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Bath (play /ˈbɑːθ/ or /ˈbćθ/) is a city in the ceremonial county of Somerset in the south west of England. It is situated 97 miles (156 km) west of London and 13 miles (21 km) south-east of Bristol. The population of the city is 83,992.  It was granted city status by Royal Charter by Queen Elizabeth I in 1590  and was made a county borough in 1889 which gave it administrative independence from its county, Somerset. The city became part of Avon when that county was created in 1974. Since 1996, when Avon was abolished, Bath has been the principal centre of the unitary authority of Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES).

The city was first established as a spa with the Latin name, Aquae Sulis ("the waters of Sulis") by the Romans in AD 43, although verbal tradition suggests that Bath was known before then. They built baths and a temple on the surrounding hills of Bath in the valley of the River Avon around hot springs.[4] Edgar was crowned king of England at Bath Abbey in 973.  Much later, it became popular as a spa town during the Georgian era, which led to a major expansion that left a heritage of exemplary Georgian architecture crafted from Bath Stone.

The City of Bath was inscribed as a World Heritage Site in 1987. The city has a variety of theatres, museums, and other cultural and sporting venues, which have helped to make it a major centre for tourism, with over one million staying visitors and 3.8 million day visitors to the city each year.  The city has two universities and several schools and colleges. There is a large service sector, and growing information and communication technologies and creative industries, providing employment for the population of Bath and the surrounding area.
Bath may have been the site of the Battle of Mons Badonicus (c. 500 AD), where King Arthur is said to have defeated the Anglo-Saxons, although this is disputed.  The city fell to the West Saxons in 577 after the Battle of Deorham;[21][21] the Anglo-Saxon poem known as The Ruin may describe the appearance of the Roman site about this time.  A monastery was set up in Bath at an early date – reputedly by Saint David, though more probably in 675 by Osric, King of the Hwicce,  perhaps using the walled area as its precinct.

Nennius, a ninth-century historian, mentions a "Hot Lake" in the land of the Hwicce, which was along the Severn, and adds "It is surrounded by a wall, made of brick and stone, and men may go there to bathe at any time, and every man can have the kind of bath he likes. If he wants, it will be a cold bath; and if he wants a hot bath, it will be hot".
Bede also describes hot baths in the geographical introduction to the Ecclesiastical History in terms very similar to those of Nennius.  King Offa of Mercia gained control of this monastery in 781 and rebuilt the church, which was dedicated to St. Peter.

By the 9th century the old Roman street pattern had been lost and Bath had become a royal possession, with King Alfred laying out the town afresh, leaving its south-eastern quadrant as the abbey precinct.  In the Burghal Hidage Bath is described as having walls of 1,375 yards (1,257 m) and was allocated 1000 men for defence.   During the reign of Edward the Elder coins were minted in the town, based on a design from the Winchester mint but with 'BAD' on the obverse relating to the Anglo-Saxons name for the town Bađum, Bađan or Bađon, meaning "at the baths,"  and this was the source of the present name. Edgar of England was crowned king of England in Bath Abbey in 973.
King William Rufus granted the city to a royal physician, John of Tours, who became Bishop of Wells and Abbot of Bath,  following the sacking of the town during the Rebellion of 1088.
   It was papal policy for bishops to move to more urban seats, and he translated his own from Wells to Bath.  He planned and began a much larger church as his cathedral, to which was attached a priory, with the bishop's palace beside it. New baths were built around the three springs. However, later bishops returned the episcopal seat to Wells, while retaining the name of Bath in their title as the Bishop of Bath and Wells. St John's Hospital was founded around 1180, by Bishop Reginald Fitz Jocelin and is among the oldest almshouses in England. The 'hospital of the baths' was built beside the hot springs of the Cross Bath, for their health giving properties and to provide shelter for the poor infirm.

Administrative systems fell within the Hundreds. The Bath Hundred had various names over the centuries including The Hundred of Le Buri. The Bath Foreign Hundred or Forinsecum covered the area outside the city itself. They were later combined into the Bath Forum Hundred. The wealthy merchants had no status within the Hundred Courts and formed guilds to gain influence, they also built the first guildhall probably in the 13th century. Around 1200 the first mayor was also appointed.

By the 15th century, Bath's abbey church was badly dilapidated and in need of repairs.  Oliver King, Bishop of Bath and Wells, decided in 1500 to rebuild it on a smaller scale. The new church was completed just a few years before Bath Priory was dissolved in 1539 by Henry VIII.[39] The abbey church was allowed to become derelict before being restored as the city's parish church in the Elizabethan era, when the city experienced a revival as a spa. The baths were improved and the city began to attract the aristocracy. Bath was granted city status by Royal charter by Queen Elizabeth I in 1590

During the English Civil War, the city was garrisoned for King Charles the 1st and seven thousand pounds spent on fortifications.

However upon the appearance of parliamantary forces the gates were thrown open and the city surrendered, and it then become a significant post in Somerset for the New Model Army under William Waller.  It was retaken by royalists following the Battle of Lansdowne which was fought on 5 July 1643 on the northern outskirts of the city. Thomas Guidott, who had been a student of chemistry and medicine at Wadham College, Oxford, moved to Bath and set up practice in 1668.
He became interested in the curative properties of the waters and he wrote A discourse of Bathe, and the hot waters there. Also, Some Enquiries into the Nature of the water in 1676. This brought the health-giving properties of the hot mineral waters to the attention of the country and soon the aristocracy started to arrive to partake in them
  Several areas of the city underwent development during the Stuart period, and this increased during Georgian times in response to the increasing number of visitors to the spa and resort town who required accommodation.  
 The architects John Wood the elder and his son John Wood the younger laid out the new quarters in streets and squares, the identical façades of which gave an impression of palatial scale and classical decorum.  Much of the creamy gold Bath Stone used for construction throughout the city was obtained from the limestone Combe Down and Bathampton Down Mines, which were owned by Ralph Allen (1694–1764).   Allen, in order to advertise the quality of his quarried limestone, commissioned the elder John Wood to build him a country house on his Prior Park estate between the city and the mines.  He was also responsible for improving and expanding the postal service in western England, for which he held the contract for over forty years.  Though not fond of politics, Allen was a civic-minded man, and served as a member of the Bath Corporation for many years. He was elected Mayor of the city for a single term, in 1742, at age 50

The early 18th century saw Bath acquire its first purpose-built theatre, the Old Orchard Street Theatre, which was rebuilt as the Theatre Royal, the along with the Grand Pump Room attached to the Roman Baths and assembly rooms. Master of Ceremonies Beau Nash, who presided over the city's social life from 1705 until his death in 1761, drew up a code of behaviour for public entertainments

The population of the city had reached 40,020 by the time of the 1801 census, making it one of the largest cities in Britain.  William Thomas Beckford bought a house in Lansdown Crescent in 1822, eventually buying a further two houses in the crescent to form his residence. Having acquired all the land between his home and the top of Lansdown Hill, he created a garden over half a mile in length and built Beckford's Tower at the top.
Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia spent the four years of his exile, from 1936 to 1940, at Fairfield House in Bath.  During World War II, between the evening of 25 April and the early morning of 27 April 1942, Bath suffered three air raids in reprisal for RAF raids on the German cities of Lübeck and Rostock, part of the Luftwaffe campaign popularly known as the Baedeker Blitz. Over 400 people were killed, and more than 19,000 buildings were damaged or destroyed.  Houses in the Royal Crescent, Circus and Paragon were burnt out along with the Assembly Rooms, while part of the south side of Queen Square was destroyed.

A postwar review of inadequate housing led to the clearance and redevelopment of areas of the city in a postwar style, often at variance with the local Georgian style. In the 1950s the nearby villages of Combe Down, Twerton and Weston were incorporated into Bath to enable the development of further housing, much of it council housing. In the 1970s and 1980s it was recognised that conservation of historic buildings was inadequate, leading to more care and reuse of buildings and open spaces.  In 1987 the city was selected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, recognising its international cultural significance. Since 2000, developments have included the Bath Spa, SouthGate and the Bath Western Riverside project.
Saxon England
  The Wessaxens came  for a visit 1514 years ago and liked it so much they have stayed.

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Family Theatre Festival, The Theatre Royal Bath will be offering two weeks of inspirational theatre from the UK, Spain, France and Germany for family audiences across three auditoria.
9-23 February, Theatre Royal, Ustinov and the egg, tel: 01225 448844

Bath Bacfest, Celebrating the music of the Baroque period with a selection of splendid concerts.
21-23 February, various venues, tel: 01225 463362


Bath Literature Festival, A brilliant festival for stimulating debate and fascinating authors insights.
1-10 March, various venues, tel: 01225 463362

Bath Half Marathon, A two lap, 13.1 mile course through stunning surroundings in the heart of Bath.
3 March, Start and finish on Great Pulteney Street, tel: 01225 422255

Bath Digital Festival, Music performances, digital marketplace, experimental technology expo, educational demonstrations and audio-visual instillations.
14-24 March, various venues, tel: 0870 240 6783

Bath Comedy Festival, This exciting programme will take place in a fantastic selection of venues and will spill out onto Bath's historic streets in a hubbub of anticipation and laughter.
29 March – 7 April, various venues, tel: 01225 463362


Bath in Fashion, Bath in Fashion gears up for an action packed week of catwalk shows, talks, exhibitions and workshops.
15-21 April, various venues.


Bath Music Festival, A dynamic mix of world-class performances taking place throughout the city.
22 May – 2 June, various venues, tel: 01225 463362

Party in the City, The biggest free show in Bath... with folk, rock, pop, choral, jazz, electronic, brass and many more.
24 May, various venues, tel: 01225 463362

Bath Fringe Festival,  programme bursting with theatre, dance, music, visual arts, comedy, children's festival, street theatre and circus.
24 May - 9 June, various venues, tel: 01225 463362

Royal Bath & West Show, One of the oldest surviving agricultural shows in England and the only four day show will be held for the 150th time in 2013.
29 May - 1 June, Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet, tel: 01749 822000



Bike Bath 2013, Bike Bath 2013 is a unique opportunity for anyone to train for and complete a cycle ride in and around the beautiful city of Bath.
22-23 June, tel: 0844 879 3750


The Roman Baths by Torchlight, Relax and enjoy the romantic torchlit ambience of the Great Bath.
1-31 July, Roman Baths, tel: 01225 477785

Bath Guitar Festival, Europe’s number one guitar festival returns for its NEXT extravaganza.
19-29 July, various venues, tel: 01225 463362


Bath Folk Festival, Attend a live gig or learn to play an instrument at various workshops.
12-18 August, various venues.

Ladies Day Sponsored by McArthurGlen's Swindon Designer Outlet, The pinnacle of Bath's annual calendar. Dress to impress: a day for posh frocks & hats.
31 August, Bath Racecourse, tel: 01225 424609


Jane Austen Festival, A selection of events will take place to celebrate the life and work of Jane Austen.
13-21 September, various venues, tel: 01225 443000

Bath Festival of Children's Literature, Festival fun with authors, illustrators, storytellers and poets.
27 September – 6 October, various venues, tel: 01225 463362


Great Bath Feast, The city of Bath will be going all foodie this autumn with ‘The Great Bath Feast.’
1-31 October, various venues, tel: 0906 711 2000 (50p/min)


Bath Mozartfest, The Mozartfest celebrates the maestro’s music, and that of his contemporaries.
8-16 November, various venues, tel: 01225 463362

Bath Film Festival, A celebration of great cinema, with screenings and events across Bath.
14-24 November, various venues, tel: 01225 401149

Bath Christmas Market, a unique shopping experience in the heart of Bath city centre.
28 November - 15 December (TBC), Abbey Churchyard, tel: 0906 711 2000 (50p/min)
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The Royal Bath & West Show

27 - 30 May 2015

The Royal Bath & West Show is England's Biggest Celebration of Rural Life and England's only 4 day Royal Show. The year the Show celebrates 50 years at the Showground. The Show Team are busy preparing for the 2015 Show and promise to bring you a action packed and great day out in May
Schedules for competitive classes are available now - CLICK HERE to view

NEW FOR 2015
  • New Ticket Prices - CLICK HERE to find out more
  • Sports Village
  • Horticultural Section
  • South Devons National Show
Trade stand packs for 2015 are available now please contact Sandie Collishaw on 01749 82220001749 822231
Bath & West
                                            Show Bath &
                                            west Bath & west
Bath & west

This is where all aspects of farming and rural life can be seen, from the best of British livestock to the latest business innovations in farming. The show offers the perfect day out for the whole family; the best for shopping, food, flowers, crafts, country pursuits, equestrian competitions and arena displays.

Start date:

27th May 2015

End date:

30th May 2013


The Showground, Shepton Mallet, Somerset

Web Link:


Contact telephone:

01749 822 200

Guildhall Theatre Bath Bath & North East Somerset Council

The Guildhall,
High Street,
Bath, BA1 5AW

Tel: 01225 477000
                  County Council

County Hall, Taunton,
TA1 4DY Wessex
Telephone : 01823 355455
Fax : 01823 355 156
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                    cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. 
Bath Tourism Plus
 Bath Visitor Information Centre
Abbey Chambers
Abbey Churchyard
E-mail: tourism@bathtourism.co.uk

UK callers: 0906 711 2000 (50p/min)
Overseas callers: +44 (0)844 847 5257

Wessex Society

is dedicated to preserving and developing the cultural and linguistic heritage of Wessex. For more information please contact : WESSEX SOCIETY, 121 Worthing Road, Patchway, BRISTOL
WESSEX, BS34 5HU  telephone 0117 969 4947 email wessexsociety@zyworld.com

Wessex Regionalist candidate Colin

is dedicated to the setting up of self government for WESSEX. For membership information or general enquiries please contact :
James Gunter, Secretary-General, WESSEX REGIONALISTS, 5 Rickyard Cottages, Broad Hinton, Swindon,
Wiltshire, Wessex ,SN4 9PS tel 01793 731974 email wessexregionalists@regionalist.net
National Parliament
is an all party group that is forwarding the exciting plans of all the people of WESSEX to have their own parliament, with powers equal to those of Scotland. For more information please contact : WESSEX CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION, 1/2 Atlantic Road South
WESTON-SUPER-MARE, Somerset, WESSEX  tel 01934 641334  email wessexconvention@regionalist.net
Until borders are agreed with all the various regionalist groups in England WESSEX for our purposes consists of the counties of Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset, Devon, Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire

Somerset Heritage Centre
Somerset Heritage Centre
Brunel Way, Langford Mead, Norton Fitzwarren
Taunton, TA2 6SF
Telephone     01823 278805 (enquiries)

01823 337600 (appointments)
Please make an appointment if you need a guaranteed place in the searchroom.
Fax     01823 347459
Email     archives@somerset.gov.uk

We exist to find, preserve and make available written records of Somerset's people and communities.
The Somerset Archives and Local Studies Service offers:
Free access for you to do your own research, using archives such as parish, family, school and business records
Accepting documents relating to Somerset.
An archives online catalogue.
An Education and Learning Service, taking history to schools, colleges and the wider community.
A Research Service if you can't visit in person.
Talks and exhibitions
A consultation and advice service in North Somerset libraries.
Advice on document repair, handling and storage.

Please note that our searchroom is currently very busy, and so on some days we cannot accommodate microfiche or document users who have not made an appointment.  To avoid disappointment, please book a place by contacting us a few days before you would like to come in. 

The Somerset Archives and Local Studies Service is provided by Somerset County Council and holds many millions of original documents, ranging in date from the eighth century AD to the present day.  It forms part of the Somerset Heritage Service, with Historic Environment, Museums and the Victoria County History, all of which are housed at the Somerset Heritage Centre.

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Bath is a world-class destination, rich in Roman and Georgian heritage. Nestling in a sheltered valley, surrounded like Rome by seven wooded hills and nourished by Britain's only natural hot springs, Bath has been luring visitors with its obvious charms for well over 2000 years.

For full list of Theatres in Bath

Roman Baths with Abbey
                      in background
Tourist Info
Abbey Chambers,
 Abbey Churchyard,
Bath, BA1 1LY.  
Fax: 01225 477787  
Email: tourism@bathnes.gov.uk

Tel: 01225 477101
Think of anything to do with hot air balloons and we can provide it. We will arrange passenger flights to fulfil your dreams or those of your family or friends. We can supply balloons for tethered rides at company events, and if you are considering your own company balloon we can advise you on costs and marketing opportunities. If you aspire to being a hot-air balloon pilot yourself we offer trial flights and full training. We can even arrange your hotel for your visit to Bath , if you would like us to.
Smaller Balloons For Greater Pleasure
We fly daily, weather permitting, from Victoria Park in the very heart of Bath. On lift off you will immediately be presented with an aerial view of the Royal Crescent - one of Bath's most impressive landmarks. If the wind is favourable you will look down into the steaming Roman Baths, fly over Bath Abbey and Weir. About one hour later we'll land in the gentle countryside where our retrieve crew will pack the balloon away and bring us all back to Victoria Park. Allow three hours for the full experience.

Ascent Balloon Co.
25 Carlingcott


Tel :
01761 432327
Bailey Balloons, champagne hot air balloon rides, launch from the beautiful and unforgettable Georgian city that is Bath Spa. Set within the rolling Somerset countryside and bursting with world famous attractions, which include the 2000 year old Roman Baths, Pump Rooms and the spectacular Bath Abbey.    Your first flight in Bath will be a magical ballooning experience and will begin in Royal Victoria Park, just outside the heart of Britain’s finest Georgian city and next to the impressive Royal Crescent with the famous crescent of houses and the fabulous Royal Crescent Hotel. The 57acre park was formally opened in 1830 and was named after the young Princess who was visiting Bath at the time.    The park plays host to some hugely popular outdoor events such as the Bath Flower Show, Bath International Music Festival, the Children’s Festival, Bath Literature Festival and the Bath Film Festival.  A launch from this specially selected site may see you drifting over the wonderfully beautiful Somerset countryside, offering views of many lovely typical English villages such as Lacock, Castle Coombe and the market town of Bradford-on-Avon.
                  over Bath Bailey Balloons,
 44 Ham Green,
BS20 0HA
TEL: 01275 375 300
FAX: 01275 375 660
The new Bath Visitor Card offers discounts at a wide range of places to eat, shops, attractions and tours & entertainment in and around Bath. Over 45 businesses are participating in the scheme, including: Attractions - Farleigh Hungerford Castle, The Museum of East Asian Art, The American Museum in Britain, Bath Boating Station, Bath Postal Museum, Fashion Museum, Avon Valley Railway, Sally Lunn’s Refreshment House Museum, Prior Park Landscape Garden, Museum of Bath at Work, Herschel Museum of Astronomy and Bath Abbey Tower Tours. Restaurants - Binks Restaurant, Strada, Jaflong, Rajpoot, Jane Austen Centre Regency Tea Room, Mezzaluna Ristorante, Clarkes Restaurant, Café du Globe, Il Tocco d’Italia Restaurant, The Royal Hotel, Green Park Brasserie and Ben & Jerry’s. Shops - Bath Aqua Glass, Pulteney Bridge Gifts, The Glass House, Neal’s Yard Remedies, Uttam London, Abbey Green Craft Gallery, No.1 Royal Crescent Gift Shop, The Roman Baths Gift Shop, Pump Room Crafts, Bath Abbey Shop, Jody Cory Goldsmiths and Duo. Tours & Entertainment - Pulteney Princess, Jubilee Narrowboat, The Little Theatre Cinema, Thermae Bath Spa Visitor Centre, Pulteney Cruisers, Drive-Tech Limited and Bath Balloons. Visitor cards are valid for three weeks from the date of validation offering visitors plenty of time to take advantage of the range of offers. Get it on-line for Just Ł3.
Bath Visitors Discount Card

Bath’s sole surviving Elizabethan mansion has a fascinating history. For centuries the Master of St John’s Hospital had a house here. It was rebuilt along grander lines by Dr Robert Baker around 1590. His great chamber is still there, with its Elizabethan panelling and elaborate chimney-piece. Leading members of the Elizabethan court enjoyed his fine lodgings including a private spa water bath. Sadly the house was so badly hit in the Blitz that the whole west front is a post-war restoration.
                  Picture Westgate Buildings,

The green is secretly Stuart. 17th-century houses built on the former courtyard of Bath Priory were later given a Georgian facelift. Here the greenery has taken over. 200 years ago it seemed a good idea to soften Georgian symmetry with a hint of foliage. Plane trees were dotted around the city. Now architectural purists talk longingly about chainsaws, but artists reach for their palettes and tourists for their cameras.
A quiet square not far from the Abbey. The house on the left is a 17th century town house and two other houses in the Green are also pre-Georgian from the Stuart area although the telling architecture has been mostly covered up with other decoration over the years. The plane tree in the centre was planted at the end of the 18th century.
                  Green - Bath - geograph.org.uk - 1506258.jpg Bath

The fancy Georgian ironwork of this house has survived intact. Now it even holds aloft a replica of a Georgian oil lamp. Notice the torch extinguishers. At night a gentleman could have his way through the streets lit by a link-boy carrying a flaming torch, which was snuffed out when he reached home. Kitchen provisions were once winched down into the area on the crane. The bust of Alfred the Great over the door is perhaps in honour of his rejuvenation of Bath. It is now a School of Journalism
14 Alfred Street,

In Jane Austen’s time these were known as the Upper Rooms, since there were other assembly rooms in the city centre. The wide-eyed heroine of Northanger Abbey was astonished by the crowd at her first ball there. Chandeliers glittered upon a gaudy company. At a public assembly a country squire might hope to rub shoulders with a duke, or a handsome officer to win an heiress. Men and women alike were arrayed like peacocks. What an appropriate home for the Museum of Costume.
Bennett Street,
Phone: +44 (0)1225 477785  -  Fax: +44 (0)1225 477743
This popular attraction is located in the wooded valley near the River Avon and the restored Kennet & Avon Canal. A haven for wildlife, it also offers the opportunity of combining several short and longer country walks. Barton Farm was a medieval farm and its magnificenthuge grade II*  tithe barn in Bradford on Avon is one of the largest in England.  It is 180 feet long and 30 feet wide, which was constructed in the 14th century and is now part of Barton Farm Country Park  The barn would have been used for collecting taxes, in the form of goods, to fund the church. The tithe barn is open daily, free of charge. The granary and old cow byres of the farm have been restored as craft shops, galleries and tea rooms.
Barton Farm is a short walk from the centre of the historic town of Bradford on Avon, on the southern edge of the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Barton Farm Country Park is well sign posted and is located off the B3109 on the edge of the historic town of Bradford on Avon.
Grid reference:ST 823 603 (entrance)
01225 713489


Begun in 1499, Bath Abbey is the last of the great medieval churches of England. The West Front is unique as it depicts the dream that inspired the Abbey's founder, Bishop Oliver King, to pull down the ruined Norman cathedral and raise the present building on its foundations.Over the past twelve and a half centuries, three different churches have occupied the site of today’s Abbey:An Anglo-Saxon Abbey Church dating from 757, pulled down by the Norman conquerors of England soon after 1066.
A massive Norman cathedral begun about 1090. It was larger than the monastery could afford to maintain and by the end of the 15th century was in ruins.The present Abbey church founded in 1499, ruined after the dissolution of the monasteries in 1539 by order of Henry VIII.Worship has taken place on the site of today's Abbey for over one thousand years and continues to this day with services taking place throughout the entire week.
Abbey Churchyard
Bath BA1 1LY

Opening Times:01 April - 31 October

09:00 - 18:00 (Monday to Saturday)

13:00 - 14:30 and 16:30 - 17:30 (Sunday)

01 November - 31 March

09:00 - 16:30 (Monday to Saturday)

13:00 - 14:30 and 16:30 to 17:30 (Sunday)

Tel:01225 422462

Fax: +44 (0) 1225 429990
Hidden away beneath the abbey, these vaults make up one of the most interesting collections in the city. There are great deals of artefacts and interesting documents, decorative and applied arts on display that have been part of the abbey for hundreds of years. It gives visitors the chance to learn more about the history of the building and the part it has played in the development of the city.
Bath Abbey,
Phone: +44 (0)1225 422462  -  Fax: +44 (0)1225 429990
The American Museum in Britain shows, largely in a series of Period Rooms, the development of American Decorative arts from its European roots to purely American styles such as Shaker or Pennsylvania German. There are also galleries devoted to Native American art, and to Folk Art. The museum is housed in Claverton Manor (built 1820) and set in extensive grounds, including an arboretum of North American trees and shrubs. Light lunches and teas are available.
American Museum

Claverton Manor, Bath BA2 7BD
The museum is well signposted from Bath Centre and the A26 Warminster Road. From city centre bus station take No 18 and alight at the The Avenue. Museum ten minutes walk


Tel : 01225 460503
Fax: 01225 469160
Enjoy the ancient skills of the glassblowers and stained glass artists, in this unique working museum, in the heart of the artisan quarter of Bath. Bath Aqua Glass is coloured by adding Copper Oxide to molten glass, creating beautiful aquamarine colour, reminiscent of the Spa waters, which contain Copper that taint the waters a green hue.
Bath Aqua Theatre
                                                  of Glass 105-107 Walcot Street
Fax: +44 (0)1225 428146
Tel: 01225 428146
We schedule launches in our fabulous Bath Balloon nearly every day, 7 days per week, during our flying season* so why not launch from Royal Victoria Park and see the great Georgian City from a different angle and fly with Bath Balloons!
Why not treat your partner, family or a friend (or yourself!) to a brilliant champagne balloon flight and give a superb gift experience that will be eagerly awaited and remembered for years to come. Lots of our passengers come back to fly with us again so be careful, you might get addicted! 

*We fly mainly between March and October but we do have vouchers available to purchase if you would like to fly during the winter months. Just click the ‘Exclusive Flights’ button above (as this balloon flies all year round) or give us a call if you need any further information.

Brsitol Balloon Fiesta 2007 Suite 170,
3 Edgar Buildings,
George Street,
 BA1 2FJ

Tel: 01225 466888
The Circus was the masterpiece of John Wood the Elder. The striking architecture has spawned numerous theories to explain its stark originality. Viewed from the air it forms the shape of a key, perhaps a Masonic symbol? John Wood is also thought to have taken inspiration from the ancient standing stones of nearby Stanton Drew and from Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem. Either way, the Circus is a stupendous creative accomplishment and one of the key reasons Bath was awarded the title of World Heritage Site by UNESCO.




Based in a restored Georgian building, the Museum houses a fine collection of artefacts from China, Japan and South East Asia. Displays include jade, ceramics, lacquer and metalware dating from c5000BC to the 20th Century and reveal the finest achievements in East Asian craftsmanship. Opening times: Tuesdays - Saturdays 10am-5pm Sundays - 12noon-5pm Closed on Mondays apart from Bank Holidays. Closed between Christmas and New Year.
                                  Museum of Eastern Art
12 Bennett Street
Fax: +44 01225 461718
Tel:  01225 464640
At last, there is somewhere in Bath for all Jane Austen fans. The Jane Austen Centre is a permanent exhibition with knowledgeable guides featuring displays of her life and family: Georgian Bath; contemporary maps and unique photographic enlargements; elegant costumes; a specially made video; well-stocked gift shop and much more. Walking tours of Jane Austen’s Bath are available everyday throughout the summer. A period costume photography service is available.
The Jane Austen Centre in Bath

40 Gay Street,
Bath BA1 2NT

Follow the tourist signposts or hop on any of the sightseeing bus tours and get off at the Jane Austen Centre


Tel: 01225 443000
An innovative hands-on exploration of the development of the Georgian city of Bath. The museum, which is housed in the historic Countess of Huntingdon's Chapel, interprets the architectural heritage of Bath, tracing the personalities and work of the architects and craftsmen responsible for transforming the mediecval core of the city into the elegant Georgian city we can see today. See how classical designs of the Greeks and Romans influenced the style of Georgian Bath, and get an idea of how a house was constructed from bottom to top.
Countess of
                  Huntingdon's Chapel, home to the Building of Bath
                  Collection The Countess of Huntingdon’s Chapel,
The Vineyards,
tel: 01225 333895
fax: 01225 445473

The story of fashion over the last 400 years is brought alive at the Museum of Costume, the finest museum of fashionable garments in the world. The displays include 200 dressed figures to illustrate the changing styles in fashionable clothes from the late 16th century to the present day, chosen from the museum's collection of 30,000 original items. The Museum is undergoing a major re-display in Spring 2007, visit the website www.museumofcostume.co.uk/redisplay for the latest details of what is on show.

Current Exhibitions:

'The Nureyev Style' until 15th April 2007
'Fashion and Bath' until 2nd January 2008
'Pockets of History' until 2 September 2007

Bath Museum of Costume Assembly Rooms
Bennett Street
Fax: +44 01225 477743

Opening Times: Mar-Oct 11am-5pm Nov-Feb 11am-4pm
Tel: 01225 477173
The Bath Narrowboats Canal Experience Centre is a long established boat hire business on the Kennet and Avon Canal situated at the heart of the beautiful heritage city of Bath.
Here at the Canal Experience Centre based at Sydney wharf, Bathwick Hill, we specialise in memorable day trips cruising the Kennet & Avon Canal from Bath to Bradford-on-Avon either on The John Rennie, Bath's most luxurious floating restaurant, our exclusive mini narrow day boats, our fleet of Anglowelsh holiday narrowboats, exploring the area with our mountain bike hire or just watching the canal life go by on the wharf from our soon to be opened cafe .  We can show you a different way to enjoy life along the canal.
At the Bath Narrowboats Canal Experience Centre, we have a commitment to excellence and are proud of our reputation for quality, reliability and value for money. Our aim is to give you, the best quality canal experience out of Bath.?We want you to experience the magic of the Kennet & Avon canal and for your day out to be your best memory of Bath.

The image

                  cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Sydney Wharf
Bathwick Hill
 BA2 4EL

Tel: +44 (0)1225 447276

Fax: +44 (0)1225 336029

The Bath Pavilion is a complete multi-use venue situated in the centre of Bath. It is the ideal venue to hire for trade exhibitions, conferences, weddings, fairs, concerts and stage shows.
The Pavilion can accommodate 450 for dinner dances and has space for up to 1200 for music events. Facilities include: the main hall, stage, café and kitchen, a bar, toilets and cloakroom and a box office.
Pick A Theatre
Bath Pavilion Bath Pavillion
North Parade Rd,

Telephone: 01225 312121

At Bath Postal Museum we have something for everyone. We provide colourful, frequently changing exhibitions, interactive games and quizzes, models and collectables and feature historic 'talking heads' video characters. There is also plenty to do for young visitors, who can play the mail computer challenge, try on costumes and play our stunning 'potholes and pitfalls' boardgame. All visitors are also able to perforate their own sheet of stamps and the museum shop offers a large range of postcards and gifts. Groups and schools can be catered for.
The image

                  cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. 27 Northgate Street
Fax: +44 01225 460333
Tel:   01225 460333

Pulteney Bridge, together with the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, is one of the world's most beautiful bridges. Like the Ponte Vecchio it is one of a handful of historic bridges in the world with shops built into it. Built for William Pulteney by Robert Adams, the bridge was an attempt to connect central Bath to land on the other bank of the River Avon and make Pulteney's fortune. In spite of its practical origins it is surely the most romantic bridge in the world, best viewed from Parade Gardens park by the crescent weir.

Pulteney Bridge
 BA2 4AY

Contemporary English food served in elegant surroundings with linen tablecloths, table service, fresh flowers. Fresh food prepared on the premises, cooked to order using local produce. Great ambience. Live music by the Pump Room Trio or a solo pianist.
Image: view of the
                  Pump Room Restaurant Bath And North East Somerset
Council Heritage Services
Pump Room, Stall Street
BATH Avon BA1 1LZ 

Open 7 days a week: Winter (Oct 1st - March 31st) 09.30 - 16.30 Summer (April 1st - September 30th) 09.30 - 17.30 Times may vary

Tel:01225 444477
A warm welcome to Bath Racecourse – the home of thrilling racing and premier hospitality!
Ideally situated on Lansdown Hill overlooking the picturesque Roman City of Bath, Bath Racecourse is the highest racecourse in Britain and is known for being intimate, relaxed and friendly, as well as putting on spectacular events!
During 2012, Bath will be home to 19 exciting and unique racedays. With a variety of weekday, weekend and evening fixtures which take place between April and October a trip to Bath’s historic racecourse is an experience to be enjoyed by all.
A day at the races is as casual or as formal as you want to make it. For some it’s a get together with friends, for others it’s an excuse to dress up, especially on Ladies Day, many ladies get dressed up and wear hats – not obligatory, but great fun! Families are always welcome with accompanied Children under 16 entering for free and a small playground to keep them entertained.
We look forward to welcoming you to Bath Racecourse in 2012 and be assured we will do everything we can to make your day special.
Horny Horse
http://www.geegeez.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Chepstow-racecourse-300x225.jpg Lansdown
Fax: +44 (0)1225 444415

Tel: 01225 424609
The Record Office is an institution in the city and provides a massive collection of historical records that relate to the history and the development of the city. The earliest records of the settlement are from the 12th Century, and are both fascinating and beautiful to look at. No matter what you are looking to find out about the area, you will find it here amongst this massive collection.
The image

                  cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Guildhall,
High Street,
Phone: +44 (0)1225 477421  -  Fax: +44 (0)1225 477439

Visit the heart of the World Heritage Site. Around Britain's only hot spring, the Romans built a magnificent temple and bathing complex that still flows with natural hot water. See the water's source and walk where Romans walked on the ancient stone pavements. The extensive ruins and treasures from the spring are beautifully preserved and presented using the best of modern interpretation.
'Meet the Romans' children's audiogiude and 'Bryson at the Bath's audioguide tours included in admission price.The Roman Baths opening hours are: Jan - Feb 9.30 - 16.30, exit 17.30; Mar - June 9.00 - 17.00, exit 18.00, July - Aug 9.00 - 20.00, exit 21.00, Sept - Oct 9.00 - 17.00, exit 18.00, Nov - Dec 9.30 - 16.30, exit 17.30
                                  Baths Roman Baths
Abbey Church Yard
Fax: +44 01225 477743
Tel:  01225 477785
The Royal Crescent is one of the world's best known landmarks. Built between 1767 and 1775 and designed by John Wood the younger, the crescent contains some 30 houses, one of which is now the Royal Crescent Hotel, another is Number 1 and open to the public.
Royal Crescent, seen
                  from a hot air balloon. There is a contrast between
                  the architectural style of the public front and the
                  private rear of this crescent. Royal Crescent

Although the BRSLI did not move to Queen Square until 1932, the institution was founded over a century earlier. Its collection reflects the Victorian spirit of discovery. David Livingstone, intrepid explorer of Africa, was among those who lectured to this worthy body. Bath by Victoria’s day had abandoned dissipation in favour of moral and intellectual improvement. The collections include geology, natural history, antiquities and examples of the art and culture of many lands. Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution is an educational charity based in Queen Square, Bath. We have two main activities; a programme of talks, discussions and exhibitions on science, the arts and current affairs, and the maintenance and exhibition of our extensive collection of books, fossils and artifacts. Outside organisations also use our premises for meetings.
All our talks are open to the public, as are most of our exhibitions. We try to keep entry charges to a minimum - exhibitions are normally free, and you can hear a world-class scientist or author talk about their subject for Ł4.
http://www.cotswolds.info/images/Bath/museums/Bath_Royal_Literary_&_Scientific_Institution_museum.jpg 16-18 Queen Square,
Phone: +44 (0)1225 312084  -  Fax: +44 (0)1225 442460
Bath RugbyEstablished in 1865, Bath has been at the forefront of Rugby Union’s evolution in this country. Bath Rugby (also known as just Bath) is an English professional rugby union club that is based in the city of Bath.  The club has experienced major success, having in the past won England's domestic competition, the Anglo-Welsh Cup (as the John Player and Pilkington Cup), as well as the Heineken Cup.
Founded in 1865, Bath Football Club is one of the oldest and most successful clubs in existence. They play at the Recreation Ground, also known as the Rec, in the City of Bath. Their CEO is Nick Blofeld (former head of Epsom race course). Not only have we seen the standard of club rugby continue to rise in England, but also all Home Union international sides have benefited from the talent that has pulled on the Bath shirt and the men who nurtured them.
Randy Rugby

http://www.ospreysrugby.com/images/galleries/121BathvOspreys09-11-14.jpg Recreation Ground
Spring Gardens

Capacity: 11,700

Buy Merchandise
Buy Tickets

Tel: 01225 325200
Fax: 01225 325201
Ticket Hotline: 0871 721 1865
No prior knowledge of Bath is required as all clues are solved by observation.  Both young and old will be fascinated whilst getting out for a couple of hours seeing the sites and solving the clues. Children will enjoy beating adults to solve the clues!  We even supply a map just in case you get lost.  The answers are at the back of the book so you can check any unsolved ones before you leave.The hunt starts at the Tourist Information Centre , York Street, Bath, BA1 1LY. From Bath or just visiting, you will be surprised at how much you walk past without even noticing. We so often walk around blinkered without appreciating the great features which make our towns and cities fabulous. By following our hunt these things will be highlighted rather than hidden away. Our Bath treasure hunt packs contain all the necessary elements for you need including maps, clues, answer sheet, and tips on how to get things going.
                  Treasure Hunt

Local stockists of single hunts

Tourist Information Centre—Bath,
Abbey Chambers,
 Abbey Churchyard,
Bath, BA1 1LY.  
Fax: 01225 477787  
Email: tourism@bathnes.gov.uk

Good Buy Books—Bath

W H Smith—Bath

Tel: 01225 477101
 Beau Nash's Houses
18th century
The present entrance to the Theatre Royal was Beau Nash's first house. It was built in 1720 by Thomas Greenway (and so was pre-Wood). The mouldings of window frames and of frieze are characteristically overdone, as are the volutes of the brackets of the door-hood.  Wood criticizes its 'profuse ornament' and calls it typical of a mason as against an architect. Above the doorway a bust of Garrick by Gahagan, 1831. The ticket office and entrance vestibule is by C.J. Phipps, 1862.  Beau Nash's second house is the northern neighbour of the Theatre Royal. The S doorway has two attached Corinthian columns and an excellently carved architrave, somewhat in the Kent manner. Two eagles on plinths stand on the door-hood. Click on pictures to enlarge

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Beazer Gardens is a small grassed area on the east side of the Bath weir. Access is from steps on Pulteney Bridge. The maze is a simple unicursal design, but has eight sections rather than the four sections of Chartres mazes. In the centre is a magnificent Gorgon's head mosaic. The maze was designed by Adrian Fisher who says "I designed the pathway network of the Bath Maze;  actually it is both a unicursal labyrinth, and also a multi-cursal puzzle maze;  and it also invites children to invent and play games on its pathways (since it is flat)."
 http://i15.tinypic.com/6gd0ewz.jpg Beazer Gardens
 BA2 1EE

The 120 foot neo-classical Tower was built for wealthy eccentric William Beckford in 1827 as a study retreat which housed part of his art collection & library. Today it contains a museum collection on the first floor illustrating his life & interests. Visitors can climb up the newly restored Tower into the Belvedere for panoramic views over Bath & countryside.. General opening times: Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays; Easter to end October 10.30am-5pm.
Beckford's Tower & Museum is now closed for the winter and will reopen at Easter 2007. We still do group visits and special bookings during the closed period
Beckworths Tower & Museum Lansdown Road
BA1 9BH  
Fax: +44 01225 481850
Tel:  01225 422212/460705
This was the first hospital in Bath with regular medical staff. It was founded around 1608 for poor sick people coming to Bath for the waters. On the front is the coat of arms of the great Elizabethan statesman William Cecil, Lord Burghley. Burghley had left money for pious uses, which founder Thomas Bellott spent as his executor. The hospital was rebuilt in the 19th century and is now a nursing home for the elderly, part of St John’s Hospital. Public access to the interior is rarely possible.
Photograph Beau Street,

Sir Bevil Grenville’s Monument stands on Landsdowne Hill in Bath and was erected to mark the heroism and courage of this man and his Cornish pikemen at the Battle of Landsdowne in 1643. The statue is constructed of ashlar and has a slate plate, erected in 1720 aloft this beautiful hill, offering fine views of Bath and the rolling hills of the Somerset countryside. English Heritage maintain the monument and its grounds.
The image
                  cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Lansdowne Hill,
BS30 5RR
Tel: 0117 9750 700
Bradford on Avon (sometimes Bradford-on-Avon) is a town in west Wiltshire,   with a population of about 9,326.  The name of the town originates from the ‘broad ford’ across the River Avon. The town's canal, historic buildings, shops, pubs and restaurants make it popular with tourists.  The history of the town can be traced back to Roman origins. It has several buildings dating to the 17th century, when the town grew due to the thriving English woollen textile industry.Bradford on Avon is a bustling market town which still serves the local farming community as it has done for centuries.
Nestling in the western corner of Wiltshire,Bradford is only 8 miles from the World Heritage City of Bath. One of the most compelling features about Bradford is its unique position on the edge of the Cotswolds facing the River Avon. The ancient bridge in the centre of the town remains its natural focus and still retains two of its original 13th century arches. The historical view from the main bridge incoporates the hill above the town which is dotted with the old weavers' cottages and the river bank flanked with the 19th century former cloth mills. On the bridge stands a small building which was originally a chapel but later used as a town lockup. The weather vane on top takes the form of a gudgeon (an early Christian symbol), hence the local saying "under the fish and over the water".
The river provided the power for the wool mills that gave the town its wealth. The town has 17th century buildings dating from the most successful period of the local textile industry. The best examples of weaver's cottages are on Newtown, Middle Rank and Tory Terraces. Daniel Defoe visited Bradford in the early 18th century and commented : "They told me at Bradford on Avon that it was no extra-ordinary thing to have clothiers in that county worth Ł10,000 to Ł40,000 per man" (Equivalent to Ł1.3M to Ł5.3M in 2007  .With improving mechanisation in Textile manufacture during the Industrial Revolution the wool weaving industry moved from cottages to purpose built woollen mills adjacent to the river Avon where they used water and steam to power the looms. Around 30 such mills were built in Bradford on Avon alone and prospered further until the English woollen industry shifted its centre of power to Yorkshire in the late 19th century. The last local mill closed in 1905. Many have since stood empty and some became derelict.   Several notable buildings in and around the town centre have been designated for renovation and redevelopment by 2012. In 1998 the Wiltshire Music Centre was opened in Bradford on Avon, on the grounds of St Laurence School. On 8 October 2003, Bradford on Avon was granted Fairtrade Town status.

Bradford on Avon town bridge (2).JPG
34 Silver Street, Bradford-on-Avon
 BA15 1JX

at the Open Directory Project
Bradford on Avon Town Council
Historic Bradford-on-Avon photos at BBC Wiltshire
Six English Towns: Bradford-on-Avon - A 35 minute BBC TV programme made in 1981 examining Bradford-on-Avon's Georgian buildings and architecture
Day Out: Bradford-on-Avon - A 30 minute BBC TV programme made in 1978 of a day spent exploring Bradford-on-Avon

Tel: 01225 865797 (1225 868722)
Fax:01225 868722
The museum, which displays the natural and human heritage of the town, is situated on the first floor of the town library. Its main exhibit is an old pharmacy shop that has been lovingly rebuilt after 120 years of service.
Bridge Street,
 Bradford on Avon,
BA15 1BY
01225 865797
After several years of boat operations, without permanent premises, European funding was obtained to help construct a purpose built canal side Visitor Centre. This steel, wood and glass structure opened in 1988 and is curved to match the bend of the canal around the hillside.  Within this building all the activities of the boatyard and Visitor Centre are carried out with the exception of Chris's Boat Services, which occupies the dry dock and workshop in the tunnel. A number of small shops occupy the centre providing information about the canal, books and guides and various boat and canal memorabilia. The longest part of the building is occupied by the Angelfish Cafe/restaurant, which caters for boaters and walkers. The bustle and activity of this eastern end of the parish is in marked contrast to the peace and tranquillity of Tucking Mill Lake at its western limit.
Visitor Centre Brassknocker Basin
Monkton Combe
Tel: 01225 722292
Fax: 01225 723922
Relaxing and enjoyable way to take in the sights of the city including Great Pultney street, Henrietta park Laura fountain and more. A great way to celebrate that special occasion, birthday, anniversary, hen party or add a touch of Romance to a wedding proposal.  Fixed tours last approx 25 minutes costs Ł10.00 per adult  Ł 5.00 per child. Meet us at Terrace Walk , outside The Abbey Hotel.  Tours can be pre booked on your specific Time and Date to avoid disappointment.  Card payments availble on pre booked tours.  Exclusive use of carriage availble for tours up to an hour , ride through Victoria Park see The Royal Crescent and The Circus.
Autumn Coach Ride The Stables 
Radford Farm 
Tel : 01761 471888
Here bubbles up one of Bath’s smaller hot springs. By about 1700 the Cross Bath was ’the bathing place of pleasure’. More private than the King’s Bath, it was favoured by the beau monde. Musicians serenaded noted beauties from one of its galleries, while spectators admired them from the other. That was in an earlier building. This Georgian gem went up towards the end of the century. Its luscious curves billow out into the half-moon end of Bath Street.
Hot Bath Street

Downside Abbey Church is one of the finest examples of Neo-Gothic architecture in England, which some describe as a jewel among the churches of Somerset.
Downside Abbey Stratton-on-the-Fosse, nr. Bath
01761 235161
Spectacular late 17th-century mansion, garden and deer park  Set in a beautiful Gloucestershire valley and surrounded by 110 hectares (272 acres) of garden and rolling parkland, this grand baroque house with spectacular sweeping views towards Bristol was designed by Talman for William Blathwayt, Secretary at War during the reign of William III. Lavish 17th-century collections reflect the fashion for all things Dutch, including paintings and furniture. Later 18th-century additions include furniture by Gillow and Linnell, and the Victorian domestic quarters provide visitors with an intriguing insight into life below stairs.
A raised view of the East Front of Dyrham Park
                  and surrounding countryside on an autumn day ©
                  NTPL/Rupert Truman Dyrham,
SN14 8ER
Tel : 0117 937 2501
Ruined 14th century castle with an intriguing history.  Wall paintings in the chapel.  Audio tour. An English Heritage site.
                      hungerford Castle Farleigh Hungerford, nr Bath
Daily. Apr-Sept 10am-6pm; Oct 10am-5pm; Nov-Mar Wed-Sun 10am-4pm.
01984 631819
Even quite late in the 18th century, Stall Street was still crammed with shops and lodging houses which hid the spa buildings from passers-by. Sedan chairs carrying noble visitors had to be jostled down narrow lanes and passages to reach the baths. So Bath Corporation directed architect Thomas Baldwin to create a more gracious city centre. On one side of Stall Street an airy colonnade arose beside a new pump room and entrance to the main baths. On the other the new Bath Street cut through to the smaller baths.
Stall Street and Bath Street,

This house is older than it looks. 14 and 15 Westgate Street next door were once one house, given a grand face-lift around 1720. But the conversion was only skin-deep. On the upper floors are features from the early 1600s. The house was let to a vintner in 1728 and it was known as the Bunch of Grapes by 1776. At that time it was a wine merchants, but had become a pub by the end of the century.
14 Westgate Street,

Phone: +44 (0)1225 310235
The Gravel Walk in Bath is a path that leads from Queens Square in the centre of Bath directly to the Royal Crescent, Bath's most famous and grand crescent.  Just off this shaded path is a recreated Georgian Garden which has been restored to how it would have been around 1760 when it was designed. The garden offers a peaceful seating area and is planted with plants & shrubs of the era.   Gravel Walk was the route for sedan chairs between the town centre and the spreading developments of the two John Woods. It was a mistake to try and alight without paying the fare. The chairman could open the top instead of the door and let the rain onto your finery. As you stroll along the Gravel Walk you can see the patchwork backside of the Wood uniform. Balconies and bays blossom out like flowers leaning towards the sun.  It is said to be haunted. A white haired man has appeared several times, only to suddenly vanish.

Green Park is a former communal garden, created during town expansion around 1792-96. Bath is blessed with bursts of greenery almost round every corner. Georgian developments draped themselves over the green hills and meadows around the old city centre. Open spaces preserved a sense of connection with the countryside. The triangle of Green Park was once a communal garden for the residents of the late Georgian terraces to east and west. Now only the western terrace survives. On the south the park dips down to the River Avon, with access to a riverside walk.

01225 394041

This former station was built in 1868-9 as a stop on the Midland Railway’s Bristol to Birmingham line. The last train ran in 1966. But the station was restored in the 1980s and cleverly converted to other uses. Green Park Brasserie occupies the old booking hall. It offers a bar, café, library and Internet access. The former train shed houses Green Park Market and specialist shops. The station also has meeting rooms and bigger events can be staged in the shed.

The Guildhall in Bath, Somerset, England was built between 1775 and 1778 by Thomas Baldwin to designs by Thomas Warr Attwood. It has been designated as a Grade I listed building. The current Bath stone building replaced a Stuart Guildhall, built in 1625, which itself replaced an earlier Tudor structure. The facade has 4 Ionic columns and the building is surmounted by the figure of Justice. The central dome was added in 1893. It forms a continuous building with the Victoria Art Gallery and the covered market.
The interior includes a banqueting hall with engaged Corinthian columns. It contains 18th century chandeliers and original royal portraits. The room is used on royal visits to the city including Queen Elizabeth II who had lunch in the banqueting room in May 2002.
It now houses the Council Chamber and Register office for Bath and North East Somerset and is used as a wedding venue,  and for filming period dramas. The Guildhall also serves as one of the venues for the Bath International Music Festival.
Pick A Theatre
Guildhall Theatre Bath The Guild Hall
The High Street,
 BA1 5AW


Telephone: 01225 477782/86
This pleasant 2.8 hectare (7 acre) park is situated close to the city centre and was laid out and opened to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria of 1897.  It contains many fine trees, extensive shrubberies, beautiful flower beds and public toilets.

It also contains the King George V Memorial Garden where superb bedding displays are arranged around a central pool and fountain.  A place to sit quietly, an oasis of peace, tranquillity and beauty just minutes away from the bustle of city life.

Henrietta Road,

The Herschel Museum of Astronomy is dedicated to the many achievements of the Herschels, who were distinguished astronomers as well as talented musicians. It was from this house, using a telescope of his own design that William discovered the planet Uranus in 1781. His observations helped to double the known size of the solar system. Following a tradition of the great astronomers of the Renaissance he pushed forward the science of building telescopes. He was rewarded for his work by King George III, and also received the Copley Medal. Caroline also made a huge contribution to the field of astronomy. The work of the Herschels clearly had an impact on modern science and space exploration. Sir Patrick Moore, the patron of the museum, describes William Herschel as “the first man to give a reasonably correct picture of the shape of our star-system or galaxy, the best telescope-maker of his time, and possibly the greatest observer who ever lived”. Our photo library offers a range of images of the Herschels and the museum including portraits, general views and museum objects. Please enquire about reproduction fees.
http://www.farnham-as.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/2011_09_30_1569.jpg 19 New King Street
tel: 01225 446865
fax: 01225 446865
At the Holburne Museum you will find a beautiful and fascinating art collection in one of Bath’s great buildings. Our stunning new extension with its galleries and garden café opens onto the park behind us, serving fresh, seasonal lunches, delicious cakes and fairly traded coffee and tea.We believe enjoyment of the arts changes people's lives. Our aim is to encourage this enjoyment by:
* caring for, understanding, enhancing, displaying and interpreting our collection, our building and our unrivalled site
* reaching as wide a public as possible by providing a welcoming, intimate experience of the arts for people of all ages and abilities
* staging exhibitions, events and educational activities of outstanding quality and imagination
* being confident, adventurous and innovative

Art Fund Prize 2012 Great Pulteney Street

Tel: +44 (0) 1225 388588

Fax: +44 (0) 1225 333121
Like the nearby Cross Bath, this is an elegant Georgian miniature. John Wood the younger, architect of the grand Royal Crescent, focused here on a smaller scale. The compact, ingenious design made the best use of the cramped city centre site. Around an octagonal bath Wood placed changing rooms and private baths. Now the Hot Bath has been restored as part of the Bath Spa redevelopment.
Hot Bath Street
, Bath

This gallery has developed a good name over the years and is somewhere that is worth visiting if you are interested in seeing some of the best artwork that is on display in the area. Carrying a relatively eclectic range of pieces, the gallery has a commitment to educating and inspiring the local people and visitors into a world of art that they may not have had the chance to become acquatinted with.

Hot Bath Street,
 BA1 1UP
Phone: +44 (0)1225 328673  -  Fax: +44 (0)1225 328673
This cinema was the brain-child of actress Consuelo de Reyes. Having already created a community arts centre nearby, she wanted a small theatre which could also be used as a cinema. She and her husband built the Little Theatre in 1935 and it still has something of a 1930s look internally. Now a Picturehouse cinema, it aims to show arthouse, independent and high quality mainstream films.
St Michael’s Place,
Phone: +44 (0)1225 466822
Sorry no moanersLOCK INN
You'll find the cafe at the Lock Inn a pleasant reminder of when we were a nation of corner shop keepers. Owned and run by the same family since it was first opened in 1990 we are proud that we see many of the customers that first came 10 years ago. We always do our best to make sure that your visit to our cafe is an enjoyable experience that you will wish to repeat.   Home of the Boatman's Breakfast. Vast menu served all day.  Canalside gardens, summer houses and marquee, below Bradford Lock on the Kennet and Avon Canal. Bike and canoe hire available from our shop.Average meal price Ł5-Ł10.
Opening times: Open 7 days from 8.30am. All day menu served until 9pm. Open till late. 
Closed Sunday and Monday evenings during winter.  Open bank holidays.
Last food orders 9pm. Vegetarian options available, fully licensed, children welcome, internet access, Walkers are Welcome.
Outside The
                  Lock Inn 48 Frome Road
BA15 1LE
Tel: 01225 868068
Moles Club, one of the UK's best live music venues: whether you're a tourist from London looking for some live entertainment, a local resident of Bath, Bristol & the West Country, or a visitor to Bath or England from anywhere in the world, this could become one of your favorite nightclubs to build your social life and nightlife around. In a word Music Music Music is what we're about - a veritable music lovers and musician's paradise.

Occupying a niche all of its own, this is the place for live bands, live gigs, dance music, wicked dance nights with top dance DJs, whacky events, open mic nights, jazz music, battle of the bands competitions and everything to do with the local live music, partying & social scene. This is a nightclub with a difference - but also one of those great intimate cellar venues! If you like to delve a bit deeper, then there’s a short potted history of the club, if you click on Moles Group/History
Pick A Theatre
Moles Club, Bath 14 George Street,


Tel: 01225 404 445
Luxury canal boat holidays on the beautiful Kennet and Avon Canal near the Georgian City of Bath. Cruise in superior style aboard our five star fleet of canal boats. Moonboats are traditional widebeam narrowboats with fabulous accommodation and luxurious facilities including Jacuzzi whirlpool baths. We're a family run company offering luxury canalboat holidays. All of our hire boats have been awarded 5 star Excellence by Quality in Tourism for Visit Britain. If you're looking for a boating holiday with a special difference, you've come to the right place. At Moonraker we are commited to providing a customer service second to none, we will always go the extra mile to ensure that your holiday is everything you hoped it to be and more! Our boats offer more space than a standard narrowboat, families and groups will really appreciate the extra room onboard. Our narrow boat fleet, Moonbeam, Medusa and Moondance are traditional style widebeam canal boats with fabulous accommodation - ideal for families or those special occasions where the extra space makes the whole experience even more enjoyable. At Moonraker we also like to see your narrowboat holiday off to a cracking start with flowers, wine and chocolates on your arrival.
7 Lower East Hayes
 London Road

The centrepiece of the Museum, covering an entire floor, is the reconstructed engineering and soft drinks factory of Victorian businessman J B Bowler.  Walk through the workshops and offices and see a complete soft drinks and bottling plant. Some of the machinery is in working order and there are regular demonstrations. Audio guides are available free of charge and guided tours are provided when possible. An introduction to the city’s development is given in ‘Bath at Work: 2000 Years of Earning a Living and an exhibition on invention and the landscape of working Bath, ‘Bath in Particular’ is on show in the ground floor Hudson Gallery.On the other floors there are a reconstructed Bath Stone mine, complete with dripping water, reconstructed workshops of a Bath cabinet maker, an unusual 1914 Horstmann car with kick starting, a Bath Chair exhibited at the Crystal Palace exhibition of 1851, a copy of The Hound of the Baskervilles printed in Pitman Shorthand, a singular example of a six-stroke double acting gas engine made by local inventor Samuel Griffin and a unique self winding clock of 1866 built in the city.
The Museum is housed in a former Real Tennis Court, built in 1777. The Museum is close to the Assembly Rooms, Circus and Royal Crescent.
tracklow022 Julian Road
Phone: +44 (0)1225 318348
No. 1 Royal Crescent is a grand townhouse of the late 18th Century with authentic furniture, paintings and carpets. On the ground floor are the study and dining room, and on the first floor a lady’s bedroom and drawing room. A kitchen museum and shop is situated in the basement. Open Tuesday-Sunday, 10.30am-5.00pm (4.00pm November). Closed Mondays and Good Fridays. Open Bank Holiday Mondays. Admission fee.

1 Royal Crescent,
Phone: +44 (0)1225 338727  -  Fax: +44 (0)1225 481850
Here we glimpse pre-Georgian Bath. A row of timber-framed houses was built in the 1620s along the edge of the former priory orchard. You would never guess it. Most have been completely rebuilt. The exception is Sally Lunn’s, where the old timber-framing has just been hidden behind a stone front. Then a charming Regency bow window was patched on. Sally is hiding her true age.

The Pump Room was the pulsing centre of the spa in its Georgian heyday. The glittering social life of the country’s premier resort revolved around it. Here those who did not care to bathe could drink the waters, gossip and see who else was in town. Transport yourself back to Jane Austen’s days with a glass of spa water served by a costumed attendant. Or take tea in elegant surroundings while listening to the Pump Room Trio.
Pick A Theatre
Abbey Church Yard,

Phone: +44 (0)1225 444477
Royalty has routinely come to Bath. But Bath has only to honour one with a monument for him to descend into obscurity. The Queen Square obelisk records the visit of Frederick, Prince of Wales. He never lived to be king. The three men who made the greatest impact on the Georgian city built this obelisk. It was designed by John Wood and paid for by Beau Nash. The stone was donated by Ralph Allen, whose quarries supplied the honey-coloured limestone that gives the Georgian city its warmth.
Queen Square,

Queen Square was the first speculative development by Bath’s famed architect John Wood the elder. The palatial north façade was designed to give grandeur to the whole square. In reality a row of houses, the block was designed like a Palladian villa, with a central pediment. Giant Corinthian columns soar up two storeys with an air of lofty nobility. Wood himself lived in a house on the south side of the square, where he could gaze upon his handiwork. Now the leafy central garden blocks the view.

The Radstock, Midsomer Norton and District Museum Society was founded in 1985 to preserve the social and industrial heritage of the communities of the Somerset Coalfield. The first issue of 'Five Arches', the Journal of the Society, appeared in 1986. The Society's Collection was first put on permanent display at Barton Meade, Haydon, in 1989. In 1996 the old Radstock Market Hall was acquired and three years later,  on 10th July 1999, Radstock Museum opened its doors and became the new home of The Society's Collection.Run by a team of dedicated volunteers who have searched history books, archives and memories of local people, the Museum has been described as the jewel in the West Country's crown. Radstock Museum celebrates the lifestyle of the typical Somerset coalminer. The Museum illustrates not only the home life of the mining families, but also the vibrant social, commercial and industrial structure of the past two hundred years.Dedicated areas demonstrate the coalface and the miner's hard, dangerous working conditions. Shop at the Co-op as his wife did over 70 years ago,
relive the trepidation felt by his children in the strict Victorian Board School, see how the community life centred round the twin pleasures of the church and the pub.
Waterloo Road,
Radstock, Bath, 
Phone: +44 (0)1761 437722
On the Bathwick side of the Avon is this popular walk beside the river. You can watch the weir waterfall from an open-air cafe, feed the swans, admire the brightly-painted canal boats, or take a boat trip up or down river. Children can have fun in the Beazer Garden Maze. They won’t get lost. It is not a hedged maze, but a pavement laid out with twist and turns around a central mosaic.
Between Pulteney Bridge and North Parade Bridge,

We launch The Rondo‘s 36th year with a very special season celebrating the best comedy theatre in the country. Every show is a cracker. You are assured of a really fabulous night out-whether it?s the truly engaging show you see, the amazing atmosphere of this unique theatre or the friendly banter over a refreshing glass of wine or of cool beer.We hope you like our new-look season programme, designed to make it easier to find the type of shows you want to see. You?ll find the performances in categories, with a diary on the back page showing what?s on each week at a glance. Our website carries more details and more pictures of all the shows.

Keep an eye out for some special promotions this season, offering you a chance to see some truly satisfying, engaging and entertaining performances.
Pick A Theatre
                  Theatre Bath RondoTheatre
St Saviours Road, Larkhall, Bath, BAI 6RT 


Tel: 01225 448844
The Royal Photographic Society was founded in 1853 with the intention of promoting the art and science of photography. This mandate is one that it has stuck to right through to the modern day. The society is responsible for three major touring photographic exhibitions, and a variety of international projects every year. The headquarters in Bath shows a different exhibition of members' work every month.
The Society's headquarters, Fenton House, has facilities which are available for hire by either members or non-members. We have a 48-seater lecture theatre with overhead digital projection and plasma screen and a conference room that seats 12 people. These rooms can either be combined or used as two separate areas.
The Royal Photographic Society Fenton House
122 Wells Road
Bath BA2 3AH

Phone: +44 (0)1225 325733  -  Fax: +44 (0)1225 469880
Royal Victoria Park was designed as a public pleasure park by the city architect Edward Davis. It was opened in 1830 by Princess Victoria. The park was managed privately during the 19th century. Bath City Council took over its running in 1921. Victoria Park was created out of the old town common when Victoria was still a princess. . Spread out below the Royal Crescent, its 57 acres support a rich variety of attractions. For sports-lovers there is tennis, bowling and an adventure golf course. For music-lovers there are open air concerts. Don’t miss the delightful nine-acre Botanical Garden.
Marlborough Lane,

This gabled front conjures up something of pre-Georgian Bath. According to the credible date carved on it, The Saracen’s Head was built in 1713 - the last year of the Stuart age. Inside a Stuart-style ceiling of 1960s vintage adds to the ambience. It was once a coaching inn, with the coach entrance on Walcot Street, the main route into Bath from London. We can imagine the busy scene. Now the old stable has been knocked into the pub.
42 Broad Street,
Phone: +44 (0)1225 426518
You can't visit Bath without experiencing SALLY LUNN'S 
  • One of the oldest houses in Bath
  • Home of the original Bath bun
  • Award winning inexpensive local cuisine
  • Museum
 Sally Lunn's is much more than a world famous tea and eating house in the centre of the wonderful city of Bath England. Our historic building is one of the oldest houses in Bath. Our kitchen museum shows the actual kitchen used by the young Huguenot baker Sally Lunn in Georgian Bath to create the first Bath bun - an authentic regional speciality now known the world over.
Sally Lunn's is open for morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea, pre-theatre dinner and dinner. Menus offer historic refreshment based on the original Sally Lunn bun - still baked to a secret recipe - and rich in local cuisine and authentic historic dishes. We are a truly authentic English eating house serving regional English food - including our trencher dinner.

Sally Lunn's House
4 North Parade Passage

Tel: +44 (0) 01225 461634
Fax: +44 (0) 01225 447090
Heavy goods travelled by carrier in the 18th century. Carriers John and Walter Wiltshire had a wagon-yard here, now converted into a charming collection of shops and cafés. Wiltshire’s Flying Wagons rolled out every Wednesday and Sunday evening on their two-and-a-half-day journey to London. Thomas Gainsborough trusted Wiltshire’s to transport his paintings to clients. His work "The Harvest Wagon" used a Wiltshire’s horse and wagon as models, and was given to Walter Wiltshire.

Connecting Milsom Street and Broad Street,

This pub is housed in a former Georgian coaching inn, York House, later the Royal York Hotel. Victoria stayed there as a princess. The notice of its opening assured the nobility and gentry (with their sensitive noses) that the stables were a proper distance from the house. The entrance to the inn yard was on Broad Street. The archway is still there, but now cars park where once stage coaches bowled in and out.
York Buildings,
George Street,
Phone: +44 (0)1225 337666  -  Fax: +44 (0)1225 337999
St. Catherine was the patron saint of Bath in the days when it was a clothmaking town. She was seen as a protectress of spinners. This almshouse was founded in the 15th century by wealthy clothmaker William Phillips, mayor and MP of Bath. Originally it stood on the other side of the lane, but was rebuilt on its present site in 1829. It is now amalgamated with the older institution of St John’s Hospital. Public access to the interior is rarely possible.

Bilbury Lane,

St. John’s has been caring for the city’s needy since the 12th century. Bishop Reginald Fitzjocelyn founded the hospital for the poor of Bath, which in practice seemed to mean the elderly and infirm, who could not work. Today St John’s provides pleasant apartments for the elderly around a charming courtyard. Some of the present buildings were designed by famed Bath architect John Wood in the Palladian style.
Chapel Court,
Phone: +44 (0)1225 486400  -  Fax: +44 (0)1225 463439
The Church of St. Michael is unique. The site has been a challenge to generations of architects. It is crammed between two streets. There is no space for the standard church with the altar at the east and tower at the west. Novel solutions had to be found. The medieval church had a tower on the north side. The present church defies convention altogether. The normal plan was skewed round so that the altar is at the north.

Broad Street,
Phone: +44 (0)1225 447103  -  Fax: +44 (0)1225 447103

We are a growing group. We've been together for about one year and there are approximately 30 people in the group -of all ages, singles, couples, and some with partners of other faiths. We vary in our levels of observance, but we all 'click' very well, and we love to welcome new members -I guarantee you'll have a great time! Our aim appears to be socialising, nosh and talks from group members.

Somerset Jewish Social
                    & Cultural Group Contact : Jane Warner, 
 email janecarolewarner@hotmail.com
 Tel  No 01823 289085
The Stanton Drew Stone Circle, or to be more precise, the three stone circles, date from around 3,000BC and enjoy a relatively isolated location that is well off the beaten track.
The stones themselves stand sullen and silent - brooding guardians of long ago mysteries around which all manner of legends and ghostly tales have been woven.
TWICE THE SIZE OF STONEHENGE AND AVEBURY  Although twice the size of its more famous cousins, Stonehenge and Avebury, the Stanton Drew Stone Circle is a lot less well known and, therefore, has managed to retain a distinctive aura of detachment and solitude .Although archaeological excavation at the site has been minimal, evidence has been uncovered which suggests that a huge structure once stood inside the Great Circle - which consists of 27 stones - most of which lie recumbent - and which measures 112m across. This suggests that these megalithic remains were once part of a much more complex and important site. English Heritage manages the area and is responsible for the upkeep of the surroundings.
The image
                  cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Stanton Drew,
 BS39 4DX

The Stoney Littleton Long Barrow is located just outside of Bath in the Somerset countryside. It
is considered to be one of the best Neolithicchambered long barrows in this part of the country. Oriented southeast to northwest, it consists of a wedge shaped mound over 30 metres long, 15 metres at its widest point and rising nearly 3 metres above the horn shaped forecourt. This south-eastern forecourt features a fossilised ammonite impression in the left-hand door jamb, this stone obviously being specially selected for this reason, and the whole entrance is crowned by a huge lintel. For many years recently it was not possible to enter the tomb, despite having been restored by the Victorians it being considered unsafe. Work to shore up the chambers now ensures that the visitor can examine the interior of the mound, albeit sometimes at a stoop as parts of the 16 metre passage are only just over a metre in height.
Stoney Littleton Chamber Entrance Stoney Littleton,
Tel : 0117 9750 700
Sydney Gardens were designed by Charles Harcourt Masters, a Bath architect, and opened in 1795. During the first quarter of the 19th century various new attractions were introduced in Sydney Gardens. In about 1839 work started on the section of the Great Western Railway that runs through the Gardens, effectively cutting the Gardens in half. Various garden features and buildings were destroyed. In 1908 Bath City Council purchased Sydney Gardens, which opened to the public in 1913.
                  Gardens, Bath Bathwick,
 BA2 1EE


The Theatre Royal Bath is one of the oldest working theatres in the country, right in the heart of the Georgian City of Bath.
Now more than 200 years old, the beautiful Georgian Theatre Royal offers a year-round programme of top-quality drama, opera, comedy, dance and frequent Sunday concerts. The Theatre Royal also houses the Egg Theatre for children, young people and their families and the Egg Cafe (open throughout the day); the Ustinov Studio for middle-scale theatre comedy and music; the Vaults Restaurant (for pre-show dining); and the historic Garricks Head Pub.
The Theatre Royal's many festivals include the Bath Shakespeare Festival  ; Bath International Puppet Festival  ; the Peter Hall Company Season  and a Festival of Theatre for Children (October Half Term).
Pick A Theatre
Theatre Royal, Bath Theatre Royal
BA1 1ET 


Tel : 01225 448844
Located behind the Theatre Royal, the Ustinov specialises in progressive work from local, student, and touring companies. Opened in the late nineties, the studio is a very modern and flexible space, and while the seats are comfortable, seats too far back can have you looking down on the performers' heads.
The performance schedule has something for everyone, hosting children's workshops and puppet shows, chamber orchestras, and devised entertainment using every imaginable performance medium available. You are as likely to see new work as completely revamped adaptations of classic scripts and stories. The dress code is informal.
Pick A Theatre
                    Royal, Bath Ustinov Studio
Monmouth Street


Tel: +44 1225 448844
Fax: +44 1225 444080
Victoria had little love of Bath and never visited it as queen. Still her long reign was celebrated here. The art gallery named after her was begun in her Diamond Jubilee year of 1897. The Baroque dome is topped by a crown, and an imposing statue of Victoria stands in a niche on the façade. The ground floor galleries host local and travelling exhibitions, while the first floor displays the permanent collection of British and European fine art.

Bridge Street,
 BA1 4AT
Phone: +44 (0)1225 477233  -  Fax: +44 (0)1225 477231
"Bath is the finest place on earth, for you may enjoy its society and its walks without effort or fatigue."  So said the 18th century traveler James Boswell upon his visit to this glorious Georgian city with its well-preserved Roman remains and famous baths. He was absolutely right of course. Bath is one of the easiest cities to explore, with a compact centre of broad main streets, linked by narrow, traffic-free lanes. Lined with beautiful, historic buildings and pretty shops, everything you could want to see is within walking distance, making Bath truly a 'people's city' and without a skyscraper in sight! One of our local Virgin Hot Air Balloon launch sites had to be located in Bath, given the fact that this is a city brimming with heritage and beauty and set in some quite spectacular countryside. Within minutes you might find yourself looking down on the atmospheric village of Lacock, virtually untouched since the 18th century. It will come as no surprise, when viewed from the basket, that this village often features in television and cinema perhaps most famously in the recent 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' feature film.  Nearby is the ancient, mysterious and evocative Stonehenge, a circle of enormous rocks built on the edge of the strangely eerie Salisbury Plain, perhaps one of the greatest attractions in England. Its elder neighbour, Woodhenge, lies a few miles to the East and with its inexplicable alignment with the midsummer sunrise is equally intriguing.A flight in any direction from this great city will lead you over some wonderful ancient landmarks and adorable villages
http://www.virginballoonflights.co.uk/gallery/full/002.jpg Bath City Centre
Royal Victoria Park

Please meet the balloon crew in the top north east corner of Royal
Victoria Park.

01952 212750
15th-century  This beautiful small manor house, built over three centuries, has late Gothic and Jacobean windows, decorative plasterwork and two important keyboard instruments. There is some fine period furniture, 17th- and 18th-century tapestries and a modern topiary garden with attractive views over the Frome Valley.

A view of Westwood Manor in Wiltshire Bradford-on-Avon, 
BA15 2AF
1˝ml SW of Bradford-on-Avon, in Westwood village, beside the church; village signposted off Bradford-on-Avon to Rode road (B3109)

A National Trust Property
01225 867316
The Wiltshire Music Centre's public concert programme offers a variety of high quality events in a first class 300 seat auditorium with superb acoustics and sight-lines. An exciting range of music is on offer, with a feast of jazz, folk and world music jostling with world-class choirs, operatic groups, chamber music and orchestras. The Centre is available for hire and offers excellent facilities for meetings, seminars, conferences, training days, recording sessions and a host of other activities.  The Centre also runs a wide range of education and outreach projects in schools and communities across Wiltshire.
Outside | Clint Randall Ashley Road,
Bradford On Avon,
BA15 1DZ

 01225 860100
 01225 860111
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Bath Gardens  
Charlie's Angels
The Gardens of Wessex
Address & Opening Times
and Click Through Website Link
The garden was designed by Lutyens for a house designed by James Wyatt in 1790. A scissors plan was used to integrate the axes of the house and the orangery with the garden. It hinges on an enclosed garden with sculptural topiary in yew. Other enclosures contain a rose garden and an open air theatre.
Ammerdown House Fred Dibnah Radstock,
 BA3 5SH

Tel: 01761 433709 Fax: 01761 433094
One of the most delightful features of the Royal Victoria Park, the Botanical Gardens were formed in 1887 and within their 3.8 hectares (9 and a half acres) is one of the finest collections of plants on limestone, certainly in the West Country.  Less than a mile from Bath City Centre in the north west corner of the Park, the gardens boast many choice trees, shrubs, a fine herbaceous border, a rock garden and pool, a scented walk, a collection of old shrub roses, and a replica of a Roman Temple (the City’s exhibit at the British Empire Exhibition held at Wembley in 1924). These are just a few of the many attractive and interesting features of the garden. To mark the centenary in 1987 the gardens were extended to include the Great Dell, a disused quarry and formally part of the park itself, which already contained a very fine collection of conifers. It has been developed into a woodland garden, and contains ever more plants and features to add to this fascinating and beautiful park.The Temple of Minerva in the Gardens was carefully adapted and extended in 2009 to create an indoor Interpretation Centre for visitors and schools / groups. The Interpretation Centre has a 15 minute video explaining the Heritage Lottery Fund restoration of Royal Victoria Park along with other information and occasional exhibitions. The Centre is open during week days only but is available for bookings by schools and groups at other times.
Bath Botanical Gardens (Ian Parker) Royal Victoria Park, Marlborough Lane, Bath, Somerset,  , BA1 2NQ


Tel :
(01225) 394041

At the American museum there is a garden which is based on the Mount Vernon Garden at George Washington's home.The garden consists of borders divided by a number of paths the main one of which leads to the Old School House. Plenty of colour including shrubs and herbaceous plantings. In front of the main house is a small herb garden with a small shop selling herbs. The arboretum features North American trees and shrubs and beyond this are tree trails, including the Lewis and Clark trail showing some of the trees which were discovered on their voyage of discovery 200 years ago. Well worth visiting if combined with a visit to the fascinating museum. Tea Room, Shop, Partial disabled access.
Mount Vernon Garden at Claverton Manor by Paul
              Leitch The American Museum,
Claverton Manor, Bath,
 BA2 7BD,

 Tel 01225 460503
The Courts,  Trowbridge
Originally created between 1900 and 1921 on a Hidcote model, it is now freshened and superbly planted and maintained. It is a manageable seven acres of topiary, hedges, pools and plants in satisfying harmony. Divided into sections which are not rigidly defined, but tend to flow from one to another, it offers good surprises as you turn the corners. The wonderfully lopsided, bulging yew topiary, eccentric box shapes, formal pool and spacious lawns set off the flowers perfectly. Wilder at the edges. Don’t miss. Written by Anne Wareham, garden writer and critic whose own garden Veddw House appears on the guide.  open 13 February - 31 October  daily  except Wednesdays - 11 - 5.  Free entry for National Trust members. Disabled access, Tea-room. Around 7 acres.
The Courts Garden by Paul Leitch  Holt, Trowbridge, Wilts,
BA16 6RR
2m E of Bradford-on-Avon.  S of B3107 to Melksham. In Holt follow NT signs, park at village hall & at overflow car park when signed
click here for a map

 Tel 01225 782340
 More remarkable than the house, which is built on one of the seven hills surrounding Bath, are its 10 acres of gardens that date from the 18th century. ''The garden presents a picture of great natural grandeur,’’ noted the Journal of Horticulture and Home Farmer as early as 1906. ''The construction of descending terraces and huge retaining walls give it an Italian appearance within an English setting.’’ There are also miles of shady walks, grottos that lead from one of 12 terraced levels to another and water features. And there are unexpected small gardens: one is the Hercules Garden, designed in 1995, where the Grecian demigod appears once in his lion skin and once in a mosaic pool; while another is the Teazle Garden, so named in memory of a dog. Gardens: 7 & 21 May, 11 June & 16 July 14.00-18.00, at other times by arrangement. Hall: by arrangement only
Property in Somerset: Crowe Hall is for sale for Ł6
              million Widcombe Hill, Bath,
Somerset,   BA2 6AR

Tel : 01225-310322
Downside Abbey Church is one of the finest examples of Neo-Gothic architecture in England, which some describe as a jewel among the churches of Somerset.
Downside Abbey Stratton-on-the-Fosse, nr. Bath
01761 235161
Tour the historic watermill and then take tea in the designer water garden.  Riverside walk and garden sculptures.An ancient mill surrounded by a garden with colour-themed planting. Sculptures are exhibited around the garden.
Arch, Gants Mill Garden Bruton
Mid May-Sep, Thurs, Sun and Bank Hols 2pm-5pm.
01963 812393
A re-created Georgian town garden, designed after archaeological work by the Bath Archaeological Trust. The original garden was made in the 1760s. In 1985 it was decided to make better use of the garden and the positions of the flower beds, paths and the trellis were located by excavation by the Bath Archaeological Trust. The garden features the beautiful variegated leaves and double flowers that were particularly popular in the Georgian period and follows the original layout – typically simple and formal. And although the plants that grew in the garden were not recorded, species known to have been used in town gardens of the period have been planted. Staff from the Council’s Parks Department try to keep the garden as authentically 18th century as possible. They do not use pesticides and they use an authentic Georgian roller to go over the gravel.The garden is open from 9am until dusk. Entry is free to everyone and the garden can be accessed via Gravel Walk in Royal Victoria Park.

Georgian Garden, The UncleBucko Gravel Walk,


Five acres of mixed colour themed borders, ponds and meadows within the framework of a Victorian walled garden in the grounds of a country estate.A twentieth century Arts and Crafts garden in and around an old walled garden on a hillside. The planting is good. It is by Penelope Hobhouse, author of Colour In Your Garden, followed by Nori and Sandra Pope, who have also written a book on planting design with colour. The most intensively cared-for part of the garden is within the old walled vegetable garden of Hadspen House. Since it is on a hillside, it looks less like a vegetable garden than other examples of this genre."
                  Gardens Hadspen House, Castle Cary
Mar-Sept and Bank Hol Mon 10am-5pm.
01749 813707
This Georgian town house was the home of William Herschel (1738-1822), the astronomer who discovered Uranus in 1781. This is a re-creation of the garden as it might have been in his time
Herschel Museum of Astronomy Garden carmen_seaby 19 New King Street, Bath,
Somerset,   BA1 2BL

Tel: +44 (0)1225 446 865
Fax: +44 (0) 1225 446 865

Iford Manor, Nr Bath
On the steep wooded slopes of the Avon valley above an 18th century manor house Harold Peto laid out a terraced garden  with an Italian atmosphere. On the steep slopes there are terraces linked by steps, fountains, loggias, urns and figures. Many trees, shrubs and flowers with beautifully planted containers. Lovely views and  why not picnic in the car park by the river. Open 2010 April & October on Sundays and Easter Monday between 2pm - 5pm. From May to September daily between 2pm - 5pm except on Mondays and Fridays.Children under 10 admitted weekday visits preferred.  Partial disabled access.Groups at other times by arrangement.
Iford Manor by Paul Leitch Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire,
BA15 2BA
7m S of Bath.  Off A36, brown tourist sign to Iford 1m. Or from Bradford-on-Avon or Trowbridge via Lower Westwood village (brown signs)
click here for a map

Tel 01225 863146
The original nineteenth century gardens were created for the workers of Kilver Court. The gardens were restored in the 1960s and opened to the public for the first time in 2008. There is a parterre, millpond and boating lake.  Kilver Court Gardens was first created by Ernest Jardine, MP of East Somerset, in 1880 and established what was known as ‘Jardine’s Park’, using the mill ponds as a boating lake and the surrounding gardens for the workers recreation. Fruit and vegetables were also grown to provide mid-day meals for the workers- a vegetable garden has newly been reinstated!

Parterre and Viaduct Kilver Street,
Shepton Mallet,
Somerset,   BA4 5NF
Tel: 01749 340417
Longleat Garden
A great Elizabethan house (1580) with garden and park. It once had an Elizabethan garden and a park designed by London and Wise in the 1680s. Lancelot Brown re-designed them after 1757. In 1760 a visitor remarked that 'there is not much alteration in the house, but the gardens are no more. They are succeeded by a fine lawn, a serpentine river, wooded hills, gravel paths meandering round a shrubbert, all modernised by the ingenious and much sought-after Mr Brown'. Repton praised Brown for turning a little stream at Longleat into "an apparent river". Repton then deepened the lake and designed a bridge over the dam in 1804. A formal garden was added in the nineteenth century and improved by Russell Page in the twentieth century.All year. Daily except 25th December. Open 11am to 5pm or dusk if earlier (10:30am to 5:30pm weekends and holidays).
Longleat Garden Luke Warminster,
BA12 7NW

Tel: 01985 844400
Parade Gardens is one of the best examples of a Victorian Public Garden, in a very beautiful and very well-run city. The Gardens are beside the River  Avon, overlooking Pulteney Bridge and Pulteney  Weir. There is a  bandstand and the floral bedding displays are some of the best in Britain.
Parade Gardens Bath Grand Parade,
Bath BA1

One of only four Palladian bridges of this design in the world can be crossed at Prior Park, which was created in the 18th century by local entrepreneur Ralph Allen, with advice from 'Capability' Brown and the poet Alexander Pope. The garden is set in a sweeping valley where visitors can enjoy magnificent views of Bath. Restoration of the 'Wilderness' has reinstated the Serpentine Lake, Cascade and Cabinet.
Prior Park Landscape Garden Mark Ferbert Ralph Allen Drive, Bath,
Somerset,  BA2 5AH


Tel : 01225 833422
Stourhead Gardens
Stourhead is a quite stunning English landscape garden by Henry Hoare 11 in the mid 1800s.
Take a walk around this great landscape park which takes your breath away. Children will love the grotto - just wait and see! Classical temples, Temple of Flora, Temple of Appollo, plus rock bridge, cascade all of which are situated around the lake. The view from the temple of Appollo has been described as one of the most picturesque scenes in the world. Hybrid rhododendrons, scented azaleas, pelargoniums. Lovely Autumn colours.  This is a great landscape garden worth visiting any time of the year. It is one of our favourite gardens and should not be missed. Gardens at Stourhead open all year 9am - 7pm or dusk if earlier . Restaurant, shop and plant sales. Disabled access. Dogs are allowed  during November - February only.
Stourhead by Paul Leitch  Stourton, Warminster BA12 6QD
3m NW of Mere on B3092.  Follow NT signs
click here for a map
Tel 01 747 841152
Stourton House Flower Garden

Owner of Stourton House, Elizabeth Bullivant explains that hers is a ‘very unorthodox’ garden; she likes it to ‘enjoy itself’, choosing to ‘plant things where we think they’d like to grow.’ Plants are allowed to mature, so the visitor can see immense rhododendrons, magnolias and a profusion of hydrangeas in their full glory. There is a real sense of discovery here. You never quite know what you might find in the undergrowth; all sorts of curiosities are concealed in the nooks and crannies of this garden. Take one winding path through the woodland area and you might see rare camellias with two colours on the same bush or flowers half one colour and half another, delve deeper and watch out for smatterings of chequered snake’s head fritillaries or graceful erythroniums. The garden is renowned for its cultivated flowers. Many unusual and RHS prize winning daffodils adorn the garden with a dazzling display in spring – including some you won’t find anywhere else. Elizabeth even has something rather special in the garden, Viburnum plicatum ‘Elizabeth Bullivant’, officially named after herself! This dramatic shrub produces masses of berries in September and is just one of the surprises that the garden offers.Refreshments at Stourton House have a nice twist too, cream teas are ever popular, but the cakes are also are not to be missed – flower petals are used in a number of recipes. April to November. Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Mondays. Open 11am to 6pm or dusk.

Stourton House Flower Garden -- Wiltshire Zeals,
nr Warminster, Wiltshire, 
 BA12 6QF
Tel: 01747 840417
A seventeenth century house with a Arts and Crafts garden. The Eagle Court is thought to have been made in the eighteenth century but the other garden compartments were made in the first two decades of the twentieth century. It has a distinct 'Golden Afternoon' flavour. Captain and Mrs Reiss bought the house in 1933 and added the Pool Garden as a memorial to a nephew who was shot down over a Malta convoy during the Second World War. Penelope Hobhouse, author of Colour in Your Garden (1984) worked here from 1980 to 1993 and the garden is described by her in Penelope Hobhouse on Gardening (1994). The standard of the planting design is not now as good as in the photographs in her book.
Tin Farm Street, Tintinhull
, Somerset,   BA22 8PZ

Tel : 01935 823289
A Victorian Gothic-Revival house and garden . There is a working kitchen garden. Tyntesfield is a recent National Trust acquisition (2002) and restoration and conservation work is still ongoing.

Kitchen Garden, Tyntesfield Garden Wraxall,
BS48 1NT

Tel : 0844 800 4966

  Grub & Pubs
Hole In The Wall
Les Chefs
George Perry-Smith’s Hole in the Wall in Bath was probably the single most influential restaurant of the post-war years. His menus, inspired by food writer Elizabeth David, were extraordinary for the time, offering an eclectic range of dishes from the Mediterranean and beyond – bouillabaisse with rouille, tarragon chicken, goulash and coulibiac.
Those shown above followed
There are several guides and lists of Bath  Eateries. We have listed them for you to Click on:
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Taunton Restaurants Watchet & Williton Restaurants Wells Restaurants Yeovil  Restaurants Bristol Eateries
Tea Rooms The image
                “http://www.tea.co.uk/images/teabag.png” cannot be
                displayed, because it contains errors.Tea, that most quintessential of English drinks, is a relative latecomer to British shores. Although the custom of drinking tea dates back to the third millennium BC in China, it was not until the mid 17th century that the beverage first appeared in England.
The use of tea spread slowly from its Asian homeland, reaching Europe by way of Venice around 1560, although Portuguese trading ships may have made contact with the Chinese as early as 1515.  
It was the Portuguese and Dutch traders who first imported tea to Europe, with regular shipments by 1610. England was a latecomer to the tea trade, as the East India Company did not capitalize on tea's popularity until the mid-18th century.  Curiously, it was the London coffee houses that were responsible for introducing tea to England. One of the first coffee house merchants to offer tea was Thomas Garway, who owned an establishment in Exchange Alley. He sold both liquid and dry tea to the public as early as 1657. Three years later he issued a broadsheet advertising tea at Ł6 and Ł10 per pound (ouch!), touting its virtues at "making the body active and lusty", and "preserving perfect health until extreme old age".  Tea gained popularity quickly in the coffee houses, and by 1700 over 500 coffee houses sold it. This distressed the tavern owners, as tea cut their sales of ale and gin, and it was bad news for the government, who depended upon a steady stream of revenue from taxes on liquor sales. By 1750 tea had become the favoured drink of Britain's lower classes.  Afternoon tea is said to have originated with one person; Anna, 7th Duchess of Bedford. In the early 1800's she launched the idea of having tea in the late afternoon to bridge the gap between luncheon and dinner, which in fashionable circles might not be served until 8 o'clock at night. This fashionable custom soon evolved into high tea among the working classes, where this late afternoon repast became the main meal of the day.  In 1864 the woman manager of the Aerated Bread Company began the custom of serving food and drink to her customers. Her best customers were favoured with tea. Soon everyone was asking for the same treatment. The concept of tea shops spread throughout Britain like wildfire, not in the least because tea shops provided a place where an unchaperoned woman could meet her friends and socialize without damage to her reputation. Pinkies in the air ladies have been taking tea ever since

The Bath Bun
The Bath Bun Tearoom is a cozy little restaurant, seating perhaps 20 people. We each ordered a "cream tea," which is a regional specialty. You get your choice of a Bath Bun or scones (with or without raisins), strawberry jam, a pot of tea, and a generous bowl of clotted cream. Clotted cream is whipped cream so thick it is almost butter. I'd describe it as cream cheese without the tang. Split a scone or bun, spread it with jam, then slather on the clotted cream. Take a bite. Sip tea. Repeat. What a wonderful way to spend an hour or so on a rainy afternoon. The server was, to use a favorite British adjective, lovely. They had a variety of delicious-looking cakes on the sideboard. The people around seemed to be locals, who'd stopped in for their afternoon tea. Owners Lawrence and Nina have ensured that the shop has the best selection of homemade cakes in the city, including the world famous and delicious Bath Bun. Somerset Cream Teas and light meals are also available.

The image
                        cannot be displayed, because it contains
                        errors. 2 Abbey Green

Tel :
01225 463928
Bath Tea Rooms
Whatever your political bias may be, William Gladstone had a point. Tea drinking is 'right', it's cultural, it's part of the British tradition. It's even better if you can add in a little homebaked deliciousness.  The Bath Tea Rooms is located on North Parade in the centre of Bath, a world heritage city, at the front of the Best Western Abbey Hotel in Bath.  Our delightful elegant traditional tearoom is housed in a fantastic Georgian building built in 1740 and prides itself on serving tea (and coffee) along with beautiful homebaked deliciousness. We have carefully selected twelve lose leaf teas from around the world, supplied by our local tea supplier, Gillard's of Bath, established in 1886.  Homebaked Deliciousness. The Bath Tea Room scones and cakes are homebaked on the premises. You can enjoy them between 7.00am and 9.00pm daily either indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather.

  The Bath Tea Rooms
1 North Parade

Tel: 01225 461603
Fax: 01225 447758
The Bridge Coffee Shop
Time for another break and this time somewhere a little different, at The Bridge Coffee Shop on the very corner of the bridge. It's a bit of a tight squeeze (only about five tables) and nowhere near as refined as the Regency Tea Rooms, but for the cost conscious you can get a nice cup of tea and a jacket potato or filled baguette for only a few pounds.  It's also a great stopping off point before visiting the Victoria Art Gallery, which is directly opposite, or popping along to the Guildhall covered market which is just round the corner.

Bridge Coffee Shop - Pulteney Bridge 17 Pulteney Bridge,
Green Park,
 BA2 4AY
Tel: 01225 483339
Bridge Tea Rooms
Judged as ‘near perfect’ and awarded The UK’s Top Tea Place by the prestigious UK Tea Guild The Bridge Tea Rooms now offers the very best in traditionally British Afternoon Teas from 2.30 to 6 every day of the week.
 The afternoon ritual of serving tea has been developed to a fine art here, and is so accomplished that the Bridge Tea Rooms has been recognized as excellent by the prestigious UK Tea Guild for the past 15 years. Delicate bone china, the finest leaf teas, and friendly staff in Victorian costumes serving home-made cakes, pastries and sandwiches. Housed in a former blacksmith's cottage dating from 1675, the Bridge Tea Rooms positively oozes atmosphere, and the classical music playing gently in the background sets a tranquil tone.

24a Bridge Street,
BA15 1BY,

Tel: 01225 865537
The Canary Tea Rooms
We have an amazing selection of homemade cakes, pies, tarts, chutneys, jams, and all manner of other lovely things.  To get the full experience please come and visit us! This includes Meals served all day till 9pm, Breakfast available all day, and all the homemade treats in between! We are also fully licensed and offer a special Prohibition Tea! (either Wine or Gin & Tonic Served in a tea service… no one will know!)At The Canary we are proud of our collection of miss-matched china. Everything used in our service has been lovingly sourced by the fantastic Mrs Stokes. Mrs Stokes Vintage China is the home of top quality English vintage china. Although Based in Somerset/Wiltshire, Mrs Stokes takes her signature teasets all around the country as well as regularly selling at Green Park Station Market in Bath

http://www.bathrestaurants.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/canary_01.jpg  2-3 Queen Street,

Tel : 01225 462 457
Hands Tea Room
Hands Tearoom, Hands Café Lounge and Hands Deli & Takeout are simply places where the food is fresh and traditional, the atmosphere warm and inviting and the service second to none The Hands Tea Rooms offers a wide range of specialist teas including the Russian Caravan Special, which apparently has a "hint of exotic smoke". Breakfast, full lunchtime menu of inexpensive homemade hot &  cold food.  Ploughmans, quiches, sandwiches, baguettes, steak pies and stews.  High Tea & Clotted Cream Teas are our speciality!

http://www.bbc.co.uk/bristol/content/images/2008/04/21/hands_350x470.jpg 1 Abbey Street,

Tel: 01225
463 928
Minerva Chocolaterie and Tea Rooms,
 where the incredible smell of melted chocolate will have you piling on the pounds - and gaining valuable energy.  My son heartedly recommends the hot milk chocolate here and it has the added advantage of a great outlook, as a second entrance opens onto the courtyard in front of Bath Abbey. Minerva Chocolaterie lies in the picturesque Abbey Churchyard, dazzling locals and visitors alike with irresistible chocolate delights. Belgian owners Thierry and Philippe offer a delectable selection of carefully made chocolate confectionery, from truffles to pralines.

  15 Abbey Churchyard

Telephone : 01225 464 999
The Pump Room
And where better to indulge in Afternoon Tea that at Bath's exquisitely posh Pump Rooms where you can sit back and listen to live background music while munching your way through a pile of sandwiches, tartlets, cakes and pastries and a pot of tea or coffee. Those of you exhausted by this time might even prefer the Champagne Tea option! You can also 'take the waters' at the Pump Room with a glass of warm water from Bath's underground springs - for those with a delicate palate I would recommend taking this before your tea though - you may want to wash away the taste! T he tea cakes with cinnamon butter are delicious!

Pump Room, Stall Street
BATH Avon BA1 1LZ 

Open 7 days a week: Winter (Oct 1st - March 31st) 09.30 - 16.30 Summer (April 1st - September 30th) 09.30 - 17.30 Times may vary

Tel:01225 444477
Regency Tea Room
At The Jane Austen Museum you can relax in the period atmosphere of 'The Regency Tea Rooms'. May we suggest 'Tea with Mr. Darcy' or have a slice of Mrs. Bennet's lemon drizzle cake! Set on the second floor of this lovely Georgian townhouse you can escape the hustle and bustle of Bath's busy streets. We want you you to relax and be refreshed with real leaf tea or a hot Belgian chocolate drink.


40 Gay Street,
Bath BA1 2NT

Follow the tourist signposts or hop on any of the sightseeing bus tours and get off at the Jane Austen Centre


Tel: 01225 443000
Royal Crescent Hotel
Enjoy a relaxing afternoon tea alfresco in the beautiful gardens of the Royal Crescent Hotel. Served between 3pm - 5pm daily, guests can enjoy delicious sandwiches, homemade scones with jam and clotted cream, cakes, Bath buns, pastries and a choice of different teas. (Please be advised that booking is essential.)

The Royal Crescent Hotel, Bath, England,
                        UK  16 Royal Crescent 

Telephone:      01225 823333
Fax:     01225 339401
Sally Lunns
Sally Lunn, a young French refugee, arrived in England over 300 years ago. She began to bake a rich round and generous bread now known as the Sally Lunn Bun. This bun became a very popular delicacy in Georgian England as its special taste and lightness allowed it to be enjoyed with either sweet or savoury accompaniments. Many attempts have been made to copy our world famous Bun with little success. Sally Lunns house is easy to find, right in the centre of Bath just 2 minutes walk from the Roman Baths,Bath's most famous tea rooms, Sally Lunn's in North Parade Passage. The house, built in 1482, is the oldest in Bath and is where Sally herself lived in 1680 and where she invented her famous Sally Lunn's Bun.

Sally Lunns, North Parade Passage Sally Lunn's House
4 North Parade Passage

Tel: +44 (0) 01225 461634
Fax: +44 (0) 01225 447090
Somerset Lavender
Our small café offers a choice of delicious home made cakes including our own speciality – lavender and almond cake. We also serve hot and cold drinks and light lunches to suit all the family and will do our best to accommodate your needs.  Visitors have the option to sit inside our café, or outside overlooking the beautiful lavender fields and garden, making this the ideal location for a leisurely lunch in the sunshine.

Horsepond Farm
Bishops St

Tel: +44 (0)1373 834893
Tea House Emporium
Step down the winding staircase into the 18th century cellars and you will find what unfolds before you is a fascinating, tranquil hideaway where you relax to calming music and choose from a diverse selection of expertly brewed teas and delicious freshly ground coffee beans. The specially trained staff will help to guide you through a plethora of tea choices from all corners of the world: China, India, Japan, Nepal etc and offer advice on how to brew the perfect cuppa. Whether you choose a traditional Assam or Earl Grey, China Jasmine Dragon Pearls or Flowering tea it’s the perfect way to try before you buy, you may be unsure if you would like a Golden Nepal or how good is the Darjeeling First Flush? Teahouse Emporium's unique tearoom is the perfect place to sit back and unwind and sample some of the worlds finest teas.

New Bond Street,

Tel :
01225 334402

Tea Monkey
Tea Monkey Bath is an exciting new meeting place and communication hub in the centre of Bath. Chose from over 40 fabulous tea varieties (both losse leaf and organic), excellent coffees and a great range of cakes and snacks, including gluten and wheat free options. We'll even serve you a cream tea. With free use of our Wi-fi and iPads (use them to see the offers on our website) and in-strore printing you can catch up with friends while relaxing with a cuppa in our soothing surroundings .

Bath Tea Monkey frontage Little Southgate

Tel: +44 (0) 1225 312592


For many years now we have been using Phillips Senseo Machines to make our office coffee. Although Phillips tied up with Doux  Egberts we found that their range of coffees for the machines were both more expensive and inferior to those sold by Lydl. Lydl's range named Melangerie included Brazilian. Kenyan, Columbian and Nicaraguan coffees.  However earlier this month Lydl suddenly removed them from the shelves and replaced then with another variety using the Tassimo machines. We wrote to Lydl about this and they replied:

 "Re: Availability of Coffee Pods

Thank you for enquiring about our Coffee Pods. Unfortunately this item is not available in our stores at the moment.

We hope to have this available again in the future and apologise for any inconvenience. We have passed your interest in this item onto our Buying Department and would like to thank you for taking the time to contact us.
Yours sincerely,
For and on behalf of Lidl UK GmbH
Reece Aitken
Customer Service
Tel – 0370 444 1234
Email - customer.services@lidl.co.uk

Coffee Merchants UK

Unit 1, 18B
Bennett's field Trading Estate
Wincanton, Somerset  BA9 9DT
Phone: 0196331137
Fax: 0196331137
Email: info@thecoffeepod.co.uk
Email (orders): sales@thecoffeepod.co


  Now we have done our research and found a lovely company in Wincanton; Somerset who can provide you with the Senseo pads in the following flavours: Colombian, Costa Rican, Kenyan AA, Sumatra, as well as Decaffeinated, and  French Extreme.

See: http://www.thecoffeepod.co.uk/contents/en-uk/d7_Senseo_Coffee_Pods_page_1.html

Colombia Supremo - Savour the rich and nutty flavour of this classic coffee.
French Roast  -  A dark-roast lover's dream!
Costa Rican Tarrazu -  Rich, volcanic soil, high elevation and climatic conditions all contribute to the unique flavour
Sumatra 'Lake Toba'- This full-bodied yet well-balanced cup is one of our Roastmaster's favourite.
Swiss Water Decaffeinated -, and Kenyan AA DeCaf. (ONLY included if asked for)
House Blend - One of our Roastmaster's favourite blends - a unique combination of 100% Arabica beans from some of the premier growing regions in the world. Smooth, rich & delicious - perfection in every cup!
Brazilian Santos- Brazilian Blend will produce a balanced coffee with low acidity and subtle chocolate and nut notes. A good smooth, bold everyday drinking coffee 
 Roast Master Choice - Blue Mountain Blend - Signature  - Kenyan AA - French Extreme Caffeine
Coffee Sense  is the solution to your single cup coffee needs - combining quality taste with the ease and convenience of a single cup! The gourmet selection offers the perfect coffees - light roasts, exotic estate coffees, flavoured, and decaffeinated as well as premium hand-picked teas. Convenience, choice and a gourmet selection!
    Individually Wrapped - 8g per pod
    100% Arabica Coffee
    Responsibly Grown Coffee
    Kosher Certified

The Germans
The management
Silly Walk
Rip Van WinkleRip Van Winkel slept for twenty years. We give Rip Van Winkel tankards to the most comfortable Hotels. Places where Rip would have enjoyed staying & Sleeping.
Abbey  Hotel
The Best Western Abbey Hotel is, we believe, the best located tourist hotel in Bath. The Roman Baths, Abbey, Pulteney Bridge, Thermae Spa, shopping and a variety of restaurants are all on its doorstep. Tours exploring the rest of Bath leave from outside the hotel. The train and bus stations are close by and with public parking located by the police station it is the ideal place to explore all that Bath has to offer. Built as part of the Grand Design in 1742 this elegant Georgian building has all the modern conveniences you would expect from a friendly three-star hotel. Easy access to West Country.
  North Parade
  BA1 1LF
Phone:    01225 461 603
Fax:    01225 447 758

Apsley House Hotel 

An elegant Georgian Country House Hotel built in 1830, by the Duke of Wellington, set in its own delightful garden.  The hotel has been refurbished in great style and every care has been taken to preserve the natural elegance of the house, but still provide modern comforts.  The magnificently proportioned reception rooms offer both style and comfort, with many period features complimented by the house being furnished with fine antiques and original oil paintings. Owned by Nick and Claire Potts 'Apsley House Hotel' is one of Bath's finest small hotels. Managers David and Stephanie Cowley and Assistant Manager Georgina Moore offer guests a very warm welcome and personal care with the atmosphere more in keeping to that of a private house than that of a hotel.  With 24hr reception service, help is always available if you require information on how best to spend your time in and around the beautiful city of Bath. The Hotel has 12 delightfully appointed en-suite rooms.  Free Wireless internet access is available throughout.  A freshly cooked feast of a breakfast with daily specials, is served in our elegant dining room.  With Free parking (a rarity in Bath) and a lovely south facing garden for that summer evening aperitif!

Newbridge Hill, Bath,
BA1 3PT, United Kingdom
Tel : 44 (0) 1225 336 966
Fax: 44 (0) 1225 425 462
Email: info@apsley-house.co.uk


Tel : 44 (0) 1225 336 966
Fax: 44 (0) 1225 425 462
Aquae Sulis Guest House
Built at the turn of the century, this sunny, south-facing Edwardian residence combines old-world charm with the conveniences and services demanded by today's traveller, within a friendly atmosphere.   Aquae Sulis is one of the few B&Bs in Bath that can offer you the combination of comfortable accommodation in the beautiful surroundings of the city, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep, within easy reach of Bath's city centre (2.5 km), for easy access to all the main attractions.

http://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/02/2d/37/b5/aquae-sulis-guest-house.jpg       176 Newbridge Road
  BA1 3LE
E-mail. enquiries@

Tel: 01225 420 061
Ashley Villa Hotel
Ashley Villa is a family run guest house offering clean and comfortable bed and breakfast accommodation in Bath    13 en-suite bedrooms       * Freshly cooked breakfasts  
    * Free private off-street parking      * Lounge and licensed bar      * Outdoor heated swimming pool      * 1.1 miles from the city centre     * Free wireless broadband Internet     * Non-smoking throughout      * Special corporate rates available

http://static.asiarooms.com/hotelphotos/laterooms/85484/gallery/ashley-villa-hotel-bath_030320091421047691.jpg   26 Newbridge Road
    BA1 3JZ


 01225 421 683
Fax:    01225 313 604
The Ayrlington
Built of golden Bath stone, the award winning Ayrlington is a handsome listed Victorian house set in a splendid Award winning walled Oriental garden with exceptional views of the City and its medieval Abbey. Bath's magnificent historic sites, speciality shops and excellent restaurants are all just a five minutes level stroll away. The Ayrlington's elegant and tranquil interior is a graceful blend of English and Asian antiques, artwork, fine fabrics and Egyptian cotton bedlinen - all sixteen bedrooms have an individual theme and are beautifully furnished, some with four poster beds. The Ayrlington also boasts an extensive collection of South East Asian antiques. Privately owned and managed by Simon and Mee Ling Roper the emphasis is on creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity. The Ayrlington has a residents' bar, secure private parking and is entirely non smoking. We do not accept children under 14 years of age. The Ayrlington's ongoing commitment to quality has brought some well deserved and hard earned awards - five stars from The AA and Visit Britain, AA Premier Collection, 2008 Good Hotel Guide and multiple garden awards.
Exterior view
24/25 Pulteney Road

Tel +44 (0) 1225 425495
Fax +44 (0) 1225 469029
Badminton Villa
Badminton Villa is a large Victorian family house located in a tree-lined residential road on the southern slopes of Bath with magnificent views of the city, yet only a fifteen minutes walk to the city centre.
We have an established award winning Bed and Breakfast guesthouse with an international reputation. All rooms feature first-class en-suite facilities and are equipped with flat screen TV, DVD player and DAB radio, a hairdryer and a hot drinks tray. We have a free broadband wireless network and a laptop for guest use in the hall. We also have parking.
Your choice of breakfast can be from the traditional Full English Breakfast to something a little lighter. Toast, coffee and tea are unlimited.

10 Upper Oldfield Park
Email: Badmintonvilla@blueyonder.co.uk

Tel: +(0)1225 426347
Fax: +(0)1225 420393
Bailbrook House Hotel
Would you like to enjoy the best of Bath, the best of the west country and the most welcoming of hotels in Bath?  
Bailbrook House Hotel in Bath is an 18th century mansion on the outskirts of England’s only World Heritage city, set in 20 acres of gardens. The 3*** Hotel offers a stunning setting for romantic weekends, and working weeks. We offer modern facilities in a historic setting. Ionic columns. Honey-coloured Bath stone. And, high-speed wireless broadband.
Very few of our guests leave without commenting on the attentive and discreet service, the beauty of the surroundings and their enjoyment of this Bath hotel itself
The image
                cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Eveleigh Avenue
London Road West
Email: bailbrook@hilwoodresorts.com

Tel :
01225 855 100
01225 855 200
Bath Lodge Castle
Bath Lodge Castle is a unique boutique hotel in Bath, offering a uniquely romantic and informal ‘castle experience’. Grade II Listed and bursting with character, it is a delightful fortress complete with towers, battlements and portcullis. It is everything you would expect from a small castle and much more besides. Located just six miles from Bath, it is ideally positioned as a gateway to some of the finest sightseeing the UK has to offer. Visit the Roman Baths, explore the Abbey, relax at the Thermae Spa, or simply tour some of the most beautiful and interesting parts of the West County, where you can also find the historical and fascinating Stonehenge, the Wookey Caves and the National Trust and Stourhead Gardens.Bath Lodge Castle has nine stunning bedrooms suites, eight of which are en-suite. All the bedrooms have been beautifully furnished and individually styled in a contemporary English design with comfort in mind, ensuring that your stay with us is special and enjoyable, and most of all, truly memorable.  And it doesn’t end there: Outside, the landscaped gardens will take your breath away, a bubbling stream cascades through the wooded dell where it quietly and secretly merges into the ancient deer forest where kings and barons once hunted. And of course, our stunning Pavilion complete with bar, Jacuzzi and Sauna.  Why not experience Bath Lodge Castle for yourselves and wallow in its sheer beauty and luxury.
Foto of the hotel Bath Lodge
                Castle, Bath Norton St Philip

01225 723 043
The Bath Priory
 - a sublime luxury hotel located a short stroll from the Georgian city of Bath. Privately owned by Andrew and Christina Brownsword, the staff at this country house hotel are genuinely welcoming and the atmosphere emanates warmth and total comfort - making you feel as though you are a guest in a wonderful private house rather than a hotel. The award-winning restaurant, under the direction of two Michelin starred Executive Head Chef Michael Caines MBE, serves superb modern European cuisine.
The Bath Priory wins double gold in the south west tourism awards -  South West Tourism Excellence Awards - the Bath Priory were awarded Gold for Best Small Hotel and a Gold for Taste of the South West, this is tremendous recognition for the hotel and the team who work so hard to achieve the very high standards they deliver. Judges Commented " We thought this hotel would be good but not this good! The quality in every single member of staff was amazing. No scripted answers but full and passionate engagment"    The Bath Priory scoops award and accolades - The Bath Priory achieves a hat trick of awards and accolades. We are incredibly proud of the team who have worked so hard to achieve these significant awards and owe a huge thank you to everyone who voted for us in the inaugural Bath Good Food Awards.  The Bath Good Food Awards - Best Chef, Sam Moody The Bath Good Food Awards - Best Fine Dining Wine List, the Bath Priory  AA 5 Black Stars  The Bath Priory Restaurant voted number 5 in the South West in Sunday Times Food list , top 100 British Restaurants compiled in association with Hardens and Remy Martin. This is a great accolade for Head Chef Sam Moody, his mentor and Executive Head Chef, Michael Caines MBE  who takes the number one slot in the South West at sister hotel Gidleigh Park along with the Remy Martin X.O. Exclellence Award for Best Overall Restaurant.  The Bath Priory achieves Gold award and five stars from Visit England   The Bath Priory have been awarded a gold award, five stars and a breakfast award following recent inspections by the Visit England team. Such creditable recognition of the standards of service, accommodation, food and overall hospitality is a really glowing acknowledgement of all that the Priory team have achieved. The Bath Priory truly does offer a luxury hotel experience in Bath and we look forward to welcoming you soon.
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                cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Weston Road
Bath BA1 2XT
Email: mail@thebathpriory.co.uk
 (01225) 331922
 (01225) 448276
 Bath Spa Hotel

The Macdonald Bath Spa Hotel is one of the finest 5 star hotels in Bath. Formerly a family home, the majestic Georgian mansion is set in seven acres of beautiful landscaped gardens and combines contemporary style with timeless elegance and traditional values.  Escape from everyday life and sample some of the most indulgent spa treatments at the recently upgraded luxury spa. Enjoy a refreshing dip in the hotel's indoor swimming pool, or lay back in the tropical warmth of the outdoor hydropool and look at the stars. There’s also an indoor whirlpool, a relaxation room and a state-of-the-art thermal suite for detoxification. The candlelit tranquility that you will experience inside the spa will allow peace and serenity to pervade your senses. 
When you have worked up an appetite, experience fine dining in the hotel’s AA Rosette award winning restaurant or enjoy a short stroll in to Bath’s city centre where there is a vast choice of restaurants and bars.  To make your stay extra special book in to the Imperial Suites private residence with Butler Service which make the hotel the ideal destination for a romantic weekend away.
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   BA2 6JF


Tel:    01225 444 424
Fax:    01225 444 006
The Boathouse
With landscaped gardens and picturesque views over the River Avon, this pub offers individually designed guest accommodation. Parking is free on site, and there is free Wi-Fi throughout the building. The Boathouse has a large raised deck with scenic river views, and the garden leads down to the water. Outdoor seating is available for al fresco dining in beautiful and peaceful surroundings. Guests can enjoy a range of real ales, and there is a carefully selected wine list. Hearty food is available in the restaurant, made from high-quality local ingredients. A full English breakfast is also available each morning. Central Bath can be reached in under 10 minutes by car. The Roman Baths are 3 miles from The Boathouse, and Bath Spa Rail Station is a 5-minute drive away.

Boathouse Newbridge Road,
Tel: 01225 482584
Bodkin House Hotel & Restaurant
A warm and friendly welcome is the speciality of this traditional country inn. In a unique location on the edge of the famous Badminton estate and ideally placed for visits to Bath, Bristol and the Cotswolds. Since 1671 the Bodkin has provided sustenance to many famous guests including Jane Austen who remembered her visits in her novel Northanger Abbey. The Hotel Inspector comes to call More recently the team from the popular Channel 5 TV series have provided a whole new look ensuring that the property's unique character is complemented by the convenience and reliability of modern amenities. Today 'the Bodkin' offers 11 en suite rooms and an excellent standard of cuisine.
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  A46 Petty France
     GL9 1AF

Tel:    01454 238 310
Carfax Hotel
For over 70 years three Georgian town houses in the centre of Bath have been united by the appellation Carfax Hotel. Today this elegant hotel, consolidating its long tradition of hospitality, continues to offer a friendly and efficient service, within its well appointed and comfortable rooms. The celebrated architect Thomas Baldwin constructed Great Pulteney Street in 1789 using the famous honey coloured Bath Stone.  Carfax unites three of his Georgian town houses and retains many of their original features. Whether you visit Bath for pleasure or for business, the Carfax Hotel is the ideal base from which to work or explore one of Europe's oldest and finest cities.
Carfax Hotel front entrance  Great Pulteney Street

Email: reservations@carfaxhotel.co.uk

 Tel: 01225 462089
Fax: 01225 443257
The Cedars
The Cedars Bed & Breakfast is a modern home situated in the beautiful village of Bathford. It offers comfortable rooms, free Wi-Fi and free parking. The 4-star bed and breakfast is only 3 miles from Bath, which is famous for The Roman Baths, The Royal Crescent, Bath Abbey and Pultney Bridge. In the mornings, a full English breakfast can be served along with fresh coffee, a selection of teas, orange juice, muesli, cornflakes, croissants, muffins and fresh fruits. Where possible, produce is supplied by local farmers.
The Cedars 4 Bathford Hill,

01225 852897
Centurion Hotel
The BEST WESTERN PLUS Centurion Hotel, renowned for its relaxed and friendly environment, is conveniently situated between Bath and Wells. It's therefore an ideal place to base yourself when exploring the West Country! For families, Longleat Safari Park is a thrill for the family just over 15 miles away, and Cheddar Caves and Gorge offer something a little different for those seeking to venture off the beaten track. Back at the family run hotel, Cubros Bar and Restaurant offers a traditional yet modern menu at lunch time and in the evening, when you can combine the stunning view on your plate with that of our parkland golf course. The hotel is also attached to the Centurion Fitness Centre which has a fully air-conditioned gym, with extra escapism available in the form of a steam room, sauna, spa, exercise pool and indoor family swimming pool. Jays Bar and a delightful 9 hole golf course mean you really can have it all here in Radstock!
                Centurion Hotel, Midsomer Norton at LateRooms  
   Charlton Lane
  Midsomer Norton
   BA3 4BD

Tel::    01761 417 711
Cheriton House
Cheriton House is an elegant Victorian house in a very quiet location off the busy A367, set in delightful gardens with panoramic views over the World Heritage City of Bath. Our Guest House offers private car parking with only a short walk into the city centre. Circa 1886 Cheriton House has been carefully restored and decorated throughout. Our rooms are tastefully furnished with a pleasant mix of antiques and modern facilities, with all guestrooms having en-suites, colour TV and well stocked hospitality tray. Breakfast is Served in our spacious dining room overlooking the garden. We offer an excellent buffet of cereals, fruits and juices with a generous full English breakfast to follow. Special dietary requirements can be catered for.Our guest lounge offers a comfortable spot to plan your days using our plentiful supply of brochures and guide books.
http://www.hotels.tv/bath-hotels/Cheriton-House/images/hotels/2226/16684.jpg 9 Upper Oldfield Park

-+44 (0) 1225 429 862
+44 (0) 1225 428 403
Best Western Cliffe Hotel
This elegant country house hotel offers peace and tranquility and is set in 3.5 acres of woodland with spectacular views over the Avon Valley. Individually appointed bedrooms (2 with four poster beds, one superior room with whirlpool bath and 3 ground floor annexe rooms)  The rosetted Four Seasons Restaurant is noted for its fine cuisine.
The centre of the World Heritage City of Bath is only 4.5 miles away, with its historical attractions and shops. The hotel offers free WI-FI HSIA access throughout the hotel to its residents.
Bedroom Picture Cliffe Drive, Crowe Hill
Limpley Stoke
Nr Bath
01225 723226
01225 723871
Combe Grove Manor
The Barcelo Combe Grove Manor is nestled in 69 acres of private parklands and gardens but is still only 2 miles from the beautiful city of Bath. This 18th Century Georgian manor has stunning views over the Limpley Stoke Valley and surrounding area. Energetic guests will find that the Health & Country Club at Barcelo Combe Grove Manor is fully-equipped with everything needed for a full work out including a gym, indoor and outdoor tennis courts and a 16 bay golf driving range. For guests seeking a relaxing haven you can unwind in the indoor and outdoor swimming pools, hydrospa beds or the sauna and steam room. Relax in the comfortable surroundings of the Barcelo Combe Grove Manor Georgian Room and enjoy fine cuisine from a 2 AA Rosette awarded restaurant. The inspiring menu is perfectly complimented by an extensive wine list and offers stunning views across the valley. For more informal dining at the Barcelo Combe Grove Manor experience the Eden Bar & Brasserie. Located in the vaulted cellars the brasserie offers a distinctive contemporary menu with a relaxed atmosphere. After a busy day of sightseeing and fine dining, retire to one of the Barcelo Combe Grove Manor’s luxurious bedrooms complete with everything you will need for a relaxing break. Each room features TV, internet access, tea & coffee making facilities, hairdryer and 24 hour room service. Please note: Deluxe bedrooms are the only ones accommodated in the Manor House, where there is no lift. Premium and Guest bedrooms are situated in an annex a short walk away and again there is no lift.
Barcelo Combe
                Grove Manor Hotel Brassknocker Hill
Monkton Combe

 01225 834 644
 01225 834 961
Cranleigh is an elegant Victorian house with many original period features, located in a peaceful residential area.Just 1.5 miles (2.4 km) from the historic city of Bath, you can enjoy the numerous sites and entertainment opportunities during your stay. Also, within walking distance of the hotel there is a local pub and restaurant. Cranleigh houses 9 en suite rooms, each one individually furnished in a traditional style. They are fully-equipped to ensure that your stay is both comfortable and memorable.

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Devonshire House
This lovingly restored Victorian terrace, formerly a Victorian grocery and provisions store, offers comfortable and co ordinated rooms with all modern facilities. Louise and Chris with many years of hospitality experience between them have brought all their knowledge together to build upon the success of Devonshire House. Recently awarded 4 stars by the AA, our bedrooms are furnished individually with coordinated fabrics and thoughtful extras to make your stay even more comfortable. Each room is en suite with tea & coffee making facilities, colour tv with free view, some with DVD/cd player and to enable you to start your stay the local way, a glass of 'Harvey's Bristol Cream' is offered on arrival. We are lucky to have plenty of free parking. Available both on street and, if you are not going to be using your car, in our secure gated courtyard.

Tel: +44(0)1225-
Dorian House
Enter an atmosphere of period charm in Dorian House, built of Bath stone circa 1880. Extensively refurbished in 2009 with Marble bathrooms and high pressure showers,  a new Breakfast-Orangery and additional room "SLAVA" in memory of the great cellist Rostropovich. Characterful bedrooms have a restful ambience and views over the Royal Crescent or well-tended gardens. Some have traditional oak four-poster or superking size beds and are luxuriously decorated with opulent fabrics and stunning decor. Crisp cotton sheets, fluffy towels, tea/coffee making facilities, television, hairdryer and telephone ensure a comfortable stay.  The fine accommodation is complemented by a warmly decorated lounge with its open fireplace, intimate atmosphere and large comfortable sofas. Menus collected from the excellent restaurants in Bath allow guests to plan their lunch or evening meal. A delicious breakfast includes freshly baked croissants, fresh fruit, juices or a scrumptious full English breakfast. Dorian House is 10 minutes walk from the centre and is perfect for those wishing to explore Bath's many attractions,
 One Upper Oldfield Park

Tel:  +44 (0) 1225 426336
Fax: +44 (0) 1225 444699
Dukes Hotel
Our magnificent Grade I Palladian style Town House Hotel has been restored to its original Georgian splendour, assuring guests of all the contemporary comforts one would expect but with an ambience and style all of its own. Dukes Hotel is set in the heart of the beautiful Georgian City of Bath, situated on Great Pulteney Street, minutes away from all the attractions the city has to offer Attracting visitors for centuries, Bath today is a World Heritage Site providing the perfect place to escape to whilst remaining a fascinating place to visit. Dukes Hotel is the ideal location from which to explore this remarkable city. Our rooms are tastefully decorated with period furniture, fine fabrics, prints and portraits. In winter a log fire in the lounge provides a warm welcome, whilst in summer a peaceful patio garden leading from the stylish Cavendish Bar provides the perfect place to relax.
 Great Pulteney Street
 BA2 4DN
Email:    info@dukesbath.co.uk

Tel:    01225 463 512
Fax:    01225 483733
The Francis Hotel
The Francis Hotel has been restored to its former glory following a Ł6 million refurbishment. In the heart of the historic city of Bath, this historic Regency style townhouse hotel, a member of the MGallery collection boasts 98 individually designed bedrooms, many with four poster beds and views over the city. Our stylish bar and lounge offer a haven of tranquillity after a day exploring the many attractions of this World Heritage city. Enjoy Dining in Brasserie Blanc that adjoins the hotel Re-opening May 2012
Francis Hotel, The
   Queen Square
  BA1 2HH
Tel::    01225 424 105
Fax:    01225 319 715
Georges Hotel

George's Hotel Georges Hotel
 2-3 South Parade
  BA2 4AA
Tel::    01225 425 471
Fax:    01225 425 471
Georgian Lodge
 Situated at the very centre of the beautiful and historic town of  Bradford on Avon;
the hotel overlooks the Town Bridge which spans the River Avon.All our eleven rooms are ensuite and are priced PER ROOM per night. All prices include a superb breakfast and VAT. The restaurant is for residents only as we are surrounded by restaurants. Brian will cook a delicious meal with advanced notice.
   25 Bridge Street
  Bradford on Avon
   BA15 1BY

e-mail: georgianlodge@btconnect.com



Tel::    01225 862 268
The Halcyon
Cool days, balmy days, crazy days or just plain lazy days. The Halcyon hotel is your launch pad for exploring the many faces of Georgian Bath. Whether it's dipping a toe in the waters, munching on a Sally Lunn's bun or exploring the crescents we'll make your stay something special. Conveniently located within the city's beating heart, 2 minutes walk from the station, the Abbey, the Roman Baths, Pultney Bridge, Thermae Spa and all the other excitements of buzzing Bath. At the Halcyon we've created the kind of hotel we'd love to visit ourselves. That means more of the things you want, and less of the extras you don't. So you'll get a stunning Grade I listed Georgian townhouse in a to-die-for location, tip-top technology, luxury products, organic breakfasts, a cosy bed and o-so-soft pillows. What you won't find is a costly to run restaurant, empty ballrooms or nasty hidden costs. It all means we can serve-up heavy duty luxury at a light-on-the-wallet price.
Picture of The Halcyon, Bath at
                LateRooms 2/3 South Parade ,

Tel: 01225 444100
Harington's Hotel
Probably the best located Hotel in the Heart of Bath. A unique haven situated in the heart of the city. Enjoy warm hospitality in this charming 17th Century hotel set in a quiet picturesque cobbled street in the very heart of Bath. Haringtons Hotel is privately owned and operated. This year the hotels 13 Bedrooms have been fully refurbished. All rooms have been individually refurbished using bright and imaginative colours and textures. The rooms vary from Standard, Superior and Feature Room for single, double, twin or family occupancy. The Feature rooms offer the added Wow factor.The rooms have 1400 sprung mattresses, power showers, LCD TV’s that come with full cable TV with sports and films channels. We provide free Wireless broadband connection. Just a minute's walk to The Roman Baths and all major attractions, shops, restaurants and night life with AMPLE RESERVED OFF STREET PARKING (car parking costs Ł11.00 per day). Enjoy Homemade scones, clotted cream and tea in the Coffee Lounge or a Sandwich on the patio with a drink from the bar, both open throughout the day and evening. Relax over a delicious Continental style breakfast included in your stay.
None 8-10 Queen Street


Tel: +44 01225 461728

Fax: +44 01225 444804
Henrietta House
Steeped in history, Bath's Henrietta House originates from the 1780's when a 'new town' area of Bath was built south of the river Avon. The architect of Henrietta House and the Street was Thomas Baldwin who worked with Sir William Pulteney to divide up what had been cow pastures by the riverside.

Today, Henrietta House offers a centrally located, quiet location coupled with a boutique B and B / Guest House accommodation in 17 tastefully renovated rooms. Every room has ensuite facilities and has been individually styled to provide a mix of traditional elegance and modern comfort. You will find a flat screen television, a hairdryer and bathroom products plus complimentary Wi-Fi. There are numerous antiques and original artworks from all periods throughout the house, as befitting such a classic building.

Whether visiting Bath on holiday, business or taking a small break, Henrietta House is a superb location and offers beautiful rooms at reasonable rates. We welcome your visit.
 Although Henrietta Street is mostly a residential area, shops and restaurants can be found within a short walk.

henrietta house bath  
33 Henrietta Street,
 BA2 6LR

Reception: +44 (0) 1225 632632
Highways House
This friendly, relaxing and elegant house is an easy walk from the historic city of Bath and has free off-street parking.Highways Guest House is a charming Victorian town house, built in 1874. It is tastefully furnished and offers free Wi-Fi in public areas.There is a lounge, breakfast room and clean and cosy en suite bedrooms.
http://aff.bstatic.com/images/hotel/max500/211/2113094.jpg 143 Wells Road,

Telephone +44 (0) 1225 421238
Freephone 0800 074 9250 (UK only)
Fax +44 (0) 1225 481169
Hilton National
Overlooking the River Avon, Hilton Bath City features a modern fitness centre and a 24-hour lounge bar. Guests can enjoy river views and an international menu in the stylish restaurant.  The elegant rooms each have a work desk and a 32-inch flat-screen TV. Wi-Fi is accessible throughout, and all rooms feature a private bathroom with luxury toiletries. Zuccotta Restaurant offers an extensive wine list, and 24-hour room service is available. The Zuccotta Bar & Lounge serves a range of fresh coffees, light meals and snacks. Hilton Bath City Hotel is situated in Bath’s historic centre, just 500 metres from the Thermae Spa. Parking is available at the hotel, and Bath Abbey is just a 5-minute walk away.

http://www.travco.co.uk/images/hotels/HIB/HIB_front.jpg Hilton National
    Walcot Street
 BA1 5BJ
email: hzl_mail@hilton.com

Tel:    01225 463411
Hinton Grange Hotel
The Hinton Grange Hotel is perfectly located for both business and leisure guests to Hinton. All hotel's guestrooms have all the conveniences expected in a hotel in its class to suit guests' utmost comforts. Each guestroom is tastefully appointed with non smoking rooms, daily newspaper, desk, hair dryer, ironing board, television, bathtub, shower. The amenities and services offered at this Hinton accommodation include 24hr room service, bar/pub, meeting facilities, restaurant, room service, business center, pets allowed. Leisure and sports facilities available on the hotel's property comprise golf course (on site), garden. Along with its convenient location in Hinton, the hotel also offers a wide range of services and facilities to the guests. For your reservation at the Hinton Grange Hotel, simply submit your dates and complete our secure online booking form.
http://aff.bstatic.com/images/hotel/org/474/474131.jpg Hinton Grange
Nr Dyrham
SN14 8HG


01179 372 916
01179 373 285
Holiday Inn Express
Holiday Inn Express Bath is a 10-minute walk from the magnificent Roman centre of Bath, England's only World Heritage city. The hotel offers a popular bar and on-site parking.
The  Great Room Bar serves a fresh cooked breakfast daily, and there is also a spacious guest lounge with a selection of beverages available. The modern rooms feature air conditioning, en suite facilities and Wi-Fi access. Rooms also have tea and coffee-making facilities for guests to enjoy. Bath is home to a range of fine architecture, museums, gardens and attractions. The Roman Baths, the Pump Room, Bath Abbey and the Jane Austen Centre are all within 15 minutes’ walk.
 http://www.lovetoescape.com/images/rr/56648/express-by-holiday-inn-bath-bath.jpg Lower Bristol Road,
Brougham Hayes,
 BA2 3QU
Tel:+44 (0) 1225 303 000
Kennard Hotel
Built in 1794, the golden age of Bath's Georgian elegance, it was once a lodging house which provided accommodation in Bath for those coming to spend the season in this delightful city. Over many years, the house has been carefully maintained and restored, and we hope it will now give you the experience of staying in one of Bath's original Georgian townhouses. Throughout the house, the essence has always been to provide a quality and stylish décor suited to a building of this period. However, it also offers all the modern features which are now expected: en-suites with showers, telephones with data port, wireless internet connection in all rooms, flat-screen TVs and beverage trays. For those arriving by car, free residents' parking permits will be provided. Rooms are generally ready for 2 pm, but we can take arrivals from 10.30 am to store your luggage and issue a parking permit, if required. A strict no-smoking policy is maintained throughout the hotel.  Children over 8 years of age are most welcome. So enjoy a tour of the house and experience that elusive quality which sets The Kennard - this very special town house hotel - in a class of its own.
The image
                cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. 11 Henrietta Street
Off Great Pulteney Street,


Tel: +44 (0) 1225 310472
Fax: +44 (0) 1225 460054
Milsoms Hotel,
Milsoms hotel is set in a landmark Grade II listed building in the heart of the historic city of Bath. The property has been sympathetically restored to offer superb value, high quality accommodation above the much-loved Loch Fyne Restaurant. As one of the city's most stylish small hotels, Milsoms combines the elegant beauty of Bath architecture with contemporary design. All nine light and airy bedrooms are en-suite with a fresh and modern feel - the original high ceilings adding to the sense of drama and space. All rooms feature TV, hairdryer and tea and coffee making facilities. Milsoms hotel enjoys a superb central location being ideally placed for the rich diversity of museums, galleries, gardens, entertainment and the many famous places of interest that Bath is famed for.
Please note: There are stairs leading to the rooms and no lift access.
http://static.laterooms.com/hotelphotos/laterooms/217242/gallery/milsoms-hotel-bath-bath_300720100905459632.jpg 24 Milsom Street,

T +44 (0)1225 750 128
F +44 (0)1225 750 121
 The Moody Goose at The Old Priory
Situated just 15 minutes from Bath, Wells and Bristol, in the market town of Midsomer Norton, The Old Priory Hotel with it's beams and inglenooks, is reputed to be one of the oldest houses in Somerset, and dates back to c.1152. This historically significant house was later purchased by Christchurch College, Oxford and was owned by them until 1712 when it was sold to a private buyer. A secret tunnel is said to have existed linking the nearby 15th century church to The Priory, which was likely to have been used for escape and refuge in the days of religious persecution. Today, the ancient honeyed stonework and a beautiful walled garden bursting with colour in the summer months greet you upon entering the gravelled driveway. Within the hotel, all the original architectural features are retained and accommodation is provided in six unique bedrooms.   Curvy flights of stairs lead to charming attic rooms with original beams, and heavy iron studded doors open to beautifully furnished rooms adorned with four poster beds. The bedrooms share an style which reflects the charm and atmosphere of the old, combining with the comfort and convenience of modern day living. The Old Priory is also now home to The Famous Moody Goose Restaurant, previously in Bath, and run by Chef Proprietor Stephen Shore with partner Jennifer, with emphasis on fine, fresh, flavoursome cuisine with genuine and attentive service in lovely relaxed surroundings. 
The image

                cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Church Square
Midsomer Norton
Email: info@theoldpriory.co.uk

Tel:  01761 416784

Old Malt House Hotel
The Old Malt House Hotel in Bath, was built in 1835, and offers the ideal mix of convenience and seclusion. The centre of Bath is 6 miles away but the picturesque rural setting offers a relaxing and safe environment for guests of all ages. This family owned and run country hotel has accommodation comprising 11 ensuite bedrooms configured as double, twin and family rooms. Single occupancy is also available. The newly refurbished "1835" Restaurant provides home cooked food seven days a week from 7pm until 9pm, and the bar is open from 6pm until 11pm Monday to Saturday and until 10:30pm on Sundays. Please note that in order to preserve the quiet atmosphere of the hotel alcohol is not served after these times at all, excepting on New Year's Eve. These facilities and the recently completed terrace with views across to the River Cam, and valley makes the Old Malt House Hotel an ideal venue for business meetings for up to 30 delegates and for functions and family gatherings for up to 50 people.
the old malt house hotel in bath  Timsbury

Tel +44 (0) 1761 470106
Fax +44 (0) 1761 472726
This large, elegant Victorian hotel is typical of many Bath houses - superbly positioned and built of the honey-coloured stone for which the City is famous. The house is beautifully furnished with modern features, yet still retains its original character.   Situated 10 minutes walk to the city centre and Bath Thermae Spa with it's own private car park, Oldfields is the perfect choice for a visit to Bath.  16 ensuite bedrooms, a mix of traditional elegance and contemporary style. All offer flat screen televisions, direct dial telephone, hairdryers, Molton Brown products, hospitality trays, DVD players and some have air-conditioning. There is wireless internet connectivity throughout.  Breakfast is served in the dining room overlooking the city and Includes full English, fresh seasonal fruits and smoked salmon with scrambled eggs, a vegetarian option, plus special diets can be catered for on request.  Newspapers are provided.  We offer tailor made packages to suit every occasion, flowers, chocolates, Molton Brown gifts, as well as our special Bath Thermae Spa offer, please contact us direct for further details.
The image

                cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. 102 Wells Road

Tel: 01225 317984
Fax: 01225 444471
Orchardleigh Estate
The rich history of Orchardleigh dates back to the Domesday Book and is one of the most
unspoilt English Country Estates.  Orchardleigh is a secluded Somerset Estate situated 10 miles south of Bath. The Main House is a Magnificent Stately Home which has been lovingly restored to its former glory by its owners over the last 4 years.   In addition to the Main House Orchardleigh also have many Cottages and Lodges which all together can accommodate up to 90 guests. Orchardleigh is now one of Somerset’s leading wedding venues. We pride ourselves on the highest standards of comfort, impeccable service and personal attention to detail. You and your guests will enjoy a warm and relaxed atmosphere in this truly exceptional family home. You will find tranquillity, splendour and complete exclusivity at Orchardleigh and whatever you are planning we will enjoy the challenge of exceeding your expectations. Orchardleigh can hold wedding ceremonies and receptions for up to 165 guests. Orchardleigh House has both a civil wedding licence and its own beautiful Church with a capacity for 120 guests. The Church is situated on its own island in the lake and accessed via a foot bridge.
 Orchardleigh Estate
BA11 2PH

 Tel: 01373 472550
Paradise House
An elegant Georgian House, dating back to 1735, built of classic honey coloured Bath stone. The dignified exterior conceals more than half an acre of magnificent walled gardens with splendid views out over the City of Bath. Small and privately owned, our aim is to offer the best personal service with attention to every detail. Bath Paradise House has 11 delightfully appointed rooms, all are individually styled to provide a mix of traditional elegance and modern comfort. The sumptuously romantic décor of the 4 poster rooms, and the Superior Deluxe “Room with a View” provide the perfect choice for a Special Occasion. All rooms have flat screen televisions with dvd, direct dial telephone, hairdryer, Molton Brown products and hospitality tray. There is wireless connectivity throughout and free internet access in the drawing room. Newspapers are provided. Traditional English or Continental Breakfast is served in the dining room and includes full English, fresh seasonal fruits, smoked salmon with scrambled eggs, a vegetarian option, plus special diets can be catered for. Continental breakfast can be served in your room. Bath Paradise House is licensed.  We offer tailor made packages to suit every occasion, flowers, chocolates, Champagne, Molton Brown gifts as well as our special Bath Thermae Spa Offer, please contact us for further details. Bath has a wealth of restaurants to suit all tastes and most are within an easy walk, we are pleased to help with recommendations and make reservations on your behalf. With breathtaking views across the City to the famous Royal Crescent and Bath Abbey, Paradise House will afford you many wonderful memories of Bath, not least the illuminated spire of the Abbey at night, a spectacular sight.
The image
                cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. 86-88 Holloway,
 BA2 4PX, 

 Phone: +44 (0)1225 317723
Fax: +44 (0)1225 482005
Pratt's Hotel
Nestling in the heart of the historic city of Bath in Somerset stands Pratt's Hotel. Situated in the city centre and only a short distance from many of the visitor attractions that Bath has to offer, our hotel is the perfect choice for guests wishing to explore this magical city. Pratt's hotel differentiates itself from other Bath hotels by being rich in its own history and retaining many period charms. Pratt's Hotel, Bath has been part of the city's heritage for more than two centuries. Built from the famous Bath honey-coloured stone by one of the city's most famous architects in 1743, the hotel was originally built as five town houses. The building itself has many interesting features, including the bowed landing on the staircase, designed to enable the ‘Chairmen’ to take their clients back to their rooms following their treatments in the famous Spa Baths. The hotel has BT Openzone throughout the ground floor, giving WIFI access in the public areas and conference rooms. A large Pay and display car park is just a short walk from the hotel, charges apply.
Pratts Hotel, Bath Pratt`s Hotel
   South Parade
    BA2 4AB

Phone:    01225 460 441
Fax:    01225 448 807
Pulteney House
Pulteney House is one of the finest guest houses in Bath, providing some of the very best accommodation in Bath city centre. Pulteney House is a large, privately owned Victorian house set in it’s own beautiful gardens. We offer a uniquely restful environment in the very heart of the city of Bath. The guest house is a short walk from Bath city centre giving our customers excellent access to all the tourist and business facilities in Bath.Pulteney House’s Bath city centre location means that it is uniquely placed to offer you easy and convenient access to the very best restaurants in Bath, Bath’s shopping centres, the Bath Thermae Spa and many more tourist attractions in Bath.
Families welcome... 14 Pulteney Road

Tel No: 01225 460991

Queensberry Hotel
Is it possible to find a hotel in Bath combining old-fashioned attitudes to service and detail with sophisticated, modern comfort? The Queensberry Hotel, one of the most beautiful hotels in Bath, is run by a husband and wife - Laurence & Helen Beere - who say yes, more than possible, it's positively desirable. There are bigger, though not many more lovely, cities than Bath. There are bigger, though not many more lovely, hotels in Bath than The Queensberry, too, but - with its beautiful design, slightly eccentric layout, stylish accommodation and air of relaxed, contemporary attention to detail - it's not just the perfect boutique hotel from which to explore Bath, but somehow exemplifies it, too, as it's also small, attractive and the ideal spot for a gorgeous weekend...

The Queensberry Hotel Bath  Russell Street
Email: reservations@thequeensberry.co.uk


Phone: 01225 447928
Fax: 01225 446065
Royal Crescent Hotel
The Royal Crescent Hotel is the most impressively located luxury hotel in the World Heritage City of Bath, occupying the two central buildings of the world's finest crescent. The Grade I listed buildings were designed by the famous Georgian Architect, John Wood the Younger and were first occupied in 1775.  Beyond its magnificent façade lies a hotel renowned for its charm, elegance and superb service, and, the unexpected beauty of the beautiful one-acre, landscaped garden leading to the skillfully converted coach houses, which now accommodate the award-winning Dower House restaurant and Bath House spa.
This iconic hotel is far more than a remarkable collection of buildings and beautiful gardens. It offers the opportunity to experience a style of gracious living from the age when Bath was the very centre of the civilized world. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner are served daily and non-resident guests are welcome.
                Royal Crescent Hotel, Bath, England, UK  16 Royal Crescent 

Telephone:      01225 823333
Fax:     01225 339401
Royal Hotel
The Royal first opened as a hotel in 1846 and has been owned by the present owners since 1995. During this time there has been an ongoing programme of renovation and improvements to ensure that this lovely property, which was designed by Brunel, is well maintained and provides attractive facilities for our many guests. Recent improvements include the total refurbishment of all bathrooms and showers and the redecoration and restyling of the restaurant to create a more informal dining environment has just been completed resulting in a stylish Brasserie which we have named “Brasserie Brunel” as a tribute to the famous designer. We have an excellent reputation for food and a friendly, relaxing atmosphere. The Royal is totally non-smoking.
http://static.asiarooms.com/hotelphotos/laterooms/7049/gallery/royal-hotel-bath_030320091717263853.jpg  Manvers Street
E Mail: info@royalhotelbath.co.uk


 Tel No: 01225 463134
Fax No: 01225 442931
Three Abbey Green
Three Abbey Green is a Grade 2 Listed townhouse dating back to 1689. Set in an historic square in the heart of Bath, it provides a superb central location for exploring the city – The Abbey, Roman Baths and Pump Rooms are on the doorstep. The Thermae Bath Spa complex is just a three minutes' walk away, as are Sally Lunn's tea shop and the stunning Pulteney Bridge and Weir. The Theatre Royal and a wide choice of restaurants and bars are in the immediate vicinity. The Circus, Royal Crescent, Assembly Rooms and Museum of Costume are a ten minutes' stroll through the city. Bath's renowned independent shops, selling everything from designer clothes to obscure cheeses, are all around us. Three Abbey Green has seven beautifully restored en suite bedrooms.
outsidepic      Abbey Green, Bath
    BA1 1NW
Phone:    01225 428 558
Tracy Park Hotel & Country Club
This chic, award-winning boutique hotel and golf resort is located 10 minutes from the M4 and the centre of Bath. Tracy Park Hotel & Country Club has a beautiful parkland setting and a restaurant with 2 AA Rosettes. The historic house has a quiet, relaxing atmosphere, and is 4 miles (6.4 km) north of Bath and 10 miles (16 km) east of Bristol. Tracy Park Hotel has 2 wonderful golf courses: the Crown and the Cromwell. It also boasts excellent conference facilities. The stylish bedrooms are built in honey-coloured Cotswold limestone, and most are arranged around a charming old courtyard behind the manor house. Rooms: 24
Photo Tracy Park Hotel & Country Club Wick,
BS30 5RN

Tel:       0117 9371800
Villa Magdala
Just a 5 minute level stroll to the city centre. Villa Magdala is a Boutique Bed and Breakfast hotel, set within its own gardens with an off-street car-park. So close to the heart of the city, yet in a quiet road, opposite leafy Henrietta Park, - none of the usual late night city centre noise to disturb a blissful night's sleep. Our 20 stylish bedrooms offer an affordable 5 star rated boutique bed and breakfast experience with heavenly Hypnos beds, all king or superking size, feather light goose down duvets and crisp cotton bed linen. Well-equipped bathrooms include fluffy bath sheets, and luxury toiletries. Scrummy gourmet breakfasts are served in a light - filled elegant ground floor dining room, overlooking the park, everything freshly cooked to order from a range of quality ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible.  Marry all this with a team of friendly, enthusiastic staff, ready to suggest, recommend and book all kinds of things for you,and you have a truly charming boutique bed and breakfast - one of the best places to stay in central Bath. We can create a tailor made package of gifts and activities - . from chocolates and champagne, to carriage rides and boat trips,  we can help make your stay in the centre of Bath become one to remember!

exterior, 12k  Henrietta Road
Email: office@villamagdala.co.uk


Tel:    01225 466329
Fax : 01225 483207
Woolley Grange Hotel
A beautiful Jacobean Manor House standing in 14 acres of grounds on the outskirts of the medieval wool town of Bradford-on-Avon in Wiltshire, Woolley Grange was a family home for 400 years before becoming the first Luxury Family Hotel in 1989. Woolley Grange still retains the atmosphere of home, arriving tired from your journey, formality is replaced with a warm welcome and an understanding that our youngest guests need to let off steam whilst you need some welcome refreshments. No request is too great, Woolley is your home whilst you are with us; relax, unwind and let us take care of you! Woolley Grange really is one of the finest luxury family hotels in Wiltshire.
Woolley Grange, luxury family hotel, Near Bath  
 Woolley Green
  Bradford on Avon
  BA15 1TX

Phone:    01225 864 705

Free Fishing UK 
If you are looking for a bit of Free Fishing
in the UK Click on Picture to left

Milsom Place 
 The entrance to Milsom Place can be found at the top of Milsom Street. It is classy little number housing designer boutiques, jewellery stores and the wonderful Alessi Gallery.   If you have cash to flash then this is the place for you but it will be gone sooner than you can say ‘How much for a corkscrew!  It is a gorgeous little arcade and you can reach Broad Street from here via a pretty courtyard. You’ll discover the best of food, fabulous fashion and an exciting programme of events every time you visit.  From fashion to beauty, and accessories to furnishings, an exciting variety of stores have opened their doors at Milsom Place, including newcomers Cath Kidston, Hobbs, Ted Baker and Phase Eight. Popular retailers such as Quadri, Image and Milsom Eye Company have been substantially enhanced. Spacious interiors have been thoughtfully refitted to create a backdrop for the latest collections from fashion labels Nicole Farhi, MaxMara, Alessi, Paddy Campbell, Sonia Rykiel, Marin Foale and more. In addition to clothing, you’ll find top quality jewellery, accessories, eyewear, hand tied bouquets, special oils and gifts, beautifully wrapped up in North Bath’s most dynamic new retail location.

Milsom Street, Bath BA1 1BZ, 
Tel: 01225 789040

http://www.electrio.co.uk/getattachment/a34cb750-ff60-4630-96ce-5c8647e978e5/MILSOM-PLACE,-BATH.aspx http://www.spaceglass.co.uk/images/commercial-retail/panel4-full1.jpg
                        Rotator SouthGate,
                        Bath - The Art of Shopping
Welcome to SouthGate, Bath. Stylish shopping in the heart of the city of Bath. SouthGate, Bath is a modern shopping destination with classic Georgian-style open streets and public spaces. Home to over 60
stylish shops full of the latest fashion, gadgets and places to eat. SouthGate, Bath is an ideal shopping destination for all the family. SouthGate, Bath Shopping centre is situated next to Bath Spa railway station and the new bus station; it also boasts an 860 space safe and secure car park.

SouthGate Bath, 12 SouthGate Street, Bath BA1 1AQ    Tel: 01225 469061

The image
                                cannot be displayed, because it contains
Southgate Shopping Centre (Shopping Centres)
Adams Childrens Wear (Childrens Wear) - No. 7
Barratts (Shoe Shops) - No. 12
BCH Camping (Camping Equipment) - No. 30
BCH Camping (Camping Equipment) - No. 30
BHS (Department Stores)
Booksale (Booksellers) - No. 10
Card Market - No. 11
Clinton Cards - No. 54

O2 is the UK's leading provider of mobile phones and broadband, offering the best mobile phone, sim...

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All Saints
All Saints menswear and womenswear offers a collection that is about mixing the old and the new - re-styled with a c...
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Animal is the UK's fastest growing design-led action sports brand. It boasts an extensive team of riders in each of ...
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Apple provdes shoppers with the chance to experience one of the worlds most popular brands, right in the ...

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Avon Valley Cyclery
Specialist Cycle store is open in Little SouthGate. Click on the website link below for further informatio...

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Azendi's jewellery combines precious and semi-precious stones with silver, gold, platinum, titanium and steel to for...

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At Boots you'll find all your favourite health and beauty products to keep you looking and feeling great. You'll als...

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Build-A-Bear Workshop

At Build-A-Bear Workshop®, our mission is to bring the Teddy Bear to life. The Teddy Bear brings to mind warm t...

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Caffe Nero

Caffe Nero, the Italian coffee bar. The finest Italian style coffee, high quality sandwiches and snacks in the U.K

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Cake Cafe

Come and enjoy a spectacular choice of gate...

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Calvin Klein Underwear

Known as the world's fin


This iconic rugby brand has recently launched a new lifestyle range heavily influenced by New Zealand's collegiate s...

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An eclectic mix of classic and contemporary gifts from around the world including
Swarovski covered evening ba...

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Cosy Club

The Cosy Club in Bath is located in the heart of Bath's new SouthGate shopping centre.

The Cos...

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Cult is the largest UK stockist of Superdry, an urban outerwear and denim label fusing cutting-edge Japanese desig...

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Currys Digital / PC World

We offer a wide range of electrical and computing products, we also provide the best of both brands under one r...

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Debenhams has 153 stores across the UK and Ireland and a fully transactional website, reflecting Debenhams' commitme...

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Discovery Store

The discovery store is perfect for treating the family with unique gifts. Now fully stocked with brand new items r...

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Fabulous was created to help you add some glamour to your life, everyday.

We are an independent jewelle...

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Fat Face

Fat Face is the leading designer of clothing and accessories perfect for an active lifesty...

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GAME.co.uk is the UK's leading games retailer with great deals on video games, consoles, accessories and the latest ...

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Take a food safari and sample some of the world's most popular global dishes at Giraffe.

Showcasing an a...

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H&M at Southgate carries H&M concepts for Ladieswear, Childrenswear, Accessories and Menswear.


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Hollister, the coolest destination for genuine SoCal style clothes for guys and girls. Che...

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Hotel Chocolat

Luxury chocolate gifts, boxed chocolates, truffles & more delivered chocolates by post from Bri...

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Jessops is the UK's premier photographic retailer operating from 206 stores and an on-line shop.

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Jimmy Spices

Jimmy Spice's is the ultimate destination for food lovers keen to sample some of the world's finest cuisines. Our re...

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Jones Bootmaker

View our collection of the latest designer inspired footwear. Ladies and Men's shoes, courts, pumps...

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Karen Millen Accessories

Karen Millen Accessories- Find us in Little SouthGate!

Karen Millen was founded in 1981 by Kevin S...

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Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme doughnuts are now in the UK. We've got 15 doughnut varieties including our si...

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Kurt Geiger

The Kurt Geiger boutique combines the very best in Kurt Geiger's own label brands with an offering to suit all taste...

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Functional footwear pioneer, MBT are proud to announce the opening of their second UK store in Bath's SouthGate cent...

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Mimco designs unique accessories collections.

We dream, explore & play with whatever gives us delight in...

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My Small World

Baby and Toddler Toy Heaven....

Beautifully designed wooden toys and soft toys for babies, toddlers and pre-...

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New Look

Always on trend, always in fashion and always in style, New Look believes everyone can enjoy fashion, no matter what...

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Pizza Express

Inspired by a love of real Italian pizza, PizzaExpress has been pioneering delicious handmade pizza since 1965.

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Plain Lazy

Plain Lazy is now poised for rapid International expansion. The ethos of the brand is being spread around the world,...

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Pretty Eccentric

Find us in Little SouthGate!

The brands love of English Eccentricity, individuality, fun & rom...

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Republic is the UK's leading multi-branded men's and women's fashion retailer, making it the one stop style destinat...

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River Island

Find the latest clothing trends at River Island as well as the latest girls and boys cloth...

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Route One

Route One, specialises in skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX and inline skating and historically has traded out of hig...

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Sainsburys local

Sainsbury's local offers a huge choice of groceries and products for your everyday needs.

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Tea Monkey

Tea Monkey was originally borne out of a dissatisfaction with the current coffee shop chains….. as a devoted tea dri...

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The North Face

For more than 40 years, The North Face® has made activewear and outdoor sports gear that exceeds your expec...

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Thoughts Cards

Thoughts Cards are a family run independent greeting card specialist, but one with a clear difference, a fresh new l...

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The new Bath store; the first UK franchise for Timberland with Seventy Three Retail at the helm, is set over 800 Squ...

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The UK's leading provider of shoe repairs, key cutting & shoe care products

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Stationary shop Open in Little SouthGate!!

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Tommy Hilfiger

The Tommy Hilfiger Store offers all collections for men, women and children. Clothing, accessories ...

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Topman is the leading fashion brand for men. From up to the minute and accessible fashion trends, to limited edition...

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With 300 new styles added each week, TOPSHOP is jam packed with all the latest styles. Che...

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In December 1996 amidst the hype of Girl Power, puffer jackets, and Trainspotting, tReds was born in the seaside tow...

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Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a global retailer with a boutique approach.

Does that sound like a contradictio...

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Whitewall Galleries

A New Experience in Fine Art

Whitewall brings the finest artwork from around the world to a discerning audie...

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Air Travel
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Ferry Travel
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Taxi Services

Bristol Airport is the UK’s fastest growing regional airport, and situated 8miles south of the city centre.
The Airport express link services A1 & A2 provide high quality, frequent travel to and from Bristol. The 121 from Bristol to Weston-super-Mare also serves the airport.
Useful Sites about Bristol Airport:
Airport Flyer
Bristol International Airport
Live flight arrivals information
121 Bus - Bristol, Bristol Airport - Weston-super-Mare
Bristol International is located 8 miles south of Bristol City Centre. From the north leave the M5 at junction 18 (signposted A4 Bristol & Airport). Take the A4 towards Bristol following signs for the airport. Go past Bristol City Football ground and connect with the A38 towards Taunton. From the South leave the M5 at Junction 22, at roundabout take 3rd exit signposted A38. At East Brent roundabout joining the A370 take the 2nd exit signposted A38 & airport. Continue on this road for approx 11 miles, the airport is on the left. From the East, at Junction 20, join the M5 southbound. Exit the M5 at junction 18 (signposted A4 Bristol & Airport). Take the A4 towards Bristol following signs for the airport. From the South east, follow the A4 towards Bristol, bear left onto the A4174 signposted Ring Road. Continue to follow signs for Airport and A38 Taunton. From South Wales follow the M4 over the second Severn Crossing. At junction 22 branch left to join the M49 (Signposted South West) and then join the M5. Leave the M5 at junction 18 (signposted A4 Bristol & Airport). Take the A4 towards Bristol following signs for the airport


Bristol Airport
BS48 3DY
Tel: 0871 334 4344


With a great range of shops, restaurants, bars and cafes, there is something for everyone in the departure lounge at Bristol Airport.
Passengers are advised to arrive at least 2 hours before the scheduled time of their departure to ensure there is enough time to get through the check in and security processes. Once through security, why not browse the extensive World Duty Free store, pick up some last minute essentials from Superdrug, buy a newspaper and book from WHSmith or relax in one of the catering facilities on the upper level.
You will find some great discounts and offers for Bristol Airport shopping on this website to use during your journey. We hope you enjoy your experience!


Bath bus station serves as part of an integrated transport interchange for the city of Bath, Somerset, England. The Manvers Street bus station opened in 1958 and operated until 2009 when it was replaced by the new bus station in Dorchester Street as part of the Southgate regeneration programme.  The new Bath Bus Station opened on Sunday 7 June 2009, at a cost of Ł14 million,  as part of the forms part of the Ł360 million SouthGate development. National Express services operate from bays 1 and 2. Local services operate from other bays.

Map of Bus services from Bath

Map of bus services from Bath

National Express  NATIONAL EXPRESS  1 Dorchester Street, City Centre, Bath BA1 1SS, United Kingdom  Tel :+44 845 606 4446

Destinations by direct express coach from Bath.
(For destinations by bus and train see below, for coach bookings click here.)Click on a place name for details of how to get there by express coach:
 Lulsgate, Bristol Airport
 Coate Water
 London, Earls Court
 Heathrow Airport
 Wilton, Near Salisbury
 Newton Abbot
 North Petherton
 Shepton Mallet
 St Austell
 St Blazey
 St Erth
 London, Victoria
 West Wellow

Bus operators
Details of  bus operators operating in the Bath area can be found below, please select the operators name for a link to the operators website.
Bus Operator Phone no. Fax no.
ABus (0117) 971 0251 (0117) 9723121 (via Crown Coaches)
Ad Rains (01666) 510874 Not available
Bath & North East Somerset Council Commercial Services (01225) 313411 (01225) 313411
Bath Bus Company (01225) 330444 (01225) 330727
Beeline R & R Coaches Ltd 01985 213503 Not available
Blagdon Lioness Coaches (01761) 462250 (01225) 463237
Bodmans Coaches (01380) 722393 (01380) 721969
Buglers (01225) 444422 (01225) 466665
Coachstyle (01249) 782224 (01249) 782224
CT Coach Hire (01761) 431643 Not available
Faresaver (01249) 444444 (01249) 448844
First Somerset and Avon 0845 6064446 (01225) 462972
Frome Minibuses (01373) 471474 (01373) 455294
Libra Travel (01373) 232199 Not available
National Express (08705) 808080 Not available
Somerbus Ltd (01761) 415456 (01761) 415456
Wessex Connect (0117) 9698661 Not available

Information on the various tickets available for travel in and around Bristol are provided below. Bus operators can change the fares on their services at short notice. To provide you with the most up to date fares information, the following pages provide links to local bus operators fares details.
Single, return and all day travel tickets Ten journey and weekly tickets Monthly tickets Six monthly and annual tickets
PLUSBUS Park and Ride Fares can be found on the
Park and Ride Page
Freedom Travel Pass,
 valid across the area on train and bus.

Destinations by direct local bus from Bath.
Click on a place name for details of how to get there by local bus:
 Acton Turville
 Bath, American Museum
 Colerne, Barracks
 Bath, Bath Spa University
 Bath, Bathwick Hill
 Bear Flat
 Bishop Sutton
 Bath, Bloomfield Road
 Boreham Fields
 Bradford on Avon
 Brougham Hayes
 Broughton Gifford
 Castle Combe
 Chew Magna
 Chipping Sodbury
 Cold Ashton
 Bath, Combe Down
 Combe Hay
 Bath, Combe Park
 Compton Bassett
 Bath, Coronation Avenue
 Cribbs Causeway
 Dyrham Park
 Bath, Ensleigh
 Farleigh Wick
 Farrington Gurney
 Bath, Foxhill Estate
 Great Cheverell
 Bath, Green Park
 Gurney Slade
 High Littleton
 Hilperton Marsh
 Hinton Blewett
 Hinton Charterhouse
 Melksham, Hospital
 Bath, Julian Road
 Bath, Kingsway
 Lacock, Lackham College
 Bath, Lansdown Road
 Bristol, Lawrence Hill
 Limpley Stoke
 Longwell Green
 Bath, Lower Bristol Road
 Bath, Lower Oldfield Park
 Bath, Lower Weston
 Market Lavington
 Melksham Forest
 Midsomer Norton
 Monkton Combe
 Monkton Farleigh
 Bath, Moorland Road
 Bath, Moorlands Estate
 Bath, Mount Road
 Ford, Near Chippenham
 Newton St Loe
 North Wraxall
 Norton St Philip
 Bath, Odd Down
 Old Mills
 Old Sodbury
 Bath, Oldfield Park
 Bath, Oldfield Road
 Keynsham, Park Estate
 Cadbury Heath, Park Estate
 Bristol, Parkway Rail Station
 Paxcroft Mead
 Peasedown St John
 Bath, Penn Lea Road
 Chippenham, Pewsham Estate
 Bath, Ralph Allen School
 Bath, Royal United Hospital
 Frome, Sainsburys
 Sells Green
 Bath, Sion Hill
 South Horrington
 Bath, Southdown Road
 St George
 Bath, St Martins Hospital
 Stanton St Quintin
 Staple Hill
 Steeple Ashton
 Stratton on the Fosse
 Bath, Sydney Gardens
 Temple Cloud
 Bristol, Temple Meads
 Midsomer Norton, Tesco
 Paulton, Tesco
 Bath, The Hollow
 The Shoe
 Bath, University
 Bath, Upper Weston
 Upton Scudamore
 Frenchay, UWE
 West Kennett
 West Kington
 West Lavington
 Bath, Weston
 Bath, Whiteway
 Woolley Green
 Yatton Keynell

Bath City Sightseeing Bus
6 North Parade, Bath  BA1 1LF   Tel: +44 (0)1225 330444
The Bath City Sightseeing Bus is one of the best ways to see the architectural delights of this UNESCO World Heritage listed city.
The red, open-top, double decker buses run on two routes.

The 50 minute City Centre Tour includes Bath Abbey, the Roman Baths, the Pump Rooms, Grand Parade, the Thermae Bath Spa, The Royal Crescent, The Circus, Pulteney Bridge and the Botanical Gardens in Victoria Park before returning to the city centre.
The one hour Skyline Tour runs from Bath Spa railway station via Bath Abbey, the University of Bath and nearby American Museum followed by a tour of Claverton Downs with views of Prior Park.

Commentaries can be enjoyed in the following languages: English, Cantonese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Polish, Russian and Spanish.

National Trust Members receive Ł1.00 off per ticket purchased. The buses have full disabled access.

Rail Travel
Bestand:Bath Spa railway station -
                          forecourt 10.jpg

Bath SpaDorchester Street, Bath  BA1 1SU
TrainTracker Tel: 0871 200 49 23
Bath Spa railway station is the principal railway station serving the city of Bath, in South West England and is served mainly by First Great Western as well as South West Trains and CrossCountry. It is situated on the Great Western Main Line and connects to the Wessex Main Line via Bradford-on-Avon. Bath Spa station was built in 1840 for the Great Western Railway by Brunel and is a grade II* listed building.  It is in an asymmetrical Tudor style with curving gables, and lies on the north bank of the Avon, with the line swerving across from the southern bank to the station and then back again. Opened on 31 August 1840, the station was originally named Bath, but was given its present name of Bath Spa in 1949 to distinguish it from the other station at Bath, Bath Green Park, which did not have its name altered from Bath until 1951.

A convenient characteristic for passengers was that ramps lead up to both platforms, permitting the disabled or those with luggage to have ready access from the platforms to cars or taxis. However in 2011 the northern ramp was removed in a station redevelopment which provided lifts instead. There is also a footbridge, formerly tolled, leading directly from the station across the Avon and allowing direct access to the area of Widcombe. The Ha'penny Bridge which previously crossed the river collapsed in 1877 .The station has wide spacing between the platforms as it was originally built when the GWR used broad gauge track. When it was originally built a hammerbeam roof covered the area between the platforms; however this was removed in 1897. This large gap between the up and down-lines used to accommodate a through bi-directional line but is now empty.  
Since the closure of the Midland Region station at Green Park  after the Beeching report, all of Bath's rail services run through Bath Spa. The station is also conveniently situated for connection with bus services.

The station has regular (approximately half-hourly each way) inter-city services to London Paddington via Swindon & Reading & Chippenham and to Bristol Temple Meads (with some extensions to Weston-super-Mare, Taunton and beyond). It is also served hourly (two-hourly on Sundays) by the Cardiff Central to Portsmouth Harbour and Gloucester & Bristol to Westbury and Weymouth regional trains, plus a limited service to London Waterloo via Salisbury and Basingstoke (four per day Monday-Saturday, two on Sunday). Since the May 2010 timetable started, an early morning CrossCountry service to Glasgow Central via Bristol, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle and Edinburgh starts at Bath. It departs at 0609 on Mondays to Fridays, but does not run on weekends. It arrives into Glasgow at 14:12. There is no southbound return.
The only other open station in Bath is Oldfield Park, a small commuter station in a western suburb, with limited services to Bristol or Bath Spa, and onward stations.  Other now closed stations in Bath were Green Park (the Midland terminus, of which the over-all roof and primary buildings survive, and which for most of its life was named "Bath Queen Square"),  Bathampton and Weston (a suburban station on the Midland line which closed in 1953). Westmoreland Street, later a goods station, was the original GWR passenger station, and is now demolished). Twerton-on-Avon, and Hampton Row Halt, both on the GWR route, closed after World War 1.
View Live Departures and arrivals : Bath Live Departures  
Contact Details  TrainTracker Tel: 0871 200 49 23  Opening Times : The station is open Monday-Sunday 05:15-01:50 but during the early morning hours there are very few if any trains running.  There are self service ticket machines and a ticket office which are available during the opening hours above. 

Destinations by direct train from Bath. (for rail bookings click here.)
Click on a place name for details of how to get there by train:

Preceding station National Rail National Rail Following station
Bristol Temple Meads   First Great Western
London - Bristol/West Country
Oldfield Park   First Great Western
Great Malvern/Gloucester - Westbury/South Coast
Bristol Temple Meads   First Great Western
Cardiff Central - Portsmouth Harbour
  South West Trains
London Waterloo - Bristol
Bristol Temple
Cross Country Route
One northbound early morning journey
 Filton, Abbey Wood
 Bradford on Avon
 Castle Cary
 Dilton Marsh
 Maiden Newton
 Nailsea and Bakewell Rail Station
 Bath, Oldfield Park
 London, Paddington
 Shoreham by Sea
 Bristol, Temple Meads
 Weston Super Mare
National Rail Bath
http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/tm/2008/02/CC_Logo_Darkbg_CMYK.jpgCROSS COUNTRY

Tel : 0844 811 0124.
e-mail the ticket bookings support team


    First Great Western
Telephone    0207 278 5240
Tel: 0871 200 4918
South West
                                TrainsSOUTH WESTERN TRAINS
Buy online
You can save time by booking your tickets
online and collecting them from a self-service ticket machine at the station, or receive them by post.

0870 906 6649 (0800-2200, Monday to Sunday)
For queries about your online booking, only.

Buy by phone
You can also buy your tickets over the phone with our experienced Customer Service team. They can arrange for you to collect your tickets from a self-service ticket machine at the station or send them to you by post.
Telephone: 0845 6000 650 (option 2)
For ticket purchases over the phone. 

South West Trains
Overline House
SO15 1GW

Tel: 0845 6000 650
Tel: 0207 278 5240


All Aboard
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Relaxing and enjoyable way to take in the sights of the city including Great Pultney street, Henrietta park Laura fountain and more. A great way to celebrate that special occasion, birthday, anniversary, hen party or add a touch of Romance to a wedding proposal.  Fixed tours last approx 25 minutes costs Ł10.00 per adult  Ł 5.00 per child. Meet us at Terrace Walk , outside The Abbey Hotel.  Tours can be pre booked on your specific Time and Date to avoid disappointment.  Card payments availble on pre booked tours.  Exclusive use of carriage availble for tours up to an hour , ride through Victoria Park see The Royal Crescent and The Circus.
The Stables 
Radford Farm 
Timsbury   Bath  BA2 0QF
Tel : 01761 471888

 South Pde, Bath
T 01225 444444
A-Ted Travel
179 The Hollow, Bath
T 01225 330077
Bath Chariots of Leisure
bath taxi,airport transfers & tours
31 Rush Hill, Bath
T 01225 344486
Bath Crystal Cars
Bath airport transfer service also tours in the Bath area.
Bath Spa Taxis
98 Mount Rd, Southdown, Bath
T 01225 313131
Gemini Private Hire
85 Old England Way,
Peasedown St. John, Bath
T 07770 998451
V Cars
9 Terrace Walk, Bath
T 01225 464646
V Cars
36 Monmouth St, Bath
T 01225 466666
V Class Travel
2 Ridge Green Cl, Bath
T 01225 835847
Willow Taxis & Mini Buses
74 Frederick Av, Peasedown St. John, Bath
T 01761 435366
City Taxis
226 Haycombe Drive
Somerset BA2 1PR
T : 01225 425678 Fax: 01225 401346
4-5 Hire Service
33 Crescent Gdns,
Bath, BA1 2NB
T: 01225 444993

A1 Taxis, Unit
3 Bruton Avenue Garages,
Bear Flat, Bath, BA2 4QJ, T: 01225 444777
City Line Taxis
 12 Rivers St Place,
T:  01225-443406
Connexions Private Hire Bath T: 01225 851085
90 meare Rd,
T:  07747 633234
DC Travel,
Unit 2, Roseberry Place,
 Bath, BA2 3DU, 
T: 01225 401346
Taxi Services
224 Haycombe Dr,
 Bath, BA2 1PR
T:  07711-145858
Luxury Drive
35 Kelston Rd
T: 01225 835680
Orange Grove  Taxis
12 Rivers St Place,
T: 01225-447777
4 Bruton Avenue Garages, Bruton Avenue, Bath BA2 4QJ 
T: 01225  460606
Rays Taxis
 81 Brookfield Park, Bath.  T: 01225-423978
Rogers Private Hire Taxis
 39 Marsden Road,
R Harmer,
19, Purlewent Drive,
Bath, BA1 4AZ , 
T: 01225 335211
Satnam Taxis 
2 Burnham Rd,
T: 01225  333366
Bruton Avenue
T: 01225-422281
Widcombe Cars
21 Greenacres
T:  01225 422610
Smart Taxis & Minibuses of Bath
27 Devonshire Bldgs,
Bath, BA2 4SU
T: 01225 442200

Royal Taxis
11 Cheltenham St,
 Bath, BA2 3EX
T: 01225 312121

RM Taxis
20 Vernham Grove,
Odd Down,
Bath, BA2 2TB
T: 01225 404395

Access Travel
135 Rush Hill,
Bath, BA2 2QT
T: 07710 223284

Cathedral Taxis
South Parade,
Bath, BA2 4AF
T: 01225 444444

County cars
T:01225 352173
Bathwick Taxis
T: 07936 893186

A-Class Cars
T: 07854 989374

Wessex Golf
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National County Card
Buy a National County Card Here
Benefits for Golfers

    * Play over 1,000 courses at the members' guest rate or similar.
    * Get discounts at some of the top clubs - discounts that are often not available via any other scheme.
    * Support your Club - when you join, your golf club also receives Ł5* which can go towards either keeping membership fees lower or club development.
    * No more outlay on discount vouchers.
    * Full year card member benefits for only Ł24.95.
    * Our portfolio of clubs from all over the world is increasing daily.
    * Help golf clubs get more quality visitors and members and entice 'nomad' golfers to become full golf club members.

Sham Castle, North Road, Bath, BA2 6JG

Trowbridge Road, Bradford-on-Avon

Cumberwell Park,
Bradford-on-Avon, BA15 2PQ

Entry Hill,
Entry Hill, Bath, BA2 5NA

Marsh Lane, Farrington Gurney, Bristol, BS39 6TS

Fosseway CC,
Charlton Lane, Midsomer Norton, Radstock, BA3 4BD

Frome ,
Critchill Manor, Frome,
BA11 4LJ

Isle of Wedmore,
Lineage, Lascots Hill, Wedmore, BS28 4QT

(sec) Mead Run, Compton Street, Compton Dundon, Somerton

Lansdown, Bath, BA1 9BT

The Mendip,
Gurney Slade, Bath, BA3 4UT

Frome, BA11 2PH

The Park,
The Park, Wick,
Near Bath BS30 5RN

West Wilts,
Elm Hall, Warminster,
BA12 0AU

Cupid Centre Wessex Horseriding
This section has been added for horse lovers visiting Wessex
as an extra service for visitors and to promote the wonderful work of the
 Bella Moss Foundation.
Please click through to their pages and give to help our animal friends

Downlands Equestrian
Downlands Equestrian Ltd
Downlands Church Farm
Wiltshire BA12 7AB
Tel:           07734 299706

Heywood Equestrian Centre
Church Road, Heywood, Westbury
Wiltshire, BA13 4LP
01373 823476
Mr & Mrs Discombe
Riding School, Riding and jumping instruction
lessons only, no hacking
Wt limit 14st.
Wellow Trekking Centre
Phone: 07053594577

Learn how to ride at Wellow Trekking Centre in Bath.
  West Wilts Equestrian Centre
Melksham Road
North Trowbridge
BA14 6QT
Tel: 01225 783220 (ansaphone)
Mob: 07855 464075
Widbrook Arabian Stud & Equestrian Centre
Widbrook, Trowbridge Road, Bradford on Avon,
Wiltshire, BA15 1UD
01225 862608
Mrs D Griggs
Riding School & Training Centre,
Riding and jumping instruction
Wt limit 13st, age limit 6 years, no casual hire.

See our Horse Riding in Wessex Website for Fuller Details
Horny Horse
  Please contact us for details of our services. Riding horses and ponies is suitable for all ages and abilities. You may wish to learn to ride for pleasure so that you could enjoy a gentle hack or pony trek across some of the UK's many bridle paths. Or maybe you are interested in equestrian sport, such as showjumping, dressage or eventing

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