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UK Children now on par with 3rd world starving.

Save Our Children
A damning indictment of the UK's dismissal of their obligations to its own children as well as its vulnerable disabled.  Whilst children in the UK are plunged into poverty and near starvation, the UK government pretends to be 'saving the 3rd world' from starvation and injustice.  The ultimate and cruel hypocrisy of today's Britain as one of the world's richest economies, we join the USA in hiding the truth of what really is happening.  We too have soup kitchens, and church charities providing food for hungry families, 200 of them within 60 miles of where I live..  Save the world's children dismiss your own.  The UK gave £80m to Africa recently, that was to buy influence away from China.  Madness, and completely immoral.
In the 30’s and 40’s, we fought for children’s right to adequate nutrition in the UK. Our campaigning was a success: the Education Act of 1944 made it compulsory that all schools in the UK provide milk to children under the age of 18. We continue fight for children in the UK today by supporting some of the most vulnerable children and families. Right now, 1.6 million children live in severe poverty in the UK. Our programmes make sure children living in poverty get off to the best possible start in education, and we’re making sure they get the essentials they need - a hot meal, blankets, a warm bed.

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About Guy Fawkes & Other Attempts to destroy Parliament Click On Your Interest
1605  Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot
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Palace of Westminster Bombs & Shooting
1605  Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot
Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes
Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I know of no reason
Why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.
Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, t’was his intent
To blow up King and Parliament.
Three-score barrels of powder below
To prove old England’s overthrow;
By God’s providence he was catch’d
With a dark lantern and burning match.
Holloa boys, holloa boys, let the bells ring.
Holloa boys, holloa boys, God save the King!
GuyForget the American Haloween celebrations. In the United Kingdom, Gunpowder Plot celebrations take place in towns and villages across the country in the form of both private and civic events. They involve fireworks displays and the building of bonfires on which "guys" are burnt. These "guys" are traditionally effigies of Guy Fawkes, the most famous of the Gunpowder Plot conspirators. Although the night is celebrated in York (Fawkes' hometown) some there do not burn his effigy, most notably those from his old school.  Before the fifth, children traditionally use the "guys" to request a "penny for the guy" in order to raise funds with which to buy fireworks . In the United Kingdom, there are several foods that are traditionally consumed on Guy Fawkes Night: toffee apples, baked potatoes, which are wrapped in foil and cooked in the bonfire or its embers and black peas with vinegar . In the Black Country, it is a traditional night for eating groaty pudding.  In Sussex, it is a major festival that centres on Lewes necessitating the closure of the town centre. The night also commemorates the Glorious Revolution and 17 local Protestant martyrs that were burnt at the stake during Marian Persecutions of the Catholic Queen Mary I. The night begins with torchlight processions in costume by a number of local bonfire societies and culminates in six separate bonfires where effigies of Guy Fawkes, Pope Paul V and topical personalities are destroyed by firework and flame.

The Somerset Carnivals are highly regarded as the largest illuminated processions in the world. They occur late on in the year at various locations including: Bridgwater, Burnham-on-Sea, Chard, Ilminster, Glastonbury, North Petherton, Shepton Mallet, Taunton, Wellington, Wells,  Weston-Super-Mare, and Yeovil.
The carnivals in Somerset date back to 400 years, and are one of the most spectacular events in Somerset today. In some of the bigger locations (such as Bridgwater), you can expect to see crowds of more than 120,000.

The carnival floats (or carts as they are sometimes referred as), are designed and built by dedicated carnival clubs around the West Country. These carnival clubs have many members who raise money throughout the year, and work relentlessly to achieve the spectacular carnival entries. The carnival floats take part in the carnival parade along with other entries; these range from clowns dancing in the streets to 100ft illuminated carnival floats (some with up to 30,000 light bulbs) pulle
d by tractors.
image 1

Spencer Perceval, the son of the 2nd Earl of Egmont, was born in 1762. After being educated at HarrowTrinity College, Cambridge, he became a lawyer.

In 1796 Perceval was elected MP for Northampton. In the House of Commons Perceval became a strong supporter of William Pitt and the Tory group in Parliament. When Henry Addington became Prime Minister in 1801 he appointed Perceval as his solicitor-general. The following year he was promoted to attorney-general.  When Lord Portland became Prime Minister in 1807 he appointed Perceval as his Chancellor of the Exchequer. Perceval got on well with George III and loyally supported the king's opposition to Catholic Emancipation.

When Portland died in 1809, Spencer Perceval accepted the king offer to become Prime Minister. Perceval's period of power coincided with an economic depression and considerable industrial unrest. This resulted in his government introducing repressive methods against the Luddites. This included the Frame-Breaking Act which made the destruction of machines a capital offence.  Perceval held the post until 1812  when he became the only British Prime Minister in history to be assassinated. Spencer Perceval was shot when entering the lobby of the House of Commons by John Bellingham, a failed businessman from Liverpool. Bellingham, who blamed Perceval for his financial difficulties, was later hanged for his crime.

 Hitler BombBombed House of Commons1941 Hitler Succeeded Where Guy Fawkes Failed
During the second world war, the Palace of Westminster was hit by bombs fourteen times. The most serious attack occurred on the night of 10-11 May 1941. On that night the Palace was severely damaged, the chamber of the House of Commons was destroyed and three people were killed. This picture below shows Members' Lobby looking through into the Commons Chamber.
Between 1940 and 1941, both Houses of Parliament were in fact convened at Church House in Westminster due to a fear that the Chambers might be bombed while the Houses were sitting. The Palace was damaged by air raids on fourteen different occasions during the war. On 26 September 1940, a bomb which fell into Old Palace Yard caused severe damage to the south wall of St Stephen's Porch and the masonry of the west front.
The statue of Richard the Lionheart was even lifted bodily from the pedestal, but sustained only minor damage in the form of a bent sword.On 8 December 1940, a bomb demolished the south and east sides of the Cloisters of St Stephen's and did considerable damage to the other two sides

The incendiary bombs which fell on the nights of 10 and 11 May 1941 caused the greatest damage to the Palace. The Commons Chamber was hit by bombs and the roof of Westminster Hall was set on fire. The fire service said that it would be impossible to save both, so it was decided to concentrate on saving the Hall.The Commons Chamber was entirely destroyed by the fire which spread to the Members' Lobby and caused the ceiling to collapse. By the following morning, all that was left of the Chamber was a smoking shell. A small bomb struck the Clock Tower and broke all the glass on its south face, but the clock and bells were undamaged and the chimes could be broadcast as usual.The House of Lords was struck by a bomb which passed through the floor of the Chamber without exploding.As the Commons Chamber was totally destroyed and the Lords Chamber was damaged, both Houses moved to the Church House annexe and sat there from 13 May.From late June 1941 until October 1950, the Commons met in the Lords Chamber, while the Lords met in the Robing Room (a fact which was kept secret during the war). To reach the temporary Commons Chamber in the Lords, the Speaker's Procession had to pass through the Central Lobby. This proved such a popular feature that the practice was retained after the Commons moved back to its new Chamber in 1950.

1974: IRA bombs parliament
17th June 1974 Bomb in
                              ParliamentA bomb has exploded at the Houses of Parliament, causing extensive damage and injuring 11 people. The IRA said it planted the 20 lb (9.1 kg) device which exploded at about 0828 BST in a corner of Westminster Hall. The explosion is suspected to have fractured a gas main and a fierce fire spread quickly through the centuries-old hall in one of Britain's most closely-guarded buildings. Scotland Yard detectives have said they fear this attack could herald the start of a new summer offensive by the dissident Irish group on government buildings. A man with an Irish accent telephoned the Press Association with a warning only six minutes before the explosion. Police said a recognised IRA codeword was given.  Although officers were not able to completely clear the palace before the bomb went off, most of the injured were only slightly hurt. Leader of the Commons Edward Short announced a review of security procedures would begin immediately, but he said the attack would not disrupt parliamentary business or intimidate MPs. Liberal Chief Whip David Steel was in the building when the device detonated and told the BBC the damage looked considerable.  "I looked through Westminster Hall and the whole hall was filled with dust. A few minutes later it was possible to see flames shooting up through the windows," he said.
1974 was one of the deadliest years in the IRA's mainland bombing campaign. In February a bomb exploded on a coach carrying soldiers on the M62, killing 12 people.  A further 26 people died later in the year in attacks on the Tower of London and on pubs in Guilford and Birmingham.  The last Provisional IRA attack on the British mainland was in 1996, but extremist splinter groups have carried out bombings since then.
(BBC Report)
In 1979, Airey Neave was blown up in his own car as he drove from the car park at the House of Commons. His legs were severed and he was unrecognisable, though his black coat and striped trousers identified him as a Tory MP.
Airey Neave Killed
It was one of the most serious assaults on the sanctity of parliament since the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, and 30 years on the identity of Neave's murderers is still uncertain and his death remains unavenged.

The case caused an enormous shock, for Neave was then a major political figure. He was Margaret Thatcher's eminence grise, and steered her to leadership. More relevantly he was shadow Northern Ireland secretary, a portfolio that he expected to be his when Thatcher became prime minister.

But in a new century Neave is almost forgotten. Paul Routledge, with several other political biographies behind him, makes in this book a strenuous attempt to revive him and to lend to his life a greater significance than it possibly had. Public servant, yes; secret agent, more dubious. Neave had links with the intelligence community dating back to his war service, but there seems no real proof he was active in the field after he became an MP.

During World War II, however, Neave may have established one serious claim to historical fame. He saved the Chartres cathedral from being blown to pieces by American tanks during the liberation of France, or so says the record in the parish church of St Mary's, Oxfordshire, where he is buried. According to this story, Neave arrived at the place in front of the cathedral to find the turret guns ready to fire because, the Americans said, there were snipers in the spire. Neave begged for five minutes' grace, went into the cathedral unarmed, climbed up the spiral staircase, and waved a handkerchief to indicate there were no Germans there. A remarkable story, and it is odd that Neave does not mention it in his extensive memoirs.

Routledge's biography falls into three parts. The first section draws heavily on Neave's own account of his wartime experience when, as a POW, he became the first Briton to escape from the "impregnable" fortress of Colditz. This event has been documented in films, on television and in print, but still makes good reading. He was then recruited to a division of MI6, and set up the "ratlines" which helped people escape from occupied Europe.

Most people will speed-read the second section of the book which details Neave's parliamentary record, though his plotting on behalf of Thatcher has interest. ("I feel like a puppet whose strings have been cut," she said after his murder.)
The third and most lively section, at least to conspiracy theorists, can be subtitled "Who killed Airey Neave?" Routledge goes for the obvious suspect, the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA), a small but deadly breakaway from the IRA. In a risky operation he made contact with INLA and spoke to a masked man who gave details of the kill. Republicans wanted Neave out of the way, because as Ulster secretary, his policy would have been no amnesty, shoot to kill, and capital punishment for terrorism. INLA and the IRA itself saw him as highly dangerous.



But other theories abound. One is that Neave was blown up by three "sleepers" who had no known connection with republican activities before or after the murder. It was a one-off job done for patriotic reasons.

Even more interesting is the theory that MI5 and the CIA worked together to get rid of Neave.

The chief exponent of this theory was Enoch Powell, who maintained for many years that the CIA had assassinated not only Neave but also Lord Mountbatten. The reason? Neave was determined to keep the six counties part of Britain, the US Administration wanted a united Ireland as a member of the Western defence alliance.

As for MI5 and MI6, Neave is said to have expressed the opinion that they were Augean stables that needed cleaning out and he intended to do this when Thatcher was in government.

October 2009
The Irish terror group  is disbanding amid claims the British Government has given it more than £7million.The Irish National Liberation Army - also thought to have a hand in the Omagh bombing and the murder of two British soldiers in Northern Ireland this year - will pocket the taxpayers' money over five years, it was claimed yesterday.The alleged deal was revealed as the Republican paramilitary group - responsible for 113 murders - announced an end to its 35-year campaign of violence. The INLA said its 'armed struggle is over' and it would pursue its objectives by 'exclusively peaceful political struggle'.

Security sources in Ulster claimed the £7million would be 'dressed up' as grants and funds for community projects involving former terrorists.


TERRY'S FIREWORKSGuyLondon, Middlesex and South East

 TERRY'S FIREWORKS : 131B High Street, Redcar, TS10 3DQ   tel: 01642 471426

With a range of London fireworks displays taking place throughout the city there are plenty of options as to where to celebrate Bonfire Night this year. Londoners of all ages can expect a lively night out with some serious firework action on the cards.If you can’t make it out for a fireworks display during bonfire night weekend, rest assured. A number of displays will be held before and after the weekend, giving you the chance to enjoy a spectacular show at your convenience. 


Henry Fitzailwyn was London's first Lord Mayor in 1189 and the first Lord Mayor's Show was in 1215. The reason for the procession is for the Lord Mayor to pledge his allegiance to the Crown (the current king or queen).

The new Lord Mayor is required to swear a pledge his allegiance in front of the Lord Chief Justice and Judges of the Queen's Bench Division, hence the route from Mansion House in the City of London (the official residence of the Lord Mayor of London) to the Royal Courts of Justice.

The Lord Mayor's Show was the first event to be broadcast live on television. The BBC cameras film from Mansion House each year to an audience of millions.

                                Fireworks Display

Oxo Tower

The 2012 Lord Mayor's Show will be on Saturday 10 November at 11am

The Lord Mayor's Show is an annual London event on the 2nd Saturday in November. More than 6,000 people of all ages take part in the three mile long procession. Arrive early; by 10.30am the route is always full of spectators.

  • 11am: Procession leaves from the Guildhall to Royal Courts of Justice.
  • 11am-12.30pm: About 1.5 hours to reach Royal Courts of Justice
    (nearest tube: Holborn).
  • 12.30-1pm: The procession pauses while the Lord Mayor takes his oath.
  • 1pm: Procession returns from Victoria Embankment to Mansion House.
  • 1-2.30pm: Return procession.
  • 3pm: Optional free walking tours of the City of London.
  • Procession timetable.
  • Procession route map.
  • Procession running order.
Now available: the City of London board game. Be the Lord Mayor!


Firework Display:

                              Fireworks Display

Please note that there will be no fireworks display this year. After the wonderful Diamond Jubilee and Olympic celebrations this summer, it was felt that there’s only so many fireworks we should be sending up in one year!

Where To Watch the Procession:

Anywhere along the route will give you a good view but the organizers recommend, for the return journey, Queen Victoria Street and Embankment. (You can print a copy of the route map.)
Official Website:


Contact: For press enquiries: Lesley Mair at the City of London press office. For general enquiries: Helen Field in the Pageantmaster's office. For problems with the website: William Ross at spanner. For more details, postal addresses and phone numbers please see the contacts page.

Join the procession: Participation in the Show is by invitation, but if you would like to take part next year, you can register your interest with the Pageantmaster's office. It's an excellent way to celebrate, show your support for London, raise your profile and give your people a great day out.

Charity: Pitch Perfect, the charitable appeal chosen by Lord Mayor Nick Anstee for his year in office, will benefit the London Symphony Orchestra and the Cricket Foundation and bring musical and sporting opportunities to young people in East London.

Alexandra Palace Fireworks Display
Unfortunately there is No Firework display at Alexandra Palace this year
 Alexandra Palace
 Barking Park Saturday 3rd November 2012

The Barking Park fireworks display is organised by the Barking and Dagenham Round Table for the local council. Money raised on the night will go towards a number of local charities, so you can do your bit for the community by just turning up and having fun with friends, family and neighbours. A whole host of tribute acts will be keeping the crowds happy with live music on stage just before the Barking Park fireworks display begins, so you can catch all the family friendly entertainment on offer. Kids can also enjoy the funfair rides set up in the park for the occasion.
While young and old can enjoy all the music and entertainment to their heart's content, the main attraction at the Barking Park fireworks display will of course be the pyrotechnics themselves. Get ready to gasp at the stunning display of rockets, mines, wheels and fountains on show in what promises to be one cracking night out. The Barking Park fireworks display takes place on Saturday 3rd November 2012. Gates open at 5.30pm, the entertainment begins at 6.15pm, and the display itself starts at approximately 8pm. Tickets are available on the gate. Adult admission is £5.00, while tickets for kids under 16 cost £1.00 when they are accompanied by a paying adult.

Saturday 3rd November 2012
Head to the Barnes fireworks display for a huge bonfire, live music, hot food and plenty of family friendly entertainment.   Lighting up the skies above south west London with a spectacular pyrotechnics show, the Barnes fireworks display gets Guy Fawkes Night off to a big bang. There's also a Make-a-Guy competition for kids, and the creator of the best Guy can join the torch lit procession and help to light the big bonfire at the event.  Bonfire Night is one of the most popular events in the autumn calendar, and at the Barnes fireworks display you can join in an age old tradition and mark the 406th anniversary of the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot in grand style. There's also live jazz from St Paul's School to get everyone in the mood for all the fireworks.  As well as the fireworks, bonfire and live music, the Barnes fireworks display also features food and drink stalls to keep you warm, well fed and refreshed. There are hamburgers, hot dogs and mulled wine, and also stalls selling sparklers and light sticks. The Barnes fireworks display takes place on Saturday 3rd November 2012. The gates open at 5.30pm, and entrants in the Guy competition should assemble in front of the club house with their creations by 6pm. The bonfire is lit at 7pm, and the fireworks display itself starts around 7.45pm. Tickets cost £10.00 for adults and £5.00 for children. A family ticket for two adults and two children costs £25.00. Kids under 5 go free. Tickets are also available to buy in advance from retailers on Barnes High Street. Barnes Sports Club
Battersea Park Fireworks Display
Saturday 3rd November 2012

A programme of entertainment and activities will feature at the Battersea Park fireworks display, with plenty in store to keep the crowds entertained. Battersea Park will be alive with activity during a night of stunning pyrotechnics, family fun, a bonfire and traditional attractions. The 2012 Battersea Park fireworks display promises something special for visitors of all ages, lighting up the skies of Battersea Park with a dazzling show of light and colour. Expect huge crowds on the night for one of London’s biggest and most popular annual events. Food and drink is available to buy on the night and a licensed bar is also on the premises for a drink or two.If past events are anything to go by this year’s Battersea Park fireworks display is guaranteed to be one to remember, promising spectacular sights and sounds during an evening of Guy Fawkes fun. Londoners are welcome to visit Battersea Park and get involved this November.
The Battersea Park fireworks display takes place on
Saturday 3rd November 2012
  with the bonfire lit at 7.30pm and fireworks due to start at 8pm.Admission is £6.00 with a £1.00 charge for kids under 10 years old. Advance tickets are available from booths within Battersea Park from Monday 1st November. Nearest train: Battersea Park or Queenstown. Nearest Tube: Pimlico.
 Battersea Park
Cleveland Square
Monday 5th November 2012
The Cleveland Square fireworks display makes a welcome return for 2012 with a huge bonfire, barbecue, music and more. Lighting up the skies above Bayswater and Hyde Park with a loud and colourful show, the Cleveland Square fireworks display celebrates Bonfire Night in traditional style. The display is organised by the Cleveland Square and Gardens Residents' Association and promises to be an exclusive and relatively intimate affair, as tickets are only available to purchase in advance.   While the nights are drawing in and there's a chill in the air, there's bound to be a cheery atmosphere at the Cleveland Square fireworks display thanks to the huge bonfire set up in the gardens. In addition to the fireworks which are set to music, there's also a light show on the programme for an evening of all round family entertainment.   A bar is also being set up in the gardens during the Cleveland Square fireworks display to provide onlookers with wine, beer, soft drinks and homemade mulled wine. A barbecue will also be serving freshly cooked food to keep everyone warm and well fed throughout the night. The Cleveland Square fireworks display takes place on Monday 5th November 2012. The gates open at 6pm, the bonfire is lit at 6.30pm, the fireworks begin at 7.30pm and the gates close at 9.30pm. Advance tickets cost £9.00 for adults and £5.00 for children aged 16 and under. Please note that tickets must be bought in advance, and no tickets will be available to buy on the gate. Tickets are available to buy in person from the Cleveland Arms on Chilworth Street. Tickets are limited, so early booking is advised. Cleveland Square
Saturday 3rd November 2012
Bringing the crackle and pop of fireworks to south London once again in 2012, the Beckenham fireworks display celebrates the 407th anniversary of Guy Fawkes' attempt to blow up Parliament with a colourful pyrotechnics show. Get ready to clap and cheer as a series of rockets, Roman candles and fountains of various colours bring the autumnal night sky to life in celebration of Bonfire Night.  Always a popular event for kids and families, Bonfire Night returns once again in 2012 to the Croydon Road Recreation Ground with the Beckenham fireworks display. The night also includes a funfair, complete with fairground rides for the little ones.  Organised by the Beckenham Round Table, the Beckenham fireworks display is bound to be a high point in the local calendar, with families and all ages out to celebrate a long standing annual tradition. Better yet, money raised from ticket sales will be donated to charity, so you can spend the night watching some first rate fireworks safe in the knowledge that you're supporting a good cause.  The Beckenham fireworks display takes place on Saturday 3rd November 2012 at Croydon Road Recreation Ground. Gates open at 6pm and the display begins at 8pm. Nearest rail: Beckenham Junction. Admission costs £5.00 for adults and £3.00 for accompanied children under the age of 16. Kids under 5 go free. Croydon Road Recreation Ground
Bishops Park
 Fireworks Display
Friday 2nd November 2012
The Bishops Park fireworks display is being staged on Friday 2nd November 2012, and is set to be a huge Bonfire Night occasion for Londoners of all ages. A selection of events will be taking place at Bishops Park in addition to the main fireworks display. A special children’s fireworks display is taking place as well funfair rides and food stalls, guaranteeing traditional Guy Fawkes festivities for visitors on the day. Bishops Park will be alive with fireworks the weekend of Guy Fawkes Night, in one of west London’s biggest fireworks events. The crowds will be out in force to enjoy the show and celebrate Bonfire Night 2012 with a bang. Doors open at 6pm, with a children's show at 7.15pm and the main show starting at 8pm. There's a small charge of £7.00 on the door for those 5 and over. 2012 is the 407th anniversary of the famous Gunpowder Plot and Londoners are invited to mark the occasion in a suitably traditional manner at Bishops Park. Adults and kids of all ages can expect something special at one of the most popular fireworks display events in London, which this year is set to music selected for a super heroes theme. The Bishops Park fireworks display takes place on Friday 2nd November 2012 with gates opening at 6pm. The children's show starts at 7.15pm and the main show at 8pm. Entrance costs £7.00 for everyone 5 and over. Advance tickets are also available at £5.00 from the Lyric Theatre box office.
Bishops Park
Blackheath Fireworks Display
  3rd November 2012

The Blackheath fireworks display is one of the most anticipated London fireworks displays each year, bringing colour and light to the skies of Lewisham in a truly dazzling display of fireworks.This year marks the 405th anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot and as such, visitors to Blackheath can expect something special in one of London’s most famous fireworks display events. Visit Blackheath on Saturday 3rd November 2012 for a lively Guy Fawkes evening out in London. Refreshments and food stalls will be available throughout the evening and you can make the most of a complete night out with family and friends.A perennial favourite among Londoners in South London, the Blackheath fireworks display attracts thousands each year, coming together on Bonfire Night under the glow of impressive fireworks. Join the crowds at Blackheath this year for traditional Guy Fawkes festivities.The fireworks show on Blackheath is one of the most popular displays in London, and the event remains free once more in 2010. However, to help towards the cost of the fireworks and to ensure the return of the display next year, Lewisham Council is inviting those planning on attending to make a small donation. For more information and to make a donation, call 020 8314 3007.The Blackheath fireworks display takes place on Saturday 3rd November 2012 with the fireworks due to begin at 8pm. Nearest train: Blackheath and Lewisham. Entry is free for all. Blackheath
Blackheath Fireworks
Tel: 0208 314 7321
Brockwell Park
 Fireworks Display
5th November 2012

The action will be kicking off at Brockwell Park, Brixton in November, giving you the chance to gear up for a night of firework fun and games on November 5th itself. Prepare for an evening of top flight firework action in the heart of South London. Brockwell park fireworks display takes place on Wednesday 5th November 2012 with fireworks starting at 7.30pm. Brockwell Park
Saturday 3rd November 2012
Take the whole family out to the Norman Park fireworks display and enjoy a traditional bonfire, funfair rides and spectacular fireworks.  Designed as a family friendly affair complete with a traditional bonfire, the Norman Park fireworks display is sure to be popular with those living in and around Bromley. There's nothing that says that autumn has well and truly arrived quite as much as the crackle of fireworks as they light up the night sky, so dig out your gloves, put on your woolly hat and prepare to gasp, clap and cheer at all the pyrotechnics on show in the south east London skies.  Returning once again for 2012, the Norman Park fireworks display also features a family funfair with plenty of fairground rides that are bound to be popular with kids. The display takes place on the weekend before Bonfire Night, and as it's a Saturday you don't need to worry as much about getting the kids to bed early on a school night.  As well as the fireworks, bonfire and family funfair, the Norman Park fireworks display also features a range of food and drink stalls, so you can keep warm and refreshed throughout the night. 2012 marks the 407th anniversary of the plot to blow up parliament, and the Bromley display aims to make sure that the grand tradition of remembering the gunpowder, treason and plot of Guy Fawkes Night goes off with a bang.The Norman Park fireworks display takes place from 5pm - 10pm, Saturday 3rd November 2012. The bonfire will be lit at 7.30pm, and the fireworks display begins at 8pm. Tickets are available on the gates and cost £5.00 for those aged 11+, and £3.00 for children aged 3 - 10. Kids under 3 go free. Free (but limited) on site parking is available. Norman Park
3th November 2012

  The event is organised by the Wallington and Carshalton Round Table, who have been putting on an annual fireworks display in the local area for 53 years.  Bonfire Night remains a firm favourite in the yearly calendar, and at the Carshalton fireworks display you can make the most of the tradition of gazing upwards at the colourful pyrotechnics lighting up the cold autumnal sky. Just remember your gloves and wrap up warm to keep out the chills on the night, and pay a visit to the park's bonfire if you need to warm up.  All profits from the Carshalton fireworks display will be donated to local charities, so you can feel an extra glow on the night safe in the knowledge that you're taking part in an event that benefits the whole community. One of the largest charity fireworks displays in South London, you can expect both families with kids and spectators of all ages to be out and enjoying the event.The Carshalton fireworks display takes place at Carshalton Park, Saturday 3rd November 2012 Gates open at 6pm, the fireworks display starts at 7pm and the bonfire is lit at 7.30pm.Advance tickets are available at local newsagents from October 2012. CLICK HERE FOR FURTHER DETAILS
£7.50, adv £5 from local shops and outside Sainsburys in Wallington (28 Oct-30 Oct).
Carshalton Park
Ruskin Rd, Surrey, SM5 3DD
3th November 2012
These community fireworks are organised by Caterham Round Table in aid of local charities. Sat: gates open 6pm
£4 adv from various local stores until 5pm, 2 Nov; more on the door Click for further details

Dene Field,
Top of Church Hill,
Caterham, Surrey, CR3 6SA

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30th October 2010
Lambourne End Centre, Chigwell - Bonfire Party. Small fireworks display to start. Crafts, drumming workshops and story telling, a comedy act, tricks and fire juggling. All finished off with a fireworks display to end the night with a bang!  Tel. 020 85003047
3rd November 2012
Taking place at the Chislehurst Recreation Ground, the Chislehurst fireworks display celebrates Guy Fawkes Night in traditional style with pyrotechnics, a bonfire and family entertainment.With fizzing, popping and crackling fireworks and a bonfire to warm the crowds, the Chislehurst fireworks display offers plenty of family friendly entertainment for the 2010 Guy Fawkes Night. The event is organised by the Rotary Club of Chislehurst, and all proceeds from ticket sales will go towards the group's charities.As well as the fireworks and bonfire, the Chislehurst fireworks display also has hot food and drink stalls. Funfair rides will also be available to keep the kids amused.  With the crowds expected to be out in force once more for the 2010 fireworks display, the Bonfire Night celebrations at the Chislehurst Recreation Ground are expected to be amongst the most popular in South East London. Wrap up warm and bring along the whole family for a night of Roman candles, fountains, rockets and a good old fashioned bonfire.The Chislehurst fireworks display takes place on Saturday 3rd November 2012. Gates open at 6pm, with the bonfire being lit at 7pm. The display itself starts at 7.30pm.Adult tickets for the event cost £6.00 on the gates. Accompanied children aged 2 - 14 get into the Chislehurst fireworks display for £3.00, and kids under the age of 2 go free. Advance tickets are available at local shops and the Chislehurst Post Office. Tickets bought in advance cost £5.00 for adults and £2.50 for accompanied children.   CLICK HERE
Chislehurst Recreation Ground
Empress Drive
Clapham Fireworks Display
  Monday 5th November 2012 
The Clapham fireworks display is set to be one of the biggest and brightest around, packed with an array of dazzling fireworks for the crowds to enjoy. Expect busy crowds on the night as Londoners of all ages hit the common for a South London firework extravaganza.  All are invited to turn up and join in on the day at what is bound to be a highlight Bonfire Night event. See in the firework season with a bang in the heart of Clapham and make it a big one for 2012.  Notorious for its high volume of pubs and bars Clapham Common is the perfect place to enjoy an impressive fireworks display before settling down for a drink or two somewhere warm. Visitors can enjoy the show before exploring the local watering holes.  With this year marking the 405th anniversary of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot, visitors to the Clapham fireworks display can expect something special during an evening of traditional festivities. Prepare for pyrotechnics aplenty at a seriously vibrant South London event.Kids and adults of all ages can get involved at the Clapham Common fireworks display, a thrilling family event in South London. The skies will be bursting with light and colour during a spectacular fireworks event, exploding onto Clapham Common for 2012.The Clapham fireworks display takes place at 7:30pm, Monday 5th November 2012 . Admission is free.

Corams Fields
Nr Russell Square
Friday 2nd November 2012
 Designed with young children and families in mind, the Corams Fields fireworks display is a small but welcome addition to the events taking place across London for Bonfire Night 2012.  Catering especially for young children who might otherwise find Guy Fawkes Night rather overwhelming, the Corams Fields fireworks display will be lighting up the skies above the British Museum with a colourful and seasonal show. The short display is perfect for little ones and all those who prefer their fireworks to come in bite sized chunks.   Hot drinks and homemade cakes will be available to buy at the Corams Fields fireworks display to keep everyone warm and well fed, while kids can also browse the stalls for glow sticks. No advance tickets are required to attend the display, although the organisers will be collecting small donations on the gate for charity.  The small and family friendly Corams Fields fireworks display is just one of the events taking place across London to celebrate Bonfire Night 2012. This year marks the 407th anniversary of the thwarted attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament, with the date remaining one of the most popular and eagerly anticipated in the autumnal calendar. The Corams Fields fireworks display takes place at 5pm, Friday 2nd November 2012. The gates open at 4.30pm. Admission is free, but donations to charity are invited.
Crystal Palace
5th November 2012
 Get ready for fizzes, bangs and pops at the Crystal Palace fireworks display, which actually features not one but two fireworks events for young and old alike. While the main fireworks display starts at 8.30pm, there's a smaller display earlier on at 7pm for young children who might not be old enough to burn the midnight oil just yet.As well as the two fireworks displays, Crystal Palace Park is also playing host to a family funfair where kids can try out a variety of exciting rides. Traditional food and drink is also available at the Crystal Palace fireworks display, including autumnal treats such as a hog roast. The Crystal Palace fireworks display takes place on   5th November 2012. Mon: gates open 6pm, children's fireworks 7pm, main show 8.30pm £5, children (5-13) £3, under-5s free

Crystal Palace Park

Thicket Rd, London SE20 8DT
Ealing Fireworks Display
3rd November 2012
Music from the last six decades acts as the backdrop to Ealing's annual fireworks display, so listen out for everything from Elvis to Kasabian via Wham, Blur and Take That. A bonfire will be lit after the display, plus there'll be bars, a BBQ, candy floss carts and children's rides and entertainment.Set to a stunning musical accompaniment, the Ealing fireworks display is set to take place on Saturday 3rd November 2012. Located at the Ealing Cricket Club  If you like your fireworks displays to be dramatic and set to some rousing music, then head to the Ealing fireworks display at Ealing Cricket Club for a fantastic night out. Kicking off at 7.30pm, the fireworks will be accompanied by some very exciting music which will no doubt set off the colourful displays a treat.  The music will no doubt impress music lovers of all ages and inspire more than a few impromptu cheers during the pyrotechnics display.  The gates for the Ealing fireworks display open at 6pm, meaning there is plenty of time to get into the Cricket Club and get ready for an evening of colourful entertainment. For kids there will be all the excitement of some funfair rides and novelty stalls, and of course no bonfire night fireworks display would be complete without the chance to eat some lovely sticky candyfloss. Adults won't be left out of the mix either as mulled wine and barbecues will keep you warm as the night draws on. The Ealing fireworks display takes place at the Ealing Cricket Club, with gates opening at 6pm and fireworks starting at 7.30pm. £6, children under 14 £4  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Ealing Cricket Club
Corfton Rd, London W5 2HS
Saturday 3rd November 2012
Get your ooohs and your aaahs ready for the Enfield fireworks display as the much-loved event returns for yet another year to Enfield Town. This is a real favourite for those in North London so if you’re anywhere near EN2, then head down to the park and enjoy what looks set to be another great Enfield fireworks display, courtesy of the hard-working and community minded Scouts.   There are few better ways to cope with the end of the summer and the advent of those cold, winter nights, than the fizzing of fireworks and the Enfield fireworks display has been warming the cockles of north Londoners for over thirty years now. And even if you get bored you can make sure you’re kept entertained as there’s a large funfair there too, ensuring that the thrills won’t just be confined to what’s happening up in the cool night sky.   If past years are anything to go by then this year’s fireworks display should be a good one. Previous years have seen many of the denizens of Enfield, and those from further afield, heading to a display that’s a firm favourite amongst many families north of the river.   The Enfield fireworks display is put on by the Enfield Scouts and is a great family-friendly affair that continues to be a traditional must for anyone in the area. The whole event kicks off in Enfield Town Park on Cecil Road at 6pm, with the display itself starting at 7.30pm. Tickets are just £6.00 for adults and £4.00 for children. The Enfield fireworks display takes place at Enfield Town Park, Cecil Road, Enfield at 6pm on Saturday 3rd November 2012. Fireworks begin at 7.30pm.
Enfield Town Park,
Cecil Road,
Saturday 3rd November 2012.
Lighting up the skies above South London and Surrey, the Epsom fireworks display celebrates Bonfire Night with many a fizz, bang and pop to keep the crowds happy.  The Epsom fireworks display brings all the fun of this long standing autumnal tradition to the Hook Road Arena. Organised by the 7th Epsom Scouts, the display is taking place to help raise funds for local charities, with money taken from ticket sales being donated to a variety of good causes.  The sight of bright and multicoloured rockets, fountains and mines exploding in the night sky usually elicits more than a few gasps and cheers from both young and old in the crowd, and the Epsom fireworks display is bound to be a popular event with all ages. Kids can also have a go on the funfair rides at the event, to keep them occupied before the display begins.  There's nothing quite like the sight and sound of fireworks to drive away the autumn chills, so wrap up warm and take the whole family to Hook Road Arena to enjoy all the fun. A free park and ride service is available to and from the park on the night of the event. The Epsom fireworks display takes place on Saturday 3rd November 2012. Gates open at 5.30pm, and the display begins at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £5.00 in advance and £7.50 on the gate. Tickets are available in advance from local newsagents, and on the day itself. Kids under 5 go free. Hook Road Arena
Hampton Court Fireworks Display
The event is in aid of the Historic Royal Palaces, The Hobson Charity, and The Gosling Foundation.
The Hampton Court fireworks display takes place on Saturday 1st November 2008 at Hampton Court Palace and tickets are £5.00 for adults, £2.50 for kids, and free for under 5s. Booking in advance is necessary, and for more information phone 0844 482 7795. The gates open at 6.30pm.
Hampton Court
Kingston Fireworks Display
Friday 2nd November 2012

Kingston Round Table and Kingston Rotary Club are delighted to announce that once again they will be hosting Kingston's main Firework Display on Friday 2nd November 2012 at Kingsmeadow Athletics and Fitness Centre Stadium in Surrey.  The organisers promise a display full of colour, noise and excitement, designed to flow with the music.  There will be children’s funfair rides before the show and family activities. Radio Jackie will be on site from 6.30 p.m. to entertain you before the display. The event is aimed very much at the family, with firework safety being a prime consideration - so please do not bring any sparklers, as these will not be permitted by the stewards.
Catering and toilet facilities will be available on site during the evening. There is limited cover in the grandstand but places cannot be booked, however, a covered area is reserved for people with disabilities. Tickets are now on sale costing just £5.00 for adults and £3.00 for children aged 5 to 11, if purchased in advance. You may buy them online by either clicking the "Buy Tickets" button or by Pay Pal on the tab above, or, alternatively they are available by visiting Kingston Tourist Information Centre, in the Market Place or at Kingsmeadow Athletics and Fitness Centre, Kingfisher Leisure Centre, Tolworth Leisure Centre and the Malden Centre. Please note that tickets must be purchased in person from these facilities and that unfortunately it is not possible to pay by credit or debit card. Tickets can be bought on the day at the gate and are £6.00 for adults and £4.00 for children. 
Kingsmeadow Stadium will be open from 6.30pm, last entry at 7.45pm, with the firework display commencing at 8.00pm. All surplus proceeds from the event will go to local charities.
The event is organised by Kingston Round Table and Kingston Rotary Club in conjunction with Royal Borough of Kingston and D C Leisure with support from Radio Jackie, the local Police and the St. John Ambulance Service.


Kingsmeadow Stadium,
Jack Goodchild Way,
Kingston, KT1 3PB. 
Lord Mayors Show London
Saturday 10th November 2012

The Lord Mayors Show London takes place on Saturday 10th November 2012, with the procession beginning at 11.02am (following a two minute silence at 11am). Arrive early anywhere along the route to ensure a good spot. The event is free to attend. Please note that there will be no fireworks display this year. After the wonderful Diamond Jubilee and Olympic celebrations this summer, it was felt that there’s only so many fireworks we should be sending up in one year!
Morden Fireworks Display
Saturday 3rd November 2012

Visit Morden Park and have a blast of a Bonfire Night at the 2012 Morden fireworks display.   Londoners are invited to join in the fun at the Morden fireworks display and make it one to remember for 2012 Fireworks and bonfires will be accompanied by a fairground and sidestall attractions, offering up plenty to keep the crowds busy all evening. Visitors to Morden Park can make the most of traditional fairground attractions after enjoying a stunning display of fireworks. The Morden fireworks display takes place on Saturday 3rd November 2012. Gates open at 5.15pm. The first bonfire will be lit at 6.30pm followed by a fireworks display at 6.45pm. The second bonfire will be lit at 8.15pm followed by a second fireworks display at 8.30pm. Nearest tube: Morden. 
Ravenscourt Park Fireworks Display
Saturday 3rd November 2012
The Ravenscourt Park fireworks display is being staged on Saturday 3rd November 2012, and is set to be a huge Bonfire Night occasion for Londoners of all ages. The picturesque surroundings of Ravenscourt Park will provide a fitting backdrop to a massive display of pyrotechnics, guaranteed to leave mouths agape and fingers pointing. Join the crowds to ooh and ahh at the Guy Fawkes Ravenscourt Park fireworks display in a landmark London fireworks event.  A mini fireworks display for children will set the scene for a bigger display choreographed to music later in the evening, offering something special for adults and kids of all ages. Expect rockets, bangers and much more in a first rate display of firework mayhem.  A line up of events promise to make Ravenscourt Park one of the best places to be to enjoy fireworks in London. As well as the main fireworks display and smaller kids’ display, there will also be food stalls and funfair rides, promising a range of proper festivities throughout the evening. The gates open at 6pm, with the smaller kids' show beginning at 7.15pm. The main show will then start at 8pm.  It's been 407 years since the Gunpowder Plot took place and Guy Fawkes was found guilty of treason. To mark this historic occasion, Ravenscourt Park will come alive with a huge display of first rate fireworks that's sure to amaze residents of Hammersmith and Fulham.  This year, Hammersmith and Fulham Council will also be hosting their display at Bishops Park once again, following the venue's major improvement works. Along with the Ravenscourt Park fireworks display, this gives locals even more choice when it comes to big and impressive shows in the area.
The Ravenscourt Park fireworks display takes place on Saturday 3rd November 2012 with the gates opening at 6pm. A children's show commences at 7.15pm, with the main display to follow at 8pm. Tickets are £7.00 on the day, or £5.00 in advance from the Lyric Theatre box office. Kids under 5 go free.
Ravenscourt Park
4th November 2012
This year's display is themed around the 'Best of British' and set to British music in celebration of some great UK achievements this year (presumably not including talent-show winning dogs). The display will be preceded by dance performances and competitions, plus there'll be fairground rides, a hog roast and mulled wine. The lighting of the bonfire, which promises to be bigger and better than ever, has a surprise in store. A real favourite for locals, the Richmond fireworks display remains incredibly popular thanks to a family friendly atmosphere and a display that’s always of the highest quality. 
And if it rains then fret not, the Richmond fireworks display has a big covered stand to keep you dry.This display is always a good one and there are few better ways to welcome in the colder weather and the clocks going back than wrapping up warm for Bonfire Night. So get your woolliest hat, your longest scarf and your thickest gloves and head down to Richmond for a great display of Catherine wheels, rockets, serpents and crysanthemums that are sure to make your Bonfire Night go off with a bang. The Richmond fireworks display takes place at Richmond Athletics Ground on Sunday 4th November 2012. Gates open at 5pm, with the fireworks starting at 7pm. Advance tickets can be purchased by calling (020) 8940 0397  .£10, children £5, under-5s free, family (2 adults and up to 4 children) £30; advance discounts available.
The Athletic Ground
Twickenham Rd, Surrey, Richmond TW9 2SF
Roundwood Park Fireworks
(Willesden) Display
5th November 2012
The Roundwood Park fireworks display is taking place in November 2010, promising traditional Guy Fawkes fun for Bonfire Night 2012.  A fireworks and laser display set to music takes place at 8.30pm, with a George Irvin funfair and catering stalls adding to the fun. Gates open at 7pm. The Roundwood Park fireworks display is taking place on 5th November 2012, giving Londoners the opportunity to enjoy traditional Guy Fawkes fun.    Commemorate one of the most notorious events in London history in traditionally festive style at one of the capital’s most popular London displays. Roundwood Park fireworks display takes place on 5th November 2012. The gates open at 6.45pm with the display starting at 8pm. The event is free to attend and finishes at 9pm. 
Roundwood Park
Southgate, North London
Saturday 3rd November 2012
The Southgate fireworks display returns for another year, bringing one of the best-loved displays to north London. A perennial favourite, the 2012 Southgate fireworks display at Walker Cricket Ground looks set to be just as popular and every bit as magnificent.   It’s not only fireworks at this year’s Southgate fireworks display, but they are the reason that everyone keeps coming back. Prepare to get your best ooohs and aaahs at the ready as the Catherine wheels, Roman candles, rockets and more shoot up into the air and ensure that the Southgate fireworks display remains one of north London’s best displays.   Fireworks for Bonfire Night are such a great tradition and offer the perfect antidote to both the clocks going back and the onset of the colder weather. You can’t beat wrapping up warm, getting out into the autumn air and keeping the hands warm with a cup of hot soup, and this display at Walker Cricket Ground will enable you to do exactly that in a family-friendly atmosphere.   Visitors to the display can also expect to enjoy a whole host of other great autumnal delights, with food stalls and children’s funfair rides adding more entertainment in addition to the impressive fireworks. And if you want to bring your little ones, remember that children under 4 go free. The Southgate fireworks display takes place on Saturday 3rd November 2012 at Walker Cricket Ground. The gates open at 5pm, with the fireworks display kicking off at 7.45pm. Tickets on the gate cost £6.00 for adults and £4.00 for children under 16. Kids under 4 years old go free. Tickets can be purchased in advance at a discounted rate at the office and bar area, costing £5.00 for adults and £3.00 for children.
Sunbury on Thames
 Firework Display at Kempton Park Racecourse, Sunbury on Thames TW16 5AQ. Organiser: Staines Round Table & Feltham & Hounslow 41 Club Tickets: £6 in advance; £8 on the gate Gates & funfair open 6:30 pm; Fireworks 7.45 pm; Free parking 'Biggest & best display in West London'
Friday 2nd November 2012
Head to the Totteridge fireworks display for an evening crammed full of fizzes, whizzes and bangs come Bonfire Night. The Totteridge Millhillians Cricket Club on Totteridge Green is hosting the family friendly display, which also includes a traditional bonfire.Lighting up the skies of North London with a colourful display of rockets, fountains, Roman candles and more, the Totteridge fireworks display marks the 407th anniversary of the plot to blow up parliament. Bonfire Night is a perennially popular event in the autumnal calendar, and the 2012 displays taking place across London are bound to be a memorable affair.   As well as the central attraction of the fireworks themselves, the Totteridge fireworks display also includes a full bar, mulled wine and hot food stalls to keep everyone refreshed and well fed. While you're munching on a hot dog you can also enjoy live entertainment as a precursor to the fireworks.   You can expect plenty of drama and stirring emotion at the Totteridge fireworks display, thanks to the musical accompaniment to the loud and colourful pyrotechnics. A traditional bonfire will also be lit to provide an extra glow to the night's proceedings. The Totteridge fireworks display takes place on Friday 2nd November 2012. The gates open at 5pm, while the fireworks display begins between 7.15pm - 7.30pm and will last for 20 minutes. Adult tickets cost £7.00, tickets for children under 16 cost £5.00, and toddlers and infants go free. A family ticket for two adults and three children costs £20.00. On the door, tickets cost £10.00 and a family ticket will cost £30.00. To book tickets in advance, visit the club house or call 020 3519 2779. Nearest station: Totteridge and Whetstone. Car parking facilities are also available close to the cricket club. Totteridge Millhillians Cricket Club
on Totteridge Green
Tower Hamlets
Sunday 4th November 2012
Lighting up the skies above Bethnal Green with a loud and colourful display, the Weavers Fields fireworks display is one of three events organised by Tower Hamlets Council for Bonfire Night. Other displays are taking place at Millwall Park and Bartlett Park, as smaller, more community focused events to replace the fireworks at Victoria Park.
Visitors to the Weavers Fields fireworks display can expect plenty in the way of rockets, willows, Roman candles and chrysanthemums as the residents of east London come out to celebrate Bonfire Night in the usual style. It's now 407 years Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators tried and failed to blow up the Houses of Parliament with gunpowder, and since then it's been the custom to mark the anniversary with bonfires, guys and pyrotechnics.
Bonfire Night is one of the highlights of the autumn calendar, and provides some welcome cheer in the midst of shorter days and colder weather. Wrap up warm with gloves, hats, scarves and thick coats and enjoy a night of free entertainment at the Weavers Fields fireworks display in Bethnal Green. As the 5th November falls on a Monday this year, most display's in London have decided to take place on the Saturday and Sunday before. Therefore, you can take the kids out for a full night of fireworks related fun safe in the knowledge that it's not a school night. The event at Weavers Fields is bound to a popular event with children and families, so get your oohs and ahhs ready and prepare to look skywards for a spectacular show.
The Weavers Fields fireworks display takes place from 7.30pm, Sunday 4th November 2012. Admission is free.

Walthamstow Fireworks Display
Monday 5th November 2012

The Walthamstow fireworks display is a huge Bonfire Night event kicking off on Monday 5th November 2012, promising traditional fireworks fun in the heart of East London. Prepare for a stunning display of pyrotechnics and set the night off with a bang   range of fireworks displays are taking place throughout London this year and the Walthamstow fireworks display is set to be a highlight East London event. Children and adults of all ages can join in the fun and make it a memorable Bonfire Night event. The Walthamstow fireworks display takes place on Saturday 5th November itself, giving locals and visitors to the area the chance to enjoy traditional Guy Fawkes festivities on the historic date. Expect a seriously vibrant atmosphere on the night, as crowds of Londoners flock to Chestnut Showground for first rate fireworks. This year marks the 407th anniversary of the infamous Gunpowder Plot, in which Guy Fawkes and co-conspirators attempted, unsuccessfully, to blow up Parliament. Visitors to the Walthamstow fireworks display can celebrate this historic event in classic style at a huge fireworks event. In addition to fireworks the event will include funfair rides and other events for kids and their families. Visitors can make a day out of it and join in the festivities on the night. The Walthamstow fireworks display takes place at Chestnut Showground (behind Walthamstow Town Hall) on Monday 5th November 2012. The gates open at 5pm and Entry is free. Walthamstow

Chestnut Showground
(behind Walthamstow Town Hall)
Sunday 4th November 2012
Head to the free Newham fireworks display on Wanstead Flats and see the skies above east London lit up in a bright and colourful pyrotechnics show on Bonfire Night.  Hosted by the Mayor of Newham, the fireworks display on Wanstead Flats brings plenty of fizzes, pops and bangs to the green open land on the edge of Epping Forest. There's nothing quite like some fireworks on Guy Fawkes Night to bring a spot of colour and cheer to the long autumn nights, so wrap up warm and take the whole family along for some free and traditional fun.  There's an intergalactic theme to the 2012 Newham fireworks display, with a musical soundtrack that aims to take you through the solar system and beyond. Expect to hear plenty of chart topping favourites during the fireworks display, from Take That's Rule the World and Elton John's Rocket Man to the soundtracks from E.T. and Star Wars.  Keep warm, well fed and refreshed during the Newham fireworks display with a selection of hot food and drink available from the stalls set up on Wanstead Flats. Jerk chicken wraps, soup, burgers and hot dogs will all be available to buy at the event, so you can make a night of it and enjoy a seasonal community event with the whole family.  The free display on Wanstead Flats has been designed by Pains Fireworks, winners of the top award at the International Fireworks Festival. Onlookers can enjoy plenty in the way of rockets, Roman candles, fountains and chrysanthemums at a first rate display in east London.  The free fireworks display organised by Newham Council is likely to be a very popular affair, so make sure you carefully plan your journey to and from the event. Centre Road and Woodford Road will be closed between 7pm and 8.30pm, and visitors are advised to use public transport rather than driving to Wanstead Flats. The Newham fireworks display takes place on Sunday 4th November 2012. The gates open at 5.45pm, and the display begins at 6.30pm. Admission is free. Entrances to Wanstead Flats will be on Centre Road and Dames Road. Please note that no dogs or personal fireworks, including sparklers, will be allowed. Wanstead Flats
Saturday 3rd November 2012
Back for another year in 2012, the Danson Park fireworks display makes the most of of their event with a stunning fireworks show, a funfair and more family friendly entertainment.  Set in the beautiful grounds of Danson Park in Welling, the 2012 Danson Park fireworks display aims to be one of the biggest shows in south east England, so get your gasps of admiration ready for a spectacular pyrotechnics show. Lasting nearly half an hour, the display will be lighting up the night sky on Saturday 3rd November 2012.  Other attractions at the Danson Park fireworks display include a funfair for kids and food and drink stalls, so there'll be something to keep both young and old happy on the night. A variety of community stalls will also be set up in the park, while the display itself takes place over the lake and will be choreographed to music.  Organised by Welling Round Table, the Danson Park fireworks display is a charity event that raises money for good causes in the local community. Past events have raised much needed funds for projects such as the children's water park in Danson Park, new mess tents for the Scouts, the local junior football club and more, so you can be sure that your money is going to be put to good use. The Danson Park fireworks display takes place on Saturday 3rd November 2012. The gates open at 6pm, with the display itself starting at 8pm. Tickets cost £5.00 on the gate or £3 for kids and £4 for adults if booked in advance which can be done online or via local ticket agents in Bexley. For more information please click on the link below.
Danson Park Fireworks Official Site
5th November 2012
 Head to the Westway fireworks display for a traditional bonfire, fire jugglers and an impressive fireworks show for Guy Fawkes Night...Guy Fawkes Night is one of the most popular events in the autumn calendar, and for 2011 you can mark 406 years of gunpowder, treason and plot at the Westway fireworks display. The annual display comes courtesy of the Westway Development Trust, and takes place in Maxilla Gardens close to the Westway flyover. One of the best things about the Westway fireworks display is that it's completely free, although as it's a relatively small display you'll want to arrive early for the chance to secure a viewing spot. Around 300 people are expected to enjoy this fireworks display in Maxilla Gardens, which also features a giant bonfire. As well as the pyrotechnics show and bonfire at the Westway fireworks display, you can also enjoy a display of Guys made by local schoolchildren. There's also stilt walkers and fire jugglers to provide some extra entertainment inbetween all the fizzes, bangs and pops. The Westway fireworks display takes place from 6pm on Friday 4th November 2011. Admission is free. Entrance is from St Marks Road alongside the Westway flyover. Nearest Tube: Ladbroke Grove. Maxilla Gardens
Wimbledon Fireworks Display
Monday 5th November 2012
Visit Wimbledon and have a blast of a Bonfire Night at the 2012 Wimbledon fireworks display, taking place on Monday 5th November.  The skies of Wimbledon Park will be alive with light and colour during a night of thrilling fireworks, exploding onto the scene at a perennially popular London event. Children and adults will be out in crowds to enjoy fireworks in Wimbledon, in celebration of Bonfire Night 2012. A smaller children’s display will be taking place ahead of the main fireworks display event, and both displays will be accompanied by the lighting of a bonfire for an appropriately traditional touch.   Kids and adults of all ages can expect traditional Guy Fawkes fun in Wimbledon, with plenty of firework action in store. The displays also feature music, guaranteeing something extra special on the night and a lively soundtrack to proceedings.   In addition to the fireworks displays and two bonfires a selection of stalls will be open throughout the evening, along with a complete fairground. Visitors to the Wimbledon fireworks display can enjoy the pyrotechnics and go for a spin beneath the stars.   Visitors to the Wimbledon fireworks display can make a day of it in one of London's most famously pleasant areas. Expect a bubbling community atmosphere at a highlight Guy Fawkes event for 2012. The Wimbledon fireworks display takes place on Monday 5th November 2012. Gates open at 5.15pm. The first bonfire will be lit at 6.30pm, followed by a fireworks display at 6.45pm. The second bonfire will be lit at 8.15pm, followed by a second fireworks display at 8.30pm. Nearest tube: Wimbledon Park. Tickets are £8.00 for adults and £5.00 for children under 16. Kids under 4 go free and family tickets (two adults and two children) are available for £20.00. Sidestalls and the fairground remain open until 10pm.

Ascot, Berkshire
Firework display at Ascot Racecourse
3rd November 2012
Ascot Racecourse – United House Group Day & Firework Spectacular
Throughout the day racegoers are welcome to head to the Plaza Lawns where there will be a selection of thrilling rides for your entertainment, including a few tamer rides for the under 10’s. The rides will be free of charge from 10.45am however after the last race, rides will be charged at £1 per ride which will be donated to local charities. After racing, Ascot presents a firework spectacular at 6pm. All racegoers who have purchased tickets to the racing are welcome to stay for the display. Last Admission and any re-admission advised before 4pm. Bars, food outlets and fairground rides will all remain open until the Fireworks commence. Candy floss and toffee apples are available all day from the Plaza kiosks.
Firework Only Ticket
Tickets to just the firework display can be pre-purchased from the Ascot Round Table or can be bought on the gate after 4pm.   
Ascot Racecourse, Ascot, SL5 7JX
For more go to or for race and fireworks tickets go to
Binfield, Nr Bracknell
Sunday 4th November 2012
Fireworks Extravaganza
Following the huge success of our 2011 event Blue Mountain Golf & Conference Centre are delighted to announce that our annual fireworks display will be taking place on Sunday 4th November 2012.  Blue Mountain hosts one of the largest and most popular firework displays in the Berkshire area. The display this year will yet again be produced by 'Star Fireworks' who are known for their fabulous displays at the Big Brother events. As well as the fireworks there will be plenty of things going on for the whole family: Bonfire, Adult Fun Fair, Kids Fun Fair, BBQ, Bar, Live Band. Gates open at 5pm with the bonfire being lit at 6pm and the display taking place at approximately 6.35pm. Adult tickets are £8.00 & Children's tickets are £5.00 - RECEIVE A £1.00 DISCOUNT off all pre-booked tickets! For more information contact our events team on 01344 312504 or email
Blue Mountain Golf & Conference Centre  ,Wood Lane, Binfield, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG42 4EX
Visit Website
St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School Parent Teacher Association is holding its annual Fireworks Display at the school in Pembroke, Hanworth.Bracknell company Star Fireworks, which did displays for Channel 4’s Big Brother, will be managing the display.Hot snacks and drinks will be available.Gates open at 6.30pm, with the fireworks starting around 7.30pm. Tickets cost £6 per adult, £4 per child, or a Family ticket for £15 (two adults and two children OR one adult and three children) available only in advance from the school office (01344) 424030.
John Nike Leisure Centre, Firework Display, John Nike Way, Bracknell, gates open at 6pm, call 01344 789000
2nd November 2012
Bradfield Southend
2 Nov – A FIREWORK SPECTACULAR at Bradfield CE Primary School, Cock Lane, Bradfield Southend, RG7 6HR
Fireworks set to music. Doors open 5.30pm. Fireworks 7pm. Vicars’ burgers & hot dogs, hot drinks, soup and doughnuts.Family Ticket £15 (2 adults and up to 4 children) or £5 Adult, £3 school age children. Buy tickets online at or from Bradfield CE Primary School or Bradfield Village Stores.
Cock Lane,
Bradfield Southend,
RG7 6HR.
Monday 5 November 2012
Chieveley Fireworks –   at Chieveley Recreation Centre.
    * Gates open 6.15pm,     * Deadline for entries to Guy Competition 6.30pm     * Judging of Guys 6.45pm
    * Torchlight procession of guys to bonfire 7.00pm     * Bonfire lit 7.15pm     * Fireworks 7.45pm
As always there will be a great selection of food and drink to choose from. This includes a licensed bar, refreshments, and a BBQ serving locally produced burgers, sausages and bacon from Chieveley's Down Farm with rolls and doughnuts from Shepherd's Bakery in Chieveley.  Free parking is available on or near to the Recreation Ground.
Guy Competition
Guys on BonfireParents, please encourage your children to enter the Guy Competition. There are lots of prizes to be won. You and your Guy will take part in the torch lit procession through the crowds to the bonfire. There will be the usual prizes for the best traditional Guy and this year's special theme is the Olympics. Bring your Guys to the marquee by 6.30pm at the latest for judging. There will be two categories; 1. Traditional Guy 2. Olympics  (best Olympic \ ParaOlympic themed guys)First prize for each category £25, second prize £15, third prize £10  Bring your Guys to the tent next to the Village Hall by 6.30pm at the latest for judging.

Telephone: 01753 852904 1 Clewer Hill Road, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 4BU Email:

Chieveley Recreation Centr
Wellington College, Fireworks Display, Crowthorne, gates open at 6.30pm, call 01344 751751, 

4th November 2012
As well as the annual firework display there is a bouncy castle, soft play and trampolining for children as well as a family disco - all supported by the centre’s mascot Foxy. For grownups, the Time Out café bar will be selling hot and cold drinks and snacks with a BBQ outside. Doors open at 5pm, and the 20 minute firework display to music will commence at 6.30pm. Advance tickets cost £19 for a family of two adults and up to two children, £7 for adults, £4 conc. Further discounts are available for leisure centre members, whilst tickets will cost slightly more if bought on the night.
Edgbarrow Sports Centre, Crowthorne

Hungerford Round Table present their Firework Extraveganza. (Still To Be Confirmed)
Hungerford Town Football Club, Bulpit Lane, Hungerford. RG17 0EY.
All proceeds to local charities - Mini funfair and hot refreshments available.
The display set to music will start at 6.15pm.
Tickets £3 for adults - £2 for under 16's - Under fives are free.
Family ticket £8 - Further information from Neil Benson on 07885 229314

2nd November 2012
will soon be here!!
Gates open at 6pm, the fire will be lit around 7pm and the fireworks will be around 7.30pm. Tickets are the same price as last year, £15 for a family ticket of upto 5 people. With food and drinks available, this is always a popular event. Tickets available in the clubhouse or over the phone. See you there!! Telephone: 0118 947 8600
Fax: 0118 947 8700  
Caversham Heath Golf Club
3rd November 2012
FIREWORKS SPECTACULAR AND CARTERS STEAM FAIR at Boyne Hill Cricket Club, Boyn Grove, Bath Rd, Maidenhead. 2-10pm. Grand Firework Display from 5pm (Entrance tickets needed - £3 per person, under 5s free) Boyne Hill Cricket Club, Boyn Grove, Bath Rd, Maidenhead

Wash Common
Monday 5th November 2012
Falkland Cricket Club - Grand Bonfire & Firework Display, plus Barbecue Gates open at 6.00pm - Bonfire lit at 7.15pm, followed by the firework display. Admission (to be confirmed) - Children under 5 FREE.  Tel: 01635 47658 or 07768 696291 No sparklers please - do not bring your own. There is limited car parking space (£2 per car) - Please come on foot if possible. Falkland Cricket Club, Enborne Street, Wash Common
3rdNovember 2012
The Lions Club Of Newbury - Spectacular Fireworks Display - Newbury Racecourse
Every year this event proves to be the greatest pyrotechnic display in West Berkshire and is enjoyed by thousands of people, some of whom travel great distances to enjoy the spectacle. As in previous years the Firework Display will be augmented by some stirring music and the theme this year is Witches, Wizards and Warlocks.
Fireworks display, Fun Fair, BBQ, Bar, Novelties, Donuts. Gates open at 4.30pm - Fireworks start at 7.00pm.
Tickets bought in advance are £4 for adults, £3.50 for those aged 5 to 16 years and just £12 for a family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) and are available from Tesco Superstore in Newbury, Newbury and Thatcham branches of Newbury Building Society and The Corn Exchange.Market Place, Newbury
The Racecourse,
RG14 7NZ

Lions Club of Newbury
Saturday 10th November 2012
Thatcham Rotary Club presents a Spectacular Fireworks Display Henwick Farm off Turnpike Road (Opposite the West Berkshire Community Hospital) Tickets are available from Subway in Thatcham and Newbury, Newbury Building Society and the Family Bookshop in Thatcham and the Regency Hotel Sports Centre. Advanced tickets - Adults £4.,00 Child under 16 £3.00 Gate tickets - Adults £5.00 Child under 16 £4.00 Gates open 5.30pm - Infants display (quiet) 7.00pm - Main display 7.30pm. Big Bonfire - Refreshments - Supported by the Breeze, the new local radio station for Newbury & West Berkshire.  Henwick Farm off Turnpike Road
(Opposite the West Berkshire Community Hospital)
Kingslere Fireworks Extraveganza.( Still to be confirmed)  Fieldgate Centre Grounds, Kingsclere. RG20 5SQ
Gates open 5.30pm - display starts at 6.30pm Tickets in advance £4 for adults £2 for children under 16 from Kingsclere Village Stores or Kingsclere Primary School. - Event organised by the Parent Teacher Association.
Refreshments are available including a BBQ with vegetarian option. The Fieldgate Centre bar will also be open.

3rd November 2012
The Friends of Pangbourne Primary School will be hosting their popular Firework Fiesta with a huge bonfire, 30 minute firework display, BBQ and bar, games and plenty of fun for all the family. Gates open at 5.30pm. Tickets are £7.50 in advance for adults/over 12s (£10 on the gate). All primary school children accompanied by an adult enter FREE.
Pangbourne Primary School, Kennedy Drive, Pangbourne, RG8 7LB
Tickets available online from

The Shoulder of Mutton in Playhatch (off the A4155) will be holding its annual firework display. Bring one large firework per family and get one free jacket potato (with one filling) per family member Full bar and hot drinks available. Pancakes afterwards, donations for charity.

Doors open from 6pm. Phone (0118) 947 3908 for details.

3rd November 2012
FIREWORKS DISPLAYat Reading Town Football Club, Scours Lane, Reading
Organisd by The Lions Club of Reading and Reading 107fm. Plus music, food, drinks and a funfair. Gates open at 5pm and fireworks start at 7pm. Tickets available in advance from at £4 for adults and £3 for children. On the day, if there are any tickets left they will be £5 for adults.
Reading Town Football Club, Scours Lane, Reading
8th November 2012
2012 Firework Display
Blue Coat’s annual Firework Display takes place at the School on Thursday, 8th November, with the gate opening at 6.30pm. Tickets bought in advance cost £7.00; tickets bought at the gate will cost £8.00; no charge for Under 5s. Tickets will be available from Reception from Friday, 19th October. Signposted parking will be available on Sonning Field from 6pm on the day. Hot food and beverages will be available.
Holme Park,
 Sonning Lane,
 Sonning on Thames, Berkshire RG4 6SU
Emmer Green
Reading Abbey Rugby Club will hold its display with a barbecue and bar at its ground at Rosehill, Peppard Road, Emmer Green. Gates open at 6pm. Fireworks start at 8pm. There will be a barbecue and bar. Tickets for a family cost £12 in advance or £15 on the day. Available from the club house or call 07760 198555.
9th November 2012
 FIREWORK DISPLAY at Checkendon Primary School, RG8 0SR
This year’s spectacle starts at 6pm when gates open for a barbeque, bar and various stalls. The fireworks will start around 7pm. Tickets: adult £3, child £2, available at the gate on the night.
Checkendon Primary School,
Shinfield Rise
Whiteknights Primary School, Firework Display, Fairlawn Green, Shinfield Rise,  gates open 6pm, call 0118 987 2588
Rivermead Primary Fireworks Display, Loddon Bridge Road, Woodley, time tbc, call 0118 954 0770
Springfield School, Barton Road, Tilehurst, Reading, call 0118 942 1797

Saturday 3 November 2012
Slough's Bonfire and Firework Spectacular
 Slough’s bonfire and firework spectacular will be lighting up the sky above Upton Court Park on Saturday 3 November. The crowd will be treated to a superb display of dramatic multi-coloured fireworks and a flaming bonfire. There will be refreshments from around the world and a large fun fair.
Advanced tickets are on sale now from:

All Libraries.
My Council.
Montem and Langley leisure centres.
Absolute Ice arena.
Tickets will also be available on the gates. Ticket prices   Advanced tickets : Adult Tickets £4.50, Children/senior citizen Tickets £2.50, Family Tickets £12.00  Child tickets are needed for youngsters aged four to 15. Children aged 3 and under get in for free. 16 year olds and above need adult tickets. 
On the night : Adult Tickets £6.00 Children/senior citizen Tickets £4.00 Please note Family Tickets won't be available on the night.  For more information contact events on 01753 875194 or e-mail
Upton Court Park,
Click For Website

Stockcross fireworks party
Head to Deanwood Park golf club for a three-in-one spectacular night of Halloween, fireworks and a bonfire on Saturday 31 October 2009.The club, in Stockcross, Newbury, is holding a Build A Witch competition at 18.30, with the winning witch being placed on top of the bonfire and ignited with a rocket.There will also be prizes for the best fancy dress as well as apple-bobbing, a barbecue and a bar.Details: Gates open at 18.00, bonfire and witch-burning at 18.50, adult and kids fancy dress judging at 19.00, fireworks at 19.30.Advance tickets cost £5 for adults, £3 for children aged under 16.

Stratford Saye
3rd November 2012
Fireworks Fiesta Saturday 3rd November
 This year's event will be held at the Park on the 3rd November.   This event is run and organised by the 'Lodden Lions' as a charitable fund raising event, raising cash for local charities. As part of our support for that, we provide the location free of charge. Tickets this year will 'only' be available online. Ticket prices will be £8.00 for adults and £4.00 for children.   ,Tel: 0118 932 6444
Wellington Country Park, Odiham Road, Riseley, near Reading, RG7 1S
To purchase tickets, please click on the link below:-
Wellington Country Park cannot be held liable for any transactions processed via this link
27th October 2012
The Twyford Round Table will be holding its bonfire and fireworks display  Gates open at 6.30pm and the fireworks start at 7.30pm   There will be a fun fair, barbecue and refreshment tent. Tickets can be purchased in advance from Brighton’s newsagents in London Road or Hare Hatch Sheeplands farm shop, also in London Road. King George’s Field in Loddon Hall Road
For more information visit
5th November 2012
Enjoy a spectacular pyrotechnics display with proceeds supporting Camp Mohawk, a day centre for children with special needs. 6-9pm. Refreshments available. Adults and over 12s £5, under 12s £3. Further details available on website.
Camp Mohawk,
Highfield Lane,

  Racecourse Fireworks Extravaganza
Windsor Racecourse Firework Spectacular Family Day
Tel: 0870 727 1234
Windsor Racecourse Fireworks Click
Fireworks at Legoland Windsor
27th,28th October &
2nd, 3rd & 4th November 2012

Prepare for a bang, as brand new for this year, LEGO Monster Fighters Fireworks will be firing LEGO bricks in 3D (with the help of some 3D glasses!) over the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort. Evil Lord Vampyre has awakened his army of monsters and is escaping with the moonstones; the Monster Fighters must stop them before they complete their evil plan to eclipse the sun forever. Can you help Dr Rodney Rathbone and his team to rescue the precious moonstones?   Before dark, there will be masses of Brick or Treat fun to get the whole family in the spirit. Can you complete the mission and uncover the LEGO Monster Fighter’s moonstones hidden around the resort? Join Ollie the Dragon for dancing, singing and monster mash fun! LEGO build challenges, as well as your favourite LEGOLAND characters and shows complete this year’s line up, to keep the whole family entertained from dawn until dusk.  Ever wanted to experience your favourite LEGOLAND rides after dark? Now is your chance, as some of the rides will stay open after the Fireworks. So why not avoid the traffic and treat yourself to a twilight adventure!
Feeling Hungry? For the bravest of families why not try our Halloween themed lunch buffet in the Bricks Family restaurant (available through half term week), in our new LEGOLAND hotel. Limited edition Halloween themed Collector’s badges will be back and available in Kid’s meals during half term week.  
Tel: 0871 2222 001

Legoland Windsor,
 Winkfield Road,
 SL4 4A
Woodley & Earley
3rd November 2012
  Lions Club of Woodley & Earley is staging their annual charity fireworks extravaganza.
The firework display,  is accompanied by music and there will be hot food and beverages on sale.All Proceeds donated to local deserving causes. Details: Gates open at 18.00, fireworks at 19.00.  Details can be obtained from the Secretary, Chris Nunn on 0845 833 9863 

Laurel Park in Rushey Way, Lower Earley,
For more go to

You can enjoy a fantastic display by a professional pyrotechnic at the Rivermead School in Loddon Bridge Road, Woodley. There will also be a barbecue, drinks and glow novelties available. Tickets are available from Parent Teacher Association's of all Woodley primary schools up to Thursday 5 November, or you can pay at the gate on the night. Details: Gates open at 18.30, display starts at 19.30. Entry is £4 for adults and £3 for children. Ring 0118 9618967 for more information.

3rd November 2012

A stunning torchlight procession leaves the town centre at 6pm led by St Sebastion’s brass band and various local dignitaries, followed by the amazing sight of 500 flaming torches. The procession arrives at Cantley Field, where there is a funfair and a number of food outlets. This year’s event is supported by Heart FM radio, who will provide a presenter in the field to entertain you and their Heart Angels will be circulating, giving away freebies. The fireworks start at 7.30pm and will last 25 minutes. It ends with a big bonfire.
Tickets cost £4 in advance/£6 on the day. Under 7s are free. Tickets can be bought at various outlets including: Wokingham Information Centre, Tescos (Finchamstead Road), Barclays Bank (Market Place), Newbury Building Society (Broad Street).
Cantley Park in Twyford Road
Traditional Midsummer bonfires are still lit on some high hills in Cornwall (see Carn Brea and Castle an Dinas, St. Columb Major). This tradition was revived by the Old Cornwall Society in the early 20th century. Bonfires in Cornwall were once common as part of Golowan, which is now celebrated at Penzance, Cornwall. This week long festival normally starts on the Friday nearest St John's Day. Golowan lasts several days and culminates in Mazey Day. This is a revival of the Feast of St John (Gol-Jowan) with fireworks and bonfires. This list pertains to the Guy Fawkes Tradition.
5 November 2012
Priory Park, football field,Bodmin. Bonfire and Laser Show from 7pm & Fireworks from 7.30pm Local schools 'Best Guy Competition' Childrens Rides, Hot Dogs etc. No sparklers please. Children must be accompanied by an adult
The Joint organisers reserve the right of admission in the interest of public safety All proceeds to local charitities
Tickets available at: Bricknells, Stan May Stores, Football Club, Morrisons, Martin & Budge, Sproull Solicitors. Children under 5yrs free if accompanied by an adult.  Tickets £4 for adults and £3 for children on the gates. The under 5s get in free. For more info contact Bodmin Visitor Centre.
Priory Park, football field, Bodmin
St Lawrence Social Club. Trelawney Fireworks are firing a Display at St. Lawrence hospital in Bodmin for St. Lawrence Social Club Halloween party. The party should start 7pm
St Lawrence Social Club
Bodmin Moor
Colliford Lake Park. Events during Day with Beast Burning in the evening. Beast Burning and Firework Display. Magnificent fire show and burning of giant wooden sculpture of the infamous Beast of Bodmin. Tickets Adults £7 Child (3-15) £6  Family Ticket (2 + 2 Children) £23  Advance Booking Prices:  Adult £6  Child £5  Family £21  For more information  Phone: 01208 - 821469
Colliford Lake Park
November 3rd 2012
Bude Rugby Club. The bonfire will be lit at 6.30pm with the a professional firework display starting at 7.00pm.
On sale will be burgers and hotdogs from the bar-b-que. Tea and coffee will be available and our bar will be open. 
Bude Rugby Club
November 4th 2012
Bay View Fireworks – The Bay View Inn in Widemouth Bay is holding its firework night on November 4 from 6pm. The Bay View Inn is a family run hotel and award winning freehouse inn overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with stunning views of the bay. Local produce is used for its dishes which can be eaten al-fresco on a deck overlooking the sea, sand and surf or in the restaurant.    T: 01288 361273
The Bay View Inn,
Widemouth Bay,
 Bude, EX23 0AW
Monday 5th
November 2012
Firework Display
Fire lit 6pm Fireworks 6.30 pm Entrance £10.00 Family (2 Adults/3 Children) Older Children and Adults £3.50
Primary School Children £2.00 Hot dogs, hot drinks No sparklers and no alcohol.
Bugle School, Fore Street, Bugle, St Austell, PL26 8PD
3rd November 2012

Callington Community College,
Once again this year, the College is hosting a spectacular Firework Display for the Community
Start Date:3rd November 2012 7:00:pm  The annual display, always a huge success, is sponsored by Callington Town Council, Ginsters and Callington Community College. Entry is free, but you are invited to make a donation for charity.  This year's charities are Bristol Children's Hospital Cardiac Ward, Cornwall Air Ambulance, and College charities.  . For more information: Claire King 01579 386012

Callington Community College, Launceston Road, Callington, Cornwall
Website Click
 Fireworks, Hot and cold refreshments on sale.
Gates open at 6pm. Fireworks @ 7pm Family tickets(Max 2 adults & 2 children) available in advance from the school - £6 On the gate - adults £3, children - £1
Rosemellin County Primary School, Cliff View Road, Camborne
Carbis Bay
Sunday 4th November 2012
Carbis Bay Beach, off Porthrepta Road, Carbis Bay, St Ives Fireworks, Bonfire and craft fair. 6-10pm
Carbis Bay Holidays are delighted to be the main sponsor for the Carbis Bay Residents' Association Bonfire and Fireworks Party once again. Together with other local businesses we look forward to welcoming you to Carbis Bay Beach to see the fireworks, enjoy the BBQ and join in the fun. Start with the lighting of the bonfire  BBQ, mulled wine, teas & coffees, doughnuts, candlyfloss and sweets.
Carbis Bay Beach, off Porthrepta Road, Carbis Bay, St Ives, TR26 2NP
Cardinham Sports Club. Bonfire, Fireworks, Hot Dogs, Burgers, Drinks. Best Guy Competition at 5.30pm. Bonfire lit 5.45pm and Firework Display 6.15pm. Tickets on the night Adults £3 Children £2 (16 and under) Tickets available in advance from a committee member Adults £2.50 Children £1.50  Contact 01208 813745 (after 6.00pm) for more details. Cardinham Sports Club
Chacewater Millenium Green. Bonfire lit at 6.45pm Firework Display starts at 7.30pm. BBQ and refreshments available. Chacewater Millenium Green next to Village Hall on Church Hill
Smugglers Den Inn. Torchlight procession across the fields from Cubert, free minibus from Smugglers Den back to Cubert, hot refreshments, bonfire etc, plus little childrens fairground rides. Fireworks approx 8.00pm. Approx. £10 for a family of 4. Tel: 01637 830209
Smugglers Den Inn, Trebellan, near Cubert
Falmouth Cricket Club Firework display by Falmouth Firefighters.6pm £6000 of fireworks set to music. Entrance costs £4 for adults and £2 for children (no concessions). There will be limited disabled parking before 5.30pm.
Falmouth Cricket Club, Trescobeas Rd Falmouth TR11 4JB
Swanpool Beach Firework Display in aid of Swanpool Nature Reserve, Also featuring... Swamp Circus Beach Cafe open for excellent food , Bouncy Castle, Indaba on the Beach for drinks and hog roast. Tel: 01326 314740
Swanpool Beach
Fowey Hall Hotel.  More information Tel: 01726 833866Bonfire, BBQ & Bangers. Join us for a bonfire, BBQ & sparklers for the children on Friday 5th November. (Please note No Firework Display).
£19.95 per person, children @ £8.50.
Fowey Hall Hotel.
Saturday 3rd
November 2012

  Free Parking  · Gates open 6:00pm  · Guy Judging 7:00pm · Firelighting 7:30pm  · Fireworks 7:45-8:00pm
· Adults £3.50 Kids £2.50 · Family Ticket £10 · Under 5’s FREE

Lankelly-Fowey Rugby Club, Lankelly Lane, Fowey PL23 1HN
Godrevy, near Gwithian, Hayle
Saturday 3rd
November 2012

Annual Firework Extravaganza
There will be an outside marquee for shelter as well as a stand selling glow sticks, sparklers and other illuminated objects. There will also be a family disco in the early evening building up to a reggae club night with DJs Indian Billy, Sy Clopps and Puzzle for those who wish to stay on after the firework show. Food will be served at the Sandisfter from 5pm, where guests will be treated to a choice of famous Sandsifter burgers, sausages in rolls, chips or a variety of dishes from the noodle bar. Hot drinks will also be served.  he firework show will start at 7pm, please arrive early to ensure nearby parking. Admission is free. 
Sandsifter, 1 Godrevy Towans, Gwithian, Hayle TR27 5ED
31st October
Halloween Firework Spectacular. Fun, fear, ghosts and ghouls.
Firework display at approximately 7.45pm. Advance saver tickets available - £10.95 each for adults and children. Buy your tickets online on Flambards website or call 01326 573404. Advanced tickets can be bought up until Tuesday 30th October.

Flambards, Helston, Cornwall TR13 0QA
Parc Eglos School, Helston, TR13 8UP, Pumpkin Party Fancy dress parade, games, fireworks, burgers, hotdogs and activities.  5pm
Parc Eglos School, Helston, TR13 8UP
Helston Football Club
Helston Football Club
3rd November
Lanreath Grand Firework Display.
BBQ/Bar facilities available. Tickets at the gate £10 family ticket. £4 adult ticket. Organised by The Lanreath Amenities Group and kindly sponsored by Old Ferry Inn Bodinnick, Charter Oak Estates, Moss removals, Karadow Garden Service and Academy Framing. Firework Display 7pm For more information: Sandra Pipe Tel: 01503 220860
Lanreath Village Hall,
near Looe,
Cornwall PL13 2NX
Landrake Motoparc, Nr Saltash, Cornwall. For more info: Rachel Phone number: 07792214342 Organised by Cornwall Schoolboy Scramblers Club. Fireworks on the Saturday evening. Everyone welcome.
Coronation Park, Launceston. Firework Display  7.15pm -8.30pm approx. Adults £5.00, children 5 and over £2.50, Under 5s free. Refreshments available. Toilet facilities at the leisure centre. Coronation Park, Launceston PL15
Strawberry Fields, Lifton. Charity Pumpkin Extravaganza. Family fun, fireworks and childrens show.
Tickets avalible now in aid of Children in Need From 5pm.

Strawberry Fields, Lifton
Rugby Training Field, Trevecca, Liskeard. Firework Display organised by Liskeard and Looe Round Table. From 7pm. Please remember that this is a charity fund raising event so please be generous. It would also be sensible to bring a torch as the road between parking and the display field is unlit. Rugby Club Field, Culverland Park, Trevecca, Liskeard.
Lizard Town
The Witch Ball, Lizard Village. Hot food, BBQ, raffle to raise money for the Lizard's new lifeboat. Mini firework display - all donations welcome.

Banjo Pier, Looe, Cornwall.New Year's Eve celebrations during the evening culminating in a fantastic firework display. Midnight
Banjo Pier, Looe, Cornwall
Tencreek Holiday Park, Looe. Firework Display organised by Liskeard and Looe Round Table. From 7pm The funds raised this year will be going to local youth groups in the area. Any youth groups in the area should contact Liskeard and Looe Round Table to tell them what projects they have and how they can be helped financially by the Round Table. Tencreek Holiday Park, Looe PL13 2JR
Mabe, near Penryn
Mabe Car Boot Field. Highway church firework display. 6.30pm pasty supper Display starts 7.30pm. Tickets with food available only until 1st November. Book early! Adults & children 13+ with pasty £5.50 entry only £4.00. children under 12 with pasty/sausage roll £2.50. child entry only £1.00. under 2yrs free. For ticket information call 01326-378433. If it rains then the display will be held on the following Saturday 14th November. All profits go to Penryn & Falmouth food bank.
Mabe Car Boot Field
3rd November

Water born fireworks – The Malpas Firework Display is a spectacular event with the fireworks let off from a pontoon in the middle of the river so the colours are reflected in the water and watchers can hear the echo of the bangs in the valley. Entry is free but donations will be asked for on the night. Parking is limited. The event on November 3 is a featured event for the village’s Heron Inn. It overlooks where the Truro and Tresillian rivers join the River Fal.
  T: 01872 272773
Heron Inn,
Trenhaile Terrace,
 Truro, TR1 1SL
Sunday 4 Nov 2012
Bonfire and Fireworks Display:
Gates open 5.15pm, display at 6pm. Tickets avaiable in advance from the Spa Shop Menheniot, adults £2.50, children 50p. Ticket prices on the gate £3.00 adults, £1.00 children. Please do not bring your own sparklers due to insurance restrictions.
Cross Farm Field, across the road from Menheniot Cricket Club. Cornwall PL14 3RR
Millbrook Football Club. Firework Display with Fairground Rides. From 7pm Adults £2.50 and Children (to be accompanied by an adult)£1.00.
Hot food and refreshments available.
Millbrook Football Club, Millpark, Millbrook
Mithian, near St Agnes
The Miners Arms. BBQ, Bonfire & Fireworks Celebrate Guy Fawkes Night at the historic Miners Arms (weather permitting). 7pm
The Miners Arms
Morval, near Looe
The Grace Church, Morval, Looe Trelawney Fireworks are firing the Bonfire Night Display for Grace Church at Morval, Looe.
The Grace Church, Morval, Looe
Mousehole Harbour South Pier (By kind permission of Mousehole Harbour Commissioners). 5th Annual Firework Display. From 7.30pm The display can be viewed from anywhere along the harbour front. Free admission but any contributions towards the cost via collection boxes on the night would be gratefully received.  (Weather permitting). Mousehole Harbour South Pier (By kind permission of Mousehole Harbour Commissioners)
Mermaid Inn, Alexandra Road, Porth. From 6pm Firework Display approx. 7.30pm depending on tide times.Organised by Mermaid Inn and Newquay Lions Club. The evening is free to everyone with the Firework Display provided free by the Mermaid Inn.Newquay Lions will be collecting on behalf of the Maternity Unit at Treliske and Lions Charities so please give generously. If you are over 16 and would like to help marshal and collect for the charities on the evening, please call Lion Andy Cole on 07971550893 or Mermaid Inn 01637 872954.
Mermaid Inn, Alexandra Road, Porth Beach
3rd November

Firework Display and Cornwall Hospice Care Fire Walk
Are you bold enough to extinguish your fears and take on our most extreme challenge yet?  Take an inspirational journey- a bare foot walk over red hot embers, with no tricks and no special effects, just you and the fire. Join Cornwall Hospice Care for their first ever sponsored Fire Walk at Newquay Sports and Community Centre on Saturday 3rd November 2012. The Fire Walk will be followed by the Centre’s annual firework display, with a BBQ, entertainment and more. So even if you’re not feeling daring enough to walk the walk yourself you can come along, support the cause and have a great evening! Register now for just £25 and join the Hot-Foot it for Cornwall Hospice Care Fire Walk by calling the fundraising team on 01726 66868, visiting our website – or emailing For more information: Tamsyn Cocks
Phone number: 01726 66868 Email:
Newquay Sports and Community Centre, Yeoman Way, Tretherras, Newquay TR7 2SL
7th December
Firework display - part of Padstow Christmas Festival.
The fireworks will be set off from the north outer harbour wall beyond the ferry steps at 8pm. The fireworks can be viewed from anywhere on north or south quay. For more information: Tel: +44 01841 533449
Padstow Harbour
November 5th 2012
Penzance Football Club, Penlee Park, Penzance.Annual Rotary Fireworks Display. Firework Display at 7.00 pm
Admission at the gate: Adults £4.00 Children £2.00 Organised by Penzance Rotary Club.

Penzance Football Club, Penlee Park, Penzance
Perranporth Airfield at Cligga end. Bonfire and Fireworks. Bonfire at 7.00pm and fireworks about 7.30pm onwards. Cost is the same as last year £4.00 per adult and £2.00 per child. There is lots of onsite free parking and there will be refreshments.
Perranporth Airfield at Cligga end
Saturday 3 November 2012
Polperro Harbour, PL13 2RT Polperro's grand firework display. Where else can you watch a spectacular display against the backdrop of such a beautiful harbour?! 7.30pm
Port Isaac
Saturday, November 10th 2012
PORT Isaac's annual firework display will be held on Saturday, November 10th. The event will take place at Port Gaverne. The bonfire will be lit at 7pm followed by fireworks at 7.15pm. Port Gaverne Beach
The Unicorn Inn Fireworks party, BBQ, Bouncy castle, raffle, disco. From 6.30pm Bonfire lit about 7pm and fireworks at approx. 7.30pm
Portreath Beach. Firework Display Free Park & Ride from The Treasure Park, from 5.30pm & last returm at 8.30pm.
Realistic Donations please. 7.30pm
Portreath Beach/Clifftop
Signposted from Grampound Road and new Stables. Probus Young Farmers Club Annual Firework Display and Bonfire Party. Display at 7.30pm Adults £3 Children £2. Food and Drink available. Free parking. For more informatiion Lewis 07813579006 or Jonathan 07773684836
Probus Old Demonstration Gardens (Probus Gardens), St Austell Road, Probus, Truro
November 3rd 2012

Redruth Cricket Club Clubhouse

Rock Inn, Roche. Rock Inn and Roche Y.F.C Fireworks Party. Bonfire lit 7pm Fireworks 8pm BBQ, Hog Roast, Prize for Best Dressed Guy, Raffle Followed by entertainment in the pub from 9pm - The Belfast Busker. Children/OAPs £1.50 Adults £2.00 All proceeds to local charities. For more information call Shane 07788814467 or Mel 01726 890710.
Edgcumbe Road, Roche (follow signposts)
T H Sandry Yard. Bonfire lit at 6.00 pm, fireworks at 6.30 pm. Free entry. Donated fireworks welcomed. Raffle for local village hall funds.
T H Sandry Yard
First and Last Inn. Trelawney Fireworks are firing the Bonfire Night Display for The First and Last Inn at Sennen. All welcome.
First and Last Inn
  Magic in the Skies Firework display at Land's End. October Half Term. Fireworks ignite at 6.45pm – 7.00pm approx.
Land's End.
St. Agnes
Driftwood Spars Hotel, Trevaunance Cove.BBQ & Fireworks. Celebrate Guy Fawkes Night at the historic Driftwood Spars (weather permitting). 7pm
Driftwood Spars Hotel, Trevaunance Cove.
St Austell
St Austell Rugby Club Tregorrick Park, Tregorrick Lane, St Austell, Cornwall. Halloween Firework Display
Limited free parking, childrens fancy dress comp, hog roast, bar. Adults £3.00 pre sold ticket or £4.00 on gate, Under 16's £2.50 pre sold ticket or £3.00 on gate under 2' free. Donations to Cornwall Hospice Care. Tel: 01726 76300 Email:

St Austell
Monday 5th November 2012

Bishop Bronescombe School Field, Boscoppa Road. Fireworks display and bonfire. Tickets will be on sale from Wednesday 13th October. Family Tickets £10 Adults £4 & Child £3 Gates open at 6.40pm - Fireworks start at 7pm Boscoppa Road
St Austell
Cornwall PL25 3DT
St Blazey
Friday 2nd
November 2012
Bonfire & Firework display
BBQ, followed by a Halloween Fancy Dress & disco by Retallicks Razer Lights Disco in the club. Ends 11.55pm.
Adults £3.00, children and OAPs £2.00.  In the week before this on Weds 31st October we are having a Guy making competition where children can come along and make a Guy, materials are to be provided but they can bring their own if they want. The winning Guy will have pride of place on the bonfire on the 2nd and all the others will be put around the fire. For more information: St Blazey Football Club Tel: 01726 814110
t Blazey Football Club, Station Road, St Blazey, Par, Cornwall, PL24 2ND
St Dennis
3rd November
St Dennis Fireworks, Bonfire & Mini Fair.
Followed by live music with "Cover Up" amazing live act. Kids rides open at 5pm. Fireworks at 7:30.
Competition for best Guy Fawkes. Entry by donations. All in aid of Cancer Research & St Dennis Variety Company.
Hot food, candy floss, sweets available. For more information: Richard Keast Phone number: 07792670584
St Dennis Working Mens Club (Main car park) Fore Street, St Dennis PL26 8AD
St Ewe

Village Hall 
St Ives
Porthminster Beach. Firework Display. from 6.30pm Firework Extravaganza. The usual spectacular pyrotechnics on the beach, plus the barbecue and refreshments available at the Pedn-Olva end servery.Light-up is at 7 pm. Donations in the buckets go to cover costs, with any surplus for St Ives Town AFC funds. Price: Free to watch !
Porthminster Beach, St Ives
 St Just, Near Penzance
St Just Rugby Football Ground. 7pm Firework Display
St Just Rugby Club
St Mawes
Barge off St Mawes Quay Firework Display. Donations for Firefighters Charity and other local charities. Donations can be made at Barclays Bank - Quote St Mawes Fire Brigade. 7 pm

St Neot
2nd November

Whizz Bang Boogie. Carnglaze Caverns annual fireworks display with music from the King Earl Boogie Band.
Admission: Adults £10, Children £5. Tel: 01579 320251 We’ve fireworks aplenty the sky will be ablaze with a cacophony of colours as you munch your burger or your hot sausage in a bap! After you have oohed & ahhed at the splendiferous efforts of Celebration Fireworks you will find the air rife with that wondrous odorous post firework haze… Then into the cavern for the most brilliant boogie music you’ve ever heard provided by The King Earl Boogie Band, it makes your feet itch with the desire to dance! Held in Aid of St Neot Scout Group
The Rum Store, Carnglaze Caverns, St Neot, Liskeard, Cornwall PL14 6HQ
St Tudy
Bonfire Night event. From 6pm
Hengar Manor Country Park, St Tudy, Nr Bodmin, Cornwall, PL30 3PL
Grand Firework Display organised by the Lions Club of Tavistock for and on behalf of the community. In Tavistock Meadows by kind permission of Tavistock Town Council. Entrance £4 for adults and £1 for children. Display starting at 7pm. Come early and enjoy the Lions Club barbecue.   Grand firework display staged by the local award winning company Two Tigers Fireworks on behalf of the Lions Club of Tavistock.Contact 0845 8334807 for further details.
Tavistock Meadows, Plymouth Road, Tavistock, PL19 8SP
Tintagel Cricket Club, The Butts, Tintagel Fireworks. Free entry. The money for the fireworks has been raised by local buisness in Tintagel. Free bouncy castle for children. Food available and refreshments at a reasonable cost.
Tintagel Cricket Club, The Butts, Tintagel
The Mill House, Trebarwith. Firework display 6.30pm. BBQ.Trelawney Fireworks are firing the Bonfire Night Display for The Millhouse Inn, Tintagel. All welcome.
The Mill House, Trebarwith, near Tintagel.
Tregony Bridge TR2 5RW Fireworks event featuring special guests, The Pearl of Africa Children's Choir. This choir of Ugandan children tour the country once a year to raise money for their orphanages back in Uganda. Please help us support The Pearl of Africa Children's Choir by attending the fireworks event. Entry is £3.50 for adults and £2 for children with 50p from each adult ticket going to the Pearl of Africa Children's Choir. Remaining proceeds go towards this year's production from the Tregony Clockhouse Players.Gates open at 7pm, the Guy Fawkes competition 7.30pm with the fireworks from 8pm. Burgers etc available from the BBQ and sparklers/glow necklaces available too.
Tregony Bridge, Tregony TR2 5RW
Treknow Village Hall. Festival of Lanterns. Family event. Parade through Village starts 6.00pm Bonfire, Fireworks, Bar BQ's Licensed Bar, Cornish Band FREE ENTRY Contact Richard on 01840 779230 for further details. Treknow Village Hall
Well Parc Inn. Fireworks & Bonfire extravaganza, BBQ, refreshments. Bonfire lit 6.30pm Fireworks at 7.30pm Barbecue, Hot Drinks, Bar. Plenty of parking available.  For more information, contact 01841 520318.
Well Parc Hotel, Trevone, Padstow, Cornwall PL28 8QN
From Lemon Quay. During City of Lights Procession.7pm - 8.30pm Lemon Quay
5th November

Tremorvah Playing Fields Group, in association with Truro City Council are holding their annual bonfire and fireworks display on Monday 5th November. The event is kindly sponsored by local solicitors Stephens Scown and will raise money for Cornwall charities. Gates open at 5pm with the fire lit at 6pm and fireworks set off at 6.30pm. The event will finish by 7pm. Hot food and refreshments will be on sale and there will be stalls selling snacks, glowsticks and sparklers.  Admission is adults £3, children over 4, £1 and under 4's are free. Any child bringing along a guy will have free entry – judging is at 5.15pm by Truro’s Mayor.
Tremorvah Playing Fields, Bodmin Road, Truro. (opposite Archbishop Benson School, Truro, TR1 1BN)
Tywardreath Primary School, South Park Road. Firework display. Fun for all the family - come along and join the fun. Display starts at 7pm. BBQ Available. No Sparklers please Tywardreath School, Southpark Road, Tywardreath PL24 2PT.
Outer Retallick Farm Just off Winnards Perch Roundabout. Wadebridge YFC Bonfire Night
Fireworks 7.30pm Refreshments available Entry - Donations on Gate All proceeds to charity. Everyone Welcome

Outer Retallick Farm Just off Winnards Perch Roundabout
Crealy Leisure Park, Tredinnick, Wadebridge, Cornwall. Trelawney Fireworks are Firing a Display for Cornwall Girl Guides at Crealy Leisure Park. All welcome.
Crealy Leisure Park, Tredinnick, Wadebridge, Cornwall.

Town centre
3rd November 2012
WADBRIDGE Camels RFC are holding a bonfire on Saturday the 3rd of November from 6pm onwards.
     Wadebridge Camels RFC, Molesworth Field, Wadebridge, PL276HR
Wadebridge WADEBRIDGE Young Farmers' Club holds a annual bonfire and fireworks. This year for more information, please ring Emma Sleep on 07545 612092.
Cricket Club.Guy Fawkes Night Firework DisplayFirework Display starts 7.30pm Hot Food Come early! Event ends at 10pm.      Wendron Cricket Club, Underlane ground,

 Round Table fireworks and Hallowe'en party at Barnstaple Rugby Ground
Gates open: 6pm; fireworks: 7pm
Budliegh Salterton
Monday 5 Nov 2012
Bicton College Bonfire and Firework Night
Join us for a fantastic family event on Monday 5th November. Enjoy the grand firework display with wonderful reflections over the lake and blazing bonfire. Gates open at 5.30pm, with the fire lit shortly afterwards. Free parking and lit walkways. Make sure you wrap up warm and don\’t miss out this Bonfire Night! Please wear sensible footwear as the terrain is uneven. Refreshments include: Hog Roast, Mulled Cider, Stone Baked Pizza and Home-made Soup Call 01395 562300 or email: for more information. Advance tickets available from Bicton College Reception, tickets will also be available on the gate. more
Gates Open - 5.30pm Adult - £5 Child - £3 Phone - 01395 562300 to order tickets from Reception, tickets will also be available on the gate.
Bicton College, East Budleigh, Budleigh Salterton,  Devon EX9 7BY
Dartmouth - River Dart Country Park - entry from 4.00pm fireworks to music, high ropes by candlelight, hog roast, fun stalls,  grand raffle

Tuesday 6 Nov 2012
Fireworks Display Bonfire BBQ
Fireworks Display Denbury Down Lane Denbury Tuesday 6th November gates open 5.45pm Display 7pm Tickets £4 adults £1 children all proceeds to Denbury School Available from Denbury School or Post office or call 01803 812478 more
Denbury Down Lane Denbury  Devon TQ12 6DP
Saturday 3rd November 2012
DunkeswellBonfire and Fireworks
Dunkeswell Village Hall Management Committee are holding a Bonfire and Firework Display   from 7.00pm   Large Bonfire, Fantastic Fireworks, Hot Dogs, Barbecue Punch Hot soup and other treats provided by Dunkeswell Pre-School Group Entrance by Donations
Dunkeswell Airfield
5 November 2012
Exeter Round Table Charity Firework Display at Westpoint Arena, by Firemagic
Exeter Round Table’s Annual charity fireworks display is being held at Westpoint again this year. This spectacular event has grown to become the biggest fireworks display in Exeter, and taken on a new dimension since moving to Westpoint three years ago. Expect a great fun night out for everyone with:  fairground rides,  food and drink stalls
- and of course a spectacular fireworks display by Firemagic(UK) Ltd. Opening times: 5.30pm Gates open 7.30pm Fireworks display Please plan to arrive on site by 6.45pm at the latest, to allow time to park and pass through the ticket gates before the fireworks go off at 7.30pm. Please note that we will need to close the main gates to road traffic at 7.15pm due to the location of the fireworks firing area. If you arrive after 7.15pm we cannot guarantee that you will be able to get onto site even if you have bought advance tickets. Sparklers are not permitted at this event.
Admission Prices - In Advance:  Adults & Seniors: £5 - Children: £3 - Family (2 Adults & 2 Children): £13
Advance tickets will be available from the 17th October from the following locations: - Londis, Sylvania Drive, Exeter,  Londis, Gladstone Road, Exeter,  Londis, Clyst St Mary,  Quickprint, Sweetbrier Lane, Heavitree,  Specsavers Opticians, Fore Street, Exeter, - Lavis News, Magdalen Road - Queen Street News, Queen Street - Broadway Stores, St Thomas - Dunns Motors (BP Garage), Marsh Barton - Stagecoach Travel Shop, Exeter Bus Station - Gillets Spar, Silverton - Redmayne Bentley Stockbrokers, 20 Southernhay, West Exeter - Co-Op, Heavitree, Exeter - The Range, Exeter - Phoenix, Exeter - Pinhoe Pharmacy, Exeter.
Admission Prices - On the Door (Cash Only): - Adults & Seniors: £6 - Children: £4 - Family (2 adults, 2 Children): £17  Stagecoach are offering a special return fare of £1 per person from Exeter city centre to Westpoint Arena on the 5th November for this event. This fare is only valid on Stagecoach Services 52B and X52. To qualify for this fare each person travelling must present an advance ticket for the event ( a family ticket entitles 2 adults and 2 children to travel together for £1 each)
Westpoint arena

Exmouth Fireworks, Exmouth Rugby Club  , Imperial Recreation Ground, Imperial Road, Exmouth, Devon EX8 1DG
  7pmCost: Adult £8, Kids £3The 2009 Exmouth Fireworks will be on Thu 5th November. Held at the Exmouth Rugby Football Club the Exmouth Fireworks are organised by the Exmouth Round Table.So for a fun family Bonfire Night out, make a date for the 2009 Exmouth Fireworks at Exmouth Rugby Club

Exmouth Rugby Club

Firework Display Exmouth Devon  Bassets Farm Primary School.Firework Display At Bassetts Farm Primary School Exmouth Exmouth, Devon Friday 6th November 5pm to 6.30pm We will be lighting the skies over Bassetts Farm Primary School Exmouth and counting down the seconds to the lighting of our grand roaring bonfire and spectacular musical firework display. Join us...

Bassets Farm Primary School

bonfire and firework display
Professionally organised bumper firework display and giant bonfire, bar b que, soups, toffee apples, bar. £4 adult, child £2.50, family ticket 2+2 £11.00.   6:30 PM – 9:30 PM. the playing fields, offwell, honiton.

Ilfracombe's Virtual Bonfire Night * Hundreds of people celebrate Guy Fawkes night crowded around a VIRTUAL bonfire projected onto a giant screen tonight after health and safety killjoys forced them to scrap the real thing. The fireworks & the fun are real! Chambercombe Park Road, Ilfracombe, Devon EX34 9QN Tel: +44 (0)1271 863001

Ivybridge Rugby Club Firework display - Ivybridge Rugby Club, Exeter Road. 7.30pm

Lee Mill
Saturday 3 Nov 2012
Lee Mill Fireworks
Fireworks at 7.30pm (approx.) There will be a bar with refreshments aswell as a Hog Roast and BBQ and a Veggie Option. On behalf of the Lee Mill Community Association, raising money for a new village hall. more
Free Entry. Starts 6pm. Fireworks at 7.30pm. Approx. times. Please be aware the park is grass, so wellies advisable if wet. Parking available in the lorry park behind the garage.
Bottle Park, Lee Mill  Devon PL21 9EJ
Loddiswell - at the playing fields, gate opens 5.30pm

Modbury Recreation Field - Grand Fireworks Display, binfire lit 7.00pm, Fireworks from 7.30pm - Refreshments. Entrance Fee


Montgomery Firework Display Advance Tickets Adult £4 Child £3 Family £12 (2ad 2ch) Gate Prices Adult £6 Child £3.50 Family £17 (2ad 2ch) Tickets on sale from both Okehampton Road and Cowick Street Post Offices (St Thomas) until 12pm Sat 6th Nov. Music, Bar-be-que, Licensed Bar, Hot and cold drinks, Glow toys. (sorry no sparklers for insurance reasons) Due to the nature of the event, All under 18's MUST be under the supervision of a responsible adult. Car park restricted to blue badge holders only, but plenty of on-street parking is available nearby. Sunday, November 7, 2010, 6:00 PM. Exwick Civil Service Club, EX4 2BQ

Saturday 3 Nov 2012

Firework Night 2012
On Saturday 3th November, Moretonhampstead Sports and Community Centre is hosting the annual Fireworks Display for the village. South-west firework company ‘Skyburst’ will be choreographing a superb display; there will be roast pork rolls with apple sauce and stuffing and hot soup with a ‘special brew’ of mulled wine available and hot chocolate, as well as a full range of drinks from the Centre’s licensed Bar. more
Doors Open at 6.00pm with Hot food available and Bar open. Bonfire will be lit 7.00 followed shortly by Fireworks. Adults £5 Children £2.50
Moretonhampstead Sports and Community Centre  Devon TQ13 8NZ
Okehampton Devon.
5th November 2012
 Sticklepath, Okehampton
 OS Grid Ref: 191:SX641940. Start 7.30. Gates open 6pm Admission: Adults £7; children (14 and under): £3
Tel: 01837 840334 / 01837 84063  Email:
Finch Foundry Field, Sticklepath, Okehampton, Devon, Devonshire, EX20 2NW
Ottery St Mary
Friday    26th October 2012
There is a special Bonfire Night tradition in Ottery St Mary, a town in Devon (near Exeter). Barrels which have been soaked with tar are lit and are then carried on people's backs through the streets. This has been done since the 17th century. The fires were believed to drive away evil spirits from the town. For more about this tradition, see: 
Friday    26th October 2012 Firework Display on the Land of Canaan after the Grand Carnival Procession at 10.00pm

Tel: 01404 813964  Email:
Newton Abbot   

The most incredible, the most amazing and most wonderful firework display will take place again this year. Please come and support it by contributing to this fund raising event for the facilities for our children - young and old.
The gates will be open from 5:00pm, the bonfire lit at 6:00pm and the firework display at 7:00pm.  Location : Village Play ParkContact : Ann Down 07717762758 or email
Admission is as follows; Family (Two parents and all their school age children) £10.00, Adults £4.00 and Children (Under 18) £2.00.

5th Nov 2012
Colebrook, Plymouth
Colebrook Community Centre firework display at Peacock Meadow in Colebrook
Fired by Skyburst - The Firework Company
Peacock Meadow in Colebrook
5th Nov 2012

Plymouth Hoe  Bonfire and Firework Night

Join us for a spectacular evening of music, lighting and fireworks display

The countdown to the pyrotechnic action will get underway at 6pm with entertainment from the stage on the Hoe promenade. The Bonfire will be lit at 7.30pm and Fireworks being launched at 8pm set to dramatic musical soundtrack. Smeaton's Tower, the Citadel and the War Memorial will again be 'colourwashed' with coloured floodlighting to complement the glow of the bonfire.There will also be fairground rides and food stalls available all evening.

The Hoe
5th Nov 2012
    Following last year’s popular display, we hope to stage an even more spectacular event in 2012.
    THIS YEAR’S EVENT IS ‘ GUY FAWKES INTO SPACE’ So: the ‘bonfire’ will be constructed to replicate a massive rocket, which the builders assure me, will ‘lift off’ after the ignition sequence. Interesting? This will take place at 6.30 p.m. Be there. Before and after this we have music from the excellent local band :Seth Paver and the usual well stocked bar serving our unique blend of mulled wine, local ale and cider.
    In the food tent there will be a pig roast, Drew’s succulent burgers  and home made toffee apples, as well as tea,coffee and soft drinks. Sponsorship from local companies and individuals is welcomed; please contact Roger Davey for further details 01395 597751  Times: Gates Open 5.30 p.m.  Rocket Ignition: 6.30 p.m.  Fireworks 7.15 p.m. ADVANCE TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE AT DREW’S BUTCHERS SIDBURY, RED LION SIDBURY, RISING SUN SIDFORD  DISCOUNTED PRICE: Adults £5 Children (under 16) £3  (ON THE GATE) Adults £6 Children £4 
Starts: November 3, 2012 5:00 pm Ends: November 3, 2012 10:00 pm Cost: ££6 Adults £4 Under 16 £4 Discount for advance tickets
Manor Grounds. Sidbury Manor
Tipton St John
From 4pm at Tipton St John Playing Field - a Hallowe'en themed bonfire and barbecue. Lots of spooky fun on the field, pumpkin skittles and a haunted hike walk. Come in ghoulish fancy dress and bring your decorated pumpkins for the chance of winning a prize, plus monster bonfire and a fantabulous barbecue.Tipton St John is easy to find on the road between Ottery St Mary and Sidmouth, the playing field is in the centre of the village.

Annual Bonfire and Fireworks Start: 7 Nov 2009 - 7:00pmEnd: 7  - 9:00pm.Come and see our annual bonfire and fireworks display  . held at the Torrington Rugby Club, Donnacroft, Torrington. Keep an eye on this site for more information and prices as we know them.We will be again using Two Tigers Fireworks so the display will as spectacular as usual ond of course very well priced.Email:
Torrington Rugby Club, Donnacroft, Torrington
Friday 2 Nov 2012
Firework Display
Gigantic annual firework display. Amazing fireworks to music, sparkler area, fairground rides, food stalls and more. Free parking. All proceeds go to Uffculme Primary School PTFA to help fund extra activities and resources at our village community school. more
Adults £5, children £3 free parking

Magelake Recreation Ground, Bridge Street, Uffculme  Devon EX15 3R
3rd November 2012
Beaminster Big Bang Firework Display at St. Mary's School Beaminster   Refreshments including burgers and hot dogs will be available.  The St Mary's School Association (SMSA) will again be organising the splendid Firework Display which takes place within the school grounds. Gates open at 6.00pm and the display starts at 6.30pm. £2 adults, £1 children St.Mary's School, Beaminster, Dorset
Bournemouth Firework Display
3rd November 2012
Littledown Park in Bournemouth is the centre of the Bonfire Night celebrations in England's grooviest seaside town. 
The Gates open at 5.30pm and there are 3 firework displays. At 7pm, 8pm and the White Knuckle display will start at 9pm. There is also a family funfair, licensed bar, refreshments and arena entertainment. Plus a free indoor family zone with kids disco and circus entertainment. Adult tickets - (16 years old and over) £6 Child tickets - (Under 3 Free) £4  Family Early Bird Deal – book before 28th October 2 adult & 2 child tickets £15. Tickets are available to buy on the gate but family tickets and discounts are not available on the night. Tickets are available on the Ticket Hotline 0844 576 3000 and at the BIC Box Office. Tickets are also available from THE SHOP (Littledown Reception),BIC Box Office, Pig & Whistle Pub (14 Queens Road), Christchurch Information Centre or by calling the Ticket Hotline.   Children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult and will not be admitted at the gate.  There is parking on site at the Littledown Centre and an overflow car park will be situated at Bournemouth Hospital.
Littledown Centre
3rd November 2012
Fireworks Night
7pm for an 8pm start. £3 per adult, £2 children, £8 family
Bridport Leisure Centre Skilling Hill Road, Bridport. Dorset DT6 5LN
3rd November 2012
Fireworks, Bonfire and Tank Display Bonfire, Tank Display and Fireworks.
An explosive evening of tank action and fireworks as The Tank Museum hosts the Bovington Garrison Display in association with ATDU. There will be entertainment, traders, refreshments and plenty of free parking. Simply wrap up warm and buy your tickets on the gate. PROGRAMME: 17.00 Gates open; 18.30 Bonfire lit; 19.00 Vehicle display from ATDU and Tank Museum; 20.00 Fireworks; 22.00 Site closes.
Bovington Garrison, Viewing Area. Bovington
Dorset BH20 6JG
3rd November 2012
Bonfire and fireworks Charmouth beach
Saturday 3 November 2012
Christchurch Community Bonfire & Fireworks Spectacular Christchurch Community Bonfire and Fireworks Spectacular   Christchurch Rotary, announces the 2012 Christchurch Community Bonfire and Fireworks Spectacular with the customary wide range of complementary activities. Once again, with the participation of many local organisations, there will be plenty for young people to do between opening time and the start of the fireworks.  Gates open at 5pm, fancy dress competition at 5.45pm, Bonfire at 6.15pm, Gugge Band at 7pm and fireworks at 7.45pm. Food stalls, face painting and free parking at 2 Rivermeet Leisure Centre.
Tipping for the bonfire starts on Monday 24 October and finishes on Wednesday 2 November (excluding Sat 29 & Sun 30 October) Combustable material only. No Leaves. All loads will be strictly supervised and refused if not satisfactory.
Stanpit Recreation Ground
Stanpit, Christchurch, Dorset BH23 3LU
Corfe Castle
2nd November 2012
Live music from 9pm; fireworks over Corfe Castle & a delicious BBQ. Fireworks from 7.30pm. Families welcome.
5th November 2012
Dorchester Rugby Club Fireworks Display 
Wrap up warmly and watch this wonderful fireworks display which starts at 7.30pm. There will also be a hog roast and barbecue. Gates open at 6.00pm.
Dorchester Rugby Club, Coburg Road, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 2HX

Lyme Regis
3rd November 2012
Lyme Regis Bonfire Night & Firework Display. Lyme Regis is the place to be on bonfire night. Join the crowds of people who come to enjoy a fantastic firework display over Lyme Bay and warm themselves by the bonfire on the beach. Fireworks at 6.30pm Admission Free
The Cobb
Lyme Regis, Dorset
3rd November 2012
Piddle Valley First School Bonfire and Fireworks Night
All welcome to the Piddle Valley Bonfire and fireworks night. Food and drink available. Gates open at 6pm, fireworks at 7pm. Adults £4. Children £2 Family ticket for 2 adults and up to 4 children £12   So wrap up warm, come down to our school, grab some hot food and a drink and enjoy the bonfire and fireworks. It starts early so all the little ones can enjoy the evening too. See you there!
Piddle Valley First Scool, Pidletrenthide, Near Dorchester Dorset DT2 7QL
3rd November 2012
 Fireworks & Fun
 Bouncy Castle, BBQ, Zorbing Balls, Face Painting, Bar til Late  and Chocolate Fountain.Gates open 5.30pm  Bonfire Lit 6.30pm Fireworks 7.15pm
East Dorset Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club: Salterns Road, Parkstone, Poole, Dorset BH14 8BL,
Website Click
5 November 2012
Poole Quay, Poole Quay, Poole, Dorset, BH15 1HJ, Dorset  Fabulous fireworks will be setting Poole’s skyline ablaze as spectacular November 5th celebrations get underway on Poole Quay.Celebrate the night with a bang from 4.30pm on  5th November as the largest FREE firework night event takes place on the South coast thanks to event sponsors Quayside and Wave 105. As jesters, stilt walkers and street performers delight the crowd, there will be plenty to keep the whole family entertained. Children’s rides, face painting and a special disco plus snap and glow will keep younger ones occupied whilst dare devils try their skills on the Vertigo Climbing wall. With live music, including the sounds of steel band, Samba Panache the fun continues throughout the early evening with the Bournemouth Carnival band. Just the thing to ward off the winter blues, the party atmosphere is rounded off with the traditional fireworks extravaganza over Poole Harbour at 7.45pm.  For enquiries please contact Poole Tourism on 01202 253253
Poole Quay, Poole Quay, Poole, Dorset, BH15 1HJ, Dorset
Friday 9th November 2012
Fireworks Spectacular
  Gates open 6pm, Bonfire lit 6.30pm, Display at 7pm.  Adults £5 in advance or £6 on the gate - children free.
  • St Andrew's C of E VA Primary School‎
  • West Street
    Fontmell Magna
    SP7 0PF
Sherborne, Dorset
3rd November 2012
The Sherborne Castle Fireworks Extravaganza 
Sherborne Castle hosts entertainments, live music, refreshments and food from 5pm, bonfire will be lit at 7pm and the fireworks will start at 7.30pm.  Co-ordinated by Sherborne Area Youth & Community Centre and the Rotary Clubs of Sherborne and a proportion of the proveeds will go towards supporting charitable work in the town.
TICKETS AVAILABLE ON THE GATE - Adults £5, OAPs/Children £3, Car £3
Sherborne Castle
Sat 10th November 2012
Fireworks Night -  Fantastic display, social fun, hot food, hot chocolate & winter mulled wine! Yarrells Preparatory School
Yarrells House
BH16 5EU
Saturday 27th October 2012
Flameburst 2012 will be taking place on Saturday 27th October 2012 at"The Fuzzy Bit" Verwood
Due to public demand Flameburst 2012 will feature a larger Junior fireworks display complete with mini bonfire. As in previous years Firework Effects will fire this event.
"The Fuzzy Bit" Verwood
Friday 2nd November 2012
Halloween Fireworks and Torch Procession
Live Music, Licenced Bar, Food, Fairground Rides  Prizes for best Fancy Dress Spectacular Firework Display
£5 adults £1 Children (under 14)  Torch procession starts at Wareham Town Hall at 6.30pm
Event at Rugby Club Ground...
Event at Rugby Club Ground starts at 7pm
Guy Fawkes Celebrations, Weymouth
5 November 2012
Weymouth Pavilion, Beach & Bay.  Remember Remember the 5th of November One of the Borough’s biggest annual community events. On Thursday 5th November 2012, many thousands of local children with their families will gather on Weymouth Esplanade to enjoy the Free Traditional Community Guy Fawkes Celebrations.  A wealth of family Guy Fawkes entertainment, including Fireworks, Guy Fawkes Competition, Fun Fair and Beach Bonfire with many special guests and visitors including the Mayor of Weymouth and Portland enjoying the fun.  The climax of the evening will be a fabulous Free International Firework Display at 7.20pm over Weymouth's moonlit bay. The display is presented and co-ordinated by Weymouth’s favourite Firework Company Pains Fireworks.  Get Building! for the Children's Guy Fawkes Competition at 5.45 pm in the Pavilion Foyer judged by our special guests. Don't miss the lighting of the Great Beach Bonfire at 7.00 pm and International Firework Display at 7.20 pm with the Fun Fair in the Pavilion Forecourt from 2.00 pm to 10 pm.   Tel: 01305 785747 Email:
Weymouth Beach,
3rd November 2012
Wimborne and Colehill Fireworks
Dorset's longest firework display and, thanks to you, we keep getting bigger and better! In 2011 we fired an incredible 15,210 fireworks! This year, its going to be an even grander event.  2012 marks our ninth year, and our guests, friends and fans keep coming back for more! With an estimated 20 minute display, a supervised sparkler zone for the kids, professional catering and low ticket prices, we like to think we offer the best value of any display in the South West.  Book your tickets now and ensure your place at Dorset's longest firework display! Tickets can be purchased in person from the School reception, or by sending an SAE to the School address. The SAE method of application will close on Monday 29th October Pre-book your tickets now and YOU could be the lucky ticket holder** invited to trigger the start of this year's display - an incredible ONE TONNE of fireworks! (**Any competition winner under 16 must be accompanied by an adult) Gates Open at 4:30pm Best Guy Competition 5:30pm Bonfire Lit at 6:00pm
St. Michael's Middle School, Colehill Lane, Wimborne, Dorset
The Chesilbank
2nd November 2012
Birdlip School Association's annual bonfire and fireworks night begins at 18:00 hours, when there will be a BBQ (locally sourced), mulled wine and tea tent, sweets and treats. Bonfire lighting will be at 18:30 hrs. Everyone welcome.
  at 19:00 until 20:00    Adults: £5, Children £2.50, Family £12
Birdlip Primary School, Birdlip, Gloucestershire GL4 8JH

3rd November 2012
Bisley Bonfire Night and Fireworks Display  . Bonfire and fireworks display, best guy competition and hot refreshments. Event organised by Bisley Bluecoat Primary School PTA to raise funds for primary school. Firework display run by specialist company. Parking Gates open at 5.30pm, judging of guy is at 6pm, bonfire is lit at 6.30pm and fireworks start at 7.30pm. Family ticket for 4 people is £10 The pleasure ground,
This is a great family night out. Hot food available: BBQ, soup, chilli. Bar and mulled wine. Glow items on sale. Park at school, walk to Bisley Recreation Grounds in Vanderbreen Street.
Guy Competition - entries received by 17:45, Judging of Guy competition at 18:00, Bonfire lighting at 18:30, Fireworks at 19:00 hours.
Van der Breen Street, Bisley, 
Gloucestershire GL6 7BN
Visit the 'Bisley School Bonfire & Fireworks Display 2012' Website
Saturday 3rd November 2012
Firework Display at Cheltenham Racecourse 2012
The Round Table display is recognised as the largest in the South West region attracting a crowd in excess of 10,000 people.In addition to a spectacular firework display there will be the following to keep the crowd entertained prior to what promises to be a colourful extravaganza.   fireworks, Star 107.50 FM local radio, fun fair, street performers, food and drink.   The racecourse location offers a natural amphitheatre for the display itself as well as ensuring that spectators can safely watch the event from hard standing and in some areas under cover of the Grandstand. All profits from the event will be donated to local deserving good causes.    Time: The gates are open at 5.00pm and the display is scheduled to start at 7.00pm. Ticket:  TBC Available on the gate. Adults £6, children £4, family tickets available
Cheltenham Racecourse, Cheltenham
Cheltenham Racecourse
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Light Up The Dark service and fireworks
 St Philip & St James’ Church in Cheltenham will be holding its annual Light Up The Dark service for families once again , with a fireworks display and hot dogs afterwards. The service starts at 6pm, and this year children are being encouraged to dress up in the theme of ‘Magical and Marvellous’. St Philip & St James Church, 60 Painswick Road, Cheltenham, GL50 2ER Free of charge Telephone: (01242) 573508

10th November 2012
Bonfire & Fireworks Display at St. Edwards School. Organised by the school PTA this display is a popular choice in Charlton Kings, Cheltenham.  Bonfire, Hotdogs, Stalls , Rides for small children.   Time: Gates open 6.00pm display at 7pm. Tickets: Available from St. Edwards School or on the gates. 
St Edwards School, London Road, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, Glos  GL52 6NR
Visit the 'St Edward's School
Firework Display 2012' Website

2nd November 2012
Churchdown's annual firework display! Gates open at 17.30. Tickets on sale at Council Offices and the LG3 Community Hub.
19:10 until 20:30    Adult: £3 advance £4 on gate, Child: £2 in advance, £3 on gate
Churchdown Park,

Visit the 'Churchdown Firework
Extravaganza 2012' Website
3rd November 2012
Cirencester fireworks extravaganza
 Cirencester Round Table will be holding their fireworks extravaganza    parking at the Beeches car park.
While more details are yet to be confirmed, the gates are expected to open at 5pm, with the bonfire being lit at 6pm, followed by the fireworks display at 7pm. 
Victoria Road Playing Fields, Cirencester, Gloucestershire  GL7 1EX
Visit the 'Cirencester Round Table
Fireworks Display 2012' Website
3rd November 2012
 FERN Bonfire & Firework Display
A family event including free glowsticks for children, a funfair, stalls, amusements, food and hot drinks. Gates open 5pm. Bonfire from 6pm. Firework display 7.30pm.
Speech House Field,

Coleford Fireworks
Saturday 3 November 2012
Dursley Round Table fireworks display
Dursley Recreation Ground will come alive with fireworks and a big bonfire  , at the annual fundraising event organised by the Dursley and District Round Table.As well as the fireworks display shown in two halves, families can also see the lighting of the bonfire, with a funfair and hot food and drinks served.  
Funfair rides Guy competition at mid-day on Saturday Time: gates open 6pm fireworks at 7pm, bonfire at 8pm Tickets: TBC adults £4, children £3, family £12
Recreation Ground, Dursley, GL11 4EH
Monday 22 October 2012
Ebley Firework Display 2012
The 2012 Ebley Firework Display is organised by Stroud Rotary Club and Stonehouse Round table.  This years Ebley Firework Display will feature more fireworks than ever before, synchronised to music.  Funfair, Local Radio
  Time: Gates open 6pm Tickets: adults £6, children £3
Marling School Field, Stroud.
6 November 2010
Fairford Fireworks in The Park  Organised jointly by the PTA, Fairford School and St Mary's Church. This years display promises to be bigger than ever before with the following on offer:  Bonfire, Fireworks, Some fairground rides, Hot food
Drinks  Time: From 6pm Tickets: £10 family(2 + 3), £4 adult, £2 child (4-16) and OAP's in advance from Fairford Primary School and 7a coffee shop and Deli Allium. Where: Fairford Park,(behind the town car park), top of High Street, Fairford


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Fireworks at The Inn at FossebridgeA spectacular display in the grounds of a 300 year old coaching inn to Help 5 year old Bethany Fenton The Inn at Fossebridge is to stage a fund raising Bonfire & Firework displayin aid of St Andrews's C of E Primary School, Chedworth..  Massive bonfire - BBQ with hot dogs, burgers - Toffee apples - Mulled wine & winter Pimms - Proceeds in aid of The Bethany Appeal -   Event: Fireworks at The Inn at Fossebridge - - Time: Bonfire at 6.30pm, fireworks at 7pm  - Tickets: FREE -
The Inn At Fossebridge, on the A429 between Cirencester and Northleach, GL54 3JS
Fossebridge Fireworks
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Firework Display at The Ground. Start 6.45. £5 adult; £3 under 16
Tel: 0117 9108030

Saturday 3rd November 2012
 Fireworks at Gloucester Docks 2012
The skies over Gloucester Docks will be lit up with a firework spectacular organised by the Gloucester Round Table.
Lots of family fun is guaranteed with fantastic firework illuminations and pyrotechnics ensuring a great evening of entertainment at Gloucester Docks for 2012 Guy Fawkes celebrations.  The Gloucester Docks Fireworks 2012 will include... Hot food, Refreshments, Live music, Market stalls with bonfire night treats, Local radio and lots more!!!  No pets - except guide dogs.
Time: gates open at 6pm, display begins at 7.15pm Tickets: Family Four (Gate Price) - 2A + 2C £16.00, Advanced Family £13.00, Adult (Gate Price)£6.00, Advanced Adult £5.00, Child (5-15 yrs) (Gate Price) £4.00, Advanced Child £3.0, Seperate (2 Adult, 2 kids)£20.00,Citizen "Early Bird" Family Ticket Offer £12.00. Available from Gloucester Quays Customer Services desk, Gloucester TIC and National Waterways Museum. Limited tickets available on the gate. Tickets available online from October.
The Docks, Gloucester, GL1 2ER
Gloucester Fireworks
3rd November 2012
Hucclecote Rugby Club's annual firework display. Advance tickets from Creese Brothers Butchers, Passion Florist, Topshop and Hucclecote Rugby Club. Gates open 18.30hrs. Limited car parking.
19:15 until 20:30     Adults: £2.50, Under 16's: £1.50, Under 5's: free, Family: £7
Hucclecote Rugby Club, Churchdown Lane, Hucclecote, Glos GL3 3QH
Visit the 'Hucclecote RFC Firework Display 2012' Website
3rd November 2012
The Leckhampton Scout annual bonfire night and fireworks celebration. Refreshments will be available.
Scout Hut, Leckhampton, Cheltenham, Glos GL53 0AL
Visit the 'Leckhampton Scouts Bonfire Night Firework Display 2012' Website
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Guy Fawkes Night at The Courtfield Arms, Lydbrook :  Come along to the Courtfiled Arms Guy Fawkes Night - in aid of Lydbrook School.     Childrens Guy competition.      Bonfire.       Free firework display.    Stalls.      Apple bobbing
      Marshmallow toasting.       Time: 6pm.       Tickets: Free. 
The Courtfield Arms, Ross Road, lower Lydbrook, Glos. GL17 9NU
Monday, November 5 th 2012
Firework Spectacular at Bathurst Park, Lydney  Bring the whole family to watch a fantastic fireworks display in beautiful Bathurst Park. The display is managed by a professional pyrotechnic company, who provide a spectacular show.     Refreshments, Danter's Fun Fair. We'll see you there!!!!  Time: 19.30pm Gates open at 18.00  Tickets: 16+ £3, 5-16 £1, under 5s Free  Event Contact: 01594 842 234 Bathhurst Park, Whitecross Road, Lydney, Glos. GL15 5HE
 Visit the 'Bathurst Park Fireworks Display 2012' Website
Meysey Hampton
To be Updated
Meysey Hampton Bonfire and Firework Display  Bonfire 6.30pm fireworks 7pm Tickets available from The Masons Arms Meysey Hampton or (18 Church Street, Meysey Hampton).

Saturday, November 3rd  2012
Minchinhampton Fireworks Night
Time: Gates open at 5pm   Tickets: £5 for adults, £3 for children and senior citizens, and children under three are free of charge on the gate (£12 for a family of five in advance.) There will be a fabulously fiery bonfire, spectacular fireworks, a delicious barbecue, mulled wine and more.  Telephone: 01453 883273
Minchinhampton School
School Road

Minchinhampton School
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The Fire Service College hosts a display of fireworks. A collection will be made for Click Sargent.       Bonfire      Food and drinks      Stalls      Time: Gates open 6pm, bonfire at 6.45pm, fireworks at 7.15pm      Tickets: FREE - collection to be made for Click Sargent      Where: Moreton Fire College, Mosedale Road entrance, Moreton-in-the-Marsh, GL56 0RH
November 10 th 2012
Quedgeley Fireworks
Time: Fireworks start at 7pm
Dimore II Playing Field, School Lane
Quedgeley Fireworks
Monday, November 5 th 2012
Quenington Fireworks Night
Time: Gates open 6.30pm, bonfire lit at 6.45pm  Tickets: Entry is free (voluntary contributions in aid of local causes)
Godwin's Field  Quenington
Monday, November 5 th 2012
Leonard Stanley Fireworks
Time: Gates open at 6pm  Organisers are planning a fireworks night event at Leonard Stanley School. Weather and conditions allowing, it hopes to hold the event on Monday, November 5. If it is rained off, however, it's hoped the display will be able to go ahead the following day. Refreshments will be on sale. More details to follow.
Leonard Stanley Primary School
To be Updated
Family Firework Display 
Time: Gates open at 6pm  Tickets: Adults £5, children £2.50. Family tickets costing £12 are available in advance from the school A family firework display organised by the Friends of Thrupp School, with the usual fireworks and bonfire, plus licensed bar, barbecue, toffee apples, hot soup and much more.  Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.
Thrupp Primary School, Thrupp Lane, Stroud GL5 2EN
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Tetbury fireworks display
 The annual bonfire night celebration at Sir William Romney’s School in Tetbury will start when the gates open at 6pm. There will be a best Guy competition, before the lighting of the bonfire takes place at 6.30pm and the fantastic fireworks display starts at 7pm. Organised by the South Cotswold Rotary Club, tickets will be available on the gate with proceeds going to charity.
Huge bonfire will be lit at 6.30pm with the fiirework display at 7pm Hot and cold drinks and refreshments The colourful and sometimes noisy display means that local animal owners may want to keep their pets indoors between 7.00 and 8.00pm. SWR School is the place to enjoy Tetbury’s Fireworks Extravaganza in safety; it’s far less expensive than individual back-garden parties – and certainly not to be missed!  Time: Gates open 6pm, Tickets: £5adults/£2.50 children and pensioners  T elephone:(01666) 502378

Sir William Romneys School,Lowfield Rd , Tetbury 
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A firework display with a difference as the fireworks will be lit on a raft in middle of the lake for more dramatic effect.
This event is in aid of  the County Air Ambulance and will include the following:
Bonfire, Refreshments, Bar, Live music Time: Gates open at 6pm,  bonfire lit at 6.30pm,  fireworks at 7pmTickets: £10 per car  Where: C  Firework Display on the Water at Croft Farm, Bredon

roft Farm Waterpark, Bredons Hardwick, Tewkesbury, GL20 7EE
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Tewkesbury bonfire and fireworks display
Vineyards Playing Fields in Tewkesbury will play host to a huge bonfire and free fireworks display with Tewkesbury Abbey used as a photogenic backdrop  , at the annual event organised by Tewkesbury Rotary Club.Opening at 6pm, there is also set to be amusements for children and refreshments being sold before the bonfire is lit at 6.30pm.
This is a free event organised by Tewkesbury Rotary Club with a collection made for local charities.

The Vineyards Field, (behind Tewkesbury Abbey), Tewkesbury

5th November 2012
The Chantry - Annual Firework Display Celebrate bonfire night at The Chantry's popular annual display. Gates open at 6pm for a 7pm start.
 01454 414268
52 Castle Street, Thornbury, South Gloucestershire, BS35 1HB
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Winchcombe School plays host to a spectacular firework display which is orgainised by the Winchcombe School Association and the Friends of Winchcombe Abbey Primary School. A spectacular professional display will be lighting up the skies over Winchcombe on Friday 7 November.

BBQ, Bar. The organisers have suggested that it be preferable to leave cars at home as there is limited parking .
Time: Gates open 6pm , display starts at 7pm Tickets: Adults £3.50, children £2.50, pre-school age free, family £10
Where:Winchcombe School Field, Greet Road, Winchcombe, GL54 5LB

To be Updated
Bishops Cleeve

Bishops Cleeve Primary School bonfire and fireworks
Bishop’s Cleeve Primary School in Cheltenham will be holding its annual fireworks display and bonfire on its playing fields once again in 2009. Gates for the popular event will open at 6.30pm, with the bonfire being lit at 7.15pm. Visitors can expect hot food and drinks as well as a roaring fire to keep them warm.  A bonfire and firework display near Cheltenham organised by the Friends of Bishops Cleeve Primary School in the school grounds.
Refreshments , Stalls.  The bonfire will be lit at 7pm  Time: Gates open 6.30pm  TTickets cost £4 for adults and £1.50 for primary school children, on the gate.Tickets available from the school and on the night. Where:Bishops Cleeve Primary School, Tobyfield Road, Bishops Cleeve, GL52 8NN Telephone: (01242) 673814

Leckhampton, Cheltenham
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The Burley Fields Firework Display (Leckhampton Firework Display 2012) has the biggest bonfire in England.A large firework extravaganza in Leckhampton, Cheltenham with lots of entertainment for the whole family, including disco & live music, small fun fair, fast food serving mouth watering pork baps, burgers, hotdogs and chips  . The fireworks are professionally lit by Sandling Fireworks.N.B. Strictly no alcohol, fireworks or sparklers are to be brought in. Bonfire lit at 7pm, Kids Firework display at 8.15pm with main display at 9.45pm. Tickets: £4 in advance or £6 on the night (limited tickets available) available from Burley Fields Farm shop (Friday 10 am - 1 pm & Sat 10am - 4pm), Leckhampton convenience store and Shurdington Post Office or by Phoning Pam on 07769700067 or Steve on 07831734683.  Where: Burley Fields, Crippets Lane, Leckhampton, Cheltenham, GL51 4XT
Burley Fields, Crippets Lane, Leckhampton, Cheltenham, GL51 4XT
Leckhampton Fireworks
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A firework display hosted by Parliament Primary School.

Fireworks , BBQ, Refreshments,Bouncy Castle, Childrens rides, Fully disabled access and parking
Time: Gates open 6pm fireworks at 7pm   Tickets: £1.50 adults, £1 children in advance £2.50 adults and £1.50 children on the night. All children must be accompanied by an adult.  Where: Parliament Primary School, Bisley Old Road, Stroud, GL5 1NL Contact phone : 01453 753994

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Ashton Keynes

A fanfare of fireworks at Bradstone Field will be lighting up the skies over Ashton Keynes in dramatic style this year.

Bar , Refreshments.Time: gates open 5.30pm fireworks at 6.30pm Tickets: £4 adult (£5 gate); £2 child (£3 gate); £10 family (£12 gate) in advance  Where: Bradstone Sports Field, Rixon Gate. Ashton Keynes.

To be Updated

Organised by the PTA in aid of Fairford School.

This years display promises to be bigger than ever before with the following on offer:

Bonfire , Fireworks, Laser show, Fairground rides, Food and drinks Time: From 6pm Tickets: £10 family, £4 adult, £2 child (4-16) and OAP's in advance from Fairford Primary School. Also available on the night. Where: Fairford Park,(behind the town car park) Fairford

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The Nailsworth Scouts Firework will be holding their annual display on Saturday night.This is a community event for people of all ages.Proceeds from the evening will go to The Nailsworth and Forest Green Scout Group The brilliant firework display will be followed by the big bonfire!  Hot dogs and hot drinks are available. Time: 6.30 - 8pm Tickets: £2.50 for adults and £1 for children. All money raised goes to supporting the Nailsworth and Forest Green Scout Group. Which provides a wide variety of adventurous activitys for over 70 young people.  Where: King George V Playing Field, Nailsworth
To be Updated

Sheepscombe Society brings the village together for a celebration of Bonfire Night. Everything takes place between the vilalge green and the village hall. Full bar, Traditional food - hotdogs, baked potatoes etc. Food also available at The Butchers Arms pub  Time: Bonfire lit at 6.45pm, fireworks at 7pm  Tickets : a donation of £10 per family to cover costs and maintain the high annual standard Where: The Village Green, Sheepscombe
To be Updated

A firework display and bonfire organised in aid of Northleach C of E School, Northleach.
Refreshments , Bar  Bonfire lit at 6.30pm  Fireworks 7pm Time: Gates open 6pm, Tickets: Family £10 - Adult £4 - Conc. £2 - Under 3 free (all children under 12 must be accomp by adult) Where: Next to Westwoods Centre, Northleach

3rd November 2012
Manor Park
Gates open at 5.30pm and entertainment on stage begins at 6.15pm. A special ten-minute fireworks display will be at 6.45pm for children under five years old and will be set to children's TV themes. The main display, which celebrates the best of 2012, starts at 8pm and is a twenty-minute spectacular of colour and surprises. Advance tickets: Adult: £6 / Child (under 16): £2 / OAP: £4. On the gate: Adult: £7 / Child (under 16): £3.

Manor Park, Aldershot
To be Updated
Four Marks Bonfire and Fireworks night
Four Marks C of E School Fireworks, Bonfire, Fairground rides, BBQ, bar, refreshments. Entry Passes available from Reeds Butchers, Medstead and Village Flowers Four Marks from 11 Oct or on the night at Four Marks School.

3rd November 2012
Round Table Firework Display - Anstey Park 6pm - 9pm
A fantastic display that sure to WOW. Again provided by Pains Fireworks this year, we will expect a bigger a better display. Held on the anniversary eve this year, we hope the atmosphere will again light up the skies of Alton. We will again this year be listening to the sounds of "On Edge" in the build up to the fireworks. Our MC for the evening is a guest speaker form Eagle radio. Keep an eye out for further information around the town. To see a review from last year see the website link. For advanced tickets see our outlets in the info link.
Anstey Park, Alton, Hampshire
GU34 2RL
Alton Website
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War Memorial Park, Crossborough Hill, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG21 4AG Time: Gates open 6pm Fireworks 7.30pm (all times approx). Prices: Adult £7 (adv £6) U16's £4 (adv £3), U3's FREE The 2010 Mayors Charity Firework Fiesta in Basingstoke will take place on Friday 5th November in the War Memorial Park. In addition to the fireworks, there will be a funfair and a local radio roadshow as well as a variety of refreshmentsFor a great evening of fireworks and fun for the family, head to the 2010 Basingstoke Bonfire Night Fireworks, Hampshire!
27th Oct 2012
Ignition Overload Fireworks at National Motor Museum, Beaulieu Fireworks at National Motor Museum, Beaulieu
 New Forest  Beaulieu’s annual Fireworks Spectacular, one of the largest in the South,

Beaulieu will be celebrating early with a Superhero theme. Everyone is invited to turn up in fancy dress with prizes going to the best dressed. So don your best Superman or Catwoman costume, ride the old fashioned fairground and watch the fireworks make a bang to superhero music. 
Beaulieu National Motor Museum,
New Forest

Beaulieu Bonfire Website
Beech Village
Saturday 3rd November 2012
Village Bonfire & Fireworks –   The nights are drawing in, the clocks will soon be changing and Bonfire Night is just round the corner! This year’s Village Bonfire Night celebration takes place on Saturday 6th November - don’t miss it!    5 pm – Meet at Village Hall for tickets & torches, 5.30 pm – Torch-light procession from Village Green to Recreation Ground, 6pm – Lighting of the Bonfire at the Recreation Ground, 6.30 pm – Firework display Tickets £5 (adults) & £2.50 (children) BBQ, mulled wine & soft drinks available
Important note: If you have anything to contribute to the bonfire, please bring it along to the area marked on the Recreation Ground from Saturday 20th October!
See you there!  
Beech, Nr Alton, Hampshire, GU34 4AD
Beech Village Website
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Come along to our annual Bonfire and Firework Display at Broughton Sports Field, Buckholt Road, Broughton, Hampshire. Fireworks start at 7.45pm.
Broughton Fireworks
To be Updated
Fireworks, Bonfire and Live Band. Bransgore School Association Firework display, bonfire and live band. Bransgore Hog roast, bbq and glow sticks. In the grounds of the Three Tuns Inn, Gates open - 6pm Further details:
Bognor Regis
To be Updated
Pagham Yacht Club, 1 West Front Road, PO21 4SY. Enjoy an evening at the beach with a good firework display, bonfire, barbeque, tombola, stalls, lucky dip, BBQ and Roasted Chestnuts. Start time 7.30pm.
Visit Website
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Christchurch Rotary, announces the 2010 Christchurch Community Bonfire and Fireworks Spectacular with the customary wide range of complementary activities. Once again, with the participation of many local organisations, there will be plenty for young people to do between opening time and the start of the fireworks. Free Parking available

Colden Common
To be Updated
Fireworks in Colden Common. 6:00pm - 8:00pm  THE annual fireworks show at Colden Common will take place on Sunday, November 7th. It will begin at 6.15pm with a torchlight parade, which will start from the community centre in St Vigor Way. Those attending need to bring their own torches, and the group will head to the recreation ground. Fireworks start there at 7pm and other attractions include sales of florescent necklaces, and a barbecue run by the Scouts. Visitors will also be asked to make a donation towards the cost of the show.  Colden Common Community Centre, St Vigor Way, Colden Common, Hampshire SO21 1UU

7 November 2012
KING GEORGE V PLAYING FIELDS Cosham. Time: From 6.30pm. Watch as the biggest firework extravaganza takes to the skies in Portsmouth  Portsmouth City Councils annual bonfire and fireworks display, sponsored by Aqua Cars. A fantastic free event for all of the family with live music from 6pm provided by Wave 105.2fm. The bonfire is to be lit at 7pm and the firework display will be at 7.30pm  This year there will be a fancy dress competition sponsored by Stagecoach, if you come along dressed in a fantastic costume, you may win a prize.  There will be also be an amazing fire juggling performance. . Food: A variety of stalls. Parking: Limited free parking at IBM. Cost: Free, charity collections. Contact: (023) 9282 6722.
King George V Playing Fields,
Portsmouth Website
Fareham and Gosport
To be Updated
St Anthony's Firework and Bonfire Spectacular 2010 at 4pm - Come early. Fantastic firework dislay (6pm), brilliant bonfire (5pm), magnificent models and much more. Gates will close before 5pm. Bring all the family and friends and enjoy the hog roast, bbq, hot chocolate, mulled wine, toffee apples and fun for all. There will be a pumpkin competition, stall and games for all! Tickets available from the school in Primate Road at discounted prices before the night - Adults £3, children £2, pre-school children free and family tickets available. # Venue: St. Anthony's RC Primary School # Telephone: 01489 579100
Fareham Fireworks
3rd November 2012
Fleet Lions Fireworks Fiesta in Calthorpe Park
Fleet’s firework display with refreshments, Gluhwein, BBQ and more. Free parking in Victoria Rd and Harlington Way Council car parks Entry on the night: adults £6, children £3. Advance discounted FASTRACK tickets from the Lions in the Hart Centre (see our website)Gates open 5pm for display at 6.30pm

Calthorpe Park, Reading Road North, Fleet GU51 5FA
To be Updated
Bonfire, Fairground and BBQ.  Bring wellies and torches, but please no sparklers or fireworks.  All proceeds to local charities. Damerham Sports Field  - gates open 6.30pm, free parking. Prices £5 adult, £3 children or £15 per family of up to 5 and pre-school children are FREE Contact :
To be Updated
 HMS SULTAN, GOSPORT Military Road, Gosport. Time: Gates open 6pm, fire lit 7.15pm, fireworks 8pm. Other entertainment: Fire Eaters, Jugglers, Titan the Robot, plus fairground rides. Food: A number of quality outlets.
Parking: Free parking close to the site. Cost: Family (two adults, two children) £10, Adult £3.50, Child (five to 14)/OAP £2.50 Contact: (023) 9272 2351.

Sat 3 Nov 2012

Spectacular fireworks, a monster display and great music organised by the Rotary Club of Lymington.  
Spectacular firework display, plus trampolines, bouncy castle, rides for toddlers, climbing wall, hot dogs & burgers, hot & cold drinks, candy floss, toffee apples & novelty items. Adults - £4.00. Children - £2.00. Under 4 years - free. Gates open at 18:00, Firework to Music Display 19:30  Organised by Rotary Club of Lymington. All proceeds to local charities.
Pennington Recreation Ground
Pennington, Lymington, SO41 8HH

New Milton
To be Updated
A great firework display and bonifire put on by the New Milton Round Table.

Saturday 3rd November 2012
 ROYAL VICTORIA COUNTRY PARK - Time: Gates open 6pm, fireworks display at 7.30pm.  . Parking: Free on site.   Contact: (023) 8045 5157 Another spectacular display to music in a beautiful setting. Refeshments, activities, miniature steam train rides and a mini fun fayre also available. Gates will open at 6pm.Cedar Tea rooms will be open until 7.30pm. Fireworks at 7.30pm.  Tickets are available from 1st October. In advance: £5/adult,£3/child.
On the night:£7/adult, £5/child.  £20/family ticket (2+2) Under 4s free
Cost: £5/adult, £3/child 
Royal Victoria Country Park, Netley Abbey, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 5GA
Royal Victoria Country Park Fireworks 2012 (link)
Saturday 3rd November 2012
Petersfield Fireworks and Music Extravaganza 2012
ou can buy your tickets right now: Buy Online  There will be almost 20 minutes of fireworks and the display will be professionally run to the highest standards by The UK Firework Company, so you can enjoy the spectacle of an organised display. The event is organised by Petersfield Round Table and the funds we raise go back to the local community.The event starts in the town square (See map) with entertainment and you can buy a selection of 'glowies' to light up the procession. Once the local fire & rescue crew arrive in their fire engine they will lead a procession from the square to the field (Map showing Bell Hill recreation ground).
Best "Guy Fawkes" Contest - Win £500! We're offering a fantastic prize of a £500 donation to your club, charity or organisation for the best themed/dressed Guy! Bring your Guy along to the Fireworks before 6.30pm. Entries will be judged by the Chairman of Petersfield Round Table and his panel of judges. Put on your best creative and imaginative hats to make a guy that will stand out to the judges! The winner will be announced at 6.45pm. School Competition A prize draw is being held through the local schools. Put your name and number on the entry form and take it back to school and you could win the chance to light the bonfire or start the fireworks by pressing the Big Red Plunger. The winners get special Golden tickets for free family admission. One runner-up from each school will also win a family ticket.   Additional info for a great evening  Please note there is NO parking at the field, or the adjacent roads.. Please park in one of the many car parks in town. There will be catering on the field, including a licenced bar. Please take your litter home! The Air Training Corps have kindly offered their toilet facilities.  We prefer that you do not bring sparklers onto the field. They can be dangerous in crowds and the wire can cause injury to children and pets if left on the grass. Safe illuminated novelties will be on sale. There will be a first aid station at the ATC building by the entrance. For more information contact
Bell Hill Recreation Ground
2nd November 2012
GUNWHARF QUAYS, PORTSMOUTH Place: Portsmouth Harbour. Time: Entertainment from 6pm, fireworks 8.0pm.
Other entertainment: The display will be set to musical soundtracks. Food: The usual bars, restaurants and stalls.
Parking: Usual car park tariff applies and recommend arriving early Cost: Free. Contact: (023) 9283 6700.

Gunwharf Quays Fireworks
  Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth

Friday 9 November, 2012

Bonfire & Firworks Spectacular
 Admission from 5.30 pm   Bonfire to be lit at 7.00pm  Firework display at 7.30pm  Tickets £5 per person
Admission strictly by ticket only - no ticket sales on the night  Please note this is not a public event. Tickets are restricted to HCS pupils and staff and their families only.

Hampshire Collegiate School
Embley Park
SO51 6ZE
Website Click
Sandown, Isle Of Wight
5th November 2012
Sandown, Isle of Wight. November 5th Carnival Celebrations Firework Display. 8pm. Off Sandown Pier
  Tel: 01983 402334
Off Sandown Pier
Stratford Saye
3rd November 2012
Fireworks Fiesta Saturday 3rd November
 This year's event will be held at the Park on the 3rd November.   This event is run and organised by the 'Lodden Lions' as a charitable fund raising event, raising cash for local charities. As part of our support for that, we provide the location free of charge. Tickets this year will 'only' be available online. Ticket prices will be £8.00 for adults and £4.00 for children.   ,Tel: 0118 932 6444
Wellington Country Park, Odiham Road, Riseley, near Reading, RG7 1S
To purchase tickets, please click on the link below:-
Wellington Country Park cannot be held liable for any transactions processed via this link
Friday 26th October 2012
Sholing Fireworks 2012 
St Monica Infant School will be hosting a spectacular community fireworks event - fun for all the family. BBQ and refreshments. Tickets available on the gate or in advance from the school office 
 Contact: 02380-399-870
St Monica Infant School, Bay Road, Sholing, Southampton, Hampshire, SO19 8EZ
Sholing Fireworks
Friday 2nd November 2012
Ageas Bowl Fireworks 2012
The Ageas Bowl’s annual Fireworks Party returns on Friday 2nd November following last year’s sell-out event. The 2012 display is promising to be bigger and better with more entertainment, more fun and more fireworks than ever before! The event is run in conjunction with partners Heart FM who will bring music, entertainment and competitions as well as their presenters and Heart Angels team. This is followed by the spectacular firework display which will celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. This stunning show of light and colour is certainly one the most impressive on the South Coast and promises to illuminate the Hampshire skyline better than ever before. In addition, you can ride the dodgems, “hook a duck” or test your skills on the coconut shy as there will also be a traditional funfair with fairground stalls all around the ground.  A wide selection of hot food and drinks will be available during the evening. So come and join us for an entertaining and explosive family night out at The Ageas Bowl.  Schedule:  5.30pm: Gates and Funfair opens  6.45pm: Heart FM Live Experience
8.00pm: Fireworks  9.30pm: Funfair closes and event ends.  Prices:  Adults: £8.00 in advance or £10.00 on the day (advance tickets available until 1st Nov, 5pm)  Under 16s: £6.00 Children aged five and under are free and do not require a ticket Family ticket (two adults and two children): £22 (in advance only) (gates open 5.30pm, fireworks 8pm) Contact: 0800-197-4404
The Ageas Bowl, Marshall Road, West End, Southampton, SO30 3XH
Ageas Bowl Fireworks
Monday 5th November 2012
Redbridge Fireworks 2012 
Redbridge is hosting a professional fireworks display on the 5th November 2012. Tickets are available now from reception. Gates open at 6.00pm and the Fireworks start at 7.30pm. BBQ, tuck shop, Hot Drinks, Glowsticks, live bands and a Guy Fawkes competition will all be taking place.  Ticket Details; Adults: £3.00 Children: £2.00 Family: £10.00 (2+3)  Tickets are available from reception.  Limited numbers will be available on the gate.  Free Parking  PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A FAMILY EVENT AND NO ALCOHOL OR SPARKLERS SHOULD BE BROUGHT ONTO THE SCHOOL SITE. THANKYOU.  Contact: 02380-771-381
Redbridge Community School, Cuckmere Lane, Southampton, Hampshire, SO16 9RJ
Redbridge Fireworks 2012
Sat 3 Nov 2012
Contact Mr Greg Livermore Tel: 023 8089 3603 Gang Warily Rec. & Community Centre
Newlands Road, Fawley, Southampton, SO45 1GA
To be Updated
Totton Sports Club.  6:30pm   Annual Firework Display being held at Totton Sports Club,(former BAT Club) Southern Gardens, Ringwood Road,Totton,Southampton SO40 8RW.  Delicious Hog Roast, BBQ, Licensed Bar, Hot Refreshments, Music etc. Tickets £5 in advance (£7 on night) or Family Ticket (2 adults & 2 U16's) - £16 in advance (£20 on the night). NO SPARKLERS PLEASE. Tickets available from the Clubhouse telephone 02380 862143 or email Come & See our New Clubhouse - new members welcome 
Southampton Fireworks
Friday 2nd November 2012
AFC Totton are pleased to announce that Testwood Stadium will be hosting it's first ever fireworks display next month. The event will take place on Friday 2nd November from 7pm until late. As well as the fireworks display there will also be live music from girl band "Vendetta" and hot food, including a hog roast. Admission for the evening is priced at £3 for members, £5 for non-members and £2 for children.   Contact: 02380-868-981 Testwood Stadium, Salisbury Road, Totton, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 2RW
Totton Fireworks 2012 (link)
Sat 3 Nov 2012
The display this year in Mayflower Park is going back to traditional effects, expect to hear and see massive bangs and vibrant colours from a high aerial effect show. Be sure to be there early to appreciate the atmosphere this very popular event creates. This year we are having a grand prize draw for pre purchased ticket holders. No tickets are available on the night however you can pay on the gate, but you wont be entered into the draw. Fun fair from 3pm fireworks at 7.30pm  Cost Adult £5, child over 5 £3, under 5 free
Parking, local parking only in council car parks  Disabled parking is at the Holiday Inn.  TICKETS NOW ON SALE FROM VISITOR INFORMATION, LOWER GROUND FLOOR, CENTRAL LIBRARY

Mayflower Park
SO15 1HJ
Tel: 023 8083 3333
Friday 9th November. 2012

SCHOOL'S. FIREWORKS NIGHT.   Gates open 5.15 pm
Church Road, Swanmore, Hampshire, SO32 2PA.

To be Updated
Whitchurch Festival committee around town are announcing the fireworks and bonfire on the Millennium Meadow  starting at 5pm. Leading up to what promises to be a spectacular evening, there are two pumpkin decoration competitions...The Whitchurch Arts pumpkin decoration competition is open now, and judging takes places during the week of the 25th. Members of Whitchurch Arts will pop around to view your creative display and announce the winners between 6 and 6:30pm on the Meadow on the 30th, just before the bonfire is lit. In addition, The White Hart will have pumpkins to decorate starting from 3pm on the 30th. Again, Whitchurch Arts members will judge those pumpkins before encouraging their owners to parade them down to the Meadow for 5pm. So, lots of chances to light up the town even before the big show!
Whitchurch Festival Website
Winchester Bonfire Night
3rd November 2012

Winchester Round Table Bonfire & Fireworks Display
 event starts 6pm / fireworks start 7.45pm

Celebrate Guy Fawkes Night at the Winchester Round Table Bonfire & Fireworks Display - events start with a torchlit procession from Broadway through the medieval centre of the town to River Park. When the procession arrives at River Park, the Mayor of Winchester lights the bonfire, after which there is a spectacular fireworks display. The Winchester Round Table Bonfire & Fireworks Display is free, but do give generously to the Round Table organisers, who collect for a different charity each year: over the years more than £250,000 has been raised!

River Park, Winchester, SO23 7DD
Winchester Bonfire Night
3rd November 2012
 Round Table Torch-Lit Parade, Bonfire and Fireworks Extravaganza 
At 6.00pm there will be entertainment on The Broadway outside The Guildhall, followed by the torch-lit procession through the town. At 7.15 the Mayor lights the bonfire and thereafter the wonderful fireworks display begins.  
01962 840500
Northwalls Recreation Ground,
SO23 7DD
To be Updated
Yateley Lions Fireworks at School Lane, Yateley   Gates open: 6pm; Bonfire: 6.45pm; Fireworks 7pm.
£4 (adults), £2 (child) on gate; £3/£1.50 in advance Tickets from Westfield's Junior School; Yateley Angling Centre; Balfours (Monteagle Estate); Trevallen and Simon's Video and Bottle Shop
The Chesilbank
Saturday 3rd November 2012
 17:00 - 21:00 
Promoter: ASHFORD RUGBY CLUB  Telephone Number: 0790 3236733  Email Address:
Ticket Prices:Adult £6.00, Child £3.00,  Under5 Free,Family 2+2 £15.00, Adult on gate £8.00, Child on gate £4.00
Family on gate £20.00
2nd November 2012
Firework Displays 2012
Biddenden Blaze is a local event that is held in the village of Biddenden on the 2nd November.
Biddenden Recreation Field , Biddenden Nr
Saturday 3rd November 2012
 A new and exciting Firework Event is currently being prepared for 2012. Live music from EK1 and The Cojones (confirmed) Free parking Please no pets / personal fireworks / homemade guys Quex Park, Park Lane, Birchington, Kent CT7 0BH
3rd November 2012
Fireworks on the Farm
The same venue that hosts Canterbury's annual music festival 'Lounge On The Farm' is hosting one of the district's biggest fireworks displays this year, with 'Fireworks on the Farm'. The Canterbury Round Table are the organisers of this display which takes place at the spacious Merton Farm, where there is plenty of room for entertainment, parking and fireworks.  Adult £10 | Child £5  50% off if you book online here.
Merton Farm, Canterbury
2nd November 2012
Fireworks Extravaganza
Fire eaters, glow acts and stilt walkers will all appear at this fireworks display held at the famous Kent County Cricket Club's ground in Canterbury. There will also be live music from 'The Chaps' and performances from the Da Vinci dance troupe, as well as a funfair, refreshments, glow merchandise and free face painting. Gates open at 6pm, with entertainment starting from 6.15pm.  Adult £8 on the gate | Child (2-14) £4 on the gate | Family 2+2 £20 on the gate Cheaper tickets can be bought in advance at or by calling 01227 456 886 and selecting option 0.
St Lawrence Ground, Canterbury
3rd November 2012
This is the 40th consecutive annual bonfire night event organised by Tyler Hill, with gigantic bonfire, fireworks display, fire juggling, stalls, food, and children rides.   06:00pmpm - 09:30 pm Advance Tickets - adults £5, Children £2.  Gate Admission - adults £7 Children £3.  Free parking at nearby University of Kent
Promoter: Tyler Hill Memorial Hall  Telephone Number:01227 471566  Email Address:
Tyler Hill Recreation Ground
Friday 9th November 2012
Chiddingstone Fireworks 2012
  17.30-21.00Cost: Adult: £7.00, Child (reception – 16 years): £3.00ganised by the primary school's PTA this is promoted as a family evening. In addition to the bonfire and fireworks display there will be a BBQ, mulled wine, hot chocolate and other tempting goodies! Tickets are available from the Chiddingstone Village Shop, the Causeway Village Shop and the school office. Tickets will also be available from the gate on the night.
Chiddingstone Recreation Ground
3rd November 2012
Chislehurst Fireworks and Funfair 2012
The Rotary Club of Chislehurst puts on its annual display, including a huge bonfire and a firework display lasting close to half an hour. Also on site are a children's funfair and food and drink stalls.
Chislehurst Recreation Ground
3rd November 2012
Crowborough Grand Fireworks Display 2012:
One of the best firework displays in the area. 
The Beacon will be lit at 7.15pm with the display starting at 7.30pm. The model railway will be open for the evening. Hot food available. The display is free to all with donations to the Mayor's charities.
Goldsmiths Recreation Ground on Eridge Road in Crowborough
3rd November 2012
Fireworks at the Circus
Sick Promotions have organised another great night of family fun at The Leather Bottle pub in north Kent.  Fire eaters and other circus acts will provide entertainment for crowds on the night, from which money raised will go to Cruise Bereavement Care. Doors open at 6.30pm with the firework display starting at 8.30pm.
Entry £2
The Leather Bottle, Cobham
Deal, Kent
2nd November 2012
This years Firework Display will be on the 2nd November 2012 at the Rugby Club.Gates open at 6.00pm with the fireworks commencing at 7.45 Food, Refreshments, Music, Nolveties and Bar. Ticket Prices : In advance Adults £3.50 Kids(U16) £1.50 On the Night Adults £4.00 Kids(U16) £2.00  Unders 5's get free entry
Tickets available from
East Kent Mercury Office, Queen Street Deal
Ebdens Garage, Gilford Road Deal
D&B Lions RFC Clubhouse, Canada Road
Drill Field, Canada Road, Deal Ct14 7EJ
Edenbridge, Kent
3rd November 2012
Torchlit procession through the town with several marching bands, and a large parade of decorated floats and walking parties followed by a huge firework display on the recreation ground including the burning of Guy Fawkes and 'Celebrity Guy. Road closures will be in place from 6.00, procession starts at 6.30 with display commencing around 8.00. Tickets available from local shops and on the gate. Organised by Edenbridge Bonfire Society
Tel: 01732 863120
The Recreation Ground, Lingfield Road, Edenbridge
3rd November 2012

Charity fireworks display
 The picturesque location of Mount Ephraim plays host to one of Faversham's biggest fireworks displays this year. Ticket holders can enjoy professionally-run fireworks set to music as well as entertainment, stalls and a variety of food outlets. Doors open at 6pm with the display at 7.30pm.  Adult plus 3 children under 14 £10 bought in advance - see here | Adult plus 3 children under 14 £12 on the gate
Mount Ephraim, Faversham
3rd November 2012
Sellindge firework display
 The Sellindge Sports and Social Club is holding a firework display this year to raise money for a new children's play area. A bar, food, stalls and entertainment will be plenty to keep the family occupied before the fireworks start after 7pm. Gates open at 6pm.
Adult £3 | Child £2 | Under 3s go free
For more info about how to buy tickets, go here.
Sellindge Sports and Social Club, near Folkestone
Saturday 3rd November 2012
Medway's standout annual fireworks display takes place at the Great Lines Heritage Park in Gillingham. A giant bonfire built by volunteers from the Royal Engineers will be lit by the Mayor of Medway, Cllr Vaughan Hewett at 7pm. Fireworks start at 7.30pm. Admission is free and parking is limited so arrive early. Surrounding roads will be closed from 5pm until 9.30pm; see which roads will be affected here.
The Great Lines Heritage Park,

Saturday 24 November 2012
Hawkhurst Bonfire and Fireworks 2012
 gates open at 6pm  The inaugural year of this annual tradition. Food, hog roast, guy competition, drinks, bonfire and grand firework display. Tickets on sale in the Kino Cinema  Organised by the Hawkhurst Gang Bonfire Society.
Circus Field, Highgate Hill, Hawkhurst
3rd November 2012
At Blueberry Lane, Knockholt, Kent TN14 7LL The annual Knockholt Firework Display is unique in that spectators miss the crush of the big town displays for an easily accessible fun evening of fireworks, food and hot drinks around the massive bonfire. Disabled parking in field. Gates: 6.00pm Fireworks: 7.30pm  Family (2+2): £15, Adult: £5, Child: £3 Blueberry Lane, Knockholt, Kent TN14 7LL
Saturday 10th November 2012
Lamberhurst Bonfire Night and Fireworks Display 2012
Food, drink, music and fireworks with friends and neighbours on The Down.  6:00pm - Activities start
6:30pm - Guy judging   6:40pm - Lighting the beacon 7:00pm - Fireworks
Entry is free for all. Donations received on the night fund these events. Last year had some excellent entries in the Guy competition, so start your preparations now. If you've not attended before, why not? Join the village on what is possibly its biggest night of the year.

Leeds Castle
3rd-4th November 2012
Firework Spectacular at Leeds Castle, Kent
Watch this world famous fireworks extravaganza amongst the beautiful and historical backdrop of Leeds Castle. The magnificent display will provide an experience like no other, performed alongside dramatic space themed music and TV theme tune classics. Adults: £18, Children: £10, Under 4’s: free  Tickets must be booked in advance, visit the website for more details.
Leeds Castle, Kent

3rd November 2012
 Maidstone, Kent
Bonfire and Firework Spectacular  With fire breathers and Bonfire. Includes Children's Fairground Rides and Stalls, Glow-Stick Galore, Village Bar, Music and g Fire-Performers, Indoor Play Area etc. Hot Food available all evening including a delicious Hog Roast, Chips, Hot Dogs and Burgers, plus Jacket Potatoes, Soups and Refreshments from our Tea Room Indoor Play Barn, Tea Room and Fairground Rides will be open for refreshments and fun until late Tel: 01622 621249 Email:

Kent Life, Lock Lane, Maidstone, Kent ME14 3AU
Friday 9th November 2012
A fantastic family display of fireworks with hot refreshments, BBQ food and glow products for sale. Show the kids how it's done - Apple Bobbing! Entry: Adults £5, Children £3.50 Gates open 5.30pm, display at 6.30pm
Promoter: Barming Primary School PTA   Telephone Number: 01622 726472  Email Address:
Barming Primary School, Maidstone ME16 9DY
3rd November 2012
Milstead fireworks
 Children will be given a free sparkler at this family-friendly firework display in Milstead. Hot dogs, burgers, soup and mulled wine will be on sale for the hungry hordes. The entrance to the field is beside Julian House and attendees are asked to bring a torch to the event, from which all proceeds will go to Milstead Church. The event starts at 6pm.
Adult £3.50 | Child £1.50
Little Danes Meadow,
Milstead, near Sittingbourne
Saturday, November 3rd 2012
 Upchurch Family Fireworks 
Every year more and more people choose to come to us because we provide a traditional well organised Family Firework Display.
What you tell us is:  It's a spectacular display- Good free on site car park- It's good value for money - Good range of stalls . We've grown from a small village display into one one of Kent's Biggest Bonfires.  Around 4,500 people attended our display in 2010. Adults £7  Children under 16* £5  Family ticket** £20  No advance tickets - pay on entry. *Children under 16 years of age.**Family ticket is 2 adults and 2 children, extra adult / child charged at the normal price. Children 2 and under are FREE. Please have THE CORRECT MONEY READY for us. This really speeds up the queueS INTO THE DISPLAY!
Our Firework Display is at Westmoor Farm on the A2 between Sittingbourne and Rainham, Kent. If you have a Sat Nav the nearest postcode is ME8 8QF.
Saturday 27th October
Rusthall Fireworks 2012
Cost: Firework display is free. A wax torch for the procession is £2.50
In addition to the firework display and bonfire, the village event will have bands, baton twirlers, stalls, a fancy dress competition and refreshments.
Rusthall Common
Saturday, November 3rd 2012
Sevenoaks Round Table Fireworks 2012:
Fireworks set to 007 theme and the first rocket at 7.30pm. Torchlight procession at 6.30pm from Buckhurst Lane Proceeds donated to local charities. Tickets: Adults (over 16) £8/7 - Children £4/3 Families £20/£17 (2 adults and 2 children). Outlets: Lorimers, Sevenoaks Travel, Stag Theatre and Tourist Info  NO ALCOHOL OR SPARKLERS PLEASE
Dukes Meadow, Sevenoaks School
Saturday, November 3rd 2012
Speldhurst Fireworks 2012
Cost: Adult £5, Child  (2-16) £3, Family (2+2) £15 Speldhurst's bonfire night is offering a wealth of entertainment for all the family this Guy Fawke's night. As well as a fantastic fireworks display and a bonfire, there will be lucky dip, face painting and tombola. Refreshments, including barbecue, hot drinks, cakes, licensed bar and mulled wine, will also be available.
McAuley's Field (opposite the school)
The Hop Farm, Kent

3rd & 4th November 2012
Fireworks Spectacular 
The Hop Farm Firework Spectacular is back with a bang this year – they are hosting two nights of fireworks displays. The park is putting on a child-friendly display from 6pm on Saturday 3 November, followed by an Olympic themed display at 9pm. On Sunday 4 November the main display at 6pm will be set to songs with a Best of British theme. The Hop Farm will also have a funfair, live music and family entertainment. Organisers encourage visitors to bring their own Guy Fawkes to add to the Hop Farm Bonfire. The day starts at 10am until late on Saturday and 10am to 8pm on Sunday. Adult £10.50 | Child 3-15 years £6.30 | Senior £8.40 | Family 2+2 £31.50 | Family 2+3 £35.70 All prices are as given if bought online here.
Hop Farm Family Park, Paddock Wood
Tunbridge Wells
Saturday 3rd November 2012
55th Annual Dunorlan Park Fireworks Display
The Royal Tunbridge Wells Round Table are spending more than £9000 on a fireworks display to remember this year, as they host the 55th annual  event at Dunorlan Park. A children's fun fair will provide entertainment and food concessions will be available. Money raised from the event will be given to local charities. No parking is available at the event so customers should make use of town centre car parks. Gates open at 5.30pm and the event starts at 7.00pm. Adult £8 | Child £5 | Under 5s free   Cheaper tickets can be bought in advance from the places listed here.
Dunorlan Park  
Pembury Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells
Saturday 3rd November 2012
Wadhurst Fireworks 2012
 Gate opens 17.30, bonfire lit 18.30, 'surprise' at 19.00, fireworks 19.30
Cost: Adult £5, Child £2.50, under 5′s FREE   In addition to the fireworks and bonfire, the event in Wadhurst will also host charity stalls and other side shows. Tickets are on sale from October 15th and can be purchased in advance from Costcutters, The Greyhound, Old Vine and Wadhurst Ironmongers.
 Stone Cross Farm, Lower High Street, Wadhurst
Saturday 3rd November 2012
Back for another year in 2012, the Danson Park fireworks display makes the most of of their event with a stunning fireworks show, a funfair and more family friendly entertainment.  Set in the beautiful grounds of Danson Park in Welling, the 2012 Danson Park fireworks display aims to be one of the biggest shows in south east England, so get your gasps of admiration ready for a spectacular pyrotechnics show. Lasting nearly half an hour, the display will be lighting up the night sky on Saturday 3rd November 2012.  Other attractions at the Danson Park fireworks display include a funfair for kids and food and drink stalls, so there'll be something to keep both young and old happy on the night. A variety of community stalls will also be set up in the park, while the display itself takes place over the lake and will be choreographed to music.  Organised by Welling Round Table, the Danson Park fireworks display is a charity event that raises money for good causes in the local community. Past events have raised much needed funds for projects such as the children's water park in Danson Park, new mess tents for the Scouts, the local junior football club and more, so you can be sure that your money is going to be put to good use. The Danson Park fireworks display takes place on Saturday 3rd November 2012. The gates open at 6pm, with the display itself starting at 8pm. Tickets cost £5.00 on the gate or £3 for kids and £4 for adults if booked in advance which can be done online or via local ticket agents in Bexley. For more information please click on the link below.
Danson Park Fireworks Official Site
Saturday 3rd November 2012
Westerham Fireworks Display 2012:
Westerham Scout Group are proud to present a Firework Spectacular every year. 
Gates open at 5.30pm, display starts at 6.30pm, weather permitting. Tickets: Family (2 adults 2 children) £18, Adults £8 Children £5 Under 5s free  There will be a barbecue and a paying bar in the Sports Association clubhouse. Parking is available in the Darenth Road car park and Hortons Way - there will be no vehicle access via Costells Meadow and spectators are urged to walk to the event.
Tickets are now on sale from Manuka Shoes, The Hospice in the Weald charity shop and The Sports Association or they can be purchased on the night at an increased rate.
For any further details please call 01959 562372
King George's Field
Saturday, October 27, 2012
Wrotham Fireworks Fantasia 2012
As in previous years, the event will include a display by the renowned Phoenix Firework Company.
This year - Fireworks Fantasia - will include live music from a wonderful local band known as Long Way Down Band, and dance from the familiar Hartley Morris Men.  There will be many more carnival rides and stalls; some of which will be located on the Recreation Grounds so that children can be entertained (without the need to purchase a ticket to the fireworks display).  Other free activities will include participation in a costume parade, face painting, hair weaving and a possibly maze made from hay bales for the young ones to get lost in!! A Fireworks Fantasia is planned to start at 3pm, through to the fireworks at 7:15 pm.  Pre booked tickets adults £5, children and senoirs £3. Purchased on the door, adults £6, children and seniors £4.
Email for more information
Wrotham Cricket Ground
High Street,
Wrotham, TN15 7AH
The Chesilbank
5 Nov 2010
Join us for our Little Pub Fireworks, free admission for all the family, bonfire, and BBQ. 6-8pm.   The Blacks Head Inn The Green Bletchingdon OX5 3DA   Tel:     01869 350315  Email: Price:     FREE

5 November 2010
 The famous annual firework display at Bodicote will be back again this year!   Gates Open 6.15 pm Firework display 7.30 pm £3.00 per person entry fee, under 5's free Guy Fawkes competition for under 11's (prize for best Guy and free entry)
3rd November 2012
Charlbury Cricket Club Bonfire & Fireworks
Charlbury Cricket Club, Forest Road, Charlbury OX7 3HH (very near train station)
Gates Open: 6pm More info: As last year, we expect a bonfire, fireworks, food, drinks and a novelty stall.
 Tickets are available in various shops around Charlbury - look out for the sign.
Charlbury Cricket Club, Forest Road, Charlbury OX7 3HH (very near train station)
Culham Park, near Abingdon
3rd November 2012

In support of HELP for HEROES. Arrive early (from 4.30pm) and enjoy the fun. View the Hot Air Balloon ‘night glow’. Watch the Stunt Bikes and the Slack-lining demonstration.Are you brave enough to visit the Scare Zone in the woods? Witness the Longbow Archers lighting the Bonfire before the Fireworks Display at 7pm.
Plus a Mega Slide, Pedal Go-karts, Mini Roundabout, Hoopla and Side Shows and, NEW for this year, will be Circle Drumming in the marquee. Refreshments and a Beer Tent. Tickets are £15 per car at the gate, or £12 per car in advance. Advance tickets online from and: The BookStore - Abingdon, Goffs Newsagent - Abingdon, Creations - Peachcroft Centre, Abingdon and Milton Park, Burgreys - Sutton Courtenay, Vickerys - Drayton, Mountain Mania - Didcot
Culham Park, off the A415 between Abingdon and Clifton Hampden.The entrance is next to Culham No. 1 Site near OX14 3DA
3rd November 2012
Faringdon Annual Charity Fireworks Display
Gates Open: 6pm  Fireworks Start: 7pm  Tickets: Adult £4.50 (£6 on the night), Children £2.50 (£3 on the night), Family £13 (£16 on the night).  Tickets are on sale in some local shops - look out for the fireworks poster in the shop windows.  More info:Morris Dancers with phosphorous torches, fairground rides for children, coconut shy, candy floss stall, sweet stall, etc. and hot dogs, burgers and hot drinks (provided by Faringdon Scouts)  Tel: 01367 253888 / 240716
Faringdon House, Lechlade Road entrance - see signs from A417 / A420
2nd November 2012
Fernham's Fabulous Fireworks
Fernham,just south of Faringdon, west Oxfordshire  Gates Open: 6pm. Bonfire lit at 6.15pm. Children's (quiet) display 6.30pm. Main display: 7pm Tickets: £10 family, £5 adult, £2 child More info: Large bonfire, sparklers, glow sticks, refreshments: hot food, drinks and mulled wine.

Fernham,just south of Faringdon, west Oxfordshire
6 November 2010
Henley Roundtable Fireworks  Swiss Farm, Marlow Road, Henley  Lots of fairground attractions will be on site to entertain everyone - while grown-ups will doubtless appreciate the beer tent, hog roast and live entertainment.
Time: Gates open at 6.15pm Cost: Advance tickets: £4 adults, £2 children. On the gate: £5 adults, £3 children.
31 Oct 2010
Fireworks night Professional firework display set to music - in aid of the school. Gates 5pm, display 6pm. Hot food available (bbq, chilli) and mulled wine and hot drinks. Hallowe'en fancy dress competition for children - prizes for the best costumes. £3, child £1, family £8. 5-8pm. 17:00 - 20:00     Village Hall (Finmere), Water Stratford Road, Finmere Oxfordshire MK18 4AT  Price:     Family ticket £8, Adults £3, Child £1

Fringford Greem
5 Nov 2012
Fringford Annual Bonfire and Fireworks Display
 Gates Open: 5.30pm Price: Donations on the gate More info: Traditional family bonfire & fireworks display.
Fringford Village Hall, Fringford Green OX27 8DY
Great Milton
5 November 2010
Great Milton Musical Fireworks, Great Milton Recreation Ground (middle of the village - you can't miss it!) - OX44 7NT on Friday November 5th. Long-running, family-friendly event with fab fireworks, BBQ and bar for parents! 7pm, donations on the gate. 

5 November 2012
Kidlington Parish Council Fireworks Display
Gates Open: 6pm  Fireworks Start: 7pm  Tickets: Available in advance from Exeter hall, Kidlington (nb: office closed for lunch every day, 1-2pm): £5 Adult, £4 child. Or on the gate Adults £4 and Child £3. Under 3's free.
More info: Refreshments available, also limited disabled car parking.Tel 01865 372143
Stratfield Brake Recreation Ground, Frieze Way, Kidlington OX5 1UP
5 November 2010
FREE Spectacular Fireworks Display at Kingham! Friday 5th November. The fun starts at 6pm, fireworks at 7pm. Stalls, attractions – something for everyone. Lots of lovely things to eat and drink: pig roast, burgers, hotdogs, mulled wine, hot chocolate, bar… See you at the playing field in Kingham (near Chipping Norton).
Long Hanborough
5 November 2010
Hanborough Musical Fireworks will take place at The Playing Fields, Roosevelt Road, Long Hanborough OX29 8JG on Friday November 5th. Fairground rides, BBQ, hotdogs, jacket potatoes, mulled wine. Gates 6pm, display 7pm, £3 (Children £2) on the door. More info available from Vikki Beale 01993 883347
The Oxford Round Table Firework Display, South Park
3rd November 2012
  Oxford Round Table Fireworks
 Click here to win free tickets with the Daily Info Fireworks Competition!
Gates Open: 5pm  Fireworks Start: 6.45pm  Tickets: Adults £5, Family (2 Adults, 3 Children) £12.
Tickets available from shops around Oxford, including Shepherd and Woodward, Walters of Turl Street, Shakespears Golden Cross, Greens Cafe Bonn Square and G&D's Icecream Cafe. More info:Now in its 45th year, the famous South Parks event has fireworks, a bonfire, music stage, fun fair and more...

South Park, Headington, Oxford,
3rd November 2012
Family Nature Club's Bonfire Night
  Open: 2pm - 7pm  Tickets: The garden relies on donations and a donation of at least £5 helps to cover costs and to help them continue in the future. More info: The garden’s annual bonfire celebration with soup, lantern-making & storytelling. Refreshments on sale.
Barracks Lane Community Garden, Barracks Lane, off Cumberland Road, Oxford OX4 2AP
5 November 2012
 St Michael's School Fireworks
Gates Open: 5.30pm  Fireworks Start: 6.30pm  Tickets in advance: Adults £2.50, Children £1.50, Family (2 adults, 3 children) £7  Tickets on the gate: Adults £3, Children £2, Family £8 More info:Refreshments available
Tel: 01865 241476

t Michael's School, Marston Road, Oxford OX3 0EJ
Hinksey Park

Fireworks For Little Ones, Toddler friendly fireworks display. Lake Street Playgroup, Hinksey Park, Grandpont. Thursday 5th November 5 - 6pm, £5 Family Pass 

Botley Primary School, Elms Road, Botley OX2 9JZ. Friday November 6th A spectacular firework display and barbecue. 6pm. £3 each / £12 family of 5 07733 480605.

5  November 2010
22nd oxford sea scouts firework display   fireworks night with b.b.q and refreshments disabled access raising funds for a new boiler and heating system for the scout hut    18:45 - 20:30       22nd oxford sea scouts headquaters meadow lane off donnington bridge road cowley Cowley ox44bi  Tel:     07866186904 Email:  Price:     £5 per adult £3.50 children £15 family of 4  Age restriction:     any age

Chipping Norton
Sunday 4th November 2012
 Firework Display - Chipping Norton
There will be a Fireworks Display at King’s Stone Farm (OX7 5QB) near the Rollright Stones on Sunday 4th November. Gates open at 6.30pm and the show will start at 7.00pm. Brought to you by the Rotary Club of Chipping Norton, and featuring a superb 20 minute display put on by a long-established professional firm, this fireworks display is hopefully the first of many. In addition, there will by hot food, soup and soft drinks available for sale. No private fireworks or alcohol will be allowed on the site which will be stewarded. more
Tickets are available in advance from Jaffe and Neale in Chipping Norton at £4 for adults, £2 for under-16s. Tickets available on the gate at £5 for adults, £3 for under 16s, and family tickets are £5 for 2 adults and 2 children 

King’s Stone Farm, Little Rollright,  Oxfordshire OX7 5QB
Bampton Fireworks display at the Bampton Recreation Ground
Gates open 18.00 £6 Adult £3 Child £15 family in advance  email:

3rd November 2012
Didcot Charity Fireworks
Gates Open: 5.30pm  Displays: Fire lit 6.15pm, fireworks 7pm More info: Funfair, food to include a pig roast and the proceeds to charity - organised by Didcot Rotary Club. To be opened by Didcot’s mayor - Peter Read. Tickets on the gate: Adults £5, OAP/Children (4-16rs) £3; under-3s free. Family (2+3) £12. Advance tickets: Adults £4, OAP/ Children (4-16 years) £2.50. Family £10. Tickets from The One Stop Shop, Didcot Civic Hall; Newbury Building Society, Broadway; and Thorntons/Heart to Heart, Didcot Orchard Centre.Tel. 01235 212082

Lloyd Recreation Ground,
Brasenose Road,
Didcot OX11 7BN

30 October 2010
Risinghurst and Sandhills Parish Council event. There will be refreshments. Gates 6.30pm, fireworks 7.15pm. £3, 5-16 yrs £1.:     30 Oct 2010 18:30 - 20:00 One day only Where:     Playing fields Grovelands Road Risinghurst OX3 8JA  Tel:    01865 453910  Email: Price:    £3 5-16 YRS £1

5  November 2012
John Blandy Bonfire and Fireworks Party
 Gates Open: 5pm (ends at 7pm!)  More info: Hot food available from 5pm. Organised by Friends of JB School.

John Blandy School, Southmoor, OX13 5DJ
Standlake Firework Spectacular

1st Standlake & Cokethorpe Sea Scouts, Standlake Village Hall Playing Field  Gates open 18.00 £3.50 Adult/£1.50 Child

Thornborough Village
Thornborough Village Bonfire and Firework Display  Nash Road Field  Gates open 19.00 £4 adults, £2 senior citizens, children 

email:  Tel. 01280 814434
6 November 2010
Thame Primary Schools Partnership Firework Display
Fantastic Firework Display, mulled wine, hot chocolates and hot dogs - a great event for all the family, which raises money for the 3 Thame Primary Schools. Buy tickets in advance from the schools or on the gate £5.00 adults, £2.00 children. On: 17.30  Until: 19.30  Address: Lord William Lower School, Thame, Oxon, OX9 3LF

3 November 2012
 This is Wallingford's annual fireworks display, complete with a bonfire and a best Guy competition to kick off the evening. Event starts: 6pm.  Bonfire lit: 6.20pm. Fireworks: 7pm.  Prices  Free entry. Suggested donations towards the charity collections are: Adult: £6. Child: £2.  Wallingford is on the A329 Shillingford to Reading and A4130 Didcot to Henley roads, and is easily accessible from Junction 13 of the M4 or Junction 9 of the M40 via the the A34 or from Junction7 of the M40 via the A329. The Kinecroft is in the town centre, opposite the Wallingford Museum. There is parking for up to 2 hours at the nearby Waitrose car-park and the town’s long-stay car-park is just a little further away in Goldsmith’s Lane. Train: Cholsey Station (2 miles) and the 136 bus (Mon-Sat) or Reading Station and the X39 or X40 bus. Bus: Bus services run to Wallingford from Abingdon, Benson, Berinsfield, Brightwell, Cholsey, Dorchester-on-Thames, Goring, Henley, Nettlebed, Oxford, Watlington and Witney Tel: 01491 833282 The Kinecroft,
2nd November 2012
Grove RFC Annual Fireworks and Bonfire
Gates Open: 7pm Fireworks Start: 8pm Tickets: Family Ticket £10, Adult £5, Children Under 16 £3
More info: BBQ. Refreshments & Rides, Bar Open til Midnight GRFC kindly requests that you do NOT bring Sparklers to the event please
Grove Recreation Ground, Cane Lane, Grove (near Wantage) OX12 0AA
Weston On The green
30 October 2010

Village Bonfire Party and Fireworks Display. at Playing Field  6.30pm Bonfire & 7pm Fireworks  Pumpkin lanterns and ghouls/witches/skeletons welcome! Helpers are needed for bonfire construction (10-12 Saturday 30th Oct) . Also we will need bonfire wood (e.g. pallets, sheds, conifers etc.) Please contact Paul Warren 350770 to organise collection/delivery to playing field.

6 November 2010
Wheatley Primary School PTA are running their annual firework event on Sat 6th November at Wheatley Primary School, Littleworth Road. Gates open at 5.30pm and the firework display starts at 7pm. We have plenty of entertainment - fairground rides and sidestalls, bar, mulled wine, pig roast, hot dogs, baked potatoes, children's fun tent and music. Tickets cost £5 for adults, £3 for children/OAPs or £15 for a family of five. You can get a special offer family ticket for £12 if you buy it in advance. For more information ring Paula Hood on 07974 448717.

4th November 2012
Bonfire and Soup Party
Open: 6pm - 10pm  Tickets: Adults £3.50, Children £2.50, under 5's and Season ticket holders can get in for free!  More info: Bonfire, sparklers, live music (act TBC), BBQ and soup, soft drinks/Alcohol (bottled), face painting. Well behaved Dogs on a lead are welcome. Tel 01993 772602.
Cogges Farm, Cogges, Witney OX28 3LA
30 October 2010
Trick, Treat and Treason
Some of the Oxford fireworks displays are taking inspiration from Halloween. This year the Curbridge Bonfire celebrations at Witney United Football Stadium has a few tricks and treats in store as the Guy Fawkes party takes place on Halloween. As well as the Guy judging competition, children are invited to come along in fancy dress. Gates open at 5.30pm and the bonfire will be lit at 7pm with fireworks at 7.30pm.
5 November 2012
Bonfire Night at The Plough
 Fireworks Start: 6pm (we think)  More info: Rain or shine, a free fireworks display! BBQ and Mulled Wine also available.
The Plough, Upper Wolvercote, Oxford OX2 8BD
Wytham Firework Display, Wytham Recreation Ground, Saturday November 14th. Firing at 6.30pm, gates open from 5.30pm. Entrance £5, under 14s FREE, Hot snacks on sale and licensed bar.
1 November 2010
 The Oxford University Scout and Guide Group (OUSGG)invite you  to their annual Firework and Bonfire evening at Youlbury on Monday 1st November. The event includes fireworks, a bonfire, and a Jacket Potato supper (bring your own topping). There will be a small charge - no more than £5 - to cover the cost of the event. This cost will be reduced if you are able to provide transport from the centre of Oxford to Youlbury (and back afterwards). If you are interested in coming along, then you need to contact so you can be catered for and added to the mailing list for the event.

Somerset & Avon
  5 November 2010
Aust Bonfire Night A fireworks display at the Boars Head in Aust Main Street with 80% of the proceeds going to the NSPCC and 20% to local churches. Food and drinks available. Fund raising raffles and best.guy competition.

Saturday,  3rd November 2012
Bath Rotary Club and Bath RAG Joint Fireworks Display – 3rd November 2012
Go to Bath's fantastic firework display in aid of charity. Gates open 6pm and the fireworks display will start at around 8.15pm. There will also be entertainment on the outer field 7-8pm.
Bath Rotary Club and Bath RAG Joint Fireworks Display
The Recreation Ground, Bath
6 November 2010
  7.00 pm University of Bath – Public Firework Display – Claverton Down Bath There will be a funfair, radio roadshow, fireworks display, performances showcasing student talent from fire juggling to singing and dancing. The event is organised by Bath Rag, the student fundraising group at the University of Bath. Cost: free, but Rag volunteers will be around on the night to collect a suggested donation of £2 per person

Bradley Stoke
7 November 2010
 4.30 Display 6.30 Bradley Stoke Town Council – Bradley Stoke Jubilee Centre The Town Council is inviting all residents and neighbours to a professional public firework display. Gates open at 4.30 and hot food will be served from 4.45pm so don’t be late if you want to eat.
2nd November 2012
 Downend Firework Show  Take the kids to this great charity display in Bristol. There will be an entertainment stage and a separate children's display earlier in the evening. BBC Children in Need's Pudsey Bear is expected at the children’s display. Please see the website for more information.
King George V Playing Fields, Sutherland Avenue, Downend, Bristol
 6 November 2010 
6pm - display 8pm  Puxton Park Firework Display – Cowslip - Lane Hewish BS24 6AH
At Puxton Park there's the usual Guy Fawkes celebrations but this year they're planning a bigger, better display. Gates open at 6pm and the fireworks start at 8pm. It's £5 entry on the gate and under-twos go free. They'll be festive fare plus family fun.
7 November 2010
7.00pm-10.30pm The Trinity Centre. Trinity Road, Bristol. BS2 0NW. Tel 01179351200 /
Free Fireworks Party. A great night out for all the family kicks off with a dazzling Fireworks display and Bristol Samba drummers at 7.30pm with hot cider on sale and a selection of hot food to keep you warm. Dizraeli and the Small Gods round off a night of free entertainment with their live music performance. Entry is FREE to the public.

4/5 November 2010

Bristol Zoo Gardens: 4-5th November - Bangless Bonfire Nights
Family-friendly celebrations. 
Bristol Zoo Gardens, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3HA. 0117 974 7399
7 November 2010
The fireworks spectacular at Bristol's County Cricket Ground is back Gloucestershire Cricket Club Firework Fiesta
The annual display at the County Ground in Neville Road. Gates open at 4.30pm and there's a fun fair, food and a children's display, followed by the grand finale. Information: 01275 832377.
Gloucestershire County Cricket Club
6 November 2010
Bristol Charity Fireworks Fiesta - Durdham Downs  .  The Downs firework displayProbably Bristol's biggest firework event with an evening of entertainment for all the family. Featuring a radio roadshow, bonfire, fireworks and more. Site opens at 5pm, bonfire lit at 7pm and fireworks at 7.30pm. NOTE: No sparklers or own fireworks are allowed on site. Cost: £4 for adults, £3 for children and £12 for a family of four. Parking is available on site and around the Downs. Bristol Charity Fireworks Fiesta - Durdham Downs
5 November 2012
  Bridgwater's famous Guy Fawkes Carnival. 7pm. Tel: 01278 421795 Email:
at St. Matthew's Field. 7pm start This event is sponsered by Bridgewater Town Council.
3 November 2012
 Grand Firework Display –The Grand Firework Display is always a central part of the Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival celebrations, and this year’s spectacular will be held on Thursday, November 3. It takes place in St Matthews Field from 7pm.    Sponsored by Bridgwater Town Council. For details contact Bridgwater Tourist Information Centre on 01278 436438. St Matthew's Field,
7 November 2010
Grand Firework Display -  A spectacular free firework display on the Esplanade, Burnham-on-Sea - 7:00pm start (to be confirmed). Sponsored by Burnham-on-Sea & Highbridge Town Council. For details contact Burnham-on-Sea Tourist Information Centre on 01278 787852
Easter Compton
5 November 2010

Easter Compton Firework FiestaFireworks display in the playing fields. Gates open 6.30pm, fire lit 7pm.
Adults £3, children £1.50. Hot food, drinks and glow-sticks for sale.

28 November 2010
Christmas Spectacular Cattle Market and Market Place, Frome Free community Christmas event for residents and visitors to Frome including fun fair rides, reindeer, Santa’s grotto, music and drama performances, fireworks, arts and crafts activities, circus skills, Christmas markets, carol singing, advent service/procession and the official town Christmas lights switch on. 2-5:30pm. Tel: 01373 465757
7 November 2010
Clevedon Round Table firework Display 
 The Dial Hill Fireworks Display in Clevedon celebrates its 50th anniversary with this year’s spectacular, to be held on Saturday, November 5, at Clevedon Cricket Club. Gates open at 6pm for children's funfair rides, the bonfire will be lit at 6:45pm and the fireworks display will start at 7:30pm. Tickets are £3 in advance or £4 on the night (if available). Family tickets are £8 in advance.
Dial Hill Cricket Ground Clevedon

3 November 2012
A SPECTACULAR fireworks display is again set to light the skies of Minehead on November 5 following the success of last year’s event. Organisers Butlins and West Somerset Council will be hoping for a similar turnout to last year, when several thousand people spilled out on to the seafront to watch the show.  The free Minehead Fireworks Festival gets under way at 4.30pm on Thursday, November 3, when Butlins opens the gates to its funfair for visitors to enjoy free rides. The fireworks display starts at 7pm, with rockets launched from Minehead beach. There will also be free parking at Butlins from 4.30pm. Butlins, Minehead
6 November 2010
Gates open at 6pm for Nailsea & Backwell RFC's Bonfire Night fireworks display on Saturday, November 5. The bonfire will be lit at 7pm, and the fireworks will follow at 7.45pm. Adults cost £5 and children £3. There is also a family ticket for four available for £12. Information: 01275 810818.
 6 November 2010
  6pm – 8pm High Down Junior School, firework display - Down Road, Portishead A strictly family event with no alcohol, personal fireworks or sparklers allowed. For little ones worried about the noise of fireworks, a viewing room is available for primary-aged children. Tickets are available from the school, West Hill Auto Spares, Morgan Westley, Read & Rite Books and Makit in Portishead. Gates open at 6.30pm; display starts at 7.30pm Cost: £3 in advance or £5 on the gate
 6 November 2010
6.30 pm Priddy Firework Display – Priddy Somerset BA5 3BB One of the best Bonfire Nights in Somerset. Fireworks, Best Guy, bonfire, bar, food, bouncy castle. I haven't got the start time yet, but it usually opens 6:30 for a 7pm start. Please check back nearer the day. Admission is free; but the Friendly Society members will be rattling buckets. Fancy dress is optional... Parking is on the roadside; please be considerate of the residents and leave plenty of room for access by the emergency services - thanks.
Shepton Mallet
Saturday 17 Nov 2012

Bonfire & Fireworks Night with The Mangledwurzels
An evening of Wurzels-flavoured, cider-fuelled Scrumpy & Western entertainment from The Mangledwurzels! The Mangledwurzels are a three-piece Scrumpy & Western band based in Somerset writing and performing in the style of Adge Cutler. Formed in early 2005, the band has established themselves across the West Country with their highly entertaining live performances blending classic Wurzels songs with self-penned original compositions and pop standards ’Mangled’ in true Wurzels tradition. Outside gig (so dress accordingly!) with bar and barbecue. more
Free entry. Normal pub opening hours; The Mangledwurzels will be performing a two-set show at 7pm with the firework display between sets.   (01749 331247)   
The Highwayman Inn, Cannards Grave, Shepton Mallet    Somerset BA4 4LY
Taunton, Somerset
30th October 2010
Taunton Racecourse, Orchard Portman, Taunton, Somerset, TA3 7BL Time: Gates open: 3pm, Fireworks: 7.30pm (all times approx). Prices: £5, Familt ticket £18, U3's FREE The Taunton Bonfire Night Fireworks at Taunton Racecourse is the BIGGEST and BEST Firework Event in the South West  . With trade stalls, funfair rides, art and crafts, climbing wall, food and bars there will be plenty to do! Heart FM’s Bush Troy and Paulina will be at the event presenting through out the day. The Wurzels, one of Somersets well known bands will be on from 5pm. The main event will be the best Firework Display with music from a world class sound system. Don’t miss out!!!!!!!  The Taunton Bonfire Night Fireworks opens at 3pm untill 9pm. The Fireworks will go off at 7.30pm. For a great evening of fireworks and fun for the family, head to the 2010 Taunton Bonfire Night Fireworks at Taunton Racecourse!
Taunton, Somerset
30th October 2010
Wyvern Club Fireworks Extravaganza  The Wyvern Club, Mountfields Road, Taunton       01823-284591
Taunton, Somerset
Monday 5th November 2012
Hatch Beauchamp Charity Bonfire & Firework Display ('one of the largest, most spectacular bonfire and firework displays in the area choreographed to music').  Gates open 5:30pm - Display starts at 7:30pm....
Adults: £5.00, Children: £3.00, Family: £12.00 - Free on site parking!
Taunton, Somerset
Meare Court Farm,
Hatch Beauchamp,
Somerset TA3 6DA
Taunton, Somerset
3 November 2010
Guy Fawkes Celebration   - Ticket Event Once again Halswell lights up the sky for the annual Guy Fawkes Night celebration. The Ball Room will be given over to story-telling in the grand manner of Tudor times together with ghostly appearances from Sir Nicholas and Lady Brigett . Come along to what is probably one of the most spectacular pyrotechnic displays in the southwest and join in the fun. Tickets will be onsale from late September 2010 and are priced at £7.50 for adults and £3.00 for children under 12 years. Call 0845 204 1066 or email to book Gates open at 6.30pm with the main attraction lighting up the sky at 7.30pm.
Taunton, Somerset
5 November 2012
Taunton RFC are promising a dazzling night of family fun at their Fireworks Extravaganza on Friday, November 4. Entrance is £15 for a family ticket (two adults, two children), or £5 for adults and £3.50 for under-16s. Gates open at 7pm with a sparkler zone, and there will be plenty of food and drink on offer.
Taunton, Somerset
5 November 2009
Thurlbear Primary School Fireworks Night .Thurlbear CE VA Primary School, Thurlbear, Taunton  TA3 5BW
Adults £2   Child £1   Pre-schoolers FREE of charge It starts with the judging of the guys at 6.30 pm, followed by an impressive firework display at 7pm and bonfire. There will be a barbeque, bar and refreshments available.
Tel; 01823 442277
Taunton, Somerset
6 November 2010
Staplegrove Scouts Manor Road Staplegrove Taunton TA2 6EL. Gates open at 6pm Signposted from Post Office. New Hot Food Stalls, Drinks, Entertainment. Fire Lit 7pm Adults £3.50, Children £1.50. Call 01823 354407 for enquiries
Taunton, Somerset
6 November 2010
Oake Manor - Spectacular Firework Display  Oake Manor Golf Club, Gates open at 5pm, display at 6.30pm prompt. Hog roast and BBQ available from 5.30pm. Plus a free disco. PAY ON ENTRY ADULTS £5, CHILDREN £2, UNDER 5's FREE. IN AID OF OAKE & BRADFORD SCHOOL
7 November 2010
Bonfire Night with Fireworks at The Princess Royal, Taunton Canon Street, Taunton, TA1 1SW
Directions     We are located in Canon Street in central Taunton immediately opposite the entrance to the Canon Street car park. You can reach us on foot from the town centre in a few minutes from either St James St (turn right into Canon St) or from Hammet St through the Canon St car park. We are also just a few minutes walk from Somerset County Cricket Club St James St entrance (cross over St James St to Canon St, and we're just 200 yds or so up on the left hand side). Telephone     01823 275604

Taunton, Somerset
15 November 2010
Taunton Christmas Lights Join Total Star for the Taunton Christmas Lights turn on! A truly memorable annual event.  Join the residents of Taunton and Somerset for the annual Christmas Lights switch on, parade and fireworks spectacular.  Come early to enjoy the atmosphere and live events happening all over town.  Starting at 3.45pm fun for all the family!
7 November 2010
5.30pm Children’s display 6.30pm main display 7.30pm Thornbury Round Table Firework Display Mundy Playing Fields Thornbury As well as the fantastic display including a special earlier children’s display there will be funfair rides, seasonal fare and stalls – a great night out for all the family. Admission £4 and £3 for children.
30 October 2010
Oldown Country Park - Foxholes Lane, Tockington The country park is closing to the public at the end of the year and hopes to go out with a bit of a bang with this fireworks party. Gates open 5.30pm.
10th November 2012

The Grand Pier Weston-super-Mare – Fireworks Evening 
Spectacular pyrotechnics over the sea and lots of fun. The best views will be from the Grand Pier itself and entry is strictly ticket only. Tickets include unlimited rides for the evening. Please see the website for times, prices and other details.Tel:  01934 620238

The Grand Pier Weston-super-Mare, Marine Parade, Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, BS23 1AL
6 November 2010
 18:00   Weston Super Mare Cricket Club     Devonshire Road (opposite Broadoak School) Weston-Super-Mare North Somerset,BS23 4NY Bonfire and Fireworks night for all the family For anyone wanting a fantastic evening of fireworks in a safe and friendly atmosphere then this event is not to be missed. The fireworks are provided by a professional organisation and never fail to keep the crowd pleased... Opening the gates at 6:00pm you can relax and enjoy yourself before the fire gets going at 7.00pm and then the spectacular fireworks starting at 7.15pm There is a fully licensed bar for the adults amongst you and food will be available throughout the whole evening. Please join us at one of Weston's premier events Family Ticket - £10 (2 adults/2 children) Adult - £5 Child £3 Child under 3 = FREE
4 November 2010
Firework Spectacular - Yeovil Town Football Club Last years event was attended by hundreds of families and this years display promises to be just as good. Yeovil Town Football Club, Huish Park, Yeovil BA22 8YF Tel: 01935 84788
Gates open at 6.00pm. The bonfire will be lit around 7.00pm ish and fireworks will commence at 7.30pm.Family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) £15, Adults £6, Child £3, Under 3's free
5 November 2012
The Fireworks Extravaganza Charity Night at Yeovil Showground this Saturday night, November 5, is always a popular choice. Entry costs £6 for adults and £3 for children, and there’s also a family ticket available for £15. Organised by the Yeovil Lions Branch Club and Yeovil Round Table, this year’s display will have a Star Wars theme – Darth Vader, Royal Guards and Storm Troopers will be in attendance when the gates open at 5.30pm. There will also be a laser light show, rides, and food and drink.
Yeovil Showground,Two Tower Lane,off Dorchester Road A37
BA20 2RN.
5 November 2012
The Westland Conference and Leisure Complex hosts its third annual Fireworks Extravaganza on Saturday night, November 5. The bonfire will be lit at 6.30pm, with the fireworks display starting an hour later at 7.30pm. Entry costs £5 for adults and £3.50 for children. A family ticket (two adults and three children) costs £15, and includes admission to the family disco from 8.30pm. ADVANCED TICKETS (from Westland Leisure Complex on 01935 848 380) or on-line
Westland Conference and Leisure Complex, Westbourne Close,
BA20 2DD.


 Carnival heritage wins £41,000 lottery grant

11:00 - 15-July-2010

The Carnivals In Somerset Promotion Project group has made a successful bid for Heritage Lottery funding to promote and conserve the history of the area's famous illuminated carnivals. A Heritage Lottery Fund grant of £41,000 has been secured to develop a range of facilities and key element will be a mobile exhibition unit, due to make its first appearance on Wells Cathedral Green on August 4. It will then be touring the county and elsewhere.The exhibition van will display the history, heritage, culture and community of the carnivals through images, video, text and memorabilia. The van also has a recording facility to collect oral histories and memories. Anyone with carnival memorabilia is invited to bring it along. A carnival DVD and educational package for schools is being prepared.

The Carnivals in Somerset Promotion Project (CISPP), was formed by volunteers in January 2009, in response to concerns that the heritage of Somerset's illuminated carnivals could be lost unless more people are encouraged to take part in the tradition.The carnivals bring in an estimated £40 million of tourist and other revenue each year. Around 10,000 people are thought to be involved in carnival and there are more than 50 float clubs and another 100 or so other clubs who enter as walking groups or individuals.
The origins of carnivals in Somerset can be traced back to the famous Gunpowder Plot of 1605, when Guy Fawkes and his fellow conspirators failed in their attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament. King James I and his parliament decreed that the events of November 5 should be commemorated annually with the lighting of bonfires which led to a tradition of merrymaking out which the carnivals were born. The Bridgwater Carnival (the oldest event of its kind in the UK) can be traced back to 1847 through journalistic records.

The Somerset Carnivals are highly regarded as the largest illuminated processions in the world.
They occur late on in the year at various locations including: Bridgwater, Burnham-on-Sea, Chard, Ilminster, Glastonbury, North Petherton, Shepton Mallet, Taunton, Wellington, Wells,  Weston-Super-Mare, and Yeovil.

The carnivals in Somerset date back to 400 years, and are one of the most spectacular events in Somerset today. In some of the bigger locations (such as Bridgwater), you can expect to see crowds of more than 120,000.

The carnival floats (or carts as they are sometimes referred as), are designed and built by dedicated carnival clubs around the West Country.

These carnival clubs have many members who raise money throughout the year, and work relentlessly to achieve the spectacular carnival entries. The carnival floats take part in the carnival parade along with other entries; these range from clowns dancing in the streets to 100ft illuminated carnival floats (some with up to 30,000 light bulbs) pulled by tractors.

The timing of the West Country Carnival close to the British celebration of Bonfire night is no coincidence, as the roots of the original carnival in Bridgwater date back to 1605.  Guy Fawkes is the character most associated with the plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament, however the instigator was Jesuit priest Robert Parsons from Nether Stowey, a short distance from Bridgwater. Parsons and his colleagues were Catholics who wanted to put an end to the Protestant King James VI and Parliament of the day, in order to put an end to catholic persecution, hence they planned their ill-fated attempt on 5 November 1605. 

Bonfire night is a major annual celebration across the whole of England, but it is likely that the reason that the West Country Carnival was originally so keenly celebrated is that the South West towns were predominantly Protestant — hence the celebration of Robert Parsons' (and Guy Fawkes') failure. The religious origins of the event are almost forgotten and far less significant today
The Carnival Circuit
 The Bridgwater carnival was the first carnival of its type, however other carnival processions within the South West began some years ago. They start in late August and continue until late November. The oldest and largest circuit is the Somerset County Guy Fawkes Carnival Association Circuit which starts at Bridgwater, with many of the carts will appear in all of the carnivals. Prizes are awarded in several categories for the best carts in each carnival.

The three circuits are:
    * Wessex Grand Prix Circuit: Sturminster Newton, the third Thursday in August/weekend before Bank Holiday; Trowbridge; Mere; Frome; Shaftesbury; Gillingham; Castle Cary & Ansford; Wincanton; Warminster
    * South Somerset Federation Of Carnival Committee Circuit: Wellington held on the last Saturday in September; Ilminster; Chard; Taunton; Yeovil
    * Somerset County Guy Fawkes Carnival Association Circuit: Bridgwater on the Friday following the nearest Thursday to 5 November; North Petherton on the following Saturday; Burnham-on-Sea on the following Monday; Shepton Mallet on the following Wednesday; Wells on the following Friday; Glastonbury & Chilkwell on the following Saturday; Weston-super-Mare on the following Monday, the last carnival in the whole circuit. From 2012 this will change with Bridgwater on the first Saturday after 5 November, Weston-super-Mare on the following Friday, North Petherton on the second Saturday, Burnham-on-Sea on the following Monday, Shepton Mallet on the following Wednesday, Wells on the third Friday and Glastonbury on the third Saturday.
There is one unofficial carnival in the circuit, held at Midsomer Norton on the Thursday between the Shepton Mallet and Wells carnivals. There are also a series of unofficial Christmas carnivals, including Sidmouth.
[edit] Carts and floats

Uniquely in the West Country, the vehicles are called carnival "carts", unlike other carnivals where the term carnival float is used. The term "cart" is still used today to describe the large and elaborate trailers used in the procession. Carts are built by local clubs of individuals funded totally by charitable donations and sponsorship from local businesses.
Carts are always themed, with no restriction on the theme from the organising committee. Regularly chosen themes include:

    * Popular children's books - like Alice in Wonderland
    * Favourite children's characters - such as Disney characters
    * Scenes or themes from history - like Pre-Historic, Victorian or famous Battles
    * Scenes or themes from around the world - such as Australia, Rio de Janeiro or Spanish
    * Travel and transport - such as cars or trains, e.g. The Chattanooga Choo-Choo
    * Popular themes of the day - including pop songs or dances
    * The future or exploration - such as space
Carts include both music and costumed people to complete their theme. People and items on the cart can either be moving, or static in tableau format - the later being difficult to hold position for on a cold November evening.

Today these carts are driven by farm tractors, and usually also tow a large diesel driven electricity generator to provide the huge amount of power required to power the carts. Some generators used can provide over one megawatt of power, with 10,000 to 30,000 light bulbs not uncommon on a modern day cart.[8] The tractors themselves are often decorated to match the rest of the cart and generator, and in some cases modified so that the driver is positioned low down between the two front wheels. This allows for a higher degree of decoration without obscuring the driver's view. The length of the entire cart is often built to the maximum allowable of 100 feet (30 m).

These floats are also interspersed with walking exhibits, either groups or singles, and occasional marching bands or majorette troupes.

Somerset Carnivals
The dates of the Somerset Carnivals 2012
own(Click on Link)
Bridgwater   [route/map]
The origins of our annual carnival in Bridgwater can be traced back to the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 when Guy Fawkes and his fellow conspirators, failed in their attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament. That story is well known to everyone, but what is not so widely acknowledged is that it was King James 1st and his parliament who decreed that the events of 5 November should be commemorated annually with the lighting of bonfires, a tradition which is celebrated across the nation to this very day.
Sat 3rd November The image

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                                errors. 7:00pm Somerset County GFCA
Burnham-on-Sea / Highbridge   [route/map]
In the late 1800s and contininuing into the 1900s Burnham celebrated November 5th with a bonfire in the High Street to which were rolled blazing tar barrels. In about 1907/8 there were concerns about safety and it was decided to have the bonfire on a field and  a torchlight procession starting in the High Street and processing to the bonfire field. Thus in 1909 Burnham had its first Torchlight Carnival Procession. This format continued until the outbreak of World War One ,and the carnival did not return until 1923.It then continued as an evening carnival until 1939, when an afternoon procession was held. Festivities were cocooned until 1947 and the event grew in size and popularity to become one of the most popular carnivals in Essex.Afternoon events were held on the Mildmay Ironworks Field and there were madi gras type events in the High Street after the procession. In the 1950s a full Funfair was introduced into the High Street and this remained until 1966. There were problems in this year and the following year an small afternoon procession was organised .1967 saw an Evening procession back,now at the end of September and much curtailed from pre-1966. Subsequent committees have built that carnival up to what you now see today, with one of the most successful Carnivals in the South East of England.

Mon 12th November 'Wrath Of Neptune' from
                                Masqueraders Carnival Club won the 2007
                                Burnham-On-Sea Carnival 7:30pm Somerset County GFCA
Castle Cary
The Castle Cary & Ansford Carnivals take place annually in October. Our Children’s Carnival usually takes place on the afternoon of the second Saturday, when children and parents process through Castle Cary town centre. The Illuminated Carnival takes places on the evening of the following Saturday.Around the time of the Illuminated Carnival, a fun fair is in town, and high street traders compete in a window-dressing competition. The Carnival Committee produces a 64-page Carnival Programme,on sale locally, which provides information about the Carnival, serves as a directory to the local businesses that advertise in it, and includes competitions. On our pages you will see line drawings that have appeared in our Programmes, drawn by Committee member Pam Pope. On the evening of the procession there are barbeques, hog roasts, and other hot food and drinks around the town.
Sat 13th October The image

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In 1967, representatives from the League of Friends and Chard Youth Centre met to discuss ways in which to raise money for the respective groups. Gerald Quick, Mervyn Ball, Tom Miller and Wendy Clulow decided that the best option would be to revive Chard Carnival, after a break of 13 years. The carnival is now in its 43rd year and has raised over £85,000 pounds for local charities and organisations, including Chard Christmas Lights, Children’s Hospice South West, Chard Hospital and all the local schools. In the early 1970’s, Chard, Ilminster, Wellington and Taunton formed the South Somerset Federation of Carnivals, with Yeovil joining at a later date. This provided a competition for the best entries from the 5 towns taking part.

Sat 13th October Carnival05 7:15pm South Somerset FC
Sandra Shore, secretary of the now-disbanded committee, said: "It was felt that due to the current climate and the difficulty in fund raising, obtaining sponsorship, the cost of public-liability insurance and new rulings on health and safety, it would be impossible to commit to staging this event with the limited funds the committee had in reserve following the disastrous summer last year and the poor attendance of floats at the carnival in December

Carnival has been in Frome since 1929 having been founded by Mr Alan Bennett together with others who worked at that time for Butler and Tanners, a local printing firm who are still one of the main employers in the town. Frome carnival grew in popularity over the years and this was aided by the fact that Mr Bennets daughter Hazel met and married Mr Roy Butler M.B.E. he became known as "Mr Carnival" and was well known in the community for his dedication to the carnival charity which was formed to help local people in need.
Sat 22nd September
7:00pm Wessex GP

Sat 6th October 7:30pm Wessex GP
Glastonbury   [route/map]
Glastonbury, with Bridgwater, is the biggest. At each carnival there are collections to raise money for charities.The Carnival takes over the town for one day, starting at around 7.30 in the evening. Thousands of people pour in from near and far, traffic is closed off, and the town reeks of hot dog stands and outdoor snack bars. People line the streets, all wrapped up against the cold, and the Carnival floats weave through town. It's quite a close-and-friendly affair. Apart from crowds in the streets, people hold parties in houses along the route and the pubs fill up after the event. Kids love it - there's a fairyland element to it, even though the high-volume music makes it a little, shall we say, modern!
Sat 17th November None 7.00pm Somerset County GFCA
This is the second Carnival in the Somerset circuit, Ilminster is a small market town South of Taunton.  Ilminster always have some good organisation and put on a well organised show with more entries than most towns. There are prizes for 1st, 2nd and third in their different classes, there is a cup for “Spirit of Carnival”
 It's a fun night out for all the family and you can help raise funds for charities or the clubs for the next year's entry. Thousands attend the carnival, so watch out as parking can get very limited on carnival nights and the town centre can often be cut off to traffic during the carnival.

Sat 6th October Float at Ilminster carnival 7:15pm South Somerset FC
A popular annual event started in 1928 when Mere Carnival was founded.
Sat 15th September 7:00pm Wessex GP
Midsomer Norton   [route/map]
A very enjoyable Carnival which has been running since 1948
Thu 15th November 

North Petherton   [route/map]

North Petherton Guy Fawkes Carnival, was formed in 1948, and joined the Somerset County Guy Fawkes Carnival Association in 1952,and is regarded by many of our thousands of spectators, as the family carnival. This is due mainly to the fact that it held on a Saturday night, which allows the youngsters to stay up a little later than normal. The other reason is that is runs straight through the town of North Petherton, Somerset, with no awkward turns, causing unnecessary hold ups.  As with thousands of visitors converged into our small town emergencies will always happen and no amount of planning will not eliminatethis, please be patient as the emergency services will deal with theses as soon as possible, and allow the carnival to resume, if they need to be on the route.  North Petherton Guy Fawkes Carnival, offers ample viewing throughout the whole route, which allows even the youngest and eldest of our visitors, to watch this marvelous spectacle of light, sound and movement.  We do not charge for admission to one of the three, largest illuminated carnivals in the world, however a street collection will take place during the carnival itself, by numerous collectors and collecting vehicles, proceeds of which, go towards the running of the carnival, prize money and  finally the local  charities of which we support. We are always grateful for any amount we collect, however our collections have equated to only 30p a head. With over three hours of entertainment from the dedicated entrants and the cost for them to build these exquisite entries, we urge you to give at least  £3 per head from your group of friends or family, and secure the future of North Petherton Carnival for future generations, to marvel over.
Sat 10th November 7:00pm Somerset County GFCA
Shaftesbury Carnival is an annual event that has become part of Shaftesbury’s history. This year will be the 133rd Carnival, a great achievement that involves hundreds of people to make it such a great success. A lot of people give their time voluntarily including people driving Courtesy cars for our Mayor and retiring royal family, collecting vehicles who turn out year after year, the many marshals that walk miles back and forth, the owners of the land at our assembly areas, who are always most helpful and of course, our sponsors for their continued financial support, without which the Carnival could not survive. There are more too numerous to mention, so thank you, thank you, thank you all.
Sat 29th September 7:00pm Wessex GP
Shepton Mallet   [route/map]
The origins of Shepton Mallet’s carnival are some what unique. It all began because the town needed a community centre. In the early 1960s the Shepton Mallet Community Association was inaugurated to raise funds for the project.Organisations from across the town and surrounding villages pulled together and it was agreed that bringing carnival to Shepton Mallet was one way to draw in much needed funds.A Carnival committee was set up in 1965 and carnival came to Shepton Mallet. Over the following decades, thousands of pounds have been raised for local charities, unfortunately donations to the community centre fund were stopped when it was realised that for various reasons the centre would not be set up.Mr Bob Kerslake and Mrs Maura Kerslake were amongst the founder members with Mr Lionel Edwards as chairman an office he held for thirty years this he handed over to Don Clifford who remains as chairman at the present time. In the years that followed, from 1965 the sponsorship raised by the carnival queens and princesses has done much to cover the running costs, with street collections making up the balance to cover costs and make donations yearly to local clubs and charities.Over the years the carnival grew and in 1978 there were a record 151 entries. It was at this stage that the decision was made to no longer plough money into the community centre fund, there still being no visible progress on that project. In fact Shepton Mallet 30 years later still does not have a community hall.
Wed 14th November Mary Poppins 2008 7:30pm Somerset County GFCA
Sturminster Newton

EVENTS start on Sunday in the run-up to Sturminster Newton Carnival with a church service, a walk round Broad Oak, and skittles at the Bull. On Monday there is a jumble sale, on Tuesday a pet show and darts at the Royal British Legion, on Wednesday a quiz, and on Thursday the fun fair will open and the Dorset Doddlers carnival fun run will take place. Bingo on Friday, August 20, is followed by carnival day itself. Sir Thomas Tyldesley's Regiment of Foote will be at Durrant re-enacting the battles of the English Civil war. In the afternoon there will be children's fancy dress, and an evening parade celebrating the carnival's 60th anniversary. The day will end with a firework spectacular.
Saturday 25th August 7:15pm Wessex GP
The Taunton Carnival is over a 1.5 mile long route and features stunning illuminated floats and walking entries with lights, glitz and glam.BUSINESS administration apprentice Lizzy Grigg was crowned Miss Taunton 2010 at a ceremony at Taunton’s Albemarle Centre. Lizzy will head the Taunton carnival parade in October.
Sat 20th October Miss Taunton 2010 result 7:00pm South Somerset FC
Come along to the town carnival. Leaves Canal Road at 7pm, and makes its way through the town centre before finishing at Cradle Bridge (by the library)
Entry forms and a route map are available form our website or the town council offices at 10/12 Fore Street.

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carnival floats, bands & Masqueraders - 6:45pm from Boreham Road

Sat 27th October Warminster Carnival 2006 7:00pm Wessex GP
 WELLINGTON Carnival, which was under threat because of a demand for £1,500 from the Performing Rights Society, has been given a reprieve following intervention by Taunton MP Jeremy Browne. The society wanted to claim the money under a new law. But carnival chairperson Josephine Chave was able to negotiate a substantial reduction after Mr Browne took up the cause. The carnival is set to go ahead as planned on September 25th
Sat 29th September Wellington Carnival 2006 (Andy
                                Jones) 7:30pm South Somerset FC
Wells   [route/map]
The Wells Carnival is a spectacle not to be missed. It is said be the biggest illuminated carnival in the world. These huge floats make their way slowly through the medieval streets intertwined with street performers with highly inventive and stunning costumes. As it is dark at this time of year the blaze of colourful lights, music, dancing and beautifully tailored costumes on these floats creates a unique and exciting atmosphere. The tableau floats usually depict a scene with all the performers in a fixed pose effectively creating a living picture.
The carnival is Free to see and all these floats are created by enthusiasts who are raising money for Charity.
The 2010 Wells carnival is scheduled to take place on Friday 12th November at 7.00pm and is a must see for anyone planning to come to the area.  There is also a fun fair in the market place.
Fri 16th November Wells Carnival (12th November
                                2010) 7:00pm Somerset County GFCA
Weston-super-Mare   NEW ROUTE - [route/map]
WESTON-SUPER-MARE ILLUMINATED CARNIVAL, A SPECTACLE OF LIGHT, MUSIC & COLOUR The earliest newspaper records concerning Weston super Mare November Carnival go back to 1871.  In those days it was usual for the Parade to start at the Knightstone Island and after wending its way through almost every street in the town, it dispersed on the beach, where bonfires were lit and effigies burned.  These were not only Guy Fawkes, but any unpopular figure of local disdain or even international infamy.This year approximately 100,000 spectators are expected to line the route around the town. There will be around 130 entries, of which 50 will be large illuminated floats up to 100 feet long and up to 17 feet high.
Fri 9th November 7:15pm Somerset County GFCA
Wincanton Carnival ceased after the 2009 Carnival season.
Wincanton Carnival 2006 (photo: Jo
                                Merritt)   Wessex GP
Yeovil unknown

List of carnival clubs
The following is a list of major carnival clubs and their home town locations:


Saturday 3rd November 2012
Banstead CC Firework Display
Gates open at 6.00pm Display at 7.30 pm (approx)  Entrance by donation.  Hot and cold drinks, BBQ and glow novelties all available.
Banstead CC
Avenue Road
Beacon Hill
Saturday 3rd November 2012
 Gates open 4.30pm
Bonfire lights at 5pm
Fireworks starts around 5.30pm.
  BBQ, Mulled Wine, Hot Chocolate and Refreshments, Popcorn, Candy Floss, Toffee Apples, Glow Items, and much more....  On the gate family (2+2) £15, Adult £5, child (3-16) £4, OAP £4, extra child £3, under 3s free. In advance: family (2+2) £12, Adult £4.50, child (5-16) £3.50, OAP £3.50, extra child £2, under 3s free. Advance tickets can be bought from Beacon Hill Post Office or Beacon Hill School, Beacon Hill Rd, Hindhead or Magical Rooms, Grayshott. For more info call: 01428 606761 or email: No dogs or sparklers please.
Beacon Hill Playing Fields
off Tilford Road
GU26 6RF
Saturday 3rd November 2012
17:40  Music in Library Car Park
18:00  Assembly of guys in Library Car Park
18:15  Pedestrians without torches proceed to field
18:20  Judging of guys
18:25  Presentation of Prizes
18:40  Piper to lead Torchlight procession
 Bramley Field
3rd November 2012
Brockham Bonfire is the largest bonfire and firework display in the UK staged to celebrate the Gunpowder Plot!  Brockham  Bonfire, is a traditional ‘family’ night of fun and celebration to raise funds for local societies, worthy causes and local charities. Please allow plenty of time to get to the firework display, as Brockham get extremely busy on Bonfire Night.  Car parks are well signposted and numbered.   The centre of Brockham becomes a traffic exclusion zone from 5.30pm until at least 10.30pm. A voluntary donation per person is asked to support the various local charities and societies Brockham Village Green
3rd November 2012
Gates open 5pm. Music and entertainment by Radio Jackie's Roadshow from 5pm. Voted in 2009 by Sainsburys Magazine one of the UK's Top 5 Firework Displays. For one of the largest charity firework displays in the South East of England come to the Carshalton Fireworks for their 55th annual bonfire night display. This event is put on by Wallington & Carshalton Round Table. The aim is to provide a safe, enjoyable and exciting event for the local community. All profit from the event is donated to local charities to further support the local community. £5 in advance and £7.50 on the day.
Carshalton Park, Ruskin Road
3th November 2012
These community fireworks are organised by Caterham Round Table in aid of local charities. Sat: gates open 6pm
£4 adv from various local stores until 5pm, 2 Nov; more on the door Click for further details
Dene Field,
Top of Church Hill,
Caterham, Surrey, CR3 6SA

Full details & map
01883 340 945
Saturday 3rd November 2012
The torchlight procession takes place as follows:  There are 400 wax candle torches sold on a first come first served basis at £5 each. The torches are sold by members of the Committee from the local school in an unlit form. This process is strictly supervised and sales are only made to adults (those over 18), it is made clear at the time that adults must ensure that children are not allowed to carry the torches. The public are asked to queue orderly where the money is passed over for the torches and the torches are then lit outside the waiting area, again under the supervision of a marshal Warning and Safety Notices are displayed at the point of sale on Fluorescent Yellow A4 Paper. Once all the torches have been handed out and lit, the procession is led by a mobile p.a system along the road system and onto the village green where the torch carriers are marshalled around the exterior of the exclusion zone (roped off area) until all members of the torch procession are around the fire. At that time the fire is lit with the torches and once again the torch bearers are marshalled away from the area using three metre wide exit zones which are moveable based upon the wind direction. After the fire has been lit the exclusion zone remains in place and is marshalled at all times to ensure that no member of the public will go inside the zone.  Road Closures, Diversions, Park & Ride and Events programme  3:00pm South side of Village Green (by the Spar and the Chemist) road closes. The bus slip road closes.   5:00pm Stalls open for business. 5:00pm Park & Ride shuttle buses start operating. Please note that once the car parks are full we have no further availability.  5:30pm A283 Petworth Road from the junction with Woodside Road to the Crown closes, traffic diverted along Coxcombe Lane  5:30pm North side of the Village Green from Petworth Road to Pockford Road closes, traffic diverted via Pockford Road / Skinner’s Lane   6:30pm Torches go on sale at St Mary’s School.  7:00pm Procession of 400 torches departs St Mary’s School.
7:30pm (approx) Bonfire set alight. 8:00pm (approx) Fireworks 8:30pm (approx) Grand Draw
9.30pm (approx) Last shuttle bus back to car parks 10:00pm (approx) Roads re-open.
Chiddingfold Green
Chobham Firework Extravganza
Fri, 26th October 2012
Chobham Rugby Club,  Stunning fireworks set to music. 
18:00 Gates open 19.00 Bombfire Lit   20:00 Fireworks  (come early to avoid the queues)  Advanced Tickets (available from Chobham Rugby Club website)
: Adult (over 16)  £4.00    Child    £2.00 On the Gate Adult (over 16)  £5.00    Child     £3.00 Beer tent, Barbecue, Chips, Hot Drinks,KrispyKreme Doughnuts, Sweets, Popcorn, Candy Floss, Glow in the dark novelties
Chobham Rugby Club, Windsor Road
Cranleigh, Surrey
  Saturday 3rd November 2012
Cranleigh in Surrey hosts an exciting free display with a friendly village atmosphere. Children compete to make the best Guy, which then leads the procession through the streets to the Common where the bonfire and firework display takes place. 18:30 Procession leavess from Park Mead, 19:20 Bonfire is lit on Cranleigh Common, 20:00 Cranleigh fireworks display by Selster Fireworks starts Free entry with collections for local charities. For more information see the Cranleigh Village Community Website. Procession leaves from Park Drive
Saturday 3rd November 2012
Dunsfold Village Bonfire
On Saturday 3 November. From 6pm there will be refreshments on sale and a raffle on the common ground opposite the cricket pitch by Mill Lane. At 6.30pm the torch procession will move from the common ground to the Bonfire which is by Chapel Hill. Bonfire will be lit at 7pm and at 7.45pm there will be the fireworks which can be viewed from the common grounds opposite the cricket pitch by Mill Lane.
Chapel Hill
Dunsfold Village

Saturday 3rd November 2012

 Gates open to the public at 6pm. Other attractions featured will be a fairground and a BBQ for hot food. Advance tickets are £3 from Effingham Post Office or Parkers Hardware in The Street. If bought on the gate the price is £5. Under-11s go free.
King George V Fields
Epsom, Surrey
3rd November 2012
Hook Road Arena – Epsom Fireworks Display and Funfair 
Dress up warmly and head out to see this exciting annual display of fireworks and enjoy all the fun of the fair. Tickets can be purchased in advance of the display from local ticket outlets - please see the website for details. Tickets are also available for purchase on the gate when they open at 5.30pm.   Email:
Hook Road Arena, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 8QG
3rd November 2012
Farnham Roundtable Firework Fiesta, 
6.15pm Torchlight procession leaves Farnham Central Car park.  7.15pm Bonfire is lit  7.45pm (approx) fireworks display beginnings.  Tickets: In advances from the outlets in Farnham - all proceeds go towards local charities. Adults: £5.00  Children: £3.00 Family: £14.00   On the Night Adults: £6.00 Children: £4.00
Farnham Park
Sunday 28 October 2012
Halloween & No Bangs Firework Party
Godalming & District NCT will be holding their annual Halloween & No Bangs Firework Party   From 5pm. Fireworks go off at 6:30pm. Raffle, lucky dip, refreshments, micro rugby and music from Act One Adventures along with the usual fancy dress and carved pumpkin competitions. Come along and experience the only dedicated fireworks for the under 5’s and their families. Entry donation of £5 per family. 
Guildford Rugby Club, Meadrow, Godalming, GU7 3BU

3rd November 2012

 Godalming & Villages Lions Club - Annual Town Bonfire & Grand Firework Display  19:00 torchlight procession from The Pepperpot  19:30 torchlight procession arrives at the Church, Town Mayor will light the bonfire  20:00 grand Firework Display starts.)   Tel: (Graeme Hutson) 07909 900693 Email:  Firework Display by Angelfire Pyrotechnics at 7.30.
The Lammas Lands behind The United Church, Bridge Road, Godalming
5 November 2012
Guildford Lions Fireworks Fiesta,  . As usual there will be a torchlight procession from the High Street heading up to the London Road and into the park. Entry to Stoke Park is entirely free of charge but we do ask the audience to make a donation of at least £2.00 per person.  All profits from the event will be donated to Charity. Event timetable: GUILDFORD HIGH STREET : Torches on sale at the Guildhall price £5 each from 6:45pm  Mayoral address at 7:30pm  Torchlight procession leaves from the Guildhall at 7:45pm  STOKE PARK : Peter Gordon from 96.4 Eagle Radio starts the fun at 7pm   Funfair and fast food available all evening Torchlight procession arrives at 8:15pm Fireworks start at 8:30pm (approx)
Tel: (Graeme Hutson) 07909 900693 Email:
Stoke Park
Guildford Lions website
5 November 2012

Gates open at 6:30pm. Fireworks start at 7:15pm. Hot dogs and burgers will be on sale.
Northmead Junior School
School Road
Jacobs Well
3rd November 2012
 The fireworks will be lit at 6.30pm, followed by a bonfire. Village Hall
Friday 2nd November2012
Kingston Round Table and Kingston Rotary Club will be hosting Kingston's main Firework Displays on Friday 2nd November at Kingsmeadow Athletics and Fitness Centre Stadium in Surrey.  The organisers promise a display full of colour, noise and excitement, designed to flow with the music. There will be children's funfair rides before the show and family activities on site from 6.30pm.  Please do not bring any sparklers, as these will not be permitted by the stewards.Gates open 6.30pm Fireworks commence at 8.00pm  Tickets are on sale costing just £5.00 for adults and £3.00 for children 5- 11, if purchased in advance from Kingston Tourist Information Centre, in the Market Place or Kingsmeadow Athletics and Fitness Centre.  Tickets can be bought on the day at the gate and are £6.00 for adults and £4.00 for children. Kingsmeadow Stadium
Lingfield Racecourse
5 November 2010
 Lingfield Park Fireworks : Gates will open at 6pm and they'll be plenty of time to eat and drink before the big display.
A traditional bonfire will be lit to start the evening with the fireworks due to start around 7.30pm.
Ticketed event please visit Lingfield Park's website or call  for further details or call 01342 834 800.
Sunday 4th November 2012
5.00pm Gates open  7.00pm Bonfire  7.30pm Fireworks  Adults: £4.00 Children: £3.00 Mytchett Community Centre
140 Mytchett Road
Onslow Village
3rd November 2012
 All Saints Church
Family event. Doors open at 6pm, with hot dogs and jacket potatoes being on sale. There is a short firework display at 6.30pm and then the bonfire is lit. Entry is by ticket only - on sale from 1st October - no tickets on the gate.
All Saints Church
Sunday 4th November 2012
We are a special needs school in Brox Road Ottershaw, run by the charity I CAN. Our bonfire night is always a great event, with a spectacular firework display fired by professionals to mu Available on the night will be chips, burgers, hot dogs, home made soup, mulled wine, tea & coffee plus cold drinks.
Gates open at 17.00 with the bonfire lighting at 18.00. Prices are: £6.00 adults, £4.00 children/OAP’s £16 family ticket (2 children & 2 adults). Prices held again. All profits go towards equipment for our children.
I CAN Centre with Meath School
Brox Road
KT16 0LF
Saturday 10th November 2012
 Doors open 5.30pm, fireworks start promptly at 6:30pm. As well as the fireworks we'll have hot dogs, mulled wine, refreshments, glo toys and music. Adults £6, Children £2, Family ticket £14 (2 adults and up to 3 kids) Parishg Church School
Blackborough Road
Saturday 27th October
As well as the bonfire and fireworks display there will be a funfair, food stalls, bar plus live music. The floats for the procession will assemble in the car park of the village hall at 6.15pm and the judging of the fancy dress and floats will take place at 6.45pm. The Torchlit Procession commences at 7.10pm and the bonfire will be lit at 7.30pm after which the Fireworks Display will start at 8pm. Donations welcome.19:15 Torch lit procession starts from Village Hall (torches available for purchase) 

Ripley Village
3rd November 2012

Gates open at 5.30pm and a funfair will be available. The fireworks display will begin at around 8pm. This is a charity fund-raising event organised by Staines Round Table and Feltham and Hounslow 41 club. Tickets cost £8 on the door, but only £6 if bought in advance.
Kempton Park Racecourse
Staines Road East
5th November 2012
Gates open:  5:30pm  Display:  7:30pm approx.  Features:  Fireworks to music Live bands Funfair rides Entertainers Glow in the dark stall Mulled wine, beer, hog roast, burgers, hotdogs, candyfloss, chips, tea & coffee Cleeves School
Oatlands Avenue
KT13 9TS
Friday 9th November 2012
Windlesham Village Infant School bonfire, which is open to all, takes place Friday, November 9th. Gates open at 5.15pm and the bonfire is lit at 6pm. You can beat the queues on the night if you purchase tickets in advance for slightly cheaper via the school's website for £5 per adult and £2 per child or alternatively pay £6 per adult and £3 per child on the gate.
Windlesham Village School
School Road

3rd November 2012
Woking At Woking Park   
2012 will see the 19th Woking Fireworks Extravaganza run by Woking Round Table.   As well as one of the best Fireworks displays in Surrey there is also a funfair and food stalls on site.  The timings for the event are the same as previous years 5:30pm Park closed to public and cleared in preparation for the event 6:00pm Gates and Funfair open  8:00pm Fireworks display starts 8:25pm (approx) Fireworks display ends 9:30pm Funfair closes 10:00pm Event closed Ticket Prices have been held at last years prices and are  On the gate Adult: £6 (over 16) Child: £4 (age 5 - 16) Child: Free (under 5's) Family: £15 (2 Adults & 2 Children)  Pre-sales Adult: £5 (over 16) Child: £3 (age 5 - 16) Child: Free (under 5's) Family: £12 (2 Adults & 2 Children) Pre-sales tickets are on sale from Woking Leisure Centre
Woking Park
Sunday 4 November 2012
Holy Trinity Primary School Fireworks Spectacular
 5pm Gates open, 5.30pm Tots display, 6pm Bonfire lit and 6.45pm Main display. BBQ, refreshments, pocket money treats. Admission on the gate: adult £4.50, child £3, pre-schooler £1.
Holy Trinity Primary School, Benner Lane, West End, Woking
The Chesilbank

Not many places have stronger bonfire traditions than Sussex.  Where in other places, celebrations of the Gunpowder Plot have dwindled to be little more than suburban garden fires and boxed fireworks, the enormous bonfires and stunning fireworks displays across Sussex continue.Sussex bonfires kick off in October and continue through November.  Many of the county’s towns and villages have their own bonfire societies, which organise their event every year.  Bonfire societies tour around the county taking part in the torchlight processions in each town and village.Many of the societies are long established, although Lewes in the oldest of the Sussex organisations.  The Lewes societies originated in the 17th century after the 5 November celebrations across the county spiralled out of control and became riotous, drunken events, which sparked a crackdown by authorities.  Bonfire societies were formed to bring the bonfire boys, and their events into some kind of order.Sussex bonfires began to take a more organised form in the 19th century, after an unsuccessful attempt by police to put a stop to the celebrations.  This is when the Sussex bonfires became organised torch-lit processions accompanied by drummers and banners, like we know them today.  Many of the societies dropped their distinctive disguises for more elaborate fancy dress.  Each of the societies still have their own ‘uniform’, which often gives clues to how the society was formed.
In 1066 Country, the Hastings, Battle and Rye bonfire societies play big parts in the gunpowder season, organising events that draw tens of thousands of people to the area celebrate bonfire night in spectacular fashion. 

20 Oct 2012 Fletching Fletching
20 Oct 2012 Hailsham
20 Oct
2012 Nevill Nevill
20 Oct 2012 Seaford
27 Oct 2012 Firle Firle
27 Oct
2012 Staplecross
27 Oct 2012 Littlehampton
28 Oct
2012 Titchfield
03 Nov 2012 Newick Newick
03 Nov 2012 Battle
03 Nov 2012 Winchelsea
05 Nov
2012 Lewes
05 Nov 2012 Lindfield
10 Nov 2012 Chailey
10 Nov 2012 South Heighton
10 Nov 2012 East Hoathly
10 Nov 2012 Shoreham
10 Nov
2012 Rye
17 Nov 2012 Robertsbridge Robertsbridge
17 Nov 2012 Barcombe Barcombe
01 Dec 2012 Rottingdean Smugglers Night, supported by South Heighton Bonfire Society

5 November 2010
Heart's Fun at the Fireworks, Brighton Racecourse, Brighton, Sussex BN2, 01273 603580
5th November. Fun evening of family entertainment - Heart FM Radio presenters live on stage plus live performance from a VERY SPECIAL artist followed by an amazing fireworks and laser finale set to all of your favourite tunes! Plus fairground rides, indoor and outdoor food and drink outlets. All proceeds to Have a Heart charity for children.

Selsey Fireworks 13th October 2012
This very popular, annual fireworks display will be fired to music following the Legends, Myths and Magic theme. Besides the wonderful fireworks, there will also be a massive fun fair, a large bonfire, live music and plenty of catering facilities. Tickets are available at various outlets; please see the website for details.
School Lane, Selsey, Sussex, PO20
Commercial Square

Saturday 11th September sees this year’s second Sussex Bonfire procession of the year, with a trip to one of the highest places in Sussex, Crowborough. The main event of the evening gets underway at 7pm, when wreaths are laid at the war memorial, which I believe is at All Saints Church, next to the green.The procession gets underway at 7:30, from Chapel Green, just after the crowning of the carnival queen at 7:15. After leaving the green at 7:15, two hours of processing through the streets of the town get underway, with a long ramble right round the town, which last year was in the area south of Crowborough Hill and took in a refreshment stop at the Bricklayers Arms in Whitehill Road, but the details of which can be found in the programme, which is available in the town. The route of the procession will take the procession of torches and floats through the streets and back to the Chapel Green area for about 9:30pm.
  24 October 2009 
If you want to support and up and coming bonfire society, then maybe Eastbourne will be the night for you.  Reformed after a long absence in 2001, Eastbourne is a small yet friendly society, who can be seen with their distinctive banner and unevenly spaced Guernsey stripes at all of the main events in Sussex.Advertising themselves as a family friendly event, the discharging of rook scarers, flares and other scary things in the procession is strictly prohibited and the procession will actually take place along the promenade in the town, rather than along the road. It’s no great secret in bonfire circles that Eastbourne have had a hard time with the council, who have made it difficult  even for torches to be part of the procession in the past, I believe citing reasons such as “fire risk to buildings” as an excuse not to have a torchlit procession. The procession will leave about 7:30 from Silverdale Cross and end with an explosive firework display and beacon on the beach around 8:30, behind the bandstand, so a nice early one and good for the kids, with the added advantage that the area is well lit and policed, making it one of the safest events on the calendar. One final note, it is illegal to drink on the streets in Eastbourne, and accordingly drinking is prohibited both in the procession and in the crowd.   
Eastbourne Borough
  23 October 2010


16th October 2010
Hailsham Bonfire Society celebrations
7.30pm – 10pm
Hailsham Bonfire Society website
17th October 2009
Hastings Bonfire Society celebrations.
Hastings’ bonfire coincides with the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings and takes place as part Hastings Week, our annual celebration of the battle that changed English history.
From 7pm
Hastings Bonfire Society website
  23 October 2010
Nevill Juvenile Bonfire Society was formed, almost by accident, in 1967, when two local men had their own bonfires destroyed before the 5th November, and decided to have a community bonfire, with forty of their friends and 50 torches, along with fireworks and a small set piece, on the local allotments.Within two years the society were using 1500 torches in four processions and within five years they had over 500 members.  Today the society marches with a large number of visiting societies, making an impressive snake around the Nevill estate, headed up with their own colourful costumes and green and white striped guernseys.  Topical cartoon or toy related tabs are usually the order of the day with Nevill, last year a giant Lego Batman was hauled through the streets to meet a firey, explosive end, in recognition of the 50th birthday of Lego and the Batman film, the Dark Knight, which had been released earlier in the year. Events kick off at six when the first procession forms up in Highdown Road for a march to the green, where poppies will be lit and the Martyrs’ Memorial will also be set off.  The Last Post will be played and there will be a minutes silence, before the procession returns to Highdown Road. At half seven the main procession will form up and leave at around quarter to eight.  Taking around seventy five minutes, it will wind its way around most of Nevill before heading down to The Green and up the Nevill Road to the firesite at Landport Bottom, which, confusingly, is neither where the Landport Estate is or the bottom of anywhere!  It’s more commonly known as “The Race Hill” and it’s where Borough Bonfire have their fireworks on the fifth! After the fireworks have completed the final procession will form up in Highdown Road, do a loop of Firle Crescent and Mount Harry Road before returning the the headquarters for Bonfire Prayers! Don’t forget to support Nevill by buying a programme, which are available from the shops on the estate and by paying the small £3 charge for adults to enter the firesite.  Don’t forget that accompanied kids are free!  There will be a collection for charities along the route, please don’t forget to give generously!
From 6.30pm
Nevill Juvenile Bonfire Society website
30 October 2010
Littlehampton Bonfire Society celebrations
Start time to be confirmed
Littlehampton Bonfire Society website
23 October 2010
Firle, who have a long history and are the only big society that don’t invite other societies to attend their procession.  Not because they are an unfriendly lot, but because there are so many members and such a small village, that there just would be room for everyone!  Famous for its fire banners coming down the hill, Firle is a great destination, but being small, it’s often overcrowded, so  hopefully the clash with Fletching this year will help relieve some of this.  Winner of the “Where In Sussex Best Bonfire Brew” in 2005, I will be sad to not be attending this year.  There is usually a charge for parking at Firle Place and the fireworks are always spectacular.  Those heading to Firle hoping for something controversial will be sadly disappointed, as Firle bonfire is, as it always has been, a celebration for the villagers of Firle.  
Firle Bonfire Society website
Battle, East Sussex
6th November 2010
 Battle Bonfire Boyes- Battlefield, Battle East Sussex
A procession of bonfire societies and bands around Abbey Green followed by a huge bonfire.Admission by donation, the collection on the night goes to local charities and good causes, processions starts 7.45pm. Bonfire lit at 9pm.
 Battle Bonfire Society Celebrations.
Battle  bonfire society plays a big part  in the gunpowder season, organising events that draw tens of thousands of people to the area celebrate bonfire night in spectacular fashion.  During the 17th century a roaring gunpowder trade operated from Battle, with the largest works being on the site of the Powdermills Hotel.  It was these seemingly inconspicuous works that reportedly supplied Guy Fawkes prior to his plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament on 5 November 1605.
Firework display
6 November 2010
Firework display at Blacklands School, Osborne Close, Hastings TN34 2HU
Start 7pm. Small entrance fee
Hastings & Borough
6th November 2010
Nevill Sports Ground, Nevill Road, Hove  BN3 7QQ
Large display. One of the top ten displays in the UK, as recommended by The Times. Gates open at 6.00pm and the display is scheduled to start at 7:30pm. Tickets: Adult - £10, Junior (16 and under) - £5, Children (Under 5) - Free, Family Ticket (2 adults and 2 children) - £25.

30 October 2010
For details of Newick Bonfire Night please see our Programme which is available in most local shops and pubs. Newick Bonfire Night is provided for Newick residents only as we are a small Society with limited manpower and funds so are unable to provide facilities for visitors. The roads, including the A272, will be closed from 6.30pm-11pm and there are very few places to park in the village. Please do not park on the procession routes. We regret we are unable to provide answers to queries about the night which can be found in the Programme.Newick Bonfire Society celebrations

Newick Bonfire Society website

5th November 2010
  Sussex County Cricket Ground (SCCC), Eaton Road : Large display organised jointly by the Brighton Lions and Sussex County Cricket Supporters Club. Gates open at 6.00pm and the display starts at 7.30pm.  Tickets: Adult - £10, Junior (16 and under) - £5, Children (Under 5) - Free, Family Ticket (2 adults and 2 children) - £25. Ticket sales from the Club Shop or from the SCCC website (dates they go on sale to be  confirmed). (Reserve date - 6th November).
Lewes Bonfire Night celebrations
5 November
Massive annual bonfire event takes place throughout the town, organised by several local bonfire societies. There are seven different Bonfire Societies in Lewes, each with their own marching procession, bonfire and  firework display. From 5pm Lewes will be closed to traffic. Be warned that roads in the town are closed and there are no parking facilities. You may also have a long wait on public transport. Most processions take  place between 7pm and 9.30pm on the High Street. From about 10.15pm the societies return from their fire sites and from 11pm most have their final processions leading to 'bonfire prayers' to round off the evening.  Very large crowds expected (around 150,000 people come to Lewes to watch the celebrations). Unsuitable for small children and pets. Note : Lewes Bonfire Council urge people from outside the Lewes locality to celebrate in their own area due to travel problems and very crowded streets.   
Lewes Bonfire Society Celebrations
The biggest Bonfire celebrations in the country featuring six Bonfire societies:
Cliffe (with a procession of their own) Website:
Waterloo Website:
Lewes Borough Website:
South Street Website:
Commercial Square Email:
Winchelsea, East Sussex
Winchelsea Bonfire Boyes Celebrations
6th November 2010
Winchelsea, East Sussex
Winchelsea Bonfire Boyes Celebrations
Lancing - Beach Green
3rd November 2010
Funfair and Charity Firework event on Beach Green, Lancing. Funfair opens 6pm. Fireworks approx 9pm. Event organised by Showtime Amusements (01243) 576471. Charity fundraising in aid of St Barnabas. (Part of The Adur Town Centres Initiative). For information please contact : David Steadman, Adur Town Centres and Street Scene Coordinator, Tel : (01273) 263152

send the Adur Town Centres and Street Scene Coordinator an e-mail.
4 November 2010
7.30pm – Torchlight procession starts from King Edward Hall
8pm – Bonfire is lit at end of procession on Lindfield Common
8.15pm – Grand fireworks display begins
Lindfield Bonfire Society website
5 November 2010
Firework display at St Peter and St Paul School, Buckhurst Road
Tel: 01424 211073

Rye, East Sussex
November 2010
Rye, East Sussex
Rye Bonfire Society Celebrations.  
Rye bonfire society plays a big part  in the gunpowder season, organising events that draw tens of thousands of people to the area celebrate bonfire night in spectacular fashion.
13th November 2010
Shoreham-by-Sea - Beach bonfire, fireworks and procession : Starts 6.30pm until midnight. Beach Green and foreshore adjacent to Church of the Good Shepherd.
7 November 2010
 Chailey Bonfire Society Celebrations
South Heighton
30 October 2010
 South Heighton Bonfire Society Celebrations
20 November 2010
Robertsbridge Bonfire Society Celebrations
Barcombe, West Sussex
November 2010
Barcombe Bonfire Society Celebrations
5th November 2010
  Thomas A Becket Middle School : Professional firework display organised by 'friends of the school'. Gates open 6pm for 7pm start. Refreshments available. Tickets available in advance from school in Glebeside Ave.  £10 family of 4 or £3 each. Limited tickets available on night £4 each. Entrances in Rectory Road and Glebeside Ave. No parking on school grounds or in Glebeside Avenue as it gets very congested. Thomas A Becket Middle School website
  West Sussex

Selsey Fireworks

Fireworks with a TV music theme. You can buy tickets in advance and there's a funfair as well as the bonfire and fireworks.

Date 16 October 2010

Littlehampton Bonfire

Promising a "mammoth bonfire". Sounds interesting.

Date 30 October 2010

Lindfield Bonfire

More than just a bonfire - more a way of life.

Date 4 November 2010

Cuckfield Bonfire

Proceeds to Holy Trinity School PTA. The Cuckfield firework display is held at Cuckfield Park.

Date 6 November 2010

Heyshott Bonfire

A really good pagan firework display near Midhurst.

Date 6 November 2010

Chailey Bonfire

What will the theme be this year....?

Date 7 November 2010
East Sussex

16 October 23 October 30 October 5 November
  • Bexhill
    Firework display at St Peter and St Paul School, Buckhurst Road
    More information – Phone: 01424 211073
  • Lewes
    Lewes bonfire night is probably the most famous in East Sussex. Six of the town's seven bonfire societies – Borough, Cliffe, Commercial Square, South Street, Southover and Waterloo – organise torchlit processions, bonfires and fireworks displays across the town. Roads are closed from 5pm until approximately 1.30am.
    More information – Lewes District Council
  • Lindfield
    More information – Lindfield Bonfire Society
6 November 13 November 20 November
The Lewes Bonfire Societies The Sussex Bonfire Societies

Below is a list of all the bonfire societies in Lewes with a little bit of info on each, this will go some way in explaining how fiercely the bonfire tradition is upheld in Lewes.

There are at present seven bonfire societies within Lewes all with their own traditions , bonfire , motto , costume and " Colours " . . Vendetta

Lewes Bonfire Council
The Lewes Bonfire Council co-ordinates the activities of the town's seven Bonfire Societies - Cliffe, Commercial Square, Lewes Borough, Nevill Juvenile, Southover, South Street and Waterloo.

No Popery

Cliffe Bonfire Society - official site
Homepages from Cliffe Bonfire Society in Lewes Formed 1853 . . Motto = Nulli Secundus . . 1st Pioneers = VikingsSmugglers = Black And White

Cliffe Bonfire Society

Commercial Square Bonfire Society

Commercial Square Bonfire Society

Formed 1855 . . Motto = For Independence . . 1st Pioneers = North American Indians
Smugglers = Black And Gold

Commercial Square Bonfire Society

Nevill Juvenile Bonfire Society
Founded in 1967, Nevill Juvenile celebrate with a torchlit parade and fireworks.

Nevill Juvenile Bonfire Society

Formed 1967 . . Motto = We Dare . . 1st Pioneers = Valencians
Smugglers = Green And White

Nevill Juvenile Bonfire Society

South Street Bonfire Society

South Street Bonfire Society

Formed 1913 . . Motto = Faithful Unto Death . . 1st Pioneers = English Civil War
Smugglers = Brown And Cream

South Street Bonfire Society

Southover Bonfire Society

Southover Bonfire Society

Re-Formed 2005 . . Motto = Advance . . 1st Pioneers = Priory Monks
Smugglers = Red And Black

Southover Bonfire Society

Waterloo Bonfire Society
Unofficial pages of this Lewes society

Waterloo Bonfire Society

Re-Formed 1964 . . Motto = True To Each Other . . 1st Pioneers = Mongolian Empire
Smugglers = Red And White

Waterloo Bonfire Society

Lewes Borough Bonfire Society
In the home of Bonfire, this is the oldest recorded Society.

Ye Olde Lewes Borough Bonfire

Formed 1853 . . Motto = Death or Glory . . 1st Pioneers = Zulu Warriors
Smugglers = Blue And White

Ye Olde Lewes Borough Bonfire

Orther Bonfire Societies
Borough Bonfire Society
Edenbridge Bonfire Society

Pages relating to Lewes Bonfire, information and pictures.
Merrie Harriers Bonfire Society
Over the years the Bonfire Society has distributed more than £23,000 to local good causes.
  Established over 10 years ago and now returning re-invigorated in 2010, Shoreham has a beach bonfire, fireworks and procession

 Winchelsea Bonfire Society

Lewes Borough Bonfire Society
In the home of Bonfire, this is the oldest recorded Society.

Ye Olde Lewes Borough Bonfire

Formed 1853 . . Motto = Death or Glory . . 1st Pioneers = Zulu Warriors
Smugglers = Blue And White

Ye Olde Lewes Borough Bonfire


This is a list of all of the active sussex bonfire societies outside Lewes , with a little bit of info on each one , this will go some way in explaining how fiercely the bonfire tradition is upheld in this neck of the woods. All but one or two by the way are in East Sussex . . Why ? . . Not all of them have their own bonfire night celebration , google the society if want more information and most of them have their own bonfire night celebrations different to the " Fifth "Why ? . . . Me Thinks it has got something to do with the Harvest Festival , Cinque Ports Confederation and the freedom to roam at night during the close cross English Channel fighting season and the many fire beacons raised in Sussex to warn of advancing enemies , Many of the older societies are either on a hill , coast or surrounded by fertile farmland used to serve Lewes.
The wimpy Spanish and French would not normally dare to try and cross the channel in choppy waters from September onwards , So we English lit fires and took to the streets and celebrated our freedom.French Invasions , Spanish Armada , Sussex Martyrs , Guy Fawkes , Pagan and Harvest Festivals . Think about it ! . See the bonfire night dates page for more details Vendetta

Barcombe Bonfire Society
Information about their history, events and activities. BBS is 'the closest to Lewes a non-Lewes Society gets'. Formed 1932 . . Main Bonfire Costume = Japanese

Barcombe Bonfire Society

Battel Bonfire Society
Claims to be the oldest Bonfire Society in England,with records going back to 1646. The event is held on the first Saturday in November closest to the 5th.Formed 1907 . . Main Bonfire Costume = Saxons

Battle Bonfire Boyes

Burgess Hill Bonfire Society
Re-Formed 1969 . . Main Bonfire Costume = Aztec Indians

Burgess Hill Bonfire Society

Chailey Bonfire Society
News of this Sussex Society formed in 1966. Formed 1966 . .
Main Bonfire Costume = Fancy Dress

Chailey Bonfire Society

Crowborough Bonfire & Carnival Society
50 years of bonfire and carnivalsFormed 1897 . . Main Bonfire Costume = Spanish

Crowborough Bonfire & Carnival

East Hoathly & Halland Bonfire & Carnival Society
Formed 1917 . . Main Bonfire Costume = Wild West

East Hoathly & Halland Bonfire
                              & Carnival Society

Eastbourne Bonfire Society
After 35 years Eastbourne rejoins the Sussex bonfires
Re-Formed 2001 . . Main Bonfire Costume = Pirates

Eastbourne Bonfire Society

Ewhurst and Staplecross Bonfire Society
Formed ???? . . Main Bonfire Costume = Harlequins

Ewhurst & Staplecross Bonfire

Firle Bonfire Society
"Firle upholds and promotes all that's excellent about traditional Sussex Bonfire and holds a Bonfire Night with torchlit processions and fireworks each October". Re-Formed 1982 . . Main Bonfire Costume = Valencian

Firle Bonfire Society

Five Ashes Bonfire Society
Formed 2000 . . Main Bonfire Costume = Pirates

Five Ashes Bonfire Society

Fletching Bonfire Society
Homepages of Fletching Bonfire Society
Formed 1854 . . Main Bonfire Costume = Yeomen Warders
Fletching Bonfire Society
'Hundreds of images and loads of info of our bonfire celebrations, Guy Fawkes day, gunpowder plot and 5th November'.

Fletching Bonfire Society

Hailsham Bonfire Society
Re-formed after am interval of 14 years, this society became active again on the 400th anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot to present a torchlight procession, bonfire and fireworks display.Re-Formed 2005 . . Main Bonfire Costume = Victorian

Hailsham Bonfire Society

Hastings Borough Bonfire Society Links
The Official HBBS. Formed 1995 . .
Main Bonfire Costume = Red, Blue & Gold Stripes ( Smugglers )

Hastings Borough Bonfire Society

Lindfield Bonfire Society
Formed 1896 . . Main Bonfire Costume = Blue & White Stripes

Lindfield Bonfire Society

Sussex Champions 2004 'We burn to do good'
Formed 1952 . . Main Bonfire Costume = Red Indians

Littlehampton Bonfire Society

Maresfield Bonfire Society
Formed ???? . . Main Bonfire Costume = Red Indians

Maresfield Bonfire Society

Mayfield Bonfire Boyes & Belles
Formed 1556 . . Main Bonfire Costume = French Revolution

Mayfield Bonfire Boyes and Belles

Newick Bonfire Society
Formed 1937 . . Main Bonfire Costume = Cavaliers

Newick Bonfire Society

Robertsbridge Bonfire Society
Formed ???? . . Main Bonfire Costume = Monks

Robertsbridge Bonfire Society

Robin Hood Bonfire Society
Formed ???? . . Main Bonfire Costume = Voodoo

Robin Hood Bonfire Society

Rotherfield & Mark Cross Bonfire Society
Re-Formed 1970 . . Main Bonfire Costume = ????

Rotherfield & Mark Cross Bonfire

Rye & District Bonfire Society
Formed 1695 . . Main Bonfire Costume = ????

Rye Bonfire Society

South Heighton Bonfire Society
Formed 2003 . . Main Bonfire Costume = Blue & Yellow Stripes

South Heighton Bonfire Society

Uckfield Bonfire & Carnival Society
Formed 1827 . . Main Bonfire Costume = Knights

Uckfield Bonfire & Carnival

Vines Cross Bonfire Society
Formed ???? . . Main Bonfire Costume = Voodoo

Vines Cross Bonfire Society

Whatlington Renegades
Formed ???? . . Main Bonfire Costume = ????

Whatlington Renegades

Who The Devil Are We
Formed ???? . . Main Bonfire Costume = Devils

Who The Devil Are We

The Chesilbank
Saturday 10th November 2012
Bradford-on-Avon Schools Fireworks – Saturday 10th November 2012
Gates will open at The Beehive Field at 5.30pm. There will be a fireworks display, a bonfire, live music and lots of fun. Live music will be provided by popular local bands starting at 5.45pm. Other attractions include: a BBQ, a hog roast, beer including real ale, cider and mulled wine, popcorn and candy floss. For younger children there will be a bouncy castle plus an inflatable assault course. The fireworks start at 7.00pm. So whatever the weather, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.
It is organised each year by the parents of pupils at Christ Church, Fitzmaurice and St Laurence schools and is a significant annual fundraiser enabling the purchasing of additional resources and equipment for the three schools.  Advance tickets will be available from the Murco Service Station, Woolley Street; The Castle Inn; ANP Stores, Trowbridge Road; Piha, Lamb Yard; Hartley Farm, Winsley; and Christ Church and Fitzmaurice schools. The prices for these are: £5 Adults and £2.50 Children (aged 5-17 years old). Gate prices on the night will be £7 Adults and £3 Children, so advance tickets offer a great saving. Please note that we cannot under any circumstances allow people to bring sparklers, fireworks or alcohol into the field.

The Beehive Field
Trowbridge Road
Friday 2nd November 2012
Funfair  Food Bar.
Commences 17.00 hrs  Fireworks 19.00 hrs Ends 21.00hrs  Tel: 01249 814000

Tickets on sale now at the Town Council's Information Centre, Bank House & Beversbrook Sports & Community Facility
Beversbrook Sports & Community Facility, Calne, SN11 9FL
Saturday 3rd
 November  2012
Special Jubilee Bonfire and Firework Display
To raise funds for Rotary Charities. Saturday 3rd November Monkton Park, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 3PE Gates Open 5.00 p.m.; Bonfire Lit 6.15 p.m.; Firework Display 7.00 p.m. Refreshments and Glowstick products available for purchase. Funfair Stalls and Rides. Surprise Additional Attraction. Entry Fee on the gate : £5; Children under 7 years free Save 40 % by buying Advanced Tickets for just £3 each from local outlets •We have increased the budget for fireworks this year so the display should be spectacular •We have increased the range of Glowstick products this year, with many new novelties. Items to suit all ages and prices to suit all pockets •We have moved the location of the bonfire to be more central , giving everyone a better view of the fire. more  5.00 p.m. Bonfire 6.15; Fireworks 7.00 Entry Fee £5.00, under 7’s FREE Buy tickets in advance from local outlets for £3 and save 40% For details phone Mike Oakes on 01249 656457
Monkton Park, CHIPPENHAM  Wiltshire SN15 3PE
3rd November 2012
Christian Malford, nr Chippenham
Bonfire and Firework Spectacular ('The best in the area')
Free Sparklers for Children; Free Car Parking Advance tickets available from: Village Shop, Chippenham Tourist Office Adults £5.00 Children 5- 16 Yrs £3.00 Under 5’s free Gate price: Adults £7.00 Children 5- 16 Yrs £5.00 Under 5’s free Shuttle Coach from Chippenham £2.50 Coach Tickets from above sales points

The Recreation Ground, Christian Melford, Nr Ghippenham
3rd November 2012
Gates open 6pm, tickets on the gate Adult £3.50, child £1.50, family £10 Hot food & drink In aid of All Cannings Pre-School   18:00 King's Arms, All Cannings , SN10
Saturday 3rd
 November  2012

1st Downton Scouts Bonfire Night