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"For several years now the Wessex Tourist Board has added the Pantomimes onto the various County attraction pages we prepare. Last year our Chairman lost two of his good friend Norman Wisdom. So we have prepared this special page for free to celebrate both the world of panto  it's finest exponents. We thank them and the many others who have honoured this most English of traditions and hope that our extra effort this year will help perpetuate their wonderful memories. For those who wish to be involved with remembering showbiz and sporting personalities of yesteryear should contact The Heritage Foundation who raise money for charities as well as pay for blue plaques." Click here to see the full list of The Heritage Foundation's Blue Plaques
Pantimime History
Mainly created by
In the United Kingdom, the word "Pantomime" means a form of entertainment, generally performed during the Christmas season. The first pantomime was performed at Lincoln's Inn Fields Theatre in 1714, and was called 'Harlequin Sorcerer'. It was John Rich an actor manager who gave pantomime its name.

 Most cities and towns throughout the UK have a form of Pantomime at this time of year. The origins of British Pantomime or "Panto" as it is known date back to the middle ages, taking on board the traditions of the Italian "Commedia dell’ Arte, the Italian night scenes and British Music hall to produce an intrinsic art form that constantly adapted to survive up to the present day.Pantomime has been attempted abroad, usually with a small amount of success. Not surprisingly it has proved popular in countries such as Canada, Australia and South Africa- recently a production of "Babes in the wood" ran at the Rainbow Seven Arts Theatre in Harare, Zimbabwe! In America this very British art form has fared less favourably, although in 1868 a production of "Humpty Dumpty" ran for over 1,200 performances at the Olympic Theatre, New York, making it the most successful Pantomime in American history.
The Subjects
Pantomime, as we know it today is a show predominantly aimed at children, based on a popular fairy tale or folk legend. The most popular subjects being "Cinderella", followed by "Aladdin", "Dick Whittington" and "Snow White". Other popular titles are "Jack & the Beanstalk", "Babes in the Wood",( usually combining the legend of Robin Hood) and "Sleeping Beauty". Rising in popularity is "Peter Pan", although purists would argue that this is not strictly a pantomime, but a children’s story, based on J.M Barrie’s play. "Peter Pan" first performed at the Duke of York’s Theatre, London in 1904 transferred successfully to America shortly afterwards. Today the story has had elements of Pantomime introduced, and is one of the highly popular Christmas shows around the British Isles.

Pantomime has become a thriving business in this country. Large theatres vie with each other for the subjects and "star" names that will attract full houses, and the pantomime can often run for six to eight weeks, providing much needed revenue to box offices up and down the country. Twenty years ago the average run of a pantomime could be from the week before Christmas up until the end of February, but today few theatres can sustain such a length of run. The exceptions recently being the Hippodrome Theatre, Birmingham, Mayflower Theatre, Southampton, and the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton.
The most popular titles are:

Aladdin (sometimes combined with Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and/or other Arabian Nights tales. It can also be set in China rather than the Middle East)
Babes in the Wood
(often combined with
Robin Hood)
Beauty and the Beast
Robin Hood
Cinderella, the most popular of all pantomimes and first shown in 1870 in Covent Garden, London
Dick Whittington and His Cat,
 first staged as a pantomime in 1814, based on a 17th century play.
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
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Jack And The Beanstalk Jack and the Beanstalk (Sometimes including references to nursery rhymes and other children's stories involving characters called Jack, such as
Little Red Riding Hood

Mother Goose

Peter Pan

Peter Pan
Danny Larue Puss in Boots

Robinson Crusoe

Sleeping Beauty
  Snow White

The Princess and the

The Snow Queen

Goody Two Shoes

The Impresarios

Pantomime giants, such as Qdos, present as many as thirty pantomimes in Great Britain, and several others abroad. During its long existence Pantomime has witnessed other panto impresarios, such as Augustus Harris, "Father of modern Pantomime" at the Drury Lane Theatre in the 1870’s. Harris, the manager of Drury Lane introduced the first stars of the popular Music Hall into his productions, and created the lavish productions that popularised the genre, forcing managements not just in London, but around the country to ensure that every town had at least one, if not two Pantomimes running every Christmas season.
Francis Laidler took on the mantle "King of Pantomimes" in the 1930’s, producing shows at the Alhambra Theatre, Bradford, which were then presented all over the country. The subjects on offer in the 1930’s and 1940’s included those now fallen from popularity. Titles like "Goody Two Shoes", "Humpty Dumpty" and "Red Riding Hood" have almost completely vanished today., while in recent times Pantomime has seen the gradual disappearance of titles like "Puss in boots", "Mother Goose" and "Robinson Crusoe". And who can forget the Littlers!

In the 1950’s and 1960’s the Pantomime crown rested upon the head of Derek Salberg, who created pantomimes from the Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham in the style and tradition that made them justifiably famous, along with producing managements such as Howard and Wyndham, and Emile Littler. In recent times companies such as Triumph and the impresario Paul Elliott have been the guiding force behind provincial pantomimes.  The cost of presenting a modern pantomime could be estimated at anything between £150,000 and over half a million pounds. These productions will be expected to tour for a number of years, and recoup their costs. This however is not an innovation. In 1827 the pantomimes staged at Covent Garden and Drury Lane cost up to £1,000 each.


Pantomime has combined many elements of theatre throughout its existence, and by adapting it has survived. The element of "novelty" has always been to the forefront, as has its ability to encompass modern trends and topicality, within its structured framework. People talk about "traditional" pantomime, but to remain popular this form of theatre has had to keep its eye firmly on modern trends, and by weaving these into its format, remains one of the most popular forms of entertainment in this country. Elements that a pantomime should have, to be described as "Traditional" begin with a strong story line. The fable or fairy tale has to be well told, incorporating the all important elements of good battling against evil, and emerging triumphant. In this respect, the concept varies little from the medieval morality plays, performed on village greens. To this day "tradition" says that the Pantomime villain should be the first to enter, from the "dark side", stage left, followed by his adversary the good fairy from stage right. This echoes the tradition in medieval times when the entrances to heaven and hell were placed on these sides.

 Commedia Dell'Arte

The element of song and dance in Pantomime are very important. The influences of the Italian "Commedia dell’Arte" can be seen here. This form of entertainment traveled through Italy to France, where it became very popular. It consisted of a number of stock characters performing comic situations, with a highly visual content. The actors generally improvised their way through a plot involving characters such as Arlecchino, or Harlequin and his true love, Columbina or Columbine. Other stock characters were the over protective father, Pantaloon, who refused to allow the heroic Harlequin to seek his daughter’s affections. In various versions Pantaloon has a servant, Pulchinello, later to be known as Clown, and a soldier, an unsuitable suitor who seeks the hand of Columbine. Comic chases and tricks were employed to full effect. Although the character of "Pulchinello" has vanished from the Pantomime today, he still exists in this country as "Mr. Punch", the anti-heroic puppet, who along with his wife Judy can still be seen in seaside towns and parks entertaining children today.

  Italian Night Scenes

The difficulty with Commedia dell’Arte transferring from France to Great Britain was that, in the main, the actors did not speak English. The scenes from their continental shows had now to be mimed, and more emphasis was put on to singing and dancing. These shows evolved into what were known as "Italian Night Scenes", and became highly popular in this country, particularly at Drury Lane. The comic chases and "business" that emerged from these productions eventually became known as "Slapstick", still a very important element in modern Pantomimes.



"Slapstick" takes its name from a device used in these early entertainments, and most especially from "Harlequinades", scenes that were later to develop from the "Night Scenes". Harlequin was considered to be a magical creation. He carried with him a sword, made of wood which alternated between being a weapon and a magic wand. This sword or bat had a hinged flap, which created a very loud "slapping" noise when used, generally to give a more theatrical effect when used to slap fellow actors. To this day a pantomime comic will insist on using the talents of a drummer in the orchestra pit to "point" his comic stage business of slaps, falls or trips.

The slapstick may also have had a secondary purpose. Harlequin, in these semi improvised scenes would be in control of the situation. He would know when the scenery should be changed, and it is believed he would "Clap" his slapstick to indicate that this should happen, in the form of an audible cue. This may well be the basis of the theatrical superstition that one should never clap backstage, for fear of bad luck, Since bringing heavy scenery down upon your head could be bad luck indeed!

By the early eighteenth century, the first use of the word "Pantomime" emerges. A "ballet-pantomime" was created, "The loves of Mars and Venus" in 1717, followed by "Harlequin Sorcerer", produced by John Rich, who under his stage name "Lun" played Harlequin. Rich was responsible for creating the first "Harlequinade.

Harlequinades were produced all year round at his Lincoln Inn Fields Theatre, and these became so popular that David Garrick at Drury Lane felt obliged to mount his own pantomime, the difference being that his Harlequin spoke the lines, with less emphasis on mime. By 1773 the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane presented the first pantomime story that has a direct descendant today, "Jack the Giant Killer". The Harlequinades continued to be played as short pieces put on after the main drama of the evening was concluded, as a sort of antidote to the tragedy.

With time these Harlequinades grew longer, and by 1781 with the creation of "Robinson Crusoe", the characters of Clown, Harlequin and Pantaloon were firmly established in their desert Island environment. "Aladdin and his wonderful Lamp" followed in 1788, followed by "Babes in the wood" and finally in 1804 "Cinderella" was created on stage.
The most famous of the pantomime clowns was Joseph Grimaldi, who made his first appearance in 1800, and such was his eminence that to this day clowns are called "Joeys" in his memory. His influence on these early pantomimes was immense. The public clamoured to see his performances at Sadlers Wells and Drury Lane, and left the Theatre singing the comic choruses of the songs he introduced. Pantomime had its first real star, and by this time the elements of comedy songs and slapstick were firmly rooted, as they have remained to this present day.

 Enter Grimaldi

Grimaldi also pioneered the next important element that a "Traditional" pantomime should have, the art of cross dressing- the Pantomime Dame. Amongst his roles were Queen Rondabellyana in "Harlequin and the red dwarf", and Dame Cecily Suet in "Harlequin Whittington". The Theatrical tradition of men playing women can be traced back to the early days of theatre, when it was deemed not appropriate for women to enter the theatrical profession. Boys played all the female roles in Shakespeare’s plays, and even during the Restoration, when actresses were established on the stage, often middle aged actors played the roles of older or comedic ladies, since the new breed of actress either did not possess the years, or the inclination to play such unglamorous roles.

 Enter The Dame
Danny Larue
 In fond memory of Danny La Rue OBE
26th July 1927 - 31st May 2009

 The Pantomime Dame, usually the hero’s mother, such as Widow Twankey in "Aladdin" or "Dame Trott" in Jack and the Beanstalk was a creation that emerged from the early Music Halls of the Victorian era. The public warmed to seeing their favourite comedian playing the role of Jack’s mother, or the King’s cook and bottlewasher. Often the Dame’s costumes would be used to good comic effect by parodying the fashions of the day, in much the same way as the modern Dame or Ugly Sister does at the moment.

The Ugly Sisters were first seen played by women in Rossini’s opera, "La Cenerentola" in London, but were swiftly transformed into men playing the roles in 1860, at the Royal Strand Theatre, London. The Ugly Sisters differ from the Dame in that they have to tread the thin tightrope between being hugely comic characters, and yet still remain the villains of the piece. This author, having trod that tightrope for twenty years is all too aware of having to keep the balance between comedy, which to achieve needs a degree of warmth and sympathy from the audience, and then being able to turn on the villainy when bullying the unfortunate Cinderella. The Panto Dame, on the other hand should exude warmth and comedy, even pathos, but is never required to do any "dirty Deeds". The exception to this being the Dame role of "Mother Goose".
Dan Leno


Dan LenoMother Goose was created again at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in 1902. The role was created for Dan Leno, one of the most popular comedians of the day. He had already achieved fame through playing Dame roles in Pantomime, into which he injected the stage business and comic songs that had made him the idol of the Music Halls. The Role of "Mother Goose" gave Leno the opportunity to play the comic old lady who, through friendship with the goose "Priscilla" achieves wealth. However, money cannot buy beauty, and tempted by the Demon King, the Dame is persuaded to sell Priscilla to the Demon in exchange for Youth and beauty. The scene where the Dame rejects the goose is what makes it unique. The Dame, having been warm and loveable, is now seen to be cruel and selfish. The task for the actor concerned is to regain not just Priscilla, but the forgiveness of the audience by the end of the pantomime.
Dan Leno became the biggest star in an era that was to draw many stars from Music Hall in Great Britain, and establish the trend that remains today of using well known personalities to "Top the Bill" in Pantomimes. Garrick in the Eighteenth century had contributed to the lavish and spectacular elements that can be found in modern day pantomime, and Augustus Harris continued to build on this concept during the 16 years he produced the Drury Lane spectacular pantomimes. He teamed up Dan Leno with Herbert Campbell in 1888, and created a comic partnership that had no rival.
  The Principal Boy
Principal Boy
The other element of "Traditional" pantomime is on the decline today, namely the "Principal boy" role, played by a girl. Women had for a long time played the "breeches role" in theatre, as far back as the early 1800’s. By the middle of the nineteenth century the vogue for ladies to take on the heroic roles of "Jack" or "Dick Whittington" or "Aladdin" was beginning, and with the rise of Music Hall it became the rule. Quite simply, the Victorian male, living in a society where even the legs of the parlour piano were covered for modesty’s sake , craved the vision of a well turned calf, or shapely ankle.Whilst ladies were corseted, crinolined or bustled on the street, artistic license allowed ladies upon the stage to wear costumes that revealed shapely legs in tights on condition that they were playing a male role!

The "Principal Boy" held sway in Pantomime through the first and second world wars, creating stars like Dorothy Ward, one of the stalwarts of British Pantomime, and Evelyn Laye, Hy Hazel, Noel Gorden, and Pat Kirkwood. By the 1950’s the emergence of men playing the role began with Norman Wisdom, and the influx of "pop" stars such as (Sir) Cliff Richard and Marty Wilde , a trend that has waned as ladies once again returned to the role, such notables as Barbara Windsor, Cilla Black and Anita Harris taking the reins4. Today the trend seems to be reversing in favour of men playing the parts, but, as has been mentioned, Pantomime constantly adapts in favour of "The flavour of the day", and we may well see the Pantomime Hero return to the safe keeping of those glamorous ladies yet again.

  The Chorus & Juveniles

Seldom featured, and yet indispensable, Pantomime could not survive without its chorus of dancers, and indeed its troupes of juveniles or “Babes” as they are known.

Today, for reasons of economy, the average chorus in a provincial pantomime can number anything between six or eight dancers. Some productions can boast as many as ten or twelve, but that is the exception. Some have as few as two or four professional dancers, supplemented by more adult juveniles.

Famous troupes include The Tiller Girls and The Sunbeams.

Guest celebrity in pantomime
Another contemporary pantomime tradition is the celebrity guest star, a practice that dates back to the late 19th century, when Augustus Harris, proprietor of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, hired well-known variety artists for his pantomimes.

Until the decline of the British music hall tradition by the late 1950s, many popular artists played in pantomimes across the country. Many modern pantomimes use popular artists to promote the pantomime, and the play is often adapted to allow the star to showcase their well-known act, even when such a spot has little relation to the plot, for example, Rolf Harris might perform Jake the Peg in a pantomime about Aladdin.

Nowadays, a pantomime occasionally pulls off a coup by engaging a guest star with an unquestionable thespian reputation, as was the case with the Christmas 2004 production of Aladdin that featured Sir Ian McKellen as Widow Twankey, which he reprised in the 2005 production at the Old Vic theatre in London.

As well as being an actor in the Shakespearean tradition, McKellen had become hugely famous with children as Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings and Magneto in X-Men. "At least we can tell our grandchildren that we saw McKellen's Twankey and it was huge," said Michael Billington, theatre critic of The Guardian, December 20, 2004, entering into the pantomime spirit of double entendre. In recent times, the in pantomimes have featured soap stars, comedians or former sportsmen rather as celebrity attractions, supplemented by jobbing actors and pantomime specialists.

The recently renovated Hackney Empire has presented an enormously successful and highly regarded panto with multi-racial cast since 1988.
York's Theatre Royal pantomime features no guest celebrities, but a regular cast headed by Berwick Kaler, who has played the dame there for 30 years.

Christopher Biggins was a pantomime dame for 38 years running until 2007 when his attendance on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! made it impossible for him to do a panto that year.

In Canterbury, the Marlowe Theatre traditionally has a famous person from EastEnders or Neighbours, both popular soap operas.

Tewkesbury's Roses Theatre has a pantomime which has a fully professional cast (apart from the young chorus/dancers), none of whom are 'star' soap opera performers, stand-up comedians or pop singers as a matter of policy. The panto is traditional in style, and the principal boy is played by a female actor.

In summer of 1974 the Old Vic staged Jack and the Beanstalk on a double bill with Euripides' Bacchae at the Edinburgh Festival. Jack and the Beanstalk was the perfect antidote to the passionate violence of Euripides' tragedy.

Since 2005, British television and theatre actor John Barrowman has been returning repeatedly to the pantomime, playing Prince Charming in 2005's Cinderella; Jack in 2006's Jack and the Beanstalk; Aladdin in 2007's Aladdin; and most recently the title character of Robin Hood  .

 In fond memory of Mollie Sugden

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David we thank you for your incredible legacy. You have made countless people very happy and countless more in future generations will enjoy your great works.
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David Croft



The Paladium

The London Palladium can trace its history back to 1870, when a hall known as The Corinthian Bazaar was erected on the site of the Duke of Argyll’s residence- the current Palladium stands on Argyll Street. Twelve years later the building was enlarged, and renamed Hengler’s Circus. Early pantomimes were produced there-Cinderella, Jack the Giant Killer and Red Riding Hood amongst others, but it was not until it became The London Palladium in 1910, that the building began a tradition of presenting top class Pantomimes. In 1914, for matinees only the Palladium presented Dick Whittington and his Cat for a few short weeks, starring Clarice Mayne and Harry Weldon.  The following year (1915) the Palladium presented Cinderella, following that with The House That Jack Built in 1916. After the end of the First World War the Palladium did not present another pantomime until 1922, with Aladdin. The next year Clarice Mayne and Nellie Wallace starred in Dick Whittington. In 1925 Clarice Mayne returned in Cinderella, with Charlie Austin, to be followed by Aladdin in 1926 and once again Cinderella in 1927.

In 1928 The Palladium was bought by The General Theatre Corporation and remarkably they turned it into a Cinema, but this was a dismal failure and only lasted three months.

Peter Pan became so popular that it was a fixture at Christmas at the Theatre every year from 1930 to 1938.

After this period, the Palladium changed its policy, with George Black as Managing Director. The Palladium was to present different seasonal programmes.
It was not until the late 1940’s that the London Palladium established itself as the home of the most prestigious West End Pantomimes. Notable productions included “Humpty Dumpty” in 1951 with Norman Evans (Over the Garden Wall) and Terry Thomas, The 1953 production of “Cinderella” with Julie Andrews as “Cinders”, with Max Bygraves and Richard Hearne, and the 1954 “Mother Goose”, starring Peter Sellers, Richard Hearne (Mr Pastry) as Dame, and Max Bygraves. The script for this panto was written by Eric Sykes and Spike Milligan.
The 1956  “Aladdin” saw a break in tradition with Norman Wisdom cast in the role of Principal boy, launching an era that was to last for fifteen years. The role of “boy” was filled by stars such as Cliff Richard, Frank Ifield, Frankie Vaughan and Tommy Steele. It was not until Cilla Black played the role of “Aladdin” in 1970 that the balance was restored, and the Palladium returned to using male performers in the role from 1972 onwards, with a few exceptions- Marti Webb in 1987 for instance.
Other notable Pantomimes were the 1969 “Dick Whittington” with Tommy Steele, the 1972 “Cinderella” featuring Terry Scott and Julian Orchard as the Ugly Sisters, and the “Cinderella” featuring Dame Anna Neagle as Fairy Godmother, her last stage appearance, in 1985/6.

    The London Palladium: The Story of the Theatre and it's Stars by Chris Woodward (2009)

    Published by Jeremy Mills Publishing   ISBN 978-1-906600-39-6
The glamour, the excitement, the riotous laughter, the beauty and the memories; Chris Woodward succeeds in capturing them all in his chronicle of the London Palladium over the century of its existence. He draws on the experiences and memories of the countless individuals who have played a part in its journey through the years, from those who experienced its heyday as the flagship theatre for Variety, when it played host to all the stars of the day, to the present time where it has evolved into a venue for hit musicals and popular television programmes. The author’s own vast collection of Palladium programmes and memorabilia helps to bring his account to life with stunning images.     

    For more information, read the attached information from the publisher. Also details of how to order direct from the publisher.

    More information - Normal Version     Limited Edition
Year Production Starring Click on image to enlarge

Tommy Trinder as Buttons
Evelyn Laye  as Ciderella
and George & Bert Bernard as the Ugly Sisters



Puss in Boots
Tommy Trinder
 Zoe Gail
and George & Bert Bernard


Babes in the Wood
 Jewel & Warris,
Eunice Gayson,
Adele Dixon,
 Sonnie Hale,
Herbert Hare

1951 Humpty Dumpty  Norman Evans,
Terry Thomas,
Peggy Mount,
Gillian Lynne,
Noele Gordon

Dick Whittington
 Frankie Howerd,
Richard Hearne,
Sonnie Hale,
Warren Mitchell
and Vanessa Lee.



Lomdon Palladium 1953Max Bygraves- Buttons

 Julie Andrews - Cinderella
Richard Hearne - Baron Pastry
Adele Dixon -  Price Charming
Jon Pertwee- Ugly Sister
Tony Simpson - Ugly Sister
Ted & George Durante,
Joan Mann,
David Dale,
Cyril Wells,
 Elaine Garreau,
Silvia Ashmole

Read the recollection of one of the Aida Foster Babes about this production

The springboard of Julie Andrews' career, it was while appearing in the title role of the London Palladium 1953 pantomime that she was spotted by the producers of "The Boyfriend". This Broadway role would make her name in America, and lead to the movie roles for which she is most famous. "Cinderella" was the West End's only panto in that season, and much comment was made about the adult humour contained in the show. Not surprising really, as the script was by a young team of writers including Spike Milligan ! Julie was not the only cast member who would go on to greater things, 'Buttons' was a young comic called Max Bygraves, and Jon Pertwee (a future 'Doctor Who') was one of the ugly sisters. Richard Hearne ('Mr. Pastry') performed his famous lancers act, and was at one point trapped in an automatic washing machine ! This truly was one of the first "modern" pantomimes !

Mother Goose

Peter Sellers,
Richard Hearne,
Max Bygraves,
Shirley Eaton,
 Margaret Burton


The Palladium could break even the most talented of performers, and in 1954 it almost broke Peter Sellers. Signed to appear in the pantomime Mother Goose, he used material from his radio hit, The Goon Show.  But what worked on radio failed on stage, and every night Sellers died a death, without laughter or applause. When he attempted to change the material, he was ordered to stick to the script or he would be ‘kicked out of the theatre’.


1956 Aladdin Norman Wisdom,
Sonnie Hale,
Valentine Dyall,
Ken Wilson,
Stephanie Voss,
David Davenport
 and Hope Jackman

Robinson Crusoe
Tommy Cooper,

Arthur Askey 1900 - 1982

David Whitfield

Sleeping Beauty
Charlie Drake,
Edmund Hockridge,
Bruce Forsyth,
Bernard Bresslaw

Humpty Dumpty
Harry Secombe,
Roy Castle,
Alfred Marks

Dick Whittington
Norman Wisdom,
Billy Whittaker,
Desmond Walter-Ellis,
Dave Jackley & Tommy Locky,
 Eddie Leslie,
Thelma Ruby,
Ken Wilson,
David Davenport
 and Sadie Corre.

Little Old King Cole

Thanks to David Cavanagh for this information

Charlie Drake
 with Janette Scott,
Jackie Ray,
Gary Miller,
Bert Brownbill,
Billy Danvers,
Roger Delgado,
Sandra Michaels,
Pamela Cundell
& the Seven Volants
Puss in Boots
 Frankie Vaughan,
Joan Reagan,
Jimmy Edwards,
 Mike & Bernie Winters,
 Dick Emery,
 Gillian Lynne

 Cliff Richard, The Shadows, Arthur Askey, Una Stubbs
Babes in the Wood
Frank Ifield,
Arthur Askey,
Sid James,
 Kenneth Connor
and Roy Kinnear.
Elaine Paige and Sharon Osbourne (Arden)
were part of the Aida Foster Children.

1966 Cinderella

Thanks to David Cavanagh for this information

 Cliff Richard starred as Buttons in "Cinderella"
with The Shadows as Broker's Men,
erry Scott and Hugh Lloyd as Ugly Sisters,
Peter Gilmore as The Prince,
Tudor Davies as Dandini,
Jack Douglas as Baron Hardup,
Pippa Steele as Cinderella
and speciality act The Adorable Tanya - a baby elephant!
Although not listed Sharon Osbourne (Arden) was part of the Aida Foster Children for this production.

Robinson Crusoe
Engelbert Humperdink, Arthur Askey, Jimmy Logan, Hope & Keen and Tricia Money 
1968 Jack and the Beanstalk  Jimmy Tarbuck, Arthur Askey, Jean Bayless and Ivor Emmanuel
Dick Whittington
 Tommy Steele, Mary Hopkin, Billy Dainty, Kenneth Connor

Thanks to Pat Richmond for the handbill image.

It has recently come to light that David Essex was in the ensemble of this production and actually understudied Tommy Steele in the title role, performing the role on occasion.

Cilla Black, Leslie Crowther, Terry Scott, Alfred Marks

1971 The image
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                                        contains errors.
Ronnie Corbett, Terry Scott & Julian Orchard, Clodagh Rogers, The Patton Brothers  
1972 Babes in the Wood  Edward Woodward, Adrienne Posta, Julian Orchard, Derek Nimmo, Rod Hull and Emu
Jack and the Beanstalk
Frankie Howerd,

Dora Bryan 1923 -
, Mark Wynter,

Alfie Bass 

, Calli, Michael Kilgarrif


Richard O’Sullivan, Richard Hearne, Yootha Joyce, Brian Murphy, Gordon & Bunny Jay,  Fiona Fullerton, Robert Young 
 Danny La Rue, Wayne Sleep, Wei Wei Wong
1980 Dick Whittington


Jim Davidson, Mollie Sugden, Windsor Davies, Lionel Blair, Melvyn Hayes 


1985 Cinderella Des O’Connor, Dame Anna Neagle, Paul Nicholas, Hope & Keen, Lambert & Ross (as the ugly Sisters), Sarah Payne and John Junkin

Babes in the Wood

Cannon & Ball, Marti Webb, Barbara Windsor, John Inman, Derek Griffiths, Cheryl Baker, Peter Howitt, Nicholas Smith, The Sanctus Troupe, Rod Hull & Emu





Julie Andrews 1935 -
Dame Julia Elizabeth Andrews, DBE (née Wells  is an English film and stage actress, singer, and author. She is the recipient of Golden Globe, Emmy, Grammy, BAFTA, People's Choice Award, Theatre World Award, Screen Actors Guild and Academy Award. In 1996, she famously declined the Tony Award nomination for Best Actress in a Musical, an award she was favourite to win. Andrews was a former British child actress and singer who made her Broadway debut in 1954 with The Boy Friend, and rose to prominence starring in other musicals such as My Fair LadyCamelot, and in musical films such as Mary Poppins (1964), for which she won the Academy Award for Best Actress, and The Sound of Music  Andrews had a revival of her film career in the 2000s in family films such as The Princess Diaries (2001), its sequel The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004), the Shrek animated films (2004–2010), and Despicable Me (2010). In 2003 Andrews revisited her first Broadway success, this time as a stage director, with a revival of The Boy Friend at the Bay Street Theatre, Sag Harbor, New York (and later at the Goodspeed Opera House, in East Haddam, Connecticut in 2005). Andrews is also an author of children's books, and in 2008 published an autobiography, Home: A Memoir of My Early Years. and (1965): the roles for which she is still best-known. Her voice, which originally spanned four octaves, was damaged by a throat operation in 1997.

Silvia Ashmole
Arthur Askey
One of many comedians hailing from Liverpool, a veteran pantomime, radio, television and film performer. Famous from appearances in radio's 'Band Wagon', Big Hearted Arthur later had his own TV show 'Before Your Very Eyes' the title echoing one of his many catch phrases. Others were: 'Aye thang yew'; 'Doesn't it make you want to spit?' and 'Hello playmates'.
Cheryl Baker
Cheryl Baker (born Rita Maria Crudgington, 8 March 1954, Bethnal Green, London) is an English television presenter and singer. She is most famous for being a member of 1980s pop group Bucks Fizz, and has performed for the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest twice, winning it the second time.
Alfie Bass Alfie Bass  1920 - 1987
Radio, television, stage and film actor who appeared in TV's popular comedy series 'The Army Game' and its spin-off 'Bootsie and Snudge'.
Jean Bayless
She was born in London  Part of her childhood was spent at the Italia Conti Stage School from where she went into a London production of the Christmas staple Where the Rainbow Ends. She had a stab at revue - two revues in fact - Sauce Tartare and Sauce Picquante, at the Cambridge Theatre, and then went into cabaret   at the fashionable Ciro's. In 1951  she was in the revue Fancy Free at the Prince of Wales Theatre with Tommy Trinder and Pat Kirkwood, and that Christmas she was Princess Miranda at the London Palladium in Humpty Dumpty.  In 1954 she appeared with Norman Wisdom in a Christmas show, but her big break seemed to have arrived when she was hired to play Polly Browne in The Boy Friend, taking over from the show's original Broadway star, Julie Andrews, in October 1955 at New York's Royale Theatre.  She returned home after a year of The Boy Friend to get the leading role  in Harmony Close, a musical with a workmanlike but zestful score. She was now Jo Ann Bayless, and played Jill Grant opposite the unappealing male lead Zack Matalon, but the show didn't impress, and Londoners left it alone to live out its existence at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, without ever inviting it to Shaftesbury Avenue.  The following year, in March 1958, she was really the star of School, transferred into the Princes Theatre from Birmingham, where it had been much loved. Many connected with the West End edition said that it was hideous when it opened there. Jo Ann Bayless was now Jean Bayless - her final metamorphosis - and played Bella, singing 'A prince for Cinderella' and 'Places and faces I love', but some agreed that it was really Eleanor Drew in the role of Naomi who got the best song of the night. School managed a few performances and was closed down without regret.  Things seemed to be looking up when she was given the starring role as Maria in the first British production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's The Sound of Music at the Palace Theatre in May 1961.   There was a tour in The World of Ivor Novello, in which she took audiences' minds off her throat-straining co-star John Hanson, and in 1968 she was back at the London Palladium for another pantomime, playing the title role in Jack and the Beanstalk with Arthur Askey and Jimmy Tarbuck. So far as we can tell, there was to be one more musical, when in March 1972 she packed her suitcase for a brief tour in an exotic piece called Samarkand, playing Scheherazade  and the Princess Layla of Bengal. It didn't detain her for very long. There was some television fame when she played a leading role in the notorious ITV Crossroads, and there was much other work in television, including The Jubilee Show.

George & Bert Bernard
Cilla Black OBE (born Priscilla Maria Veronica White, 27 May 1943) is an English singer, actress, entertainer and media personality, who has been consistently popular as a light entertainment figure since 1963. She is most famous for her singles Anyone Who Had A Heart, You're My World, and Alfie. After a successful recording career and a brief time as a comedy actress, she became the best paid female presenter in British television history. In September 2009, Black's 45 years in showbusiness were celebrated by EMI (the record label which launched her career in 1963) with the release of a new CD/DVD set alongside an album of club remixes (aka Cilla All Mixed Up). In May 2010, new research published by BBC Radio 2 claimed that Cilla Black's version of Anyone Who Had a Heart was the UK's biggest selling single by a female artist in the 1960s.
Lionel Blair  1931 -
Lionel Blair (born Henry Lionel Blair Ogus 12 December 1931, Montreal, Quebec, Canada) is a British actor, choreographer, tap dancer and television presenter. He is the son of Myer Ogus and Deborah (Della) Greenbaum (Mother's name given as Brenner on FreeBMD). His father was a Russian barber; he changed the family name to Blair in his youth.
Bernard Bresslaw  1934 - 1993
  was an English actor. He is best remembered for his comedy work, especially as a member of the Carry On team.

Bert Brownbill
Dora Bryan Dora Bryan 1923 -
Stage actress who had many successes, also appearing as character actress in several films and broadcasting regularly. On television in 'Our Dora' in 1956 and 'Happily Ever After' in 1961 and still performing. (2005)

Margaret Burton 1924 - 1984
THE makers of The Life and Death of Peter Sellers may not have known about the star's relationship with Margaret Burton but one of her closest friends has revealed that the Yorkshire actress had a very famous admirer.  "Their relationship has eluded every Sellers biographer to date, largely because it was kept under wraps for so many years, and she would never discuss it, even with her family,  Margaret Burton was a talented actress and singer who grew up in Keighley and, after a brief marriage to TV star David Nixon, married Harrogate methodist Arnold Moseley, who was nine years her senior. The wedding took place on June 28, 1952 at the Trinity Methodist Chapel in Harrogate and the couple lived in Spring Lane, Burn Bridge, until their eventual divorce in 1960.
Yet within a couple of years of her second marriage Maggie, who was by then playing principal boy in the 1954 Palladium pantomime Mother Goose, was the object of Peter Sellers's desires.
 She seldom discussed the relationship, refused ever to mention Sellers in interviews and destroyed his letters before her death in 1984. Soon after her Harrogate wedding Maggie's career took off and she began to earn big money. Then, in 1955, she was signed to star as principal boy in the London Palladium pantomime Mother Goose alongside Max Bygraves, Richard Hearne, Shirley Eaton and, of course, Peter Sellers.
Michael said her attitude towards Sellers was cool at the start because she didn't think he was a team player but her affection for him grew.
It was duringa low point in his career that Sellers turned to Maggie for comfort. She helped him by working on his scripts with him.  One desperate moment was glimpsed by dancer Juliet Prowse as she unsuspectingly flung open Margaret's dressing-room door backstage at the London Palladium.  Sellers's arms were wrapped around Maggie's legs and he was sobbing at her feet .  It was after this that the couple became lovers and Sellers became obsessed with the Yorkshire star, so much so that Maggie eventually confided in her agent, Charles Tucker. Tucker stepped in and warned the couple of the consequences if the affair ever became public knowledge. Soon after that Maggie discovered she was pregnant and realised that her husband, who was living in Harrogate as she pursued her career in London, would know the baby couldn't be his.
Fearing condemnation from her family and the effect the pregnancy would have on her career, Maggie went to a private nursing home where she had an abortion. Sellers was devastated.
"She found out that she was pregnant and that Sellers was the father but although Sellers pleaded with her to keep the child she went ahead with an abortion, .
At the time Sellers was enjoying screen success in The Ladykillers and Maggie had been signed to play the lead in a new musical, Twenty Minutes South, at the Players' Theatre.
In 1956 Maggie and her husband, Arnold, decided to try for a baby but the pregnancy ended in miscarriage and Maggie was warned that she should not risk a further pregnancy.
The film makers may not have picked up on this turbulent time in Sellers' life but   the incident affected both of them deeply and could not have helped her faltering marriage to the Harrogate man she affectionately called Mo. Maggie and Arnold divorced in 1960 and she went on to marry antique dealer Michael Garvey in 1979. However, Maggie was fighting a losing battle against drink and weight and on November 23, 1984 Garvey found her dead in bed at the age of just 60.

Max Bygraves Max Bygraves  1922 -
Popular entertainer who appeared on radio's 'Educating Archie' in 1950 which made his name and he became famous on stage and television, also making popular records and appearing in some films.

Cannon & Ball,
Cannon and Ball are an English comedy double act consisting of Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball. The duo met in the early 1960s while working as welders in Oldham, Lancashire. They started out as singers working the pubs and clubs of Lancashire and switched to comedy after being told comics earned an extra £3 a night.
Roy Castle   1932 - 1994
Roy Castle OBE (31 August 1932 in Scholes, near Holmfirth, Yorkshire – 2 September 1994 in Buckinghamshire[2]) was an English dancer, singer, comedian, actor, television presenter and musician. He attended Honley High School, where there is now a building in his name. He was a talented jazztrumpet player.
Kenneth Connor Kenneth Connor  1916 - 1993
Came from revue to comedy roles on radio, including 'Ray's A Laugh' as Sidney Mincing (catch phrase: 'Oh well, there's always the other'), and as Herbert Toil. Also with Ted Ray (qv) on TV and in numerous other shows.
Tommy Cooper  1921 - 1984
Thomas Frederick "Tommy" Cooper  was a very popular British prop comedian and magician from Caerphilly, Wales.
Cooper was a member of The Magic Circle, and respected by traditional magicians. Famed for his red fez, his appearance was large and lumbering at 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 m) and more than 15 stone (210 lb; 95 kg) in weight.[1]  While his stage persona required that his act intentionally went wrong for comic purposes, on 15 April 1984, Cooper famously collapsed and soon after died from a heart attack in front of millions of television viewers, midway through his act on the London Weekend Television variety show Live From Her Majesty's, transmitted live from Her Majesty's Theatre.

http://content8.flixster.com/photo/11/08/38/11083886_tml.jpg Ronnie Corbett  1930 -
Ronald Balfour "Ronnie" Corbett, OBE (born 4 December 1930) is a Scottish actor and comedian of Scottish and English parentage who had a long association with Ronnie Barker in the British television comedy series The Two Ronnies. He achieved prominence in David Frost's 1960s satirical comedy programme, The Frost Report and later starred in the sitcoms  Sorry! and No - That's Me Over Here!
Sadie Corre 1918 - 2009
Sadie Corré   in Bognor Regis, Sussex,  ) was a 4'2" English actress, tap dancer, comic performer and leading pantomime cat
Leslie Crowther, 1933 - 1996
Leslie Crowther, CBE  was an English comedian, actor and gameshow host.
Pamela Cundell 1920 -
Pamela I. Cundell, born in Croydon, England) is a British character actress.  Her best known role was Mrs Fox in the long-running TV comedy Dad's Army. She is a descendant of Henry Condell, one of the managers of the Lord Chamberlain's Men, the playing company of William Shakespeare.  Henry Condell also helped put together the first folio of Shakespeare's works after his death.
Billy Dainty  1927 - 1986
William Hooper Frank John (Billy) Dainty  was a British comedian, dancer, physical comedian and pantomime and television star.
Billy Danvers

David Davenport
Ballet dancer turned popular actor David Davenport was best known for his work on the London stage, but he also appeared occasionally in feature films and on television. Born on Boxing Day in Fairhill, England, he took up ballet as a teen and, in 1938, joined the Lydia Kysht Russian Ballet in London. He was a well-established theatrical figure by the time he made his film debut in It Takes a Thief (1959). The distinguished-looking Davenport's television credits include a recurring role in the popular British series All Creatures Great and Small.
Jim Davidson  1953 -
Jim Davidson OBE (born James Cameron Davidson on 13 December 1953) is a British  comedian, actor and television presenter. He has been made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire for services to entertainment, particularly of British service personnel in conflict zones.
The image
                                  cannot be displayed, because it
                                  contains errors. Tudor Davies 1892 -  1958
Tudor Davies was born in Cymmer, near Porth, South Wales, on 12 November 1892. He studied in Cardiff and at the Royal College of Music in London. He served as an engineer in the Royal Navy during World War I. He toured the United States, Canada and Australia (where he shared the stage with Maggie Teyte  and then returned to Britain, where he sang with the British National Opera Company, Sadler's Wells Opera and the Carl Rosa Opera Company. He sang Rodolfo to Dame Nellie Melba's Mimi in La bohème in 1922 at Covent Garden. He sang a number of leading tenor parts from the Italian, French and German repertoire, such as Lohengrin, Tamino, Florestan, Faust, Don José and the Duke of Mantua. He also appeared in English operas such as Dame Ethel Smyth's Fête Galante, and Arthur Benjamin's The Devil Take Her.[3] He created the title role in Ralph Vaughan Williams' opera Hugh the Drover in 1924, excerpts from which he also recorded. (In 1928, he also sang in the United States premiere of the opera, with the Washington National Opera.) He created Prince Hal in Gustav Holst's At the Boar's Head in 1925. He sang the title role in Giuseppe Verdi's Don Carlos in the opera's first performance in England in 1938, and he appeared in the first Sadler's Wells performance of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's The Snow Maiden. In his later career he was mainly a concert singer, and teacher in Cardiff
Windsor Davies 1929 -
Windsor Davies (born  Canning Town, West Ham, London) is a British actor, well known for playing the part of Battery Sergeant Major Williams in the 1970s/1980s British sitcom It Ain't Half Hot Mum.
Roger Delgado 1918 - 1973
Roger Caesar Marius Bernard de Delgado Torres Castillo Roberto   was an English actor, best known for his role as the first Master in Doctor Who. He was born in Whitechapel, in the East End of London—Delgado often remarked to Doctor Who actor Jon Pertwee, a close friend, that this made him a true Cockney, ] as he was born within the sound of the Bow Bells—although his mother was Belgian and his father Spanish. He attended the CVMS, a Roman Catholic secondary school in Holland Park.
Adele Dixon, 1908 - 1992
Adele Dixon   was a London-born British musical theatre and film actress best known for performing in Broadway musicals, British musicals and in musical, comedy films of the 1930s and 1940s. Dixon starred in the Broadway musical Nikki which ran from September 29, 1931 until October 31, 1931. She also co-starred in the Broadway musical comedy Between the Devil with fellow British theatre stars Jack Buchanan and Evelyn Laye which ran from December 22, 1937 until March 12, 1938. In the late 1940s she appeared in the Broadway flop, Don't Listen Ladies, which ran for a mere 12 days. Dixon starred as Hope Harcourt in the London production of Cole Porter's Broadway hit, Anything Goes (1935). She also appeared in these other British musicals: Youth at the Helm (1935), Hulbert Follies (1948) and How Do You View? (1949). Dixon starred in several musical comedy films in the 1930s and 1940s. Her first was in the role of Consuelo Pratt in Uneasy Virtue in 1931. She then went on to play Julia Harbord in Calling the Tune in 1936. In 1941, she appeared as Mrs. Pound in Banana Ridge. Her last film role was as Sylvia Anson in 1946's Woman to Woman. Dixon had the honor of being the first performer in the first regular, high-definition television broadcast. She sang a musical number with lyrics by James Dyrenforth and music by Kenneth Leslie-Smith simply called "Television" in the opening of this historic BBC television broadcast in London on November 2, 1936.
Jack Douglas 1929 - 2008
Jack Douglas, born John Roberton  was an English actor most famous for his roles in the Carry On films.
http://roomyverse.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/charlie-drake.jpg Charlie Drake 1925 - 2006
Charlie Drake   was an English comedian, actor, writer and singer.  With his small stature (5' 1" tall), curly red hair and liking for slapstick he was a popular comedian with children in his early years, becoming nationally-known for his "Hello, my darlings" catchphrase. The catchphrase came about because he was short, and so his eyes would often be naturally directly level with a lady's bosom. Because of this and because in his work he preferred working with the fuller, bigger busted lady, the catchphrase was born.

Ted & George Durante
The son of Edward Aston, a notable weight-lifting champion, Durante, born Edward Albert Aston on March 5, 1926, was at one time part of an acrobatic troupe that featured comedy work he developed with George Mooney. They later broke away to become a double act, Ted and George Durante.As stage brothers Ted and George Durante they worked out a routine based on missed cues and unlikely contortions. When George leapt on to his partner's shoulders, Ted would frantically signal panic as his neck disappeared into his chest, and wander around like Quasimod
Valentine Dyall 1908 - 1985
Valentine Dyall (7 May 1908 – 24 June 1985) was an English  character actor, the son of veteran actor Franklin Dyall. Dyall was especially popular as a voice actor, due to his very distinctive sepulchral voice, he was known for many years as "The Man in Black", narrator of the BBC Radio horror series Appointment With Fear.
Shirley Eaton Shirley Eaton 1937 -
Blonde actress who appeared on Children's TV in 1951 in 'Parent-craft'. Her first straight TV role was in 'The Dance Dress' ans also appeared in 'Great Scott - It's Maynard!' in 1955/56 with Terry Scott and Bill Maynard (both qv). In many films, especially comedies, but notably as the fatally gold-painted girl in 'Goldfinger'.
Jimmy Edwards Jimmy Edwards 1920 - 1988
Well known for his comedy roles (and his handlebar moustache) in films and on television and a 'Take It From Here' (as Pa Glum) stalwart on radio. 'Whacko!' was a popular hit on TV from 1956 in which he played the headmaster of a fairly dubious public school. Created the radio panel game 'Does The team Think' and in many other radio and TV shows.
  Dick Emery 1915 - 1983
Richard Gilbert "Dick" Emery  was an English  comedian and actor. Beginning on radio in the 1950s, an eponymous television series ran from 1963 to 1981. He was the brother of Ann Emery.
Ivor Emmanuel 1927 - 2007
Ivor Lewis Emmanuel  was a Welsh musical theatre and television singer and actor. He led the rendition of "Men of Harlech" in the 1964 film Zulu.
Norman Evans Norman Evans 1901 - 1962
Popular comic who had his own TV shows 'The Norman Evans Show', 'Evans Abode' and 'Make Yourself At Home'. Appeared in drag as a toothless old woman gossiping with a neighbour 'over the garden wall'.
http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/person/45/61785_bruce_forsyth.jpg Bruce Forsyth  1928 -
Sir Bruce Joseph Forsyth-Johnson, CBE (born 22 February 1928  commonly known as Bruce Forsyth, or Brucie, is a British TV personality. He became known through the series Sunday Night at the London Palladium, going on to present television series such as The Generation Game, Play Your Cards Right, The Price Is Right (UK), You Bet! and Strictly Come Dancing, the latter of which he presents with Tess Daly.
http://www.leninimports.com/fiona_fullerton_gallery_main.jpg Fiona Fullerton  1956 -
Fiona Elizabeth Fullerton (born 10 October 1956) is a Nigerian-born British actress.
She is perhaps best known for her role as KGB spy Pola Ivanova in the 1985 James Bond film A View to a Kill and as Alice in the 1972 film Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
Fullerton made her film debut in 1969 with a role in Run Wild, Run Free. Subsequent credits include: Nicholas and Alexandra (as Anastasia), Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (as Alice) and The Human Factor.
On television, she was an original cast member on the BBC hospital drama Angels before moving on to appear in serials such as The Charmer, Hold the Dream and To Be the Best. In 1982, she starred on the West End stage as Guinevere in the musical Camelot, alongside Richard Harris

 Zoe Gail  1920 -
From South Africa- once married to Hubert Gregg. Mother of actress Stacey Gregg. Starred in film
No Orchids for Miss Blandish (1948)
Eunice Gayson Eunice Gayson  1928 -
Glamorous actress whose regular TV appearances included being a panellist in 'Guess My Story' as well as parts in several series such as the 'Douglas Fairbanks Presentations'. Film parts include the first two Bond pictures.
Peter Gilmore 1931 -
Peter Gilmore (born 25 August 1931 in Leipzig, Germany) is a British actor, perhaps best known for his portrayal of Captain James Onedin in the BBCThe Onedin Line. He also had roles in eleven Carry On films, and played the heroic lead in the adventure film Warlords of Atlantis. He is also remembered by Doctor Who viewers as Brazen in the 1984 series Frontios.   Gilmore also played a role as a young soldier in the World War I satirical musical Oh! What A Lovely War (1969). He was once married to Worzel Gummidge actress, Una Stubbs; and is now married to actress and Onedin Line co-star Anne Stallybrass. Television period drama
Noele Gordon Noele Gordon 1920 - 1985
Actress who worked on stage and hosted the programme 'Lunch Box' on ATV and appeared in other shows. In 1964 took the lead role in the television soap 'Crossroads' for 17 years.
Derek Griffiths 1946 -
Derek Griffiths   Woking, Surrey, England) is a British actor who appeared in numerous British children's television series in the 1960s to 1980s and more recently has played parts in TV drama.
Sonnie Hale 1902 - 1959
Sonnie Hale (1 May 1902 – 9 June 1959) was an English theatre and cinema actor and director.
John Robert Hale-Monro was born in London, the son of Robert Hale and Belle Reynolds. His father and sister, Binnie Hale were actors. He worked chiefly in musical and revue theatre, but also acted in several films with occasional screenwriting or directing credits. A major personal investment in a show to tour the country planned for late 1939 proved financially ruinous due to the outbreak of war and closure of most theatres.

Herbert Hare
Melvyn Hayes  1935 -
Melvyn Hayes   is an English actor probably best known for playing the effeminate Gunner (later Bombardier) "Gloria" Beaumont in the 1970s BBC sitcom It Ain't Half Hot Mum,
Richard Hearne Richard Hearne 1909 - 1979
Actor who also appeared with his father's circus act. Later famous as 'Mr Pastry', mostly on children's TV. In some films and appeared on US television in 'The Ed Sullivan Show'.
Edmund Hockridge 1919 - 2009
Edmund Hockridge    was a Canadian baritone and actor who had an active performance career in musicals, operas, concerts, plays, and on radio.
Hope & Keen
Mike Hope and Albie Keen were a British comedy double act. Cousins, the sons of British variety comedians Syd and Max Harrison, they first formed their act in 1956.
Mary Hopkin 1950 -
Mary Hopkin (born 3 May 1950), credited on some recordings as Mary Visconti, is a Welsh  folk singer best known for her 1968 UK number one singleThose Were The Days". She was one of the first musicians to sign to The Beatles' Apple label. "
Frankie Howerd Frankie Howerd  1917 - 1992
Appeared on radio in 'Variety Bandbox' and later in 'The Howerd Crowd' on BBC TV and in several other television and radio shows. An appearance in 'That Was The Week That Was' helped revive his career and in 1969 'Up Pompeii' became a popular series, followed by more shows and films. Many catch phrases, 'Please yourselves!" being one of them.
Peter Howitt 1957 -
Peter Howitt  is an English actor and film director. He grew up in Eltham, London and Bromley, Kent, Peter used to be a part of the Priory Players in the Priory behind Christ Church, Eltham. He studied at the Drama Studio London. He has two children, Luke (born 1990) and Amy (born 2008).  He currently resides in Vancouver, Canada.
He first found success playing Joey Boswell in the British TV series Bread. In 1998 he wrote and directed his first film, Sliding Doors (1998). Since then he has directed several films, including AntiTrust (2001), Johnny English (2003), Laws of Attraction (2004) and Dangerous Parking (2008) which he adapted from the novel by Stuart Browne, produced and directed as well as playing the lead role.

Rod Hull & Emu 1935 - 1999
better known as Rod Hull, was a popular entertainer on British television in the 1970s and 1980s. He rarely appeared without Emu, a mute, highly aggressive arm-length puppet of the flightless emu bird. However, Hull was careful to tailor its conduct according to his audience, and always ensured that it displayed a friendly demeanour when in the company of children.

Engelbert Humperdink 1936 -
Engelbert Humperdinck   is a British pop singer, best known for his hits including "Release Me (And Let Me Love Again)" and "After the Lovin'" as well as "The Last Waltz" ("The Last Waltz with You").
Frank Ifield, 1937 -
Francis Edward Ifield (born 30 November 1937) is an early Australian-English easy listening and country music singer. He achieved considerable success in the early 1960s, especially in the UK Singles Chart, where he had four Number 1 hits between 1962 and 1963.
John Inman 1935 - 2007
Frederick John Inman   was an English actor best known for his role as Mr. Humphries in Are You Being Served?, a British sitcom in the 1970s and 1980s. Inman was also well known in the United Kingdom as a pantomime dame.
Born in 1935, Inman made his stage debut aged 13. He worked in retail in London as a young adult and after four years left to earn his Equity Card. He made his West End debut in the 1960s, and his television debut in an episode of A Slight Case of ... entitled The Enemy Within in 1965, next appearing in an episode of Two In Clover in 1970. After a successful pilot of Are You Being Served?, Inman played the camp Mr. Humphries in the sitcom from 1972 to 1985. This role made him a household name and won him awards, including BBC TV Personality of the Year. In his later years, John Inman became a well known pantomime dame.

Hope Jackman
Sid James Sid James 1913 - 1976
South African-born actor who appeared in many films in straight roles but later famous as a comedy performer in the Carry On films and in many radio and television shows, including 'Hancock's Half Hour' and 'Bless This House'.
Gordon & Bunny Jay
Jimmy James and Ben Warris Jimmy Jewel and Ben Warris 1909 - 1995 and 1909 - 1993
Comedy pair who were actually cousins who teamed up in 1934. In music hall originally, 'Up The Pole' was their first (of several) radio series from 1947 to 1952. On ATV in 'The Jewel And Warris Show' from 1957 to 1960. In the 1960s they split up with Ben continuing a variety act and Jimmy starring with Hylda Baker (qv) in 'Nearest And Dearest. Also great pantomime stars.
Yootha Joyce 1927 - 1980
was an English actress, best known for playing Mildred Roper in Man About the House and George and Mildred.
John Junkin  1930 - 2006
John Francis Junkin   was an English radio, television and film performer and scriptwriter. In 1960 Junkin joined Joan Littlewood's Stratford East Theatre Workshop, and played the lead in the original production of Sparrows Can't Sing. A few years later he joined the Royal Court Theatre company and was the foil to Tony Hancock in some of Hancock's last work for British television. He played a diverse range of roles on the small screen; however he is best remembered for his comedy roles, and his appearances as a television quiz master. Worldwide moviegoers will remember him best for playing "Shake", the assistant to Norman Rossington, in the Beatles movie A Hard Day's Night. In comedy roles, Junkin was rarely short of work, on account of his outstanding ability to play the stoney-faced symbol of low level, petty-minded and unquestioning authority, whether the army sergeant, police constable or site foreman. One of his rare leading roles was in the BBC series The Rough with the Smooth, in which he and Tim Brooke-Taylor played comedy writers (with both actors contributing scripts to the series as well).  Junkin has an entry in the Guinness Book of Records as the voice of "Mr Shifter", one of the chimps in the PG Tips tea advertisement, the longest-running series of commercials on television.  Junkin lived in Wendover, Buckinghamshire, where he was a popular regular at the Red Lion pub. He married Jenny Claybourn in 1977 and had one daughter. He died on 7 March 2006 in the Florence Nightingale House, Stoke Mandeville, several miles from his home. He had been suffering from lung cancer, emphysema and asthma.[2] His life and work were honoured at the British Academy Television Awards in 2006.
Michael Kilgarrif 1937 -
Michael Kilgarriff is a British actor, born   in Brighton. As an actor he is well known for two things: his rich voice, leading to much radio and voice over work; and his height. At six feet seven inches (2.01 metres) tall, he is sought for certain roles, the most notable of which has been The Cyber Controller in Doctor Who, a role he played in 1967 and 1985. He also appeared in the series as an Ogron (1973) and as the eponymous K1 Robot in the story Robot in 1974. He returned to play the K1 Robot in the Big Finish Productions Bernice Summerfield audio adventure The Relics of Jegg-Sau. He also did voice work for the Jim Henson movie The Dark Crystal in 1982 as SkekUng, the Garthim master (Named "The General" in the movie), and played the part of the Green King in the 1970s serial The Moon Stallion. Michael Kilgarriff is a music hall enthusiast, and wrote what is considered the definitive guide to music hall songs : Sing us one of the old songs - A guide to popular song from 1860 -1920 published by Oxford University press 1998. This work lists thousands of influential songs by singer, lyricist and composer. He is also the author of a series of children's joke books.[
Roy Kinnear 1934 -1988
Roy Mitchell Kinnear ( was an English character actor. He is best remembered for playing Veruca Salt's father, Mr. Salt, in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
Danny La Rue 1927 - 2009
Danny La Rue, OBE  was an Irish-born British entertainer known for his singing and drag impersonations.

Lambert & Ross
Evelyn Laye Evelyn Laye 1900 - 1996
Successful on stage, initially in musical comedies, she also acted in many plays and appeared on TV, becoming a stalwart of the theatre and continuing her career into her nineties.

Eddie Leslie 1894 - 1975

Hugh Lloyd 1923 - 2008
Hugh Lewis Lloyd, MBE   was an English actor who made his name in television and film comedy from the 1960s to the 1980s. He was best known for appearances in Hugh and I and other sitcoms of the 1960s.
Jimmy Logan Jimmy Logan 1928 - 2001
Scots-born comedian, part of a showbusiness family he began in radio in Scotland with 'It's All Yours', and his stage shows won him lasting acclaim. Brother of singer Annie Ross (qv).
Gillian Lynne 1926 -
  was a leading soloist with Sadler’s Wells Ballet, the star dancer at the Palladium, played opposite Errol Flynn in the movies and danced with all the greats on TV. She became instrumental in the development of jazz dance in Britain and her distinctive style - a fusion of classical and jazz - led to her groundbreaking work on the world famous CATS, which was recognised with a new category of Olivier Award, specially created for her to acknowledge Outstanding Achievement of the Year in a Musical.CATS continues to be produced worldwide  Gillian’s fifty-plus Broadway and West End shows include - Tonight at 8.30, Love on the Dole, The Match Girls, Tomfoolery, Jeeves Takes Charge, Cabaret, The Roar of the Greasepaint, Pickwick, The Card, Phil The Fluter, Hans Christian Andersen, My Fair Lady, Songbook, The Phantom of the Opera and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
For the Royal Shakespeare Company - A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Comedy of Errors, The Way of the World, As You Like It, Once in a Lifetime and The Boyfriend. She has previously worked with Adrian Noble on the RSC production The Secret Garden.  Gillian’s opera productions include the direction of Bluebeard, The Trojans, The Midsummer Marriage, The Flying Dutchman, and Parsifal. Among Gillian’s ballets are Breakaway, Lippizaner, The Brontes, and Journey for the Bolshoi. On television, Gillian has directed The Various Ends of Mrs F’s Friends, Easy Money, The Look of Love, The Morte d’Arthur, which won the Samuel G Engel Award in America and A Simple Man, which won a 1987 BAFTA.
She staged many of The Muppet Show for ATV and her 11 feature films include A Wonderful Life, Half a Sixpence, Man of La Mancha and Yentl.Gillian’s most recent productions include the staging of a special Gala in New York to celebrate THE Phantom of the Opera overtaking CATS as the longest running show on Broadway and Phantom – the Las Vegas Spectacular, which opened in 2006. ABC-TV awarded Fool on the Hill, Gillian’s special featuring the Australian Ballet, Best Musical and Best Production; she was awarded the Austrian Silver Order of Merit for her production CATS in Vienna; a Moliere award for CATS in Paris and in 2001 she was honoured by the Royal Academy of Dance with the Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Award.Gillian was awarded the CBE in 1997.

Joan Mann
Alfred Marks Alfred Marks 1921 - 1996
Very deep-voiced actor who appeared in comedy and drama. His own shows were 'Don't Look Now' in 1950 and 'Alfred Marks Time' from 1956.
Sandra Michaels 1944 -
English actress, Her first television role was in March 1957, playing Phyllis in the second BBC adaptation of The Railway Children.[2][3] Later that year she appeared as Pamela Gwendolyn Stuart in The Adventures of Clint and Mac, a British-made serial commissioned by Walt Disney Studios for The Mickey Mouse Club.  Also in 1957 she played Caroline, a modern teenager who got up to mischief in the ITV sitcom, The Thompsons  She appeared in a variety of programmes, ranging from the 1959 adaptation of Great Expectations and Dixon of Dock Green (also 1959), to The Ronnie Barker Playhouse (1968) and Gaslight Theatre (1968)  Stage work varied from plays to pantomimes and light musicals; she appeared in Little Old King Cole with Charlie Drake at the London Palladium in 1961, Puss In Boots at the Coventry Theatre with Sid James and Frankie Howerd in 1962-63,  and Mandrake at the Criterion Theatre with Roy Kinnear in 1970. In the 1980s Michaels appeared in a number of documentaries and short films,  including the 1987 BAFTA nominated Mohammed's Daughter, directed by Suri Krishnamma
Gary Miller
Warren Mitchell 1926 -
Warren Mitchell (born Warren Misel,  ) is an English actor who rose to initial prominence in the role of bigoted cockney Alf Garnett in the BBC television sitcom Till Death Us Do Part (1965–75), and its sequels Till Death... (ATV) (1981) and In Sickness and in Health (BBC) (1985–92), all of which were written by Johnny Speight. He holds both British and Australian citizenship  and has enjoyed considerable success in stage performances in both countries.
Tricia Money
Tricia Money
Actress best known for being in Emergency Ward 10
Peggy Mount, 1915 - 2001
Margaret Rose "Peggy" Mount OBE,   was an English actress of stage and screen. She is perhaps best known for playing battleaxe characters, though her real personality was said to have been far removed from such roles. She was also well-known for her distinctive voice.
Brian Murphy 1933 -
Brian Murphy (born 25 September 1933) is a British actor. Murphy was born in Ventnor, Isle of Wight. Although a prolific actor in many films and theatre productions for almost half a century, Murphy's most famous role was as the henpecked husband George Roper in the sitcom Man About the House and spin-off George and Mildred. He was called up to do his military service at RAF Northwood, where he met future The Good Life actor Richard Briers. On leaving the RAF the two aspiring actors both performed in productions by the Dramatic Society at the Borough Polytechnic Institute, now London South Bank University. Murphy was a member of Joan Littlewood's Theatre Workshop (alongside Yootha Joyce), and a jobbing actor in the 1960s and early 1970s, combining his theatre work with appearances in television shows such as The Avengers, Z-Cars and Dixon of Dock Green, before being cast in the role which would make him a household name. In Man About The House, Murphy played the lazy and scheming George Roper, the landlord of a house converted into flats who had a young man and two women renting the flat above. His wife, Mildred, was played by Yootha Joyce. Her domineering, social-climbing characteristic was a sharp contrast to George's desire for an easy and quiet life and the pairing were an instant hit. A contributing factor to their immediate chemistry was the fact they had been friends for many years. Aside from their Theatre Workshop years, Murphy starred in Joyce's first movie, Sparrows Can't Sing in 1963. When Man About The House reached a conclusion in 1976, a spin-off was created for Murphy and Joyce, entitled George and Mildred. This ran for five series until 1979. Murphy reprised his role in feature films of both sitcoms. Joyce died in 1980. Murphy returned to the theatre but has been sporadically on television ever since, with memorable roles in On Your Way, Riley (1985) as Arthur Lucan,  Lame Ducks (as a private investigator); The Bill (as a drunken tramp dressed as an elf at Christmas); comedy series One Foot in the Grave starring Richard Wilson (playing a character called Mr Foskett);  Last of the Summer Wine (as Alvin Smedley); Brookside; and as a shopkeeper called Stan in Wizadora. He most recently made an appearance on The Catherine Tate Show.
Des O’Connor  1932 -
Des O'Connor, CBE (born Desmond Bernard O'Connor  2) is an English comedian and singer. A former talkshow host, he was the presenter of the long-running Channel 4 gameshow Countdown for two years. He has also recorded thirty-six albums and has had four top-ten singles, including a number one hit with I Pretend.
Richard O’Sullivan 1944 -
Richard O'Sullivan (born   Chiswick, Middlesex) is an English comedy actor who is probably best known to British and Australian audiences for his role as Robin Tripp in the 1970s sitcoms Man About the House (1973–1976) and Robin's Nest and as the title character in the period family adventure series Dick Turpin. O'Sullivan also starred in Doctor at Large, Doctor in Charge, Trouble in Mind, Alcock and Gander and Me and My Girl.
Julian Orchard 1930 - 1979
Julian Dean C. Orchard (born in Wheatley, Oxfordshire)  was an English comedy actor.
Anna Neagle 1904 - 1986
Dame Anna Neagle, DBE ), born Florence Marjorie Robertson, was a popular British stage and motion picture actress and singer. Neagle proved to be a box-office sensation in British films for over 25 years. She was noted for providing glamour and sophistication to war-torn London audiences with her lightweight musicals, comedies and historical dramas. She won several awards as Britain's favourite actress and biggest female box-office draw. Almost all of her films were produced and directed by Herbert Wilcox, whom she married in 1943. In her historical dramas, Neagle was renowned for her portrayals of real-life British heroines, including Nell Gwynn (Nell Gwynn, 1934), Queen Victoria (Victoria the Great, 1937, and Sixty Glorious Years, 1938) and Edith Cavell (Nurse Edith Cavell, 1939).
Paul Nicholas 1945 -
Paul Nicholas  is an English actor and singer who has had considerable success on stage, screen and in the pop charts.
Derek Nimmo  1930 - 1999
Derek Robert Nimmo ) was an English character actor. He was particularly associated with upper-class "silly-ass" roles, and clerical roles. He married Patricia Brown in 1955; they had three children, Amanda, Timothy and Piers.
Elaine Paige 1948
Elaine Paige OBE (née Bickerstaff ) is an English singer and actress best known for her work in musical theatre. Raised in Barnet, North London, Paige attended the Aida Foster stage school, making her first professional appearance on stage in 1964, at the age of 16. Her appearance in the 1968 production of Hair marked her West End debut. Following a number of roles over the next decade, Paige was selected to play Eva Perón in the first production of Evita in 1978, which brought her to the attention of the broader public. For this role, she won the Laurence Olivier Award for Performance of the Year in a Musical. She went on to originate the role of Grizabella in Cats and had a Top 10 hit with "Memory", a song from the show. In 1985, Paige released "I Know Him So Well" with Barbara Dickson from the musical Chess, which remains the biggest-selling record by a female duo. She then appeared in the original stage production of Chess, followed by a starring role in Anything Goes which she also co-produced. Paige made her Broadway debut in Sunset Boulevard in 1996, playing the lead role of Norma Desmond, to critical acclaim. She appeared in The King and I from 2000 to 2001, and six years later she returned to the West End stage in The Drowsy Chaperone. She has also worked sporadically in television. In addition to being nominated for five Laurence Olivier Awards, Paige has won many other awards for her theatre roles and has been called the First Lady of British Musical Theatre. She has released 22 solo albums, of which eight were consecutively certified gold and another four multi-platinum. Paige is also featured on seven cast albums and has sung in concerts across the world. Since 2004 she has hosted her own show on BBC Radio 2 called Elaine Paige on Sunday.
Jack Parnell Jack Parnell 1923 - 2010
Drummer who formed his own band after playing with Ted Heath (qv). His band appeared on many ATV shows including 'Sunday Night At The London Palladium'. Later had his own television show and became one of the best known bands around.
The Patton Brothers
The Patton Brothers, Jimmy Patton and Brian Patton, are the two elder brothers of Paul and Barry Elliot, The Chuckle Brothers. They began their career as a double act in 1954, and their father was comedian, Gene Patton. They have starred in many a pantomime in their careers and have not missed a performance in fifty-two years. Both Jimmy and Brian have made many appearances in ChuckleVision with their younger brothers, Jimmy taking the moniker No Slacking due to the catchphrase that he constantly has to relay to the Chuckle Brothers. "And remember - No Slacking!" Indeed, the four all appeared together as the Chuckle Brothers on hit quiz/game show 3-2-1 with Ted Rogers on 17 April 1982 (Season 4, Episode 13), and also on New Faces.
Sarah Payne
Sarah Payne is a British actress and singer. She has worked extensively in London’s West End, and has played various roles in theatre, comedy, musical theatre, and opera.
Payne initially trained as a musician, and studied music at Durham University. She was offered a part in a musical, and within two years she received a nomination for a Best Actress Olivier Award for creating the role of Lina Lamont in Singin' in the Rain (1983) at London's Palladium Theatre. Payne's major theatre credits also include such shows as The Rocky Horror Show (1979), Barnum (1981), Cricket (1986), The Mystery of Edwin Drood (1987), Risky Kisses (1990), The Marriage of Figaro (1991), Showtune (1998, then titled The Best of Times), High Spirits (2001), and Follies (2006). She also appeared in the 1985 Royal Variety Performance. Payne sings on the 1986 studio cast recording of the concept musical Josephine, and on the 1992 London Concert Album of Nine. She sang Donna Elvira in Don Giovanni at the Greenwich Theatre in 1990.
Jon Pertwee 1919 - 1996
John Devon Roland Pertwee  ), was an English actor. Pertwee is best known for his role in the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who, in which he played the third incarnation of the Doctor from 1970 to 1974, and as the title character in the series Worzel Gummidge. He is also well-known for his 18-year stint on BBC Radio as Chief Petty Officer Pertwee in The Navy Lark.
Adrienne Posta 1949 -
Adrienne Posta (born Adrienne Poster) is an English film and television actress and singer, prominent during the 1960s and 1970s. She adopted the surname Posta in 1966  She recorded a number of singles. She is now semi-retired and works as a teacher in the Midlands and at Italia Conti (Goswell Road). She is a patron of The Music Hall Guild of Great Britain and America.
Jackie Rae 1922 - 2006
Jackie Rae, CM DFC was a Canadian singer, songwriter and television performer. He was born John Arthur Rae in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1922. Rae began performing at the age of three with his brother and sister on the vaudeville circuit in Canada. Rae flew Spitfires as a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II and earned the Distinguished Flying Cross. During the 1950s, he was the host of The Jackie Rae Show, a variety show on CBC Television. Rae later moved to London where he performed on television for the BBC, ATV, and Granada Television where he compered the popular show Spot The Tune for 2 years (1959-60) with singer Marion Ryan, and was subsequently the host of the first series of The Golden Shot. He formed a dance band known as the Spitfire Band in 1981 which toured across Canada. In 2002, he was awarded the Order of Canada. Songs written by Rae were hits for Eddie Arnold and Andy Williams. He collaborated with Les Reed on songs performed by Engelbert Humperdinck and Tony Bennett.
Joan Regan Joan Regan 1928 -
Popular singer who appeared in 'Quite Contrary' and later had her own television show 'Be My Guest' in the 1950's. Several hit records and appearances in variety shows and in pantomime.
Cliff Richard 1940 -
Sir Cliff Richard, OBE (born Harry Rodger Webb,  is a British pop singer, musician, performer, actor and philanthropist, who has sold over an estimated 250 million records worldwide.  With his backing group The Shadows, Richard, originally positioned as a rebellious rock and roll singer in the style of Little Richard and Elvis Presley, dominated the British popular music scene in the pre-Beatles period of the late 1950s and early 1960s. His 1958 hit single "Move It" is often described as Britain's first authentic rock and roll song, and John Lennon once claimed that "before Cliff and the Shadows, there had been nothing worth listening to in British music." A conversion to Christianity and subsequent softening of his music later led to a more middle of the road pop image, sometimes venturing into gospel music.
Clodagh Rogers 1947 -
Clodagh Rodgers (English pronunciation: Clo-da) ( ) is a singer and actress from Northern Ireland, best known for her hit single, "Jack in the Box".[
Thelma Ruby 1925 -
Best known for being in Coronation Street

The Sanctus Troupe
Janette Scott 1938 -
Thora Janette Scott is an English actress. She was born in Morecambe, England. She is the daughter of actors Jimmy Scott and Thora Hird. She started her acting career as a child actress, known as Janette Scott, and became a popular leading lady. Among her best known roles was as April Smith in the 1960 film School for Scoundrels, based on the "One-upmanship" books by Stephen Potter, in which Ian Carmichael and Terry-Thomas competed for her attention. Scott wrote her autobiography at the age of 14. Her film appearances include The Day of the Triffids; her appearance there is referenced in The Rocky Horror Picture Show:
Terry Scott Terry Scott  1927 - 1994
Actor who became a comedian and appeared with Bill Maynard (qv) in TV's 'Great Scott, It's Maynard'. When the act broke up, Terry had a successful show with Hugh Lloyd, 'Hugh and I' and was in 'Terry And June' with June Whitfield (qv). Also in some of the 'Carry On' films.
Harry Secombe (Sir) Harry Secombe 1921 - 2001
Welsh-born popular comedian and singer who began at the Windmill Theatre. Devised 'The Goon Show', originally called 'Crazy People', with Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan (both qv). Toured in variety and later appeared in musicals on stage. Presented the religious prog-ramme 'Highway' on ITV in later years.
Peter Sellers Peter Sellers 1925 - 1980
Popular comedian and actor who was an original member of 'The Goon Show' on radio in the 1950's. Also appeared in 'Ray's A Laugh' as Russian Serge Suit. Later famous for his film roles, especially the Pink Panther series and he made some records as well as frequent TV appearances.

Seven Volants
The Shadows
The Shadows are a British pop group with a total of 69 UK hit-charted singles: 35 as 'The Shadows' and 34 as 'Cliff Richard and the Shadows', from the 1950s to the 2000s. Cliff Richard in casual conversation with the British rock press frequently refers to the Shadows by their nickname: 'The Shads'.

Tony Simpson
Wayne Sleep 1948 -
Wayne Philip Colin Sleep OBE   is a British dancer, director, choreographer and panelist. He was a Principal Dancer with the Royal Ballet and has appeared as a Guest Artist with several other ballet companies.
Nicholas Smith 1934 -
Nicholas Smith   is an English actor who is best known for playing the bald, jug-eared manager Mr. Rumbold in the sitcom Are You Being Served? 
Are You Being Served? began in 1972, with Smith playing Mr. Cuthbert Rumbold, the manager of the menswear and ladieswear departments in a large fictional London store called Grace Brothers. He remained with the programme until its end in 1985, as well as appearing in the spin-off film in 1977, and the sitcom sequel Grace & Favour - known as "Are Your Being Served? Again!" in the United States - in 1992 and 1993. From September 1972, in contrast to his contemporaneous work in Are You Being Served, he also had a semi-regular role as PC Yates in the series Z Cars. His last appearance as Yates was in February 1975. He had a cameo in the film The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother as Sigerson Holmes' servant. In 1978 he appeared in Worzel Gummidge as Mr Foster, the Headmaster of the school. He appeared in the TV mini-series Martin Chuzzlewit. In 2005 Nicholas Smith was also featured in a supporting role as Vicar Clement Hedges in the Academy Award-winning film, Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. In 2008 he appeared as a vicar in Last of the Summer Wine. In 2010 he appeared in children's TV programme MI High as Professor Quakermass. Smith also writes music and poetry. He is the father of actress Catherine Russell.
Pippa Steele 1948 - 1992
Pippa Steel   was a British actress best known for her roles in two Hammer horror films: The Vampire Lovers (1970) and Lust for a Vampire (1971). She was also active on television, making guest appearances in series such as Department S, Z-Cars, UFO, Public Eye, The Adventurer and Blake's 7.
Tommy Steele 1936 -
Tommy Steele OBE (born Thomas William Hicks in Bermondsey, London), is an English entertainer. Steele is widely regarded as Britain's first teen idol and rock and roll star
Una Stubbs 1937 -
Una Stubbs  is an English actress and former dancer who has appeared extensively on British television and in the theatre, and less frequently in films. She is particularly known for her roles in the sitcom Till Death Us Do Part and Aunt Sally in the children's series Worzel Gummidge.
Mollie Sugden 1922 - 2009
Isobel Mary 'Mollie' Sugden (2  was an English comedy actress best known for portraying the saleswoman Mrs. Slocombe in the British sitcom Are You Being Served? from 1972 to 1985. She later reprised this role in Grace & Favour, which ran from 1992 to 1993. Sugden appeared in many other television series, including The Liver Birds and Coronation Street.
Jimmy Tarbuck 1940 -
Jimmy Tarbuck OBE or Tarby   is an English comedian. Growing up he was a schoolmate of John Lennon.His first television show was It's Tarbuck 65! on ITV in 1964. He has also hosted numerous quiz shows, including Winner Takes All, Full Swing, and Tarby's Frame Game. He was the last original host of Sunday Night at the London Palladium from 1965. In the 1980s, he hosted similar Sunday night variety shows, Live From Her Majesty's, Live from the Piccadilly and finally Live from the Palladium, which were produced by London Weekend Television for ITV. Nicknamed Tarby, he is a Conservative Party supporter, and at the height of his celebrity was a prominent supporter of Margaret Thatcher and her policies, once baking her a cake for her 60th birthday in October 1985. He was appearing on the fourth series of BBC One's Strictly Come Dancing in 2006, but he was forced to pull out on medical advice .  In 2008, he returned to a variety format on television screens when he co-hosted, alongside Emma Bunton, an edition of ITV1's new variety show, For One Night Only.  He lives with his wife, Pauline, in Coombe, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey. His daughter is the actress, television and radio presenter, Liza Tarbuck. He is also known for the large gap between his two top front teeth and for his passion for golf. Tarbuck was once convicted of stealing a diamond encrusted cigarette holder from Terry-Thomas.He is a supporter of Liverpool F.C
Terry Thomas 1911 - 1990
Thomas Terry Hoar Stevens was a distinctive English comic actor, known as Terry-Thomas. He was famous for his portrayal of disreputable members of the upper classes, especially cads and toffs, with the trademark gap in his front teeth, cigarette holder, smoking jacket, and catch-phrases such as "What an absolute shower!", "Good show!", "You dirty rotter" and "Hard cheese."
Tommy Trinder 1909 - 1989
Variety artist and popular radio comedian. First compere of ITV's 'Sunday Night At The London Palladium' and had his own show 'Trinder Box' on BBC in 1959. Catch phrase: 'You lucky people!'. He was also Chairman of Fulham Football Club.
Frankie Vaughan

Frankie Vaughan 1928 - 1999
One of the UK's most popular singers who had several hit records and appeared on TV frequently, including 'The Frankie Vaughan Show' in 1966. Did much charity work and also made some films.

Stephanie Voss
Desmond Walter-Ellis, 1914 - 1994
Actor who appeared on stage but also did comedy roles in films and on TV in 'These Are The Days', 1951, 'Mr Little At Large', 1952, and 'Beggar My Neighbour', 1956.
Marti Webb 1944 -
Marti Webb (born   Cricklewood, North West London) is a musical actress from England, who appeared on stage in Evita, before starring in Andrew Lloyd Webber's one woman show Tell Me on a Sunday in 1980. This included her biggest hit single, "Take That Look Off Your Face", a UK top three hit, with the parent album also reaching the top three
David Whitfield 1925 - 1980
David Whitfield   was a popular British male tenor vocalist. This operatic-style tenor had a formidable and predominantly female fan base in the 1950s

Billy Whittaker

Ken Wilson
Barbara Windsor 1937 -
Barbara Ann Deeks, MBE (born 6 August 1937),better known by her stage name Barbara Windsor, is an English actress. Her best known roles are in the Carry On films and as Peggy Mitchell in the BBC soap opera EastEnders.Born in Shoreditch, London in 1937,  Windsor was the only child of John Deeks, a costermonger, and his wife, formerly Rose Ellis, a dressmaker. Windsor is of English and Irish ancestry.[4] She passed her 11-plus exams with the highest marks in North London, and won a place at Our Lady’s Convent in Stamford Hill. Her mother paid for her to have elocution lessons, and she trained at the Aida Foster School in Golders Green, making her stage debut at 13 and her West End debut in 1952 in the chorus of the musical Love From Judy. Her first film role was in The Belles of St Trinian's in 1954. She joined Joan Littlewood's Theatre Workshop at the Theatre Royal, Stratford East, coming to prominence in their stage production Fings Ain't Wot They Used to Be and Littlewood's film Sparrows Can't Sing in 1963, achieving a BAFTA nomination for Best British Film Actress. She also appeared in the 1964 film comedy Crooks in Cloisters, the 1968 film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and in the sitcoms The Rag Trade and Wild, Wild Women.
 Mike & Bernie Winters
Mike & Bernie Winters were English brothers who formed a comedy double act, consisting of Mike Winters, born Michael Weinstein (15 November 1930) and Bernie Winters, born Bernie Weinstein (6 September 1932 – 4 May 1991). The act was very popular in the  UK  from the mid-1950s to the early 1970s.
Norman Wisdom (Sir) Norman Wisdom  1915 - 2010
Sir Norman Joseph Wisdom, OBE was an English actor, comedian and singer-songwriter best known for a series of comedy films produced between 1953 and 1966 featuring his hapless onscreen character Norman Pitkin. These films initially made more money than the James Bond film series  and secured Wisdom a celebrity status in lands as far apart as South America, Iran and many Eastern Bloc countries, particularly in Albania where his films were permitted by Enver Hoxha – Wisdom was the only Western actor to enjoy this privilege. Charlie Chaplin famously referred to Wisdom as his "favourite clown".  Wisdom later forged a career on Broadway and as a television actor, winning critical acclaim for his dramatic role of a dying cancer patient in the television play Going Gently in 1981. It was broadcast on 5 June that year. He toured Australia and South Africa.[3] After the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, a hospice was named in his honour.  In 1995 he was given the Freedom of the City of London and of Tirana.[ The same year he received an OBE. Wisdom was knighted in 2000 and spent much of his later life on the Isle of Man. Some of his later appearances included roles in Last of the Summer Wine and Coronation Street,  and he retired from acting at the age of 90 after his health declined. Past Chairman of the Heritage Foundation.
 Edward Woodward 1930 - 2009
Edward Albert Arthur Woodward, OBE (  was an English stage and screen actor and singer. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), Woodward began his career on stage, and throughout his career he appeared in productions in both the West End in London and on Broadway in New York. He came to wider attention from 1967 in the title role of the British television spy drama Callan, earning him the 1970 British Academy Television Award for Best Actor. Among his film credits, Woodward starred as Police Sergeant Howie in the 1973 cult British horror film The Wicker Man, and in the title role of the noted 1980 Australian biopic Breaker Morant. From 1985 Woodward starred as British ex-secret agent and vigilante Robert McCall in the American television series The Equalizer, earning him the 1986 Golden Globe Award for Best Television Drama Actor.

Wei Wei Wong
http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/126s/22003.jpg Mark Wynter 1943 -
Mark Wynter (born Terence Sidney Lewis, ) is an English actor and former singer, who had four Top 20 singles in the 1960s, including "Venus in Blue Jeans" and "Go Away Little Girl". He enjoyed a lengthy career from 1960 to 1968 as a pop singer and teen idol, but developed later into an actor in film, musicals and plays.
Yana 1932 - 1989
  Yana, (Real name Pamella Guard). Yana always spelt her Christian name Pamella, and chose the stage name Yana, by which she is best known. Yana was a very talented lady, being a singer, actress, and model, as well as speaking seven different languages. 

Robert Young


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Pinocchio Wizard of Oz
                      Witch & Wardrobe
Lion Witch & Watdrobe


Dick WhittingtonThe story that Dick Whittington was a pauper with a cat who came to London with a handkerchief tied to the end of a stick to see if the streets were paved with gold is a load of old tripe. Unlike his pantomime counterpart, he was never poor. Richard Whittington was born around 1350 in Pauntley, Gloucestershire, the younger son of William Whittington, Lord of the Manor of Pauntley. Sir William died in 1358. The oldest son inherited the estate, so Richard travelled to London to find work. As for the cat, I really doubt that he had one. The people in medieval England had an entirely different attitude to felines - a lad of Dick's age would have been more likely to stone a cat to death for sport than keep one as a pet. Not very nice, but true.

He started his life in London as an apprentice to a merchant, and afterwards set up in business on his own. And this is where the cat comes in. Richard traded in coals brought to London in a type of sailing vessel known as a 'cat'. Or maybe it came in because he was making a profit, and a term in common use in those days for a profit was the French word 'achat', meaning 'a purchase', whereas the French 'chat' means 'cat'. Whichever it was, no feline is ever mentioned in any biography of Richard Whittington.

He eventually became a 'mercer', dealing in valuable cloth from abroad, such as silks, velvets and cloth of gold. The main market for selling these cloths was the Royal Court. He supplied large quantities to King Richard II (who owed him £1,000 when he was deposed in 1399) and to King Henry IV. Richard became rich. After 1397 he often lent large sums of money to the Crown. In return he was allowed to export wool without paying customs duty on it.

He became a City alderman, or magistrate, in 1393. In 1397 the Mayor, Adam Bamme, died in office and the King chose Whittington to become the new mayor. And here is another discrepancy with the myth - 'Lord Mayor' was not a title used in Whittington's lifetime. It didn't come into being until 1540. He was elected as mayor for the following year, and again for 1406-7 and 1419-20. This made him Mayor of London four times, although he was only elected to that position three times, which undoubtedly gave rise to the 'three times Lord Mayor'. Whittington died in March 1423. His wife Alice, daughter of Sir Ivo Fitzwaryn (or Fitzwarren) of Dorset, had died before him. They had no children.

By the time of his death, Whittington had amassed a fortune totalling over £7,000 - making him the medieval equivalent of multi-millionaire. In his will he asked that his great wealth be used to the benefit of the City of London. And so the money was used to establish an almshouse, a college of priests and a library, and also to carry out a number of other public works. These included improvements to the water supply and building a public lavatory, which became known as 'Whittington's Longhouse'. These gifts left in his will made him famous. However, the people of London had no idea how he had made his money. Stories began about how a poor boy became rich with the help of his cat. There is no evidence that Whittington ever kept a cat, and as the son of a Lord he was never very poor. But, despite being untrue, the stories flourished. In 1606 a play was produced which undoubtedly brought the story to the attention of people who could not read. The story continued to grow in the 17th and 18th centuries. In the 19th century, the story became the subject for pantomimes, and other characters were added. And with the popularity of pantomimes over the years the story of Dick Whittington and the cat that made him rich and famous is familiar to thousands, if not millions, of people who have never heard of the 'real' Richard Whittington.

Theatre performances of Peter Pan in the UK

Peter PanPerformances and productions of Peter Pan happen nationwide throughout the year, including plays, musicals, pantos, ballets and ice shows.  Performances benefit Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity, so keep an eye out for one happening near you.

If you are putting on a production of Peter Pan not listed below, and would like to it to be included, please contact peterpan@gosh.org
For school performances, please read our Schools and youth groups page.

Peter Pan and the Great Ormond Street Hospital

  There are many places around the hospital that show our close affiliation with Peter Pan - have you spotted them all?
We all know the story of the boy who would not grow up, but here you can find out more about the man who created Peter Pan, the children that inspired him and how Barrie's legacy lives on in Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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UK Circuses
Chinese State Circus John Lawson's Circus Gandey World Class Circus The Circus of Horrors Happy's Circus Giffords Circus
 The Chinese State Circus
Presented by the EEC Ltd. For the first time outside China the spectacular 2-hour show combines the martial arts warriors from the Shaolin temple and acrobatic stars of the Chinese State Circus.
 John Lawson's Circus
John Lawson's Circus is acknowledged as one of Britain's finest small circuses. Established in 1974 it still stays true to its roots visiting villages and small towns which often do not enjoy any live entertainment.
Gandey World Class Circus
The Gandey Organisation operate a number of Circuses including Cirque Surreal, Bolshoi Circus, Circus on Ice, Spirit of the Horse & Cirque de Celebrite - for Sky Television.
The Circus of Horrors
It is now a full twelve years since the Circus of Horrors first trampled the bloody boards and has since toured relentlessly around the World achieving cult status and generally dragging Circus screaming and shouting into the 21st century and beyond.
Happy's Circus
HAPPY's CIRCUS is owned and run by the Randelle family, Russ's father a clown, who worked for Billy Smarts circus in the 1940's and 50's. Russ is following in his father's footsteps and has worked as Happy the clown since the 1980's.

Giffords Circus

Giffords Circus is a traditional, 1930's village green circus ... it doesn't have the tacky commercialism that has come to typify English circus.
The Blackpool Tower Circus. Circus Starr The Great Moscow State Circus Zippos Circus Billy Smarts Circus Wookey Hole Circus School
The Blackpool Tower Circus.
Presented in probably the most famous Circus building in the world, this astounding show always includes fantastic acts from all over the world including clown Mooky & a brilliant water finale.
Circus Starr - The Circus
 with a purpose!

A cavalcade of international circus artistes who have delighted our audiences through the years whilst staggeringly raising millions Pounds for local charities caring for a wide range of people.
The Great Moscow State Circus
returns to the UK with a brand new show for 20011/12, bringing with it a 35 strong cast of Russia’s greatest and most flexible circus performers that have never before been seen in the UK. Many of the award-winning acts are pushing the boundary of human physical ingenuity to its limits.
Zippos Circus
Since 1986, Zippos has established a reputation as London's Favourite Circus, recognised by more than sixteen circus awards including Best Circus and a record eight equestrian awards. Zippos continues to lead the way in affordable entertainment with its unique blend of the traditional and the modern, creating lifelong family memories.
Billy Smarts Circus
Probably the most famous name in British Circus. Billy Smart's Circus was first established in 1946, building a reputation synonymous with high quality performance and production, Billy Smart's Circus continues to reign as Britain's premier traditional circus.
Wookey Hole
 Circus School

Gerry Cottle's long awaited dream of creating a Circus school has come to fruition at WOOKEY HOLE CIRCUS SCHOOL The local youngsters come along after school to learn circus skills and they then perform a show to the public at weekends and during school holidays a wonderful example of a successful youth project.

Place & Theatre Pic

Pantomime - We will change from 2011-2012 to 2012-2013 when notified by the Theatres. So Please look at the dates.


AladdinAladdin and his Wonderful Lamp : Parkside Hall  Woburn Street, Ampthill  29th Dec 2012 to 30th Dec 2012
Maurice Kachuk will be headlining another traditional family pantomime in Ampthill this year. Maurice, with over 30 years experience in show business has decided to present his show at Parkside Hall over the period between Christmas and New Year.Everyone knows and loves this traditional rags to riches tale of Aladdin who lives with his mum Widow Twankey (Maurice Kachuk) and his brothers Wishey and Washey. They are very poor, but the arrival of so called 'uncle' Abanazar changes everything forever. A journey to an enchanted cave, the discovery of a magic lamp, a genie (Gordon Hodges) and the rest as they say…………..well you'll just have to come along and see for yourself.Returning from last years success of Puss in Boots are Jo Bigg who plays The Empress, Alisha Conley as Slave of the Ring plus Andrew Oxford and Andy Wharam as Wishey and Washey. Join that together with the script by Stan Abbott who also appears as Abanazar, the outrageous costumes of Widow Twankey and 20 dancers from The Studio in Ampthill and you have a fabulous show. No need to get your Christmas panto fix from anywhere else. Aladdin is played by Isabelle Steadman and Princess Maisu by Charlotte d'E.Vallancey. Aladdin will be on in Parkside Hall, Ampthill on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 December at 2pm and 6pm. Tickets available from 01525 405432. This is a show suitable for all the family. A discounted family ticket is available, 2 adults and 2 concessions (child under 16 or senior citizen) priced at £32. Website http://www.mauricekachuk.co.uk/ 
The Bedford Corn Exchange in Bedford

Cinderella ,Bedford Corn Exchange , St Paul's Square Bedford MK40 1SL   28th December 2012-2nd January 2013
Welcome to
The Bedford Pantomime Company, bringing you the best family pantomime in Bedford. Cinderella is everyone's favourite panto, and with good reason.It's a lovely, classic story, filled with great characters that have embedded themselves deep into British culture, like Cinderella, Buttons, the Ugly Sisters and the Fairy Godmother.We are going to give Cinderella the Bedford Pantomime Company treatment, with a live band, every child invited on stage and lovely lighting, costumes and sets. It's a treat for the whole family that won't break the bank.
Website http://www.bedfordpanto.info/    


Wild Things  The Place Theatre  Bradgate Road off Goldington Road   12th Dec 2011 to 24th Dec 2012
Following the success of last year's Christmas show "George's Marvellous Medicine", Dumbstruck! Productions and No Loss Productions bring you an adventure for all the family as young Max sets off from home and finds himself... Where the Wild Things Are. A multi media show with music, monsters and just a little touch of magic, all inspired by the classic Maurice Sendak book. Local illustrator David Litchfield with his distinctive style has created a whole new set of Wild Things while the music has been written by local composer Sophie Viney. Drawing on the pool of talented professionals in Bedfordshire this is set to be a truly wild adventure.... the perfect Christmas treat on your doorstep! 
Website http://www.theplacebedford.org.uk/ 


Snow White & The 7 DwarfsSnow White and The Seven Dwarfs Grove Theatre  Grove Park, Court Drive, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU5 4GP  14th Dec 2012 to 6th Jan 2013
Sue Holdnerness, most famously known for playing the role of Marleen Boyce in Only Fools and Horses, joins the Grove as the Wicked Queen in this year?s pantomime, complete with a full company of seven dwarfs.
Website: Grove Theatre website


Rumpelstiltzkin, Cordes Hall  Kings Road, Sunninghill, Ascot, Berkshire SL5 9NE    Thursday 17th - Sunday 20th and Wednesday 23rd  - Saturday 26th January 2013    Directed by Melanie Trapnell  From Grimm's Fairy Tales, the QPs are delighted to present their pantomime Rumpelstiltzkin. A mistaken boast lands poor Grettle, a goose girl, in the King's tower. She has to turn flax into gold by morning or lose her life!    Despite the protests of the Prince, who is in love with her, and the antics of her friends and mother, Dame Hubbard, to save Grettle, only a strange gnome has the magic to help her - at a price. Complications arise from the wicked Baron and his henchmen. Can you help the Prince defeat the gnome by the guessing of his secret name? Come and meet the delightful characters of Merryvale who welcome you to the Cordes Hall, Sunninghill with music and laughter for all ages.
Website http://www.quinceplayers.co.uk/

                            & The BeanstalkJack and the Beanstalk  Wilde Theatre  South Hill Park, Ringmead, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 7PA  1st Dec 2012 to 5th Jan 2013
South Hill Park brings the first ever pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk, to the Wilde Stage in 2012! The famous story of Jack, his beans and the cow comes to life at South Hill Park.
Website http://www.southhillpark.org.uk/  


AladdinAladdin on Ice John Nike Leisuresport Complex . John Nike Way, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 8TN   12th Dec 2012 to 16th Dec 2012
This will be the 25th production of an ice pantomime at Bracknell Ice Rink. The large cast is made up by members of the ice skating club, ice professionals and special guests. Prices start from ££££7.95 per person.
Website http://www.jnlbracknell.co.uk/ 
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The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark :Norden Farm Centre for the Arts  Altwood Road, Maidenhead SL4 6PF  27th Nov 2012 to 4th Jan 2013
It's the night before Christmas and Plop wants to join in the excitement. He peeps over the edge of his nest, wobbles a bit, and falls off his branch! Based on the book by Jill Tomlinson.
Website http://www.nordenfarm.org/ 

Robin HoodRobin Hood Desborough Suite ,Maidenhead Town Hall, St Ives Road, Maidenhead SL6 1RF   12th Dec 2012 to 16th Dec 2012
In the days of Olde England, while good King Richard was off crusading, the Evil Prince John - aided by the not quite so evil and a bit stupid Sheriff of Nottingham - ruled the kingdom. Who can save the poor from ever increasing taxes?
Website http://www.maidenhead-drama.co.uk/ 
Watermill Newbury

Arabian Nights  The Watermill Theatre  Bagnor, Newbury, Berkshire, RG20 8AE   22nd Nov 2012 to 6th Jan 2013
Full of mystical creatures, magical transformations and enchanting music, expect a show crammed full with delights and surprises drawn from one of the greatest collection of stories ever.
  Website http://www.watermill.org.uk/ 
Watermill Newbury

Cinerella Cinderella The Corn Exchange  Market Place, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 5BD  30th Nov 2012 to 6th Jan 2013
Favourite panto tale of the girl with a glass slipper.

Website http://www.cornexchangenew.com/

Beauty &
                                  The Beast Beauty and the Beast  The Hexagon  Queens Walk, Reading, RG1 7UA  8th Dec 2012 to 6th Jan 2013
CBeebies superstar Justin Fletcher returns once more for the spectacular family panto. Joining Justin is Vicki Michelle, better known as Yvette from 'Allo 'Allo, as the Enchantress.
Website http://www.readingarts.com/thehexagon/ 
Snow White & The 7 DwarfsSnow White & The 7 Dwarfs  The Oakwood Theatre  Headley Road, Woodley, Reading, Berkshire RG5 4JZ  18th Jan 2013 to 20th Jan 2013
Join Snow White on her journey to find her Prince and escape the evil clutches of her wicked stepmother. Then join Snow and her Prince for tea and cake to celebrate their union!
Website http://www.zuloo.co.uk/ 
Theatre Royal Windsor


                            & The Beanstalk .Jack and the Beanstalk  Theatre Royal Windsor  Thames Street, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 1PS    5th Dec 2012 to 6th Jan 2013
Windsor regulars Steven Blakeley and Kevin Cruise are joined by Anita Harris, Bond Girl Britt Eckland and Matthew Kelly.
Website http://www.theatreroyalwindsor.co.uk/  

Dear Santa The Firestation Arts Centre  St. Leonards Road, Windsor  6th Dec 2012 to 9th Dec 2012
A child writes to Santa for a special present for Christmas. After wrapping some unsuitable presents, he finds the perfect one and delivers it on Christmas Eve.
Website http://www.firestationartscentre.com/ 


Peter PanPeter Pan Waterside Theatre  Exchange Street, Aylesbury HP20 1UG      8th-30th December 2012
The croc is ticking so hook your tickets now for this year’s family Christmas 2012 pantomime adventure!
Take the second star to the right and straight on till morning with Peter Pan, starring everyone's favourite Strictly Come Dancing star Russell Grant leading a world-class cast in this swashbuckling adventure. Direct from playing the Wizard in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Wizard of Oz, TV, film and theatre star Russell is set to entertain in true cannon-popping style!Buckinghamshire singer, actress and MK's Top Talent winner Holly Brewer returns to the Waterside stage after wowing audiences at Best of Bucks Talent Show. Local comedy hero Andy Collins joins the cast of this years pantomime, having wowed audiences in the Waterside's first ever panto Cinderella alongside superstar Cilla Black. Heart Thames Valley Breakfast presenter Matt Brown, consummate baddy Steven Serlin and West End star Adam Pettigrew will also be joining this year’s all-star cast for a pantomime to remember!  Fly away on a spectacular journey of wonder and excitement into the magical world of Neverland this festive season. Join Peter, Wendy and the Lost Boys in their thrilling adventure to save Tinkerbell from the villainous Captain Hook and his crew of dastardly pirates. With stunning special effects (including amazing flying!), sumptuous costumes, superb sets and a good helping of fairydust, Peter Pan is the perfect treat for the whole family and for those who never want to grow up!Jump onboard shipmates as Peter Pan sets sail for Aylesbury this festive season!
Website http://www.ambassadortickets.com/aylesbury  

                                  BeautySleeping Beauty The Curzon Centre  Maxwell Road, Beaconsfield, Bucks, HP9 1RG    23rd Dec 2012 to 26th Dec 2012
The story of Princess Aurora destined to prick her finger on her eighteenth birthday and... well, you know the rest. All the traditional panto madness is on offer, with slapstick, splat and the rock throwing finale. Plenty of laughs and plenty of fun to be had at The Curzon Centre this year. This is the 4th Beaconsfield family panto from the Young Theatre, and the umpteenth from the creative mind behind the Tight Fit Theatre pantos. A good time is guaranteed, and if that wasn’t enough we are offering an EARLY BIRD discount for tickets purchased before 1st October 2012!! Go on, treat yourself to a traditional family show.   Website http://www.youngtheatre.org.uk/ 


AladdinAladdin  The Elgiva Theatre  St Mary's Way, Chesham, Bucks, HP5 1HR     6th Dec 2012 to 4th Jan 2013
The greatest panto of them all, with magical flying carpets, and a cartoon genie.
Website http://www.elgiva.com/  
Lane End

Sinbad the Sailor  Lane End Village Hall  Lane End Village Hall  11th Jan 2013 to 27th Jan 2013
Traditional pantomime with big characters, fun songs, audience participation and general panto silliness!
Website http://www.laneendplayers.com/ 
Wycombe Swan
High Wycombe

Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs Snow White  Wycombe Swan  St Mary Street, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP11 2XE  7th Dec 2012 to 5th Jan 2013
The FAB-U-LOUS Craig Revel Horwood will be leading the cast of this year’s Wycombe Swan panto, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as The Wicked Queen. As an added bonus Craig will be joined on stage be the former MP Ann Widdecombe in the role of ‘Widdy’ in Waiting!  With his reputation for being direct with contestants as a judge on Strictly Come Dancing, acid-tongued choreographer Craig is hitting the Wycombe stage as the ultimate pantomime baddie.  Qdos Entertainment, the world’s biggest pantomime producer and the team behind last year’s enchanting production of Cinderella are producing Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, so you can be assured of stunning costumes, fabulous sets, great songs and an abundance of comedy - making Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs unmissable entertainment for all the family.  A ‘strictly’ wicked show! Quick step over to Wycombe Swan and book your tickets today!
Website http://www.wycombeswan.co.uk/
High Wycombe
Jack & The BeanstalkJack and the Beanstalk   Micklefield Community Centre  Centre Approach, High Wycombe HP13 7FY 16th Jan 2013 to 19th Jan 2013
Family friendly traditional pantomime. Highly recommended evening of fun at easily affordable prices. Contact boxofficemad@gmail.com for more details.
Website http://www.facebook.com/Micklefield.Pantomime 
Milton Keynes

Puss In BootsPuss In Boots , Stantonbury Campus  Stantonbury, Milton Keynes MK14 6BN     22nd December 2012   to   5th January 2013
The triple award winning Dreams ?n? Wishes bring you a new and fin tastic Panto full of Romance and Adventure. And you you won?t need a hook or a peg leg to get there either, tickets won?t cost you an arm and a leg! Call Box Office 07785 084193
Website http://www.dreamsnwishes.co.uk/mermaid/lm.htm  
Milton Keynes
Dick WhittingtonDick Whittington and his Cat The Venue  Walton High, Fyfield Barrow, Milton Keynes, MK7 7WH  19th Dec 2012 to 30th Dec 2012
MK Theatre of Comedy bring you this sensibly priced traditional family pantomime with slapstick galore, live band, pirates and all the fun of the season. Featuring David Lovesy as the Dame. Directed by David Pibworth.
Website http://www.mktoc.co.uk/ 
Milton Keynes Theatre
Milton Keynes

CinerellaCinderella,  Milton Keynes Theatre Marlborough Gate, Milton Keynes  MK9 3NZ     7thDec 2012 to 6th Jan 2013
This Christmas we're going to have a ball as Cinderella comes alive on the Milton Keynes Theatre stage. Everyone's favourite TV personality Louie Spence (ITV's Dancing on Ice, Sky TV's Pineapple Dance Studios and Louie Spence's Showbusiness) heads a sensational cast as the Prince's loyal and slightly outrageous servant, Dandini. 'His Dandini is a one-man chorus line, leaping, twirling, purring and pirouetting with exhausting enthusiasm'
Manchester Confidential 'He steals practically every scene he is in and leaves you amazed at his energy and constant dance moves executed with an extreme excitability' Manchester's Finest Along with the dance a minute Dandini, Cinderella features a glittering combination of everything a traditional pantomime could wish for, a handsome Price, enchanting Fairy Godmother, the boo-able Ugly Sisters and we must not forget our unsung hero Buttons. With a sprinkling of magic from the Fairy Godmother, will Cinderella beat the clock and find the happy ending she deserves? You'll have to wait until the clock strikes midnight to find out! Check out some new exciting ticket offers including a special family groups discount, super-groups discount for 50+, free ice creams for school parties and a senior citizen special.

Alice in Wonderland Alice In Wonderland, Cottenham Village College , High Street, Cottenham, Cambridge     4 th-8th December 2012
   Website   http://cottenhamtheatre.wordpress.com/


Dick Whittington
Dick Whittington and his Cat , Beechurst Hall  Soham Village College, Sand St, Soham, Ely, CB7 5AA    5th Dec 2012 to 9th Dec 2012
Join KD Theatre Productions for the 8th adventure into the magical world of Pantomime and this years story of DICK WHITTINGTON. With live music, spectacular costumes and scenery and lots of gunge; this pantomime is not to be missed!
Website http://www.kdtheatre.co.uk/   
Little Red Riding HoodLittle Red Riding Hood  Witchford Village College   Manor Court Road, Witchford, Nr Ely, Cambridgeshire.  31st Jan 2013 to 2nd Feb 2013
Red Riding Hood WADS style, with the widowed mother, good fairy and her trainees battling against the Big Bad Wolf who appears as a Yeti to try and outwit the fairy and RRH, but to no avail!!!
Website http://www.wads.me.uk/ 
Mumford Theatre, Cambridge

Dick Whittington.Dick Whittington  Mumford Theatre , Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge CB1 1PT   Friday 21 December 2012, 6.30pm
Saturday 22 December 2012, 11.00am, 2.30pm & 6.30pm
Dick and his loyal cat head to London in search of fame, fortune and streets paved with gold. Captain Blood has other ideas. But who will prevail?
Packed with comedy, excitement and adventure, this traditional panto will have you cheering the hero Dick, jeering the evil Captain Blood and laughing at the antics of Idle Jack and Sarah the Cook. ~ Suitable for ages 4+  Tickets: £7.50 Please note that a valid ticket is required for every person attending, including babies and children of all ages   Book online, call the Box Office on 0845 196 2320 Website http://www.anglia.ac.uk/mumfordtheatre 
Entrance to
                        Corn Exchange

 Roald Dahl's George's Marvellous Medicine Cambridge Corn Exchange ,Wheeler Street, Cambridge, CB2 3QB Thursday 13 December  2012- Thursday 3 January 2013
If you're looking for fizztickling fun and wizzpopping magic for all the family, then don't miss Roald Dahl's classic tale of George and his Marvellous Medicine! The award-winning Birmingham Stage Company (Horrible Histories, Why The Whales Came and Danny Champion of the World) is back on tour with a brand new adaptation of one of Roald Dahl's funniest and most exciting stories. George makes a marvellous new medicine to cure his grandmother of her terrifying temper. But when his grandmother drinks his special new potion, the most incredible things start to happen. And George's adventure has just begun! With a shrinking and growing granny, giant chickens, magic potions and madcap chases - there's loads of chances to shout out and join in the mayhem! A great Christmas show for all the family!
Website http://www.cornex.co.uk/ 

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                            & The BeanstalkJack and the Beanstalk Cambridge Arts Theatre  6 St Edward's Passage, Cambridge CB2 3PJ  6th Dec 2012 to 13th Jan 2013
Following the great success of last year's production of Cinderella, Cambridge Arts Theatre's traditional pantomime is back! Full of the usual thrills, spills, magic and laughter, this is a giant of an adventure for the whole family to enjoy. The Trott's are in trouble and Dame Trott needs her two sons, our hero Jack and the ever-so silly Billy, to help her make some money... and fast! Jack does his best and sells his beloved cow, but when he returns home with just some measly beans for payment, his mother is furious and tosses them out in the garden. But these beans are not what they seem and soon an enormous beanstalk mysteriously takes root in the Trott's garden. It appears Jack's adventures are only just beginning...
Website http://www.cambridgeartstheatre.com/ 


Mother Goose
  The Key Theatre  Embankment Road, Peterborough   Thursday 6 December 2012 - Sunday 6 January 2013
 We are pleased to announce that our next pantomime will be the ever popular tale of Mother Goose. Key Theatre pantomimes are renowned for their quality, action, magic and adventure and this year’s tale of the Goose that lays golden eggs will make the perfect Christmas treat for all the family. Written and directed by Michael Cross, Key Theatre pantomimes are renowned throughout the region for their quality and traditional sense of good, clean, family fun. And with over 30 years of experience, it’s no wonder that thousands of children have grown up enjoying panto at the Key and many now bring their own families too! Created by local people for local people, it’s very much a Peterborough ‘thing’ and the Key’s wonderfully intimate auditorium ensures that everyone is part of the fun and also enjoy the best seat in the house! Tickets are now on sale and with over 50 performances to choose from, there’s sure to be a time and date to suit everyone!
Join the Golden Egg Hunt and win a FREE FAMILY TICKET to any pantomime performance!
Website http://www.peterboroughkeytheatre.co.uk/ 


Dick Whittington
Dick Whittington, The Cresset, Rightwell, Bretton, Peterborough, PE3 8DX T: 01733 265705  15th-30th December 2012
  With the best deal in town on prices AND with a special early Christmas present as tickets for all shows are available at LAST YEAR'S PRICES, if booked before the end of Septemer. For extra special group rates call the Box Office on 01733 265705. Following the spectacular success of the Cresset's pantomime Cinderella in December, which was seen by over 11,000 people, The Cresset together with Premier Pantomimes is planning bigger and better for this Christmas. With the eyes of the world on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and The London Olympics The Cresset are preparing to round off 2012 by bringing a slice of the big city to Peterborough with the magical pantomime Dick Whittington. This fascinating enchanting tale of a young man who travels from Peterborough (Oh yes he does!) to the City of London to find his fortune is a classic pantomime favourite and promises to be a fantastic family show. Starring Eastenders favourite Ricky Groves as Idle Jack, and singing hearth-throb Andy Scott-Lee as Dick Whittington, with a welcome return from Zach Vanderfelt as Sarah the Cook. Why not make a day of it? On 17th and 20th December, group bookers can take advantage of a fantastic deal and get a two-course Christmas lunch, plus a ticket to the 2pm show for just £21. Contact the Box Office on 01733 265705 for details of this fantastic offer. Book early as places are limited.
Website The Cresset

  The Angles Theatre Alexandra Road, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire PE13 1HQ    Wednesday 12th to
Monday 31st December 2012
Website http://www.anglestheatre.co.uk/ 

CinerellaCinderella , Forum Studio Theatre, Chester   December 8th - 30th 2012
Traditional family pantomime. Join us for the most magical panto of them all.
Following the success of last year's show we have added even more performances to this year's schedule.... but you're still advised to book early so you don't miss out!


CinerellaCinderella  Lyceum Theatre  Heath Street, Crewe CW1 2DA  30th Nov 2012 to 31st Dec 2012
Cinderella dreams of escaping the life she has fallen into. With the arrival of invitations to Prince Charming's grand ball, it seems she may get her wish. However, the Ugliest Sisters in pantoland are determined to keep her as their servant.
Website http://www.lyceumtheatre.net/  

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Sleeping Beauty  The Grange Theatre Bradburns Lane, Hartford, Cheshire, CW8 1LU  13th Dec 2012 to 31st Dec 2012
Following their spectacular family pantomime 'Jack and the Beanstalk' last year, AB Productions are returning to The Grange Theatre in Northwich with the enchanting 'Sleeping Beauty' this Christmas.
Website http://www.thegrangetheatre.com/ 

Little Red Riding HoodRed Riding Hood - The Panto  Festival Theatre, Corporation Street, Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 1AB  3rd- 8th December 2012
HLT’s annual traditional pantomime, once again written by Barry Crossley and directed by Janice Haughton. Their production of last year’s panto SANTA CLAUS won the award for best panto at the Greater Manchester Drama Awards in June.Red Riding Hood contains all the usual suspects, Dame, Principle Boy, Village Idiots, Fairies, Monsters and the evil Count. Will Red Riding Hood outwit the evil Wolf?  It is always a sell out so book early and don't miss out on this  Christmas treat. Come along, join in the fun, laugh, boo and cheer. You can even bring the Kids!!
Website CLICK
theatre macclesfield, cheshire

Dick Whittington
Dick Whittington MADS Theatre, Lord Street, Macclesfield SK11 6SY (from 21/1/2013 to 26/1/2013)
We are a locally based theatre group, who produce Musicals, and Pantomimes several times a year in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England..
Website http://www.mmtg.co.uk/ 

Beauty &
                                  The BeastBeauty and the Beast Woodford Centre  Woodford, Stockport, Cheshire  8th Jan 2013 to 12th Jan 2013
CHYPS Presents Beauty and the Beast this January. With a cast and live band made up of some of the most talented 11 ? 19 year olds in Cheshire, Beauty and the Beast will be an exciting and magical show for all the family.
Website http://www.chypspanto.com/ 
Robin HoodThe Magical Adventures of Robin Hood  Forum Theatre  Compstall Road, Romiley, Stockport, SK6 4EA  13th Dec 2012 to 22nd Dec 2013
A traditional family panto suitable for all. Follow the antics of Robin Hood and His Men in this magical productions. Performances daily and maintees at the weekend. Booking Line: 07979788760.
Website http://www.nktheatrearts.org.uk/ 


AladdinJack and the Beanstalk      Winsford Lifestyle Centre, Cheshire     Monday 17 December 2012 to Monday 24 December 2012
Make Believe Entertainment in association with Brio Entertainment are proud to present a spectacular pantomime for all the family. Featuring slapstick, songs and lots of giggles a professional principal cast and performers from Cheshire Academy of Performing Arts. WINSFORD LIFESTYLE CENTRE Monday 17 - Monday 24 December 2012 Tickets; Peak Shows: Full Price £11.50, Concessions £9, Family Ticket £42. Off Peak Shows: Full Price £10, Concessions £9, Family Ticket £36 Concessions: Groups of 10+, senior citizens, unemployed, disabled and students. Please bring proof of eligibility.info@makebelieve-entertainment.co.uk

CinerellaCinderella  Princess Pavilion  Melvill Road, Falmouth, TR11  21st Feb 2013 to 23rd Feb 2013
Carnon Downs Drama Group proudly present Cinderella, a traditional pantomime for all the family. The stage will be brought alive with acting, music and dance as this magical fairytale unfolds.
Website http://www.princesspavilion.co.uk/  


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AladdinAladdin  Hall for Cornwall  Back Quay, Truro, TR1 2LL.  14th Dec 2012 to 6th Jan 2013
Join Aladdin as he meets a genie from a Magic Lamp, fights for the love of the Princess and rides a magic flying carpet. Will Aladdin make his fortune, will he be allowed to marry the Princess and will the genie ever be free from his lamp?
Website http://www.hallforcornwall.co.uk/  
Barrow in Furness
Red Riding Hood  Forum twenty eight  Duke Street, Barrow in Furness, Cumbria LA14 1HH  17th Dec 2012 to 30th Dec 2012
This adaptation of this family favourite tells the familiar tale with some new twists and turns added. Who knows who you might meet along the way!
Website http://www.forumtwentyeight.co.uk/ 

Dick Whittington
Dick Whittington. Carlisle Green Room Club , West Walls, Carlisle, CA3 8UB  Dick Whittington and his Cat
December 2nd to 14th 2012
Our pantomime this year returns to the traditional efforts of young Dick Whittington to make his fame and fortune in ....... the streets of London. Helped by his astounding cat, Dick eventually overcomes all obstacles and good triumphs over evil, leading to a happy pantomime ending.
 Tickets available carlisle information centre old town hall Telephone: 01228 625600 Payment for tickets at the Ticket Office. Website http://www.carlislegreenroom.co.uk/ 

The Sands Centre in Carlisle

AladdinAladdin . The Sands Centre, Carlisle CA1 1FQ   16th - 31st Dec 09  Friday, 31 December 2010, 2:00pm - 4:00pm  Thursday, 20 December 2012, 6:00pm - 8:00pm Times: Finish times are a guide only  Tickets: Adults £13.50, under 16s & over 60s £12, Family Ticket £40, group 10+ £11.50. Plus a booking fee.
This Christmas take a magical carpet ride to the Far East in our fun-packed family pantomime!  Starring Lloyd Warbey (Disney’s Art Attack Presenter) as Aladdin, Chris Stanton (Mr Flatley from CBBC’s hit show M.I. High) as Abanazar, hilarious ventriloquist Gareth Oliver (Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Finalist) as Wishee Washee and, back by popular demand, CFM Radio’s Robbie Dee as Widow Twankey. The show also features a full supporting cast, fantastic live band and amazing dancers.
  Website: Sands Centre website
  The Market Hall   The Square, Hawkshead, LA22 0NZ      
Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal

Brewery Arts Centre  Highgate, Kendal LA9 4HE    
Website http://www.breweryarts.co.uk/ 

Theatre By The Lake (source: BBC Cumbria)

The Railway Children , Theatre by the Lake , Lakeside, Keswick, Cumbria, CA12 5DJ   Fri 30 November - Sat 19 January 2013
 Theatre by the Lake continues its successful Christmas tradition of staging popular children's books for all the family, with this new smash-hit adaptation by Mike Kenny of Edith Nesbit's timeless classic story of childhood, families and growing up.
Website http://www.theatrebythelake.com/ 
The Rheged Centre

The Owl who was Afriad of the Dark. The Rheged Centre , Redhills, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 0DQ    27 Dec 2012 - 28 Dec 2012  11.00am and 2.00pm
Family Theatre: The Owl who was Afriad of the Dark  Join us for an interactive and festive themed family theatre. The fabulous children's theatre production company Blunderbus have once again taken a classic storybook and turned it into a magical piece of family theatre. Suitable not just for the little ones but for the adults too!
 Age 3+ All tickets £6.50.   Website http://www.rheged.com/ 
The Lakes Adult Education Centre

   The Lakes School , The Lakes School, Troutbeck Bridge, Windermere, Cumbria LA23 1HW   Further information: 015394 62470  Website:  http://thelakesschool.net/
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Peter PanPeter Pan Buxton Opera House  Water Street, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 6XN 17th Dec 2012 to 1st Jan 2013
Starring Louis Emerick (Brookside, Last of the Summer Wine) as Captain Hook and Glen Davies (Mr Prank in CBBC?s Bear Behaving Badly) as Smee. With Matt Kennedy (direct from the West End production of We Will Rock You) as Peter Pan.
Website http://www.buxtonoperahouse.org.uk/  


 Robert Ludlam Theatre , Duffield Road, Derby DE22 1JD  
First reading in Derby for over 50 years.
   Website : http://www.robertludlamtheatre.com
Assembly Rooms in Derby

Peter PanPeter Pan Assembly Rooms  Market Place, Derby, DE1 3AH  5th Dec 2012 to 6th Jan 2013
Starring Larry Lamb (EastEnders and Gavin & Stacey) as Captain Hook and George Sampson(Britain?s Got Talent and Waterloo Road) as Peter Pan. Mike ‘Squeaky’ McClean will be a barrel of laughs as hereturns to Derby to play the villainous Hook’s shipmate, Smee, while Jason Sutton as Dame Able Mabel will betrying to keep everyone ship-shape and sea worthy! The croc is ticking so don’t delay! Join us for sumptuous costumes, superb sets, lots of audience participation and a good helping of fairydust!
Website http://www.derbylive.co.uk/ 
Aladdin  St. Nicholas' Church Hall  Allestree Lane, Allestree, Derby  25th Jan 2013 to 9th Feb 2013
Aladdin Twankey is unaware that he is the only direct descendant of the Great Ruler and Grand Wizard of Egypt, Pharaoh Rocher. This gives him the power to enter the Cave of Dreams and retrieve the Mystical Magical Lamp.
Website http://www.stnicholasplayers.co.uk/new/ 
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  Glossopdale Community College   Talbot Road, Glossop SK13 7DR    
Website http://www.g-o-d-s.org.uk/   
Queens Theatre Barnstaple

Robin Hood
Robin Hood, Queens Theatre Barnstaple  Boutport Street, Barnstaple, EX31 1SY  13th Dec 2011 to 2nd Jan 2012
Based on the much-loved English folk tale, Robin Hood will be an action packed pantomime extravaganza with stunning new costumes, fantastic live music, brand new script and the usual comedy mayhem you would expect from the Queen’s Theatre pantomime. Journey with us into the enchanted world of Sherwood Forest with Robin and his motley band of Merry Men as they take on the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham and battle to rescue Maid Marian from his evil clutches… and all without laddering their tights! We are delighted to present star of BBC1's Call The Midwife, Laura Main as our fair Maid Marian, a welcome return from Richard Alan as our lovely-larger-than-life Dame (with a twist!), and Jon Wadey as the wicked Sherriff of Nottingham (last year's Herman the Henchman).  Website http://www.northdevontheatres.org.uk/ 

Lion Witch & Wardrobe The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe  Arlington Court and the National Trust Carriage Museum, Arlington, near Barnstaple, Devon  EX31 4LP   Sat 26 Nov 2011, Sun 27 Nov, Sat 3 Dec, Sun 4 Dec, Sat 10 Dec, Sun 11 Dec, Sat 17 Dec, Sun 18 Dec. 2011
A National Trust Event: Be enchanted this winter as C.S. Lewis’s classic tale is recreated around the gardens, house and carriage museum. Go through the wardrobe, vanquish the White Witch, find Aslan and finally be crowned a king or queen of Narnia. . The trail starts from the moment you arrive at reception.. Wear suitable outdoor clothing as the trail goes around the grounds.. This is an event to suit all ages, especially children.. Dogs on leads welcome Contact:Arlington Court 01271 85029
website: http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/main/w-arlingtoncourt
CinerellaCinderella, Town Hall Bossell Road, Buckfastleigh, Devon, TQ11 0DD    8th Dec 2012 to 16th Dec 2012
Come along and bring your little prince and princesses, grannies and grandpa's. Hold on to your hats and enjoy the hilarious cinderella. family ticket £16.50, concs £3.50, adults £6.50. box office bradleys. 01364642642 07912887474


                            & The BeanstalkJack And The Beanstalk, The Flavel Flavel Place, Dartmouth TQ6 9ND  28th Dec 2012 to 31st Dec 2012
A classic pantomime for all the family.
Website http://www.theflavel.org.uk/ 

Goldilocks & The 3 Bears GOLDILOCKS and the THREE BEARS, Shaftesbury Theatre, Brunswick Place, Dawlish Devon EX7 9PB    6th -14th January 2012  Matinees on 7th & 14th
 A traditional pantomime with all the well-loved characters, lots of singing and dancing, colourful costumes and plenty of audience participation. A show with something for all the family. 


Puss In
                                  Boots  Puss in Boots. Devonport Playhouse on Saturday, December 12
The stage version of Charles Perrault’s fairy story has been scripted by Leonard Caddy.
Come and see how a lowly cat and his master, cast out of from the mill where they worked, find their fortune and the hand in marriage to the beautiful princess. The rags to royalty tale has songs, dances and comedy for all the family. There are shows at 2.30pm and again at 7.30pm. Tickets are £8 for adults and £6 children and the over-60s. Devonport New Deal for Communities area residents’ tickets will be £2 for adults and £1 for children and the over-60s, subsidised by the Devonport RDC Partnership. They are available in advance from Theresa on 01752 228127.

CinerellaCinderella , America Hall  De La Rue Way, Pinhoe, Exeter, Devon, EX4 8PX  11th Jan 2012 to 14th Jan 2012
A traditional pantomime held in a large village hall on the outskirts of Exeter. Tickets available in October. £6 adults £5 children. Please see web site for further information.
Website http://www.pinhoepantomime.co.uk/ 


Aladdin   Exeter Corn Exchange  Market Street, Exeter, EX1 1BW    15th Dec 2012 to 6th Jan 2013
Starring Exeter's favourite professional Dame Steve Bennett in his 17th consecutive panto appearance in Exeter, supported by a professional company with years of West End experience, Aladdin will be a hit with the whole family. ,

                                  Beauty Sleeping Beauty  , Barnfield Theatre  Barnfield Road, Exeter, Devon, EX1 1SN  21st Dec 2012 to 5th Jan 2013
Exeter's Longest Running Pantomime is Back! This year we see the magical story of 'SLEEPING BEAUTY' told out by the players of ELTC.Website http://www.barnfieldtheatre.org.uk/
Pavilion Theatre in Exmouth

Aladdin Aladdin   Exmouth Pavillion   The Esplanade, Exmouth, Devon, EX8 2AZ    26th Dec 2012 to 28th Jan 2013
Flying in on a magical carpet ride this spectacular Pantomime delivers all that is expected of a good pantomime but even more so because it's written by Scott Clarkson and produced by Fame Factory Spotlight you know you are guaranteed a great show.
Website http://www.famefactoryspotlight.co.uk/  



Snow White & The 7 DwarfsSnow White HATS Theatre,    Bodmin Street, Holsworthy, Devon EX21 6BH, Tel: 01409 253826  Mon-Sat 30th Jan - 4th Feb Mon-Sat 6th Feb - 11th Feb 2012
The experiences of the beautiful princess with wicked mother and seven small friends.
 Tickets: £8 (£6 conc) tbc  Booking: starts 07 Jan 2012. 10am - 3pm. No phone bookings on first day. Thereafter Mon-Sat 10am-3pm at Box Office or 01409 253826.
Book early if you want seats on Fridays or SaturdaysReview booking information for HATS Shows
Performance Information: Doors Open: 7.00pm.  Starts 7.30pm
 Further Information: HATS Website
Palace Theatre

CinerellaCinderella.   Palace Theatre Paignton. Palace Avenue. Paignton.  Tel:01803 665800 TQ3 3H  Sunday 8th January 2012 - 3.00pm
With a brand new cast, flamboyant costumes, this years panto from Wonder Productions is sure to be a sure fire hit with all the family.
Whilst incorporating all the traditional panto favourites like the ghost gag and the song sheet, Cinderella will have the audience tapping their feet to some of the latest songs to hit the charts as well as howling at the mad cap antics of Buttons and the horrible Ugly Sisters as they try to stop Cinderella from attemding the ball. All turns out well in the end though and with the help of the fairy Godmother, Prince Charming finally manages to find the rightful owner of the Crystal Slipper. Tickets now on Sale, Adults £9 / Concessions £8 / U18 £7

Palace Theatre

Dick WhittingtonDick Whittington , Palace Theatre Paignton. Palace Avenue. Paignton.  Tel:01803 665800 TQ3 3H  Weds 21st December 2011 - Mon 2nd January 2012
Join Paignton Pantomime Productions as they deliver another fabulous show for Christmas 2011... With all your favourite characters, this show is sure to be a hit with children of all ages..
Barbican Theatre

Beauty &
                                  The BeastBeauty And The Beast From Mars   Barbican Theatre , 11-13 Castle St, Plymouth  Friday 17th 7.30pm Sat 18th December 2010 2.30pm/7:30pm   £10/£8 Family £30  A fantastic space-inspired homage to the swinging sixities and science ficton B movies of the era. Beauty and the Beast from Mars retains all the elements of a traditional family pantomime with-out-of-this-world extras, from rock and roll tunes to ruthless space aliens. Having been cheated out of his rightful claim to the Queen's daughter, he returns in this wonderfully original sequel to the classic fairy tale. Website http://www.barbicantheatre.co.uk/ 
Globe Theatre, Royal Marines Barracks,
                        Stonehouse, Devon by Webrarian.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan  The Globe Theatre  Stonehouse, Plymouth  21st Feb 2013 to 23rd Feb 2013
Wendy and the Darling children fly to Neverland with Peter Pan to fight the darstadly Captain Hook. Who will win! Will it be the crocodile. Come along to find out.
Website http://www.ermingtonplayers.org.uk/
Theatre Royal

Dick WhittingtonDick Whittington  Theatre Royal Plymouth  Royal Parade, Plymouth, PL1 2TR        14th Dec 2012 to 19th Jan 2013
Starring Christpher Biggins as Sarah The Cook and Basil Brush as Alderman Foxwarren.
Website http://www.theatreroyal.com/  

Carlton Theatre

                            & The BeanstalkJack and the Beanstalk       The Carlton Theatre, The Den, Teignmouth, Devon,England. TQ14 8BD. Telephone: 01626 778991     Opens December 27th 2011 and runs until January 7th 2012
The 2011 Teignmouth Players Traditional Pantomime is Jack and the Beanstalk by John Morley
Directed by Rodney Bowen, Musical Director Eric Searle . Jack and the Beanstalk, written by John Morley contains all the elements of a traditional pantomime – a dame, a principal boy in tights, a princess, a fairy, a villain and, of course, a cow.
Princess Theatre

, Princess Theatre  Torbay Road, Torquay, TQ2 5EZ T       14th Dec 2012 to 6th Jan 2013
Starring Coronation Street's Stephen Arnold as the Prince, alongside Last of the Summer Wine's Tom Owen and family favourite Stuart Wade.
 Website http://www.princesstheatre.org.uk/ 


Aladdin . The Little Theatre, St.Marks Road, Meadfoot,Torquay,Devon   TQ1 2EL 2EL  Box Office: 01803 299330      DECEMBER 2011 Sat 10th - Sat 17th   7.00pm
By Alan P. Frayn, Directed by Jill Pettigrew  A Magical Pantomime for all the Family - Let this imaginative traditional
pantomime, full of artistry and magic, re-awaken your senses! Meet Nurse Dottie Dettol, the puddle-brained Muddles and two hapless heralds, Fetch and Carrie, as they ensure the laughs come thick and fast, especially when they meet head-tohead in a hilarious schoolroom scene!
Saturday Matinee - 10th and 17th - 2.30pm All children just £2.50 when accompanied by an adult. (No perf’ on Sunday) By arrangement with Stage Right Creations.
Pavilion Theatre Bournemouth

                            & The BeanstalkJack in the Beanstalk . , Pavilion Theatre  Westover Road, Bournemouth, BH1 2BU  Saturday 3 December 2011 to Monday 2 January 2012
The Bournemouth Pavilion Pantomime - Sponsored by Aruba Restaurant.  
Aruba Kid's Meal Deal - kid's main course, dessert and drink for only £5 when you book Panto tickets!*  Official radio station Wave 105.2 FM 
After spectacularly breaking box office records with ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ in 2009, and following the overwhelming success of ‘Cinderella’ last year - UK Productions brings you a giant production of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ for this year’s Bournemouth Pavilion Pantomime. Make sure the whole family is full of beans this Christmas and follow the hilarious tale of the ups and downs of young Jack Trott played by Debra Stephenson (The Impressions Show & Coronation Street), the boy who manages to sell the family’s only valuable possession, Daisy the Cow, for a handful of beans (and they weren’t even Heinz!). He ends up having to climb a giant beanstalk into the clouds and a whole heap of trouble, to retrieve the cow and to try and impress the King.  
Jack is helped and hindered along the way by his less than bright brother Silly Billy played by CBeebies star and Bournemouth panto favourite Chris Jarvis, the Good Fairy, Kate Weston from Wave 105, and his long-suffering mother Dame Trott played hilariously by one of the country’s top panto dames, Nick Wilton better known as Mr Lister from Eastenders. Join Jack on his quest to defeat the evil Giant Blunderbore and his nasty henchman Fleshcreep played by Brian Capron (Coronation Street’s bad boy Richard Hillman), to win not only his fortune but also the hand of the Kings beautiful daughter. The whole production is complimented by lavish costumes and a sumptuous set and promises to be another spectacular success from producers UK Productions. It’s a giant of a pantomime…don’t miss it! *Aruba kid's meal deal - one voucher for up to 6 kid's meal deals. Main course and dessert must be chosen from the kid's menu. Not valid in conjunction with any other ofer. Drink included in the meal is a soft drink. Voucher valid 01/09/2011 - 02/01/2012. One voucher issued per Jack and the Beanstalk booking. Voucher must be presented at restaurant.

Website http://www.bic.co.uk/ 

                            & The BeanstalkJack in the Beanstalk . Twynham School , Sopers Lane, Christchurch, Dorset  6th-8th Jan 2011
Get ready to join our hero Jack on a magical adventure to climb the beanstalk, defeat the giant and retrieve the golden treasure!  Dame Trott's behind with the rent and her two sons need to make some money fast. When Jack goes to sell his beloved cow all he can get is a measly bag of beans, but these are no ordinary beans! When a giant beanstalk appears in the back garden, Jack realises his extraordinary adventures are just about to begin ....With great gags, catchy tunes and lots of audience participation Jack and the Beanstalk remains one of the best-loved family pantomimes of all-time Website http://www.twynhampantogroup.co.uk/ 

, Gillingham Youth Centre  Cemetery Rd, Gillingham, Dorset SP8 4AZ   10th Dec 2010 to 12th Dec 2010
Cinderella comes to Gillingham, Dorset with a superb cast bringing a magical and musical pantomime to the town for the first time in many years. Gillingham Amateur Dramatics Society are sure to exceed your expectations in this fantastic pantomime.
Robin Hood
Robin Hood
, Jellicoe Theatre  Lower Constition Hill, Parkstone     3rd Dec 2011 to 3rd Dec 2011
Family pantomime (Robin Hood)in aid of two charities (Poole Heart Club and Cancer Research) for Sat Dec 3rd 2011. Two shows on the one day.
Website http://www.poolechristmaspantomimes.net/ 


CinerellaCinderella. Lighthouse, 21 Kingland Road, Poole Dorset BH15 1UG tel: 0844 406 8666      9 December 2011 - 8 January 2012
We are going to have a ball with the most magical pantomime of them all! Cinderella is one of the best-loved fairy tales of all time. With pumpkins, plenty of laughs, music and magic, this classic rags to riches story has everything a traditional pantomime could wish for.  Starring actor, comedian and CBBC presenter ED PETRIE, known to children across the country  as one half of double act 'Ed and Oucho'. Allo Allo legend GUY SINER,  and Last of the Summer Wine's SARAH THOMAS.  A festive family treat for all ages featuring live Shetland Ponies! Free ice cream for parties of 20+ (If booked and paid for by 21/10/11) 



                            & The Beanstalk Jack and the Beanstalk  Weymouth Pavilion Theatre  Weymouth, The Esplanade, Weymouth, Dorset DT4 8ED  15th Dec 2012 to 6th Jan 2013
A brand new production of Jack and the Beanstalk is coming to the Pavilion Theatre Weymouth. Starring Home and Away's Lynne McGranger, X Factor's Andy Abraham, and 90's pop sensation LOLLY.
Website http://www.weymouthpanto.com/ 
Bishop Auckland
Dick WhittingtonGoldilocks and the Three Bears. Bishop Auckland Town Hall , Market Place, Bishop Auckland DL14 7NP    Jan 2012
Join us for this year biggest, most daring, thigh slapping adventure ever to hit Pantoland, as Fame factory Spotlight present  Goldilocks & The Three Bears
Website http://www.bishopaucklandtownhall.org.uk/ 

Darlington Civic Theatre in Darlington

                                  BeautySleeping Beauty   Civic Theatre  Parkgate, Darlington, DL1 1RR   8th Dec 2012 to 20th Jan 2013
Starring husband-and-wife team Linda Lusardi and Sam Kane in theor 15th year as a panto team.
Website http://www.darlingtonarts.co.uk/ 
Empire Theatre

Dick WhittingtonDick Whittington. Empire Theatre & Cinema , Front Street, Consett, Co Durham DH8 5AB    Wed 07 Dec 2011 - Mon 02 Jan 2012
This year’s pantomime production is a fast moving, energetic and up to the minute interpretation of the legend of Dick Whittington. Our new production company headed by Leah Bell brings a fresh and innovative style to the pantomime season at The Empire Theatre Consett. Also starring David Ducasse (Scooch) and Bionik Funk (Britain's Got Talent).
 Website http://www.leisureworksonline.co.uk//empiredetail.cfm?item=1092
   Everyman Theatre , O'Hanlan St, Spennymoor, County Durham DL16 6RY    6th Dec 2010 to 8th Dec 2010
Website http://www.famefactoryspotlight.co.uk/ 

Arc in Stockton
Stockton on Tees

 Charlie and Lola's Best Bestest Play . ARC , Stockton Arts Centre, Dovecot Street, Stockton on Tees TS18 1LL  Wed 7 - Fri 23 Dec 2011
Don’t miss everyone’s favourite brother and sister, Charlie and Lola, this Christmas with their extremely everso wonderful stage show! The stars of the hit BBC TV series and books by Lauren Child are brought to life by a magical mix of puppets, live action and music. 
We find out if Lola will ever tidy her room or if Charlie will get Lola to sleep, even though she is not sleepy and will not go to bed.  The Tigers want their bedtime milk, the Dancing Dogs have borrowed Lola’s pyjamas – not to mention the Ogre in the wardrobe!  Who’d have known there were so many problems to overcome? Website http://www.arconline.co.uk/detail.php?id=2423
The Broadway in Barking

AladdinAladdin, The BROADWAY , Broadway, Barking, IG11 7LS 30th November  - 30 December 2011
  The Lamp, the Genie and Aladdin.So, hi-ho, hi-ho it's off to the Broadway you go to get your tickets for the most magical show of the year!  Website http://www.thebroadwaybarking.com/ 
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Peter Pan

Peter Pan Towngate Theatre  St Martins Square, Basildon, SS14 1DW   5th Dec 2012 to 6th Jan 2013
Join the boy who never grew up in this high flying adventure. This Christmas everyone can be a child as they take the second star to the right and fly far far away to Neverland with Peter Pan and his friends.
Website http://www.towngatetheatre.co.uk/ 


                            & The BeanstalkJack & The Beanstalk  The Fold, 72 Laindon Road, Billericay, Essex. CM12 9LD  Bookings & Information:   tel:01277 659286   Saturday 3rd December 2011 at
11am and 2.30pm

Sit back and be entertained with this magical production of Jack & The Beanstalk. The story is brought to life in the traditional pantomime style.
Tickets for last year’s panto went so fast we decided to book 2 performances for 2011.
2 hour performance including interval.

Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs
Snow White - The Panto Bocking Arts Theatre The Bocking, Bocking End, Braintree, Essex, CM7 9AE 20th Dec 2012 to 26th Jan 2013
'Potty' Patrick Jacobs and his team of West End actors present the famous story of Snow White. The story features the Evil Queen and the magic talking mirror, the beautiful Snow White and of course the Seven little men..
Website http://www.thebockingartstheatrecomplex.co.uk/  
Robin Hood
Robin Hood  Braintree Arts Theatre  Notley High School, Braintree  18th Jan 2013 to 26th Jan 2013
Braintree's very own Pantomime group Pantoloons are proud to present Robin Hood at Braintree Arts Theatre. This is a fun entertaining show for all. New venue 
Website http://www.pantoloons.org/ 

Jemima Puddle-Duck and her friends  . Brentwood Theatre, 15 Shenfield Road, Brentwood Essex CM15 8AG   tel:01277 200305  5 - 30 December 2011
Once upon a time, there was a woman called Beatrix Potter. She loved animals. She painted pictures of animals and wrote little books about their adventures. We’re going to tell you some of these stories.
Please join us as Beatrix Potter ‘herself’ introduces you to the magic of theatre and the wonder of four of her stories, written especially for the younger family in mind.
The first story that Beatrix Potter introduces is about Jemima Puddle-Duck. Jemima is a little upset as she wants to lay a nest-full of eggs and hatch a family of ducklings, but the Farmer’s Wife keeps collecting her fresh eggs for baking. Jemima flies off to a distant, green wood where she meets Fox – but never having ventured from the farmyard she does not suspect danger. Fox offers her a ‘safe’ nesting place – his summerhouse which is curiously overflowing with feathers and which Fox frequents to count the growing number of eggs. Fox invites Jemima to a ‘dinner party’ for which she helps by collecting ingredients – without realising that it is her family that is at risk. But Kep, the faithful Collie, realises Fox’s plans and, with the help of two beagle pups, sets off to Fox’s summerhouse.Standing up to Fox, they find that he has locked Jemima away and so, with a noisy chase, see him off before taking Jemima back to the farm, where the Farmer’s Wife does let her hatch a brood of four ducklings, the Puddle-Duck family.
Beatrix Potter will also introduce you to the stories of Squirrel Nutkin and how he lost his tail, Jeremy Fisher and the perils of his fishing trip, and The Roly Poly Pudding when a fearsome Rat catches Tom Kitten! 
So join us for an interactive, fun, musical production of some of the best stories ever written for children, brought to life in front of your very eyes. Jemima likes to have lots of friends, and we hope that you will become her friend too!   http://www.brentwood-theatre.org/
Chelmsford Civic Theatre in Chelmsford

Dick WhittingtonDick Whittington.   Civic Theatre Chelmsford Fairfield Road, Chelmsford, CM1 1JG 5th Dec 2012 to 6th Jan 2013
The Family Pantomime adventure. Tickets:Full price £19.00 Conc £16.00 Family Ticket:£58.00 Group & School rates available + 1 in 10 FREE Sun 9 Dec & Fri 14 Dec 6pm perfs all seats £12.00
  Website http://www.chelmsford.gov.uk/theatres 

                            Island Treasure Island. Riverside Ice & Leisure  tel:01245615089  15th – 19th Dec 2010
The centre’s Ice Show Spectacular is the only Christmas ice show in the whole of Essex, and provides magical entertainment that your children (and you!) will not forget. 
Riverside Ice and Leisure is home to the longest running ice show in Essex, which takes place every year in December. http://www.chelmsford.gov.uk/index.cfm?articleid=9479
Princes Theatre in Clacton on Sea

CinerellaCinderella   Princes Theatre Town Hall, Station Road, Clacton-On-Sea  15th Dec 2012 to 1st Jan 2013
Following the incredible success of Snow White, Polka Dot Pantomimes return to the Princes Theatre, with the nation?s favourite pantomime full of magic, laughter, audience participation and spectacular surprises!
  Website http://www.tendringdc.gov.uk/tendringdc/leisure/arts+and+entertainment/princes+theatre/  
 Dick Turpin  St Peter ad Vincula Church  Church St, Coggeshall, Essex   10th Jan 2013 to 12th Jan 2013
CATS present 'Dick Turpin', the family pantomime by Paul Reakes performed in typical Coggeshall style in the stunning St.Peters church. Tickets available from Normans newsagents, Market Hill, Coggeshall or by calling Andy on 07703 829314.
Mercury Theatre in Colchester

Beauty &
                                  The BeastBeauty And The Beast, Mercury Theatre , Balkerne Gate, Colchester, CO1 1PT.  2 December 2011 - 7 January 2012
Beauty And The Beast by Janice Dunn  
Director Janice Dunn | Designer Foxton What better way to share that festive feeling than with a trip to the Mercury’s traditional panto this Christmas?
An enchanting fairy tale for all the family. Once upon a time the beautiful Belle stumbles across someone big, hairy and a little bit scary lurking in the forest.
Dame Twiggy and the villagers swiftly launch a brave but ever-so-unnecessary rescue attempt! Can the beast be tamed? Can Belle’s heart be claimed? Can the evil sorceress Botoxia be restrained? All will be revealed in this magical adventure full of slapstick humour, sparkling sets, sumptuous costumes and sing-a-long songs.
Laughter, romance, song and dance… sorcerers, lumberjacks, toxic monkeys and a beast … this story has it all! Brought to you by our Queen of panto, Janice Dunn, and Company favourites including Ignatius Anthony and Roger Delves-Broughton. Don’t miss the best Christmas Party in town! Tickets sell fast so please book early to avoid disappointment.
Website http://www.mercurytheatre.co.uk/ 
Pinocchio  Danbury Village Hall Maldon Road, Danbury, Essex CM3 4NQ 12th Dec 2012 to 16th Dec 2012
A Traditional Panto for all the family with an inportant message for children.Tickets £6.50 & £5.50. 7.30 PM Matinee Sat & Sun
Website http://www.danburyplayers.co.uk/ 
Website http://www.danburyplayers.co.uk/ 

Thameside Theatre

AladdinAladdin Thameside Theatre , Orsett Road, Grays, Essex RM17 5DX     Wednesday, 21st December 2011
Come and see the classic pantomime Aladdin this Christmas 2011 / New Year 2012, presented by Thurrock Council and Polka Dot Pantomime Ltd.

 . Website http://www.thurrock.gov.uk/theatre/ 
AladdinAladdin  Blackshots Civic Hall  Blackshots Lane, Grays, RM16 2LB  30th Dec 2010 to 9th Jan 2011
Aladdin (played by JOSH DUBOVIE, this years UK Eurovision star); Abanazar (played by Gray's very own DAVID VAN DAY - the man we all love to hate!); Wishee Washee is played by FRAZER HINES (Joe Sugden in Emmerdale)
Website http://www.theatre-productions.com/ 

Great Dunmow
The Arts Centre 1 Haslers Lane, Great Dunmow, Essex CM6 1XS   30th Nov 2012 to 6th Dec 2012
Cinders, her ugly sisters and all the other characters come alive in Great Dunmow!
Website http://www.artscentretickets.com/ 
The Playhouse in Harlow

Peter Pan.Peter Pan . Harlow Playhouse, Playhouse Square, Harlow, Essex, CM20 1LS    Telephone : 01279 431945  Fri 02/12/11 to Mon 02/01/12
All children grow up, except one… Let your dreams take flight at Harlow Playhouse this Christmas. Join Wendy, Michael and John as they take off to Neverland with the boy who never grows up - Peter Pan. Take part in their adventures and meet a fantastical range of characters along the way - Nana, Tinkerbell, the Lost Children, Tiger Lily, mermaids, pirates, Smee and, of course, the deadly Captain Hook. Don’t miss this spectacular family pantomime from the team behind Cinderella and Aladdin. With lush sets and costumes, impressive live music, energetic routines, lots and lots of laughter and flying that will thrill the child in all of us, come and see Peter Pan soar to new heights at Harlow Playhouse.
Website http://www.playhouseharlow.com/ 
Queens Theatre in Hornchurch

AladdinAladdin   Queen's Theatre , Billet Lane, Hornchurch, RM11 1QT   3 December 2011-- 14 January 2012
Join Cinderella on a magical adventure from rags to riches as The Fairy Godmother transforms her into a dazzling beauty fit for a Prince! There’s no more scrubbing for Cinders, she’s off to The Ball and you’re all invited!  Expect magic, mayhem and comedy capers from your favourite panto characters! Cheer, boo and laugh at the riotously wicked Ugly Sisters, stupendously silly Buttons, handsome Prince Charming, thigh-slapping Dandini and bumbling Baron Hardup.  With everything you want from panto and more… catchy songs, spectacular sets, colourful costumes, side-splitting slapstick and of course lots of audience participation… oh yes there is!
Website http://www.queens-theatre.co.uk/ 


  Kenneth More Theatre Oakfield Road, Ilford, Essex IG1 1BT   15th Dec 2012 to 19th Jan 2013
Buttons is in love, the Ugly Sisters are fighting over a husband and Cinderella is dreaming of a better life. With a wave of the magic wand the rags to riches heroine is set to arrive in the most popular and enchanting pantomime of them all.


Babes In The Wood
Babes In The Wood
, Parkside Community Centre  176 Goodmayes Lane, Ilford, Essex IG3 9PP  2nd Dec 2010 to 5th Dec 2010
Start feeling all Christmassy & share in the laughter with the 'Parkside Players' Christmas Pantomime! A traditional tale, with Robin Hood (Hurray!) & the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham (Boo! Hiss!) Fun for all the family!!!  Website http://www.parksideplayers.co.uk/ 


Little Red Riding Hood
Red Riding Hood   The Mill Arts & Events Centre  Bellingham Lane, Rayleigh, Essex  6th Dec 2012 to 8th Dec 2012
Red Riding Hood journeys to Granny's cottage unaware of a plot between the evil squire and wolf. Luckily she has friends to help along the way with hilarious consequences! Tickets available from our Box Office 01268 771751.
Website http://www.rods.org.uk/ 

Dick WhittingtonDick Whittington  The Warehouse Centre Studio Theatre  7 Brook Road, Rayleigh, Essex  15th Feb 2012 to 18th Feb 2012
Abstract Theatre bring you thsir award winning Traditional family panto with some modern day twists. £10 and £8 tickets available from our website.
Website http://www.abstracttheatre.com/ 
South Woodham Ferrers
Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs
Snow White
  Dame Elizabeth Hall  Trinity Square, South Woodham Ferrers, Essex  22nd Dec 2012 to 23rd Dec 2012
Snow White, evicted from her home by the Evil Queen, runs away and stumbles into a creepy forest... just as she's about to enter danger, someone special joins her life and takes her on a magical adventure she'll never forget!
Website http://www.starsofsomethingnew.co.uk/ 
Cliffs Pavilion in South End On Sea


CINDERELLA , Cliffs Pavilion , Station Road, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, SS0 7RA      15th Dec 2012 to 6th Jan 2013
Starring Shane Richie as Buttons with Peter Piper and Carly Day.
  Website http://www.thecliffspavilion.co.uk/ 


Aladdin and the Sultan of Inzybar, Public Hall, Witham Collingwood Road, Witham 20th Dec 2012 to 24th Dec 2012
Presented by the award winning Essex Group, promises fun for all the family. Performances at 7.30p.m. On 20th and 21st, 1.00p.m. And 5.00p.m. On 22nd and 23rd, and 10.30p.m. And 2.30p.m. On 24th. Various ticket prices, call 01376 567677 for details.
 Website http://www.thesxgroup.co.uk/ 


Peter Pan

Peter Pan , Sir James Hawkey Hall  Broomhill Road, Woodford Green, IG8 0BG   2nd Jan   to 16th Jan 2012
A Jubilee production to celebrate 51 years of Pantomime in Woodford. Ample parking. Tiered seating, so even the tiniest can see. Signing for the deaf on selected performances. Tickets £11. Box office 01279423853/077763880057.
Website http://www.woodfordpantomime.co.uk/ 

Everyman Cheltenham

Jack & The Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk    Everyman Theatre  Regent Street, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL50 1HQ  25th Nov 2011 to 8th Jan 2012
Emma Samms, star of hit TV shows Dynasty and General Hospital, will on stage at the Everyman this Christmas, playing the Good Fairy in Jack and the Beanstalk.
Website http://www.everymantheatre.org.uk/  
Theatre Entrance

AladdinAladdin , The Bacon Theatre  Dean Close School, Shelburne Road, Cheltenham, GL51 6HE  12th Jan 2011 to 16th Jan 2011
PROMENADE PRODUCTIONS winners of the GDA's award for Best Pantomime 2010, present their TRADITIONAL FAMILY PANTOMIME ALADDDIN.Seat prices £7 to £12. Phone 01242 224144 to book.  Website http://www.bacontheatre.co.uk/ 


Toad of Toad Hall in Cheltenham, Dreamshed Theatre, Bath Road, GL53 7HG    Thursday 16 December 2010 to Saturday 1 January 2011
Dreamshed Theatre, headed up by Cheltenham playwright and director Bill Cronshaw, will be bringing a professional Christmas production to The Playhouse in the form of the classic tale featuring Toad, Ratty, Mole and Badger. Tickets cost £12, £10 for senior citizens and £8 for under 16s.  Telephone:(01242) 522852  The Playhouse is an intimate theatre run by volunteers in a former municipal swimming baths. Also offering workshops. website click
Sleeping BeautySleeping Beauty  Lister Hall  Long Street, Dursley GL11 4JB   19th Jan 2013 to 26th Jan 2013
What to do when your incompetent Chancellor forgot to send out one of the invitations for little Princess Beauty's christening, and that invitation was for the black fairy Carabosse? You get a dreadful curse and a 118 year pantomime.
Website http://www.the-dods.com/ 

Memorial Theatre


CINDERELLA A Well-Loved Tale      Picturedrome Theatre, Barton Street, Gloucester Glos. GL1 4EU     28- 31 December  2010
Set in the present day, Cinderella and Prince Charming, now older and bankrupt, are touring village halls with a cart, attempting to scratch a living with an ancient Karaoke machine. Throughout the evening, with the wisdom of hindsight, they tell their well-loved story through re-enactment, dance and the rocking 70’s hits that brought them together. The evening draws to a romantic end, reminding us all that you're never too old for love.
From down-at-heart to the heart and soul of the party, Cinderella’s timeless story, combined with a lyrical script directed by Jo Bousfield, musical direction by Thomas Johnson, choreography by Naomi Said, and design by The Stand + Stare Collective, all ensure a high-energy, moving and unforgettable night.
Suitable for families and dreamers of all ages. Tues 28th Dec 2010 at 2.30pm Wed 29th Dec 2010 at 2.30pm and 7.30pm Thurs 30th Dec 2010 at 2.30pm and 7.30pm Fri 31st Dec 2010 at 11.00am  For enquiries, please contact: 01242 695570 enquiries@fairgametheatre.com HTTP://www.fairgametheatre.com


Little Red Riding Hood
Red Riding Hood Gloucester Guildhall , Eastgate Street , Gloucester Gloucestershire GL1 1NS Tel: +44 01452 503050   17th Dec 2012 to 22nd Dec 2012
Traditional family pantomime written by John Morley, fun for all the family.
Website http://www.gloucesterguildhall.co.uk/ 
Blackbrook Pavilion

Dick WhittingtonDick Whittington The Roses Theatre, Sun Street, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 5NX    27th Nov 2010 to 2nd Jan 2011
Dick Whittington will be springing onto The Roses Theatre’s stage this November, for a traditional Christmas pantomime set to entertain all ages from Tewkesbury and beyond this festive season. Described as a show fit for all the family, and a wonderful way to introduce children to the magical world of theatre, the audience will be able to join Dick and Tommy the cat as they take to the high seas and embark on a journey paved with adventure, fun and slapstick, heroic battles, romance and magic. With lashings of festive frivolity, gorgeously glittering costumes, spectacular sets, custard pies and plenty of cries of ‘he’s behind you’ to enjoy, find out if Dick and Tommy can defeat the wicked King Rat and free the Sultan’s palace of those pesky vermin, if Dick will marry the lovely Alice, and whether his Mum, Sarah the Cook, will ever stop the outrageous flirting, in a pantomime which promise to ‘shine as brightly as all the gold in London’.  Website http://www.rosestheatre.org/ 

Greater Manchester
White Christmas  The Lowry  Pier 8, Salford Quays, Salford, M50 3AZ  30th Nov 2012 to 5th Jan 2013
Based on the 1954 movie with Irving Berlin's music Starring Claire Sweeney, Wendi Peters, Steven Houghton (Coronation Street, London's Burning) and Ken Kercheval (Dallas).
Website http://www.thelowry.com/ 

The Lowry in Salford

Scrooge The Lowry Pier 8, Salford Quays, Salford, M50 3AZ 12th Dec 2011 to 7th Jan 2012
Tommy Steele returns to the role that he has made his own, Ebenezer Scrooge, in the record-breaking London Palladium production of Scrooge.
Website http://www.thelowry.com/  Musical Adventure  The Lowry  Pier 8, Salford Quays, Salford, M50 3AZ  8th Dec 2010 to 1st Jan 2011
Let your dreams take flight this Christmas and join us on a thrilling musical journey to Neverland for an unforgettable treat for all the family.
Website http://www.thelowry.com/    



The Lion King  Palace Theatre  Oxford Street, Manchester M1 6FT  1st Dec 2012 to 31st Mar 2013
Disney's Lion King visits Manchester! The Lion King is a worldwide theatrical phenomenon, seen by over 65 million people and still drawing sell-out crowds at London's Lyceum Theatre in its 13th year.
Website http://www.manchesterpalace.org.uk/
Opera House Theatre Manchester

Peter Pan

Peter Pan Opera House Quay St, Manchester, M3 3HP  8th Dec 2012 to 13th Jan 2013
David Hasselhoff stars as Captain Hook in this year's pantomime for Christmas 2012 at the Opera House Manchester!
Website http://www.manchesteroperahouse.org.uk/  
Dancehouse Theatre Manchester

Winnie the Witch  Dancehouse Theatre, Oxford Road, Manchester. M1 5DA    17th Dec 2010 to 8th Jan 2011
Based on the award winning books! With singalong songs, terrific actors, eccentric puppets and a colourful set which looks just like the books.Children from 4 to 7 and their families will be enchanted.
Website http://www.thedancehouse.co.uk/ 


                            & The BeanstalkJack and the Beanstalk , St. Anne's School  Ormerod Avenue, Royton, Oldham  19th Nov 2010 to 27th Nov 2010
Annual attempt by local folk to entertain the masses. Usual mix of slapstick and mayhem. Come and pat the cow and take a magical trip up the beanstalk with Jack, but watch out for unexpected suprises along the way!
Website http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=54791287790 


Aladdin Aladdin Civic Centre Radcliffe Thomas Street, Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 2UH 28th Dec 2012 to 29th Dec 2012
Starring Big Brothers Grace Adams Short and Hollyoaks Laura Handley. Tickets from £6.00 per person.
  Website http://www.trio-entertainment.co.uk/ 


Beauty &
                                  The BeastBeauty And The Beast , The Gracie Fields Theatre  Hudsons Walk, Rochdale OL11 5EF   19th Dec 2010 to 2nd Jan 2011
The perfect Christmas treat for all the family and one of the most sensational and magical pantomimes ever to be seen at the Gracie Fields Theatre. Adult £15.00, Concession £12.50, Child £11.50, Family Ticket £49.00  Website http://www.graciefieldstheatre.com/ 


Charlotte's Web - The Musical  Waterside Arts Centre  Waterside Plaza, Sale, M33 7ZF  14th Dec 2012 to 5th Jan 2013
Charlotte's a spider. Wilbur's a pig.. They can talk, naturally, but Charlotte is a spider who can write! Find out how Charlotte's amazing talent saves Wilbur's bacon and how love and friendship win the day! A wonderful show for over fives.
Website http://www.watersideartscentre.co.uk/ 

Dick WhittingtonDick Whittington  Salford Arts Theatre  Kemsing Walk, Off Liverpool St, Salford M5 4BS  13th Dec 2012 to 24th Dec 2012
Join us at Salford Arts Theatre for our traditional festive pantomime. Dick Whittington and his trusty cat Tommy set off to seek fame and fortune or will the evil King Rat win the day!
Website http://www.salfordartstheatre.co.uk/  
Hampshire & Isle of Wight
Princes Hall Aldershot

CinerellaCinderella   Princes Hall , Princes Way, Aldershot, Hampshire, GU12 4RR   9th Dec 2010 to 2nd Jan 2011
 Rags to riches story of beautiful young girl who is confined to the kitchen, and is picked upon by her Ugly Sisters and wicked Stepmother. With a little help from her fairy godmother, a magical pumpkin and a glass slipper, Cinderella hopes to win the heart of the gallant Princes Charming and her chance of a happy ending.
Website http://www.princeshall.com/ 
Dick WhittingtonDick Whittington  The Lights  West Street, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 1AH  18th Dec 2012 to 19th Dec 2012
Humorous, musical version of the classic and traditional pantomime. Set in the 1400's with all the slapstick and adventure you would expect, complimented by modern song, dance routines and topical jokes for everyone!
Website http://www.thelights.org.uk/ 
Alice in WonderlandAlice in Wonderland: The Panto!   King Edward VII Memorial Hall   Upper Clatford, Andover, Hampshire, SP11 7QL  26th Nov 2011 to 4th Dec 2012
Come and see all of your favourite characters from Wonderland, plus a few additions in this year's
village Panto! Entertainment for all the family!
Haymarket, Basingstoke

The Wind in the Willows, Haymarket Theatre , Wote Street, Basingstoke, RG21 7NW   Fri 3 Dec 2010 - Sun 2 Jan 2-11
When Mole grows tired of spring cleaning and decides to explore instead, he discovers the river. Here he meets Ratty who takes him boating and a new world of excitement opens up. Follow the adventures of good natured Mole, friendly Ratty, loyal Badger and the jovial but conceited Toad as they tangle with motor-cars, policeman, caravans and Weasels in this adaptation of the well-loved story. This production is sure to be another festive treat following last year’s record-breaking The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.   Website http://www.anvilarts.org.uk/ 
Anvil Basingstoke

Peter Pan

Peter Pan, The Anvil Churchill Way, Basingstoke, Hampshire  8th Dec 2011 to 2nd Jan 2012
Starring Ben-Ryan Davies (Waterloo Road) as Peter Pan, Peter Hillier (Cbeebies' Boogie Beebies) as Smee and Gary Turner (Emmerdale) who returns to The Anvil as Captain Hook.

Website http://www.anvilarts.org.uk/ 
PinocchioPinocchio  Phoenix Theatre and Arts Centre  Phoenix, Station Road, Bordon, Hampshire, GU35 OLR  17th Jan 2013 to 26th Jan 2013
Come and join Pinocchio and his friends in this brand new fun packed Pantomime adventure! Filled with comedy, laughter and spectacular songs plus all the traditional panto elements this pantomime has plenty to offer!
Website http://www.phoenixarts.co.uk/  


Snow White & The 7
                                      Dwarfs Aladdin , Ferneham Hall, Osborn Road, Fareham. PO16 7DB    10th Dec 2010 to 2nd Jan 2011
Take a magic carpet ride through a spectacular adventure jam-packed with comedy, fantastic musical numbers and a top class live band and dazzling sets. Widow Twankey wants a husband, evil Abanazaar wants the magic lamp, Aladdin wants adventure and Wishee-Washee wants a clean vest! Can Aladdin defeat the evil magician Abanazaar? Will Widow Twankey get her hands on the Emperor's smalls? Stars Peter Duncan (ex Blue Peter presenter and former Chief Scout) as Aladdin’s evil uncle Abanazaar with Chris Edgerley (Hi-5) as Wishee-Washee. Lisa Mathieson takes the title role of Aladdin with Robert Rawles as Widow Twankey.Website http://www.fernehamhall.co.uk/ 


Snow White & The 7
                                      DwarfsSinbad the Sailor .Millennium Hall, HMS Collingwood, Newgate Lane, Fareham. 1st-5th Dec 2010
PANTOMIME by Kevin T. Mitchell  7.30 pm. on 1st, 3rd, and 4th and at 8.00 on 2nd Matinees on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th  COLLINGWOOD RSC
07502 037922

CinerellaCinderella: A Christmas Adventure! , The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre  56 East Street, Havant, Hampshire PO9 1BS  10th Dec 2010 to 19th Dec 2010
This wonderful show, specially written for the Bench by Mark Wakeman, is scheduled to be performed at The Spring there will be 10 performances in all, including 5 matinees. Discount for early bookings!
Website http://www.thespring.co.uk/ 


Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty By Alan P Frayn  Holybourne Theatre, London Road,Holybourne,Alton,Hants GU34 4EL  By Phone: 01420 86457     *  Friday 30th Jan (evening)
    * Saturday 31st Jan (evening),     * Friday 6th Feb (evening),     * Saturday 7th Feb (evening),     * Saturday 14th (matinee & evening) The matinee performances start at 2pm and the evening performances at 7pm
Directed by Kathy McGill and Ross Baillie The pantomime tickets are now in Waterstones bookshop in Alton High Street (01420 80888). Please come along and have a fun time supporting your performing friends. Tickets are £8 per adult £5 per concession.

Hayling Island

                          Of Oz   Wizard Of Oz   Station Theatre, Station Road, Hayling Island . 22nd to 29th January at 7.30pm. Matinees on Saturdays at 2:30pm.
 This traditional pantomime version of the Wizard of Oz is based on the original story by Frank L Baum. Young Dorothy is transported to the land of Oz, where she meets the Lion man, the Tin man and the Scarecrow. They set off in a quest to find the Wizard and for Dorothy to find her way back home. Helped and hindered by various characters including the Wicked Witch of the West, the Munchkin Mayor and others, this is a familiar and fantastical tale for all the family. Directed by Rob Finn 
Ventnor, IoW

Dick Whittington Dick Whittington  Ventnor Winter Gardens , Pier Street, Ventnor, IoW PO38  9th-12th December 2010.
Heart warming version of the rags to riches story. The exciting adventure features a high spirited hero, a plucky young heroine and the biggest pantomime baddy of them all – King Rat! With lots of opportunities to join in the cheering, booing and hissing, this traditional pantomime is great for all the family!. Website http://www.ventnorwintergardens.co.uk/ 
Watermill Newbury
Isle of Wight

Dick WhittingtonDick Whittington and The Pirates of Blackgang Chine Medina Theatre , Fairlee Road Newport Isle of Wight PO30 2DX  21st - 30th December 2010 
The classic tale of rags to riches; a well-loved story which simply bursts with romance, hilarious comedy and evil villains. Starring from The Really Wild Show - Howie Watkins and featuring the Islands own Samara Stanton and the Hillary Hall School of Dance.
Website http://www.medinatheatre.co.uk/ 
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Otterbourne Village Hall  Cranbourne Drive, Otterbourne, Winchester SO21 2ET   11th Jan 2013 to 20th Jan 2013
Hours of fun and laughter!
Website http://www.otterbournevillagehall.org.uk/ 
 Robin Hood
Robin Hood and The Babes in the Wood  Petersfield Festival Hall Heath Road, Petersfield, Hampshire GU31 4EA  11th Jan 2013 to 19th Jan 2013
Only Robin Hood can save the Babes from their wicked Uncle, the Sheriff of Nottingham. Come and join the fun in our traditional family panto along with Nurse Nellie, Nutty Ned and Men in Tights!
Website http://www.wintonplayers.org.uk/
New Theatre Royal Portsmouth

                          in WonderlandAlice In Wonderland The New Theatre Royal, 20 - 24 Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO1 2DD  Tel: +44 023 9264 9000  17 Dec ’09 - 02 Jan ‘09 
The New Theatre Royal’s own Christmas show - not a pantomime but a beautiful family musical telling this much loved classic, with live music, songs and lots of laughs.
All the well-loved characters will be onstage – the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts and the White Rabbit. Meet Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, join in the caucus race (if you dare!) and have tea with the Mad Hatter A colourful, magical show that will be a wonderful Christmas treat for children and their families!NEW THEATRE ROYAL CLICK
AladdinAladdin , Fisher Hall, Whale Island, Portsmouth Saturday, 1-5 December 2010
PANTOMIME by Stuart Ardern Tel: 023 9272 7961
 Aladdin . Purbrook Amateur Theatre, Deverell Hall, London Road, Purbrook  Friday 10th and Saturday 11th December 2010
  P.A.T.S Proudly present our next panto "The Sword in The Stone" by Tina and Rob Burbidge 

 The Pied Piper , Plaza Theatre  Winchester Road, Romsey, Hampshire SO51 8JA  14th Jan 2011 to 29th Jan 2011
The Pied Piper, a traditional family pantomime by Bob Heather. The town of Hamlin is plagued with rats so badly, that the mayor decides to contact rat catcher extraordinaire, The Pied Piper. A pantomime so full of fun, even the rats are in stitches.  Website http://www.plazatheatre.com/ 

Watermill Newbury

                            & The BeanstalkJack & The Beanstalk The Mayflower Theatre Commercial Road, Southampton SO15 1GE 22nd Dec 2012 to 19th Jan 2013
Starring Julian Clary as Spirit of the Beans, Nigel Havers as Fleshcreep, Lee Mead as Jack, Jeffrey Holland as Dame Trot and special guest star Paul Zerdin.
Website http://www.the-mayflower.com/ 
Dick WhittingtonDick Whittington , The Hub Theatre  City College, Chapel Road, Southampton, SO14 1AR  1st Dec 2010 to 4th Dec 2010
With the help of his good friend Tiddles, Dick goes on an intrepid adventure to find his riches and win back the heart of his beloved Alice as well as thwart King Rat's plans for world domination. Website http://www.southampton-city.ac.uk/hubtheatre/ 

Watermill Newbury

Cinerella  Cinderella, King's Theatre Albert Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, Hants. PO5 2QJ  7th Dec 2011 to 1st Jan 2012
The traditional fun filled family panto! Starring: From Coronation Street Tracy Shaw, From Hollyoaks Marcus Patrick, From Emmerdale Stuart Wade, From Last of the Summer Wine Tom Owen, From Emmerdale Leah Bracknell

Website http://www.kings-southsea.com/ 


Dick WhittingtonDick Whittington , St Peter's Theatre, Fraser Road, Southsea.   28 January to 6th February 2011

Snow White & The 7 DwarfsSnow White & the Magnificent Seven Crofton Community Centre Theatre, Stubbington Lane, Stubbington. PO14 2PP  9th-12th  December 2010
7.30 pm on 9th and 10th, 2.00 pm on 11th and 12th 
Watermill Newbury

Peter PanPeter Pan  Theatre Royal, Jewry Street, Winchester, Hampshire S023 8SB, 01962 840440   8th December 2010 - 3rd January 2011
 Based on J M Barrie's classic children's tale - once in Neverland, Peter and Wendy embark on a host of adventures. the lost boys, mermaids, Tiger Lily, and a mischievous fairy called Tinker Bell. But the biggest challenge is to evade Captain Hook and his accomplice Smee. Peter Pan and Captain Hook fight a deadly duel. Will Wendy ever find her way to her home in London? Fun for all the family. To find out more please click here.
The Courtyard in Hereford

Aladdin Sleeping Beauty  The Courtyard , Edgar Street, Hereford, HR4 9JR    November 25th 2011 to Sat 7 Jan 2012
  Join us at The Courtyard as we reawaken the magic of everyone's favourite fairy tale, in an enchanted world of castles and curses, forests and fairies. Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a Princess lived in a magical castle where fairies bestowed her with gifts. But someone forgot to invite the wickedest fairy of all to join in the celebrations! When she turns up invited the Wicked Fairy places a curse on the Princess: to prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die on her 18th birthday! The kindest of all the fairies casts a spell to counter the curse so that instead of dying the Princess will fall into a deep, deep sleep. Only true love's kiss can awaken her and undo the evil spell. Will Sleeping Beauty wake once more? Book your tickets now to find out.Box Office: 01432 340555 Prices between £10.50 and £17. Prices vary per performance. Visit www.courtyard.org.uk or call the Box Office for more information.
  Website http://www.courtyard.org.uk/ 

The Courtyard in Hereford

 The Life & Adventures of Santa ClausThe Life & Adventures of Santa Claus, The Courtyard Centre For The Arts, Edgar Street, Hereford   Tuesday 07 December until Friday 24 December 2010
Written by L Frank Baum  Adapted for the stage and directed by Adam Bampton-Smith  Lighting by Will Evans, Music by Shock Productions, Lyrics by Guy PicotCopy Based on the book by L Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz, this exciting story follows the early life of Santa Claus from being abandoned in the forest and adopted by the wood-nymphs, through to making and delivering the very first toys. Meet the original reindeer Glossie and Flossie as well as the chilly rogue Jack Frost and find out the answer to lots of Christmas questions!   Why do we hang stockings?  When was the first Christmas tree?  And why on earth does Santa climb down the chimney??? With original music and lots of audience participation this is a wonderful seasonal show from Artsdepot and Big Wooden Horse, the creators of the hit shows Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! and The Night Before Christmas.Our new production of The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, based on the book by L Frank Baum, was a huge success. The show was resident at the Artsdepot, London over Christmas 2009. . COURTYARD CENTRE CLICK

Outside of the Theatre

CinerellaSnow White The Market Theatre, Market Street, LEDBURY Herefordshire   HR8 2AQ   Thursday 20th to Saturday 22nd and Wednesday 26th to Saturday 29th January 2011 at 19:30, with matinées at 14:30 on Saturday 22nd, Sunday 23rd and Saturday 29th.
#   LADS’ Fantastic Panto - Snow White by Bruce Gardner.Last performed in Ledbury 100 years ago.  Not the same script though - which is probably just as well!!  All the usual corny jokes, great music and colourful costumes that you have come to expect from a LADS great sell-out panto.  Tickets £8 (£4 students).  .   MARKET THEATRE CLICK


Bishop's Stortford

Robin Hood Robin Hood and The Babes in the Wood. . Rhodes Arts Complex,  1-3 South Road, Bishop's Stortford, Herts   90th December 2011 - 2nd January 2012
After the success of The Rhodes Pantomime 2010, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rhodes is pleased to confirm that the same production team are back this year with Robin Hood and The Babes in the Wood. Panto producer Phil Dale (who played Squire Basil Nasty in the 2010 panto) said, “We were delighted with the response from Bishop’s Stortford theatre goers and I personally enjoyed hurling abuse at each and every one! We couldn’t have asked for more, and we’re now looking forward to 2011’s panto. It promises to be another Christmas treat for the while family. The spectacular sets and costumes will of course make a return, and you can certainly be prepared for a few surprises as well. I’ll be back as the Sheriff of Nottingham – and this time I don’t expect to be on the losing side!” .
Public Hall

Aladdin Aladdin Eric Morecambe Theatre, Harpenden Public Halls , Southdown Road, Harpenden AL5 1PD    15th Dec 2011 to 18th Dec 2011
Will YOU be in the audience for the best panto in the area?! Book your tickets now 01582 767 525. Starring CBBC Stars Big Howard Little Howard.
Website http://www.harpendenpublichalls.co.uk  


Aladdin , Hertford Theatre  Hertford Theatre, The Wash, Hertford, SG14 1PS  9th Dec 2011 to 1st Jan 2012
Aladdin, a fabulous new, funky, fun filled seventies style show for all the family.
Website http://www.hertfordtheatre.com/ 


Robin Hood, Hertford Theatre  The Wash, Hertford, SG14 1PS                   11th Jan 2012 to 15th Jan 2012
This year?s HDOS traditional pantomime offers once again the fabulous mix of comedy, colourful costumes and memorable musical numbers. Prices from £10, families £38, group discounts. Shows at 2pm and 7pm
Website http://www.hertfordpanto.com/ 

                                  BeautySleeping Beauty Broxbourne Civic Theatre  Civic Hall, High Street, Hoddesdon  9th Dec 2011 to 31st Dec 2011
This panto really does have the X Factor starring X Factor finalists 'Same Difference' Lots of songs, dance, comedy and mayhem in this sensational fun filled pantomime! Book early to ensure best seats in the house!
Website http://www.broxbourne.gov.uk/ 

                            & The BeanstalkJack and the Beanstalk     Broxbourne Civic Theatre , Civic Hall, High Street, Hoddesdon  Herts EN11 8BE   6th Jan 2012 to 14th Jan 2012
It is time to book for another Giant Panto from the 2007 10 NODA local panto winner. Lots of fun, a large cast, costumes, scenery, plenty of music and dance make it ideal for all the family and as an outing for larger parties.
Website http://www.panto.org.uk/  

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CinerellaCinderella. Campus West , The Campus, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL8 6BX  Box Office Telephone: 01707 357117  9th Jan 2011 to 1st Jan 2011  This magical Family Pantomime adaptation of the famous fairytale is loaded with beautiful songs, gorgeous costumes and exciting magic that makes this production tons of fun for everyone!   The Magic of Christmas with this fabulous family pantomime. This year Campus West brings you the enchanting story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. CAMPUS WEST CLICK
Castle Hall, Hertford
                        - The venue for many HD&OS productions.

AladdinAladdin. Castle Theatre, Castle Hall, Hertford      12th to 16th January 2011
Aladdin is one of the more traditional pantos and has an excellent story line.  Come and enjoy this family fun-packed show with plenty of audience participation and groan-worthy jokes! Find out if Window Twanky is able to save the family from the fate of the bailiffs and whether the Genie of the Lamp will ever be freed.  Can Aladdin marry his heart's desire, Princess Lotus-Blossum? Tickets are available from the Hertford Tourist Information Office and later Hertford Theatre, or online at www.castle-hall.com Tickets are £12 for adults, £10 concessions. First night tickets are all £10. A  Tickets on sale now. CASTLE HALL CLICK


                                  BeautySleeping Beauty. Plinston Hall ,  Broadway, Letchworth Garden City, Herts, SG6 3NX  Tel: 01462 672003  27th Dec 2011 to 1st January 2012
Letchworth's local and famous panto using local talent. A panto for all the family. Come and see thesleeping beauty & the wicked witch.Fun for all the family.  Website http://www.spads-drama.org.uk/  
A Christmas Carol  Letchworth Garden City Church  Icknield Way East, Letchworth, SG6 1EF  15th Dec 2010 to 23rd Dec 2010
Come to Letchworth's very own professional panto this December, brought to you by an award winning creative team!  Website http://www.humbletheatre.com/ 

Potters Bar

                            & The BeanstalkJack & the Beanstalk  Wyllyotts Theatre , Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, EN6 2HN   10th Dec 2011 to 1st Jan 2012
 Traditional fun filled family pantomime produced by Jordan Productions.
Website http://www.wyllyottscentre.co.uk/ 
The Radlett Centre

                                  BeautySleeping Beauty The Radlett Centre, 1 Aldenham Avenue, Radlett Herts. WD7 8HL  Box Office: 01923 859291      10th Dec 2011 to 1st Jan 2012
An extremely popular traditional pantomime, including all your favourite comic characters such as Nanny Annie and Lester the Jester! Follow the adventures of a brave prince as he travels to rescue his beautiful princess from a wicked spell.
Website http://www.radlettcentre.co.uk/
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St Albans

Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs  Alban Arena, Civic Centre, St. Albans, Herts, AL1 3LD  Friday 9 Dec 2011 - Sunday 1 Jan 2012
This Christmas, don’t miss our magical, fun-packed, family pantomime. With comedy, singing, dancing, audience participation, stunning sets and dazzling costumes, this year’s Alban Arena pantomime promises to be our BIGGEST and BEST PANTO EVER!  Our star-studded cast includes pop icon, Toyah Willcox as the Wicked Queen; children’s favourite Phil Gallagher (CBeebies’ Mister Maker) as The Jester; the hilarious Bob Golding (from the Olivier Award winning ‘Morecambe’) as The Henchman; actress Jemma Carlisle as Snow White, and US TV star Brody Hutzler (‘Angel’, ‘Days of Our Lives’) as The Prince. They are joined by a top quality supporting cast and seven of the best professional dwarfs in the country.  Written by Paul Hendy and produced by Evolution, the same team that brought you last year’s smash hit ‘Peter Pan’, Snow White will be a fantastic festive treat not to be missed!   ALBAN ARENA CLICK

Gordon Craig Theatre

Beauty &
                                  The BeastBeauty and the Beast   Gordon Craig Theatre , Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre, Lytton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 1LZ  Tel: 01438 363200.      Sat Nov 26 - Sun Jan 22   
  There's a baddie wanting boos, goodies with reels of outrageous gags, a beautiful heroine in a tragic situation...but what has happened to the handsome prince? Will the last petal fall before the day can be saved or will the evil witch get her malevolent way? From Jordan Productions the team that bought you last year's critically acclaimed show 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs', once again we promise you live music and a fabulous cast for a rip-roaring adventure. STARRING: BERNIE NOLAN & LEANNE JONES! Join us at the Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage for our much anticipated pantomime, 'Beauty and the Beast'. 'Beauty and the Beast' is a classic tale told in true panto style. We are thrilled to welcome Singing Superstar: Bernie Nolan and star of 'Hairspray': Leanne Jones who will be heading up the cast, abd much loved dame and Stevenage favourite Paul Laidlaw who is guaranteed to entertain and delight audiences of all ages. Stunning sets, slick choreography, sensational costumes and spectacular musical numbers ensure this is a show not to be missed! Mirror Mirror on the wall, a Perfect Panto for one and all! Join us for this classic tale told in true pantomime style... Starring Sue Holderness (from Only Fools and Horses and The Green Green Grass) as the Wicked Queen, Paul Laidlaw (everyone's favourite Dame) as Dame Dolly, Daniel Boys (BBC TV's Any Dream Will Do) as Prince Simon and Katie Rowley-Jones (direct from Sister Act on London's West End) as Snow White.Nothing is more dangerous than a paranoid Wicked Queen! Will Snow White escape her jealous clutches? Can Dame Totty (Paul Laidlaw - back by popular demand) get her man? Can Herbie the Huntsman work out if he is a goodie or a baddie? Can Prince Simon or Sofaria ensure a happy ending? Bring on the Magnificent Seven! STEVENAGE LEISURE CLICK

Cinderella    Watersmeet,  High Street,  Rickmansworth  Herts WD3 1EH   Box Office on 01923 711063    7th-31st December 2011
Jonathan Ansell, from the multi-million record selling group G4, will be joining forces with a very creative cast to deliver the classic fairy tale pantomime Cinderella, in the role of Prince Charming. Michael Otton will be returning by popular demand to the venue and bringing new magic and illusions to the production in the shape of Cinderella’s best buddy Buttons.A production of Cinderella is never complete without the Ugly Sisters and Lav and Lou are certain to raise more than an eyebrow with their outrageous, colourful costumes. Oliver Gray and Dean Horner will be doing all they can to see Cinderella does not go to the ball. Website     WATERSMEET CLICK

Cinderella , The Court Theatre  Station Road, Tring, Hertfordshire HP23 5QY  30 December 2011 - 8 January 2012
A Pantomime by Ian Gower and Nick Russon
Once again The Court Theatre brings you its annual family pantomime a show full of fun for all. Unlike many more expensive Pantomimes we don’t have any ‘has beens’ from TV land or expensive ticket prices. What we do have is over 40 years of experience of producing family Pantomimes in Tring featuring many well know faces and a host of kids. Plus everyone who wants to can get up on the stage and join in with our sing-along song before the finale. Don’t forget to tell the Court Theatre staff it is your birthday and we’ll do our best to mention it on stage and sing Happy Birthday to you. You’ll also get a chance to meet Cinderella after the show. So don’t miss out, get your tickets early for this sell out pantomime so you can cheer Cinderella, Prince Charming and Buttons and boo those very, very ugly sisters, Wicked Stepmother and those horrid debt collectors. Website http://www.courttheatre.co.uk/ 
Watford Palace Theatre in Watford

                            & The Beanstalk Jack and the Beanstalk   Watford Palace Theatre , Clarendon Road, Watford, WD17 1JZ     25th Nov 2011 to 31st Dec 2011
Join Jack, Dame Trott and Buttercup the cow on the most giant adventure of all in this brand-new show, packed with laughter, popular tunes and a never-ending beanstalk.
 Website http://www.watfordtheatre.co.uk/   Book Tickets Now


   St. Peters Church Hall , Bushey Mill Lane, Watford 26th Jan 2012  to4th February 2012
Knutsford Phoenix Theatre Group proudly presents Cinderella. Fun for all the family, suitable for all ages. Lot's of laughs and the occasional custard pie! Website http://www.kptg.co.uk/ 
Welwyn Garden City
AladdinAladdin   Hawthorne Theatre  The Campus, Welwyn Garden City, Herts AL8 6AE    8th Dec 2011 to 1st Jan 2012
Writer and Director Michael Courtney has pulled it out of the bag again featuring another magical production with great songs, gorgeous costumes, side splitting comedy and fabulous characters.
Website http://www.hawthornetheatre.co.uk/

Cinderella , The Centre  Alpha Road , Birchington, Kent  3rd Dec 2010 to 5th Dec 2010
Act 1 Theatre Group present their annual pantomime. Written and directed by Ben Friday. Fri 3rd Dec 7:30pm Sat 4th Dec 2:30 and 7:30pm Sun 5th Dec 2:30pm Tickets £6 each family ticket of four £20.  Website http://www.wix.com/mikey4act1/act-1-theatre-group 

Churchill Theatre Bromley

AladdinAladdin   Churchill Theatre , High Street, Bromley, Kent, BR1 1HA   3rd Dec 2010 to 9th Jan 2011
Melinda Messenger stars as the Genie in Churchill Theatre Bromley?s magical Christmas pantomime Aladdin. With comedy, audience participation, spectacular sets and song and dance, action, and special effects it?s the magic carpet ride of your life!
Website http://www.ambassadortickets.com/bromley 

Marlowe Canterbury

Robin HoodRobin Hood , The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury     Sat 4 Dec 2010 - Sun 9 Jan 2011
"A classic piece of family theatre...warm, witty, daft, and, yes silly, but brilliantly so! And the tent is a success!"   Yourcanterbury (Review of Peter Pan)
Join us this Christmas for our spectacular pantomime adventure at the Marlowe Theatre Arena. This year's fantastic production stars top comic actor and star of Cold Feet, The Fast Show and Coronation Street, John Thomson as the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham. CBeebies' Sid Sloane plays Robin Hood with comedy legend Dave Lee as Lady Nellie of Herne Bay. THE MARLOWE CLICK
Central Theatre Chatham

                            & The Beanstalk Jack and the Beanstalk   The Central Theatre , 170 High Street, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4AS   10th Dec 2010 to 2nd Jan 2011
Starring Emma Barton (Honey from EastEnders) and top comedy impressionist Paul Burling, Phil Gallagher (Cbeebies? Mister Maker) is back by popular demand to play Jack and the fantastic Doc (Ministry of Mayhem) will play Dr Fleshcreep.
  Website http://www.medwaypanto.co.uk/ 

Peter Pan Peter Pan  The Britannia Theatre, Dickens World , Leviathan Way, Chatham Maritime, Kent, ME4 4LL   11th Dec 2010 to 2nd Jan 2011
For every person who comes to enjoy Peter Pan, Dickens World will donate to Great Ormond Street Hospital.
  Website http://www.dickensworld.co.uk/ 
Orchard Building Outside

Snow White & The 7 DwarfsSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs The Orchard, Dartford ,The Orchard, Home Gardens, Dartford, Kent DA1 1ED Friday 9 December to Saturday 31 December 2011
Unsuspecting passers-by stumbled across a sensational tea dance at Spitalfields Market on Friday 24 June 2011, when Craig Revel Horwood took Ann Widdecombe onto the dance-floor to launch The Orchard’s forthcoming pantomime! This Christmas the duo will be heading the cast of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, for a limited run from Friday 9 December to Saturday 31 December 2011. Craig Revel Horwood has swapped his black tie and tuxedo for an amazing array of glittering gowns as he becomes one of pantomime’s ultimate villains - The Wicked Queen! Ann Widdecombe will be making her pantomime debut playing the role of Widdy in Waiting. This is Craig’s third year working with Qdos Entertainment, the world’s largest pantomime producer, in the role of Wicked Queen and he and Ann are sure to recreate some of the banter that occurred when Craig was judging her on the last series of Strictly Come Dancing! Craig is a well-known face on television, seen by millions of viewers for his appearances on eight series of Strictly Come Dancing. Craig has also appeared on Comic Relief Does Fame Academy and Strictly Ice Dancing, as well as countless other programmes including Celebrity Masterchef, Ready Steady Cook, Blue Peter and Hider in the House, to name but a few. For the stage, Craig has most recently directed and choreographed the UK Tour of Chess. Ann Widdecombe, who spent 25 years as MP for Maidstone and Weald, says: “I am delighted that my first appearance in pantomime is in Kent and I’m really looking forward to spending the Christmas season with Craig in Dartford. Given that the theatre is close to home it means that many of my friends will want to come along which I am thrilled about.” Crowds at Spitalfields Market were thrilled to see Craig Revel Horwood and Ann Widdecombe appear at the market’s bi-monthly tea dance along with its regular participants. With music by the acclaimed New Covent Garden Dance Orchestra, the dances at Spitalfields Market are enjoyed by seasoned dancers and beginners alike.   Tickets can be booked at www.orchardtheatre.co.uk or on
01322 220000. Website http://www.orchardtheatre.co.uk/ 
East Malling
Panto at the OK Corral , The East Malling Institute  Mill Street, East Malling, ME19 6DB  2nd Dec 2010 to 4th Dec 2010
Mosey on down to the OK Corral. Cheer on Clint Westwood as he takes on the evil Sheriff Small Holding and his deputies. All the fun of the Wild West Yee Haw! Ticket prices: Adults £8.00 Children £5.00 Family of 4 £25.00. Book 01732 847265  Website http://www.heathplayers.com/ 

                            & The BeanstalkJack and the Beanstalk  Leas Cliff Hall The Leas, Folkestone, Kent CT20 2DZ 23rd Dec 2011 to 7th Jan 2012
Come and see Jack and the gang on this fabulous pantomime adventure. Join Jack as he sells his cow for magic beans and climbs the gigantic beanstalk.
Website http://www.leascliffhall.org.uk/ 

Babes In The Wood Babes in the Wood  The Tower Theatre ,North Road, Folkestone, Kent CT20 3DH Friday 7th Jan 7.00pm, Saturday 8th Jan 2.00pm & 7.00pm, Sunday 9th Jan 2.00pm, Tuesday 11th, Wednesday 12th, Thursday 13th, Friday 14th Jan at 7.00pm, Saturday 15th Jan 2.00pm & 7.00pm, Sunday 16th Jan 2.00pm  Directed by Claire Beddow, Musical director Chris Hall, Designer David Springett  Group bookings available Fabulous, family show by the FHODS. Full of colour and spectacle. Tickets from £7.00 concessions avalaible. Box Office 01303 223925. Free parking in Theatre car park. Website http://towertheatrefolkestone.co.uk/ 
CinerellaCinderella  Marlborough House School Theatre , High Street, Hawkhurst dECEMBER 2010
A panto for all the family. Come and see the ugly sisters lose the hansome prince to the lovely cinderella. Loads of slap stick and comedy. Fun for all the familyTickets just £5/£4(conc's) Visit the website or call the box office on 07807544872. Website http://www.hawkhurstamdram.co.uk/ 
Herne Bay
                                  BeautySleeping Beauty  Kings Hall , East Cliff Parade, Herne Bay, Kent CT6 5HU    6th to 9th January 2011
Theatrecraft Herne Bay will be casting its spell over the Christmas period and presenting Sleeping Beauty, a spectacular fairytale pantomime for all of the family. Sleeping Beauty is the classic tale of good versus evil -  full of romance and intrigue,  wonderful music and dance, a cast of well-known local faces, and comic performances which will have you laughing in the aisles, you will not want to miss this fabulous family pantomime. 
So join us at the Kings Hall, Herne Bay and be transported to a magical kingdom where dreams really do come true. Tickets are available here online or call the Theatrecraft Booking Line on 07842 535596.   Website http://www.theatrecraft.org.uk/ 

Beauty &
                                  The BeastBeauty and the Beast, Hazlitt Theatre Earl Street, Maidstone ME14 1PL  4th Dec 2010 to 9th Jan 2011
Starring Melissa Suffield (Lucy Beale from EastEnders) as Beauty, Ben Freeman (Scott Windsor from Emmerdale) as Prince and Danielle McCormack (Mel Barker from My Parents Are Aliens) as Good Fairy. Website http://www.hazlittartscentre.co.uk/ 
Winter Gardens -

Dick WhittingtonDick Whittington Winter Gardens Fort Crescent, Margate, CT9 1HX  30th Nov 2011 to 4th Dec 2011
Margate Operatic Society present thier annual Pantomime so come along and see Dick and Tommy the Cat seek their forutne in London. Featuring the very nest of local talent. MOS Box Office 01843 297780 or The Winter Gardens Box Office 01843 296111
Website http://www.margatewintergardens.co.uk/ 

Hansel & Gretel Theatre Royal Addington Street, Margate, Kent CT9 1PW  7th Dec 2011 to 31st Dec 2011
Join Hansel and Gretel on their adventure through the wood, and discover the fabulous (but deadly) Gingerbread House, with its icing-sugar roof and its walls of fudge.
Website http://www.theatreroyalmargate.com/ 

                            & The BeanstalkJack and The Beanstalk , Granville Theatre  Victoria Parade Ramsgate CT11 8DG  9th Dec 2011 to 2nd Jan 2012
There?s nothing better to put you in an exuberant festive spirit ? Oh no there isn?t! The production features Frank Tucker, back by popular demand, as Dame Trott and?Nasty Nick? Bateman from Channel 4?s Big Brother.
Website http://www.granvilletheatre.com/

The Stag Community Arts Centre, Cinema and
                        Theatre sunny

                                  GooseMother Goose  Stag Theatre London Road, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13 1ZZ  9th Dec 2011 to 1st Jan 2012
Leslie Grantham (Eastenders' Dirty Den), Terrence Hardiman (the Demon Headmaster), Nate James (URBAN Music Award winning soul singer), Anna Kumble (90's pop star Lolly), and Sevenoaks favourties Robert Pearce and Ant Payne star.
Website http://www.sevenoakspanto.com/  

                            & The BeanstalkJack and the Beanstalk , Sheppey Little Theatre  32-36 Meyrick Road, Sheerness, Kent ME12 2NX  30th Dec 2010 to 2nd Jan 2011
Shooting Star Entertainments are back for their third year of fun and slapstick in Sheppey, again collaborating with the Razzamataz dancers. Thurs 30th Dec 7pm, Fri 31st Dec 2pm, Sat 1st Jan 2pm and Sun 2nd Jan 2pm. All tickets £5
Website http://www.sheppeylittletheatre.org/ 

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Dick WhittingtonDick Whittington , Angel Centre  Angel Lane, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1SF   17th Dec 2010 to 18th Dec 2010
Tonbridge Lions Club present the annual pantomime Dick Whittington at the Angel Centre Tonbridge in aid of Demelza Hospice. December 17th and 18th. Tickets £8 adults/£5 concessions. 01732359966   Website http://www.angelcentre.co.uk/ 

Tunbridge Wells

                                  BeautySleeping Beauty  Assembly Hall Theatre  Crescent Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 2LU  10th Dec 2011 to 2nd Jan 2012
A pantomime extravaganza for the whole family, staring Glynis Barber (Dempsey & makepeace, EastEnders) as Bad Fairy, Derek Moran (Milkshake) as Muddles, and Christopher Beeny (Last of the Summer Wine) as King.
Website http://www.assemblyhalltheatre.co.uk/ 
CinerellaCinderella  Westgate Pavilion The Pavilion, Sea Road, Westgate-on-sea, Kent, CT8 8QW  16th Dec 2011 to 17th Dec 2011
The Wickes Panto is all for charity. We are supporting Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research as this is our charity of the year. The production is being put on by collegues of Wickes Broadstairs. We greatly appreciate your support for such a worthy cause.
Website http://www.kententertainments.co.uk/ 

West Malling
CinerellaCinderella , West Malling Village Hall  Norman Road, West Malling, ME19 6RW    3rd Dec 2010 to 5th Dec 2010
Cinderella The Pantomime is an adaptation by Julian Jacobs. It is not the usual tale of Cinderella but nonetheless there is laughter, Ugly Sisters and a Happy Ending. What more could you want for some fun for all the family!  Website http://www.chipproductions.co.uk/ 

Dick Whittington and his Cat  The Royal Court Theatre  Rochdale Road, Bacup, Lancashire, OL13 9NR  1st Dec 2011 to 1st Jan 2012
Award Winning Best Panto Nwest Region. Traditional Family Panto, set in a Victorian Theatre. Tickets now on sale via on website
Website http://www.brct.co/ 
Thwaites Empire Theatre in Blackburn

                                  Goose Mother Goose Thwaites Empire Theatre ,Aqueduct Road, Blackburn 1st December 2010 - 2 January 2011
What happens when yo