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Backing Britain
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Back in 1971 our owners introduced a discount for Tourists using British European Airways  to get discounts from various shops and services in the UK.  It was very successful. So today for 2024 we are reviving the system in this area to back local independent businesses in Somerset to get greater custom and footfall. This is only for small independent traders and may only be used upon personal presentation. We invite all local independent traders to participate in this enterprise. Our representative will be pleased to meet with interested traders to include them in this handbook. Please contact us by email to: info@wessextouristboard.org.uk if you are interested.

The Wessex Tourist Board will be adding the Talk of the Tone logo beside the name of the shop or service providers who participate in allowing discounts to visitors in their online Tourist guides for Bridgwater, Chard, Taunton, Mendip, Wellington, West Somerset, Wiveliscombe and Yeovil. Look for the sign in the guides and shop window stickers.

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  The Wessaxens came here for a visit 1513 years ago and liked it so much they have stayed.
Union flagSporting Spirits
Bridgwater sign

Bridgwater Guy Fawkes

James Scott
                        Duke of Monmouth


Bridgewater Crest


Time to Open The Curtains!

Allegedly, until recently members of the Royal Family would not pass through Bridgwater without drawing the blinds of their train as a result of the Monmouth Rebellion.

Bridgwater stands on the River Parrett. The Anglo-Saxons called it Bryj. The area has been known to have been settled for at least a thousand years. Alfred the Great famously burnt cakes when hiding in the marshes of Athelney near Bridgwater, after the Danish invasion in 875. In the Domesday Book, it is described as an agricultural community with the name Brugie, although it is easy to see how the name Bridgwater evolved. It is recorded that William de Bruere was granted a Royal Charter for the borough at the beginning of the 13th century, when he began building a castle here. Bridgwater originated as a market town and is mentioned in the Domesday Book, and previously at around 800 A.D. in Saxon chronicles.  
King John of England granted the town a charter in 1200 A.D., with William de Briwere as lord, and leading to the building of a bridge across the river, of Bridgwater Castle, and of St John's hospital. During the 11th century revolts of the barons against Henry II, Bridgwater was held by them against the King.

Bridgwater's peasants under Nicholas Frampton took place in the Peasants' Revolt of 1381, sacking Sydenham House, murdering the local tax collectors and destroying the records. By the 15th century the town had become a thriving port. As with several other centres in this area, the town’s prosperity was mainly to do with the cloth industry.

The 1605 Gunpowder Plot is thought to have been masterminded by Robert Parsons, born in the nearby village of Nether Stowey.

In the English Civil War the town and the castle were held by the Royalists under Colonel Sir Francis Wyndham, a personal acquaintance of the King. British history may have been very different had his wife, Lady Crystabella Wyndham, been a little more accurate with a musket shot that missed Cromwell but killed his aide de camp. Eventually, with many buildings destroyed in the town, the castle and its valuable contents were surrendered to the Parliamentarians on July 22, 1645. The castle itself was deliberately destroyed the following year (1645), while in 1651 Colonel Wyndham made arrangements for Charles II to flee to France following the Battle of Worcester. Some remains of the castle can still be seen - the watergate, a wall in Queen Street, and the route of the moat in Castle Moat.

In the 1685 Monmouth Rebellion, the rebel James Scott, 1st Duke of Monmouth (see picture left) was proclaimed King in various local towns including on the Cornhill in Bridgwater. He eventually lead his troops on a night-time attack on the King's position near Westonzoyland. Unfortunately surprise was lost when a musket was accidentally discharged, and the Battle of Sedgemoor, the last battle on English soil, resulted in defeat for the Duke. He later lost his head in the Tower of London, while nine locals were executed for treason. Allegedly, until recently members of the Royal Family would not pass through Bridgwater without drawing the blinds of their train as a result of this escapade.

Bridgwater became the first town in Britain to petition the government to ban slavery in 1797. In 1896, the trade unionists of Bridgwater's brick and tile industry were involved a number of strikes. The Salisbury government sent troops to the town to clear the barricades by force. During the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the cloth trade began to decline as a result of the industrial revolution. Larger northern towns, where labour was cheap and plentiful, became the centres of industry. Bristol grew in importance and the port of Bridgwater began to decline. The manufacture of bricks and roofing tiles gave the town a boost after the arrival of the railways. But this industry was replaced by others during the 20th century.

A by-election in 1938 enabled the town to send a message to the government and Hitler, when an Independent anti-appeasement candidate was elected. In World War II the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal formed part of the Taunton Stop Line, designed to prevent the advance of a German invasion. Pilboxes can still be seen along its length. The first bombs fell on Bridgwater on August 24, 1940, destroying houses on Old Taunton Road and three men, three women and one child were killed. Later a prisoner of war camp was established at Colley Lane, holding Italian prisoners. During the preparations for the invasion of Europe, American troops were based in the town.

1950 saw the start of a significant increase in post-war housebuilding, with council house estates being started at Sydenham and Rhode Lane and the former coperative estate near Durleigh. The first council estate to be built was in the 1930s at Kendale Road, followed by those at Bristol Road.

The 1973 national reform of local government removed the historic status of Bridgwater as a Borough, as it became part of the district of Sedgemoor.   The mediaeval street pattern has been retained in the old centre of Bridgewater and there are still a number of attractive historic buildings. There is also a statue of Admiral Blake, one of the town’s most famous sons, in the town centre. The birthplace of this sailor and parliamentarian, who was born at the end of the 16th century, is now a museum.

Bridgwater had a population of 36,563 according to the 2001 census.
Today the town is famous for Bridgwater Fair, which has now been combined with an illuminated carnival. The fair takes place during the last week of September and has been held in the town since 1249. It was originally a livestock fair and this function still survives. However the main event is now centred around a fairground with all its attractions. Bridgwater has plenty of accommodation, restaurants, bars and cafés. It also has plenty of shops and other tourist facilities, making it an ideal centre from which to explore Somerset and neighbouring counties. 

 ARMS: Gules rising from Water barry wavy in base proper the Piers of a Bridge Or thereon a Castle Argent portcullis raised thereunder a Leopard's Face in chief an Estoile of eight points and a Fleur-de-Lys Gold.
CREST: On a Wreath Argent and Gules an Ancient Ship Or in full sail rigging Sable flags and pennant Argent each charged with a Cross Gules the sail also Argent charged with a Chevron between three Garbs of the second.
SUPPORTERS: On either side a Lion guardant Or each gorged with a Rope proper pendent therefrom on the dexter an Escutcheon Gules charged with two Bendlets wavy Gold and on the sinister an Escutcheon Argent charged with a Trivet Sable.

Motto 'OPES CONSILIUM PARIT' - Wisdom begets wealth.
Granted 19th Sep­tember 1952, to the Borough of Bridgwater.

The shield carries the design of the seal, which has been used for centuries. The waves of blue in the water refer particularly to the double bore of the river, and the red field may be taken as a reference to the red shield of Douai in France, whence came Walter de Douai who received the grant of the town in Norman times. The star, fleur-de-lis, and leopard's face are all royal emblems, and indicate the numerous royal charters, beginning with that of King John, which the town has received. The raised portcullis may be taken as an indication of the town's importance as a tourist centre.
The golden ship represents Bridgwater's importance as a port in many periods. The sail is decorated with the arms of Admiral Blake, a native of the town, and the black chevron and sheaves may also be considered to allude to the grain and coal traffic.
The lions are further royal emblems, the ropes at their necks allude to another local activity — the hemp industry. The two shields are those of the De Briwere and Trivet families. Bridgwater was granted to the De Briweres in the time of Henry II, and Walter de Briwere founded the Hospital of St John and built the Castle. Sir Thomas Trivet, who bore punning arms of a black trivet on white, completed the bridge over the River Parrett.

Twinned Towns

Bridgwater is twinned with:

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This is not just a Tourist Board- This is the on-line Wessex Tourist Board. Book Theatre Tickets, Sports Tickets, Cinema Tickets, Hotels and Shop On-Line. Get your meals delivered. This is THE ON-LINE Bridgewater Experience.


For many years now we have been using Phillips Senseo Machines to make our office coffee. Although Phillips tied up with Doux  Egberts we found that their range of coffees for the machines were both more expensive and inferior to those sold by Lydl. Lydl's range named Melangerie included Brazilian. Kenyan, Columbian and Nicaraguan coffees.  However earlier this month Lydl suddenly removed them from the shelves and replaced then with another variety using the Tassimo machines. We wrote to Lydl about this and they replied:

 "Re: Availability of Coffee Pods

Thank you for enquiring about our Coffee Pods. Unfortunately this item is not available in our stores at the moment.

We hope to have this available again in the future and apologise for any inconvenience. We have passed your interest in this item onto our Buying Department and would like to thank you for taking the time to contact us.
Yours sincerely,
For and on behalf of Lidl UK GmbH
Reece Aitken
Customer Service
Tel – 0370 444 1234
Email - customer.services@lidl.co.uk

Coffee Merchants UK

Unit 1, 18B
Bennett's field Trading Estate
Wincanton, Somerset  BA9 9DT
Phone: 0196331137
Fax: 0196331137
Email: info@thecoffeepod.co.uk
Email (orders): sales@thecoffeepod.co


  Now we have done our research and found a lovely company in Wincanton; Somerset who can provide you with the Senseo pads in the following flavours: Colombian, Costa Rican, Kenyan AA, Sumatra, as well as Decaffeinated, and  French Extreme.

See: http://www.thecoffeepod.co.uk/contents/en-uk/d7_Senseo_Coffee_Pods_page_1.html

Colombia Supremo - Savour the rich and nutty flavour of this classic coffee.
French Roast  -  A dark-roast lover's dream!
Costa Rican Tarrazu -  Rich, volcanic soil, high elevation and climatic conditions all contribute to the unique flavour
Sumatra 'Lake Toba'- This full-bodied yet well-balanced cup is one of our Roastmaster's favourite.
Swiss Water Decaffeinated -, and Kenyan AA DeCaf. (ONLY included if asked for)
House Blend - One of our Roastmaster's favourite blends - a unique combination of 100% Arabica beans from some of the premier growing regions in the world. Smooth, rich & delicious - perfection in every cup!
Brazilian Santos- Brazilian Blend will produce a balanced coffee with low acidity and subtle chocolate and nut notes. A good smooth, bold everyday drinking coffee 
 Roast Master Choice - Blue Mountain Blend - Signature  - Kenyan AA - French Extreme Caffeine
Coffee Sense  is the solution to your single cup coffee needs - combining quality taste with the ease and convenience of a single cup! The gourmet selection offers the perfect coffees - light roasts, exotic estate coffees, flavoured, and decaffeinated as well as premium hand-picked teas. Convenience, choice and a gourmet selection!
    Individually Wrapped - 8g per pod
    100% Arabica Coffee
    Responsibly Grown Coffee
    Kosher Certified

   The Royal Bath & West Show

27 - 30 May 2015

The Royal Bath & West Show is England's Biggest Celebration of Rural Life and England's only 4 day Royal Show. The year the Show celebrates 50 years at the Showground. The Show Team are busy preparing for the 2015 Show and promise to bring you a action packed and great day out in May
Schedules for competitive classes are available now - CLICK HERE to view

NEW FOR 2015
  • New Ticket Prices - CLICK HERE to find out more
  • Sports Village
  • Horticultural Section
  • South Devons National Show
Trade stand packs for 2015 are available now please contact Sandie Collishaw on 01749 82220001749 822231
                                      & West Show Bath
                                      & west Bath &
                                      & west Show

This is where all aspects of farming and rural life can be seen, from the best of British livestock to the latest business innovations in farming. The show offers the perfect day out for the whole family; the best for shopping, food, flowers, crafts, country pursuits, equestrian competitions and arena displays.

Start date:

27th May 2015

End date:

30th May 2013


The Showground, Shepton Mallet, Somerset

Web Link:


Contact telephone:

01749 822 200

Winter Sports
                          Soccer Randy Rugby
Winter Sports
                          Official Site fireworks
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Horse Matri Fives
FREE FILMSSporting Spirits
Somerset Sound
talk; news and sport; contemporary and oldies  am1566
Broadcasting House, Park Street, Taunton,TA1 4DA 
01823 368181


BBC Somerset Sound
You've got to have

Heart Radio

HEART Somerset's new radio station:

Heart has arrived in Somerset. You can listen on 96.5 - 97.1 - 102.6 and online.To tell everyone about Heart we're going to have a TV ad, billboard posters across the area and information in the local newspapers. You could win £1,000 just by listening to our new TV advertisement or win a fabulous holiday with Toby Anstis.


Our new look website has got plenty of fresh and fabulous features.There'll be competitions, music and showbiz news, fashion and beauty ideas, local event information, some great DJ blogs and it'll answer the question 'What song was that?'.

top 40 chart and adult contemporary music  fm102.6 (Somerset) 97.1 (Yeovil) 96.5 (Taunton)
  listen live on our audio pages   address & telephone number 

Haygrove House, Shorditch Road,Taunton, Somerset TA3 7BT
News: 01823 368330  Sales : 01823 368310  HEART CLICK

May Events from Heart Radio

Saturday  1st - Charity fashion show at Dellers Wharf Nightclub in Taunton from 7pm - 10pm, with fashion for all shapes and sizes! Live music, goodie bags, a sparkling wine reception and fizzy cider supplied by the Orchard Pig Cider Company. Tickets £7.50 or £5.50 for students. Get tickets and more information at www.verymodelblog.com *OVER 18's ONLY*

Saturday 1st - Cancer Research May Market at Wincanton Memorial Hall from 9.30am till 12noon. Plants and stalls with cakes and crafts. To book a stall call 01963 824874

Saturday 1st - Gemini Tae Kwon-Do presents 24 Hour Charity Sparathon. Raising money for the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance Charity in aid of Elliot Davies. Starts 3pm, at Kings Fitness and Leisure, Station Road, Cheddar. For more information check out www.tkd-selfdefence.co.uk  

Saturday 1st - Ange Hardy on Tour "Story In Song" at Corton Denham Village Hall, near Sherborne from 7.30pm till 9.30pm

Sunday 2nd - The Glastonbury Road Run! Starts outside the Town Hall in Glastonbury. To find out more and to register go to www.glastonburyroadrun.inf

Wednesday 5th - Saturday 15th - Taunton Art Group Annual Exhibition at Taunton Library 
Art on the Block - Charity Auction 11th - 6.30pm Here's your chance to buy the very best quality Art at affordable prices and benefit Taunton Musgrove Park Hospital. The auction will be held at the Castle Hotel, Taunton.For tickets call (01823) 342 488. Tickets cost £10 Or visit www.artforlife.nhs.uk to bid online.
Saturday 15th - Yarlington Specialist Plant Sale at Yarlington House. From 10am till 4pm. With plants, cakes, teas, and more.
Saturday 15th - 4th Annual Antiques and Collectables Fair at Comton Dundon's village hall. With indoor stalls and outdoor pitches, including plant sales. Raising money for St Margaret's Somerset Hospice and Children's Hospice South West. From 9.30am till 3pm.
Saturday 15th - Peter Donegan (son of Lonnie Donegan) fronts his dads original band to play a celebration of Donegan's music. At the Tacchi Morris Arts Centre. from 8pm 
Saturday 15th - Ange hardy "Story In Song" at Tatworth Memorial Hall from 7.30pm till 9.30pm 
Adult Learners Week 15th - 21st  From learning Pilates to gaining a PHD, Adult learners week celebrates learning in all it's diversity. Events will be taking place at various locations across Somerset. Call Sue Edwards on (01823) 347 952 Or visit www.southwest.org.uk
Sunday 23rd - Conquest Family Fun Day at the Conquest Equestrian Centre, Norton Fizwarren from 11am till 5pm. With It's A Knockout, mounted police display, stalls, food and more 
Donkey Day! 29th May - 11am-3.30pm Come along and groom donkey's from the Donkey Sanctuary. For meore information contact us on the details below. Call the Somerset Rural Life Museum on (01458) 831 197 Or visit www.somerset.gov.uk/museums
Saturday 29th - Ange Hardy on Tour "Story In Song" at Fivehead Village Hall, near Taunton from 7.30pm till 9.30pm 
National Family Week. 31st May - 5th June Free events will be taking place across Somerset including a week of activity in Taunton Town Centre. For more info call 0845 345 9177 or email jtollington@somerset.gov.uk

10 Radio

About 10Radio

10Radio is the community radio station for the Ten Parishes of Ashbrittle, Bathealton, Brompton Ralph, Chipstable, Clatworthy, Fitzhead, Huish Champflower, Milverton, Stawley and Wiveliscombe in Somerset. It can be heard in Taunton too

10Radio broadcasts live from the Ten Parishes every Friday to Sunday. We also broadcast a live breakfast show every Monday to Thursday and most weekday evenings as well. The rest of the time we play a shuffle of music, sometimes by genre, or repeat programmes broadcast in previous weeks.

10Radio broadcasts from the people to the people. It is entirely owned and run by the local community.

10Radio transmits on 105.3FM from our new studios at Croft Cottage, right next to Wiveliscombe Community Centre, West St, Wiveliscombe. You can also hear us on the internet via this website.

Contact 10Radio

Please get in touch with us if you want to get involved in 10Radio in anyway - whether it is making programmes, helping out behind the scenes, sponsoring our broadcasts or telling us about what you're doing in the local area.

 West Street


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Tea for two Mr
                        Miles, Taunton Never
                        Mind The Calories
Coffe Cup BeansWelcome to Mr Miles.
Just opened in Taunton High Street. The world renowned coffee & tea merchants D.J.Miles of Porlock & Minehead have opened a magnificent new Coffee House and Tea Rooms. Is this Taunton's answer to Betty's of Harrogate?  After two days open there are queues waiting to get a table. How lovely to have the lovely aroma of coffee roasting. We are sure this will become a mecca for not only ladies who lunch but also the visitors and tourists to Taunton. Relaxed and sipping the wonderful array of coffees and teas- pinkies in the air. It is also a shop to buy tea, coffee, chocolate and an array of gifts.This is a traditional family business based in the heart of Somerset.  Their unique business is devoted to rare and mouth-watering  exclusive coffees and fine teas, now available to buy online.
 Mr Miles Tearooms, 3-4 High Street, Taunton, TA1 3PG Tel: 01823 322288  Email: info@djmiles.co.uk

To plan your journey by car or public transport click on to the Door-to-Door Journey Planner

Road planner


Chat here CLICK HERE
The Wessex Tourist Board are happy to introduce their chatroom for the locals in  Bridgwater, Chard & Taunton. Just click on the  picture of Cerdic to the left to enter the room. Obviously this site is for locals with similar interests to  chat to each other. In order for the room to be a success it is necessary for you to tell your friends about the room so you can chat to each other.. It is hoped that it will become the networking centre for the locals of Bridgwater, Taunton & Chard.
Its Showtime
For a full list of theatres in the UK. Click on to Showtime
  In Thomas Hardy's Wessex Taunton is known as Toneborough
"I find that the name Wessex is getting taken up everywhere and it would be a pity
for us to lose the right to it for lack of asserting it"

Thomas Hardy first used the term "Wessex" in his 1874 novel, Far From the Madding Crowd Hardy's vast works conformed to the region that he envisioned and called Wessex. But as Thomas Hardy himself always maintained, "This is an imaginative Wessex only". In respect of places described under fictitious or ancient names in the novels -– for reason that seemed good at the time of writing them –- and kept up in the poems –- discerning people have affirmed in print that they clearly recognize the originals: such as Shaftesbury in ‘Shaston,’ Sturminster Newton in ‘Stourcastle,’ Dorchester in ‘Casterbridge,’ Salisbury Plain in ‘The Great Plain,’ Cranborne Chase in ‘The Chase,’ Beaminster in ‘Emminster,’ Bere Regis in ‘Kingsbere,’ Woodbury Hill in ‘Greenhill,’ Wool Bridge in ‘Wellbridge,’ Harfoot or Harput Lane in ‘Stagfoot Lane,’ Hazlebury in ‘Nuttlebury,’ Bridport in ‘Port Bredy,’ Maiden Newton in ‘Chalk Newton,’ a farm near Nettlecombe Tout in ‘Flintcomb Ash,’ Sherbourne in ‘Sherton Abbas,’ Milton Abbey in ‘Middleton Abbey,’ Cerne Abbas in ‘Abbot's Cernel,’ Evershot in ‘Evershead,’ Taunton in ‘Toneborough,’ Bournemouth in ‘Sandbourne,’ Winchester in ‘Wintonchester,’ Oxford in ‘Christminster,’ Reading in ‘Aldbrickham,’ Newbury in ‘Kennetbridge,’ Wantage in ‘Alferdston,’ Basingstoke in ‘Stoke Barehills,’ and so on.
Thomas Hardy

The Somerset Carnivals are highly regarded as the largest illuminated processions in the world. They occur late on in the year at various locations including: Bridgwater, Burnham-on-Sea, Chard, Ilminster, Glastonbury, North Petherton, Shepton Mallet, Taunton, Wellington, Wells,  Weston-Super-Mare, and Yeovil.


The carnivals in Somerset date back to 400 years, and are one of the most spectacular events in Somerset today. In some of the bigger locations (such as Bridgwater), you can expect to see crowds of more than 120,000.

The carnival floats (or carts as they are sometimes referred as), are designed and built by dedicated carnival clubs around the West Country. These carnival clubs have many members who raise money throughout the year, and work relentlessly to achieve the spectacular carnival entries. The carnival floats take part in the carnival parade along with other entries; these range from clowns dancing in the streets to 100ft illuminated carnival floats (some with up to 30,000 light bulbs) pulled by tractors.




Carnival 2011 will be held as follows. All dates are correct as of January 2011





20th August (Sat)


Sturminster Newton

Wessex GP





17th September (Sat)



Wessex GP

24th September (Sat)



Wessex GP

24th September (Sat)



South Somerset FC





1st October (Sat)



Wessex GP

1st October (Sat)



South Somerset FC

8th October (Sat)



Wessex GP

8th October (Sat)



South Somerset FC

15th October (Sat)


Castle Cary

Wessex GP

15th October (Sat)



South Somerset FC

22nd October (Sat)



Wessex GP

2011 Date TBC



- - -

29th October (Sat)



Wessex GP





04th November (Fri)


Bridgwater   [route/map]

Somerset County GFCA

05th November (Sat)


North Petherton   [route/map]

Somerset County GFCA

07th November (Mon)


Burnham-on-Sea / Highbridge   [route/map]

Somerset County GFCA

09th November (Wed)


Shepton Mallet   [route/map]

Somerset County GFCA

10th November (Thu)


Midsomer Norton   [route/map]

- - -

11th November (Fri)

7:30pm (was 7pm last year)

Wells   [NEW route/map]

Somerset County GFCA

12th November (Sat)


Glastonbury   [route/map]

Somerset County GFCA

14th November (Mon)


Weston-super-Mare   [route/map]

Somerset County GFCA

Carnivals on the Somerset County GFCA circuit generally attract the most entries and visitors (and last approx 2-3 hours), followed by carnivals on the South Somerset FC and Wessex GP (and last approx 1 hour).

List of carnival clubs
The following is a list of major carnival clubs and their home town locations:


What's On In Somerset
Welcome to 'What's On Somerset, an exciting quarterly preview of leisure and entertainment designed to bring this great county together. It is a celebration of somerset and events within it and they are working with all communities to help highlight forthcoming entertainment.Read by Somerset residents and visitors alike, What’s On Somerset has been developed in response to requests for better information about entertainment, within the county and beyond. You will find printed copies all across the county in Theatres, cafes, Tourist Information Centres, Family attractions and many other outlets that are visited by active people.And on their website, you can see their current issue on screen. Some of their advertisers have even made it possible for you to click through to their own website, should you need to make a booking or just seek further information.The What’s on Somerset team are based in the county and grew up in it so they appreciate what you might be looking to do with your leisure time and where to get information.Being a community service, they are also reliant on information being sent to them and on their website you will be able to send them  information about forthcoming events and even opinions about things you have done. 

Giles Adams Managing Editor, Character Graphics, 56/58 Station Road (rear),Taunton, Somerset TA1 1NS tel. 01823 279008 fax. 01823 279011 e. whatsonsomerset@btinternet.com

Other Notable Local Websites CLICK


Somerset Pages
Web Directory
 UK Villages.co.uk
Wessex Society

General information on Wessex
THE WESSEX SOCIETY is dedicated to preserving and developing the cultural and linguistic heritage of Wessex. For more information please contact : WESSEX SOCIETY, 121 Worthing Road, Patchway, BRISTOL WESSEX, BS34 5HU  telephone 0117 969 4947 email wessexsociety@zyworld.com
THE WESSEX REGIONALIST PARTY/WESTSEAXE LANDRICESTAEFA is dedicated to the setting up of self government for WESSEX. For membership information or general enquiries please contact :
James Gunter, Secretary-General, WESSEX REGIONALISTS, 5 Rickyard Cottages, Broad Hinton, Swindon, Wiltshire, Wessex ,SN4 9PS
tel 01793 731974 email wessexregionalists@regionalist.net

THE WESSEX CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION is an all party group that is forwarding the exciting plans of all the people of WESSEX to have their own parliament, with powers equal to those of Scotland. For more information please contact : WESSEX CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION, 1/2 Atlantic Road South
WESTON-SUPER-MARE, Somerset, WESSEX  tel 01934 641334  email wessexconvention@regionalist.net
Until borders are agreed with all the various regionalist groups in England WESSEX for our purposes consists of the counties of Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset, Devon, Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire

Somerset County Council

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Bridgwater House
Sedgemoor DC
Sedgemoor District Council
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 Town Hall Bridgewater Crest
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 Somerset Districts 
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The First King of Wessex-
Welcome To My Kingdom
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Somerset Heritage Centre
Somerset Heritage Centre
Brunel Way, Langford Mead, Norton Fitzwarren
Taunton, TA2 6SF
Telephone     01823 278805 (enquiries)

01823 337600 (appointments)
Please make an appointment if you need a guaranteed place in the searchroom.
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Email     archives@somerset.gov.uk

We exist to find, preserve and make available written records of Somerset's people and communities.

The Somerset Archives and Local Studies Service offers:
Free access for you to do your own research, using archives such as parish, family, school and business records
Accepting documents relating to Somerset.
An archives online catalogue.
An Education and Learning Service, taking history to schools, colleges and the wider community.
A Research Service if you can't visit in person.
Talks and exhibitions
A consultation and advice service in North Somerset libraries.
Advice on document repair, handling and storage.

Please note that our searchroom is currently very busy, and so on some days we cannot accommodate microfiche or document users who have not made an appointment.  To avoid disappointment, please book a place by contacting us a few days before you would like to come in. 

The Somerset Archives and Local Studies Service is provided by Somerset County Council and holds many millions of original documents, ranging in date from the eighth century AD to the present day.  It forms part of the Somerset Heritage Service, with Historic Environment, Museums and the Victoria County History, all of which are housed at the Somerset Heritage Centre.
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Bridgwater is most commonly visited for its shopping, but it does some historic sights worth looking out for when you're walking around. Bridgwater is mentioned as early as the Domesday Book and has always been a place of settlement due to its higher land up from the floodplains of the Levels. It developed as a river port on the River Parrett. This is where much of the cloth produced across Somerset was shipped out. The Bridgwater and Taunton Canal linked the two towns as they both became commercial centres in the Industrial Revolution. The Bridgwater Docks followed linking to the canal and then the railway helped the town to prosper. The area in and around Bridgwater are steeped in English Civil War history. Bridgwater was the scene of a major siege in 1645 when Parliamentary artillery all but destroyed Bridgwater's domestic and commercial buildings. Not far away to the south east of the town you have the site of the Battle of Sedgemoor at Westonzoyland. The battle, fought on 6 July 1685, was the last major battle to be fought on English soil. It was the final act in the rebellion of the Duke of Monmouth who attempted to overthrow the Catholic King of England, James II. The King's artillery proved too efficient for the rebels who were swiftly defeated. The ghost of Monmouth is said to appear on the battlefield either on the anniversary of the battle. You can follow an interactive trail around the battle site in the village of Westonzoyland. Other historic features are also highlighted in Bridgwater and the villages Othery, Middlezoy, Chedzoy. Pickup a leaflet at Tourist Information Centres.A leaflet is also available from the Tourist Information Centre "Bridgwater Town Trails". These are a good way of getting your bearings around Bridgwater while finding out a bit more about its history. The Cornhill is the centre of historic Bridgwater where the medieval market was held. From this you'll find all sorts of historic buildings of different architectural styles such as the Georgian terraces on Castle Street - regarded as one of the finest Georgian terraces in the South West. Castle Street was used as a location in the 1963 film "Tom Jones".


Tourist Info

50 High Street,Bridgwater.

Email: bridgwater.tic@sedgemoor.gov.uk

Tel: 01278 427652, Fax: 01278 453489
Fascinating town museum. Local history and archaeology museum of Bridgwater and the surrounding area. Birthplace of Robin Blake. It has relics, models and a video-documentary relating to the battle of Sedgemoor.
Blake museum Blake Street, Bridgwater,  TA6 3NB
Tues-Sat, 10am-4pm.
01278 456127
01278 444076
Blake Gardens is in a prime location in Bridgwater Town Centre and is a good surviving example of a simple municipal garden from the late Victorian/ Edwardian period.
Blake Gardens provide a haven of tranquillity in the bustle of Bridgwater's town centre. They provide an amenity for community and visitors alike. The Gardens abut the Blake Museum and were, until recently, the site of a formal Rose Garden. The Public Gardens were opened on 9th August 1902 by the Mayoress, Mrs Manchip as part of the town's coronation celebrations. Later, at the Old Taunton Road end of the gardens, the Mayoress planted a commemorative oak - to grow as a 'living witness for generations'.

Blake Gardens Blake Street, Bridgwater,  TA6 3NB
In 1945 Gwen Pollard who was a local patron of the Arts, realized that here was an opportunity to open an Art Centre for the people of Bridgwater. Bridgwater Arts Centre was opened on 10th October 1946, with the financial help of the newly established Arts Council. It was the first Arts Centre in Britain to open with Arts Council support. A portrait of Gwen Pollard still hangs in the Kelting Room in recognition of her influence and commitment in getting the original Arts Centre open. The building was purchased by Bridgwater Borough Council in 1966, which then passed into the ownership of Sedgemoor District Council in 1974. Number eleven Castle Street was acquired in 1982, on condition that members of the Arts Centre took responsibility for it and any costs involved in refurbishing the interior.Bridgwater Arts Centre continues to be committed to providing the communities of Sedgemoor and the wider region with the highest quality of theatrical, artistic, creative and cultural opportunities to engage with as wide a range as possible of the Arts.
Bridgewater Arts
11 -13 Castle Street, Bridgwater,  TA6 3DD
Tel: 01278 422700 
Fax: 01278 447402

The Canalside project was launched in September 2007, with the aim of providing comprehensive venue hire for a client base in the County of Somerset and the surrounding area. We are determined to become the first-choice venue in Somerset for a diverse range of events and functions, focusing on both business conferences and private occasions. Are you looking for a conference or event venue to hire for between 5 and 300 people? The Canalside offers a range of modern facilities designed to meet the requirements of our business and private clients. The Canalside is strategically located, five minutes from the M5 and just a short drive away from Taunton, the beautiful county town of Somerset in the south-west of England. Our highly skilled and friendly events management team would be happy to discuss your requirements and take you on a tour of our excellent facilities.Our facilities offer the ideal venue for business conferences, private functions, wedding receptions, board meetings, seminars, Christmas parties, roadshows, charity balls, and, with our purpose built dance floor, gala balls and dinner dances.
Marsh Lane
Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 6LQ

tel: 01278 456545
Bridgwater hosts the biggest winter carnival in the world! It is the culmination of the Somerset Carnivals that originated from celebrating the success of Guy Fawkes Gunpowder Plot that was masterminded by local man Robert Parson. The Bridgwater Carnival usually takes place in the first week of November. It's well worth timing your visit to coincide with one of the carnivals that are held at a whole host of towns throughout the county. The Somerset Carnival tradition dates back to the 1600s when many places in Somerset commemorated the Gunpowder Plot. Street entertainment, fireworks and special events throughout the town add to the fun and carnival atmosphere.Processions gradually make their way round a predetermined route from around 7pm at night. The floats are illuminated with coloured lighting which makes a welcome splash of colour in the dark autumn nights. A huge amount of effort is put into creating carnival entries. Some are created by Carnival Clubs; some by keen individuals or groups, all work throughout the year raising the money themselves to create spectacular themed floats which are judged prior to the procession begins. Prizes are hotly contested and ensure the standards are raised year-on-year. It is a fantastic, lively event with brilliantly decorated floats and costumes and lots of music and dance to get your feet tapping. The Bridgwater Carnival culminates in the Squibbing - a procession along the High Street where squibs (firework) are held high showering the participants and crowds below.It's a fun night out for all the family and you can help raise funds for charities or the clubs for the next year's entry. Thousands attend carnivals, so watch out as parking can get very limited on carnival nights and town centres can often be cut off to traffic during the carnival.
tel:01278 451415
The Cannon junction at the Cross RiflesTake a visit to the Bristol Road cemetery and as you walk along the entrance path leading down through the graves, there in the top right corner of the field is a white marble cross with the caption ‘Erected by friends to commemorate one of the gallant six hundred’.  It is the last resting place of Denis Heron who once lived on the Salmon Parade.  His story and is fully described in The Forgotten Heroes of Bridgwater and Somerset’s Forgotten Heroes.  Suffice it here to say that he rode in the memorable Charge of the Light Brigade as one of the 4th Light Dragoons.
To recognise the presence of this hero, in 1857, three years after the Charge, the borough council petitioned Parliament for the provision of a Russian cannon captured in the Crimea.  The gun was granted and was welcomed by bands of music  as it was processed through the town and placed outside Heron’s house, between the town bridge and the hospital.  In 1883, the cannon was moved to the junction of the Bath and Bristol Roads, a junction which henceforth became known as “The Cannon”.  It eventually disappeared, taken for scrap for the war effort.  In more recent years, a replica has been installed on the same spot, a timely reminder of a forgotten hero.
The image
                cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. The Clink, Bridgwater,
 Somerset TA6 4AB


Bridgwater Castle was an impressive building for its day covering 10 acres, big enough to support 2-3,000 troops in times of strife.  It had walls 12 to 15 feet thick and was surrounded on three sides by a 30 foot moat, the fourth side being the river.  The north moat was known as the Common Ditch and the other two sides as the Castle Ditch.  The boundaries as we would recognise them today, would be the river on the west, Fore Street on the south, Chandos Street to the north and Castle Moat to the west.  Within this area the castle was split into the upper bailey, roughly King Square and all the surrounding buildings, and the lower bailey, being everything between King Square and the river.  Stand at the top of Castle Street today and you can see how the upper bailey was on level ground and the lower bailey was on the bank sloping down to the river.
bridgewater castle

Castle House, Bridgwater, Somerset, was built for William Akerman in 1851. With repairs estimated at nearly £1m, it represents one of the most formidable challenges SAVE has faced. It was both a family home and a showcase for the builder, John Board, who had invented Portland cement, a pioneering new building material. The SAVE Trust agreed to take on the long-empty building following compulsory purchase by the council.Now the Strummerville Trust , set up by friends of the musician Joe Strummer, plans to turn Castle House into the first of a series of centres bringing musical opportunities to young people from inner-city areas.
Castle House Castle House, Bridgwater, Somerset


Built in 1723 by the architect Benjamin Holloway for the Duke of Chandos, it was then called Chandos Street and is a superb example of Georgian architecture.  At 11 Castle Street is the Bridgwater Arts Centre which was the first Arts Centre in Great Britain, set up in 1946.  Across the road, the greater part of the buildings, now mostly offices, was taken up by the Mary Stanley Nursing Home, serving as a maternity hospital from 1920 to 1988.

Magistrates Court
The Court House
Bridgwater Somerset TA6 3YL
tel:01823 257084
This is the site of the old Grey Friars priory.  The Plymouth Brethren, who moved into the town in the 1840s, moved from their Gloucester Place premises to Friarn Street in 1868.  The street is also the home of the local Quakers whose Friends’ Meeting House was built in 1722 and enlarged in 1801.  Running off Friarn Street is Horsepond Lane, once known as Wayhur, which translates as ‘horse pond’ to which the lane once led.
Picture 1 Friarn Street,
Bridgwater TA6 3LJ.

The Local Government Act 1972 removed the historic status of Bridgwater as a Borough, as it became part of the district of Sedgemoor, which has its headquarters in King's Square. King Square once formed a significant part of the old castle site.  The fine houses on the south and east sides of the square date back to the 1820s and the new council offices on the north side have been sympathetically designed to blend with the earlier buildings.  Also on the north side is the Masonic Lodge, built in 1912.  It features narrow slits through which the lodge members can espy any strangers waiting to enter. 
The centrepiece of the square is the war memorial erected in 1924 and unveiled by Lord Cavan.  It features a statue of a mother and child representing civilisation.  Beneath the mother’s feet are characters representing strife, bloodshed, corruption and despair.  In one hand she holds a globe of the world and in the other the Book of Law.
http://www.yourlocalweb.co.uk/images/pictures/15/25/war-memorial-king-square-bridgwater-150127.jpg King Square,
 TA6 3AR


Bridgwater Lawn Tennis Club was established on the banks of the Bridgwater canal in the centre of Bridgwater in about 1895. Originally known as the Trinity Lawn Tennis Club it had one grass court and club rules limited membership to 25. Before the First World War it acquired a second court, created a 'country membership' and the standard of tennis attracted members from Bishops Lydeard who push-biked over the Quantocks of an evening - and home again! Later known as the 'Mid-Somerset' it became the Bridgwater Lawn Tennis Club during the sixties.

Bidgwater LTC
Huntworth Lane
North Petherton TA7 0DU

tel : 01278 661078
St Mary Street contains a line of fourteenth century cottages including the Old Vicarage Restaurant which was given in the sixteenth century by Edward de Chedzoy to be used as a vicarage and that was how it remained until around a hundred years ago.  The original building was built of wattle and daub, and a glass-covered example of this is exposed in the archway which leads to the back of the premises.  On the front wall is an unusual opening which appears to be bottle shaped.  One theory is that it was used to pass tankards of mulled drinks out to the coachmen who remained onboard their stage coaches as their passengers dined inside in the warmth of the building. The Old Vicarage is certainly the oldest domestic premises in the town, only the church itself dating back any further.  As a one-time coaching house, it continued life as the Steynings Tea Rooms before reverting to its Old Vicarage title. 
http://images.activehotels.com/images/hotel/max300/265/2650936.jpg 45-51 St Mary Street

The library is a traditional Carnegie type building dating from 1906, with a more modern extension, and was extensively refurbished in 2004. It is close to the town centre, near Blake Gardens. The layout includes a lift for customers to the first floor of the library. Also available is a well-presented People’s Network facility, providing access to the Internet and Office applications.
The Public Library, Bridgwater, Somerset.  The Library
Binford Place
Email:     brwlib@somerset.gov.uk
tel:     0845 345 9177
Fax:     01278 451027
The parish church of St Mary the Virgin is certainly the oldest building in the town, largely built in the Early English style but mixed with Decorated and Perpendicular.  Internally, the archway leading to the tower appears to be Early English and from the early thirteenth century.  At the west and north sides of the nave, windows are set in Early English casings.  Decorated windows of the fourteenth century can be found elsewhere with the remaining being fifteenth century Perpendicular, indicating how the church was regularly undergoing change in its earlier years.
St.Mary's Church St Mary : St Mary Street, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 3EQ

Once called Salmon Lane, this riverside road is dominated by the town’s hospital, but between it and the bridge is an interesting row of former fishermen’s cottages.  Salmon was one of the main catches and, whilst it seems amazing that salmon could have run in such a river, in my childhood I used to watch as they ran upstream.  Presumably pollution has brought their days to an end but at one time they were a source of revenue.  Their decline began in the 1930s, almost certainly with the opening of the local Cellophane plant, but once as many as 20 men were licensed to fish the river for salmon.
Eels were another source of food in plentiful supply in the River Parrett and in June 1859 there was a Sturgeon which weighed in at 160 lbs.  It was sold at the market at 6d per pound.  In 1913, a 168 lb. porpoise was captured in Bridgwater by Henry Laver.
The General Hospital, Salmon Parade, Bridgwater,
                Somerset. Salmon Parade
Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 5AH,

       S ituated in the High Street, The Town Hall, built in 1823, and designed by Richard Carver,  is used for civic functions, parties, concerts, panto's and many other activities. 
Bridgwater Town Hall - High Street     .
A plaque commerating the Queens visit to Bridgwater can be found to the side of the main entrance and was unveiled by Her Majesty on 8th May 1987
Bridgwater Town Hall - High Street Town Hall
 Telephone: 01278 435299 or 01278 455742
Victoria Park Community Centre in the heart of Bridgwater is a warm, friendly and vibrant atmosphere that offers a range of modern community facilities including disabled access and free wireless internet connection. You will find a wide variety of activities to suit everyone from dancing to martial arts and our team of enablers are here to listen and help.
Victoria Park Community
                Centre Courtyard and entrance
Victoria Park Community Centre
Victoria Park Drive, Bridgwater,
Somerset, TA6 7AS
Tel :01278 422255
Tel :01278 422255
Willow Man is a large outdoor sculpture by Serena de la Hey, situated in a field by junction 23 of the M5 motorway near Bridgwater in Somerset, South West England. It stands 40 feet (12 m), made of willow withies on a steel frame. Willow Man was commissioned by South West Arts, for the Year of the Artist 2000, and was unveiled in September 2000.  It marks the millennium and celebrates the role of willow in the ecology and craft tradition of the Somerset Levels.The first sculpture was burnt down in an arson attack on 8 May 2001.  The Willow Man was rebuilt by the same artist in October 2001.  As a precaution against further attacks, a moat was excavated around the sculpture.  A notable landmark, the sculpture is also popularly known as "Withy Man", or "Angel of the South"
Willow Man (Bridwater, Somerset) junction 23 of the M5 motorway near Bridgwater in Somerset

Burnham On
burnham and highbridge tc arms

7 miles of golden beaches.A lovely promenade, little shops, lashings of fish & chips followed by ice cream, Burnham on Sea is the place! From the delights of a traditional seaside holiday at Burnham-on-Sea to the leisure parks at Brean sands there is fun and excitement to be found in this little corner of Somerset. Sand yachting and golf are but two of the regular sports.With views across to distant Wales, seven miles of sandy beaches with wide open spaces and dunes are perfect for every beach activity. Burnham-on-Sea has the most distinctive lighthouse you will ever see. The beach achieved Quality Coast Award status during May to September 2007.

 Burnham On sea

Tourist Info

South Esplanade, Burnham-on-Sea.
Email: burnham.tic@sedgemoor.gov.uk

Tel: 01278 787852, Fax: 01278 781282
A small family run park with many interesting and amusing fur and feather friends including Theodore the camel and a tame red deer herd.
Allstone Wildlife
                            Park Alstone Road, Highbridge , TA9 3DT
 We are open Easter - November only. 10.30 - 17.00hrs (last admission 16.00hrs)
Tel: 01278 782405
Fax: 01278 792288
Explore the 23 acres of delightful Somerset countryside, home to lots of friendly animals. Make friends with the farm animals and enjoy our seasonal treasure hunt. Join the cuddle club and hold the baby rabbits and small pets in the barn. Make friends with the cockerels and new born chicks. Lots of hands on animal fun. The centre also has an all weather play barn for kids of all ages along with toddler and under 7’s zones. Big discounts for pre-booked groups & educational visits.
Animal Farm Red Road, Berrow,
Burnham-on-Sea, TA8 2RW

Tel: 01278 751628 
Fax: 01278 751633
Tropical bird garden, cafe and gift shop.
Brean Bird Brean Down, Brean, nr. Burnham on Sea, TA8 2RS
Mar-Nov, 10am-4pm.
01278 751209
The South West's largest fun park, with loads to do for all the family -from roundabouts to roller coasters, golf to swimming.  There are 40 rides and attractions, a pool complex with four water slides, bars and restaurants.  An 18-hole par 69 golf course.
Brean Park Coast Road, Brean Sands, Brean
 01278 752102
Famous in Ciderland for over 50 years for sweet, medium and dry cider.  Also farm pressed apple juice, mature cheddar cheese and local chutney. Museum and cider-making video.
 Riches Orchards  Mill Farm, Watchfield, Highbridge,
All year.  Mon-Sat 9am-7pm,  Sun 10am-7pm.
01278 783651
The college has a medieval walled garden, pitch and putt, and a nine-hole, 18-tee golf course.Bridgwater College isn't just about learning. There are many things to see and do. As a college with such a diverse range of subjects to study, there are many facilities and purpose-built buildings that can be used by the public, in addition to their learning purposes.Pamper yourself with a treatment in our hair and beauty salons or take to the greens at our golf centre, on the golf course, pitch and putt or driving range. You could take riding lessons at the equestrian centre or relax with a visit to the Walled Gardens of Cannington.
Cannington Cannington, Bridgwater, TA5 2LS
Tel: 01278 655000


Our nine hole, 18-tee golf course is located at Bridgwater College's Cannington Centre, and is said to be one of the best in the South West. As well as the course there's also a fully automated, floodlit driving range and pitch and putt course - so there's something for everyone!The Golf Course is located just four miles from the historic town of Bridgwater, Somerset and only 12 miles from Taunton and offers splendid views of the nearby Quantock Hills.Our golf course is ideal for new players and improvers alike. Designed by renowned course architect Martin Hawtree of Oxford and built to the highest international specification, the nine hole, 18 tee course (6,072 yards, par 68) is well-known for its excellent condition.The open fairways offer new players the chance to concentrate on their shots, whilst the subtle contours of the course provide a satisfying round of golf for those improving their technique.You can enjoy the course either on a pay and play basis or as a full member.national standards. Arguably one of the best nine hole courses in the West of England.

Cannington Pitch & Putt,
Rodway Hill, Cannington, Bridgwater, Somerset,

Golf at Bridgwater College Cannington Golf Club, Cannington College, Bridgwater, TA5 2LS
4m NW of Bridgwater on A39. M5 J24
tel: 01278 655050

Cannington Countryside Visitor Centre

Tel : (01278) 655007
Fax: (01278) 655191
The poet Samuel Coleridge wrote some ot his most famous poems when he lived here between 1797 and 1800.  Now belongs to the National Trust.
Colderidge Cottage Nether Stowey, Bridgwater
See National Trust Map

01278 732662
Fyne Court is a National Trust property which also serves as headquarters of the Somerset Wildlife Trust. These grounds once belonged to the 19th century pioneer electrician Andrew Crosse.Only visitor centre and grounds open to visitors; buildings contain an education base for the Wildlife Trust. 8-hectare (20-acre) reserve managed by Somerset Wildlife Trust, remainder of estate by NT

Fyne Court
Bridgwater TA5 2EQ
tel: 01823 652400
Discover how electricity is generated.
Exhibition with touch screens and interactive videos.  Nature trail, play area.
Hinkley Point Hinkley Point, Bridgwater
Daily, Mar-Oct, 10am-6pm.
01278 654700
Middlemoor Waterpark was created in 1989. This purpose-built lake set in the historic Somerset levels gives you the opportunity to try something out of the ordinary. Although situated in a peaceful rural setting, everything you need for a super day out is at hand!This unique water sports centre with water ski, wakeboard, jet ski and karting facilities also has it's own fully licensed clubhouse overlooking the lake. A varied menu is available (and a barbecue area is situated next to the clubhouse). Whether you’re a beginner or skilled to international standard we’ll cater to your individual needs!
We look forward to seeing you!
The Causeway,

Phone 01278 685578

Mobile 0788 777 6005
Moorlynch vineyard grew grapes and made wine for over 20 years. During that time we became well known and won many awards for our wines. Following a decision in 1999 to retire the proprietors Anne and Peter Farmer steadily reduced the size of the vineyard, and ceased wine production entirely with the 2002 harvest. However as wine production has been run down we have diversified our many fine buildings to other uses, which include craft units (for details click on CRAFTS below), and an outside catering company
The introduction of new alcoholic drinks licensing laws precipitated a decision to close our shop and restaurant completely from November 24th 2005, when the new law came into force. We regret we no longer sell directly to the general public, only to trade customers, from whom we welcome enquiries about our Sleeping Beauty Brandy 

Moorlynch Vineyard

Moorlinch, Bridgwater

Somerset TA7 9DD


Phone 01458 210393
is a 50 mile, long distance hiking trail that extends from near Crewkerne to Combwich near Steart, just south of Burnham-on-Sea. You can complete the whole trail over 3 or 4 days or break it up as a series of shorter walks during your holiday in Somerset. The trail follows the River Parrett from the Dorset Hills where it starts through the Somerset Levels countryside and characteristic Somerset market towns, ending at its mouth at Bridgwater Bay. The going is relatively easy as most of the walk is on flat ground. If you want more of a challenge along the way you can have a go at canoeing on the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal or hire a bike from the Langport Visitor Centre and explore further afield. There is a good variety of attractions along the way. Historic towns such as Langport (the River Parrett Trail Visitor Centre is also here) and Muchleney and you can join the Battle of Sedgemoor Trail at Westonzoyland near Bridgwater to find out more about the last battle on English soil. If wildlife's more your thing there is a good range of nature reserves to explore in the heart of the Somerset Levels where you can do a bit of birdwatching at West Sedgemoor RSPB reserve or slight further inland around Shapwick Heath. You can also find out more about the willow weaving that has been a traditional craft of the area for thousands of years at the Willows and Wetlands Centre at Meare Green Court, Stoke St Gregory, Taunton, Somerset TA3 6HY. Tel: 01823 490249. Fax: 01823 490814. Check The Parrett Trail website for more information. You can get a free leaflet from Tourist Offices or buy the Trail Guide to plan your trip.
The River Parrett Trail

Monmouth's Progress
The battlefield memorial is positioned near the heart of the action and close to the only known mass grave from the battle. It commemorates not just Sedgemoor but also the dead of British battles elsewhere in the world from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. The battle of Sedgemoor was fought in the early morning of the 6th July 1685. The previous day the rebel army under the Duke of Monmouth, perhaps by then no more than 3500 strong, lay cornered in the town of Bridgwater (Somerset) by a smaller but far more experienced royal army. During the night, in a last desperate attempt to salvage something from his abortive rebellion, Monmouth launched a surprise night attack from the least expected direction, across the marshy wastes of Sedgemoor. But the rebels’ bold strategy was discovered before they reached the royal camp and then, in the darkness, their cavalry failed to locate the ford giving access to the royal camp.With the element of surprise lost any chance of victory had disappeared. The rebel horse soon fled the field and in open country without cavalry support Monmouth’s infantry proved an easy target for the royal cavalry. The discipline, experience and firepower of the well equipped professional soldiers of the army of James II soon began to tell. As the morning light revealed the rebels’ true plight of the rebels, Feversham launched a join cavalry and infantry attack. Monmouth’s army was totally destroyed.The battle and battlefield are understood in great detail and, with the information provided here, it is possible to visit the site and to gain an exceptionally good idea of the terrain and the course of the action on the 5th July 1688. On a warm sunny day it is a very pleasant landscape to explore.

Battlefield of Sedgemoor

Soldier at Sedgemoor

Nr Bussex Farm
Three miles east of Bridgwater, Somerset
The battle was fought on low-lying land
between the villages of Chedzoy and Westonzoyland.
Re-enactment Click
Tel: 07900944787
The only remaining brick kiln in Bridgewater and an impressive survivor of a major Somerset industry.
                  & TILE MUSEUM East Quay, Bridgewater,
 Wednesday and Thursday 9am - 12:30pm and 1:00 - 4:00pm
Tel: 01823 320200

We are a growing group. We've been together for about one year and there are approximately 30 people in the group -of all ages, singles, couples, and some with partners of other faiths. We vary in our levels of observance, but we all 'click' very well, and we love to welcome new members -I guarantee you'll have a great time! Our aim appears to be socialising, nosh and talks from group members. 

Somerset Jewish Social & Cultural Group Contact : Jane Warner, 
 email janecarolewarner@hotmail.com
 Tel  No 01823 289085

At the heart of Somerset, lies a beautiful area called the "Levels and Moors", which has international status as one of the most important wetlands of its type in the world
Levels and Moors Office, Moorlynch Vineyard, Moorlynch, Bridgwater, TA7 9DD
01458 210790
Information centre, shop, wildlife trails, including easy access round woodland nature reserve.
Somerset Wildlife Trust Fyne Court, Broomfield,  Bridgwater
Mon-Fri 9am-6pm,  Sat-Sun 10am-6pm  (dusk if earlier than 6pm)
01823 451587
 at Goathurst, near Bridgwater is based on the 1st Century Temple of FORTUNA VIRILIS in Rome. Completed in 1767, the Temple stands in Mill Wood, a 17 acre pleasure garden created by Sir Charles Kemeys Tynte. It is listed Grade II * and has been fully restored.The Temple of Harmony is open to the public on: Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays in the afternoons from:2:00 PM to 5:00 PM at Easter and then from the last weekend in May to the end of September.

Temple of Harmony
he museum of steam and land drainage reveals the earlier pumping station on Somerset levels.
There is an extensive collection of stationary engines which run in steam on the first Sunday of each month
                  Zoyland Hoopers Lane, Westonzoyland, Bridgwater
Apr-Oct and Bank Holiday Sundays and Mondays and New Year's day. Open: Daily, Jan-Dec 2pm-5pm
01823 257516
Banners for you

Bridgwater Blue Plaques

The Civic Society has affixed nineteen plaques to various buildings of Bridgwater in its project to enhance the knowledge of the town's history. The project has been funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.The plaques have been individually crafted by Leander Architectural.

32 Friarn
32 Friarn Street
SHER 14931
32 Friarn detail
32 Friarn Street detail.
More information about this property.
Bond Street
SHER 14817
Bond Street detail
Chandos Street - Homecastle House
Chandos Street detail
Court House, Queen Street
SHER 14925
Court House detail
High Street
High Street detail
Horsepond Lane
SHER 14874
Horsepond Lane detail
Blake Street Lytil Mill
SHER 14816
Lytil Mill detail
St Mary Street - South Gate
SHER 14936
South Gate detail
West Gate, 33 Penel Orlieu
SHER 14921

Phase One December 2006
  • 32 Friarn Street
  • Bond Street
  • Chandos Street - Castle
  • Court House Queen Street
  • High Street masonry
  • Horsepond Lane
  • Blake Street - Lytil Mill
  • St Mary Street - South Gate
  • Broadway - West Gate
Phase Two March 2007
  • 15 Friarn Street
  • Arts Centre, Castle Street
  • Chandos Street houses
  • Georges Inn, St Mary Street
  • The Lions House, West Quay
  • Northgate & Angel Crescent
  • Isolda Parewastel in Clare Street
  • 6 Silver Street
  • Thompson Brothers, Mount Street
  • The Water Gate, West Quay

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In The Snow

Cafés, Coffee Bars & Sandwich Shops
Albion Inn & Truck Stop 14, Bath Rd, Ashcott, Bridgwater, Somerset TA7 9QT   01458 210281  
 Angels Coffee Shop 11 Angel Place, Shopping Centre, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 3TQ   01278 446911  
 Barney's Grill 3 Binford Place  01278 451666 
 Bridge Restaurant Binford Place, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 3NJ   01278 451277  
 Chantry Tea Gardens Sea Lane, Kilve, Bridgwater, Somerset TA5 1EG   01278 741457  
 Cherries Clare Street  01278 452471 
 Grahams Transport Stop Taunton Rd, North Petherton, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 6PR   01278 663052  
 Hilltops Cafe 16, Bristol Rd, Pawlett, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 4RT   01278 683716  
 Mary's Court Cafe St Mary Street  01278 429000 
 Pines Cafe The Pines, Buncombe Hill, Broomfield, Bridgwater, Somerset TA5 1AX   01823 451245  
 Pococks Tearooms Chilton Polden Hill, Chilton Polden, Bridgwater, Somerset TA7 9AH   01278 722506  
Fast Food & Take Aways
Admiral Blake Fish Bar
4-6 St Mary Street Bridgwater Somerset TA6 3LT 01278 423798
 Bower Take Away
Shop 2, Unit B, Pollard Rd, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 4YA   01278 444610 
 Canton Chinese
42 North Street  01278 429527 
Charcoal Grill
 29 St. Mary St, Bridgwater. Somerset.TA6 3LX.   map 01278 424100
 China Star
38, St. John St, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 5HS   01278 452228  
 Deniz Kebab House
15, St. John St, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 5HR   01278 445745  
 Dolphin Fish Bar
30, Weston Zoyland Rd, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 5BN  01278 451524 
 Dragon Palace (Chinese)
64 Eastover  01278 447485 
 Excel Fish Bar
73, West St, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 3RH   01278 422659  
139, Taunton Rd, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 6BD   01278 434789  
 Gillyz Plaice
1 Grenville House, Rhode Lane, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 6JE   01278 424224  
Hamp Fish & Chip Shop
1 Grenville House, Rhode Lane, Bridgwater. Somerset. TA6 6JE.   map 01278 424224
 Hash Browns Cafe
17a, St. Mary St, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 3LU   01278 446661  
 Jade Garden (Chinese)
5, Bower Manor Shopping Centre Pollard Rd, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 4YA   01278 431400 
 Kebab Kitchen
77, Bath Rd, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 4PN   01278 447484  
 Kentucky Fried Chicken
10 High Street  01278 426660 
 McDonald's Restaurants Ltd
The Clink, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 4AB   01278 446044  
 Mogul Indian Take Away
St John Street  01278 422468 
77, Bath Rd, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 4PN   01278 422274 
 Ocean Fish Bar & Chinese Take Away
82/84 Bath Road  01278 422283 
 Pak Lok (Chinese)
145, Taunton Rd, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 6BD   01278 424708  
Parkway Fish Bar

1 Mountbatten House, Parkway, Bridgwater.Somerset.TA6 4RA.  map 01278 422462
Piggy's Sandwich Bar
9 High St, Bridgwater. Somerset. TA6 3BE.  map 01278 426559
Pizza Choice & Kebab Pizza Choice
65, High St, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 3BQ 
01278 434343
 Pizza King
46, High St, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 3BL   01278 444424  
 Polar Bear Fish Bar
49 St John Street  01278 424493 
 Rhode Lane Take Away
1, Grenville House, Rhode Lane, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 6JE  01278 424224  
 Ruby Cantonese
Unit 2, Allen Rd,Dawes Park, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 6YA   01278 431314 
 Spice Club
10, Eastover, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 5AB   01278 433334  
 The Hungry Caterpillar Sandwich Bar
5c, Court St, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 3BZ   01278 444755  
 The Notun Moyna Indian Takeway
30 St John Street  01278 446694 
 The Peking Chef
69, Fore St, North Petherton, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 6PY  map 01278 661288
 The Polar Bear Fish Bar
49, St. John St, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 5HR   01278 424493  
8, Eastover, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 5AB   01278 451111  
 Welcome Kitchen
39, St. John St, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 5HR   01278 455598  
 West Quay Fish Bar
8, West Quay, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 3HL   01278 452008  
The Palace Nightclub 24 - 26 Penel Orlieu, Bridgwater, TA6 3PF 01278 434507
Address Telephone
 Admirals Landing
Admirals Court, The Marina, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 3EX 01278 422515 
Annie's Bar
23, North St, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 3PW 
01278 433053
 Bird in Hand
Bristol Rd, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 4BW 
01278 451532
Black Horse Inn
Rhode Lane, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 6HY 
01278 428150 
Bridgwater Arms Bridgwater Arms
41, St. Mary St, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 3EQ 
01278 452100 
Bower Inn Bower
Bower Lane. East Bower.
Bridgwater Somerset TA6 4TY
01278 422926
Bristol & Exeter Inn
135, St. John St, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 5JA 
01278 423722 
Bunch Of Grapes Bunch of Grapes

Cobblestones Inn
71, Eastover, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 5AP 
01278 452628 
Commercial Inn
Redgate St, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 5BG 01278 426989
Cottage Inn
Wembdon Hill, Bridgwater,
01278 423259
Fountain Inn Fountain Inn
1, West Quay, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 3HL 
01278 424115
Green Dragon Green Dragon
84, Friarn St, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 3LJ 
01278 446936 
 Halfway Inn Halfway Inn
Westonzoyland Road, Bridgwater, Somerset
01278 444905
 Horse & Jockey
1, Durleigh Rd, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 7HU 
01278 424283 
The Kings Head Inn 
Fax: 01278 652293
The Kings Head Inn is a 17th-century, former coaching inn, situated in the foothills of the picturesque Quantock Hills, in the centre of the village of Cannington. The interior is in Tudor style and the restaurant is dated 1642. The food is of a high standard and reasonably priced offering a daily lunchtime menu with a carvery and a full a-la-carte where the char-grilled steaks are the speciality.Comfortable en-suite bed and breakfast accommodation is available and there is a beer garden with skittle alley and a function room to suit 75 people. Awarded `Inn of the Year 1999' with Les Routiers for outstanding quality, value and hospitality.

12 High Street, Cannington, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA5 2HE
01278 652293
Lime Kiln Inn Lime Kiln Inn
38, Salmon Parade, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 5LU 01278 422105 
 Malt Shovel Inn
Blackmore Lane, Bradley Green, Bridgwater, Somerset TA5 2NE 
01278 653432
Mansion House Inn Mansion House Inn
32, High St, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 3BJ   01278 458433  
 Mill House Inns
95, Wembdon Rd, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 7PJ 01278 423593
Quantock Gateway
Quantock Gateway

Remedies Bar
62, High St, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 3BN 01278 457570
Rose & Crown
                        & Crown

 The Anchor Inn
Riverside, Combwich, Bridgwater, Somerset TA5 2RA 
01278 653612
The British Flag
Chilton St, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 3HX 
01278 422537 
The Carnival Inn Carnival Inn
37, St. Mary St, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 3LX 
01278 726180
The Cottage Inn
Keenthorne, Nether Stowey, Bridgwater, Somerset TA5 1HZ   01278 732355  
The Cross Rifles Cross Rifles
1, Bath Rd, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 4PH 
01278 426459
The Crown Inn The Crown Inn
96, St. John St, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 5HZ   01278 422864  
The Duke

The Gallery The Gallery
54 High Street, Bridgwater, Somerset
01278 447173
The Great Escape

6 Clare Street, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 3EN 01278 428125
 The Hope Inn
80-82, Taunton Rd, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 6AF   01278 424239  
The Knowle Inn
The lucky locals of Bawdrip and Bridgwater already know about the great cooking at The Knowle Inn. With its warm cosy atmosphere and award wining gardens, this makes The Knowle Inn a great place to visit for a drink or to try some of the tasty homemade food.
Knowle Inn
Bawdrip, Nr Bridgwater, Bridgwater,
01278 683330
The Lamb Inn
Four Forks, Spaxton, Bridgwater, Somerset TA5 1AD 
01278 671350 
The New Foresters New Foresters
101, St. John St, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 5HX 01278 421099 
 The River Parrett Inn River Parrett Inn
11, Salmon Parade, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 5AN 01278 459013
The Shurton Inn
Jeff and Sarah welcome you to The Shurton Inn which is situated in the Hamlet of Shurton, Nr Bridgwater, where we provide hot and cold meals daily. The Shurton Inn is a 16th Century coaching Inn with plenty of olde world character. We are situated in a small Rural Hamlet so it is said “twixt the Quantocks and the Sea”, which we think means that it is within sight of the Quantock Hills but also within a mile or so of the sea. Having been here since October 2006 we are striving to improve our pub in everyway. We pride ourselves on our excellent freshly prepared local produce, 4 well kept real ales, some fine Wines and to top it off all served with a very friendly atmosphere. Choose to eat in the informal atmosphere of our bar area or in our Quaint Restaurant or Conservatory dining area. In the Winter you can dine by the roar of the open log fire or in the Summer months choose to dine outside in our well groomed beer garden.
Shurton Inn
Shurton, Stogursey, Bridgwater, Somerset TA5 1QE 01278 732695 
The Squib

The Swan Inn
68, Fore St, North Petherton, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 6QA 
01278 662315
 The Volunteer Arms Volinteer Arms
Union St, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 4BY 01278 422780 
West India House
Landlords Kelvin and Karen welcome you to the West India House website - "the country pub in the town".The building as you see it today was constructed around 1936 as one of the first buildings in Durleigh Road, in the market town of Bridgwater, Somerset, but had been a pub for many years previously, deriving its name from the days when Bridgwater was a bustling port.It is believed to have been owned by a merchant with the West India Trading Company, whose ships delivered goods to the quayside in the town centre. 
                        iNDIA hOUSE 101 Durleigh Rd, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 7JE
01278 452533
 The White Hart Hotel White
46-48, Eastover, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 5AR   01278 422160


                  for you
The Most Comprehensive List of Eateries in Somerset
Bridgwater Restaurants Chard Restaurants Cheddar Restaurants Dulverton Restaurants Dunster Restaurants Exmoor Restaurants
Frome Restaurants Glastonbury Restaurants Minehead Restaurants Porlock Restaurants Shepton Mallet Restaurants Street Restaurants
Taunton Restaurants Watchet & Williton Restaurants Wells Restaurants Yeovil  Restaurants

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Abbot Restaurant at Shapwick House Hotel
The cuisine at Shapwick House is imaginative and expertly prepared with emphasis on traditional English dishes. They use the best and freshest of local produce, fresh fish and West Country cheeses.

Monks Drive, Shapwick,
 nr Bridgwater, TA7 9NL
(0)1458 210321
Ali Baba 40 Dishes

 46 High St, Bridgwater.
Somerset.TA6 3BL.  map
01278 444424
Brewers Fayre
King Sedgemoor Inn,
 Express Park,
Bristol Rd,
Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 4RR
01278 440550 
Bangla Restaurant

31-33 Penel Orlieu
Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 3PF

01278 446660
Castle of Comfort

Castle of Comfort Hotel has gained an enviable reputation for good food. Mouth-watering starters such as scallops with black peppered tangerines and seared raspberry duck salad are followed by a delicious selection of main courses, like baked sea bass parcel with crispy leek and prawns with a delicious lime and coriander dressing and a succulent peppered fillet of beef with a port sauce to name just two.
Castle of Comfort
Dodington, Nether Stowey,
Bridgwater, TA5 1LE 
Castle Of Comfort Country House Hotel Click
 1278 741264
 Cherrie's Coffee Shop & Restaurant
Offering British fare Cherries is a British restaurant

5, Clare St, Bridgwater,
Somerset TA6 3EN
01278 452471 
Clavelshay Barn Restaurant
Clavelshay Barn Restaurant is located in a traditional stone barn on a family run dairy farm on the edge of the Quantock Hills. Although in a beautiful rural setting, the restaurant is within easy reach of Taunton, Bridgwater and the M5 motorway. Somerset has some of the best produce in the country and the restaurant is committed to selecting the very best local growers and suppliers for its food, including the farm's own home-reared beef. All dishes are made at Clavelshay Barn (except ice-creamand sorbet which is sourced locally). Bread is made daily and even the water on the table is from the farms's own spring. There is fully licensed bar and an interesting wine list.
Clavelshay Barn
Lower Clavelshay Farm,
Clavelshay, North Petherton,
Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 6PJ 
01278 662629 
Conservatory Restaurant at Apple Tree Hotel

An old property that has grown with the times, set in beautiful grounds at the foot of the Quantock Hills, the Apple Tree Hotel is a good venue for business and pleasure occasions. The Conservatory Restaurant, an attractive room on two levels offers a menu that is mainly very recognisable English food with occasion excursions into foreign parts.
Apple Tree Hotel Keenthorne, Nether Stowey,
 Bridgwater, TA5 1HZ 

Apple Tree Hotel
01278 733238
Crown Inn
In the Polden Hills village of Catcott, lies a gem of a pub, The Crown Inn. A charming and comfortable pub with bags of character, hosted by a local couple who serve up their own reared prize winning free range beef.
Crown Inn
1, The Nidon, Catcott,
Bridgwater, Somerset TA7 9HQ 
01278 722288
English Raj Tandoori
Established in 1976
A charming little Indian situated in the heart of Bridgwater. This local Indian restaurant prides itself on its warm friendly atmosphere and welcome. Authentic dishes served with great care and attention in a cosy and tasteful environment.
English Raj
54, Clare Street, Bridgwater
01278 424416
Billy Bunter Billy Bunter Billy Bunter Billy Bunter
The Fish Plate, Watchet, Somerset
  If you are in the area this is a treat not to be missed. Be sure to book first.Fish-plate n. A flat piece of iron etc. connecting railway rails (Usually stored in a goods shed)  Originally a goods shed at the terminus of the mineral line, now beautifully restored as a relaxed seafood restaurant set in the hustle and bustle of Market Street, 'The Fish Plate' believes in the importance of local food for local people.
All fish is locally sourced, organic and sustainable. Fruit and vegetables used in the restaurant are locally grown with love and care.We also believe that good food should be fun: whole crabs are offered with bibs,mallets,chopping boards and picks; bowls of Mussels with finger bowls and the crunchiest Squid from the channel will make you smile and remember why you love this little corner of England.
Had Coleridge's Ancient Mariner dined at The Fish Plate maybe he wouldn't have been quite so despondent! OUR RESTAURANT OF THE YEAR 2009 - Michelin, Egon Ronay & Other Guides- this is the treat you have missed!!!!
The Fish Plate 14a Market Street, Watchet ,
Somerset , TA23 0AN
01984 639191
10, High St, Bridgwater,
Somerset TA6 3BH 
01278 426660 
 Nutmeg House Nutmeg House
10, Clare St, Bridgwater,
Somerset TA6 3EN 
01278 457823 

Prezzo has been delighting diners for over seven years, and this Italian restaurant chain has since been able to expand throughout large parts of England with well over a hundred outlets. Interestingly, the company seeks to restore either impressive buildings or ones of local interest.

30 Cornhill,
Bridgwater, TA6 3BY  
01278 433600
Restaurant at Combe House Hotel

Staying at Combe House, be it for a weekend, or just for a meal, has about it the feeling of intruding on territory which belongs primarily to the indigenous birds and animals, who are around in profusion.

Butterfly Combe, Holford,
nr Bridgwater, TA5 1RZ 
01278 741382
Shanghai Chinese Shanghai Restaurant
13, St. Mary St, Bridgwater,
 Somerset TA6 3LU 
01278 422822
Spice Club
10, Eastover, Bridgwater,
Somerset TA6 5AB 
01278 433334 
Taste of India
31-33, Penel Orlieu, Bridgwater
01278 446666
The Admiral's Table
Bristol Road, Bridgwater,
Somerset, TA6 4TN
0870 3305131 
The Enmore Inn
is situated in the lovely Somerset countryside just outside Bridgwater. The pub has undergone a transformation in the hands of current owners Mark and Samantha; with a bright modern decor and comfy leather sofas. The food is very good traditional pub fayre which is full of flavour. This is one pub you should make a point of visiting.
Enmore Inn
01278 422052

 The China Palace

China Palace has been serving traditional cuisine from various parts of the Far East, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Indonesia, for over forty years. The Lai family, who own and manage the restaurant, source ingredients both locally and from their homeland.

China Palace
19 Penel Orlieu,
Bridgwater, TA6 3PF
01278 453033
The Greyhound Inn
1, Lime St, Stogursey,
Bridgwater, Somerset TA5 1QR  
01278 732490  

The King William
5, Lippetts Way, Catcott,
 Bridgwater, Somerset TA7 9HU 
01278 722374 
The Lemon Tree Restaurant
Lemon Tree Restaurant is the award winning restaurant at the Walnut Tree Hotel and prides itself in offering a level of service and hospitality that perfectly complements both business and casual diner.
Executive chef Guy Horley, recognized for his culinary talents by achieving two RAC dining awards and one AA star, offers to The Lemon Tree a high level of French and English cuisine using only the finest local produce.
walnut tree hotel Best Western Walnut Tree Hotel, North Petherton,
nr Bridgwater, TA6 6QA (Map)
Walnut Tree Hotel Click
01278 662255
 The Te House Bistro
4a, Castle St, Nether Stowey,
Bridgwater, Somerset TA5 1LN 
01278 732424 
Tudor Restaurant & Hotel
Tudor Hotel 21 St. Mary Street
Bridgwater Somerset TA6 3LX
 01278 422093
Vino E Cucina Ristorante Italiano

5 West Quay,
Fisherman's Wharf, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 3HL map
01278 451216
Chard Tourist Guide
Taunton Tourist Guide Yeovil Tourist Guide

Bridgwater Hotels and Guest Houses
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The Germans
The management
Silly Walk
Acorns Lodge Hotel Ltd
61 Taunton Rd, Bridgwater, TA6 3LP · Map
Phone: +44 (0)1278 445577
Email Acorns Lodge Hotel Ltd
Acorns Lodge Hotel
The Acorns Lodge Hotel is situated in the heart of Bridgwater, 5 minutes walking distance to the High Street and local restaurants.  It is the perfect location to stay for people travelling to Bridgwater to see friends, or for the businessmen who need to reach town conveniently.Also, the hotel is very close to 2 motorway junctions (J23, 24) of the M5, so it is the perfect place to stop over for the night.
Admirals Table
Bristol Road
Bridgwater TA6 4TN
Dunball TA6 4TN
Phone: 0870 3305131
Admirals Table
The pub boasts 14 attractively refurbished rooms and is close enough to the town to take advantage of the attractions and facilities of the town while ensuring you can leave it behind when its time for bed! All our rooms have flatscreen digital TVs, luxurious bedding and free WiFi is available to guests throughout the buildingBridgwater has historically been a stopover point for invading armies as well as weary travellers and at the Admirals Table we pride ourselves on our hospitality and attention to our guests comfort. Our fantastic pub menu offers a great choice of pub classics with a constantly changing selection of specials and with the all day offer of two main meals for the price of one.

Apple Tree Hotel
Keenthorne, Nr Nether Stowey Bridgwater TA5 1HZ
Phone: 01278 733238
Apple Tree Hotel Very nice place in a lovely location. Room was clean and neat. Shower / bathroom was just right. No lift, but had help with my bags. Breakfast was excellent and the service was perfect. Highly recommend this hotel / restaurant
Apple View & Bramley Lodge
Chedzoy Lane
TA7 8QR 
map | directions 
Tel:+44 (0)1278 423201/ 0770 925 3366

Apple View B&B Apple View is the West Annexe of Temple Farm. It had originally been built as a cider house we think about 100 years ago! We had more recently used it for storing of all things Bramley apples. After your long journey we are sure that you will be ready for complimentary tea/coffee and cake which can be taken in either the garden on a nice day or the lounge if you prefer. Why not treat yourselves to a country break with us here in Somerset -Land of the Summer People - as it was known by the Saxons. Enjoy an evening relaxing in the garden after a warm balmy summers day, see the stars before retiring to bed. Wake up to birdsong and watch the mist rise, perhaps see the wild deer drift through the orchards and fields before enjoying another hearty farmhouse Breakfast. Set on a working livestock farm between Orchards and lush pastures it is an ideal place to come and see real farm life and sample the special culinary treats created for you from our own home-grown produce regularly used in Breakfast and Evening Meals. These include our own Free Range eggs, honey, fruit, vegetables, lamb, beef, homemade bread and preserves and soon sausage bacon and pork.
Ash-Wembdon Farm
Hollow Lane
Wembdon, Bridgwater, TA6 7
01278 453 097
07702 272 755 - Mobile
Ash Webdon Farm Enjoy a refreshing and memorable stay at our elegant yet homely Georgian Farmhouse situated near the beautiful Quantock Hills, an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.We offer two romantic double en suite bedrooms, one pretty twin bedroom with private bathroom, all with tea/coffee making facilities, colour TV and centrally heated throughout.Guests' own lounge and dining room for superb breakfast.
The Boat & Anchor Inn
Bridgwater, TA6
Phone:01278 66247
Email: info@theboatandanchor.co.uk
Boat & Anchor Inn The Boat and Anchor Inn sits in a rural position on the side of the Bridgwater to Taunton Canal. The inn itself boasts a high standard of decor and both a local and regional reputation for excellent food and customer service. The inn has been owned by the same family for over 20 years and extensive refurbishment has been done throughout the establishment over the past 3 years. The building is fully double glazed and central heated and residents enjoy full freedom of movement with access to the building 24 hours.
The Brookland Hotel
56 North St
Bridgwater, TA6 3PN
Phone:01278 423263
Phone:07971 532014
  Fax 01278 452988
Brookland Hotel
Family run hotel in Bridgwater Town Centre, Somerset. Brookland Hotel has reccently been re-furbished to a high standard and has been awarded four diamonds by the Tourist Board. It is a small and friendly family run establishment offering welcome to those working or holidaying in the area. Easily accessible from the Minehead road out of Bridgewater and close to motorway junction 23 + 24. We have a private car park for residents use. All our rooms are double glazed, en-suite and family rooms are available.
Canns Farm
Canns Lane, Puriton, Somerset, TA7 8AY
Telephone: 01278 684 773   E-mail:

Canns Farm Canns Farm is a family home located in Puriton; a village on the edge of Somerset's Polden hills with a local Inn; shops and a post office. The beautiful 17th century home is located in idyllic country surroundings with the convenience of the M5 motorway just moments way.
The Carew Arms
Carew Arms
Crowcombe Somerset TA4 4AD

Phone: 01984 618631
Fax: 01984 618428
Carew Arms
At the heart of a picturesque village, the Carew Arms is the quintessential English inn. Nestled at the foot of the Quantock Hills, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Carew offers fine views of the neighbouring countryside both from some of the well-appointed guest rooms and from the garden terrace. In addition, we offer a wide menu of local produce and fine local ales, which you can enjoy, if you choose, in our original flagstone bar with its wide inglenook fireplace. All rooms are doubletwin and have their own tea and coffee making facilities, Digital Freeview and free Wi-Fi access. All this, and still only twenty minutes from major road and rail links at Taunton! We look forward to welcoming you. If youre booking a room on the same day that you wish to stay then please ring us on 01984 618631 so that we can get your room ready!
Dodington, Nether Stowey, Bridgwater, TA5 1LE · Map
Phone: +44 (0)1278 741264
Fax: +44 (0)1278 741144
Email Castle Of Comfort Country House
Castle of Comfort Was definitely worth to drive the ten miles out of Bridgwater to stay here. Beautiful location. Didn't expect to have internet connection, so I was very happy when I found out there was (very helpful when you're on business).    Very friendly Hotel staff, nice welcome on arrival and wonderful rooms. The meals were first class, not the typical hotel food but quite gastro-nomical at a very reasonable price. This hotel is a little gem within Somerset and should not be missed.
Chestnut House Village Hotel
Hectors Stone, Lower Road, Woolavington, Bridgwater, TA7 8EF · Map
Phone: +44 (0)1278 683658
Fax: +44 (0)1278 684333
Email Chestnut House Village Hotel
Chestnut House In the quietest of villages, yet central to Somerset’s attractions, this relaxed farmhouse dates back to the 1500s and is 15 minutes from the coast and 10 minutes from Bridgwater. Originally the village farmhouse, Chestnut House’s comfortable accommodation was recently renovated to a high standard. The house now offers personal service, comfortable guest lounges, a garden, veranda and 7 fully appointed en suite double bedrooms (2 with access from outside the main building).
 Church Cottage
Church Cottage, Church Road
Shapwick, Bridgwater, TA7
Phone:01458 210 904
Email Church Cottage
Church Cottage Just wonderful! Stayed just two nights and didn’t want to leave. Freshly baked bread every morning and a beautiful setting/garden. Couldn’t ask for more, everything was thought of. Perfect. And I am sure I will use Caroline’s Bed and Breakfast again.
 Combe House Hotel,
Holford, Nr Bridgewater
, Holford, Nr Bridgewater, TA5 1RZ
Phone:01278 741382

Coombe House Hotel In the heart of the peaceful natural beauty of the Quantock Hills, this lovely country house hotel has a convenient location, just off the A39, within easy reach of Minehead and Taunton. Combe House is a stunning 18-bedroom country retreat in the Quantock Hills, England’s first Area of Outstanding Beauty.  The hotel offers comfortable accommodation and a variety of on-site facilities including a heated indoor pool, a sauna and a tennis court.
Crossmoor Meadows Bed and Breakfast
Spaxton Road
Bridgwater, TA5
Phone: 01278 671 598
email: sarah@crossmoormeadows.co.uk
Crossmoor Meadows We are very pleased to invite you to look around our accommodation. We have presented and equipped the cottage to provide you with a high quality and comfortable stay. This includes LCD TV's, FREE Wifi, guest lounge with Sky movies & sports and use of a fully equipped kitchen at any time of the day. An excellent nights sleep is guaranteed in our king size sleigh beds, feather pillows/duvets and egyptian cotton sheets. Perfect if you are travelling for business or for pleasure.The cottage has its own kitchen, dining room, lounge and garden allowing you to determine the level of privacy or company you are comfortable with. These facilities make our B&B unique in that not only do you get a serviced room and breakfast, but also the convienience of self catering facilities to use at your pleasure.We believe our accommodation presents the best value available in the area, why not try us and see for yourself! Built in 1841 the house was originally a farm house, and the bed and breakfast a dairy and an apple store.
Gurney Manor Mill
Gurney St, Cannington, Bridgwater, TA5 2HW · Map
Phone: +44 (0)1278 653582
Fax: +44 (0)1278 653582
Email Gurney Manor Mill
Gurney Manor Mill
Gurney Manor Mill is a Watermill of 15th Century origins with attached barns and farm buildings . It has been sympathetically restored by its owners Bill and Pauline Sutton into delightful Bed and Breakfast Accommodation , retaining many of its original features , including the Waterwheel and mill machinery .We have been given a Silver Award by the English Tourist Board.

Hill View
55 Liney Road, Westonzoyland, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA7 0EU

Tel: 01278 699 027
Fax: 01278 691 179




Hill View Hill View is tucked away on the outskirts of the historic village of Westonzoyland; just half a mile from the site of the Battle of Sedgemoor; the last battle fought on English soil in 1685. It is centrally located in the famous Somerset levels with easy access to the moorlands; caves; gorges and coastline of this lovely part of England.
The Hood Arms Hotel
Kilve, Bridgwater, TA5 1EA ·
Phone: +44 (0)1278 741210
Fax: +44 (0)1278 741477
Email Hood Arms Hotel
Hood Arms Hotel Traditional 17thC coaching inn nestled between the Quantock Hills and the sea, the Hood Arms offers old world beamed bars, large landscaped gardens, and AA 4 diamond en suite accommodation. Renowned for a huge menu. delicious food is served seven lunchtimes and seven evenings a week. Fillet steak, fresh fish, duck and venison are just a few of the choices on offer. A lunchtime snack menu is also available. Children and dogs with well behaved owners are welcome.
Huntstile Organic Farm
Goathurst, Bridgwater, TA5 2DQ
01278 662 358
07725 278 280 - Mobile
Huntstile Organic Farm A warm welcome awaits you at huntstile organic farm. John & Lizzie are friendly hosts offering you comfortable accommodation & delicious, locally grown naturally produced food.  Our accommodation on the farm is split into 2 categories: B&B and SELFCATERING  We also have a family CAMPING AREA & our ready erected & furnished ECOTENTS available for hire. For all: CHECK IN 3pm CHECKOUT 11am
Laburnum House
 Lodge Hotel

Sloway Lane, West Huntspill Bridgwater, Somerset, TA9 3RJ
Phone: 01278  781830
Fax:     01278  781612

E-mail: info@laburnumhh.co.uk

Laburnham House Lodge Hotel Perched amid 16 acres, beside a nature reserve, Laburnum House boasts excellent leisure and sporting facilities, just minutes from the M5 and less than a kilometre from the sea. Constructed around a converted farmhouse, this is an ideal location for those in search of energetic activity or a leisurely stay. Unwind in the heated indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi or spa; or brighten your day in the solarium. For a little exercise, the area is ideal for scenic riverside walks or coarse fishing, whilst you can also work-out in the mini-gym, improve your tennis or try a clay pigeon shoot. Alternatively the staff can also help you arrange a vast array of activities including archery, go-karting, canoeing, caving, hill walking, horse riding and rock-climbing. 2 bars with traditional pub games complement the on site restaurant, ensuring you are refreshed and entertained after what will surely be a memorable day.
Lower Lakes
Straight Drove
Chilton Trinity Somerset TA5 2BQ

01278 433066

Or email: unwind@lowerlakesholidays.co.uk

Lower Lakes
Lower Lakes, situated close to the village of Chilton Trinity, Somerset, is a secluded area with an eight-acre lake at its heart. Built around the waters edge are a few of our stylishly designed, modern timber lodges, effortlessly blending in with the setting and offering guests the chance to make the most of their enviable situation.This is somewhere to enjoy the freedom of space, and to appreciate the privilege of privacy. Here you can relax, walk, watch for wildlife or fish the well-stocked lakes.
Marsh Farm
Marsh Lane, Cannington, Bridgwater, TA5 2HZ · Map
Phone: +44 (0)1278 652717
Email Marsh Farm
marsh farm
Situated to the east of the village down a small made up lane, this delightful farm house setting enjoys superb views over the surrounding countryside and offers good walks to wards the river Parrett.  Walking distance from the village centre that offers all the normal village facilities.The accommodation offers one family room which is en-suite with TV.  Access is up stairs so cannot accommodate disabled people.  Children and dogs are welcome.  Field and stables available for horses..
Model Farm Country House
Perry Green, Wembdon, Bridgwater, TA5 2BA · Map
Phone: +44 (0)1278 433999
Email Model Farm
Model Farm Country House Model Farm is a licensed country house peacefully situated in a rural setting. Close to the North Somerset/Devon coast, Quantock Hills and country towns makes it an ideal location for both leisure and business guests. Spacious, comfortable bedrooms with en suite shower facilities are provided along with thoughtful extras. By arrangement, a three course dinner menu is available: guests being joined by the owners around a large refectory table. A warm and friendly atmosphere awaits all who visit.
Newmarket Hotel
Bath Rd, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 4PN
Phone: +44 01278 422178
Newmarket Hotel
The New Market Hotel, established in 1936, is located on Bath Road, Bridgwater and is ideally situated close to the Rugby Ground, Bridgwater College and the Sports & Social Club. It boasts a large comfortable bar, function room, meetings rooms, shower and changing rooms, pub sports facilities, live entertainment and 5 Bed and Breakfast rooms.
The Old Cider House
25 Castle St, Nether Stowey, Bridgwater, TA5 1LN · Map
Phone: +44 (0)1278 732228
Fax: +44 (0)1278 732228
Email Old Cider House
Old Cider House Situated in the heart of the pretty and historic village of Nether Stowey at the foot of the wonderful and largely unexplored Quantock Hills, this is the ideal location for both leisure and business guests alike.
The Old Dairy
Keenthorne, Fiddington, Bridgwater, TA5 1HZ · Map
Phone: +44 (0)1278 732215
Fax: +44 (0)1278 732215
Email Old Dairy

The Old Vicarage Hotel
45 - 51 St Mary
Bridgwater, TA6 3EQ
01278 458 891
Old Vicarage Hotel A small, historic, country cottage style property, situated in the town centre. Ideal for business; perfect for leisure. Modern conveniences in a historic setting. (AA four-star Guest Accommodation) With its beginnings dating back to the 14th century, the Old Vicarage must certainly have a few stories to tell. Today the property retains much of its original character and yet offers all of the modern conveniences you'd expect from a hotel in the 21st century.
The Olive Mill
Chilton Polden Hill, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA7 9AH
tel:01278 722 202
The Olive Mill The Olive Mill is a restaurant with rooms in the heart of the west country. Enjoy excellent traditional Mediterranean cuisine and tasteful ensuite accommodation with outstanding views of the Mendips.
Premier Inn Hotel Bridgwater
Express Park
Bridgwater, TA6
0870 242 8000
01278 440 555 - Fax
0870 197 7284

premier Inn The UK's number one hotel chain, Premier Inn guarantee clean, comfortable rooms and a friendly and efficient service - everything you need for a good night's sleep. All our hotels have restaurants serving tasty hot dinners and our-all-you-can-eat Premier Breakfast. Under 16s can stay and eat breakfast free. This hotel has disabled rooms.
Rockfield House
Puriton Hill, Puriton, Bridgwater, TA7 8AG · Map
Phone: +44 (0)1278 683561
Fax: +44 (0)1278 683561
Email Rockfield House
Rockfield Lodge
Just off the M5 Motorway. Junction 23 on the A39 overlooking the Motorway and the Bristol Channel. This large family house is a good stopping place for travellers to and from Cornwall, or the ideal base to explore the Somerset countryside.The family suite comprises- double bedroom, sitting room with twin beds, colour television, tea/coffee making facilities, refrigerator and microwave. Bathroom off sitting room / twin bedroom with toilet, washbasin with shaver-light and shower. A warm welcome awaits visitors to this large family home. The comfortable bedrooms are well equipped, and hearty breakfasts are served in the attractive dining room, where freshly cooked dinners are available by prior arrangement.
Stowey Brooke House
18 Castle Street
Nether Stowey
TA5 1LN  View map | directions
Tel: +44 (0) 1278 733 356
Stowey Brooke House
Stowey Brooke House is a Grade II Listed Property situated in the heart of this pretty Quantock Hill Village which is famous for its association with the poets Wordsworth and Coleridge. Under new ownership, it has recently been refurbished to a high standard and now offers comfortable Bed and Breakfast Accomodation comprising 3 double letting rooms all with en-suite facilities.
Travelodge Bridgwater M5
Huntworth Business Pk, Bridgwater, TA6 6TS
0871 984 6243
01278 431486
Travel Lodge This place is fine for a stopover.  The rooms are pretty basic, the view fairly useless but everything is in working order.We were able to check in fairly late (about 11.30pm) and got an early start on the journey the next day so all in all a fine stay for what we needed it for.
Tudor Hotel & Restaurant
21-23 St. Mary St
Bridgwater, TA6 3LX
01278 422093
Tudor Hotel
Tudor Hotel & Restaurant
• Fifteen En Suite Rooms • Excellent Varied Menu • Seafood & Greek Meze Specials • Function Suite Upto 150 Guests • Conference Facilities Avail • Relaxing Winebar With Tapas
Walnut Tree Hotel
Fore St, North Petherton, Bridgwater, TA6 6QA · Map
Phone: +44 (0)1278 662255
Fax: +44 (0)1278 663946
Email Walnut Tree Hotel
walnut tree hotel The Best Western Walnut Tree Hotel is an 18th century hotel set in the heart of Somerset. It is an ideal stop for business or touring. Located on A38, Exit 24, M5 one mile.  The hotel has been tastefully modernised to meet and exceed the high levels of quality, service and hospitality expected by both our corporate and leisure guests alike. Whilst set in the heart of Somerset, the hotel's convenient location, close to the M5 (1 mile) provides easy access for our commuting visitors.
Watergate Hotel
10 / 11 West Quay, Bridgwater, TA6 3HW
tel: 01278 424115

Watergate Hotel Ideal accommodation for a holiday, weekend breaks, or if you're working locally. Our hotel has comfortable fully featured rooms with en suite facilities. The hotel also features a restaurant and bar, with the restaurant specialising in home cooked Tex Mex food. We take pride in offering all of our visitors a warm and friendly welcome to the Watergate Hotel. We offer a comfortable a place to stay while visiting Bridgwater. All rooms are clean, are en suite, have colour television, as well as full coffee and tea facilities. The hotel also features a full bar and a home cooked Tex Mex restaurant. We are well renowned for the quality of our food and for the quality of our accommodation.
Banners for you
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  Caravan & Camping Sites in Somerset
Kinnoull and Pinmoor
Static Pitch, Caravan Hire, Chalet Hire, Gas Cylinder Available, Wheelchairs Ok, No Dogs, Fishing Available, Sailing, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
South Road , BREAN , TA8 2RD
tel:01278 761264
Bridge Farm Caravan & Camping Site
Static Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Car Parking, Motor Home Ok, Tent Pitches, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
Bridge Farm West Bradley
Bridge Farm Caravan & Camping Site , BA6 8LS
Tel: 01458 850431/ 01458 850626

Mill Farm
Tour Caravan Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Gas Cylinder Available, Car Parking, Motor Home Ok, Tent Pitches, Shower Facility, Food Shop, Launderette, Telephone, Games Room, Child Play Area, Outdoor Pool, Wheelchairs Ok, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available, Sailing, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
Fiddington, BRIDGWATER , TA5 1JQ
Tel: 01278 732286

is a quiet family oriented caravan park on the edge of the Polden Hills in the heart of rural Somerset. The park, which is a level 5.5 acre site has spaces for up to 200 tourers many of which have electric hook ups. Features include a spacious centrally situated toilet block which apart from the normal facilities includes free showers, shaver and hair drying points, a baby's changing room, a washing up room, a launderette, chemical emptying point and facilities for the disabled.Also on the park is a children's play area, where youngsters can play in safety whilst not disturbing other guests and visitors. Visitors also have the use of a pool table and games machines which are located in the reception area. Other facilities include a large shop with which carries a good range of food. The Shop is well stocked with camping and caravanning accessories. Barrier System in operation 24/7. CaSSOA Accredited Silver Award. Special offers for all caravan and/or camping cards, English & International - card applies in months of Jan, Feb, March, June, Sept, Oct & Dec. Prices include 2 people, 1 car, caravan/motorhome, awning, electric hook-up and 1 dog. Please see our website for further information.
Bath Road, Bawdrip, Somerset, TA7 8PP
Tel: +44 (0)1278 685569
E-mail: holiday@fairwaysinternational.co.uk
Somerset View Caravan Park  
North Petherton, Bridgwater, Somerset
Tel: 01278 661294
Three Acres Caravan Park
Caravan Hire, Gas Cylinder Available, Car Parking, Launderette, Beach Location, Licensed Club, Restaurant/Cafe, Games Room, Child Play Area, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available, Sailing, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
South Road Brean, BURNHAM-ON-SEA , TA8 2RF
Tel: 01278 751313

The Warren Caravan Park
Static Pitch, Gas Cylinder Available, Shower Facility, Launderette, Telephone, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
South Road Brean, BURNHAM-ON-SEA , TA8 2RF
Tel: 01278 751277

Static Pitch, Caravan Hire, Chalet Hire, Gas Cylinder Available, Beach Location, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available, Sailing, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
Coast Road Berrow, BURNHAM-ON-SEA , TA8 2RA
Tel : 01278 751221

Static Pitch, Gas Cylinder Available, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available, Sailing, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
South Road Brean, BURNHAM-ON-SEA , TA8 2RF
Tel: 01278 751513

Sandyglade Holiday Park
Caravan Hire, Chalet Hire, Shower Facility, Food Shop, Launderette, Telephone, Beach Location, Licensed Club, Restaurant/Cafe, Games Room, Child Play Area, Indoor Pool, Wheelchairs Ok, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available, Sailing, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
Coast Road Berrow, BURNHAM-ON-SEA , TA8 2QX
Tel: 01278 751271

The Retreat Caravan Park
Static Pitch, Gas Cylinder Available, Shower Facility, Launderette, Telephone, Beach Location, Games Room, Child Play Area, Wheelchairs Ok, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available, Sailing, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
Berrow Road , BURNHAM-ON-SEA , TA8 2ES
Tel: 01458 860504

Newcombe Caravan Park
Static Pitch, Telephone, Child Play Area
Westfield Road , BURNHAM-ON-SEA
Tel: 01278 782154

Embelle Holiday Park
Static Pitch, Caravan Hire, Chalet Hire, Gas Cylinder Available, Car Parking, Launderette, Telephone, Beach Location, Child Play Area, Wheelchairs Ok, Dogs Ok, Cycle Hire, Fishing Available, Sailing, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
Coast Road Brean, BURNHAM-ON-SEA , TA8 2QZ
Tel: 01278 751346/ 01278 751683

Channel View Caravan & Camping Park
Brean Farm Brean Sands, BURNHAM-ON-SEA
Tel: 01278 751055

Brightholme Holiday Park
Static Pitch, Caravan Hire, Car Parking, Shower Facility, Launderette, Telephone, Beach Location, Licensed Club, Restaurant/Cafe, Child Play Area, Wheelchairs Ok, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available, Sailing, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
Coast Road Berrow, BURNHAM-ON-SEA , TA8 2QY
Tel : 01278 751327

Yellowsands Holiday Park
Static Pitch, Caravan Hire, Gas Cylinder Available, Car Parking, Beach Location, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available, Sailing, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
Coast Road Brean, BURNHAM-ON-SEA , TA8 2RH
Tel: 01278 751349

Holiday Resort at Unity Farm
Static Pitch, Caravan Hire, Chalet Hire, Tour Caravan Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Water Hook-up, Drain Hook-up, Gas Cylinder Available, Car Parking, Motor Home Ok, Tent Pitches, Shower Facility, Food Shop, Launderette, Telephone, Beach Location, Licensed Club, Restaurant/Cafe, Games Room, Child Play Area, Outdoor Pool, Indoor Pool, Wheelchairs Ok, Dogs Ok, Cycle Hire, Fishing Available, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
Coast Road Brean Sands, BURNHAM-ON-SEA , TA8 2RB
Tel: 01278 751235/ 01278 751539

Dolphin Caravan Park
Static Pitch, Caravan Hire, Gas Cylinder Available, Car Parking, Shower Facility, Launderette, Telephone, Beach Location, Child Play Area, Wheelchairs Ok, Dogs Ok, Cycle Hire, Fishing Available, Sailing, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
Coast Road Brean
Tel : 01278 751258

Broadway House Holiday Touring
 Caravan & Camping

Static Pitch, Tour Caravan Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Water Hook-up, Drain Hook-up, Gas Cylinder Available, Car Parking, Motor Home Ok, Tent Pitches, Shower Facility, Food Shop, Launderette, Telephone, Licensed Club, Games Room, Child Play Area, Outdoor Pool, Wheelchairs Ok, Dogs Ok, Cycle Hire, Fishing Available, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
Tel: 01934 742610

Sunnydale Holidays
Tour Caravan Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Motor Home Ok, Tent Pitches, Dogs Ok
Draycott Road , CHEDDAR , BS27 3RU
Tel : 01934 744328

Lakeside Caravan Park
Tour Caravan Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Car Parking, Motor Home Ok, Tent Pitches, Shower Facility, Launderette, Telephone, Restaurant/Cafe, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available, Sailing, Ponies/Horses
Higher Grants Farm Exbridge, DULVERTON , TA22 9BE
Tel: 013983 24068

Exe Valley Caravan Park
Tour Caravan Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Gas Cylinder Available, Car Parking, Motor Home Ok, Tent Pitches, Shower Facility, Launderette, Telephone, Wheelchairs Ok, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available, Sailing, Ponies/Horses
Mill House, Bridgetown, DULVERTON  TA22 9JR
Tel: 01643 851 432

The Old Oaks Touring Park
Tour Caravan Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Gas Cylinder Available, Car Parking, Motor Home Ok, Tent Pitches, Shower Facility, Food Shop, Launderette, Telephone, Games Room, Child Play Area, Outdoor Pool, Wheelchairs Ok, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available
Wick Farm , Wick, GLASTONBURY BA6 8JS
Tel: 01458 831437

Static Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Car Parking, Motor Home Ok, Tent Pitches, Shower Facility, Telephone, Restaurant/Cafe, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available
Halfway, Ilchester Road , BA22 8RE
Tel: 01935 840342

Bowdens Crest Caravan & Camping Park
Static Pitch, Caravan Hire, Tour Caravan Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Water Hook-up, Gas Cylinder Available, Car Parking, Motor Home Ok, Tent Pitches, Shower Facility, Food Shop, Launderette, Telephone, Licensed Club, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available, Ponies/Horses
Tel: 01458 250553

Southfork Caravan Park
Caravan Hire, Tour Caravan Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Gas Cylinder Available, Car Parking, Motor Home Ok, Tent Pitches, Shower Facility, Food Shop, Launderette, Telephone, Child Play Area, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available, Golf Course
Parrett Works, MARTOCK , TA12 6AE
Tel: 01935 825661

Porlock Caravan Park
Static Pitch, Caravan Hire, Chalet Hire, Tour Caravan Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Gas Cylinder Available, Car Parking, Motor Home Ok, Tent Pitches, Shower Facility, Food Shop, Launderette, Telephone, Child Play Area, Wheelchairs Ok, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available, Sailing, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
Highbanks, Porlock, MINEHEAD   TA24 8NS
Tel : 01643 862269

Burrowhayes Farm Caravan & Camping Site
Caravan Hire, Tour Caravan Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Gas Cylinder Available, Car Parking, Motor Home Ok, Tent Pitches, Shower Facility, Food Shop, Launderette, Telephone, Wheelchairs Ok, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available, Sailing, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
West Luccombe, MINEHEAD
Tel : 01643 862463

Newton Mill Camping Park
Newton Rd , Newton Mill Camping Park BA2 9JF
Tel : 01225 333909

Warren Farm Touring Park
Tour Caravan Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Gas Cylinder Available, Car Parking, Motor Home Ok, Tent Pitches, Shower Facility, Food Shop, Launderette, Telephone, Licensed Club, Restaurant/Cafe, Games Room, Child Play Area, Wheelchairs Ok, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
Tel : 01278 751227

Happy Days Caravan Park
Static Pitch, Gas Cylinder Available, Shower Facility, Wheelchairs Ok, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available, Sailing, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
Church Road, Brean, NR BURNHAM-ON-SEA  TA8 2SF
Tel : 01278 751392

Westward Rise Holiday Park
Static Pitch, Chalet Hire, Gas Cylinder Available, Shower Facility, Launderette, Beach Location, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
South Road, Brean, NR BURNHAM-ON-SEA  TA8 2RD
Tel : 01278 751310

Rabbit Burrows Holiday Park
Static Pitch, Caravan Hire, Gas Cylinder Available, Car Parking, Launderette, Telephone, Beach Location, Licensed Club, Restaurant/Cafe, Games Room, Child Play Area, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available, Sailing, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
Coast Road, Brean, NR BURNHAM-ON-SEA  TA8 2RH
Tel : 01278 751349

Northam Farm Touring Park
Tour Caravan Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Gas Cylinder Available, Car Parking, Motor Home Ok, Tent Pitches, Shower Facility, Food Shop, Launderette, Telephone, Beach Location, Licensed Club, Restaurant/Cafe, Child Play Area, Wheelchairs Ok, Fishing Available, Sailing, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
Tel : 01278 751244

Mendip View Caravan Park
Static Pitch, Caravan Hire, Chalet Hire, Gas Cylinder Available, Shower Facility, Beach Location, No Dogs, Fishing Available, Sailing, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
South Road, Brean, NR BURNHAM-ON-SEA  TA8 2RF
Tel : 01278 641305

Blue Anchor Park
Static Pitch, Caravan Hire, Tour Caravan Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Water Hook-up, Drain Hook-up, Gas Cylinder Available, Car Parking, Motor Home Ok, Shower Facility, Food Shop, Launderette, Telephone, Beach Location, Child Play Area, Indoor Pool, Wheelchairs Ok, No Dogs, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
Tel : 01643 821360

Westermill Farm
Chalet Hire, Gas Cylinder Available, Motor Home Ok, Tent Pitches, Shower Facility, Food Shop, Launderette, Telephone, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available
Exford, NR MINEHEAD , TA24 7NJ
Tel: 01643 831238

Quantock Orchard Caravan Park
Tour Caravan Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Water Hook-up, Drain Hook-up, Gas Cylinder Available, Car Parking, Motor Home Ok, Tent Pitches, Shower Facility, Food Shop, Launderette, Telephone, Games Room, Child Play Area, Outdoor Pool, Wheelchairs Ok, Dogs Ok, Cycle Hire, Fishing Available, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
Crowcombe, NR TAUNTON  TA4 4AW
Tel : 01984 618618

Mendip Heights Camping & Caravan Park
Tour Caravan Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Gas Cylinder Available, Car Parking, Motor Home Ok, Tent Pitches, Shower Facility, Food Shop, Launderette, Telephone, Child Play Area, Dogs Ok, Cycle Hire, Fishing Available, Ponies/Horses
Priddy, NR WELLS  BA5 3BP
Tel : 01749 870241

Dulhorn Farm
Static Pitch, Caravan Hire, Chalet Hire, Tour Caravan Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Gas Cylinder Available, Car Parking, Motor Home Ok, Tent Pitches, Shower Facility, Child Play Area, Dogs Ok, Cycle Hire, Fishing Available, Sailing, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
Weston Road Lympsham, NR WESTON-SUPER-MARE , BS24 0JQ
Tel : 01934 750298/ 01934 750913

West Bay Caravan Park
Static Pitch, Caravan Hire, Car Parking, Shower Facility, Food Shop, Launderette, Telephone, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
Tel : 01984 631261

Lorna Doone Caravan Park
Caravan Hire, Car Parking, Food Shop, Launderette, Telephone, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available, Sailing, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
West Street , WATCHET  TA23 0BJ
Tel : 01984 631206

Helwell Bay Holidays
Caravan Hire, Chalet Hire, Shower Facility, Telephone, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available
Helwell Bay, WATCHET  TA23 0UG
Tel: 01984 31781

Doniford Bay Holiday Park
Static Pitch, Caravan Hire, Chalet Hire, Tour Caravan Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Drain Hook-up, Motor Home Ok, Tent Pitches, Shower Facility, Food Shop, Launderette, Telephone, Licensed Club, Games Room, Child Play Area, Tennis Court, Outdoor Pool, Indoor Pool, Wheelchairs Ok, Dogs Ok, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
Tel : 01984 632423

Sunnybank Caravan Park
Static Pitch, Caravan Hire, Car Parking, Food Shop, Launderette, Child Play Area, Outdoor Pool, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available, Sailing, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
Doniford, WATCHET  TA23 0UD
Tel : 01984 632237

Homestead Park
Caravan Hire, Tour Caravan Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Gas Cylinder Available, Car Parking, Motor Home Ok, Tent Pitches, Shower Facility, Food Shop, Launderette, Telephone, Wheelchairs Ok, Dogs Ok, Cycle Hire, Fishing Available, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
Wookey Hole, WELLS  BA5 1BW
Tel : 01749 673022

St Audries Bay Holiday Club
Static Pitch, Caravan Hire, Chalet Hire, Tour Caravan Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Car Parking, Motor Home Ok, Tent Pitches, Shower Facility, Food Shop, Launderette, Telephone, Licensed Club, Restaurant/Cafe, Games Room, Child Play Area, Tennis Court, Indoor Pool, Wheelchairs Ok, Fishing Available, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
Tel : 01984 632515

Ardnave Holiday Park
Static Pitch, Caravan Hire, Tour Caravan Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Gas Cylinder Available, Car Parking, Motor Home Ok, Shower Facility, Food Shop, Launderette, Telephone, Wheelchairs Ok, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available, Sailing, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
Tel : 01934 622319

Airport View Holiday Park
Static Pitch, Caravan Hire, Tour Caravan Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Water Hook-up, Drain Hook-up, Gas Cylinder Available, Car Parking, Motor Home Ok, Tent Pitches, Shower Facility, Food Shop, Launderette, Telephone, Beach Location, Licensed Club, Restaurant/Cafe, Games Room, Child Play Area, Wheelchairs Ok, Dogs Ok, Golf Course
Moor Lane , Worle, WESTON-SUPER-MARE  BS24 7LA
Tel : 01934 622168/ 01934 628245

Home Farm Holiday Centre
Static Pitch, Caravan Hire, Chalet Hire, Tour Caravan Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Gas Cylinder Available, Car Parking, Motor Home Ok, Tent Pitches, Shower Facility, Food Shop, Launderette, Telephone, Beach Location, Licensed Club, Child Play Area, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
St Audries Bay
Tel : 01984 632487

Long Hazel International Caravan
 & Camping Park

Static Pitch, Tour Caravan Pitch, Electric Hook-up, Gas Cylinder Available, Car Parking, Motor Home Ok, Tent Pitches, Shower Facility, Food Shop, Telephone, Restaurant/Cafe, Child Play Area, Wheelchairs Ok, Dogs Ok, Fishing Available, Golf Course, Ponies/Horses
High Street, Sparkford, YEOVIL  BA22 7JH
Tel :01963 440002


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Trains, Planes, Ships, Taxis, Car Rental, Coaches, & Buses
Tickets are also available from: Bridgwater Tourist Information Centre
50 High Street,Bridgwater.
Tel: 01278 427652, Fax: 01278 453489
 Email: bridgwater.tic@sedgemoor.gov.uk
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Wessex Tourist Board

Destinations by express coach from Bridgwater.
(For destinations by bus and train see below, for coach bookings click here.)
Click on a place name for details of how to get there by express coach:
 Lulsgate, Bristol Airport
 Heathrow Airport
 Manchester Airport
 Newton Abbot
 North Petherton
 South Molton
 St Austell
 St Blazey
 St Erth
 London, Victoria
 Westward Ho
Destinations by local bus from Bridgwater.
Click on a place name for details of how to get there by local bus:
 Bishops Lydeard
 Brent Knoll
 Brittons Ash
 Burnham on Sea
 Weston Super Mare, Coronation Estate
 East Brent
 Farrington Gurney
 Hawkridge Reservior
 Huish Episcopi
 Kingston St Mary
 Lower Enmore
 Weston Super Mare, Milton
 Monkton Heathfield
 Taunton, Musgrove Park Hospital
 Nether Stowey
 North Newton
 North Petherton
 North Sydenham
 Norton Fitzwarren
 Over Stowey
 Bridgwater, Polden Meadows
 Taunton, Rail Station
 Taunton, Scat
 Slape Cross
 South Sydenham
 Sutton Mallet
 West Huntspill
 West Newton
 West Quantoxhead
 Weston Super Mare

Destinations by train from Bridgwater. 
Click on a place name for details of how to get there by train:
 Nailsea and Bakewell Rail Station
 Taunton, Rail Station
 Bristol, Temple Meads
 Weston Super Mare

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