesn't stop there either - listen to any of the four channels on offer and the huge mix of music will make you wonder why you've been listening to the same 20 albums for the past 10 years. There is a downside though - you won't be able to understand a blessed word the DJ says.
Talk Sport
Talk Sport is the UK's first online sport radio network (it's a spin off from Talk Radio at www.talk-radio.co.uk). Sports fans who can't get access to UK radio or TV stations can catch up on the latest results at this site. A good selection of sports are covered including football, cricket, rugby, golf, motorsports, horse racing, greyhound racing and cycling. The content includes professional sports news, interviews with sporting stars and live commentaries on sports events, including some of the big footie matches. The Fan Chat area is a great place for sports fans to get together and chat about the latest scores.
Town Hall
This is an extremely basic and low-tech site, but is the perfect example of content winning out over presentation. Obscure and uninteresting titles like 'club' lead to a large range of fascinating and often rare speeches given by eminent people in their different fields. We were so intrigued by some of these hidden diamonds that an hour went by before getting past the first page. It's almost a crime that you can tell what's around the corner before you've got there
Virgin Radio
It's possible that you haven't heard quite enough from Chris Evans yet. Fear not, you can listen to Chrissy Boy 24-hours a day from the Virgin Radio website. Yes you can listen to all the 'best bits' from Chris's Breakfast show in the Virgin audio archives. The design is bright and brash with lots of primary colours - don't visit if you've got a hangover. Listen to the radio station live, check out the Virgin playlist and listen to the tracks listed there. Get the latest in entertainment and footie news and enter online competitions.
WWOZ Radio
This New Orleans radio station makes the most of the Big Easy's year-round jazz festivals, offering a large range of live and recorded traditional and dixie jazz. The site itself is decked out in pleasing pastel colours and is extremely easy to move about, but it is the music that has made it such a popular choice with punters. Apart from jazz it also offers an equally high-standard selections of blues, gospel, Brazilian and Caribbean music.
BRS Web-Radio
Live Radio
Media UK
MIT list of radio stations
Music Search
Radio Now
Radio Times
UK Pirate listings
UK Radio.com
Web Radio
Opened up direct from the Edinburgh festival this site is the ultimate in comedy. Look out for all the news on comedy and the forthcoming comedy encyclopaedia.
Comedy Butchers
The Comedy Butchers are three young comedy writers and performers who have their own brand of surreal humour and they use the Internet to reach new audiences in some innovative ways. You'll find online sketches on the site and some unusual interactive comedy features such as the Random Short Story (every time you visit the short story random excerpts are picked out so two visits are never the same). The unexpected comedy and the innovative use of web technology make this site well worth a return visit.
Comedy Central
If you're a fan of the US imported comedies that are proving so popular over here then you must check out the Comedy Central site. Most importantly Comedy Central is home to the official South Park website where you can play South Park themed games and download all manner of South Park screen savers, audio clips and images. Oh there's a section devoted to Dr Katz too.
BBC Comedyzone
The content on this excellent site is pulled from the BBC's huge roster of sitcoms. Although the site spends much effort on trying to persuade you to buy spin-off videos and books there is a wealth of comic content here. You get behind the scenes info on programmes and video clips from some classic Beeb comedies including Blackadder, Only Fools and Horses and Morecambe and Wise. The BBC has a great history of producing top quality comedies and you'll find Pass Notes for some of the classics such as Up Pompeii, Fawlty Towers and The Good Life. Anybody who wants to get into comedy writing should visit the excellent online resources from the BBC's Comedy Script Unit.
Morecambe and Wise
This classic comedy duo have made a successful leap into cyberspace. This is a modest but interesting site, featuring biographies of the two funny men and discussions about just what made them amusing. There is also a comprehensive list of the many radio and television appearances made by Eric and Ernie. True Morecambe and Wise fans will cherish the opportunity to download a screensaver featuring the double act as well as linking to the Morecambe and Wise merchandise that is available.
This is a fabulous official site and it actually looks like the Python stars have been involved in compiling and producing the content. The interactive areas of the site are really impressive; find out how you can ditch your own dull star sign and get a new Monty Python star sign (wouldn't you rather be born under the star of the Lumberjack or the Hedgehog?). The rather fine Abuse section of the site creates some abusive remarks for you to email out to friends and family; how about the classic, 'your mother was an elderberry and you are an anal retard.'
Comedy Online
Comedy Online is an excellent guide to London's comedy clubs and comic events. The listing service is ordered by date and is hugely comprehensive; if you're a comedy club regular you could contribute your own reviews to the Gig Guide area of the site where reviewers are generally not afraid to speak their minds. The content doesn't stop there. There are interviews with comedians and a guide to comedy venues around the capital and the Online Debate area is always worth a visit - should you or should you not heckle at comedy events?
Benny Hill
This nicely designed website dedicated to the king of the double entendre. You get a brief history of Benny's rather dull life peppered with a few interesting facts (for example did you know that at the peak of his career Benny limited himself to making just five episodes of the Benny Hill Show a year). Relive those magic moments by viewing clips from the classic sketches online and use the Forum area to chat with other Benny Hill fans around the world.
Eddie Izzard
You get a real sense that Eddie Izzard is involved in this official site, his personality imbues all of the content. The site is split into sections that cover Eddie's stage shows, his acting career and the mysterious and often bizarre world of Eddie. The Message Board area of the site is full of long, rambling tirades from Izzard fans and you get the occasional message from the man himself. There's even the chance to contribute your bit to Eddie's, as yet, unfinished novel, The Liar, the Midwitch and the Badcrumble.
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