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Female Sporting Streakers Hall of Shame

Streaker There is  always one isn't there? Some idiot goes to a sporting event- usually gets drunk and then runs onto the arena forgetting to get dressed. Don't we all hate them. A blight on society. The Wessex Tourist Board has therefore decided to name and shame the female participants. As an example to others the people of Wessex put people in the stocks and burnt witches. Now we present our page as a public shame.
We have listed these loathsome people by sport and shamelessly show their very inadequate attributes. So ladies if you are contemplating ruining sporting events be warned we at the Wessex Tourist Board are ready to shame you. In the meantime Abercrombie & Fitch have produced the t-shirt on the right. Surely the whole purpose of streakers is that they don't wear clothes. So this is the most useless piece of marketing. This is a public health warning this page has indecent content.
The Abercrombie & Fitch

Bouncing bras
Tiger Lusts Tiger LustsTiger LustsTosserTiger Lusts Tit For Tat


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Before we start
let us dream of what we imagine they look like:

Now To Reality
Getting Ready For The Olympics?
Runners Resting?
Three women on crowded street at night. 4th December 2001AusvNewZeaCricketnPerth
Rear view of two girls casually walking through
                small town. bay to breakers Headingley August 1996 girl with hat and shoes running at night past some
http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_T8waSVaPzUs/SBEks9ZLSXI/AAAAAAAAAOw/mO6fy5Ig010/s400/RockiesStreaker_1.jpg baeball cap http://www.iseekgirls.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/melissa_jacky_baseball.jpg http://www.apostropher.com/blog/img/protestbutt.jpg
A young chick goes streaking  at a phillies/Rockies game .If she would have let those rockie mountains breathe a lil more it woulda been better...
A Jays Streaker
Don't Know Where
They Have Their Points
Is the Cop in Love?


hair wave waving her shirt over her head topless pose posing for reporters
Even though she is only topless, I included Inga Trakimova to make a point. Some people say that we should just  streakers, that thet are just attention seekers. Well people didn't ignor her! She even got on TV.  I say, if they seek attention, then there is no harm in giving it to them. They deserve our attention. You try to do a streak!
Australian Basketball Streaker running past players during Adelaide 36ers vs West Sydney Razorbacks match at the State Sports Centre in Homebush, Sydney 02 Oct 2002.

Bowls & Bowling
Bongo Portrait of Tracy Tracy hugging David Gourlay and Les Saunders commonwealth bowls streak. http://pics.livejournal.com/sistermagpie/pic/0002gp8f
Monday, 18 January, 2000. During the game Titillating Tracy Sergeant, 22, a waitress,  bounced along the portable rink up to champion David Gourlay and his 60yr old Welshman opponent Les Saunders, and planted a kiss on each. Later she explained, "Bowls has a reputation as a boring game and I wanted to liven it up."I did it as a dare. My friends were egging me on to do it for a laugh. I'd put on a jumper and a pair of jogging bottoms beacuse I knew they'd be easy to take off and quickly stripped off behind the stands. When my mate gave me the thumbs-up I was like "Whoosh" across the green."The crowd loved it. There was a few gasps but they cheered and clapped.  I read afterwards that one bloke said it was the best four quid he'd ever spent.  Tracy made sympathetic headlines across the United Kingdom. Norfolk officials told the Glasgow Herald no charges would be filed. Issuing a tongue-in-cheek statement, they said, "After having studied the whole unsavory incident on 43 occasions, including slow motion replay, we have decided against implementing a rule that spectators should remain clothed at all times."
Commonwealth Bowls streak July 30, 2002(?)
A galloping blonde streaker forced officials to patriotically wrap her in an English
flag before police led her away.

10 Pin Bowling
Boxing & Wrestling
Naked Boxing TeamThe image

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Rear view naked girl posed with bike. Nude Bike Riding
Nude woman on bike with other riders around her.
                Flasher Naked womdn on bycicle in desert

                July 1996Eng&Pak@Lords
                July 1996Eng&Pakistan@Lords kiwi streaker Lords
28 July 1996 England and Pakistan at Lords. Before 28,000 fans. Two guys who look like constables are with her, but thay have not restrained her or tried to cover her, but seem to be clearing a path for her

4th December 2001 Australia verses New Zealand Cricket in Perth. Looks Like A Third Slip
http://www.55max.com/images/prod/PR_3456_LG.jpg http://p.imgci.com/db/PICTURES/CMS/111000/111050.jpg Bunbarry v Malcom Headingley August 1996
Sheila Nicholls, described as "shapely" by newspapers, ran onto the Lords pitch and cavorted before 25,000 fans on May 29, 1989. She had not been drinking, and streaked because, "someone said it would be funny if there was a streaker, and suddenly I had this urge. I waited for the over to finish before going on to the pitch. It wouldn't be cricket to interrupt play." Having escaped a number of police officers, she "rounded it off with a cartwheel." Led from the field into the pavillion, the Australian players wanted to shake her hand, and "a big fat chap with an MCC tie strode up to me and said 'Jolly well done.' That made me feel much better." She was merely cautioned for disorderly behaviour.
A female streaker tries to get Ross Taylor's attention on Day 3 at the New Zealand vs Pakistan 2nd Test, Basin Reserve, Wellington.  Of course, his score of 97 was the only other positive in the match which Pakistan won by 141 runs.
27th July 2000  Bunbury verses Malcolm Marshall Comedian Rory Bremner of the Bunbury checks out the female streaker during the match against the Malcolm Marshall .
Headingley August 1996
kelly baker unlnown female criket streaker Raine Stops
 I've Lost My Bra
Tuesday 30th August 2001Colchester. 23-year-old Greenstead native Kelly Baker's daring dash, which included cartwheels, brought whoops of encouragement from a full house at an Essex cricket match at Colchester's Castle Park ground.   She worked as a nightclub dancer and had trained as a gymnastics teacher. Kelly's plans to do more streaks did not materialize. Evening Gazette
Madeline Perry Cricket England Versus West Indies at Lords 25 June 1995.
England v Australia, Lords 2009
Members Have To Wear Ties
Raine Stops Play
Is it crumpet for tea ?
These girls at an India vs England match took their t-shirts off and the security guy did not think it was cricket.  So he asked them to put them back on!
India Imports Cheerleasers from Australia as Indian Women won't do it
 Stanford 2020 has its cheer squad too.   And here, they are seen dancing with the trademark Stanford 2020 black bats.
All across the West Indies, cricket is interlinked with Carib Beer - the beer of the caribbean.   And Carib girls have been around much before the IPL cheer squad.
Darts & Archers
Emmas Streak. Her back Head shot of pretty girl with light blue scarf
                drapped over her shoulders which hangs down covering her
                chest. darts darts.jpg darts.... image by thismarks
"I needed a Stiff one for darts Streak," said the blonde, hairdresser Emma before her Sunday 7th January 2001 interruption of the Embassy World Championships at Lakeside Country Club in Frimley Green . Emma, 20, had joked to pals for years about baring all on live TV and a visit to the annual championships in Firmley, Surrey gave her the perfect chance. "It was something I wanted to do for ages but I was really nervous so my friends gave me a tequilla." After making a quick trip to the ladies room to take off her undies, Emma returned to her seat to wait for the moment. "I tried to time it between sets because I didn't want to put the players off. Then I whipped off my trousers and T-shirt and ran out." Title holder Ted Hankey had just gone 2-0 up in his best-of-five-sets match against Shaun Greatbatch when the young woman ran on to the Lakeside Country Club stage and waved her arms. Both players were unsettled and the match was halted while security staff nabbed her. After a delay of 20 minutes, the players reappeared on stage and the break seemed to have done littleto detract from Hankey's concentration as the 32-year-old quickly wrapped up a 3-0 win.

http://www.redbloodedthing.com/blog/pics_2/susann-archer-nice-tits-diana-bow-brunette.jpg WTF Girl Photo - Another myth dispelled. The

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Mermaid Island

Gorgous Golf

Tiger Lusts1999 Open at Carnoustie: Yvonne Robb 1999 Open at Carnoustie: Yvonne Robb 2 - Fore play 2003 British Open 2000 British Open female streaker
Tiger lusts as Yvonne Robb stripped down to her underwear during the 1999 Open at Carnoustie, surprising Tiger Woods as he waited to putt.She was fined $160 for her antics, after planting a kiss on Tiger's cheek. During the 1997 British Open at Royal Troon, Nikki Moffat, complete with tiger stripes and floppy ears in homage to Tiger Woods, pranced around No. 18 just before Justin Leonard was given the trophy. At the 2003 British Open, this streaker waited until the trophy presentation to strut her stuff on the course, with that year's champion Ben Curtis looking on. Jacqui Salmond, took a turn around the flag stick at St. Andrews during the 2000 British Open as Tiger Woods's group made their way to the green.
Jaqui Salmond NowJacqui SalmondJacqui Salmond, 20, from Kirkcaldy Fife Scotland is one of the all time streaking greats. And her exploit is the most well documented. Though I find her too anorexic for my taste, I admire her brazenness in appearing with zilch clothing, mearly glasses and make up, at a very public event. Even though she was only seeking publicity, that is an extremely brave thing to do (just try it!) and should serve as a model for others. I really feel sorry for Tiger Woods who seems to be a female streaker magnet. He said later that her actions had spoiled the final hole of his championship-winning round. I wish I could be that lucky. At that time Jacqui lived with her boyfriend along with her children Brendan (3) and Rhys (18 months) in Edinburgh. Jacqui and her boyfriend had planned the streak for a laugh. "In July 2000 my partner, Ryan Grieg, 27, was watching The Open on telly. 'How can you watch this?' I yawned. The whisper of the commentator and polite applause were enough to send me into a coma. Then it hit me. I knew what would get the crowd excited. A streaker. And who better than me? Shelater told The Mirror: "I just want to be famous and see my picture in as many publications as possible. I hope to talk my way on to the sofa with Richard and Judy on This Morning." "As a pole dancer at the Burke and Hare pub in Kircaldy, Fife I wasn't shy about flashing a bit of flesh. The appeal of an even bigger audience was just too much to resist. 'That crowd needs a bit of livening up,' I said to Ryan, telling him my plan. 'You what?' he spluttered. 'Go on then.'She hoped the streak would help her escape her sordid carrer as a lap dancer stripping on a pool table for stag night drunks. She even contacted a tabloid newspaper to tell them of her intentions "So two weeks later... I dressed in a (black) floaty summer dress with no underwear, dropped our son, Brendan, 3 and 1-year-old daughter, Rhys, off with my mum Jackie Salmond, 46, and drove twenty miles to the famous golf course. 'Nervous?' Ryan asked when we arrived, offering me a can of lager. But I didn't need any Dutch courage. I was raring to go. Ryan and I arrived early to get a good spot on the course. "Finally at 3pm Tiger was at the 18th hole. It was time. I pushed to the front of the crowd, crouched down and slipped the strap of my dress off my shoulders. Fresh air blasted my naked body. It was now or never. "I burst through the cordon and legged it towards the 18th hole, arms in the air and as naked as the day I was born. Adrenalin raced through me as I waited for the reaction. For a moment there was silence, followed by a few gasps and titters. 'Wahey,' one bloke shouted. Then everyone started cheering as I legged it round the pole. "Egged on by the crowds I even did a little victory dance. But then I spotted two police officers running towards me. 'Enough of that,' one of them said covering me up with a fluorescent police coat. I was still giggling but then I saw the officer's stern face. 'That was so stupid,' he said as he handcuffed me. 'It was only meant to be a joke…' I whimpered.

Jaqui"At Cupar police station I was charged with breach of the peace and given a white forensics suit to wear. I spent a night in the cells feeling like a criminal. What I'd done began to sink in. Talk about a moment of madness." She said, "I ... was left in a cell on my own for about four hours. About 11.30 they put me in with the two other female streakers." A total of five people had streaked the open, encouraged by an offer of a 10,000 pounds prize from a mystery mischief maker. Carol Louttit had been brought from Methil Police Station and we had a great laugh singing and making up songs. Carol said she'd done the streak because she was drunk and Julie (Methven) did it on the spur of the moment. We were singing and laughing all night. We even plotted to do a streak together. It's never been done before but we intend to run naked hand in hand at some major event." Jaqui said, "Missing Brendan and Rhys like crazy, I wondered what they would make of their mummy showing her bits to the world? The next day I admitted breaching the peace at Cupar Sheriffs Court and was fined £100. The procurator fiscal was scathing. 'Disruption can prove a great distraction to the players,' he said.

"'Thank God that's over,' I said to Ryan as we drove home. 'Think again,' he replied handing me a pile of newspapers. Torn off a strip…naked birdie at the 18th raged the headlines. Tiger Woods had told reporters that I'd interrupted his special moment. And each headline was accompanied by a big picture of me. Naked. "People all over Britain were gawping at my boobs as they tucked into their cornflakes. A few men looking at me dance in the club was one thing. Now pictures of me in all my glory were all over the county, from breakfast tables to building sites. "But the worst call of all was from Mum. She sounded so disappointed. 'Why did you do it?' she sighed. 'It was just a joke,' I said lamely. But it didn't feel so funny any more. Wherever I went people were asking the question, 'aren't you the girl who..?'" Unfortunately, Royal and Ancient officials planned to review security in an attempt to reduce such incidences in the future. "I wanted to streak because I thought it would be a bit of a laugh - a harmless piece of fun. But I was arrested, spent a cold night in the cells and appeared in court the next day." Procurator fiscal Ted Russell, himself a low handicap golfer who plays over the St Andrews links, said: "Clearly the maintenance of good order depends on the good behaviour of the public." (I can't think of any better way to behave) "In addition, disruption can prove a great distraction to the players, who are under great pressure." (I would pay to have such a distraction!)

Her solicitor Tom Anderson told the court: "There was an element of naivety and it has been much publicised that there was money available to anyone who would do it. Unfortunately, that appears not to have been the case." Commenting on the streakers, Peter Dawson, R&A secretary, added: "It's mindless, and the way I think to get rid of it is to ignore it." "I ended up with a £100 fine. I thought that the punishment was a bit harsh as I didn't hurt anyone and the crowd throughly enjoyed it. I didn't show anything the rest of the female population doesn't have. Ryan said he thought it was funny when I did it, and it certainly doesn't bother him. Mind you he reckons that if he'd suggested it I would have given him a hard time for the rest of his life! But the police told me that they take a hard line because streaking offends some people." Jacqui worked as a lap dancer in the Burke and Hare pub in Edinburgh to make a living and had ambitions to become a successful model. "Then in July 2001 Ryan and I decided to split. We were still great mates but the spark wasn't there. Shortly after I fell pregnant during a short relationship. When I gave birth to my son John at Forth Park hospital on 4th February 2003 I was prepared to raise him alone. "The only male attention I got was when I was dancing and I wished that I'd meet a bloke who wanted me for more than my figure. And when John was 18 months I got my wish. On a rare night off I was dancing – fully clothed - at Liquid Rooms nightclub in Edinburgh when I saw Colin Snow, 38. I couldn't take my eyes off him.

Jacqui Salmond"Before I went home I made sure he had my number. Colin called the next day and set a date a week later. As we stood at the bar of a pub, I played with my straw nervously and listened to Colin telling me about his work as a confectionary salesman. 'And what do you do?' he asked. I took a deep breath. 'I'm an.. err pole dancer,' I said. Colin's face fell. 'Oh, ' he said. "After a reaction like that I could hardly go on to tell him that my bum had been on the front of The Sun!
'I'm thinking of quitting the dancing,' I said, desperate to stop him dashing out the door. But as I said the words I realised something. I meant them. I hadn't been enjoying it since I was in the papers. The next day I handed in my notice at the bar.

"Colin was thrilled. 'I don't know if I could date a stripper,' he admitted. I loved my new lifestyle, curling up in the evenings with Colin rather than wiggling my bum. I even plucked up the courage to tell Colin about my brush with fame. 'Blimey,' he chuckled. Funnily enough he couldn't even remember the story. 'You must be the only bloke in Scotland,' I said. "I loved my new life but with the kids at school and Colin at work I was bored. In January 2005 I decided to have a clearout. 'I have these to donate,' I said, pushing a bulging bag of clothes over the counter at the British Heart Foundation shop in Lochgelly. The Heart Foundation had always been close to my, well, heart. When I was 6 I was diagnosed with a heart murmur. It meant that I suffered with palpitations but knew that I was one of the lucky ones as I managed to control the condition with a sensible diet.

"I spotted a sign. 'Could you help in the shop?' it read. Perfect. 'I'd love to volunteer,' I said. They were over the moon. So I went from an erotic dancer/streaker to a loved up lady who works in a charity shop. Talk about a transformation! And two years on I still love my life. Chatting to the old ladies who come in and giving up my free time for charity gives me a million times more satisfaction than getting my kit off. "From now on I'm happy keeping my curves for myself. And Colin of course."

Friday 21st July 2000 Julie Methven at British Open St Andrews
juli being chased julie on sideline Julie Caught http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_tkmHQW-KITc/Sik40y-KgvI/AAAAAAAAAVo/RsbNF5_aDNU/S350/sexy+naked+golf+babe.jpg Carol Louttit
Julie Methven
Julie Methven Julie Methven On the Wagon Carol Louttit
Jacqueline Salmond, 20, of Kirkcaldy, Fife, was fined £100 after Cupar sheriff court heard how she ran naked across the course at St Andrews and danced around the flag as competitors were driving from the 18th tee. She admitted breach of the peace.  Carol Louttit, 37, of Inverurie, admitted breaching the peace on Friday when she stripped off on the 16th green. Julie Methven, 23, of Cupar, who ran on to the 18th fairway wearing only her shorts on the same day, also admitted the offence

The image
                            cannot be displayed, because it contains
                                      FlasherThe following was written on www.firstfoot.com

There has been much outrage in the Scottish broadsheets recently about the membership policies of the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers will host the British Open golf tournament at Muirfield golf course in East Lothian in 2013. Apparently, these terrific chaps have a far-sighted way of dealing with members who are other than male, white, anglo-saxon and rich. FirstFoot takes some liberties in the paraphrasing, but basically the rule reads:
If ye dinnae huv a white willie an' a big fat wallet, then fuck aff, yer no getting in an' ye cannae play oan wurr golf course eether. Naw, dinnae send us any questions, jist fuck aff.
St.Andrews Trophy Room
St.Andrews Trophy Room

FirstFoot applauds such progressive thinking in this age of increasing liberalisation. However, we would suggest that the following rules should also apply:

No blacks No mentally
                                  handicapped No socialists No muslims
No lesbians
                                  or gays
No musicians
No female
                                  underarm hair
No working class
No Newspaper
No blacks No mentally handicapped No socialists No muslims
No lesbians or gays
No musicians
No female underarm hair
No working class riff-raff
No newspapers apart from The Telegraph
FirstFoot would like to see a new Bill in the Scottish Parliament making all Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers golf courses public parks. The Bill would also allow for the running of free busses from all Scottish urban housing estates.Cannabis cafes would be allowed and help centres for gay one-legged lesbians would be opened.


Hockey, Netball & Lacrosse
Nekkid_Hockey Hocket Team Salford Netball Team Naked
Lacrosse boobs Naked Curlers De Montford Netball Team - Naked Calendar Bunches of Girls

Horse Racing
Horny Horse
Female streaker in shiny coat being led by sheepish
                official http://www.womenstreakers.com/horse%20race/0,,5297630,00.jpg
Female (nudist) streaker at Randwick Racecourse
28th September 2003 THE Mascot Grand National at Huntingdon Racecourse, Cambridge was plunged into chaos by a busty streaker. Contestants dressed as mice, foxes, chickens and swans were thrown off course as the mystery woman ran towards them. I don't know how anyone can take seriously the contest which features 69 mascots. The differences in the costumes can give certain contestants advantages or disdadvantages.

On November 7, 2006 at 2pm during the Melbourne Cup, Australia’s most famous horse race, Jodi Ruckley, a woman in her late twenties or early thirties streaked naked with “HorseRacingKills.org” written on herback in red paint, joining a field which included Headturner and (un)Zipping. She was taken into custody by police where she was clothed and given a field court attendance notice for offensive behaviour. She faced court charges for offensive behaviour. Seems they really hate her.

Horse Riding
North Devon Young
                    Farmers Calendar
Jockey The image
                cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. http://babesfap.com/wp-content/main/2009_11/sexy_nude_girl_picture_038.jpg Jockey2
The image

                cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Titty Runs Bareback Hot
                Babe Madelyn Marie Rides Hor
Painted Grid Girl http://blog.sublimedirectory.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/sexy-asian-babes-on-bikes.jpg Gas Station Streaker Gas Station Streaker
                Girl Sammi Gee
Race Car Girl http://babesdatabase.com/a_sexy-suzy-carina-nude-babe-harley-davidson.jpg Hot big breasted chick with tattoo on convertible http://img.youtube.com/vi/7GJG_rfmouo/0.jpg The image

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Roller Gals ( Our very Own Annie Martine & Sammy Gee)

Roller Skating

Annie Martine
Sammy Gee

Erica Roe at
                43The Senior StreakerERICA ROE THE QUEEN OF RUGBY STREAKERS
What would rugby be like without Streakers?
Erica Roe, who now lives in Portugal, Started it at Twickenham says.  " I wasn't even meant to be at Twickenham; I was supposed to be at work in my bookshop in Petersfield, Hampshire. I blame my elder sister Sally, who was going with a clutch of rugger-bugger friends and roped me in. About 25 of us arrived and went straight to the beer tent, where we spent quite some time. I was definitely tipsy. I couldn't do anything so ridiculous as streaking cold-blooded! One of the guys in our group had the hots for me and kept getting too close for comfort, so my friend Sarah Bennett and I moved down to the front. We were getting a bit bored, thought we should do something and within seconds had decided 'let's streak'. It was an impulse thing. We threw our clothes off. I handed my bra to some people behind me - and my packet of Marlboro. Half-time arrived, and off I went. I remember running like hell, knowing I was being pursued and looking back for Sarah, who didn't join me. I heard all this screaming and thought, 'I have to get off, the second half is starting'. But I quickly realised the roar was for me. Then of course I behaved like an egotistical bitch, put my arms in the air and went, 'Yes! Hi!' That was fun. Then I turned back to try and get Sarah out, which is why I was caught. These days the police get very aggressive with streakers but they were gentle with me. I was lucky. I didn't get fined or treated badly and didn't have dogs yapping at my heels. A policeman famously put his helmet over my chest to protect my modesty. At Twickenham police station they rang my poor parents, who had no idea. My father and two brothers had been watching the match on television. At half-time my father got up to get a cup of coffee. My brother shouted, 'Pa!, Pa!, A woman just ran across the pitch who looked like Erica!' But they all assumed it couldn't possibly be me and resumed watching the match. The media reaction was incredible. Much of it was fun. But the whole experience has debunked all the intrigue one has about being famous and being in the media. Most boys and girls dream of being famous footballers, ballerinas or actresses. So when I got this chance, I grabbed it. In this day and age people become famous for nothing - like me, for instance! Fame is now a money-making thing, but it wasn't then. Some people made a lot of money out of me, but not the large amount they could now. In the three years afterwards, when I did personal appearances and opened shops, I only made about £8,000 - not a lot. People say if it happened now I'd be a millionaire or get my own TV show out of it. People did recognise me in the street which was nice at first, but then became disgusting. At any rugby event they rolled out the red carpet, kissed my feet and saw it for what it was - fun.  But when I was lowered onto the pitch from a helicopter at a football match in Bristol, men pushed onto me. That was smut. A guy from Penthouse or Playboy offered me thousands to take off my clothes but I told him he'd got the wrong end of the stick - that I would never do such a thing. The shitty Sun asked me to 'model some fashion clothes', which meant putting on the skimpiest clothes they could find. I hated that. I wasn't model material. I was a short, fat little dumpling with big boobs and I wasn't very attractive in clothes. The streak was a strange lesson and I'm glad I did it.It has made me a better person and more content because people have this illusion that being famous is incredible, which it is - but only if you're famous for doing something worthwhile. I became famous, but only for my boobs. I now live happily in Portugal with my three amazing kids and a man who loves me. I'm 43. We're farmers and export sweet potatoes. I drive tractors and struggle in the mud. I'm going to build a mud hut beside the Atlantic. What else do you need?
At this remove, it is interesting to recall the reaction of her father, Peter. "She spent her childhood in Africa where such things are not regarded with disfavour. It is seen as being perfectly natural."

http://static2.stuff.co.nz/1291672839/041/4431041.jpg http://wijzemaan.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/erica1.jpg Erica Roe
Clare being grabbed from behind

On Saturday, 14 November 2002, rugby fan Clare Morgan turned up to watch the match against Fiji wearing a jacket, boots, and a Welsh flag draped around her as a skirt.
Just after Wales scored their first try, she tore her clothes off and ran onto the Millennium Stadium pitch. Cheering fans rose to their feet as she held the flag aloft - before being tackled by a steward on the 22-metre line. The blonde from Swansea did it as a response to a challenge from her friends to raise £300 for the BBC's annual Children in Need Appeal. But her fund-raising streak landed her before Cardiff magistrates charged with breaching public order. Miss Morgan was conditionally discharged but was ordered to pay £55 costs.

Suzanne Streaks http://footballfashion.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/londonirishvnorthamptonsaintsguinness7jv5dzrdnndl1.jpg http://img.thesun.co.uk/multimedia/archive/00541/streaker26_main_541863a.jpg http://m.gmgrd.co.uk/sbres/76.$plit/C_67_article_2047652_body_articleblock_0_bodyimage.jpg
Suzanne Streaks
Come On The Light Blues
actually the left one is usually supported by Oxford & the right one by Cambridge
 This London Irish girl
caused a stir as she dashed across the pitch during the club’s 32-27 win against Northampton at Madejski Stadium.
Bath Time
It did say Bath RFC outside.
 Am I in the wrong place?

9th March 1994
A female rugby streaker was apprehended after she ran on to the pitch during the England v Wales Rugby Match. Was Max Boyce there?
The same London Irish girl was definitely ‘bottom’ of the league after giving rugby fans an eyeful  .  With only a green jacket to keep her warm, the naked entertainer pranced around the field with gleeful abandon much to the amusement of the players on both sides.
http://shinymedia.blogs.com/photos/uncategorized/2008/01/31/aborat3.jpg Michelle http://himg2.huanqiu.com/attachment/080718/0a21ebcf05.jpg rugby wrestle
The Saracens
Join My team?
The Sheila Streaker 
A Fair Cop or is it two bobbies?
9th March 1994
A female rugby streaker was apprehended after she ran on to the pitch during the England v Wales Rugby Match.
9th March 1994
A female rugby streaker was apprehended after she ran on to the pitch during the England v Wales Rugby Match.
Naked Girls Love To Play Pool Lianne's
                streak Lianne Croft
Diane Phillips, a 22 year student from Plymouth, interrupted the final of Snooker's British open between Peter Ebdon and Jimmy White in October 2000.
During the final of the 1997 Benson & Hedges Masters between Steve Davis and Ronnie O'Sullivan, play was brought to a temporary halt as snooker's first ever female streaker - Lianne Croft invaded the match arena running three times around the snooker table. Steve Davis complained he was concentrating so hard he only saw her back. Otherwise the interruption didn't do the 39 year old father of two any harm. He went on to win 10-8, to lift his only trophy of the 97/98 season. Lianne said she did it because the game was "depressingly boring" at that point.



Soccer Boobs
sexy fans football pictures - World cup 2010


Argentina6 Argentinas Sexiest Football Fans A
                    List South Africa 2010 Super Fans
Belgium Soccer Team Naked
Vanessa Richards 23, dressed in a Santa outfit during the Middlesbrough against Newcastle football match.
The Queen of the South Streaker Hilary Kerr Saturday 30th March 2002.
Belgium Women's Soccer Team
jgrant Kelly
Saturday 26May2001 On the last every game at The Dell between Southampton and Brighton a female Streaker ran on to the pitch at Half time and planeted a guess on Southampton Legend Matt Le Tissier. I don't know how nude she was.
This beats doing the housework
Selhurst Park Oct 4 2001
 Llifelong Eagles fans Kelly Parkes, 21,  made her dash  while her bemused dad stood and watched in stunned surprise.
Spurs v Coventry
Man City v Wolves
Wimbledon v Coventry
Natasha Howkins brigitta bulgari
Arsenal v Leeds Womans Cup Final Amy Freeman Coventry Derby December 2002
Cheeky 18-year-old Amy Freeman has revealed her streak across the turf at Highfield Road was to raise money for needy children - but it could see her red carded by the club.
17th October 2004 Brigitta Bulgari achieved sudden notoriety in Italy by running around naked on the field during a soccer match between Piacenza-Catanzaro in front of what the local media described as "thousands of excited fans." 
The image

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                        errors. Streaker with red white and blue hat
A Fair Cop
Back to front
Portsmouth v QPR Everton versus Chelsea FA-CarlingPremiership Saturday 11 May 1997 Goodison Park Merseyside

                Johnson 30 Love? Wimbledon Streaker Melissa Johnson Melissa Johnson
 A Policeman's Lot
Is That What They Call Henman Hill?
Debenture Holder's Bonus
Melissa Johnson's Wimbledon Debut
Wimbledon StreakerMelissaWIMBLEDON, England. July 1996. A 23-year-old London student, Melissa Johnson, her courage bolstered by a few drinks, climbed over a barrier at one end of the court and dashed the length of its periphery -- passing in front of finalists Richard Krajicek and MaliVai Washington as they posed near the net for photographs. This girl gets popints off for having to get courage from a bottle, and the fact that she wasn't fully naked, but she was damn close.  Johnson, who had been working as a catering assistant at Wimbledon during her summer holidays, was topless and wore only a tiny maid's apron, which she lifted up dependuing on whether she wanted to reveal her top or bottom. She was quickly escorted off the court near the Royal Box by two policemen.  Both players broke into laugher, as did most of the 14,000 fans. Washington paused a moment and then doubled over trying to contain his laughter. Walking back to the baseline to begin his warmup, the American lifted up his tennis shirt to bare his own chest and received a large ovation.  "I look over and I see this streaker ..." said Washington, who later was to lose to Krajicek. "Gee, she smiles at me. She had on almost like an apron. She lifted it up and she was still smiling at me. I got flustered, and three sets later I was gone. ... That was pretty funny."

 Johnson was taken to Wimbledon police station where she was held until the end of the match. A Scotland Yard spokeswoman said "no further action" would be taken. Once again a female got away with it.  Usually stiff and proper, The All England club was unexpectedly light-hearted regarding the moment. "Whilst we do not wish to condone the practice, it did at least provide some light amusement for our loyal and patient supporters, who have had a trying time during the recent bad weather," a club statement said.  A Centre Court spectator, 57-year-old travel agent Peter Goord, said the streak even drew a humorous reaction from the royals.  "When she got in front of the Royal Box, she lifted it up and showed everything off," Goord said. "The Duke of Kent was laughing like mad. She then ran into the policemen's arms. There was no way she was trying to get away."
 Wimbledon officials expressed concern before the opening of the tournament two weeks ago that a streaker might appear -- coaxed on by several of Britain's large bookmakers offering odds on it happening.  Before the tournament, William Hill bookmakers reduced the odds on a streaker interrupting Centre Court play during the final to 4-1.
 It was believed to be the first incident of streaking ever at Wimbledon. Johnson graduated from Manchester University with a degree in graphic design.

Volley ball
Ready to receive What a dive! http://www.oilreg.com/ba/images/images33/rachel-solari-8b72dfe7_74229.jpg http://sawauto.com/bewbs/nov01/volleyball_and_camel_toe.jpg

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http://yachtpals.com/files/userimages/rowing-naked.jpg http://slanchreport.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/naked1-682_945337a.jpg http://hosted.justteensite.com/content/57/large/sexy-teens-p09.jpg http://www.shoppingblog.com/pics/claire_bevilacqua_espn_body_issue.jpg
naked sailing beauty
                on the bow http://www.tinyadda.com/images/0rb6u4e28szuu4m0yeg0.jpg Water Wings? http://blog.keepitnice.com/uploads/naked-women-rowing.jpg http://sensualarousalblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/valia-sailing-nude.jpg
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http://www.genepuddle.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/sled-race.jpghttp://www.uncoached.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/bikini_skiing_05.jpgPull them further down Shawna, you can do it!http://www.morninpaper.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/ski-boobs-2.jpg
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